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Archive-name: Miscell/vignette.txt

Archive-author: Mark O. Zorro

Archive-title: Some Vignettes

                Some Vignettes - Dedicated to My Lovers

                   (From Fantasy and From Real Life)

Vignette:  "At Work"


Yes, I can see you now at the keyboard, the lights are low.  The clicking of

the keys plays a sensuous melody of intimate romance and desire.  I feel you

breathing harder, your heart beating in anticipation of your lovers' caresses.

Your warmth begins to fill the room - everything seems to be on fire now.

Your skin, your breasts are strangely sensitive and ache for a soft touch, a

caress.  Your mind swims in anticipation of your lover - your friend... you

imagine him coming up behind you, gently kissing you behind your ear, on your

neck.  He turns you around on the chair, and slowly unbuttons your shirt.

First the top button, then the next, and the next...until your flushed

cleavage is fully exposed to him.  As in the Song of Solomon, you pull his

head down between the two fawns that are your breasts, and beg him to kiss

you there.  Your passion is beyond control - it is the point of no return,

and you welcome the feeling of totally yielding to this man, the man in your


Vignette:  "Beautiful Woman"


"What a beautiful woman she is", I thought to myself, as I lightly stroked

her hair.  Her eyes, normally a beautiful blue, are now very black and very

open, revealing to me her innermost soul.  Through these eyes, I could see

her begging me to take her now to the ultimate place of pleasure and desire.

Her lips, now flushed with hungry expectation, invite me to ravish them with

mine.  Her breasts, rising up and down with every breath she takes, are capped

with taut nipples that cannot be contained until they, too, are completely

satisfied.  Between her smooth, long legs, her womanhood sparkles in the

candlelight, its glory revealed by the sweet aroma of passion, and aching to

be kissed by my lips and filled completely to overflowing.

As I slowly and dreamily caress my gentle fingers down her soft back to the

secret place between her legs, I hear her sweetly moan - in a language that

only two lovers can understand - words of fulfillment yet with a calling out

for much more.

Sweetly and gently I lay her down on the soft featherbed, to give to her the

desire of her heart...

Vignette:  "I See"


I see your long golden hair in the firelight, and the sheer desire to touch that

hair overwhelms me.  I see you slowly and erotically taking your sweater off

for me in the same firelight and revealing your breasts to my eyes, their

nipples stand taut and erect, waiting to be touched.  And seeing you like that,

I realize that there are many men who desire to be here, but you have chosen

me.   And I feel your tongue and lips kiss and caress my neck, my nipples, and

downward to the center of my ecstacy.  I see you on top of me, your breasts

swaying, showing me their wonder.  While you rhythmically move to the music

we're making together, and I am fully inside of your cavern for a little

while, my hands cup and massage those beautiful breasts (would your bra be

able to match my hands for pleasure?).  And as you temporarily leave my erect

member, glistening with love dew in the firelight, and move your body up to

my mouth for me to taste the pleasures of your sex, I smell your sweet aroma,

and I dive into that pool of desire without hesitation, to bring you to the

highest plateau of pleasure that a woman can experience.  I look up, and see

your breasts hanging there gloriously for me to see, like fruit on a tree - I

see you now cup and fondle those magnificent breasts, to show me that you

intend to have no pleasure denied to you that night.  My lips and tongue are

busy with that swollen place between your legs, that place between your love

lips.  And my right hand traces a path around your back, and a finger, with

love dew glistening on its tip, will search and search and search until it

finds that place of intense pleasure and fullness between your two beautifully

formed buttocks .  And as I look into your eyes with your irises fully open to

expose your soul, I see you reach the highest plateau and hear your small cry

of fulfillment.  We kiss, and yet you are not fully satisfied, and good

thing, for more awaits you...

Vignette:  "Side by Side"


As I lay on my couch, my thoughts turn towards you.  I see you, in my dreams,

laying by my side, nestled together.  As I caress your neck, I kiss you softly.

My tongue gently searches your tongue and will not give up until it finds what

it is looking for.  I slowly unbutton your shirt, and gently stroke your soft

skin as it is exposed to me.  My hand follows your curve - from your breasts,

to your waist, to your thighs.  We both press together harder - our breathing

gets quicker as we know where this will lead.  I pull you on top of me - my

hand slips under your jeans to caress your buttocks - and a moan of desire

comes from your lips.  I finish unbuttoning your shirt and help you take it

off - I unclasp your bra, as if to free your breasts from confinement.  I reach

my head down, and slowly kiss your right nipple, my tongue rolling over its

top.  There is no return from this journey of passion, I must have you, now...

Vignette:  "Her Curve"


There is nothing more beautiful than to see a woman, in the splendor that

God gave her at birth, laying on her front and leaning on her elbows as if

reading a book.  The curve of her spine, as one goes from the back of her

upraised head, to her waist, then back up again and over her buttocks, and

finally down her long thighs, is the most beautiful of all curves.  Her

breasts, hanging down beautifully like ripe fruit, show just a teasing bit

of the nipples that cap their beauty, like the crater that caps Mount Fuji.

That's how I saw her laying there on her bed that warm and serene afternoon.

Her gaze was one of dreamy expectation of fulfillment, both physical and

spiritual.  I was chosen that afternoon to be her fulfillment of unrestrained


As I lay by her side, I could not help but to retrace that curve, that

beautiful curve that beckoned me to her side in the first place.  I traced

down her sides, and climbed to the summit of her Mount Fuji.  How beautiful

her breasts are, I thought, how perfectly they hang.

And my passion was rising with the rising of her breath.  I retraced that

curve that beckons me, but stopped at the place, the place between the

pillars we call her legs.  She shuddered dreamily as I caressed her there,

the center of her desire.  How beautiful she is between her legs, I thought,

and my passion was aroused fully.

My desire for her now consummed me, and, without hesitation, and without any

resistance, I separated her legs to see the glory of her womanhood, inflamed

with passion, begging to be satisfied.  Please touch yourself, I said to her,

and show me how you make love to yourself.  She at first resisted, begging me

to satisfy her instead, but I insisted on what I wanted.  She then relented,

and moved her fingers down to between the swollen lips that ached for relief,

the same fingers that earlier caressed my body and gave me pleasures that I

have never before experienced.

At first the fingers were slow and hesitant, but as I watched, she became

aroused knowing that I, her lover and friend, was watching her and how much

it aroused me.  Her breathing increased to a crescendo, and passionate moans

came from her lips.  I could see her fingers wantonly, yet tenderly, caressing

her womanhood.  She was no doubt fantasizing about me, her lover and friend,

being inside of her, moving rhythmically with her own body.  She was close to

the point of no return, for I know my lover well.  I then layed myself on top

of her, and with my fully aroused phallus, entered her Heavenly Pavillion from

behind.  It was wonderful to feel the warmth of her inside, and the smoothness

of her beautiful curve on my body, and I instinctively reached around her to

cup her full breasts, to be one with her.  I said to her to not stop, but to

keep your magical fingers there and to continue to massage your love center,

and she obliged, now knowing what I really wanted.  And as we rhythmically

moved together, I could feel her fingers brushing against my manhood as she

was, without inhibition, giving herself the ultimate pleasure.  The tightness

of her Pavillion, the smoothness of her curve, the fullness of her breasts,

the brushing of her fingers with the knowledge that she was giving herself

pleasure, were too much for me.  I had to come, there was no turning back,

nor any desire to do so.  I came inside of her with a pleasure that cannot be

described in words, and filled her with the warm liquid of my love for her.

And as she felt herself being filled with my love, she, too, could no longer

contain her passion, and she came with an explosion of unrestrained ecstacy.

We were satisfied, and we fell asleep in each others arms, in the warm glow of

the afternoon.

Vignette:  "A Special Night"


As we looked at the moon setting over the lake, I hugged her close to me.

We knew that this night was to be very special.  I could feel her warmth

penetrate me, and my desire was aroused, as if from sleep.  And she, too,

had the look in her eyes of wanting me totally tonight, to completely fulfill

her intimate desires, and to fill her to the brim with my love and passion.

We walked slowly back to the cabin, caressing each other very softly and

saying to each other those sweet little nothings that lovers always do.

Back in the cabin, I rekindled the fire in the fireplace, bringing back fond

memories of when I first kindled her fire.  The warmth and red glow of the

fire began to fill the cabin, driving out the biting cold of the winter.

We sat down on the warm down blanket by the fire, and shared a glass of

sweet wine as we looked in each others eyes.  The reflection of the fire

in her eyes was a vision of things to come.

I put the glass down, we were finished with the wine.  Everything in its

time and now was the time for passion to reign supreme.  We were both on

our knees, hugging each other on that soft down blanket, tenderly caressing

each other, our mouths joined in a dreamy kiss, our tongues searching out

each other as if they had a mind of their own.  I could feel her breasts

pressing against my chest.  I could feel their nipples straining to get

out from the sweater that temporarily covered them.  My hands wandered to

her buttocks, and felt their ripeness.  I must have her now.

And she knew what I was thinking,for she broke from our kiss and embrace, and

in front of me, and in almost a teasing way, began to slowly lift her sweater.

And as the sweater uncovered her breasts, I could hear her give a faint gasp

as the nipples were released from the bondage they were just in.  I helped her

to take the sweater off the rest of the way, and admired her body in the light

of the fire.  The image of her full breasts, moving up and down with every

breath, was almost too good to touch.  For one full minute I just watched.



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