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Archive-name: Places/bigsur03.txt

Archive-author: Moonlite

Archive-title: Big Sur - Part III

Her sleep didn't last long and she had no dreams to speak of. But her joy at

waking, still clutched tightly in his arms, was immediately visible on her

face.  She looked into his deep brown eyes and gave him an impish grin.

"Limited experience, my ass!"

His look said he was pleased both with himself and with her enjoyment and

comment.  "Perhaps I was compelled beyond my own limited abilities, my

sweets," he muttered with false modesty.

She nuzzled her head against his shoulder and breathed deeply. Her body alone

told him she hadn't felt like this in a long, long time.  Even if they had

been forced to leave immediately, he would have been happy for having pleased

her so well, making himself feel very good indeed.  He was always happiest

when he knew his partner had reached total fulfillment, but this was even more

than the usual satisfaction he felt, this was well, almost elation.

She watched his features as he reflected on the past couple of hours and loved

the secret smile that curved his lips.  But she wanted more now.  She wanted

to make all of him smile in just that way.  Her hands slowly drifted across

his muscled back and toyed with him.  He'd become many things in her mind over

the past months but now he was real, absolutely real and in her arms.

The stories they had written to and with each other were exercises in

pleasure, but didn't begin to compare to the genuine experience of being here


She wanted to touch every part of his body as she had already touched his soul

with her words, her laughter and her unbridled passion.  She'd had many

experiences with more men than she cared to remember, much less admit, but

there had been very few times in her life that she had so wanted to make one

feel every nerve- ending light up simultaneously.  She wanted to give him a

day at Disneyland, a walk on the Moon and the Taj Mahal all rolled into one

indescribable experience.

And without words or warning she set forth on her quest.......

Her hands were like magnets drawn to his skin, as she lightly moved then

across his broad shoulders and his back.  When she drew a single fingernail up

his side from his flank to his rib cage his body twitched as she hit on a

particularly sensitive area.  Moving back to that exact spot she traced the

outline of a ship on it, making him moan softly.  The symbolism was not lost

on him as this trip actually began on a Pirate ship, in Missouri of all

places.  Don't let that confuse you, just trust that it is true.

No longer content with letting her fingers alone enjoy this man's body she

kissed his neck with small soft kisses.  Tenderly she moved her lips down to

his collarbone and kissed him there as well.  She intended to know every nook

and cranny of his body before she was done kissing him.

Her tongue darted against his nipple and he flinched a tiny bit as the

tingling sensations took over.  She suckled on his breast as a tiny, hungry,

infant might and moved her hands to his hips, rubbing small circles on them.

The circles moved closer to his groin but not close enough to touch him there,

only teasing him with their proximity to his erection.

His heart was beating firmly as she could hear well.  His breathing was steady

and regular.  She intended to change all that, but in good time she thought to


Kissing his chest now and using a little more pressure she played with the

side where his hip led to his ass.  She wanted to take his ass in her hands

but didn't want to neglect any area on the way to her pleasure.  His skin was

cool and smooth and felt nice to her touch.  Her kisses trailed down to his

bellybutton and she explored it gently with her tongue.  Another slight tremor

shook his frame.

The issue of control would never have crossed either of their minds, but the

power had certainly shifted to her now.  And she used it well.  Her lips moved

south on his body toward the thicket of curly hair that guarded his rod.

Using her hands she guided him to lie on his back with his legs parted, and

she knelt straddling one of his legs.  When she pressed herself against him he

could readily feel her labia resting on his leg.

A gentle finger reached under his scrotum to trace the sensitive line of flesh

there causing him to arch his back.  Her lips moved to kiss his balls as she

traced her fingertip again. Lying still was becoming increasingly difficult

for him but he knew that was his part in this lovers one act drama.

She carefully used her hand to lift one ball between her lips and she licked

it ceremoniously.  Her tongue then cradled it in her mouth and she felt the

unusual weight and texture of it.  She loved paying homage to the source of

his manhood and spent several minutes loving him in this fashion, with first

the one and then the other.  He thoroughly enjoyed this but was getting

increasingly agitated and needed her to minister to his throbbing staff as


Ever so slowly she licked and kissed her way up to the base of his pulsating

prick and licked him there as well.  Her tongue was strong and moved from the

very bottom up the underside washing his glans in pleasure.  Stopping briefly

to trace the tip she felt his initial moisture and quickly sucked it up.  No

longer able to keep his hands still he ran his fingers through her soft, shiny

hair, careful to apply no pressure to her head.

She made her mouth and lips dance with the head of his cock and they started

with a tango but soon strayed to a waltz.  Lowering her attentions as well as

her lips, she took more of him into her mouth and holding him still let the

slightest edge of her lower teeth rub against him as she pulled back.  He

twitched again and wanted to press her head lower and take his pleasure but

controlled himself through sheer will.

Finally she began the earnest sucking and in and out motions that brings a

feeling no other can match.  Her velvety mouth drew him in as her cheeks caved

in to cradle him.  The soft suction was pulling him deeper while she moved

forward.  But the true intensity increased even more as she pulled him from

her mouth. Up and down, faster now she sought to pull the juices from his body

and feel him explode in ecstasy.  The rhythm was matched only by his breathing

which was short and almost raspy now.

All his nerves seemed to be centered in his cock as he honed in on the

feelings she was inspiring there.  In and out, sucking harder she moved her

body firmly against him and pressed her opening on his leg.  Totally

concentrated on pleasing her lover she was unaware that she was indeed damp

again and could have mounted him immediately with no pain.  But she wanted to

taste his seed and feel his lust fill her mouth.

More suction, until he knew he was about to cave into it and let the

explosions in his head match the one in his cock.  All of his senses seemed

involved in this action.  His muscles tightened up as he prepared to release

into her wanting, waiting mouth.  He not longer had any will to resist and

felt the magic of his eruption.  Her mouth and throat were filled with his cum

and she swallowed quickly but still wasn't able to keep it all in her lips.

His ignition switch had been pressed and he shot even more into her.  When all

was done for him she licked him again and let him subside in her warm hands as

she again took her place in his arms.

Just as they had started earlier they were nestled close but it was his turn

to fight for full breath.  Her arms held him tightly to her breast as he

slowly regained control of his voluntary movements.

"Oh, baby...." was all he whispered.

"I wanted to please you," she replied.

"And that you certainly did."

Knowing it was true she was now content to let him rest in her arms and

picture in her mind the rest of the week-end still waiting for them to enjoy.



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