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Archive-name: Miscell/flampass.txt

Archive-author: Standby

Archive-title: Flames of Passion, The


This  article  contains  sexual  situations  between   consenting

adults.   If  this pisses you off, don't look.  It also mocks the

selected groups of idiots who don't bother to  fully  read  posts

and  send  boring  and insulting email (as befits their miniscule

minds).  If this bothers you, you should probably not read  this.

If  you  are  one  of  the  pea-brains  who  are  being mocked, I

fervently hope this bugs the shit out of you.


This story is false.  If you feel insulted by it, I was  probably

aiming at you.

        I was sitting at my  terminal  with  Julie.   Julie's  my

cohort  in  crime,  often  putting in long hours with me on those

terminally late projects.  She's a  real  looker,  too,  IMHO  --

slim,  long  brown hair, dark eyes, very pretty,  and a body that

is to die for.

        We  were  working  late  one  night  on  a   paper   that

absitively,  posilutely  had to be done by the next day.  By 9PM,

everyone else had gone home.  By 10, we were feeling silly.   But

by 11, it was going well, so we felt little guilt in opening up a

window and scanning though the net, seeing what was new and news.

We  scanned  the  usual  comp.* groups and moved onto the

hierarchy.  As usual when we were doing this, Julie was horny  as

hell,  and  would  do her best to distract me.  In this case, she

started out by nibbling on my ear and running her  hands  up  and

down the inside of my thigh.

        "Shit, willya look at that!"

        "What's the problem, Standby?"  Her hand  was  perilously

close to the rising bulge in my jeans.

        "Some twits are bitching about a message I put  onto  the


        "Oh?" she breathed  into  my  ear  as  her  hand  started

working the zipper.  "What did you post?"

        "I was just complaining about the  signal-to-noise  ratio

of  and how most of the posted stories are about

mutilation and rape and kiddy-porn."

        Julie pulled my cock out of my  pants.   Her  hot  little

hand  started rubbing it gently as she unbottoned her blouse with

the other.  She batter her big brown eyes at me  and  said,  "But

don't those stories belong here?"

        "Of course they do," I replied, helping her  out  of  her

bra.  "I never said that they didn't.  But these pinheads assumed

that because I wanted to see more good old-fashioned fucking  and

sucking  here,  I didn't want them to be able to post their hack-

and-slash rapefests."

        Julie bent down and started licking my dick.  In  between

licks  she  asked,  in  her sexiest voice, "You mean  just

because you aren't  turn  on  by  autopsies    they

think you're being censorious?"

        "Worse than that," I replied  as  Julie  began  to  deep-

throat my dick.  "They assume I don't know how to skip an article

when I don't want to waste my time reading it.  And I  get  twits

telling me that I should take my self-rightousness elsewhere!"

        Julies hand crept down to  her  pussy.   She  started  to

gently  massage  herself  as  my cock disappeared into her mouth.

She grunted something at me.

        "No," I replied, "It's not really that bad.  Then  again,

there was some brain-dead fool who complains because I posted via

an anonymous server!"

        Julie stopped sucking my cock looked  at  me.   "But,  we

don't  have  any  other way to post here.  Besides, we'd

take too much shit for posting to this if the suits got  pissed."

She  gave  a  quick  suck  and went on.  "Are you telling me that

they're all twits?"  She went back to her mouth action.

        "Oh, no, hardly.  This is a raging discussion that  crops

up  from  time  to time.  I even got one intelligent comment from

someone,  suggesting  that  comments   should   perhaps   go   to"

        Julie started to run her tongue directly over the head of

my  dick.   I  started pumping my cock forward, fucking her mouth

faster and faster, until a spurt of cum shout out.  Julie  lapped

it  down  eagerly.   As she was licking my dripping cock clean, I

said, "The biggest idiots were probably the ones  telling  me  to

grow up because that stuff belong on a.s.s, as if I couldn't tell


        "Oh, for shit's sake, that's silly."  Julie got up on the

desk  in  front of me and spread her legs.  She fingered her cunt

for a moment, and then pulled my  head  towards  her  snatch.   I

immediately  started  licking  her twat, letting her tangy juices

drip onto my tongue.  I started working  a  finger  up  into  her

pussy.  "Don't they ban children from a.s.s.?"

        I shook my head, to busy enjoying the taste of  her  cunt

to speak.

        "You'd think that people on the net would be  intelligent

enough  to  not bother with that crap," she went on, beginning to

pump her hips into my face.  I responded by fucking her  with  my

tongue.   "You  didn't  tell them not to post whatever they want,

you didn't even call them sick or disgusting, and you  get  email

and posts from them about this."

        Julie suddenly stopped and grapped my head.  With a moan,

she began to shake, until a massive orgasm shook her entire body.

She smiled and moved a strand of hair off  her  face.   "So  what

will you do?"

        "Oh, I'll probably ignore them  from  now's  not

like  they're  worth  my time to get pissed or anything.  They're

mostly at about the 6 year old level, I'm sure.  I mean, how  can

you take seriously someone who sends all-caps email saying 'UR AN


        "Not seriously at all, eh?"  She started stroking my cock

with a handful of vaseline.  It responded by standing up straight

and stiff in her hand.   She  handed  me  the  tube  and  turned,

bending  over  the  desk.   I  began rubbing ample amounts of the

white petroleum jelly in and around her puckered anus.  I  placed

the  head  of  my  stiff  cock  at  her asshole and slowly pushed


        "Right,  not  at  all.   Especially  the  ones  who  post

bandwidth wasting messages about how I'm wasting bandwidth with a

3-line comment."

        "So you're posting this particular comment as  a  story?"

Julie  sighed as my cock slid in and out of her tight asshole and

reached down to finger her pussy.

        "Exactly," I panted, beginning to thrust harder, "This is

a _story_, it has _sex_, and it says what I want it to say."

        "Unghhhh...but aren't you worried  about  more  insulting

email from this essentially juvenile approach?"

        "Do you really think  this  is  juvenile?"   I  was  fast

approaching  another orgasm, and I started pushing my cock deeply

into Julie's asshole and holding it there, wanting to  flood  her

bowels  with  my sperm.  "What does that say about the people who

will undoubtedly post public messages condemning me  and  sending

poorly written and insulting flames to my via the server?"

        "Shit!  Harder!"  Julie screamed and  came.   Her  entire

body  went  ballististic with orgasm, with major shaking going on

in her twat and asshole.  "I think it  says  that  they  probably

have  no sense of humor and very little self image if they can be

really pissed by a suggestion that there should be  more  sex  in

the group."

        The contractions in Julie's asshole  brought  on  my  own

orgasm.   I  thrust  deeply into her ass and began to shoot spurt

after spurt of hot cum into her.  "Not only that," I said, "But I

think   it   goes   to   the  core  of  whether  this  should  be

alt.SEX.stories or or alt.SEX.STORIES."  I pulled

my depleted prick from Julie's dilated asshole and kissed her.

        "I know which one YOU want," she grinned.  "And  besides,

flames  and insults, especially the poorly written ones, just get

routed to /dev/null and ignored."

        "Damn straight,"  I said.



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