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Archive-name: Places/

Archive-author: Kenneth Jamieson

Archive-title: Island Paradise 


     The last thing I remember was a huge wave sweeping over my 

sailboat, turning it over and spilling me into the water.  Then 

I woke up on the shore of a deserted island with my face in the sand, 

and my body covered in dried salt water.  My clothes still stuck 

to my body, sticky with sweat and seaweed.  There were bits of my craft 

all around, as well as traces of oil on the water.  I gathered together 

the wood pieces to make a signal fire, then set out to explore my 

surroundings.  I took off my shirt and left it on the beach, stuck up 

on a long piece of wood next to the fire, just in case anyone happened 

to come upon it while I was away. 


     Most of the island was covered with trees and vine-like growths, 

the jungle dominating it.  The sounds were like every Tarzan movie I 

ever saw; exotic bird calls echoed through the trees. 


     I marvelled at the purity of it; untouched by the hand of man, I 

thought to myself.  Animals passed by me, seemingly unafraid. 


     I came upon a freshwater pool in the shade of a huge banyan tree 

and decided to clean myself up.  I took off my ruined jeans and underwear 

and saturated them in the water of the pool.  I then put them on a rock 

to dry.  Then I dove in and washed myself off.  After my brief swim, 

I shook myself off and lay down, naked, on another flat rock to dry off.


I must have dropped off, because I woke up some time later when the sun 

went behind a cloud.  I opened my eyes and looked at the face of the 

most beautiful woman I ever saw. 


     She was a blonde, with hair that hung halfway down her back.  She 

wore some kind of skin around her waist as a loin-cloth, but nothing 

over her breasts.  They were largish with pale red nipples.  As she 

breathed, they moved slightly, and I felt myself unconsciously responding 

to her.  I looked at her face again.  She was looking at me strangely. 

She held a knife in her left hand, as if she were prepared to use it. 

I tried talking to her, but nothing I said seemed to have any meaning 

to her.  She looked at the surface of the pool, then at me, then back 

at the pool.  She pointed at me, then at the pool, and seemed to make 

a connection.  I pointed at my chest and said, Carl.  Then I pointed at 

her.  She pointed at herself and thought for a minute, as if she were 

struggling to remember who she was.  Finally she said in a gravelly 

voice, Lara. 


     She walked over to me, and touched my cheek.  She looked at my body, 

unclothed and pale.  She was golden brown all over, even her breasts. 

She had obviously been here a very long time.  I sat up and caressed her

cheek.  She drew back a few inches.  I made reassuring noises and drew 

her closer.  I leaned over and put my lips to hers, kissing her.  I 

pulled my face back, and she put her fingers to her mouth, rubbing her 

lips.  Her dagger fell to the ground.  She crept over to me, and kissed 

me back, opening her mouth and letting my tongue explore hers.  I 

reached up and put my hand on her neck, pulling her closer still.  I 

carressed her breast with my other hand and she moaned slightly, her 

nipples crinkling and becoming erect.  I could feel my organ beginning 

to harden and lengthen.  I moved the hand that was on her breast down 

along her flat abdomen, then untied the hide around her waist.  I tossed

it aside and put my hand between her legs.  She squealed and stiffened, 

but I held her close, kissing her even harder.  I left her mouth and 

moved my tongue down her slender neck.  I put my lips to one of her 

breasts, sucking gently and running my tongue all over the soft globes. 


Then I moved my mouth to the other, nibbling it slightly with my lips, 

causing her to make small whimpering noises.  I was completely erect 

now, and I moved my hips toward hers, insistantly rubbing against her 

thigh to open her legs.  I gently pushed her backward until she was 

laying on her back on the sun-warmed rock.  I put a hand on each breast 

and she closed her eyes, rocking her head back and forth.  I opened her 

legs and explored her with my fingers.  She had a thin crop of pale hair

down there, curling at the edges.  Her clitoris was protruding from this

thicket, throbbing at each of her heartbeats.  I put my mouth to it and 

began to work it with my tongue, making her moan even louder.  I drew 

back and kneeled over her arranging myself.  I touched her vagina with 

the tip of my organ and slowly, ever so slowly, pushed myself into her. 

She let out a long soft cry as I entered her.  She had an exceedingly 

small opening, and I decided that she must be a virgin.  I moved into 

her until I felt an obstruction, then thrust hard.  This elicited a cry 

from the woman.  I slowly moved in and out of her, bringing her to 

orgasm.  She twisted under me, moaning at every thrust until she suddenly 

tensed, squeezing me inside her.  She drew me to her with her arms, 

pulling my head to her chest.  I nuzzled her perfect breasts, her 

swollen nipples brushing my lips.  I thrust into her again and again, 

until I lost myself and collapsed on top of her. 


    I don't know what happened after that, because after the exertion 

I must have fallen asleep.  When I woke up, she was gone.  There was no 

trace of her; it was as if she had never existed.  I put on my now dry 

garments and walked back to the beach.  The fire was beginning to burn 

out, but on the horizon I could see a ship of some kind.  I stoked up 

the fire some more, producing thick smoke.  In the distance I heard 

the ship's steam whistle sound the SOS signal.  It turned and came close

to the island. 


     Now, standing on the deck, the ship heading toward Hawaii, I can't 

help but wonder whether it was only a dream....... or was it? 




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