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Archive-name: Places/biker.txt


Archive-title: Biker...

It is a sunny warm day, a perfect day for a bike ride.  The sun is just coming

up, the sky is a wonderful golden blue color, and the birds are singing.  I

hear a motorcycle pull up in front, and I open the door to find you standing

there, smiling, arms out for a hug.  We stand hugging and kissing for a couple

of minutes, and then reluctently pull apart.  You notice that I am wearing

leather pants and a leather halter sort-of top, and comment "Going leather on

me huh?".  I smile and tell you that the pants were especially made for me and

have a special feature that I will show you, later.

We get on the bike and go off to breakfast where you ask me what sort of

special feature my pants have. I smile, and tell you that I will show you when

we get to the parking lot. We quickly finish breakfast, and go to the bike.  I

tell you to stand beside the bike while I climb on so you can see the special

feature of my pants.  As I straddle the bike, you can see that the pants have

no crotch to speak of and that my cunt is completely visable to you.  You also

notice that I have shaved all my hair off and you comment about that.

"That way I have nothing at all between me and the bike and I get all those

wonderful vibrations".  You reach over to run one finger along my cunt and I

sigh, wanting more, yet knowing that we are in a public place.  "You know, you

can reach back at the stop lights to touch me" I whisper "and just wait until

you see what the back of this top looks like......."

You climb on the bike, and we take off.  At the next couple of stop lights, you

reach back to touch my cunt, but it is a difficult to keep the bike upright

with just one hand when I am squirming around.  At the next light, I reach down

with my gloved hand and put a finger into my pussy and then place that finger

into your mouth.  The light changes and I hear you moan "Let's find somewhere

quiet so we can be alone".

Up into the mountains we go, away from all the people, into the trees, the

warmth.  We spot a small dirt road that leads into the trees, away from the

main road, and decide to try it. The ride is bumpy for a few yards, and then

smooths out and twists around into the trees to a clearing by a brook.  We get

off the bike, you spread a blanket on the ground, and we sit down.  "Now show

me this top".  I unzipper my jacket and you realize that the top I am wearing

looks like it is held on by magic. As I remove the jacket you can see that it

is just a piece of soft glove leather in front with a couple of pieces of

leather thong holding it on in piece around my neck and another

piece across my upper back under my arms. The lower bottom of the front isn't

really held down and gets blown gently by the breeze.

"This outfit, you look so good in it, and it looks so accessable too".

I smile, "I have been waiting so long to be with you again, that anything else

I thought about wearing just didn't seem right"  You lift up the top and start

carressing my breasts while you lay me down with your kisses. Your thigh is

between my legs, brushing against my cunt.  My hands start wandering along your

back, on your ass, around your hips.  You start kissing and licking your way

down my neck, under the top, to my nipples.  I moan as you take each on into

your mouth to suck on it.  I am rubbing my cunt on your leg, "More" I whisper

"Please, more".

You move down my stomach, your mouth following your hands, you spread open my

legs to reveal my cunt to your tongue and fingers.  The combination of my

juices and the leather smells wonderful and it makes you even hotter.  You

start licking my cunt slowly putting a gloved finger in my pussy.  I push

againist your face, wanting still more.  The faster I push, the harder you lick

and the further you put your finger in me.  In my head I feel like a thousand

fireworks are going off as I cum.  You stop licking me and move up so I can

reach your pants.  I sit up slightly, undo your belt and remove your pants.

Your cocks wants out so bad, it looks like it is going to burst through your

underwear.  Rubbing your cock through your shorts, I kneel beside you, kiss you

on the mouth, and begin to lick your neck, your ears (love your ears, your very

sensitive ears) down your chest as I unbutton your shirt, -and then removing

your shorts, to your cock.  Ah, the wonderful taste of your cock as it enters

my mouth for the first time.  Licking up and down the shaft, taking the head in

my mouth licking around the head, then putting all of it into my mouth still

licking it.  My hands fondle your balls and your ass.

Your hands are on my head, stroking my hair.  I want your cock in my pussy.  I

start licking my way up your chest, still fondleing your cock and balls.  When

I get to your ears, I whisper "Put your cock into me now, I want  to feel it

inside of me".  Pushing me onto my back, you slowly enter me.  You feel my

leather pants around your thighs, the almost satin feeling of them, and then

the feeling of being inside of me, the moist, tight, warmth.  We start moving

together, slowly at first, but we can't wait any longer.  Faster, harder we

move, your mouth on my tits, sucking them making me hotter and wetter.  You

feel me starting to cum, and push further into me.  Screaming we both cum

feeling like it will never end, not wanting it to end.  Finally we lie quietly,

in each others arms.  We pull the blanket over us and fall into a quiet sleep.

Upon waking...................... (you continue it from here......)



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