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Archive-name: Places/busdrvr2.txt


Archive-title: Bus Driving Experience

In my last year of high school, I was a school bus driver. I didn't drive

in the morning, but our high school let out at 2:30, so I drove junior

high kids home when they got out at 3.  For most of the year, it was just

a job, but I had some fun, too.

In addition to being a normal, sex-crazed teenage male, some of the young

ladies who rode my bus sent my mind in a whirl.  Because I was small for my

age, most of the ninth-grade girls, with their wide hips and flashing eyes

seemed kind of threatening to me.  They sometimes tried to come on to me,

but it only emphasized how they thought I was their age.

I tended to fantasize more about the younger girls, to whom I apparently

appeared to be more a "grown-up."  I got a kick out of these younger

girls' giggly flirting, especially because I was too shy to ask out

girls my own age.  And I sometimes got a hard-on from glancing in my

rear-view mirror as they squirmed to talk to their friends and gave

me an unimpeded view of the well-filled panties underneath their

little-girl skirts.


little-girl skirts.

One girl whom I remember was simply exceptional.  Her name was Angie.

A seventh-grader, she was small for her age, too, without only a hint

of swelling in the front of her blouse or tee-shirt.  From the very

first day, she always sat on the front seat, to the driver's right.  I

dropped her off at one of my last stops before taking the bus back to

the high school parking lot.

I tried to speak to all the kids as they got on and off the bus, but,

because she sat beside me, Angie and I chatted often.  I found out her

father had moved to town for a one-year assignment, so she had few

friends at school.  Besides, she said, they would be moving away again

as soon as school was over.  In addition, Angie had gone to some kind

of advanced program where she lived before, so she was only twelve,

a year younger than the other seventh-graders.

Throughout the nine months I drove her, Angie and I talked about all

kinds of things -- what we got for Christmas, local events, favorite

television shows.  We talked a lot about our futures and interests.

Angie wanted to be a model and a dancer.  She had the elfin build

and pixie features that would have made her a terrific model.  Her

dark-blonde hair was cut with bangs in front and was long in the

back.  She sometimes wore it in some kind of fancy braid, but mostly

in a simple pony tail.  Because she liked wearing short skirts, I

was able to tell her she had great legs for her prospective dancing

career.  Whenever I said something personal like that, she smiled

and blushed.

One day, near the end of school, Angie had on a new short skirt and

asked me what I thought of it.

"I think it's really attractive," I told her.  "I love the way it

shows off your great legs.  I bet it got a lot of attention from

your classmates."

"Thank you!" said Angie.  "I really needed that.  The girls have been

a little cold today and the guys weren't so chatty either.  They all

treat me like a little kid."

This was the latest chapter in one of Angie's biggest complaints about

her position in this town -- her small build and her little-girl features

made it difficult for those who didn't know her to appreciate that she

had a lively mind and a mature outlook on things.

"Naw," I reassured her, "it's just because the girls are jealous and

the guys are left in awe."

"You always say the sweetest things," Angie said and leaned over to give

me a peck on the cheek.  As she bent over to nuzzle my cheek, her button-

up blouse fell open before me.  The two perky pink nipples projecting from

her white chest looked exciting to me.  They reminded me that my little

friend Angie was also a developing young woman.

With my cock lengthening in my lap, I used the time until all the kids had

boarded to adjust my mirror so I could see Angie better.  As I drove, I

kept glancing in it to look over those long lovely legs.  It's a wonder

we made the trip safely that day.  Despite her feigned maturity, Angie

was still unconscious about keeping her knees together like an older

girl would.  To my delight, her legs would occasionaly part or she

would slip down in her seat.  At those times, I would get a glimpse of

her plain white panties stretched across her little crotch.  By the time

we reached her house, I had a full erection.

I hurried home to jack off, my mind swirling with the quick view of her

budding titties and the sight of her little-girl underpants peeking from

between her slender thighs.  Getting myself more worked up, I fantasized

that she had known she was displaying her charms to me.  I got tremendously

excited at the thought that some girl would show herself to me in that

way, even if she was five years younger than me.  When it came, after

only a few firm strokes, my wad soaked the toilet paper I was holding

and my spine nearly crumpled from the intense pleasure.

When Angie boarded the bus the next day, I naturally noticed that she had

on an even shorter skirt.

"I hope your classmates were more friendly today," I offered.

"No, they weren't.  I even got some comments about how I was TRYING to

look grown-up.  But how do YOU like this outfit?"

"Come on Angie, you know I like your legs.  You must be teasing me.

The more I see of your legs, the more I like your skirt."  She blushed

again, but looked pleased.

As we drove along, the kids were even more bratty than usual, throwing

paper at each other and raising an intolerable racket.  But I could

hardly tear my eyes away from the mirror.  In addition to the normal

disruption caused by boys throwing paper airplanes and teasing the

girls, a ninth-grade girl on the aisle about halfway back absorbed

my attention for a while, as she twisted and spread her legs to chat

with her friend in the seat behind.  But she was too far away for me

to see more than a stripe of white between her legs.  So I turned my

attention back to Angie.  It took very little movement for Angie to

show me her underpants again, under her tiny skirt.  This time,

however, she caught my gaze in the mirror.

When we next stopped to let off some kids, she bent over to whisper

in my ear.  "How long have you been watching in the mirror?"

I glanced again down her blouse to see her protruding nipples, causing

her to gasp, blush and clutch at her neckline.  Then, I had a brilliant

idea.  Standing and turning toward the back of the bus, I made an

announcement.  "Since leaving school I have been watching everyone's

misconduct.  Now I am going to appoint a bus monitor ... ANGIE!"

Turning to Angie, I said, "I hope your mother won't mind you riding the

whole route with me for what's left of the year."

"I'm sure she won't," grinned Angie, apparently forgetting my stolen

peeks.  "She says I spend too much time in front of the TV anyway."

Angie boarded the bus the next day with her mother's permission to ride

the full route.  This doubled my pleasure for her skirt was another

short one, but not (I noted with disapointment) a real mini.  She took

her new job seriously, walking halfway to the back of the bus to untangle

two seventh-grade boys who were wrestling.  As the bus emptied, however,

my little bus monitor had less to do and I could see Angie was getting

restless.  She stared out the window, tossing and turning in her seat.

She clasped her book bag between her knees, blocking my view of her

crotch.  I kept looking up, in hopes of seeing something sexy, but the

bus soon cleared out so only Angie and a couple of boys were left.

As I glanced back at Angie, I realized she had apparently forgotten

she wasn't alone, and was rubbing her book bag up and down between

her legs.  I saw her skirt begin to bunch up in her lap and caught

a glimpse of her underpants pressed against the rough canvas fabric.

I thought it must have been my imagination, but I thought I noticed

a slight darkening of her panties, as though moistened by her little

pussy.  My rod stiffened at the thought that this twelve-year-old

girl might be getting sexual pleasure while I watched.

But I happened to be looking in the mirror when Angie apparently

remembered the way I had been watching the day before.  Her eyes

snapped up at my mirror in horror.  A blush came to her cheeks as

her eyes met mine.

When I finished the route and drove her home, Angie tried to get right

off the bus without meeting my eyes, but I held the door closed for a

moment, hoping against hope that I hadn't turned her off for good.

"You did a good job today, Angie.  Thank you.  I had time to tend to more

important business than the brats."

"Oh yeah!!" she blurted, spinning toward me in anger.  "What business

was that?  Looking up my skirt?"  But she couldn't keep up the pretense

of being angry, and finished her question with a giggle.

"Well, yes that was a very pleasant part of my job today.  I would fall

asleep if I got no excitement along the way.  I noticed you too needed

a little excitement."

Angie blushed again at my rebuttal.

As I opened the door, I couldn't resist one more tease.  "Why do you

blush so often Angie?  Do you have SO many sexy thoughts?"

Pouting, she got off the bus.  "NO!" she threw back at me as she flounced

up the steps to her home.

When the next afternoon came, I feared Angie would be turned off to me.

Indeed she acted colder, sitting primly in her normal spot, but keeping

her knees glued together and avoiding looking at me.  I just knew I had

blown it and would have to retreat to our former busdriver-schoolgirl

relationship.  Oh, well, I thought to myself, there were only three

more days of school left, anyway.

When we neared the end of the route, Angie asked me to stop for a moment

at the next gas station, where she hurried into the ladies room.  When

she returned she was still acting cold.  However, when I next looked

in the mirror, Angie was smiling nervously at me.  When I looked below

her smile, I saw the reason.  Her heels were on the seat and her panties

had been removed!  No longer were her knees together, either.  I was

looking right at the pink slit that separated her hairless pussy lips!

I couldn't believe my eyes, but neither could I do anything about it, with

two other kids still to drop off.  I didn't want to embarass Angie, either,

or treat her like a little kid.  All I could do was smile back at her in

the mirror.

When I stopped the bus to let the first one off, Angie crossed her legs

demurely, and stared out the window.  But when I started up again, a

glance in the mirror showed she had resumed her previous posture, and

was grinning crazily at me, as she displayed her bare little cunt.

After dropping off the last kid, I pulled into a nearby parking lot behind

a church, stopped the bus, and turned to her.

"ANGIE!  You are more distracting now than the other kids have been all

year.  How am I to drive with you like that?  Put your underpants back

on.  PLEASE!"

But Angie responded with a pout, "I've been thinking the whole ride about

what you said yesterday about my blushing at sexy thoughts.  Everybody

treats me like a six-year-old!  I know plenty, from reading books.  But

I'm so slow in developing that no one will ask me out and I have no

real sexual experience.  Riding here on the bus with you, my imagination

was just running wild."

"I kept thinking about you looking up my skirt and down my blouse and it

really turned me on.  My panties just got soaked.  See?"  Extracting them

from her book bag, she handed me her white cotton panties.

"Yes they are wet, Angie.  You sure you didn't wet them under a faucet at

the gas station?"

"No," she said, with a nervous little grin, "they've been wet since I

boarded the bus, and they kept getting wetter the whole ride.  Finally,

I decided that, if you were interested enough to look at me, I would

give you a real sight."

I realized Angie wanted to be assured that she was an attractive young

woman.  And that I didn't consider her just a little girl.  I told her

I loved seeing her pretty pussy, but I had to get her home.  I returned

her panties to her.  As she put them away, I slipped my tongue out to

lick a finger that had held her panties.

Angie saw me do it, and wrinkled her nose.  "They do smell awful, don't

you think?"

"No, they smell exciting, warm, and sweet to me."

Then she noticed the moisture on my fingers.

"Can I give you a tissue for your fingers?  I am sorry I made a mess."

"No I will clean them," I said, and started licking.

"Ohhh that is horrible!"

"You wouldn't think so if you had a taste.  Care for some?"

"I don't think so."

"You don't know what you are missing.  I wish I had more."

She giggled again, "I know where there's more."


Once again, the little girl opened her legs before me.  Tearing my eyes

away from the lewd sight of a twelve-year-old beauty showing me her

bare cunt, I saw the seat was wet with her juices.

"You are a living well aren't you?"  Reaching out, I ran a finger through

the wet streak on the seat.  As Angie tried to scoot out of the way, her

spread legs opened her white pussy lips further to expose the pink,

rubbery flesh inside.  I could see that her inner lips were engorged

and stiff.  Her entire crotch gleamed with the juices she had exuded.

As I wiped my finger across the vinyl seat, I made sure the back of one

finger brushed against little Angie's hairless pussy.

"Yow!  That hurt! "

"I hardly touched you."

"It felt like a thousand volts of electricity.  And now I am running worse."

With a quick glance around the parking lot, I got on my knees before her.

"Let me drink that before we have an awful mess to clean up."

Angie clearly didn't know what to do.  Maybe she thought she would just

be naughty with me and nothing would happen.  Maybe she was hoping that

I would just compliment her on her pussy, the way I had on her legs.

I don't think her wildest fantasy included a 17-year-old licking her

cunt.  Immobilized by indecision, she sat there spread-legged as I

knelt to insinuate my tongue between her powdery thighs.

I'd never done any cunt-licking before, of course, so I had to rely on

what I'd learned from Penthouse and other books.  Angie's heels were

still on the seat, so her little cunt was tilted up toward me.  Judging

from all the goo in her crotch, I suspected she was ready to cum.  So

I avoided touching the red knob at the top of her slit.  Instead, I

stuck my tongue at the very bottom of her pussy gash and inserted it

as far as possible.

Angie uttered a heartfelt "Jeeezus!" as my tongue slurped upwards,

spreading her reddish inner lips and extracting as much juice as

possible.  I could feel the fluttering muscles inside her pussy and

I thought she was just about to get her cookies.  I wanted to drag

this out as long as possible, but not so long that we'd be caught.

I looked up at her only to find Angie staring wide-eyed at the lewd

sight of a guy slurping her hairless twat.  There was no question

that I was doing the right thing, when Angie said, "Again!"

I was ready to oblige, but this time I continued my bottom-to-top

tongue-work to swirl my tongue and lips around the hard nubbin of

her little clittie.  Then I was astounded to be nearly knocked

down as her legs slammed together on each side of my head and her

pelvis jerked back and forth, rubbing her slimy slit all over my

lips and chin.  Angie groaned and cursed, having herself a fine

little time.  Thrashing and twitching, she came and came.

When we reached her house I had to walk the poor dear to the door.

Her mother greeted us, worried at her daughter's wobbly walk and

flushed face.

"I think Angie has come down with a fever," I told her mom.

As Angie walked into the house, her mother said, "Thank you for

helping my Angie.  You have been so kind and attentive to her.

She doesn't have any little friends, so this bus monitor job has

been a godsend."

As I looked over Angie's mom's shoulder, I realized I had better

keep talking, because Angie's bare bottom was visible as she

ascended the stairs.  So I babbled, "For now, maybe you should

just make sure Angie gets plenty of rest.  She's turning out

to be a great bus monitor."

Turning away, I said "I want her again tomorrow," realizing only later

that could be taken in more than one way.

Angie was back the next day smiling and light, beautiful and

beguiling.  When we had dumped the last of our passengers,

we pulled into a different parking lot and got back to our

intimate talk.

"What were you thinking yesterday that made your panties so wet?"

"About you."

"About me?  You hardly paid me attention till the end of the ride.

What were you thinking of me?"

"I was wondering about you.  About what your kisses would feel like.

About what your bare chest looks like, if it is hairy.  About how it

would feel to run my fingers through your chest hairs.  About how far

down the hair goes.  I wasn't thinking about what actually happened,

but now I can't think of anything else."

"Well, my sweet, I hope we get to know each other real well, so let's

answer some of those questions."  I removed my tennis shirt.

"Nice chest.  Real muscular."  She reached over to feel my chest

and run her fingers through my hair.  I was glad I had spent time

lifting weights.

"Are your nipples as sensitive as mine?" she asked, caressing one

with a finger nail.

"Well, mine are pretty sensitive.  Let's see how sensitive yours are."

But Angie pulled back.  "No, I'm ashamed because I don't have any

breasts," she mumbled, with downcast eyes.

"But, Angie," I said, "I liked what I saw the other day.  I think a

young woman's developing breasts are just as exciting as an older

woman's.  Let me see."

Reluctantly, Angie let me tug her sweater up to reveal her swollen

nipples.  Immediately, I lowered my head and fastened my lips around

one.  Sucking gently, I swirled my tongue around the smooth pink flesh,

feeling the stiffening that I knew signified Angie's delight.  As I

moved my mouth to her other nipple, I noticed Angie had her head tilted

back and her eyes closed.  She moaned softly and I looked down to see

her hands in her crotch.

As I sucked her other nipple, Angie reached forward blindly to smear

her pussy juices all over my chest.  Then she began to pull insistently

on one of my nipples.  When I sucked harder on her chest, Angie pushed

me away.

"I want to see you," she said, her eyes wide and wild.

Glancing outside the bus to make sure it was safe, I unbuckled my belt,

opened my jeans and pulled my briefs below my balls.  My rigid cock

was only about a foot in front of little Angie's fascinated gaze.

The thrill I saw in little Angie's eyes was exiting.  A drop of

moisture oozed its way to the eye of my dick.

"Ooooh LOOK!  Is that like the wet that I was yesterday?"

"Yes Angie.  I was wet like this yesterday too, although you didn't

know it.  And when I got home, I was a lot wetter."

"You said I tasted good.  Can I have a taste?"

"Sure, I wish you would, but only if you really want to."

She reached out her little hand a touched the drop that was steadily

increasing in size.  Then she moved her finger to her pouty little lips

and stuck that finger in.  I thought how soft those lips would feel

around the source of that fluid and my cock throbbed.

Looking up into my eyes she moaned a delicious "MMMMMMMMMM" as she

savored a new flavor.

"I am glad you like it.  You see there is more cumming."

She looked at my dick in glee.  "More for me?  Oh Boy!"

Sliding to the front of her seat, she leaned forward to lick the tip

of my dick.  A moan of "MMMMM" escaped from both of us.

"Now suck on it and move your head up and down on it."

Angie was new at this, of course.  But so was I.  Her teeth were

abrasive at times and at times they were terrific.  Occasionally

her teeth hit a spot at a moment that was delightful.  And a

thought would cross my mind that she really wanted to EAT ME,

which was a thrill and a fright.  By letting her know how

it felt and what I was thinking, she soon was giving me mostly


Although her mouth was small, she was hungry and eager to please.

With the anticipation I had been building up, I was not long in

giving the dear a mouthful of cum.  It spilled over her lips onto

her chin.

From somewhere, she produced her panties to wipe up the overflow.

"This I will keep for a midnight snack."



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