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Archive-name: Miscell/jericho.txt


Archive-title: Jericho Joy

	As they collapsed, ringingly, to the bed, she nuzzled

the warmth of his elusive armpit and sussurrated with the

ecstasy of his glorious odor. "Baby," she cried out to his

middleaged mass, "infant, child, sexually immature

Homo Sapiens!"

	Aroused, he nibbled the fresh sweet hair between her newest

toes. "Oh, how I long for the days when I could gaze hungrily

into your unblinking third eye and be presented with a gift 

of mucus!" He attached himself like a schnauzer with lockjaw

to her inner thigh and sucked the marrow from her lust-

crazed bones.

	She ran her remaining fingers over the chitinous exoskeleton

	of his collapsible love-stick, shifting him into third. Panting

with pleasure, he sniffed her unpulchritudinous vestigial

milk bottles. "Sweetheart, saccharine blood pump, tongue-nerve-

exciting fleshy blood-soaked hydraulic thing, no one, not

even the rain, has such small glands."

	Her blood seething with desire, she sank her angry yellow teeth

	into the cartilage of his nose. Nearing his climax, he extruded

a tuning fork from his lower abdomen. As she plonked his G-string,

musical instruments at last sprouted from his erect, bleeding

earlobe. Crying out in pure, bloodthirsty joy, she blew

his trumpet three times.

And the walls came.



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