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Archive-name: Miscell/bgbb0992.txt

Archive-author: Bwana DePervert

Archive-title: Bwana's Guide To Bouncing Boobs

                      LOOP Premium Graphics - Chicago

                          "America's Breast BBS"

                          (708) 675-LOOP / @1992



The filename, BGBBxxxx.ZIP, is formulated to make future versions 

    (if any) easy to identify; BGBB = Bwana's Guide Bouncing Boobs; 

    xxxx = mth/yr (0992).  I'd like to say this concept is original, 

    but unlike the list itself, it's not!


What started as a user request developed into this.  It is by no means

    a complete list of BOUNCING BOOB VIDEOS, but it does catalog a good 

    cross section of flicks (and principal performers) that are for the 

    most part still available through video outlets and manufacturers.  

    The videos listed here are either R- or X-rated.  Additionally, they 

    are rated either 3 or 4 (4 being highest) on Bwana's Personal Rating 

    System, which is based largely on erotisism and is purely judgemental.



Between My Breasts: #05 - Nichole Reed; C Starr; La Dawn; Raven 

Between My Breasts: #09 - B Belle; C Love; T Roche; L Topp 

Big Boob (Lingerie) Party - D Jordon; Georgina; Karen; Sheilagh; Madeline 

Big Boobs: #02 - Toni, Maxine, Zoe, Georgina, Five More 

Big Bust Babes: #01 - C Samples; R Brewer; R Pedon; M Monroe; Yum Yum; Doreen;

Big Busty: #02 (Busty Nymphos) - L Sands; A Ample; C Nelson; S Fox/R Court; 

                                 Bert; Mary Ann 

Big Busty: #10 (Breast To Breast) - M Rae; C Canyon; K Stewart; Ursala 

Big Busty: #22 - Nicole Reed; Tami; Angela Parker 

Big Busty: Best Of Big Busty: #01 - K Stewart; L Sands; M Rae; G Reeves; 

                                    C Canyon; A Owens; C Kane; B Alton;

                                    Karen Wing; A Sprinkle; C Nelson; 

                                    A Ample; Donna; K Nativadad and Debra.

Big Busty: Ten Years Of Big Bust: #01 - L Sands; K Stewart; C Nelson; N Reed; 

                                        B Bell; S Owens; E Duchi; C Samples; 

                                        M Rae; C Cane; D Jordon; Karen; P

                                        Brown; Toni; N King; Donna; T Towers 

                                        (lac); T&L Roche; Pauline (Zoe); 

                                        E Ayes; Cory.

Biggest, Sexiest Boobs In The USA - M Mounds; B Hills; Leosha; C Moore 

Breast Of Britain: #02 - Gina; Debbie; Honey; Virginia; Others 

Breast Wishes: #03 - M Mounds; A Gold; B Bell 

Breastography - Blondi; Loren; E Boyer; Melissa; M Rae; C Canyon; K Lane;

                D Dahl; K Summer; C Evans; A Rogers; W Prince; T Adams; More 

Coed Oil Wrestling - Blondi Bee; Many Others 

Foxy Food Fights - Sugar Ray Renee; Many Others 

Pussy Power: #01 - M Mounds; Allison; Bonnie 

Sensuous Singles - T Loren; M Rae; T Blake; Keisha; Blondi; R Dicksen 

Stag Party And Nude Review - Various Unknowns (but super!)

Wet Water T's / Topless Boxing - Amy Baxter; Teri Peake; Melodee Burke 


Battling Beauties - Various Unknowns 

Beneath The Valley Of The Ultravixens - Ann Marie; U Digard; K Natividad; 

                                        Others; Russ Meyer Production

Best Of Richard Rank: #01 & #02 - U Digard; L DeLeeue; K Stewart; Rabbit; 

                                  Pepper; T Loren; 

Between My Breasts: #12 - Nikki Knockers; Relonda Love; M Mounds; Tracy; 

                          P Plenty 

Big Boobs Around The World: #01 - Suzanne Brecht; Trisha; Shona; Christina 

Big Boobs Around The World: #03 - Caroline; S Brecht; M Michilin; Nurea; 

                                  Lora; Debbie Quattro 

Big Boobs Around The World: #04 - Joy; Annie; J Oldfield; Susie Boobies 

Big Boobs: #01 - Zoe; Donna; Toni; Maxine; D Ashby; Honey 

Big Boobs: #03 - Zoe, Toni, S Owens, Debee (not Ashby), Two More 

Big Boobs: #05 - S Owens; Toni; Zoe; Sue; 3 More 

Big Boobs: #06 - Georgina; Zoe (Pauline); 1 More 

Big Bust Babes: #03 - T Aire; Kami; S D'Lyte; S Mossitt; R Pedon; Sza Sza; 

                      Darlene "Yum Yum" English

Big Bust Strippers: #01 - P Plenty; R Starr; B Bell; C Love; Leosha; 

                          E DiChan; T Roche 

Big Bust Strippers: #03 - L Pleasure; N Knockers; TT Galore; CC Moore; 

                          J Juggs 

Big Bust Vixens - K Stewart; Dominique; Raven; J Reeves; S Murphy; Brenda

Big Busty: Ten Years Of Big Bust: #02 - C Canyon; Virginia; Savida; T Loren; 

                                        C Starr; Lisa; Many More

Big Tit Hookers - B Boobs; L Topp; N King; E Ayes 

Big Top Cabaret: #02 - B Boobs; L Topp; N King; E Ayes 

Body Slam - Blondi; B Dahl; Bionca; Viper; T Loren 

Bosom Buddies - Louise Leeds; Susanne Brecht; Joanne; Christine; Debbie Q 

Boys Night Out - Various Strippers (sexy and stacked!) 

Breast Worx: #23 - Busty Brittany; Aja; Samantha 

Buttman At Nudes-A-Poppin' - H Lee; H Melons; Juicy; A Loveroe; C Meow; 

                             Lisa; Cindy Chimes; Suzy Q; Roxie Rae; Tina

                             Fox; More Unknowns

Crystal Starr - Crystal Starr 

D-Cup Holiday - J Oldfield; Lu Lu Devine; C Moore; B Hills; Gloria 

Duke Of Knockers - Kayla Kleevage; Justa Dream; Nilli Willis; Leann Lovelace 

Fast Cars, Fantasy Women - P Price; Penthouse Pets (Penthouse Production) 

Floppers - Tammie D; Stevie 

Foxy Oil Wrestling - Blondi Bee; Many Others, all sexy and stacked! 

Gellorama - Blondi Bee; Many Others, all sexy and stacked! 

The Girls Of Tuxxedo Network - Jill; Keisha; Monique; Lauren; Diane; 

                               Caroline; Deb; Others 

Golden Nuggets #14: Real Classics #01 - Linda West; Virginia Bell; Roberta 

                                        Pedon; Candy Morrison; Penny, Star 

                                        Murphy, Carolyn Hall, Elaine Reynolds,

                                        "The Films Of Russell Gay" featuring 

                                        Paula Page, "Tit Bits" featuring Gee 

                                        Whiz and other unknowns.

Golden Nuggets #18: Real Classics #02 - Joan Brakeman; Gee Whiz; Cupcake 

                                        Cassidy; Nancy Brown; Margret Middle-

                                        ton; Janey Reynolds; Virginia Bell in 

                                        "Caress"; Paula Page in "I Spy"; Anita

                                        Stein; Linda West; Honey Bee

Golden Nuggets #20: Mishka - Mishka; Chrissi Moore 

Golden Nuggets #22: Show Stoppers - Lauren Van Nuys; Chrissi Moore; Bambi; 


Golden Nuggets #23: Real Classics #03 - Margaret Middleton; Virginia Bell; 

                                        June Palmer; Paula Page, Penny and

                                        gal friends, Rosa Delmi, Suzanne 

                                        Vegas, Lee Germaine, Busty Brown, 

                                        Norma Jean(?).

Huge Ladies: #02 ("Huge Bust Workout") - J Howard; 5 More 

Huge Ladies: #08 ("Double-D Harem") - B Boobs; Wendy Hart; Cinnamon 

Mega Boob Manor - P Wynn; L White; J Hamilton; S Owens; 5 others 

Mondo Topless - Darlene Grey; Others (Russ Meyer Productions)

Monumental Knockers: #01 - C Samples; K Natividad; G Reeves; D Jordon

Monumental Knockers: #02 - Host: S Kane; Stars: G Reeves; D Jordon

Satin And Lace - B Trump; Keisha; A Sterling; Penthouse Pets

Secrets Of The Kiss-O-Gram Girls - Pauline Hickey (Zoe); Donna; Others

Strip Teasers: #01 - Various

Summers' All-Stars - Spring Break Girls

Summers' Games - Spring Break Girls

Suzie Boobies - Suzie Boobies

Teasin' And Pleasin' - Keisha; Blondi; K Lane; M Malendez; D Dahl; T Marie

Topless Dancing Texas Style - Various 

Future versions of this list will be forthcoming only if user demand 

    warrants it.  If you want to see more informative, more complete 

    versions, leave Bwana feedback at the LOOP - 708/ 675-LOOP.



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