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Archive-name: Places/analcirc.txt

Archive-author: R.L.Smith

Archive-title: Anal Sex Circus

Unlike so many of the bawdy houses of Amsterdam, the building bore no

signs.  In fact, as I stood in front of the chipped, black door marked

#12, I almost thought it was all a practical joke.  What did I know

about the strange Hazraj, the turk who, in drunken friendliness at the

hotel bar, had insisted, "A whore's a whore all over the world.  You

don't need to visit Amsterdam for that.  But...the Anal Sex Circus!

There is not another anywhere."

I rang the bell.  Was this really the place -- or was he having a

joke at the expense of a white British tourist?  When the door slowly

opened, I realized that he was indeed a friend!  Stepping into the

interior of the townhouse, it was a though I had stepped through tent

flaps and into the most opulent carnival ever.

There was actual sawdust on the floor.  The air smelled of beer and

popcorn.  The big main room had concession stands where they were

selling popcorn -- delicately laced with hashish - and white cotton

candy, also drugged.  Beer and liquor were being sold by men in straw

hats, red vests, and white striped shirts.

Garish rotary lights whirled a dizzy array of greens and reds into the

air.  Semi-nude women -- black, Asian, and white -- escorted the

various men as they ate, drank, and laughed uproariously.  In

different languages, a barker in a derby hat shouted at the back of

the room, "Hurry, hurry.  Step right up!  Come, Come, Come to the Anal

Sex Circus!"

If the mad Turk Hazraj had not been so explicit in his description of

the place, I don't know what my reaction to this bizarre spectacle

might have been.  A beautiful Eurasian girl glided up to me.  I

ordered a cafe pousse at the bar.  In American money, it cost me about

$20.  I was going to order one more for my "hostess" but reconsidered:

"You wouldn't drink, would you?  Just water one of these plants with

it."  I slipped here $20 cash instead.  "Let's call it a contribution

to the continuing survival of horticulture."

She dutifully explained the "play" at the Anal Sex Circus.  After I

finished the drink, I walked back to the back of the room where a man,

dressed in imitation of an American carnival barker, guarded the

entrance to the upstairs rooms.  I bought two tickets ($100 each)

which entitled me to see three "shows" of my choice.  The tickets were

actually more like plastic credit cards.

With insane calliope music blaring down the corridors of this two-

story townhouse turned madhouse, I made my way upstairs.  In the old

carnival midways, you'd walk along seeing the posters for the midgets

and fire eaters and freaks.  You'd pay to go into the tent to actually

see them perform.  Here, there were rooms.  On each gold-curtained

door was a picture of the girl within.

I, along with a half dozen men, studied these pictures as we walked up

and down the corridor.  A picture of an angelic, sweet-faced blonde

girl caught my eye.  Under the picture was the description "Dominique.

She will tell you of her shameful anal deflowering!"  Each girl had a

different look and a different story.  I put my "ticket" into the door

slot.  It slowly disappeared, like a cash machine banking card.  My

fingers, trembling with excitement, grasped the door.  I heard the

whirring sound of a motor, and slowly the heavy metal door opened by

itself.  The moment I got inside, it shut with a hollow clank.  And

there, lying on pink satin sheets, was the baby-soft delicate blonde


"In English?" she whispered.  I nodded.  The elegant room held a sink,

bidet, toilet, a king-sized bed, and a large overstuffed chair.  I

sat, not two feet away from the bed where this beautiful, pale white

girl lay, absolutely naked.

"Oh, Sir," she said, her pretty blue eyes growing wide, "it happened

to me not long ago."  She whispered, "I can still feel it.  Ooooh,

right here.  I am still so tight and tender."

She writhed on the bed, sliding half off it, displaying her plump

buttocks.  The globes of her ass still held large dollops of baby fat.

Her soft white bottom was thick, rich, round and perfectly unmarked.

She gently cupped her bottom cheeks and pulled them apart, exposing

the most delicate little pink pucker.  Below it, wisps of blonde hair

framed her moist pussy.

She held her cheeks open, undulating on the bed, almost humping it.

She looked over her shoulder at me, her mouth open in a sorrowful

pout.  "I was so young when it happened.  Paul did it.  Paul was the

boy I was seeing.  We had been dating many months.  He was a sweet

boy, and he bought me expensive gifts.  We kissed and petted

passionately.  One night, he wanted to go all the way.  I had refused

so many times, but he'd made this such a special night  We'd had a

lavish meal, an expensive show, and then he gave me a gold pendant.

"In my apartment, I let him undress me.  He peeled my panties down and

started to hungrily lick and kiss my pussy.  He lathered it with his

hot tongue, and my legs parted wider and wider."  Here, Dominique

jerked her legs wide, showing me her moist pussy.  She ran a painted

fingernail along the petal-like edges of her labia.

She continued: "It was too much to resist.  I closed my eyes while he

feasted on my cunt.  He made my whole body heat up -- my nipples

knotty and swollen, my pussy so soft, wet and yielding!  Gently, he

began to slowly work his penis inside.  I could hardly wait!  I kicked

my legs up!  I began to beg for it!  Oh, fuck me!  Fuck me!  Put it up

my thirsty cunt!

"But suddenly my hungry pussy felt empty!  His long, thick cock

slithered out.  As I lay on my back, he glared down at me, disgust on

his face.  He was staring at the sheets.  'I thought you were a

virgin,' he said.  'You put me off for months and months!  But it was

just a cheap trick to get me to spend money on you!  And when I

finally get to have you, you take it like a whore!'

"He made a guttural sound with his throat and heaved up a hot smelly

glob of spittle on my exposed pussy flesh.  I told him there had been

only two lovers before him, and that I was a good girl, and how I

wanted to be sure before I let him have me.  But he didn't believe it.

'Maybe you're a virgin one way,' he sneered.  He pulled my cheeks wide

apart.  I cried out 'No!  No!  Don't!  I've never done this!'  He

said, 'Never been snagged in your shitter?  Then this is a night

you'll surely remember!

"He flipped me over onto my stomach and began spanking my tender ass.

Over and over he spanked me; it made me rabidly horny, but I wouldn't

admit it because I was afraid he'd think I was a 'dirty girl.'  My

cheeks tensed from the sting of his stiff palm!  It was like he had

doused my fanny with alcohol and made it flame, like a big round mound

of creamy dessert!  I gave in, untensing my cheeks, letting them be

spanked silly -- they shook and jiggled under his hand, burning bright

red!  He pulled my ass cheeks far apart with his strong hands,

exposing my virgin asshole!  He grunted, spitting all over my ass.  It

stung!  He landed wads of it right in my pucker.  He plumbed the gobs

of spittle into my asshole with his finger.  He really rubbed it in!

He skewered my anus with his finger, like I was a fish on a hook.

"While I squealed and cried, he poked his finger up my asshole,

wedging it in as far as it would go!  I lay there whimpering as he

slowly worked two fingers in, and began to stretch my tight anus while

landing a few more slaps to my chubby little fanny!"

Dominique pulled the cheeks of here milky white ass apart so I could

see the pink little hole that had been the scene of the raw, raunchy

scene.  "I felt his hot thick penis lay along the crack of my ass,

like a hot sausage laid atop a soft bun.  He spat again and again,

worked his wet, slick penis in his hand.  Then suddenly he drilled it

right up my ass.  I gasped as it seared all the way into me!

"He really fucked my ass!  IN and OUT it went!  He almost pulled me

off the bed when he pulled the massive dick out of my anus, and he

almost drilled me into the ground every time he slammed it back in.  I

moaned when I felt his cock get thicker and suddenly shoot cum up my

asshole!  I could actually feel the hot sperm going up my anus.  My

eyes were wide.  I had been fucked in my asshole, and I had the hot

scum dripping down my thighs to prove it.  My ass felt so tingly!  Was

it pain?  Or...was it greedy pleasure!  Yes!  I was an anal whore!  I

was then!  And I am now."

Dominique twitched her bulbous butt and said, "Fuck my asshole!  Screw

me!  Drill it up my asshole!  That's where I need it.  I'd love your

dick in my asshole!"

My cock had long ago crawled into hardness, straining against my

underpants.  "One hundred?"  I asked.  "Ooooh, two hundred, two

hundred!" she gasped back.  "One hundred to come on it!" I shouted.

"Done!" she cried.  I pulled my pants down to my ankles, grabbed the

stiff pipe in my hand, and with the pre-cum already oozing from it,

cranked my cock over the pale, white virginal assflesh of Dominique.

She spread her cheeks, her crinkly little anal ridges standing up.

Bullseye!  A burning jet of cum slammed onto it!  She parted her anus

and the cum bubbled there.  I came again and again, blobs of the thick

gunk drooped onto her cunt, speckling her ass cheeks.  I shut my eyes

and took a deep breath.  Another second and I would've collapsed right

on top of the whore.  I sat in the chair.  Dominique daintily rose

from the bed and began to wipe herself on a towel.  She winked at me,

and I began to get dressed.  I was still as horny as a bull.  With the

first load out of the way, the next woman would get it but good.  My

prick would pump her pooper for hours before it popped.

Walking the full length of the corridor, and examining all the doors,

I found one I definitely wanted to explore.  On the door was the name

"Melody."  Underneath it: "She'll play a tune with her moon."

When the door swung open, there she was, a cheerful, naughty brunette

with olive green eyes and a pouty red-lipped smirk.  Her hair was dark

brown and reached her shoulders.  She was lounging in her bed, wearing

a silky white lace bra and sheer white silk panties.  She winked and

motioned for me to sit in the chair near the bed.

"Let me hear your story," I said.

"I have no story, Monsieur," she said.  "Only a song."

And with that, she got on her stomach, arched her pert buns into the

air, and while looking at me and smiling so charmingly, she proceeded

to let out four melodious farts, the last held with all the poignancy

of a violin.

"That was the opening Irish song. 'Oh Danny boy' wasn't it?"

She nodded her head.  She placed both hands on her delicate buttocks

and, with some concentration, proceeded to play virtually the entire


I moved closer to the bed.

"You think it's a trick?" she whispered.

She played a few more notes.  The sound was coming from between the

cute little cheeks so delicately covered in the gauze of her panties.

The silky panties tautly covered her well-rounded butt.  I could make

out the sight of her anus as it gently opened to let out the sounds.

I began to pull her panties down.

"Oh, Monsieur," she said, "that is extra."

"How much extra?  I'll pay -- if the price includes fucking that

musical rectum of yours!"

To bugger the beautiful bitch, I almost emptied out my wallet.  I

stripped and stood in front of her, my hard dick pronging straight

out.  "Whistle a tune for me, Melody," I said, patting on the bed.

She began to whistle -- till I stopped up her mouth with my cock.  I

holstered it in her hot throat, moving in and out.  Her lips coated

it.  It felt nice -- but not as nice as her tight asshole was going to

feel.  "You're going to play a little tune with your pretty little

tush -- until I stop you.  And you know what I'll be stopping you


Melody moaned as I pulled my long prick out of her mouth.  It was

glistening.  She lay demurely on the bedsheet, face down, her thighs

slowly pushing her buns upward for my inspection.  They were the

cutest pair of cheeks I'd ever seen.  Pale milky skin, round and yet

pillowy soft.  The cleft between them was deep, the two orbs so

buoyant to the touch.

She produced a slim tube of lubricant, and, with just a few swizzles

with her finger, lubricated her anus enough for easy penetration.

I stroked her bottom as she tensed it, her puckery little anus pulling

in like a mouth in a kiss.  She let go with a long, reedy note.  And

as I got behind her, I wielded my dick right up to her rump, and

silenced her.  The thick tip of my dick plugged up her anus easily.  I

held my dick with one hand and gently eased the bulbous tip into her

yielding asshole.  I took my time, luxuriating in the tight, greasy

fit.  Her entire rectum clenched lovingly around my thick prong and

there was just enough lubrication to keep going back and forth.

"Tight little bitch," I whispered, slapping her upturned butt cheek

with my right hand.  "I'm going to take my time with you."  I stared

down at the beautiful sight -- her upturned ass completely mine, her

body face-down in mute supplication to me.  Her little chute was

clogged deep with dick now, and it was going all the way up her.  She

let out a gasp.  I knew the whore wasn't moaning with pleasure, just

the strain of accepting manhood into the one place that, even in this

day and age, is still a forbidden entry!

"It's going up your ass," I said.  "I'm not going to stop until I

leave your asshole greased with cum."

I slid my dick all the way up her ass.  I did it slow, making every

inch feel like a mile.  I grabbed handfuls of her tender butt cheeks

as I plugged her.  Then I sank on top of her with my full weight,

driving her down into the mattress.  I fucked her hard like that, and

then hoisting her from from the waist, pulled her back onto all fours.

I held her hanging tits in my hands and felt them jiggle with every

jolting thrust.  Only through a love sacrifice, or the dire need for

money, does a woman let a dick go up her ass willingly.  Either way,

it felt good to me.  It was hot.  It was tight.  The view of her

upturned rump and the heavy titglobes in my hands were making my blood

hiss steam through my veins.

I slid it in and out faster and faster, until that final moment when I

stabbed it in deep.  My dick was so tight up her rectum I could feel

the cum chug out of my dick.  It spurted hot lava, I could feel it

pulse down the length of my shaft and then spit deep inside of her.

She felt it, too, and actually rammed her butt against me so that my

dick went in right to the balls.  And finally, after about five

tingling minutes of my spent dick still being inside her bottom, my

cock slowly began to slip out.

Against her will, the delicious derriere of the whore called Melody

saluted my conquest with a bassoon-like note.  Then, too exhausted to

control herself, Melody let my cum trickle out of her fucked asshole.

Thick as cream it melted down her moist cunt, running down onto the


She let out a groan as another cascade of it began to burble out.  I

put my hand underneath and cupped the cum, and wiped it all over her

ass cheeks, squeezing the slick and buoyant bottom as I did it.  I

gave her a friendly slap on her cum-soaked ass, which resounded all

around the room.

"I knew it was best to save you for the end," I said.

I put my clothes back on.  I had no tickets left.  But, as if I'd been

on ferris wheels and roller coasters, I left the circus completely,

utterly satisfied.  I had experienced two anal "rings" of the

Amsterdam circus -- the only Anal Sex Circus in the world -- the

Greatest Show on Earth.


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