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Archive-name: Places/beacha.txt


Archive-title: Rod & Sandy - At The Beach. 

  Sandy and Rod were enjoying thier first outing in a long time, wandering

along the beach in genial conversation, watching the seabirds skip and

dive for fish. 

  Rod fell back a ways, enjoying the view as Sandy's pert little ass

wagged as she walked.  He had always enjoyed her company, but these days

he was constantly preoccupied with her body whenever they got together.

He wanted her very badly, but she had never paid the slightest bit of

attention to any of his advances. 

  Suddenly they came upon a cleft in the rock.  Rod was still behind her,

and bumped into her as she stopped suddenly. 

  Wondering what was up, he looked over her shoulder - and almost fell

over with surprise!  Down in the crag, another couple had spread some

blankets out, and were fucking like crazy! 

  From this vantage point, the view was great, and they could easily see

the man's turgid shaft, shiny with the woman's juices, slipping easily and

rapidly into her soaking cunt. 

  After watching for a bit (and getting incredibly turned-on by this

surprise performance), Rod glanced at Sandy - and was stricken dumb again!

She stood there mesmurized by the sight, lips slightly parted in passion,

as her fingers, seemingly of thier own accord, slid her shorts and panties

aside, and started massaging her pussy! 

  Poor Rod wasn't sure what to do!  Here was his friend, whom he'd always

thought a bit of a prude, standing in the wide open, rubbing her cunt in

the open air for all to see, while watching another couple getting it on!

  Never one to let opportunity pass, Rod moved behind her, wrapped his

arms around her, placing one hand over hers on her cunt and wrapping the

other under her rib-cage, he whispered gently that she ought to sit down

and get comfortable, and gently bumped the back of her knees, easing her


  Glancing about to see that they were now more-or-less secluded, he

worked one hand under her tight T-shirt, and began fondling her firm,

round breasts. Her nipples were hard as rocks, and as he started pinching

them, her legs parted.  Taking his cue, he worked his middle finger into

her sopping snatch, smearing her juices around ans over her clit, which he

then proceeded to stroke lighty. 

  Suddenly she seemed to break out of her spell and realize what was going

on.  She almost seemed ready to protest, but the feeling of Rod's hand on

her cunt quickly changed her mind.  Reaching back and grabbing his cock

through his shorts, she turned to face Rod.  "I want to feel this thing

inside me", she said to him in a husky voice. 

  "Sure thing babe", he said, "but first I want a taste of your creamy

cunt!", and so saying, he manoevered around her, worked her shorts and

panties off, and drove his tongue into her twat. 

  Swirling his tongue around, he sucked her steamy juices out greedily,

his lips massaging her lips while his tongue made occasional passes ovr

her clit. In no time at all, she was cumming, squeezing his head in her

thighs, as ograsm wracked her body. 

  When finally her climax subsided, she lifted Rod's head, looked him dead

in the eye, and said, "That was wonderful, but I want to feel your COCK in

my cunt... NOW!" 

  Seeing the hunger in her eyes, Rod was only too willing to oblige.

Crawling atop her, he placed his cock at her opening and pushed gently...

Then suddenly she dug her fingernails into his ass, pushing him into her

forcefully! Her mouth hungrily sought his, and she was squirming beneath

him like an eel out of water! 

  Rod finally got that she was really out for a ride, so he started

fucking her with long, hard, fast strokes, his cock stiff as a board while

her tight pussy made squishy noises with each driving stroke. 

  Disengaging her mouth for a moment, she cried, "That's it, you stud!

Fuck me!  Pinch my tits!  Drive that cock into me!  I LOVE IT!!!" 

  With her cunt clutching his tool like a vice, Rod knew that he wouldn't

be able to hang on much longer, so he redoubled his efforts to fuck her

fast and furious. Apparently this was what she needed, for with

animalistic groans, she suddenly threw her legs aroung him and started

cumming voilently, her cunt pinching hard on his shaft, and her pussy

gushing juices. 

  This was all Rod could take, and he drove deeply into her and began

spurting his own juices. 

  When finally it was all over, they lie together recapturing thier

breath, when Sandy said, "What's that?" Looking down, they saw the other

couple, whom they had been watching, looking up at them - and aplauding! 



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