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Archive-name: Places/the_buy.txt


Archive-title: Summer Trip

Mary and I were driving to her parents house one bright Saturday afternoon 

last summer, a trip of about one-and-a-half hours.  We picked up a six pack 

of beer before we left, and had drunk most of it about half way into the 

trip.  Mary was feeling pretty frisky, and decided to ride the rest of the 

way topless.  Whe whisked off her halter top, and rode beside me in just her 

very short pants.

Naturally, this brought a rise from hard cock grew to the point 

where it was straining against my shorts as I drove.  Mary was just lounging 

in the passenger seat, enjoying a beer, enjoying the sun, enjoying flashing 

the occasional passing trucker, and enjoying my predicament.

After finishing the last beer, Mary decided she was still thirsty, but she 

had to stop at a bathroom first.  There was a gas station coming up shortly, 

and we needed to get some gas anyway, so we stopped.  Mary slipped back into 

her halter top and headed for the bathroom while I filled up the car.

She went into the office to get the key, and then disappeared into the 

bathroom for a minute.  After dropping of the key, she bounced back to the 

car and got in.  I went in to pay for the gas with a credit card, and as the 

attendant was ringing up the purchase, I noticed that there was a cooler 

full of beer available for sale.  Since I hadn't brought any money in with 

me, I headed back out to the car to get some cash.

Mary smiled at me when I returned, and I could see two very hard nipples 

poking out at me through the material of her top.      

"Why the funny look?" I asked.  

"Well, did you get a good look at the attendant in there?" she giggled.  I 

said no.  "He's got a very hot bod," she said, "and the bulge in his pants 

got much bigger between the time I got the key and the time I dropped it 


I smiled as an idea appeared.  "Look Mary, we are out here in the middle of 

nowhere and nobody else is around...why not give the guy a thrill.  Go buy 

the beer and 'accidentally' fall out of your top when you're in there."  She 

smiled and said, 

"I've got a better idea!"  She looked a bit nervous as she checked the road 

for both directions.  After seeing no one coming for as far as the eye could 

see, she slipped out of her top and her shorts, leaving her with just her 

tennis shoes and a smile.  "Watch this," she said as she gathered up some 

money and stepped out of the car.

She ran into the office nude to get the beer!  The attendant was working at 

something on the desk until she opened the door, and then did a classic 

double take.  I could see a huge grin appear as Mary got a six-pack from the 

cooler and set it on the desk.  They were both wearing smiles as he rang up 

the beer and she ran out.  She hopped in the car and said "Let's go!"

Waving to the attendant as we pulled out, I could see that her nipples were 

harder than I had ever seen them.  Also, my cock was throbbing harder than I 

could remember.  "What did you think of that," she said, as she opened 

another beer and leaned back to sip it.

"I think that poor guy is going to have to close the station so he can beat 

off," was my reply.  She smiled as she leaned over and unzipped my pants.   

"We're going to be at my parents house in 30 minutes," she said.  "Think you 

can come in my mouth by then?"   

"You bet!" I replied.  Mary proceeded to give me one of the most satisfying 

blow jobs of my life as we drove down the empty road...her nude and me with 

my shorts around my knees.  Even though she sucked on me till I shot deep 

into her throat, the experience left me with a hard-on for two more hours.  

Needless to say that was a bit embarrasing when we got to her parents 




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