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Archive-title: Beach Fantasy 

It is early morning, and you are the only one on the already-warm

sand of the beach. Low surf rolls in from the horizon, and

seabirds wheel in the sky overhead. Shaking out your towel and

stretching it out on the ground, you quickly peel off your shorts

and T-shirt, to reveal the sexy yellow bikini beneath. Its tiny

swatches of fabric do little to conceal your full, thrusting

breasts, or the firm shapely mounds of your buttocks. You run

your fingers lightly over your taut skin for a moment, then lie

down to let the sun's warmth fall on you. After a few moments,

you decide to expose yourself completely to the brilliant blue

sky, sliding the skimpy panties down off your long silky legs,

and pulling off the bra to let your breasts bob freely, the

nipples hardening in the gentle breeze. Opening a bottle of

coconut-scented oil, you massage it over your body, making sure

that your pretty white tits and delicate shaven pussy get a thick

coating of the slippery protective cream. Your body glowing in

the sun, you lie back and are lulled to sleep by the crashing

waves, squawking birds, and pleasurable warmth.  

The sound of footsteps crunching in the sand awakens you. Shading

your eyes against the sun's glare, you see a man approaching. I

walk up from the water, still wet from my morning swim, long legs

carrying me quickly up the shore. Rather than grab for your

clothing, you recline on your elbows, thrusting out your breasts,

and part your legs slightly so that the pink slot dividing your

hairless pubic mound is clearly visible. As I near your resting

place, my steps slow to a standstill, and I drop to my knees

beside you. My eyes roam all over your naked body, and you can

see the squirming in my shorts where a cock is quickly growing. A

moment later the crimson cap of my penis pushes up through the

waistband of my swimsuit, still visibly swelling. Chuckling

throatily, you slide a hand across your smooth stomach to where

the bottle of oil is lying in the sand, and toss it over to me.

Then you roll over pillowing your head on your crossed arms,

presenting me with a wonderful view of your glorious ass.  

You hear the bottle cap snap off, then feel the warm liquid as it

drips onto your gracefully curved shoulders, running down your

spine to the top of your buttocks. After a moment's delay, you

feel my legs straddling you, and the hardness of my cock against

your back. I am gripping it by the base with one hand, using it

to spread the slick coating of oil over your skin. Stroking it

over you, I steadily move lower until I am sliding it over the

soft hills of your ass, and the sweet valley inbetween. Your

pussy is becoming inflamed, and you can feel it becoming wet with

an oil of its own. I continue to slide farther down, until I am

rubbing myself against the back of your smooth calves. Rolling

over again, you smile and quickly rub two fingers across the

sensitive nub of your erect clit, sending sparks through your

entire body.  

Holding the bottle again, I pour more oil over your legs, your

smooth crotch your belly and your softly wobbling breasts. Then I

begin again smoothing the oil over you with my stiff cock, this

time moving upwards from your ankles over the trembling thighs,

to your already-gleaming cunt. Just once, I slip the tip of my

cock into the wet folds of your slit and move it upwards to grind

deliciously across your clit, then move upwards again, now poking

and caressing your tits. You raise your head and dart your tongue

at the cum- oozing red head of my pole as it bobs in front of

your face, swiping across the tip and making it quiver with

delight. Holding your breasts together with your hands, you make

a silky, slippery tunnel that I drive my penis in and out of,

colliding with your wet tongue each time I push through the other

side. For several long moments I continue titfucking you, then

slide downward. Leaning across you, open the little cooler behind

your head and pull out a dripping ice cube.  

I rub it across your heated nipples, watching them swell and grow

even harder, their stiff peaks jutting up from the soft mounds of

your tits. I bend over and lick at them, swirling my tongue

around first one, then the other, squeezing and massaging your

beautifully formed hills. I drop the quickly melting ice down

into your cleavage, and trace a line down towards your open legs.

It finally melts just at the beginning of your pubic mound, and I

pause for a moment to admire its shape and color. The lips are

flowered open, your hard clit peeking out above the glistening

pink flesh. I teasingly press a finger against the entrance to

your hole, and watch as the hot lips quiver, trying to draw it

in. Reaching into the cooler again, I pop another cube of ice

into my mouth, and roll it around for a moment before lifting

your naked twat to my face. Although you knew it was coming, the

shock of my cold tongue and lips against your hairless pubis

sends a shuddering wave of sensation through your body. I am

ravenous, feasting at your cunt hungrily, shoving my stiffened,

chilly tongue as far into you as it will go, then stroking the

delicate outer petals of your pussy, then attacking the thrusting

peak of your clit with my icy tongue. Our moans are combined with

the lewd slurping sound as I suction the sweet pussyjuice from

your wet, wet cunt. You shiver and cry out, feeling the tenseness

in your body that signals a coming orgasm. It is incredibly

powerful, shaking you uncontrollably as you lock your legs behind

my head, forcing me deeper into your slavering hole.  

As it subsides, I let your hips slide back down my chest, for a

moment coming into contact with my stiff rod before dropping back

onto the towel. You glance down and see it hanging heavily

between my legs, engorged with blood and swollen with excitement,

the tip glistening with cum. Grabbing at it with your hands you

feel it quiver in your grasp, oozing still more fluid. Falling

back you grab your ankles, pulling your legs wide open to show me

the glistening pink target of your twat. With a cry of animal

pleasure, I thrust roughly into you, until my pubic bush is

grinding against your soft, shaven mound. Pulling back out until

only the head is held inside by your grasping lips, I piston

inward again. I continue to pound in and out, sending lightning

bursts of pleasure through you and becoming more and more excited

as I watch your naked pussylips swallow me inside, seeming to

reach out after my cock each time it pulls back.  

Preparing to come, I lift your body up off the towel and crush it

to me, so that you are hanging in midair, your legs and arms

wrapped around my back, your pussy impaled on my rigid cock. Our

cries pitch higher and higher, and I press my mouth against

yours, sliding our tongues together, as the cum begins to shoot

upward through my pole. Caressing your soft, sweet-smelling hair

with one hand, I slip the middle finger of the other up your

clenching ass as we scream and come together, my penis shaking

and spurting hot semen far inside you, while your pussy quivers

and contracts around it, producing its own love juice. The moment

stretches and seems to last forever, our orgasms dancing and

feeding off each other. Finally I stand, still holding you

impaled on my cock, kiss you deeply again, and walk down to the

water where we stand and let the cool waves wash over our heated




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