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Archive-name: Places/1nawhile.txt

Archive-author: Dastardly Dave

Archive-title: Getting Lucky - Once in a While

Atlanta has always been a fun town for me, but this trip had been

even better.  I had ordered a custom Jeep from an Atlanta

customizer.  Having a big-wheel four wheel drive vehicle had been

a dream for a long time and the time had finally arrived.  

We signed the papers late in the evening, so after tooling around

town for a while, I had rented a motel room, planning to get an

early start back to Alabama.  I overslept and after breakfast and

checking out of the motel, I didn't get on the road until after


I quickly noticed a benefit to the large wheels I had not

anticipated.  It put me way above the rest of the traffic and I

had a great view.  But the view was even better from time to time

as I would pass cars and look down to see lovely legs through the

window.  Occasionally, I would even catch a glimpse of frilly

panties peeking out.

I put the Jeep's cruise control on 73 mph after I got out of the

metro area.  I figured that there would be fools going a lot

faster that would get the unwanted attention from those Georgia

Patrol cars that seemed to lurk everywhere on the interstate.  Up

ahead, I noticed a red convertible with long blond hair flying in

the wind.  My speed was a little faster than hers so I slowly

crept up on her.  As I closed in, I heard the sound of her stereo

system blasting over the wind noise.  The music must have covered

the sound of the Jeep, because there was no reaction as I drew

along side the lady.  

To my delight, the lovely lady seemed to have other things on her

mind.  Her skirt was pulled up and her hand was busy frigging her

pussy inside her panties, keeping time with the beat of the

music.  It looked like she was having a ball as she cruised.  I

had a hard time concentrating on the road and watching the

display at the same time.  I hoped she wouldn't notice me for a

while so I could keep watching.

Finally, she reached for something on the seat beside her and saw

me.  Her only reaction was to lower her sunglasses to get a

better look at me.   She must have liked what she saw, because

she reached back into her panties, glancing up at me with a


We were well into a long deserted stretch of highway and I saw

her check her mirror for other cars.  Seeing none, the blond

reached down and unbuttoned the four buttons keeping her short

skirt closed.  The sides fell back to reveal her bikini panties,

crotch dark with her dampness.  She looked back up at me as if

for approval as she stroked herself through the frilly garment. 

I was grinning like an idiot and my dick was becoming

uncomfortable as it expanded in my jeans.   I reached inside to

shift my rod and felt the wetness of my precum already flowing. 

This horny doll was making me ache.

I looked back down and the slim creature pulled the waistband of

her underwear out so I could see her bush, gleaming wetly.  Then

she turned on her cruise control, made sure the wheels were

straight, then let go of the steering wheel to grab the sides of

her panties and jerk them down past her shapely hips.  She

grabbed the wheel with one hand, working the frilly nothings the

rest of the way off with the other.  Now her gorgeous pussy was

fully exposed to my view.  Not needing her feet for the pedals,

she turned slightly sideways and put her right leg across the

seat, spreading her cunt wide for me.  Her hand reached down and

opened the lips, showing me her shiny clit protruding from the

slit.  Her eyes were on the road as she exposed herself to me,

her hand busily jamming two fingers into her dripping hole.

She drew her slick fingers out of her hot pussy and encircled her

clit again, flicking it back and forth.  Her fingers flew faster

and faster in her quim and her driving became erratic.  I knew

this was getting dangerous so I touched my horn to get her

attention.  She looked up at me with glassy eyes and I pointed to

myself, then at her, then off to the side of the road.

She looked thoughtful for a minute, then nodded and beckoned me

to follow her.  She floored her convertible and pulled ahead.  I

hoped fervently that none of the Georgia Patrol were around right

now.  I pressed on the gas to keep up with the horny doll and we

soon passed 90 mph.  

Two exits passed, then I saw her turn signal as she took the

offramp.  The blonde barely slowed at the intersection.  We were

on a deserted tree-lined backroad that reminded me of Gone with

the Wind scenery.  After about four miles, she indicated a left

turn and pulled off on to a dirt road that led into the trees.  A

hundred yards or so in, she came to a stop in the shade of a huge

old oak tree and hopped out.  I pulled in behind her as she sat

on the trunk of her car.  I had a real shit-eating grin on my

face as I went up to her.

I started to ask her name, but she clapped her hand to my lips

and shook her head vigorously.  She lay back on the hot trunk lid

and spread her legs, pulling her skirt up as she went.  I looked

down into her lovely cunt, still dripping with her juices.  I

grabbed her cunt hair in my fist and shook it gently.  She moaned

softly.  I propped my knees on the bumper and put my face in her

crotch.  She smelled delicious!  I snaked out my tongue and

flicked her clit.  She thrust her pussy up at me but I backed

off, waiting till she relaxed to flick the little bud again.  I

teased her like this for several minutes, them sucked her clit

into my mouth and knawed on it gently.  She went wild, bucking

her snatch on my tongue.  I slurped at her center of pleasure,

then without warning slid three fingers deep into her cunt,

curling them to press on her G-spot.  She immediately went into a

massive orgasm, her sauce flooding out around my digits as I

jammed them furiously into her belly.

I slowed my thrusts as she wound down from her high.  After a few

moments to catch her breath, she slid from the trunk and dropped

to her knees in front of me, her hands scrambling at my belt and

zipper.  She finally got them open and pulled down my pants and

shorts in one fell swoop.  My cock was rigid and bounced in her

face.  She clamped her lips on it and sucked me deep into her

throat, running her tongue around and around the underside as she

bobbed her head.  Heaven!  She was a very accomplished cocksucker

because I could feel her muscles milk my cock in the back of her

throat.  It was almost more than I could stand!

I looked down and saw that she had shoved her hand back into her

cunt, playing with her clit and fingerfucking herself as she gave

me pleasure.  Finally, I reached under her shoulders and drew her

up, then spun her around and pushed her down over the trunk.  She

stretched out and arched her ass in the air.  Her skirt had

fallen to cover her glorious ass, so I dropped to my knees behind

her and slid the material up over her extended buttocks.  I

couldn't resist another taste, so I gave her sopping hole a long

lick from her tender bud all the way back to her wrinkled little

back door, pausing to wiggle my tongue in as far as I could.

Then I stood up and positioned myself behind her.  She reached

back and grabbed my dick, pulling me forward so that it was at

the entrance to her pussy.  I waited a moment to build the

anticipation, then drove my cock into her as hard as I could,

immediately pounding in and out of her as fast as possible.  She

started grunting as the pleasure built until she was screaming

softly.  I knew I was getting close to exploding and was going to

slow down to wait for her, but then I could tell from the

clenching of her vaginal muscles that she was entering another

orgasm.  I drove my rod into her even harder as she began to cum

and felt the sperm start to boil up from my balls.  

As her climax hit her, she started to scream for real and I hoped

that the hundred yards we were off the road would be enough, but

then I didn't care anymore as I blasted my seed into her belly. 

Jet after jet spurted into her as I emptied my balls into this

lovely darling, her slick cunt still squeezing my cock as though

to get the last drop from me.

Exhausted, I fell back onto the ground with my arm over my eyes,

still reveling in the strange pleasure of fucking a woman whose

name I did not know.  I heard her car start and looked up to see

her driving around the big old oak tree.  She stopped beside me

and held out a piece of paper.  With my pants still around my

ankles and her passion juices dripping off my now-flaccid cock, I

stood up to take the paper.  She smiled her beautiful smile at me

again, then drove off.  I looked at the paper and saw that it had

her name and an Atlanta phone number on it.

"Call me next time you're in Atlanta." the note read.

I smiled to my self as I made myself presentable , got back into

my new Jeep and continued my trip back home to Alabama.  I

stopped by my lady's house on the way in to show off the Jeep. 

She asked me if I had any fun on the trip and I said with a smile

"Yeah, Once-In-A-While!"

(Sorry, I couldn't resist that one.)



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