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Archive-name: Places/kate001.txt


Archive-title: Kate


		Sex...the GREATEST frontier!!!


    Well, it is to me.  And I've never had a better expedition

    than the one I had last October.


	My girlfriend and I had been seeing other people for 5

  months without either of us doing so.  Until she got asked out by

  a guy she had met at a Halloween party during a "girl's night

  out".  I wasn't thrilled about it.  She said she wouldn't go out

  unless I had something to do...SO I lied.  I told her all about

  the plans I didn't have to spend time with a mutual friend of

  ours that I was sure was going to be out of town.  So she went

  out with...whoever he was, and I was left at home.  So desperate

  for something better to do than spend time with my parents, I

  called up an old friend to get together.  He said he was going

  out to Milwaukee to see the Halloween production of "The Rocky

  Horror Picture Show".  I had seen the show so many times, and

  slept so little the previous week, I wondered if I could stay

  awake during the movie or even the 2-hour drive home!!!  But as I

  said, I needed something to do.  Just in case I got tired I

  wanted to have someone else along to keep me company.  So I

  called a friend of Laura's and mine named Kate to come along.


	I was wearing black slacks, a black turtleneck, a black

  vest, and black shoes and socks.  Along with all this blackness,

  I was wearing my fangs my dentist and I had made for my teeth

  only.  They were make my teeth itch and making me want to bite

  something, and they don't come out easy.  She accepted, so I

  picked her up and drove up to the meeting point and agreed to

  drive one of the others up in my station wagon.


	Kate was wearing a black sports-bra as a top, and a

  stretch-cotton mini-skirt which hugged her firm ass.  She had

  black nylons on and heels which accented her shapely legs.  This

  was a body that could distract any man!


	Like I thought, I fell asleep right after "Sweet

  Transvestite".  I woke up and one point to a roll of toilet paper

  in my lap.  Ignoring it I started back to sleep, but not until I

  noticed that the blond next to me was talking about me to her

  friend.  I woke up again to a LOT of laughter to find that the

  blond had un-rolled the toilet paper, and buried me in it.  That

  wasn't as amusing as the fact that her hand was on my hip with

  her fingers on my inner-thigh.  This seemed like a good time to

  wake up...


	After the movie the girl disappeared, which I didn't really

  notice because I had been distracted by Kate's outfit all night!


	The group I had come with wanted to stay for the cast party

  at Denny's afterward.  I wanted to get home and get to sleep. 

  Kate said she needed to get home by 3:00 so her parents wouldn't

  lock her out.  My friends said they could take the other person

  in my with no trouble.  So Kate and I went to the car to begin

  the 2 hour ride home.  My fangs were beginning to make my teeth

  itch, and I wanted to bite something to scratch the gums.  The

  outfit was killing me in heat so I removed the vest when had

  gotten to the car.


	I was going to have to depend on Kate's conversation to

  keep me awake, because my tape player wasn't working.  So when

  she curled up as if to go to sleep I was a little worried.


	I didn't feel I could stop her so I said okay, and she

  curled up to go to sleep.  She kicked off her shoes, and laid her

  head on my lap.  As if that wasn't distracting enough, her skirt

  crept up a little reveling the fact that she was wearing garters

  instead of full pantyhose.  She put her hand on my thigh to lay

  her head on.  Instead of going to sleep as I expected, she

  started to run her hand along my thigh.  I have no doubt my

  erection was quickly noticed by her cheek which was right in my

  crotch.  I moved my hand to her legs and began moving towards her

  thigh.  As I reached her crotch I found a nice surprise.  Her

  underwear was made of charcoal black spandex, and nicely covered

  her ass.  At this point she started nibbling on my thigh through

  my pants.  She proceeded to unzip my pants and pull out my rock

  hard dick, and began licking and sucking hard.  My driving became

  erratic.  I no longer cared about the road, I just wanted to hear

  her scream in ecstasy!  I wanted to be thrusting into her hard

  and fast until she had cum like never before!!!  I knew she would

  enjoy it if I came in her mouth, but because I had to concentrate

  on driving at least a little, something held me back from losing

  control and shooting my load into her longing soft mouth.


	We had to break it up then resume several times due to

  tolls, getting directions when I would go the wrong way if I

  didn't notice my exit with my eyes closed in desire, and the

  really bad one.  We came up to an exit of the tollway, and there

  was a automatic toll booth.  While Kate was still attacking me, I

  threw the 30 cents into the machine, and waited for the green

  light.  Another car had come up behind me and looked impatient. 

  I had waited for about 20 seconds, and the car kept creeping up

  on me.  So I went on through to look for a gas station to get

  directions.  The light at the booth started flashing, and the car

  behind me just went through.  As I approached a gas station near

  the exit, I noticed a cop car sitting there blocking the

  entrance, and the car had followed me.  I pulled into the other

  entrance while Kate "tucked me in" and then I walked up to the

  cop to get directions.  The other car pulled in behind me and it

  turned out to be a cop also!  He asked if I had actually put

  money in back there, he had seen me throw something but wasn't

  sure what.  I had been dizzy from ecstasy, but not that bad! 

  After he let me go, I got back in the car and noticed Kate had

  never zipped my pants back up!


	We got back on the road, and even though it was already a

  little cold, we had to keep the defogger on to keep my heavy

  breathing from clouding the windows.  As we drove into more

  familiar territory, and I knew I wouldn't have to stop again, I

  worked my way around her panties and fingered her pussy deep and

  fast.  The more and more she came, the faster and harder she

  sucked and sucked!  It was getting too intense.  I began speeding

  to get to her house.  After what seemed like an orgasmic eternity

  we got to her neighborhood.  It had gotten to be about 4:00 in

  the morning and her parents would get up and go to church soon. 

  So Against our better judgement we parked outside her neighbors

  house 2 block down and went at it like mad!!!  I quickly tore off

  her top and found her bra matched her panties.  But no matter how

  much I like the look, I pulled it of and began sucking on her

  breasts and her erect nipples.  It was when I lifted her skirt

  and began nibbling on her thighs that I noticed I still had my

  fangs in!  It seemed to turn her on like crazy, so I began biting

  her lightly everywhere.  And some places not so lightly.  I

  sucked and nibbled her breasts, her hips, her thighs, her

  abdomen.  And with each bite her moans got louder and more

  intense!  She pulled my pants around my ankles without giving me

  the chance to remove my shoes.  She began sucking my cock again,

  then biting my legs and neck.  We finally went nuts and tore each

  others clothes off and began exploring each other's bodies with

  our mouths and hands.  As I stroked her breasts and thighs she

  sucked some more.  As She kissed my neck and licked my ear I

  fingered her deeply.  Hands and mouths went everywhere.  I

  finally managed to get my teeth out to enjoy a deep passionate

  kiss while I fingered her and she handled my dick with both

  hands.  It became too intense!


	As I started kissing and biting her thighs while she

  kneeled on the seat, I turned her towards the back of the seat

  and entered her from behind.  She cam almost instantly, and her

  screams brought me to total ecstasy!  Just as I thought I was

  going to burst I pulled out, dropped my ass to the seat (nearly

  getting the seat-belt clasps up my ass), and pulled her thighs to

  straddle me.  She brought her pussy down on my cock and began

  riding fast and hard.


	"Slow down", I said panting, "I don't want to cum too soon. 

  Only after you have had more orgasms that you have had in your



	"I have", she replied.  But she slowed down, and we began

  kissing.  Our tongues explored each others mouths, necks, ears,

  and shoulders.  Her screams became louder and louder until I

  thought I would burst.


	"Faster!", I said, "Ride as fast as you can.  I'm going to

  cum deep inside you!"


	She got faster, and faster, and faster until I couldn't

  hold back anymore.  I came fast and hard, and hot inside her. 

  She let out the biggest cream of them all as she came with me.  I

  began bucking her faster to get all the pleasure out of this for

  us as I could.  We kept riding for another couple of minutes

  until I became too limp, and slipped out.  She stopped and put it

  back in, and we just held each other while I shot the last of

  what I had into her.  We kissed and fondled with her on top and

  me inside her for a good 15 minutes.


	At this point we started noticing the traffic that had been

  passing our activities for some time.  It was unlikely that

  anyone could see through the perspiration that had fogged the

  windows and caused our bodies to slide nicely against each other.


	As we got dressed I noticed my underwear had gotten

  shredded when she tore it from my body.  With all the black

  clothing that was flung around the car it took a while to sort it

  all out.  I managed to get dressed first, as she sat there.  It

  seemed she was getting her breath back, but she later said she

  was watching me dress.  She just threw her nylons in her purse

  instead of trying to put them on.  When she just had her bra and

  panties on I stopped her.  I just stared at her wonderful 36-27

  34 body.  Her breasts filled the bra completely.  Her ass was

  firm under her panties which barely covered her.  I helped her

  get a little more clothed, then when she finished we sat together

  we licked perspiration of each others necks and ears.


	Around 6:10 when I dropped her off at her driveway.  We had

  one more kiss that lasted 5 minutes.  I watched her walk up to

  the driveway, wishing I could have her again.  Her ass was just

  so tempting!  Her walking was a little awkward as her leg muscles

  tried to get back to normal (but what a pair of legs!!!).  I

  stared at her legs, and how well they went up to her hips.  And I

  watched the hint of her breasts that kept showing as she walked

  with a wiggle that was definitely for my benefit.


	We made plans that day to have sex again, and again.  Since

  then we have re-created scenes from x-rated graphics novels,

  explored every sexual position possible in a shower, fucked our

  brains out in a hanging chair, and walked through her house while

  she rode my cock with her legs around my waist.


	Kate is by far the best lover I have ever had.  And

  probably the best there is!



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