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Archive-name: Places/perseids.txt


Archive-title: Perseids

The car crunched over gravel as it pulled off to the side of the road.

The valley was spread in a carpet of yellow, white, and reddish lights

out to the bulk of Mount Diablo, invisible in the haze except for its

red beacon, blinking like an eye off in the distance.

The steady stream of conversation that had been maintained since the

restaurant and the coffeehouse died out as they climbed out of the


"It's cold out here," she said, as the first gust of the nighttime

valley wind hit her.

"Well, take something from the leather parking zone in the back," he

said, reaching into the back seat and grabbing at a dark leather object

of uncertain description, which turned out to be his jacket.

It was August 11th, the maximum of the Perseid meteor shower, nearly 11

o'clock.  Not as impressive as the Leonids yet to come in 1999 (a

meteor shower in that year!  The Millenial cultists will love it, he

thought), but still, a meteor shower none the less.  He had added an

invitation to go meteor shower viewing to the end of a friendly dinner

and coffee date, certain that she would see it as the transparent pass

that it might be, and turn him down flat (politely, but flat.  But she

hadn't, and now he was in the awkward position of having to decide if

he had meant it as a pass or amateur astronomy.

A large crowd was gathered along the side of the road, a vista point

overlooking Concord, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill.  Off back the road,

he could see a news crew roaming through the hillside, blazing away

with their hundreds-of-Watts video lights, asking people, "Have you

seen any meteors?"  "Uh, until you deprived me of my eyesight for

several hours, why yes, yes I did, sir."  Fortunately, they were far

enough away to be spared their fifteen second of fame, and retain their

night vision.

They both leaned back on the car, side by side, staring at the night

sky.  After a moment's pause, the meteors appeared, first one, then

another.  They watched in silence for a few minutes, counting the

shooting stars.

"They're higher up the sky than I expected," he said.

"Uh huh.  Not the best angle for viewing," she replied as she craned

her head back.

A few minutes go by.  Twenty, twenty-one.  Twenty-two.  A very bright

one streaks across, leaving a trail across the zenith.  Twenty-three.


"Just a bit.  You?"

"Freezing, at least my hands are."

For emphasis, he slid his hand over her exposed neck.

"That's not cold.  Now this is cold," she grinned, running her

fingertips over his cheek.  He gave a most satisfactory yipe in reply.

"OK, that's cold!"


"Bring that hand back here!  It was nice and warm!" she said, tugging

at a dangling bit of leather on the sleeve of his jacket.  Obligingly,

he put one hand over her shoulder, and rested his palm on her throat,

gently caressing.

Another long pause.  Twenty-four.  Another minute or so.  Twenty-five.

"Hey ..."  "I ..." they started in almost simultaneously, turning to

each other.  The result, given the proximity of the curb, edge of the

rise, and movement restrictions imposed by the leather jackets, was

that they found themselves flung into each other's arms, quite

unexpectedly.  Their unrelated thoughts died out as they considered the



"Uh, hi!" he said softly, close enough to her to feel her breath.

"Hi ..." she replied, lifting up her face just a bit, whether in

anticipation or just to look at him, the world may never know.

He leaned down, and brushed his lips with hers.  As she let more of her

weight settled onto him, he found her mouth again, and let their mouths

open together.  His tongue sipped into her mouth, and he could feel her

acceptance in her body, as he gathered her into his arms.

One of his hands strayed up to her hair, petting it, while the other

ran down her back, fondling ...   After many moments of passionate

kissing, they broke off, and look into each other's eyes.

"Uh, this is OK?" he ventured.

"I'll let you know," she replied, pulling his head back down with one

hand firmly in his hair.

As they kissed, he slipped one hand into the front of her jacket,

feeling her large breast through the fabric of the blouse, tracing and

stroking.  He was rewarded by a catch in her breathing as he found the

hardening nipple under the fabric, and played with it, encouraging it.

After a moment of enjoying her lovely curves, he slowly turned her

around, her back to the car, and pressed himself against her, feeling

himself grow hard as their hips ground together.

Her breathing had grown heavy and ragged to match his.  He reached out

and, without breaking their embrace, opened the passenger side car

door.  He manuevered her down into sitting in the passenger's seat, him

kneeling between her legs.  With only the briefest of glances around to

look for possible passers-by, he quickly untied one shoe, then the


"Just what do you think you're doing?" she asked with an amused smile.

"This is a trick question, right?  Taking off your shoes," he replied.

"Oh, OK.  Just checking," she answered with a grin, extending a foot

for better access.

The reclining position made for much better access to her jean's

zipper, and off came her jeans and underwear.  Even in the cramped

surroundings, he was able to slowly run his tongue up the insides of

her thighs, starting with slow, caressing strokes at her knees, sliding

in small circles down the insides of her thights until he reached her


He started licking and probing, his tongue making long, gentle strokes

up her slit as she moistens.  One hand reclined the seat, giving her a

slightly better purchase, as he moved up to her clit and starts licking

around it in converging circles ...

With steady licks, back and forth, he set up a rhythm, circling her

clit, making long erotic licks down to her vagina, then back up to

flick his tongue quickly across her, being rewarded by a gasp.  He

increased the speed slowly, building the tension he can feel in her

thighs, as a hand tweaked her nipples through her bra, enjoying their


Finally, he plunged down on her clit, bringing her closer, closer, and

finally over the edge, wallowing in her orgasm as he worked her though

one, then two, then three spasms with steady sucking on her pussy.

With a long sigh, he sat back slowly, admiring her spread out before

him.  A quick examination around saw no obvious intruders, as she

quickly pulled her jeans and panties back on.

"OK, sit here!" she commanded, patting the seat she had just vacated.

They switched positions, with her nimble hands quickly undoing his belt

buckle one, two, all the jean buttons.  With a quick tug, his cock

sprang out from the clothes, and her mouth plunged down on his balls.

First one, then the other ball got slowly caressed, licked, teased.

Her tongue tip then found its way up his shaft to the base under the

head, making circles as he groaned with pleasure.  Her tongue made its

way around the head, enjoying the bits of fluid that had already begun

to leak.

And, finally, she slid her warm, wet mouth over the entire shaft,

sucking in long, slow strokes, pulling at his penis.  Her speed

increased in time to his gasps and moans as she slid up and down, up

and down, drawing the seed out of him, only to break off, and tease him

with slow glides down his shaft to his balls.  In record time, he cried

out, and came in wet eruptions into her mouth, as her hand slowly

milked him dry.

After only the moment's pause to recover, he too pulled up his pants,

and climbed out of the car onto unsteady knees.  Leaning against the

door as it shut with a thump, he looked up at the sky.

"Lovely meteor shower, eh?  Pity they happen so rarely."

With a private smile, she replied, "Um hum.  Pity."

They reclined against the car, not touching, only millimeters closer

than before, and continued to watch the skys in friendly silence.



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