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                         ABOUT RIVER DIPPERS


                 Affiliated with The Naturist Society

    River Dippers, started in 1979, is a non-profit organization

dedicated to sharing information about 'free beaches' (those places

where people are free to wear as much or as little as they please)

located in central and northern California.  River Dippers also host a

variety of social events for our members.

    River Dippers welcome all who share our open enjoyment of sun,

breeze, water, and good people in natural, outdoor settings,

unbothered by clothing.  We are affiliated with the national free

beach organization, The Naturist Society.

                            OUR ACTIVITIES

    We participate in a wide variety of activities throughout the

year; Seasonal Parties and Potlucks, Monthly Meetings, Skinny-Skiing,

National Nude Weekend, National Naturist Association Gatherings, Nude

Hiking and Backpacking, Canuding, Nude Cruises (through River Dippers

Cruises), Nude Christmas Caroling, Visits to Naturist Clubs and

Resorts, Body Painting, and more.  We also hold informal monthly

meetings to discuss and plan upcoming events

                      SKINNY-DIPPING GUIDESHEETS

    We have a five-page set of guidesheets available.  Some of the

best skinny-dipping streams, rivers, and lakes in central and northern

California are shown.  Places where skinny-dipping and nude sunbathing

are locally accepted and, indeed, the preferred way to visit nature

(in the outfit she issued you).  Just send $2 in a self-addressed

stamped envelope (SASE) to us, regardless of whether you order our

newsletter or not.

                            OUR NEWSLETTER

    Our quarterly newsletter keeps free beachers informed on

skinny-dipping locations and changes, on current activities in the

nude recreation movement (national, state, and local), and on

occasions when fellow River Dippers may wish to share a beach or other

activities together. Our intent is to keep organization and formality

a minimum and fun in the sun a maximum.

    Our newsletter is published four times per year; February, May,

August, and November.

    Our quarterly newsletter is our connecting link.  All

subscriptions to our River Dippers newsletter are on the same

calendar-year time period; we haven't the time to keep track of it in

any other way. Use the order form below if you would like to join us.

(Check the box if you also want last year's).

                         NEWSLETTER EXCHANGE

    River Dippers offers newsletter exchange with other nude

recreation organizations throughout the country.  From time to time,

we publish news and information from newsletters received to keep our

members well informed about naturist interests.

    Organization wishing to become a part of this exchange are

encouraged to send us a request.

                          MEMBERS DIRECTORY

    Part of the joy of becoming a River Dippers member is meeting and

befriending like-minded people. We encourage these friendships, and to

that end we now offer a directory of members.

    Members are listed by first name(s), last name initial, city,

state, zip code, phone number, and interests.

    Inclusion in our Members Directory is strictly voluntary. Privacy

is highly respected and no member will be included who does not wish

to be. However, only members listed will be able to obtain a copy of

the directory (availability will be announced in our newsletter).

Additionally, all member information provided to River Dippers is

confidential; it will not be provided to any individuals,

organizations, companies, or media.

    ** Important **  Please do not pre-pay for this directory when

joining River Dippers.  Availability of the directory will be

announced in the newsletter.

                        JOINING RIVER DIPPERS

    You can join River Dippers FREE if you join or renew membership in

The Naturist Society (TNS) through us at $30 per year. With TNS

membership, you will receive a membership card, entry into national

organized events and regional gatherings, discounts on items and

publications from TNS's "Naturist Store," and a one-year subscription

to the quarterly magazine, Nude & Natural.

    If you choose not to join TNS, you can still become a River

Dippers member for the "nobody-does-it-cheaper-better" donation of $3

per year!

    River Dippers is a non-profit organization.  Ours is a labor of

love, on an all-volunteer basis.  The $3 donation doesn't fully cover

our out-of-pocket costs (for postage, newsletter reproduction, postal

box rental, guidesheets reproduction, exchange copies to other groups,

stationery, etc.), so if you are able to include an extra donation it

will be greatly appreciated.



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