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Archive-name: Places/niteoffi.txt

Archive-title: A Night at the Office

	One night my girlfriend and I were supposed to meet some

friends in Manhattan.  We met each other at my office in lower Manhattan

and then were supposed to proceed uptown to meet our friends.  When she

arrived in the lobby, she gave me a big kiss.  She said that she had

to go to the bathroom, and could she use the one in my office.	I took

her upstairs, and walked over to my desk to wait.  On the way up I

noticed that she was wearing a very nice tight blue mini-skirt that was

accentuating her beautiful ass and gorgeous legs.  When we got to my desk,

she threw me down into my chair.  She began undoing my belt and my pants

and pulled my cock out.  She then grabbed her skirt by the bottom and

lifted it up.  Much to my surprise, she wasn't wearing any underwear

and I could feel the heat eminating from her wet pussy.  I loved to

look at, and finger and eat her pussy.	She has beautiful big lips and

she gets so wet.  As I sat there, I put my hands between her legs and

on her ass to put that beautiful cunt right in the line of my tongue.

I could taste how sweet she was.  I could have eaten her for hours.

I could feel my face getting wet with her pussy juice.	I could feel her

juice dripping down onto my legs.  My cock ached with pain.  I had to

fuck her, and like always she knew it.	She pulled her pussy away from

my face, spread her lips and slowly we watched as she lowered her pussy

onto my throbbing cock.  I slid in so easily as her pussy was sopping.

I stood up and we began to ram eachother as hard we could.  I put her ass

on my desk, and could feel and hear the juice dripping out of her pussy

onto the papers on my desk.  I looked down to see the most remarkable

(and sweet tasting) puddle on my desk.	That was enough to send me over

the edge.  I pumped a huge load of hot cum, right into her pussy and

she dug her nails into my shoulders.  I could feel the final rush of her

cum soak my cock and balls.  I had to drink it all.  We laid there for

a moment and kissed.  We got dressed and both had the most evil little

smiles on our faces when we arrived at the bar to see our friends.




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