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Archive-name: Places/aviary.txt


Archive-title: Aviary

       Sex always seemed to be a contest for Lisa and Trey, a competition of

imagination or stamina or daring or flexibility.  Who could do what, where,

how, the most?

     To him she seemed to be a dream come true.  An attractive older woman

with no apparent inhibitions who floated into his life three or four times

a year and then disappeared with out a trace.  He suspected that she was a

celebrity of some sort and that added spice to an already hot relationship.

     He seemed like a child to her.  A well-hung, sexually talented child

who drew astonishing responses from her body.  She enjoyed the relationship.

  There was something inexplicably delicious about playing the role of a

"woman of mystery."

     They walked hand in hand through the intermittent drizzle into the

nearly deserted city zoo.  Her  full breasts bounced gently beneath the

fabric of her lavender blouse which was tucked into a long flowing skirt

beneath which she wore nothing at all.  She was already wet with anticipatio

n.  "Where's the aviary?"

     He grinned, "What's the hurry?  Don't you want to see the wild


     "Only one, dear.  Only one."  They took the path up the hill and

entered the net-covered aviary.  The gravel path wound through dense

foliage in which all manner of brightly colored birds perched.  There were

concrete benches set back into the foliage at irregular intervals along the


     This had been an excellent choice.  There was no one around and even

the normally raucous birds were somewhat subdued by the rain.

     He chose a bench midway along the path and sat facing the direction of

the entrance, then pulled her to stand before him and raised her skirt.  He

stroked the wiry red-brown curls that framed her pussy, ran a finger

lightly over her long inner lips which protruded slightly, a deep rosy pink

and slippery wet.

     She lifted her leg, putting one foot on the bench beside him and

reached down and pulled her inner lips wide apart, opening herself to his

eyes and fingers and mouth.  She felt his warm hands cupping her ass and

then the sweet shock as velvet met velvet, his tongue moved tenderly around

and over her clit and he sucked at it gently.

     Covering his teeth with his lips he squeezed the base of the pulsating

bud softly and flicked his tongue rapidly over the top.

     She moaned, her knees growing weak, "Oh Lord that's nice!"  She

pressed herself against his mouth, squirming with pleasure, only to gasp in

surprise as his index finger began circling the eager mouth of her vagina.

     He dipped deeply into the hot wet cave, coating his finger with her

juices, then withdrew and slowly pushed into her anus.  Moving his thumb

into her vagina, he gently rubbed thumb and forefinger together.

     "Please!  Please baby, please!  Trey, I need it!"  She bit back a

scream as he sucked hard at her clit, "Damn you!"

     He smiled up at her, his fingers moving in small circles, "You want


     "Give me your cock!"

     "Now?"  He tugged at her gently.

     "Don't tease!  God!  Don't make me wait!"  she pinched her aching

nipples through the thin material of her blouse and then his fingers were

no longer inflicting their sweet torture.  She was simply standing, empty

and trembling while he stood and freed himself from the confines of his


     He sat and drew her down to his lap, guiding himself to the opening,

watching the length of his cock disappear into the snug heat of her cunt.

     With a sigh of pure pleasure, she slid slowly down the shart until she

could hold no more, then spread her pussy lips so that his rough hairs

rubbed against her swollen clit.  She contracted around him, her cervix

sucking at the head, then began riding him in ernest, rising slowly,

plunging down quickly, over and over.

     He seized her nipples, pinching, pulling at them as she moved faster

on him, the pressure building rapidly.

     She shook her head, her long hair falling over her eyes, and cried out

as the spasms began within her.  She ground against him with each

shuddering wave.

     "Jesus!  Lisa...aah...suck baby!"  It seemed as though her pussy *was*

sucking at him, devouring him, pulling each spurt of cum from him until he

wondered if there was any marrow left in his bones.

     She nuzzled against his shoulder as the orgasm faded slowly, unaware

of the rain's increased intensity.

     Neither noticed the curnch of gravel on the path until the uniformed

zoo attendant was almost upon them, "'Scuse me, but you folks'd best be

gettin' on home.  We're fixin' t' shut 'er down on account of the tornado

warning!  You'll have t' use the main gate, though.  Everythin' else is

locked up tight!"

     From somewhere Trey found the composure to say, "Thank you, we'll be

right out," and the attendant left them to rearrange their clothing and

make their way, giggling madly, back down to the front gate.



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