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Archive-name: Places/busdrvr.txt


Archive-title: Bus Driver

  I was a school bus driver in my High School days or should I say DAZE.  Some

of the young ladies that rode the bus sent my mind in a whirl and.  They kept 

my HEAD up and alert.

  One I remember who was exceptional was Angie this sweet thing was always on 

the front seat. She was picked up at the Jr. High school. We chatted often 

about our futures and interests. She wanted to be a model and dancer.

  Because she liked wearing short skirts I was able to tell her from what I 

saw she had great legs for her prospective career. She smiled and blushed.

  The next day she had on a new Micro mini and asked what I thought of it.

"It is honestly attractive and I adore the way it shows off your lovely legs.

  I bet it has gotten a lot of attention from your fellow class mates."

  "Thank you! I really needed that. The girls have been a little cold today 

and the guys were not so chatty ether." Says Angie.

  "That is because the girls are jealous and the guys are left in awe." 

  "You always say the sweetest things."and gave me a peck on the cheek.  That

was the first time I noticed her breasts as they rubbed against me.  I glanced 

down her blouse as she bent over for the kiss.  The softness and whiteness 

there looked like heaven.

   Till we reached her house I kept glancing in the mirror to look over those 

long lovely legs. It is a wonder we made the trip safely. Occasionally her legs

would part or she would slip down in her seat. At those times I would get a 

glimpse of her plain white panties.

  When Angie boarded the buss the next day she had on a shorter macro mini 


  "I hope the class mates were more friendly today"

  "No they weren't. But how do you like my skirt."

  "Come on Angie, you know I like your legs.  You must be teasing me.  The 

more I see of them the more I like it."

  As we drove home I could hardly tear my eyes away from the mirror.  This 

time Angie caught my gaze in the mirror.

   She bent over to whisper in my ear. "How long have you been watching in the


  In reply I made an announcement. "Since leaving school I have been watching 

the misconduct of all of you. Now I am going to appoint a bus monitor, ANGIE."

   "Hope your mother will not mind you riding the route with me."

   "I am sure she will not. She says I spend too much time before the TV 


   Angie boarded the bus the next day with her mothers permission to ride the

full route. This doubled my pleasure for her skirt was another micro mini. 

Half way through the route I could see Angie was getting restless. She lost 

her posture and eventually rubbing a post between her legs.  I was watching 

and had noticed a darkening of her panties as it moistened. When she remembered

the way I had been watching the day before a blush came to her cheek. We 

miraculously made it back to her home safely.

   "You did a good job today!  Thank you.  I had time to tend to more important

business other than the brats."

   "Ohh Yea!!  What business was that looking up my skirt?  Hee Hee"

   "Well Yes that was part of it.  I would fall asleep if I got no excitement 

along the way.  I noticed you too needed a little excitement."

   Little angie blushed at the rebuttal.

   "Why you blush so often Angie?  Do you have SOOO many sexy thoughts?"

   Pouting she got off the bus "NO!"

   When the next afternoon came I was sure Angie would be turned off to me. 

Indeed she was colder. When we reached the end of the route she asked to stop 

at the next gas station. When she returned she was still cold. But when I 

looked in the mirror this time the panties had been removed.


   I slammed on the brakes. I could not believe my eyes.

   "ANGIE! You are more distracting now than the other kids have been all year.

How am I to drive with you like that? Put your panties back on PLEASE."

   "I had been thinking the whole ride about what you said yesterday about my 

blushing at sexy thoughts.  I know so little.  My imagination just ran wild 

with me.  My panties are soaked.  See." she handed me her panties.

   "Yes they are wet ANGIE. You didn't wet them under a faucet at the gas 

station did you?"

   Sniffing at them I could smell that was not water or piss.

   "No they have been wet since I boarded the bus but they kept getting wetter

the whole ride."

   I returned her panties to her. As she put them away I slipped my tongue out

to lick a finger that had held her panties.

   "They do smell awful don't you think?"

   "No, they smell exciting, warm, and sweet to me."

   Then she noticed the moisture on my fingers.

   "Can I give you a tissue for your fingers? I am sorry I made a mess."

   "No I will clean them." and started licking.

   "Ohhh that is horrible."

   "You wouldn't think so if you had a taste.  Care for some?"

   "I don't think so."

   "You don't know what you are missing.  Wish I had more?  Want me to clean 

your panties too?"

   "Hee heee No but I do know where there is more."


   She opened her legs. I saw that the seat was wet with her juices.

   "You are a living well aren't you." Reaching out I ran a finger on the seat.

In the move I brushed her near hairless pussy. 

   "Yow! that hurt! "

   "I hardly touched you."

   "It felt like a thousand volts of electricity. And look now I am running 


   "let me drink that before we have an awful mess to clean up."

   AWWWWWW OHHHHHHH thrashing twitching she came and came.

   When we reached her house I had to walk the poor dear to the door.

Her mother greeted us worried at her daughters wobbly walk and flushed face.

   "I think Angie has come down with a fever" I told her mom.

   "Thank you for helping my Angie.  You have been so kind and attentive

to her I hope I can find a way to repay you."

   "For now just see that Angie gets plenty of rest I want her again tomorrow."

with a wink to Angie.

   Angie was back the next day smiling and light, beautiful and beguiling.

When we had dumped the last of our passengers we got to our intimate talk.

   "What were you thinking yesterday that made your panties so wet?"

   "About you."

   "About me?  You hardly payed me attention till the end of the ride.

What were you thinking of me?"

   "About what your kisses would feel like. What your bare chest looks

like, if it is hairy. How would it feel to run my fingers through your chest 

hairs? How far down does the hair go. Is your pubic hair thinner or heavier 

than mine?"

   "Well my sweet I hope we get to know one another real well so lets answer 

some of those questions." Whereupon I removed my tennis shirt.

  "Nice chest. Real muscular." She reached over to feel my chest and run her 

fingers through my hair.

   "Are your nipples as sensitive as mine?" she asked caressing one with a 

finger nail.

   "Well in answering your first questions first I think you may find the 

answer to that." as I unbuckled my belt.

   "Well I see your hair goes on down more than your belt. Let's see the rest."

She sat back and began to run a hand up her leg.

   As I removed my trousers my bulging cock was very evident it was also 

evident to me that again some where on the route Angie rid herself of her 

panties and that she was hot and wet.

   Standing there in my briefs Angie cried for more. I needed no encouragement.

I was ready to share my excitement with her as she had shared hers the day 


   I dropped my briefs and stood before the young innocence bare ass naked.  

The thrill I saw in little Angie's eyes was exiting. A drop of moisture oozed 

its way to the eye of my dick.

   "Ooooh LOOK! Is that like the wet that I was yesterday?"

   "Yes Angie.  I was wet like this yesterday too although you did not know it.

And before I Got home I was a lot wetter."

   "Do you taste like I do?  You said I tasted good.  Can I have a taste?"

   "Sure I wish you would."

   She reached out her little hand a touched the drop that was

steadily increasing in size. Then she moved her finger to her pouty little lips

and stuck that finger in. I thought how soft those lips would feel around the 

source of that fluid.

    Looking up into my eyes she moaned a delicious MMMMMMMMMM as she savored a

new flavor.

   "I am glad you like it. You see there is more cumming."

   She looked at my dick in glee. "More for me? Oh Boy!"

   Getting onto her knees she came face to face with my dick then lips to lips.

"MMMMM" a moan from both of us escaped.

   "Now suck on it and move your head up and down on it."

   Angie was new at this and her teeth were a bit abrasive at times and at 

times they were terrific. Occasionally her teeth hit a spot at a moment that 

was delightful. And a thought would cross my mind that she really wanted to 

EAT ME which was a thrill and a fright. By letting her know how it felt and 

what I was thinking she soon was giving me mostly pleasure.

   Although her mouth was small she was Hungry and eager to please. This with 

the anticipation I had been building up I was not long in giving the dear a 

mouth full of cum.  It spilled over her lips onto her chin. 

   From some where she produced her panties to wipe up the over flow.  "This I

will keep for a midnight snack."

   Dropping Angie off her mother asked if I would care for a swim in their 

pool. I had to decline at the time for I still had the bus. I said I would be 


  A few hours later I gave them a call. 

  "Angie just went to the movies but come on over."

  When I arrived I found no one around so I went on to the pool. I went into 

the shower room to change.  But as I did I started thinking of Angie again.  I

got a hard on that needed relief.  I sat down to beat my meat.  When I got off

I came over everything.  I tried to was it off as I showered.  Leaving the 

shower room I ran immediately into the lady.  I said I would like to call her 

by her first name and she told me Stephanie.

  Before I got the door closed she exclaimed.  "LOOK AT THIS!"

  I looked to where she was pointing.  I realized I had missed a spot of my 

come on the seat.

  "I told angie to be careful with her ice cream when she came out here.  I 

hope you did not get any on you."

 Blushing I said that I had not.

  She dipped her fingers into it to wipe it up.  And gave them a lick.  "MMM 

That is a new flavor."

   Stephanie looked up and saw that she had left her sun lotion in the window 

sill.  She asked me to go get it.

   When I found my way upstairs to the window sill indicated I found it to be 

in Stephanie's bedroom.  There was the distinctive odor of hot wet creamy pussy.

Picking up the bottle I noticed I could see right down into the shower room.  

To my delight I saw much the same thin Stephie must have been watching only a 

short while before.  Stephie was in the shower room masturbating.


   I rushed down stares to offer Stephie the lotion. She asked me if I had 

experience rubbing in lotion. Of course I replied I had. 

   She told me to enter and get busy.

   I entered to see her better than from the window above.

   "There seems to be a lot of lotion here already." she pointed to another 

spot on the wall and to her soaked pussy lips.

   "Yes you are right. Which do you like best?"

   "The kind you brought. But how about rub this in for now." she replied 

pointing to her own creamy pussy........



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