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Archive-name: Places/aussy.txt


Archive-title: Aussy

      "I hereby give myself over to chronic masturbation", I announced to

myself.  My words  were chopped up in the ceiling fan and then fell dead in the

silent flat.  Traveling alone to Cairns, Australia was exciting in one way.  I

mean there is the barrier reef and islands and topless beaches.  But in other

ways, such as at nine at night and being in a place where there were strict

blue laws, well it was not so exciting.  But laying in bed and lubing my prick

with baby oil was giving me very little satisfaction.  I felt restless.  I had

to move.

      That is why I ended up cruising the bars.  One was sort of fun.  I danced

with some women but nothing seemed to spark and the music and noise became too

much to bear.  Finally I stumbled on the sidewalk of a storefront (oh yeah, I

guess I drank a few blue tinnies also) in which the window was blackened out.

It was about a block from the docks where the reef boats departed and it looked

deserted.  There was an "ADULTS ONLY" sign on the painted black glass.  I

decided to give it a shot.  The inside was much cleaner and brighter than the

outside would have suggested.  The walls were covered with racks which

contained soft porn magazines.  Directly in front of me was a glass case which

contained various dildos and fake vaginas (one that even pulsated!).  To the

right was a curtained entrance way which had a handwritten sign over top:  FIVE

DOLLARS - ALL DAY.  What really caught my eye was who was behind the counter.

I couldn't believe that a woman who looked like that could work in such a

place.  She appeared to be in her mid to late twenties, slender, with short

blonde hair.  Contained in a loose string tie top were two perkie, firm looking

breasts.  She was busy SEWING! of all things and every time she pulled the

thread there was a solid but definite tremor under her top.  Her nipples  stood

out as they rubbed against the fabric like the tips of two pinkie fingers.

      "What does five dollars all day mean", I interrupted her conversation and

pointed to the sign.

      She looked up, her eyes were blue, and she smiled.

      "Those are x-rated movies luv.  They run all day.  We're not allowed to

have any of the hard stuff in print but it's dinky di if we show movies."

      "O.K., I'll take a ticket", I said.

      I handed her a fiver and she touched my hand for a moment.

      "We usually don't get young ones in here", she said as she continued to

smile at me.

       Out of fear I broke the contact but I still wished to bask in her


      "Is that sewing your doing?"  I asked.

      "Ah Yeah.  We have a live sex show coming up soon and I'm making the

costumes.  It's one week from now.  You really ought to come if you are in

town."  She answered.

      "Ah!  That's no good," I say, "I'll be flying back to Alice at the end of

the week."

      "That's too bad, luv," she said as she went back to her sewing.

      Walking through the curtain was like walking through the entrance of a

cave.  The room was dimly lit.  Chairs and sofas were arranged in front of a

large screen television.  Some men were sitting and drinking beers they had

brought in by the case.  I had a seat and started watching some movie called

star virgin.  The girl on screen was shoving a "space" dildo in her gash and

foam started to overflow from inside her.  For the next few hours that was the

only memorable scene.

      At about two in the morning the counter woman came in and turned off the

T.V..  There were only a three of us left when we were told it was time to

leave.  Two other men who were in their sixties at least.  Now I was more

frustrated than before.  My cock was rock hard and bulging from my pants and

there was no relief in sight.  As we were getting up to leave the woman smiled

at us and motioned towards our crotches.

      "You can bloody well leave like that, eh?  Have a seat up here dears."

      She motioned us to several seats in the front.

      "If I let you leave with blue balls you won't be coming back will you?"

she then said.

      I looked to the other two men.  They looked bewildered so this obviously

was not standard operating procedure.  We sat in the front and she pulled up a

chair in front of us.

      "All right, pull out those cocks.  I want to see how hard our show made

them.  At this point I needed little encouragement although I felt a little

intimidated by the two older men.  It was sort of like preparing for sex in

front of one's father.  The men next to me pulled out their gnarled and well

worn rods to join my stiff smooth pole. She leaned over the chair and looked

closely at our members with hunger in her eyes.

      "My name is Sheila and I want you to slowly start stroking your cocks."

      Well what was I to do but comply to her wish.  We all started to stroke

at different rhythms and styles.  I didn't know there were different ways to

beat off.  Sheila stood, stretched and peeled off her top to reveal two

bountiful mounds with an all over tan.  She started to play with her nipples,

pinching and squeezing them.  She lowered her hands and walked over facing me,

one man on her left and the other on her right.  She smiled again, reached out

and grabbed the other two men's cocks from their hands.  She then leaned over

and lowered her mouth on mine.  No contact was made yet.  She held her mouth

wide open and continued to lower herself until the first wet contact I felt was

in the back of her throat.  She then engulfed the rest of my cock.  I had to

think of sweat socks and locker rooms to keep from cumming right there.  She

brought her head slowly back up an nibbled around the purple fringed head.  My

cock was smooth no more.  It was engorged with blood and the veins strained

under the skin for release.  All the while she was stroking the two blokes

beside me.

      She then ran her tongue down the underside of my cock and seeing her

pretty face disappear behind my balls, she probed my asshole with her tongue.

She then worked her way back up, engulfed me again, pulled slowly off and sat

back.  She released the other two men's cocks.  Normally there would be a

protest but she held our attention as if by a spell.

      She stood and peeled off a skirt and panties.  She was a true blonde.

She turned around and bent over looking at us from between her legs.  Her pussy

was plump and swollen.  It was pink tinged with a smattering of yellow blonde

hair.  She wetted a finger in her mouth then spread the lips of her cunt.  She

suddenly plunged the finger in to the knuckle and ached her back as she moaned.

      After moaning she peered back through her legs and said, "I want you to

stroke your cocks.  I want you to stroke your cocks like you would in your

wettest dreams.  Tell me when you are ready to cum.

      The bloke to my right wasn't long at all.  He started to literally

scream.  Sheila quickly turned around and kneeled before him.

      "Come on my tits, you old bastard" she cupped her breasts and held them

up for him.

      He shuddered and a slow stream of cum poured from the tip of his cock.

It dribbled but it seemed it would never end.  It looked like he came a pint of

milky lumpy cum on her tits.  The man on my left started to moan and she

quickly moved before him.

      "Whack that wanker!  I want your cum.....come on....come on"

      The man came in short bursts and small sticky gobs flew out of his cock

onto her tits.

      When he had finished she moved in front of me.  She laid the tip of her

tongue onto the swollen and sensitive head of my penis.  I immediately came.

Cum seemed to shoot everywhere, into her face and when she jerked back a long

stream shot out and hit the T.V. screen.

      She stood back and started to rub the cum into her breasts mixing all

three of our together.

      "Cum again blokes", she smiled.

I hope you enjoy!



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