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Archive-name: Places/airscrew.txt

Archive-author: Pete Fox

Archive-title: Airscrew or How I joined the Six Mile High Club

As a frequent jetsetter, I have for long fantasised about this exclusive club,

which in reality probably has few authentic members who have genuinely screwed

their way through the stratosphere.  How can you manage to have-it-away on

board a crowded airliner?  Well recently I succeeded - and how!  This amazing

experience happened on the top deck of a BA 747 heading out of New York for

Heathrow, with a beautiful girl I had never met before.

I had had a hectic day getting my work completed before flying out, got to the

airport late, and consequently was glad to have got through the airport hassle

and slump into my Club Class seat. The top deck of the 747 has a small cabin

which some airlines use for first class passengers, but many including BA, use

for Business Class; there are only 20 or 30 seats, which gives you the feeling

of being in a small, but spacious airliner.  The top deck is reached via a

spiral staircase and you travel cut off from the masses on the main deck below.

 This flight, luckily, was fairly empty so I was fortunate that through the

lottery of seat allocations, Karen, as she turned out to be named, took up the

aisle seat corresponding to my window seat and nobody else got seated either

between us or in the row on the other side of the aisle.

Karen was petite and blonde, about 25 I guessed, (rightly as it turned out),

and clearly well formed in all the important places.  She had remarkably light

blue eyes and was obviously in some form of business, as she had a small patent

leather brief case and when she took her coat off she was smartly dressed in a

grey skirt and white blouse - which showed her firm, well-shaped figure to good

effect.  I found out later that she was Swedish, a junior salesperson for an

internationally known cosmetics company, who at short notice had been given a

lucky break to substitute for her boss on a business trip to the USA. Her smart

but plain business-woman's dress looked sexy on her. Her firm breasts thrust

out firmly through her white silk blouse as she arched her back to remove her

coat and hand it to the stewardess.  Black lacy stockings showed her well

shaped legs to advantage.  But she also radiated something sensual which

aroused the first slight stirrings in my crotch. I realised I was feeling quite

horney and in the mood for conquest, but not in my wildest dreams did I guess

what delights were to follow!

Karen looked nervous and fidgeted when she sat down; she very readily started

chatting.  I needn't bore you with the contents of our chat, except that I soon

persuaded her to move next to me from her aisle seat, so we could talk easier.

She was obviously a bit scared of flying.  It transpired this was only her

second long distance flight.  Soon after take-off we hit some unusually bumpy

weather; the seat belt signs came on and Karen wrung her hands and looked

scared.  Naturally I put my arm around her shoulders to comfort her and she

leant her soft, perfumed blond hair against my shoulder and visibly relaxed.

The 747 flew out of the turbulence but I was glad to find she showed no sign of

wanting me to take my arm away.  The meal on a tray came and went and I felt

really strong stirrings in my pants when she snuggled back against me, until

recently a complete stranger.  The stewardess brought the drinks trolley and I

persuaded Karen to have a double gin with a bit of tonic which visibly relaxed

her some more.

I slipped my hand down slightly from her hair to stroke her neck and her ear

lobes.  She snuggled closer and reminded me of a purring cat.  British Airways,

ever cooperative, chose that moment to dim the lights and to start the in

flight movie.  I started taking a few liberties with where I moved my hands,

aided by the semi-darkness, but half expecting to be rebuffed as, after all, I

was fondling a girl who until a few minutes earlier had been a total stranger -

this was too good to be true! But I could not help noticing signs that my

efforts were stirring up her hormones; her face looked flushed, her eyes were

soft and her pupils large.  My left hand closed over her left breast.  She made

no effort to discourage me, so I gradually eased my hand into a position where

I could massage the slight mound of her nipple straining through the material

of her blouse and bra.  By now, I felt rampant; my trousers bulged as if they

would burst and I began to wonder if we could satisfy our wildly growing


She snuggled closer and started stroking my leg in an absent minded kind of

way, fairly innocently near my knee.  The arm of the seat was getting in our

way, luckily they hinge back, so I lifted it and took the opportunity to slide

my arm right around her left hip so as to push my hand under her thigh.  The

hem of her skirt had ridden up enough for me to stroke her silk clad thighs.  I

was pleased to find she was wearing stockings and not tights as I reached warm,

smooth,  bare skin slid my fingers under the silky ribbon of her suspender

strap.  She made no effort to discourage my wandering fingers, so, pulling her

closer I covered our laps with a BA blanket, and boldly stroked her thigh with

my other hand, working her skirt hem back as I went.  She sighed and parted her

legs slightly when my hand moved along the last smooth inches of warm scented

upper leg and my fingers at last brushed gently against the thin silky material

of her knickers, tightly stretched over her sexual mound.

My cock throbbed with excitement and anticipation and I had to slow down and

mentally count to ten to avoid filling my pants with cum when I realised she

was not only going to let me reach my target, but was panting for me as much as

I was for her.  I inserted my fingers as far as I could between her legs, and

stroked them gently along the warm and noticeably damp material covering her

cleft and up to the summit of her pubic mound.  She sighed and gripped me tight

as my finger a deliberately sought and found her tiny clitoris.  I felt her

hand cup the bulge in my trousers.  We kissed long and passionately; it was

strange I thought to have got to such a level of intimacy without having kissed

before.  I exercised as much self-control as I could muster as I felt the

exquisite feeling of her hand gently exploring my throbbing cock.  In return,

my fingers pulled aside the warm silky gusset of her knickers; and I was able

to stroke warm downy hair and feel the soft, warm, wet and incredibly inviting

slippery crevice.  I pushed two fingers into her soft hole, and gently massaged

it; I then rolled the flesh of her engorged entrance lips gently and firmly

between my finger and thumb.  She clung to me more tightly, eyes closed, and

her hips shuddered; she sighed again and we kissed passionately.

But it is one thing to snog, even as naughtily as this, in an airplane full of

people but quite another to remove the garments necessary to couple us in the

way we were were both obviously craving for and to release our wild passion in

the sexual frenzy we both felt.  How could we satisfy our enormous lusts?  What

with cabin crew wondering backwards and forwards behind us to and from the

galley, we could not easily strip off and start humping without the risk of

creating a sensation on board.  I had visions of us being arrested for grossly

indecent behaviour in a Jumbo Jet!  Could I somehow get my cock out and force

it past the tight gusset of her tight panties?  But what position could we use?

Nothing else in the world now mattered except an overpowering urge to stuff my

straining rod into the depths of her warm, slippery slit.  But trivial problems

like knicker elastic, trouser zips, stretched Y fronts and unyielding aircraft

seats made this ambition hard to realise.

Karen, as always, was way ahead of me.  She gave my cock a gentle squeeze which

nearly fired it of,  and got up without a word and  strolled seemingly casually

towards the loo at the front of the cabin.  I contemplated following her into

it, having heard stories of people having it away in railway carriage loos.

But this always seemed to me to demand contortionist skills, apart from being

not exactly comfortable or aesthetic!  Also, there was no doubt that the

passengers watching the movie would have noticed me following a lady into the

lav, which on the top deck of a 747 is alongside the screen for the inflight

movie, which was then in full flow.  The thought of banging away in that

confined space and of re-emerging afterwards was too daunting, even in my

highly charged state!

Karen re-emerged a few moments later, quicker than usual when women use a loo,

looking inscrutable.  She grabbed a couple of BA blankets, snuggled back

against me and it was a matter of moments to cover ourselves with the blanket.

In the semi-darkness and in the back row, we felt safe from prying eyes.  My

hand went back to where it had been, to find just warm flesh and no knickers. I

reinserted my fingers into her warm and inviting slit.  Her hand was undoing my

zip, under the cover of the blanket; I undid my belt to help her.  In a flash

(so to speak) my trousers and pants were round my ankles and she was holding my

throbbing prick like the gear level of a sports car - it nearly made me change

gear - into overdrive!

I soon discovered she had also removed her bra; her nipples strained against

the thin material of her blouse.  I undid her blouse to expose her breasts

under the blanket.  I was then able to lay across her and greedily suck the

entire aureola of her left breast into my mouth, with my head under the blanket

in delicately scented warm darkness.  I tickled the nipple with the end of my

tongue, an action I have found to be appreciated by my lady friends, and Karen

was no exception!  She cradled my head with one hand like a baby held to her

breast and gently stroked away at my straining cock from its tip along its

underside to my balls. She was clearly an accomplished lover.  I moved my head

to her lap and attempted to lick her clitoris, but this was almost impossible

in an aircraft seat, even though she parted her legs as widely as the limited

space would let her.  I remember the overwhelming scent of excited woman mixed

with the fragrance of her perfume, but could only nuzzle her fur and kiss the

smooth inside skin of her thighs.

Karen unzipped her skirt and wriggled out of it, still under the blankets.

"Please.." she moaned - "please.." - I felt the same way.  She turned to face

away from me, and firmly pressed her shapely bum against my left thigh.  Making

sure the blanket was covering us well,  I twisted around until my throbbing

tool was pressed up against the valley between her thighs; it was a similar

position as if she was sitting on my lap.  I could probe her sex with mine.

She arched her back and raised her right thigh and firmly holding the end of my

pulsing penis, she guided it into the mouth of her soft hole.  I pushed hard so

my cock slid smoothly into her firm warm tunnel.  I cupped both her breasts

with my hands and pulled her hard against me to penetrate as deep as possible.

She  sighed and shuddered and her hips moved gently and rhythmically.  The need

to copulate quietly to avoid attracting attention was not forgotten, despite

our extreme passion.  This need forced us to perform using hard pressure and

firm small movements;  she thrust hard against my equal and opposite series of

nudges.  My instincts desperately wanted me to pump every last drop of my spunk

into her as quickly and violently as possible, but my intellect made me want to

prolong this ecstasy.  The discipline of doing it slowly and quietly, so as not

to attract attention, made it easier to prolong the excruciating pleasure

without climaxing.  Curiously I have always found that the longer and steamier

the foreplay the better I can hold on until the crucial moment of a mutual

climax.  I was able to relax and savour the exquisite pleasure of being coupled

with my beautiful fellow traveller.

I forced my left hand between her waist and the seat until my left forefinger

could just reach past her bush to the hot spot at the top of her slit which I

correctly guessed would fire her climax.  We were now locked together and so

overcome with desperate excitement that at that moment neither of us would have

cared if all the passengers and crew were watching, although we kept straining

against each other and moving slowly with great force to avoid attracting

unwelcome attention.  I could feel her muscles pulling and rippling at my

straining hunk of meat that I cruelly rammed into her with as much force as I

could manage.  She had superb muscular coordination and was able to achieve

what few women I have coupled with can do, to give a feeling of sucking me into

her with muscular ripples of her vaginal walls.

I could hold back no longer and erupted into frenzied, deep, deep wild spasms

pumping and pumping what seemed like gallons of my juice as deep into her as I

could.  As I felt my ejaculation erupting I ruffled her clitoris.  She

shuddered and bucked and her internal muscles rippled along me forcing out the

last small jerks of spunk.  We subsided against each other quite breathless and

trying not to pant loud enough to attract attention.  Our fuck had only taken

ten minutes; I glanced nervously over my shoulder and saw a stewardess's head

rapidly disappear behind the galley curtain.  Had she realised what we were up

to?  No way of telling, but judging from the slightly awe-struck look she gave

us later, I suspected she had guessed!  I wondered how often the back seat of

this cabin was consummated by new members of the "Six Mile High" club and

whether aircrew ever join this club for fun (considering they have many more

opportunities than even us frequent business travellers).  So thinking, I dozed

off still clutching Karen tight in my arms, my deflating cock lying stickily

against her leg.

We woke up knickerless and trouseless still under our blanket.  The movie had

finished, the aircraft was in darkness, we only took a few minutes to arouse

each other to another insatiable frenzy and I soon had pumped yet another

generous load of cum into her willing and inviting slit.  Not being satisfied

with basic membership of the "Six Mile high Club" we had even found time for a

second helping.

The cosy space under our blanket reeked of our sexual juices:  we blotted

ourselves with tissues from Karen's bag.  She wriggled back into her skirt, I

wriggled back into my clothes, while she went to the loo to tidy herself up.

She re-emerged looking immaculate (and stunning).  Breakfast was served, and

there was little to say after this amazing night of passion.  Soon the aircraft

landed, and we went our separate ways - she had a connecting flight to catch to

Sweden.  A peck on the cheek and a coy smile as we parted; "till next time!" I

went through immigration and customs in a post-coital daze.  Sadly our paths

have not yet crossed again, and if they do, I wonder whether we would ever

achieve such ecstatic feelings as those of two strangers coming together in

such total uninhibited and lustful intimacy in such an impossible place?

Any other sexy ladies who would like to join the "Six Mile High Club" are

welcome to fly with me - any time!  It certainly makes the flight pass quickly

(Caledonian Girls apply here!).



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