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Archive-name: Places/diver.txt


Archive-title: Divers do it deep (1)

I went for a warm-water diving holiday - blue skies - clear water - my

club-mates all had other plans, or they had used up their holiday leave - and

so they got left behind

You never know who you'll end up diving with - it's a mixture, good and bad -

but it's warm - We need our cold-water wetsuit tops on, over our swim gear, but

it's warm enough to leave off the neoprene pants that are a must back home -

When I get there we have an odd number in the party - we start by diving with a

three - then the next new arrival is buddied with me - she isn't bad-looking -

on the thin side - but she starts off like a real pain - chip-on-shoulder

feminist -

We start a boat dive - get our kit together - I go to check her over before we

dive - she says 'don't treat me like a beginner - I don't need this macho diver

stuff - I'm an underwater archaeologist' - well I come from a club where we

look after each other - we take safety seriously - I hope I'll get the same

from you - she shrugs

we start the dive from the boat after a longish trip out round the coast - a

shallow-water boat dive should be safe and easy - no more than ten metres -

lots of light, warmth and colours - oh we can't make up our minds to agree

which way to go - signal troubles and squabble - she swims well but wants to

lead off anywhere and everywhere - I follow - hardly any time to look at the

wildlife -

rocks and weed and crud - something wrong - we're both tangled up in something

- I signal her to wait while I try and get rid of whatever it is - I get out my

knife and start cutting - she's really nervous - fidgets and flaps - getting

more tangled up - is it net or is it line - can't see as it's practically

invisible in the water - just a bit of weed caught in it - I give her stronger

signals to stop fart-arsing about - point my index-finger - show flat of hand -

ring with thumb and first finger -  meaning -  you - stop right there - ok? -

at last she gives back  - ok - she stops moving around and I set to work - only

a few strands round my fins - wow - she's got in a mess - lots of tangled stuff

- knife isn't the best for nets, but it's all I've got - a very little air into

her jacket - so she'll rise up out of the net as she gets free - bit of air

into mine too - I work to free her head first and then on down - what's this,

more net stuff round her regulator valve - cut it free - stay far enough off

not to get tangled again myself we swap more signals while I work - check

there's no more panic - she gives 'ok' back - right, now her body's free and

out of the net, only her legs to do, there are strands around her knife-sheath

and fins - eventually we get her entirely free - at last - better check though

I'm pretty sure we're all ok -

oh fuck, she may be a pain, but she's got good legs - I get a slight stir about

the cock and wonder what the rest of her is like - well, now the main work is

done, but I run my hands all down her thighs, to make sure there's nothing

entangling them - I do it slowly and thoroughly  -  ok - ok - wow - she seems

calmer now - we ascend gently by a couple of metres, and agree to surface -

thank-you she says, on the surface, near the boat, and gives me a really nice

smile - I'm sorry I panicked - you weren't too bad at all, I reply - do you

want to get out of the water or shall we go down again? - she says, the others

are still down - we've plenty of air - I want to dive with you - I check -

twenty-five minutes, about 120 atmospheres left in each bottle - we agree to

dive again -

it's really different this time - she follows me - we stop and look around -

the fish come up and look at us too - we give ok signals again and hold hands -

she squeezes mine - lovely soft hands - she's trying to tell me something not

in the signals -

then she signals 'wait' - I want to tell her 'don't worry - take your time' - I

take my mouthpiece out and hold it in one hand - I take her hand in my other

and kiss her hand - my cock tells me to do something more - I blow a few

bubbles at her mask and laugh into the water - then quickly replace my mask -

her eyes sparkle - she's got the point - I don't think she wants to try and

take her own mask out - perhaps she guesses we can have fun down here as well -

after a bit we manage a quick kiss underwater - have some fun - we share air -

safety drill of course, and deadly serious - still about a hundred atmospheres

left in both our air-bottles - we're back within sight of the anchor-line - the

water is warm and surely no need to go up yet? -

now a nonstandard signal - we hold hands - I use my finger to draw a circle on

her palm - and press through the middle - shall we?  -  yes ok - wonderful! - I

slide my finger slowly through the ring of her 'ok' -  I - want - you - hard -

but hell - we can't hug, what can we do in this gear - we gently stroke each

other's thighs - we're floating a little way off the line, I hold on by a few

rocks and wavy fronds - I'm getting more excited - harder - she opens her legs

apart - she's astride me - ride a cock sea-horse, lady! - my cock is hard on -

I want to burst - oh fuck, I want to get closer than this, I want to thrust and

ram her now - hell with all this diving gear in the way between my throbbing

tool and her wet flesh - maybe there's a way - I unfasten my wet-suit lower

strap, push the lifejacket strap to one side - she gets the idea and helps do

the same with hers - my cock is tight against my briefs - now I press my tool

against her bikini briefs - by the friction I feel her softness - again - and

again - oh fuck, this is too good - but all the fins, knives, and spare

snorkels on our legs and feet are still in the way - we can't strip off without

tangling up again - I stroke her thighs again - she strokes mine - there's only

one way to do this - 'wait' - 'ok' - I get out my knife again - put it into my

bulging briefs - to one side, where they are narrow against my hip, I start

sawing - with a few strokes I slice through -

my cock bursts out hard and free - she cups and strokes it - oh wonderful, I

can't wait - I give 'same for you' and get 'ok' - now my knife goes in between

her hip and the side of her bikini - I saw and cut through, peel away her

bikini front, put knife away - I stroke her lovely soft hair and - at last -

the soft opening to her pussy cunt - wow! - there's something more slippery on

there than seawater - something to let me slide in easily - I massage and

stroke her - my cock is extra sensitive as it's been in seawater for over half

an hour - with one hand I keep us steady - with my other hand I hold her lovely

arse and stroke and press - my cock slides in - first the head - I go mad -

must be mad - what a place to do it - then full length inside her - fuck this -

my instinct takes over - with my free hand I mould, slide, stroke her around my

cock - slide and screw - fuck, then ram - she gets more excited too - her hands

grasp my lifejacket - she steadies herself astride me - my free hand caresses

her arse - soft to squeeze - locks us together - we pant and press, cram my

tool, shove it right in - deep fucking strokes - she has that way of moving -

writhing - maddens my lust - harder and faster - faster and harder - I buck and

ram and slam and ball and fuck and fuck and screw -

we get more excited - our pubic hair tangles and strokes - oh, there's a

mouthpiece not to forget! otherwise I'd be coming with all this - hold on too -

a gentle tidal surge slowly wafts us, to, then fro - we fuck in a rhythm in

time with the tide - waft left - slide, thrust, buck, ram - waft right - fuck,

screw, fuck and again - harder and stronger - what a fuck! - what a slam! - - a

wet slippery hot mad bucking ramming fuck! - I fuck her cunt hotter and hotter,

her juice runs - she clings to me tight and wet inside - as I bang and fuck in

every ram of my driving ramrod tool - my cock thrusts madder and harder - take

it! - ram! - fuck! - fuck! - then with a massive hot ram - FUCK! - I explode -

shoot - burst - blow - fill - flow - with slower thrusts I fill her soft hot

cunt with all my creamy spunk - jet! - spurt! - blow! - wwow! - I gulp air and

blow - massive gusts of bubbles surround us for a moment before they disappear

upwards to the surface - she's doing the same but smaller gusts -

we hold tight together - cool down - calm down - as I part my tool from its

work well done - she gives a little tremor - a ribbon of spunk comes out too

and curls into the seawater - makes little rings and chains - a liquid link

from me to her and back again - what sign can I make but 'ok?' - it comes back

ok - a squeeze and slide of the hand - ok, ok - we recover, and prepare to

finish the dive - both together we fold back the cut flap of her bikini and

fasten back the wetsuit - same for my briefs and suit, no longer bulging much,

my load released and gone - still 40 atmospheres left and it's time to go up -

we've done it properly -

on the surface I realise, I know her but we have hardly spoken or kissed - she

says, thanks for everything, I got close to panic but you really cut me free -

I say, you were cool enough and hot enough too, I love you, I want you again -

she says, hero - we get to the side of the boat and climb out of the water -

long journey back to the jetty, all the usual clearing up with diving gear - I

say, 'what will we do for swimming things now I've cut them up?' - 'oh, easy,

I'll soon mend them' - 'I didn't think you did that sort of thing' - 'just for

a few people' -

later we have our evening meal together - and back to her room - for a first

proper kiss - I tell her - you've got a lovely soft mouth - she says she really

goes for my thick black beard - we hug - her boobs are big enough, nipples hard

enough to tickle in with my chest hair - and her arse and cunt - soft and

delicious as before - we slowly approach and merge together in a long dreamy

fuck, hazy with memories of wine, water, bubbles, tide, ebb, flow, creamy flow -

next morning we start to prepare our things for the new day's diving

- of course we'll dive together again - you'll need these she says -

hands me back my mended sliced swim- briefs - she's sewn the mend with

some tape to reinforce it - its a bit ragged and that's ok - inside the

tape I see she's sewn a word  - hero.



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