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Archive-name: Miscell/psyeatg.txt

Archive-author: Pussy Barber

Archive-title: Guide to Eating Pussy

Dedicated to the Ladies

        I can't help it. I love eating a girl's pussy. If the lady in

   question has a nice pussy, I'll lick her until my jaws ache and my tounge

   is ready to fall off.  I just love it. 

        Why?  Because, I enjoy watching her reactions while I explore her

   most sensitive areas.  Eating pussy well involves more than just your

   tounge and her pussy too.  It involves the rest of her, and a certain

   attitude you project to your woman.  The attitude is simple, so we'll

   tackle that first. 

        Some guys have the attitude that once she's wet, she's ready, and

   they move on to intercourse.  This misses the point.  The point isn't to

   "get her ready", but rather, to give her pleasure.  If you have an

   attitude that says to a woman "I want to make you feel good", she'll

   enjoy it more, and what you spend in time and effort on her, she'll

   return to you later. 


        This brings us to "how do I do it?"  Simple. Do anything that comes

   to mind, but without hurrying.  Take your time and tease.  Don't rush her

   to an orgasm.  If you've already buried your tounge between her legs,

   then begin thinking about other parts of your bodies.  Use your hands.

   While you're there, your hands can caress her thighs, calves, feet (if

   she's not ticklish), or her stomach, sides, belly, etc.  If you have long

   hair, lightly draw it over some sensitive area, such as her inner thighs. 


        The actual act usually concentrates on her vagina and clitoris. Now,

   if you're paying attention to her reactions, you'll notice that constant

   clitoral licking won't get the job done. Spend anywhere from 15 to 45

   seconds on her clit, then move around.  Circle the clit with your tounge

   tip, lightly, and then follow the folds of her labia down to her

   entrance.  Spend some time using your lips to play with her pussy-lips,

   and then work your way back to her clit. This will allow you to taste

   her, and coat your tounge with her wonderfully slippery juices, which

   aids in creating the sensations on her clit. 


        Personally, I've found the area between the outer folds of her labia

   and the tops of her thighs to be incredibly sensitive. This little "no-

   man's-land" area is often overlooked. Before diving in, slowly and gently

   kiss and lick this area, teasing her by getting closer and closer on one

   side, and just when she expects you to "go for it", start all over on the

   other side. This same idea can be prolonged even more by starting with

   her inner thighs, just above her knees and working your way up, nipping

   her skin with your lips lightly as you alternate from thigh to thigh. 

        Remember that she is laying back and relaxing, her eyes closed, and

   her concentration on what you're doing (or at least she SHOULD be

   concentrating on what you're doing).  The secret is to establish a

   pattern that says "I'm headed for your pussy, dear." and then, just as

   she expects you to eat her, a light kiss on her mons or pubic hair, then

   you start all over again, working your way down to her pussy again from

   somewhere else. 

        If you do these things correctly, she'll beg you to stop teasing

   her, but don't let that bother you.  Tease her a little more, until she

   insists that you stop fooling around.  At this point, her whole body

   should be very sensitive, every nerve alive and waiting for your touch. 


        Now comes the moment of truth. Lean forward and, pause.  Pause with

   your mouth less than an inch away. If you're like most people, your

   breath will be like a warm caress across her damp, sensitive skin.  Let

   her feel it. Then, as lightly as you can, draw your tounge up between her

   legs, perhaps alonside her labia until you reach the top of her slit.

   Follow the contours, all the way down to her entrance.  Do it twice, or

   three times, but do it slowly and watch her reactions. Do her hips sway

   or rock to try to make you touch some other part of her? Does her

   breathing change? Does she moan or sigh? Those places that make her react

   are special places that you should remember. 


        For you guys who failed anatomy class, slide your tounge from the

   bottom of her (hopefully now very wet) slit, to the top. This will serve

   two very useful functions. First, if her labia (pussy lips for those who

   don't know), haven't become swollen and open, your passing tounge will

   part them, and excite her at the same time. Secondly, as you rise up,

   just as you find the top of her slit, you'll find a small button of

   flesh. This is her clitoris and it is as sensitive as the head of your


        Now, if you've ever had a woman who licks and sucks the head of your

   cock for too long, first give me her phone number, and second remember

   that feeling of being "raw"?  If you concentrate on her clit for too

   long, that's the feeling she'll get.  It is important to watch her

   reaction as you lick, so you can judge how much pressure to apply. Start

   lightly at first, and vary the speed, motion and pressure.  Start with

   circling motions, then change to up and down flicks. Pause and decend

   down her pussy and return a few seconds later and start again. Don't keep

   up the same pattern so that it is predictable for too long, as this will

   numb her clit or bore her, and these are the last things we want to do. 


        Best of all, if you can, have her masturbate for you. You should

   observe what her fingers do, and what sort of motions she likes. This

   will give you an idea.  Some women are shy about this and are reluctant.

   Be patient and if tell her if she wants you to give her terrific

   pleasure, it would help you to know what she likes.  Other than that,

   you'll have to be observant of her reactions. 

        Shaved versus "natural" looks. This is a matter of taste (pun

   intended). Pussies shaved bare are very sensitive and sensual, especially

   once you begin to get things wet with your tounge.  You can also trim her

   bush for her, which by the way, is a great turn on for her, and shows her

   how delicate and gentle you can be.  If you can't convince her to shave

   it all off, try buying her a swimsuit that is very narrowly cut down the

   front. She'll likely shave so she can wear the suit.  If neither of you

   wants her shaved bare, make it a part of your foreplay to keep her bush

   trimmed neatly. 


        Trimming her bush is best done with a pair of small scissors with

   the points rounded (or covered with adhesive tape).  Using a comb, comb

   through her hair gently to remove tangles first.  Now, with a towel under

   her, you can trim for length. Start out long, so that you don't leave her

   bush a mass of short, bristly stubble that will irriate. This is

   espcially important between her legs. If her hair curls next to her

   labia, cut the hair about half way through the curl, so that it doesn't

   stick straight out.  If you want to shape her bush, say into a heart,

   trim the outline first, before you cut the length. That way, you won't

   thin too much hair out and leave bare or thin spots. 


        If you are going to shave her, be sure to have a good CLEAN safety

   razor, a NEW blade (less irritation and fewer nicks), soap or shave

   cream, some tissue paper (for any minor nicks), and skin cream or oil for

   afterwards.  Shaving her pussy will be a job much like shaving your own

   face, except that you'll be working in a far more sensitive area and more

   difficult too. 

        Begin by trimming her bush short, then laying a warm washcloth on

   her while you prepare the soap. Leave her bush damp and lather, being

   sure that you clean off her slit and clit so you can protect them later.

   Keep the skin taut, and with a warm, wet razor, made light, even strokes.

   Use your own finger to protect any potentially sensitive area from being

   nicked. If you should see a cut, put a small piece of dry tissue on it 

   to let it stop bleeding and then continue shaving her.  Holding her legs

   wide, one at a time will help. Once you have shaved her mons, and around

   her vaginal slit, complete the job by carefully shaving around her anus

   too.  All done? Good, now take the skin oil or cream (which you should

   have set in some warm water), and massage that into her freshly shaved


        Either way, trimming or shaving her will normally have her nerves

   just slightly on edge, and the touch of your hands will cause her to

   become aroused. Often, just trimming her bush will cause her to produce a

   thick, white cream as you comb, tease, and trim around her most sensitive

   areas.  And, she can seldom resist keeping her hands from exploring your

   handiwork.  Let her see and feel it, and tell her she is beautiful. 


        If you're doing this as foreplay, then shaving will take you about

   1/2 hour, maybe a little more. Trimming will take about 20 minutes,

   including the clean up of her cut hair.  Once this is done, and she's

   hopefully pulled you into the bed, demanding her "reward" for the night,

   take your time to let her really experience the new sensations. Prolong

   it, and make her writhe about in estascy at the new feelings. 


        Now a few words for the guys. First, if you're bearded or have any

   sort of facial hair, be sure to shave before going down on her shaved

   pussy. This is especially true if you're clean shaven, but have ANY

   stubble, even your nightly five o'clock shadow. This feels like sandpaper

   to her thighs and her very sensitive sexual areas.  If you can't part

   with your beard or mustache, then don't expect her to let you near her,

   at least after that first time! 


        Okay, now you've had your way, give her what she wants. If you've

   been listening, you've picked up on the idea of doing all of this with

   the attitude of making her pleasure greater, for HER enjoyment. Oh, sure,

   you'll get a lot out of this too, but that's not the point now is it?

   Once you've finally begun tounging her clit and pussy, remember you have

   two of the most versatile instruments ever invented -- your hands.  And

   you have ten fingers with which to give her pleasure.  Simplicity is to

   use one or two fingers and slowly enter her with them. Now instead of

   simply using them like a shaft that pumps in and out, try bending them.

   Up, down, sideways.  See what she likes. As she becomes aroused, try to

   spread them against her muscular ring inside. You might be surprised at

   how strong these muscles are.  Spread your fingers, and move in and out.

   Vary the strength you use to spread them, and try to sense when her

   muscles contract quickly and strongly against your fingers. This is a

   sure indication that she likes something you did. 


        Consider that men and women's sexual organs have similar origins.

   The same nerves that connect her clit to her brain, also connect your

   cock to your brain. In fact, your cock can be seen as a very long clit,

   as they both are attached to the body in the same areas. When you

   masturbate, the same muscles you use to flex your cock upwards are the

   same ones she contracts to squeeze your fingers (or cock) inside her



        A last few words on the oral sensations you can give her. The area

   below her vaginal entrance and her anus is often overlooked.  This is a

   shame, as it is a very sensitive area.  Use your tounge firmly here, and

   flick it rapidly either up and down, or side to side.  If you desire, you

   can run your tounge around the edge of her anus, which will also be

   sensitive.  This is, of course, best done after a bath or shower, when

   she is fresh and clean.  This may sound practical, but I offer it up for

   another reason.  There is a psycological fear we all have of offending

   someone with bodily odors. Women won't feel "sensual" or "desireable" if

   they're holding their breath, worried that you'll be turned off by their

   bodily odors.


        Now, if you've read this far, you've gotten the idea that you can

   give your lady lots of pleasure, and you may be wondering "hey! What

   about ME?!" Well, what about you?  If you have done things properly,

   you've brought your woman to the verge of orgasm, excited every nerve in

   her body, and shown her that you LIKE making her sexy and sensual.

   Decision time. Do you take her over the edge and let her come? Or, do you

   now ask this passionate woman to climb on and ride you so you both can

   come?  Dither, dither, dither.  As a suggestion I would say that at

   first, you give her a nice orgasm. If she is multi-orgasmic so much the

   better, keep her going for several.  Then, hold her and caress her gently

   while she relaxes and drifts, secure in your arms, being loved by her

   loving man.  She'll love you for it.  Other times however, you may want

   to pause, with her in a very sexual frame of mind, and let her take her

   turn at you.  This allows her to drive you to the same plateau of sexual

   cravings as you did to her, and then you both can get crazy with each

   other.  The secret here is DON'T always do the same thing.  Keep her

   guessing and responding to the sensations you are giving her. Likely,

   you'll have some wonderful sex, and even better, someone who appreciates

   you for it. 

Good luck, and happy licking!



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