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Archive-name: Places/bigsur02.txt

Archive-author: Moonlite

Archive-title: Big Sur - Part II

Their physical needs, having been temporarily sated, they cuddled and talked

softly.  Most of his knowledge of her consisted of what she had written both

with him and alone and the scattered conversations they had shared.  He often

asked her questions about specific articles or events.  "What would a perfect

day be like for you?" Or, "What would the perfect evening include?" She would

answer truthfully, change the subject and then ask him similar questions.   It

was part of the cerebral bantering they had become comfortable with in the

short time they had known one another.

Even after all the teasing about what they wanted to do to each other, all

kidding aside, they hadn't been prepared for the intensity of actually sharing

such close quarters.  There was an almost mystical quality sharing the air in

that tent.  He felt as though he was corded to her being in some primeval way.

But the perception was not at all disturbing.  He was soothed by her presence,

knowing she wanted to be here as well.

She was lost in his arms for the moment and unaware of his introspection.

That isn't as oxymoronic as it may sound, for his holding her close let her

mind drift to other places.  There was a sense of belonging together about

them now, although both understood there were limits to the tranquility they


He broke his reverie when he realized he was getting very excited again.

Whether it was touching her, as he was, or thinking of the sexy things she's

said to him on the phone he wasn't sure and didn't care to analyze.  All he

knew was he wanted to make her happy and show his genuine affection for her,

It was almost as if she was reading his mind, which he occasionally swore she

was capable of doing, for at that moment she reached down to lovingly cradle

his balls in her hand.  She touched each gently and played her fingers over

his sac lightly. Lifting her head she moved up to kiss him warmly.  He

returned her feelings and stroked her back.  Their kisses were not the intense

kind they had exchanged earlier, these were affectionate and slow, and almost


His erection was now full blown and pressed near her pussy.  How easy it would

be to lift her up and on to him.  To press deeply into her and give her a

royal fucking.  But that's not the way he wanted to treat her.  He didn't want

to fuck this woman, at least not this time.  This time he would make love to

her, show her with all the skills he possessed how his passion was raging to

take her to the summit and back.

He moved his lower body a small distance from hers to give him some

maneuverability.  His lips began to trace light kisses from her chin to her

neck, from her neck to the hollow of her throat where he dawdled.  Soon his

path moved toward the space between her creamy breasts and he felt as well as

heard her take in a deep breath, exhaling very slowly.

As he moved to kiss each nipple and suck languidly on each breast she

continued to minister to his balls.  Not wishing to be aroused beyond control

he straightened his lower body out and away from her reach.  This caused her

to grunt, "uuunnn".

He whispered softly, "Later, my love.  For now it's my turn to love you."

Either his words or his resumed kisses assuaged her temporary distress and she

all but purred as he moved his lips to her abdomen.  Being very ticklish, she

squirmed as he softly kissed her tummy and he assisted her by using slightly

more pressure than before.  Feeling the gentle flick of his tongue caused her

legs to part and one knee to flex.

As he proceeded to kiss down her body he could smell her desire for his

attentions and knew this was going to be a trip to remember in many ways.  She

lay very still except for involuntary movements as he kissed and licked

exceedingly slowly toward the junction of her sex.

Her hands sought his shoulders and kneaded them lightly in response to his

kisses.  There was no pressure in her fingertips to speak of, just a need to

touch him.  She both loved the way he was going so slowly and wanted him to

get to the point quickly. He was driving her mad with desire to be kissed,

eaten, licked, sucked and taken by his tongue.

Just as she was about to scream he reached her now inflamed clit and quickly

gave her a dose of relief.  He planned to take her up and down the scale many

times leading to a massive crescendo before he finished.

He played with her clit like Fox plays a Bach fugue, the subtle harmony of his

lips and tongue working in concert drove her over the brink again and again.

Her slit was teaming with her juices and still he continued.  He made love to

her clit until she begged him to stop and then he moved his tongue to her

opening and worked his magic there, giving her wave after wave of pleasure.

Watching her body writhe in expended passion was a great source of pleasure

for him as well.  He was, as many very caring men are, an accomplished lover

who was never satisfied that he fit that description.  Now that he had her

flowing like a river he was pleased and would have smiled outwardly had not

his mouth been otherwise occupied.

He was tempted to push her further but knew she'd be uncomfortable emotionally

after he revived her.  He didn't want to take away the suggestion that she

maintained some control of her body even thought he knew it was now, at this

very moment, within his power to take away her very breath that kept her

conscious.  Knowing he hadn't yet earned the trust required to continue, he

slowed his movements and brought her down with one last flick of his tongue

for good measure.

His beard had beadlets of her clinging tightly to it.  Knowing her needs had

been met to the satisfaction of all parties concerned, he climbed back up to

lay beside her and hold her close again.  He felt the rise and fall of her

still heaving chest as he kissed her softly on the cheek and whispered, "My

lovely Moonlite, thank you for being here, for letting me love you."

She was without her normal quick wit and merely murmured, "Oh God.  You're

very welcome!", before she nuzzled against him and drifted off to sleep.



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