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Archive-name: Miscell/fantfact.txt

Archive-author: Rod Longley

Archive-title: Fantasy Facts!

About 88% of women studied experienced sexual fantasies, according to a report

published in 'The Journal of Sex Research'.  Researchers determined that the

subject of the most frequently experienced fantasy was involvment in an

extramarital affair (41%).  Other fantasy subjects reported reported by the

women studied included:

Previous sexual experiences, other than the first (39%).

Different sexual positions                        (38%).

Current sex partners                              (36%).

Sex in rooms other than the bedroom               (35%).

New sex partners                                  (30%).

Sex on a carpeted floor                           (28%).

Sex in a motel                                    (27%).

Pretending to be with a former lover              (27%).

Reliving the first sexual experience              (26%).

Sex on a beach                                    (26%).

Having multiple orgasms                           (25%).

Engaging in oral sex                              (25%).

Being Sexually uninhibited                        (25%).

Some other FACTS on a percetage scale:

75% of Americans say good sex is 'very important' to a marriage.

25% of American married couples say they argue about sex or adultery.

16% of American men earning less than $5,000 annually say they cheat on their


70% of American men earning more than $70,000 annually say they cheat on their


47% of American men say they enjoy sex more than money.

26% of American women say they enjoy sex more than money.


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