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Archive-name: Series/twins-bb.txt


Archive-title: The Twins - Brad and Barry (mf, incest, mm)

                                 PART ONE

    Brad and Barry seemed to be two brothers that were normal in all

appearances.  They did all the things that twins would normally do together.

They shared their closes as they were the exact same size.  They played

together all during their childhood and got along pretty well at most

times.  Not to say that they didn't have the usual childish arguments.  But

all in all they seemed to be your ordinary young boys.  They even shared

the same bedroom like brothers of a close or same age would do.  But Brad

and Barry were not quite the ordinary boys.

    One day when the boys were about fourteen and their bodies were really

starting to mature, Barry was out in the family garage just looking for

something to do he was looking through some of their Dad's tool chests he

found a very unusual and very exciting magazine.As he thumbed through the

pages he was eyeing some very interesting pictures of girls and guys doing

something he had only heard about.  One picture showed a girl on her knees

with a man kneeling behind her sticking his really huge cock in her pussy.

The sight did some really strange things the Barry's prick.

    It made his jeans seem very uncomfortable and soon he noticed something

oozing from the end of his dick.  It wasn't long that he found that if he

rubbed his aching rod that he felt a really nice tingly feeling begin to

grow in the small of his back.Soon he had laid down his magazine a was

stroking his prick with a quickening pace.  After only about a couple of

minutes his balls tightened up and he had his first orgasm.  He was just

beside himself with this new found fun.  So he picked the magazine back up

and starting thumbing trough it again.

    A couple of pages later he saw the man sitting on the edge of a chair

and this girl was sitting between his legs with the man's prick in her

mouth.  She had this really happy look on her face and the man had his eyes

squeezed shut.  The next page showed the man's cock shooting something out

of it and the girl was aiming it at her mouth and seemed to be enjoying

just like Barry would have enjoyed his favorite candy.

    By this time Barry's cock was raging hard and the head was all purple

and he had started to stroke himself to a frenzy.  The excitement got to

him fast and he blew his load all over his hand.  "Wheweee!!", he said to

himself "I bet Brad's never seen nothing like this".  So he quickly put his

dick into his pants, wiped off his hands on an old rag and stuffed the

magazine under his shirt and headed for the house.

    Once inside he peeked into the living room to check on his Mom and saw

that she busy watching TV.  "Hi Mom, I'm going upstairs to see what Brad's

doing", just to let her know he was around the house when dinner was ready

and he headed up to their room.

    "Hey Brad you're never gonna guess what I found out in the garage".  He

was smiling like he found a new bike.  Brad was busy building a new model

car and didn't seem to interested so he quickly closed the door and pulled

out his prize magazine and opened it to a page.  Then he shoved it front of

his brothers face.  Barry's face quickly grew red, but he quickly stooped

what he was doing and just stared at the man and woman on the page who were

in the middle of a gut-wrenching orgasm where the girl was on top and the

man had just pulled his dick out as he was shooting a gigantic load.

    "Where did you find that", he whispered knowing that their parents

wouldn't approve of the two young boys being privy to such forbidden stuff.

    "I was looking around Dad's tool boxes and I found this in the bottom

of one", Barry said with a big grin.  "You should see some off the other

pictures, you won't believe that two people could this kind of stuff".

    Then Barry quickly turned the magazine back to the first page and the

two boys started thumbing through one page at a time.  By the time they got

to the fourth page both of them had the biggest hard-ons that they had ever

had.  Brad was very fidgety and his drawers were really starting to feel to

tight and Barry knew exactly how he felt.  But he knew how to fix it.

Quickly he went and listened at the door and when he was sure nobody was

listening to the two boys in their room he dropped his jeans and sat down

next to his brother.

     "I figured this out when I first got a boner in the garage earlier

Brad.  Watch me for a minute and then you can try it too." He spit in his

hand and slowly started to stroke along the length of his raging cock.

Before long he had his eyes closed and was loosing himself in the best

feeling of his life so far.

     Brad was a little embarrassed at first but after watching his twin

brother seem to enjoy himself so much he quickly followed suit.  Shortly

both boys were feeling the urges of a spine-tingling orgasm that was to be

the first of many to come.As they each reached that plateau that would

finally put them over the edge they both opened their eyes to watch the

others reaction.  When their first spurts erupted it was all they could do

to stop from screaming out.  But they bit their lips and stroked faster

until their feelings of ecstasy had subsided.

    "Wow Barry, that was great", Brad said gasping for breath.

    "Yea, I know.  You want to look at some more pictures and try again?"

    "Brad and Barry, it's time for dinner",the boys mother called up them.

Surprised at all time that had gone by the boys quickly pulled up their

jeans, took a few deep breaths and headed for the door.  Just as they were

leaving the room Brad quickly ran back and pushed the magazine under his

mattress.  "We'll get back to that later", and both boys nodded and smiled

knowing that they'd be eating dinner faster than normal.

    Down at the dinner table everything was already set out for the evening

meal.  The boys each took a pork chop, some mashed potatoes and of course

they made sure to put some vegetables on their plates.  Both boys smiling

all the while.

     "Well boys I received a letter from your sister today and she says

that she will be coming home for about a month when college lets out after

the spring semester".

     All the time she was speaking Barry was just kind of dreamily staring

at his mother.  He knew that since their dad had died a couple of years ago

that she hadn't been seeing any men even though a few had sure tried hard

enough to ask her out.  He figured with her good looks there must have been

plenty of men who wanted to get close to her.  Today she was wearing a red

tank top which although it wasn't overly revealing it did show enough of a

well rounded bosom to stir Barry's interest.  Along with that she was

wearing a pair of old jeans that she had cut off into shorts that were cut

just below the cheeks of a firm yet well rounded ass.

     After looking at the girls in the magazine earlier, Barry was

wondering just how she really did look without her clothes on.  As for

Brad, the thought of his 19 year old sister coming home had him thinking

about how her body would compare to sexy girls he had been jerking off to

earlier.  Before either one of the boys knew it they were both feeling

pretty warm and they had the worst case of stiff dick that either had ever

had.  They both made an extra effort to finish their dinners and excused

themselves and off they went to their room.

    Once inside they quickly turned the radio so they could talk and not be

overheard in case their mother came by the room.  Then Barry quickly pulled

the magazine back out from under the mattress.

    "Check out the pictures a little farther back", Barry practically tore

the pages thumbing through them.  He quickly found the ones in question and

showed them to his brother.  Brad couldn't believe what he was seeing.

There was a girl on her hand and knees and there was one guy sticking his

really huge cock in her doggie style while there was yet another guy

sticking his fat prick in her mouth.  the next picture showed the guys

shooting their wads and the one was aiming it right in her mouth.  By the

look of the girl she was really enjoying her feast.

    "Wow Brad, I never knew people did stuff like that", "do you think that

it would feel that good?"

    "I don't know, but from the looks of the smile on that guys face I'd

say he really likes it.

    "I sure would like to find someone to try it with, wouldn't you"?

    With that in mind Brad came up with a real brainstorm of an idea.  "Hey

why don't we try it out on each other?"

    "I don't know if I'd want to find out how that stuff tastes", Barry

said a little uncomfortably.

    "Come on Barry, we could do it to each other one at a time at least

once.  If it didn't taste good we can always pull it out of our mouths

before we get the whole wad in our mouths and then we could spit out the

rest.  Just look a the way that guy is smiling, and besides we'll never be

able to find any girls to try it with".

    With that Barry started to pull down his pants and Brad was quick to

follow suit.  When each boy had gotten his pants off Brad decided that

since he had to coax his brother that he would go ahead and be the first to

give it a try.

     "Okay Barry I'll sit on the floor by the side of the bed and you sit

with your butt on the edge of the bed and I'll do you first.  That way

you'll know if the effort really makes us feel like that guy in the book".

    "Okay, but I hope nobody finds out about this".  He quickly sat on the

edge of the bed and Brad sat on the floor looking up between his legs.  He

already had a raging hardon of his own, but he new that his brother would

soon be taking care of that for him.

    As Barry sat there Brad slowly reached out and touched his brother's

hard smooth cock.  He had never touched anybody else's before and the

smoothness of it gave him quite a thrill.He slowly rubbed it up and down a

few times and then hesitantly leaned his face over it and gave it a quick

lick.  The taste that greeted his tongue wasn't anything like he had

expected, kind of salty tangy, but not bad.  He quickly licked it again but

this time around the head and then up and down the shaft.  This time when

he stopped he peeked up at his brother.  Barry was laying down now and he

had his eyes closed, but Brad could see a slight smile crossing his lips.

Taking that as a good sign he decided to plunge right in and he put the

throbbing cock in his mouth.

     It tasted the same only the thought of what he was doing for his twin

brother gave him a shiver of excitement that was unbelievable.  He started

to slowly raise and lower his mouth over the burning hot shaft.  He kept

imagining what he would be feeling like when his own cocked would be

getting sucked and it seemed that he knew just what to do.  Before long he

was moving his mouth up and down faster and faster and he could feel his

brother's cock seem to get bigger and bigger in his mouth.  He took a

second to look up at Barry and he was balling up his fist and squeezing his

eyes so tight that Brad knew something was right.  So he quickly swirled

his tongue over the throbbing head and there was a slightly sticky goo on

the end which blossomed into a sweet/tangy flavor that he quickly knew he

liked.  He was moving his head up and down at quickening pace that he knew

would bring his brother off soon.

    Then all of sudden his brother's dick swelled a bit more, he raised his

mouth for another plunge downward and there it was.  Great globs of cum.

It was filling up his mouth so fast that he thought he mind drown in it.

But he was determined not to lose a drop.  So he started swallowing every

delicious drop.Just when it seemed that it was slowing down another spasm

rocked his brother and there was more.  Brad thought to himself that this

was great.  So he kept moving up and down and swallowing.  Then Barry, who

was really sky-rocketing off lifted his hips and pushed his dick a far as

he could.  This action forced his cock more than a little ways farther into

Brad's mouth.  It slid right down to his throat and Barry gave a final

spurt and he started to buck his hips which started a fucking motion in his

brother's mouth.  Brad soon realized that he needed his relief too so he

started backing off that throbbing hunk.  With that done Barry started to

come back down to earth.

    "Wow Barry you sure went off.  I thought you would never stop shooting

that stuff", Brad said as he was licking his lips.

    Barry was still gasping for breath when sat up and looked at his

brother.  He could see a slight wetness around his lips where some of his

load had seeped out of his mouth.

     "I don't know if I can do it as good as you did, but I think I know

what that guy was feeling in that magazine.  Let me take another look at it

so I can get an idea what to do".  He quickly picked up the book and gazed

at the girl with the fat cock in her mouth and the way she twirled her

tongue around it and he tingled with the thought of what had just happened

to him.

    "Okay, you lay down and let me see if I've got the right idea".  Brad

quickly laid down on the edge of the bed while Barry sat on the floor.

Barry looked up at the new and exciting tool of pleasure that was staring

him right in the face.  He admired it's hardness.  The way it seemed to

shine and throb with expectation.  Then he noticed those two balls that

were laying there also wanting to be sucked.  He moved up between Brad's

legs and gently wrapped his hand around that wondrous hunk of flesh and his

other hand softly massaged those sweet looking balls.  Without knowing why

he ducked his head and ran his tongue along the underside of that sack.  He

knew that maybe a sweet nectar was waiting there ready to fill his mouth

with something new.  A pleasure yet to be found.  Next he opened his mouth

and sucked one of those tasty morsels in and rolled it around in his mouth.

He was pleased when he heard his brother let out a pleasurable sigh.  It

gave him the incentive to go further still.  As he continued to suck on

those balls he ran his tongue over them, massaging them as if urging them

to make plenty of that sweetness.  Then he let them out of his mouth with a

pop.  He liked the feeling of knowing that he was doing something wild and

exciting.  He grabbed the shaft and gently ran his teeth over it next

pretending it was an ear of corn.  This was all new to him, but he knew

that it must feel great.  After a few moments of this he could see his

brother starting to roll his head around on the bed and he smiled.  Then

slowly he put his lips on the head and just sucked.  He sucked like he was

sucking a fresh frozen milkshake that was too thick to go through the straw

trying to draw out just a taste of was yet to come.  Next he poked his

tongue into the little hole in the end to see if this would give him that

sample that he so wanted.  With that he was rewarded.  For just then a

small drop of pre- come came back on his tongue.  He swirled it over his

palette like it was caviar.  Oh what a treat he thought.  I know I'll love

the rest to come.  So he quickly put his mouth on that great piece of meat

and slid all the way down until he gagged just a little.  Then he raised

his head until he almost let it fall out, but he quickly slid down it

again.  All the time he was sucking his brother's cock he was imagining it

was own that was being sucked and this seemed to give the expertise that he

needed to go on.  As for Brad, he body was quickly rising to an

unbelievable orgasmic height that he couldn't believe.  It started with a

little twinge in his sack has his brother rolled his balls around in his

mouth.  Then when Barry nibbled on his cock it sent shivers up and down his

spine.  But when his throbbing member was gobbled up almost to the root it

was almost to much to bear.  He wished that it could go on like this


    While Barry was bobbing his head up and down that wondrous hunk he was

still trying to think of a way that he could keep sucking while his brother

was shooting those thick globs of cum.  Then a light went off in his head.

He quickly backed of the now glistening rod and said, "Hey Brad, I want to

try something different.  Why don't you stand up on the side of the bed.

Then I'll lay down on my back with my head over the side.  Then I'll open

my mouth as wide as I can and you can put your cock in a little at a time.

I'll try to let you know if you go to fast, but I bet if we do it right you

should be able to put your whole cock in my mouth and even down my throat".

Brad was a little disappointed at having this change right in the middle of

what was going to be the best cum of his life, but when he thought of

fucking Barry's mouth he was quick to jump off the bed.  Barry quickly laid

down close to edge of the bed and let his head drop over the side.  Brad

could hardly wait.  As soon as Barry opened his mouth Brad was right there

to push his anxious cock into that warm wet orifice.  It was pretty hard to

not just jam his throbbing rod right in, but he didn't want to hurt his

twin brother so he took it easy.  He slowly eased in the head and let that

sit there waiting for his brother to give the signal for more.  Meanwhile

Barry was really starting to enjoy the feel of this hot meat sliding past

his lips.  As soon as his brother put his cock head into his mouth he

immediately started in with a hard sucking that he knew would make Brad's

toes curl.  But he didn't want his brother to shot off to fast before he

had a chance to get all of him in his mouth.  So he reached behind him with

his hands and felt for Brad's hips.  When he felt them he held on and

pulled forward to show that he was ready for more.  With this sign Brad

slowly started to push his eager cock into that warm cavern of a mouth.

"This is fucking great", he sighed.  "I wish I'd thought of it".  But Barry

could barely hear him as he was putting all his attention on sucking that

hard pillar down into is waiting throat.  He had about half of in by now

and he was soon accustomed to the feel of it so he pulled his brother in

even more.  At this point Barry could just start to fell it press against

his throat.  He felt a little gag at first, but he told himself that would

ruin it so he put it out of mind and just kept inching farther and farther

in.  All the while he was flicking his tongue over the shaft to keep it wet

and slippery.  Brad was nearly over the edge by this time, but he wanted to

be able to look down and see his whole cock disappear into that mouth so he

tried to think of something else that would keep him from shooting to soon.

    There was only about an inch left now and Barry was sure he could

finish this off with ease.  So quickly pulled his brother's hip forward

with a jerk and was surprised and delighted when he felt his pubic hair

tickle his nose.  His heart raced at the thought of having at least six

inches of hard throbbing cock laying in his throat just waiting to explode

at any time.  Brad opened his eyes when he felt his hips bang Barry's head

and the sight almost pushed him over the edge.  But he wanted to get at

least three or four could thrusts down that wonderful throat before he

unloaded his thick supply of sweetness.  So he slowly pulled back all the

way to the head and slowly pushed back in again, all the time watching to

see if Barry showed any signs of distress.  When he saw none knew that he

would be over the edge on his fourth plunge so he decided to just go for

it.  Barry also knew from that second push that it was going to be easy to

let that cock slide in and out as fast as it wanted and he was ready.  With

each stroke outward he kept his tongue along the underside of the cock and

then quickly swirled it around the head before it started pressing forward

again.  With all this happening to his prick Brad was hard as rock and his

eyes were glazing over.  His knees felt like jelly and his balls were on

fire.  He pulled out for the third time and quickly rammed it home again

all the way to the root and when he started to back off for the fourth time

his toes curled up and he felt liquid fire racing along the length of his

cock.  He quickly pushed it back in that cavern of joy and there it was.

Great thick globs of cum were firing out of the end his prick.  Barry was

caught a little by surprise at the sudden rush of his brother.  But then he

felt the cock twitch and swell even more so he pulled on Brad's hips to

force the throbbing cock into his throat and just as he did it let go with

it first spurt of liquid treasure.  This went right past his tongue and

down his gullet.  Barry was a little surprised at how much actually came

out.  It felt like he had already swallowed a whole cup full and it was

starting to spasm again.  By this time Brad was out of control.  All he

knew was that he wanted to plunge his cock in and out as much as possible

before the electricity that was running from his toes to his scalp stopped.

So he pulled out for another plunge.  When he did this his second spasm

shot his load full onto Barry's tongue.  Barry never imagined that the

human body could make something that tasted this delicious.  It was like

ambrosia.  It was hot, but it was so sweet that it made his head spin.  He

hoped that there was more.  So to help it along he started sucking again.

When Brad felt the renewed sucking it was all he could do not to yell out.

But instead he just pistoned his cock into those lips like a battering ram.

When he shot his third load it just sort of trickled out of the head and

the electricity in his back kind of ran out with it.  But he gave one final

thrust to be sure there was no more and then he just leaned over and rested

his head on his brother's stomach to catch his breath.  But Barry was so

caught up in the act that he was still sucking that wondrous meat trying to

get another few drops across his tongue.  He must have sucked for another

minute or two when he realized that his brother was through and just has he

was letting the know soft prick slide from his lips he caught one last drop

from the head that he quickly licked away and rolled around his mouth.

    By this time Brad was coming back to earth and he realized that Barry

was licking his lips and smiling at him.  "You devil you.  How did you

think of that idea?" He said between gasps.

    Barry rolled over onto his stomach and pulled up the magazine that was

all but forgotten on the side of the bed and opened it the picture of the

man and woman fucking doggy style and showed his twin brother.  "See, that

man was shoving his dick into pussy real far and she seemed to like it and

so did he.  Well I figured that we don't have a pussy of our own, but your

mouth felt awfully good to me so I figured that maybe if I was able to take

you all the way into my throat that maybe that would almost as good".

    "Almost as good!  I've never had my dick in a girl's pussy before, but

it feels better then that I think it could kill ya.

     " With that both boys laughed and hugged each other.  Then they

quickly remembered that they must have been in the room for sometime and

their mother would be suspicious.  So they quickly changed into their

pajamas went into the bedroom and ran a comb through their hair and decided

that they were each hungry for a snack before going to bed for the night.

    As they were walking down the stairs they could hear the TV playing one

of the nightly soaps and they knew that their mother had hardly even

noticed that they weren't around interrupting her TV show.


    It was the beginning of summer and all the kids were out of school for

the next three months.  As was usual all the kids were ecstatic about not

having to go to school for three whole months and Brad and Barry were no

different.  They had just had their fifteenth birthday at which their

mother told them that if they did as well in school the next year as they

did this past, that she would be willing to talk about buying them a car.

Not a separate when for each of the but one that they could share.  This

wasn't quite what they wanted but having one car together was better than

no car at all.

    They had the normal birthday like all fifteen year olds.  They each

were told they could invite five friends apiece and then they played some

of the usual games for fifteen year olds.  Of course both boys had invited

at least three girls a piece and they had insisted that the party be by the

pool in the back yard so that gave them plenty of opportunity to ogle the

girls ripening bodies in their cute two piece bathing suits.  They had even

talked their mother in joining them for a swim when the part was breaking

up and everyone was going home.  It was this point that they really noticed

how well shaped their mother was.

    Comparing her to the six teenage girls at the party wasn't even

possible.  The girls they had invited had bodies that were just starting to

get all the curves but weren't quite full.  On the other hand their mother

was all curves.  She wore a modest two piece bikini but they could still

see a lot of her charms.  Those ripe round breasts that seemed to beg to be

squeezed and kissed.  They flat belly that lead into a pair of well rounded

hips which in turn connected to that other hidden treasure that so far the

boys had only seen in magazines.  Then there were those slender legs that

lead up to that hidden valley of treasure.

    By the time everyone had left the party the boys were ready to rush off

to privacy of their bedroom and relieve that growing pressure in their swim

trunks.  Little did they know that Bonnie their mother had been watching

them as they were eyeing those sweet teenage asses as they played in the

pool.  She had some idea that the boys were probably interested in girls

because she had seen them more than once ogling her as she doing this or

that around the house in her night gown or in her more revealing halter

tops and short shorts.  She didn't mind that the boys were curious about

the female body.  As she was only 36 and still in fit shape she was even a

little flattered that the boys even noticed her at all.  She knew that they

both needed like little talking to that most boys get from their father,

but her husband had been killed five years prior in a freak accident at his

job and now she was resolved to the fact that she was going to have to be

the one do the talking.

    With this in mind she went to the kitchen and poured herself a big

glass of wine to settle her nerves and drank it down in two gulps.  Then

she headed for the boys room.  She knew the boys were probably playing with

one of there favorite models or the new game they had gotten for their


    When she got to the door took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

"Barry, Brad, may I come in?" She heard the boys shuffling around the room

and figured they were probably straightening up a bit so she didn't just

rush in.  It was lucky for them that she didn't because they had just taken

off their swim suits and were going to get into their favorite new past

time.  Mainly sucking each other's dicks.  They had even started to do

sixty-nine.  But today they hadn't had a chance to get started when their

mother had knocked at the door.  They quickly put on their swim trunks and

took a deep breath before letting her in the room.

     "Well boys I'm glad you had a fun birthday party.  It seems that your

friends really had fun to.  She was still wearing her two piece bathing

suit and she noticed that it was having some effect on them from the looks

of their tight swim trunks.  Her pussy gave a little throb a the thought of

those tender young cocks and sweet little balls with their soft down of


    I came up here to talk to you boys about a serious subject that I think

that two teenage boys need to know about.  Namely girls.  When she

mentioned girls both boys looked at each other and turned a light shade of

red.  But she acted as if she didn't notice so as not to add further to

their embarrassment.

     "I noticed that you were really ogling at least three of the young

ladies at the pool today".  She watched them to see if they acted innocent

or indifferent.  When neither one said anything she continued.  "I want you

to know that there is nothing wrong with two young men showing interest in

members of the opposite sex.  In fact it is quite normal for boys and girls

to start noticing each other at about your age.  But there are some things

that you should know before either one of you makes a mistake that could

cause big problems in the future".  She looked at them both and they seemed

interested but acted nonchalant and dumb so she kept going.  "Do either of

you know anything about what our bodies are made for?" Brad acted nervous

and Barry turned his head away in embarrassment not wanting to let his

mother see the guilt in his eyes.  She took this for indifference and

decided to take the bull by the horns.

     "I want to tell and show both of you some very important things today

that you both ought to know".  With this she started to peel off her

bikini.  Both boys just sat like statues when they saw her nude figure with

just her back facing them.  Then she turned around and both boys couldn't

help but stare.  She was beautiful.  Every inch a work of art.  She noticed

their mouths were hanging open so to kind of lighten things up she sat down

between them and grabbed their hands and held them for a minute before

saying more.

     "I think this is probably a little bit of a shock to you but I don't

know any other way to approach it.  What you see next you is a typical

female body.  Starting with my neck, my arms, my shoulders and then there

are my breasts.  Now both of you are probably real interested in breast, so

I'll let you each of you get a closer look.  But remember, they are real

sensitive so don't get too rough.  OK".

     With that she put each boys hands on her breast and let them do the

rest.  Both boys couldn't believe their eyes.  Here they were with their

mother and they were feeling her tits.  Hesitantly Brad leaned over to make

like he was getting a closer look and he gently lifted one breast up to his

lips and gave it a little kiss.  Bonnie was a bit surprised but not upset.

She knew that they would be especially interested in her tits.  They were

36 C's and very firm.  They just stood straight out with no sag.  So When

Brad Kissed one she just smiled and ran her fingers through his hair.  Then

she laid back on the bed and instructed both boys to stand at the side of

the bed and watch carefully.  "I want both of you to watch very carefully

because this will probably save some embarrassing moments later".

     With that said she slowly ran her hand down over her stomach until she

reached the nearly hairless junction between her legs.  "This is called a

vagina or as you've probably heard around the school a pussy.  It has a few

special features that men don't have.  To show what I mean I want both of

you to take off your swim trunks".

     They both looked at each other and hesitated until she reached over

and tugged on both of their trunks at the same time at which they pulled

them down and kicked them off.  "Now that we're all naked none of us has

anything to be ashamed of do we"?  Brad shook his head no and Barry soon

did the same.

     "I wanted to show you just what boys and girls do that can get them in

trouble if they don't know what they're doing.  First this is called a

penis or dick for you school boys".  At which time she reached out and

softly wrapped a hand around each one of their already erect cocks.  She

gently rubbed them up and down until she knew they were excited past the

stage of embarrassment.  "These things do a lot more than just pee.  They

are used for giving each other pleasure.  But I'll get to more of that in a


      Next she put her hand back on the soft patch of hair between her

legs.  "My vagina is also made for giving each other pleasure.  Before you

can learn more about the pleasure though you both need to get a closer

look".  She had each boy kneel between her legs while she held apart the

soft moist lips.  This was really starting to get to her.  "These are the

lips.  This is the vagina and this is the clitoris", and she pointed to

each one respectively.  "Each part is made to give pleasure.  Brad I want

you to look real close and Barry you'll get to look next".

      Brad stepped closer and Barry moved out of the way.  "Okay Brad, put

your hand right here and feel how soft and juicy I am right here".  She

then lead his hands to her mons.  Then she let him just roam his fingers

all over her pussy.  It was starting to really heat up.  "Now this part is

the vagina or hole or love tunnel and probably a few other names that I

can't think of right now.  Put your finger around it first and feel how wet

it's getting, then put a finger inside and feel how hot it feels, then I'll

tell you what it's for".

     Brad did as he was told and he rubbed around the hole and felt a gooey

wetness there, but when he put his finger inside it was like a furnace and

he moved it around to get a good feel.  His dick was throbbing terribly

right now, but Bonnie acted like there was nothing wrong.  "Next if you

look up a little farther you will see my clitoris.  This was made for

giving me pleasure.  Every woman has one, its just that some clits, like

some peters are bigger than others".  Hers was obviously bigger because it

stuck out like a small cock just begging to be sucked.  Brad quickly

touched it and then moved aside for so Barry could try it.

     Barry was a little more eager.  He had been watching everything his

mother told Brad and he knew right where he wanted to start.  He moved his

fingers deftly over the soft fur and reached for her clit.  He had seen a

man with his face in a girls muff in the magazine and he was aching to get

a taste.  Gently he put his thumb and forefinger around her clit and

started making slow stroking motions just like he had learned to do to his

prick.  This caught his mother totally by surprise, but it also made her

pussy cry out for more so when ducked his head and gave it a little lick

she almost jumped off the bed.  She quickly pulled his face in close and

laid her legs on his young shoulders.  Barry took this as a positive sign

and started to lick and kiss all over her pussy.  He rather liked the taste

and besides it smelled great.  Before long with his timid little tongue

strokes Bonnie's body was reaching a plateau that she hadn't been on for

quite some time.

     Brad meanwhile was stuck just standing there with a throbbing boner.

But Bonnie couldn't forget him for very long.  She quickly motioned for him

to get up on the bed and to kneel next to her head.  He quickly scrambled

up by her face.  She quickly reached out and pulled his throbbing cock to

her now open mouth.  At her first touch on his prick he almost lost his

cookies.  She slowly grasped his cock with her experienced lips and sucked

him in up to the balls.  He started bucking his hips pressing for release.

     Meanwhile Barry was busily sucking her clit like it was a small dick

and Bonnie was steadily gaining the orgasm that she needed.When Brad let

loose with his first spasm she was ready for him.  She held his hips close

to her face and sucked him all the way up to his balls and then she even

got his balls in too.  He was beside himself with pleasure.  He was

shooting more cum that he ever had with Barry sucking his cock.  His mom

sure knew how to suck dick good.  But Barry was finally bringing Bonnie

over the brink.  When he put his tongue in her hole that was the final

straw.  She blasted off.  She clamped her legs around his head and rode him

like a stud cock.  She was bucking so hard and squeezing his head so tight

that he thought he was going to suffocate.  So he quickly pulled his tongue

out of her hole and again started to suck her clitoris.  Bringing her to a

slow ebbing pace that soon brought her back to herself.  Brad had since

shot all his wad into her hungry mouth and was sitting on the bed watching

his mother tremble with the last of her orgasm.

    "Boys, you sure are fast learners.  I hope I didn't move too fast and

scare you".  She said as she hugged each one of them to her breast.  But

Barry still hadn't found the relief that his rod needed and she quickly saw

this as he sat on the edge of the bed licking her come from his lips.  She

quickly got off the bed and knelt in front of him between his strong young

thighs.  Barry knew from past experiences with his brother what was to

follow so he spread his legs to give more access.

    She reached out and slowly rubbed his shaft a few times to bring it to

a hardened peak.  Then she gently rubbed those soft young balls and she

reached out with her tongue and gave them a gentle lick.  Seeing that he

liked that she sucked one then both into her mouth and rolled them around

with her tongue, all the while using a suction on them which caused his

cock to tremble with excitement.  After a few seconds of this she let them

out of her mouth and moved up to his hard young cock.  This she gently

stroked until he let out a little moan.  Slowly she put her lips to the

head and gave it a kiss and a gentle tug with her teeth.

     As Brad was watching his mother give his brother an expert blow-job

his cock started to slowly rise back to a powerful hard- on.  He started

rubbing it thinking that he could relieve himself by hand.  But as his

mother slowly let the cock slide between her lips into the warmth that was

there he couldn't help but notice her enticing ass sticking out in the air.

Suddenly he remembered the picture of the man and woman where the man was

kneeling behind the girl and sticking his cock into her pussy.  A second

later he was off the bed and kneeling behind his mothers soft ass.  He put

his face in her pussy a gave it a few licks.  Bonnie was at first surprised

by this action from her other son, but figured that he wanted to taste her

sweet pussy also.  So she spread her legs a little to give his tongue more

access and then continued sucking Barry's sweet cock.  When Brad noticed

his mom spreading her legs for him he took this as the go ahead.  He darted

his tongue in her hole to get a taste and then sat down under her ass and

quickly clamped his lips over her entire pussy.  He started a suction on it

that started her clit trembling.  But he knew that he wanted something

else.  So he turned around a pulled open the lips of her cunt quickly

rubbed the head of his hard cock along that crease.  Then ever so slowly he

started to push his throbbing prick into her warmth.  When he was half way

in and she didn't resist he pushed it all in and then let out a gasp.  This

was like heaven he thought to himself.  So he pulled out and started that

slow in and out that he had done to Barry's mouth.

    When Bonnie first felt the her son's hard cock rubbing around the wet

lips of her pussy she wanted to stop him, but she knew that Barry was soon

going to give her that sweet dessert that her taste buds craved.  As she

felt Brad's hot pillar of flesh start to slide into her burning tunnel she

knew that she couldn't stop him.  So she went back to work on Barry tasty

young cock.  She knew that he was really heating up now because he was

squeezing his eyes shut and he was rubbing his hands over her head as if he

was thinking of trying to fuck her face.  When she thought of his juicy

young cock pistoning into her mouth and her other son's cock ramming her

hungry pussy it sent a thrill up her spine that she hadn't felt since her

husband had been alive.  So she reached for Barry's hands and placed them

on her sensitive tits, at which he caught on and she went eagerly back to

bringing that sweet throbbing hard-on to the bursting point.

    Barry was doing every thing his innocent young mind could to prolong

this joy.  Him and his brother had been doing some pretty mean cock sucking

before but nothing as good as this.  He quickly opened his eyes and looked

down at those lush lips as they swallowed his cock up to his balls and made

a permanent picture of it his mind.  He didn't think he would ever forget

this day.  The feel of those lips was like wet velvet on his prick.  But it

was also so warm that it made his toes curl.  He knew he couldn't hold back

much longer, so he laid down and tried pushing his hips up to meet her

mouth as she slipped down on his throbbing hot rod.  It was then that he

felt her throat close around his cock and that was all it took to push him

over the edge.

    Bonnie noticed that Barry's cock was swelling even more and she knew

from experience that he would be filling her hungry mouth with that much

desired liquid fire.  So when he started to fuck up into her mouth she made

little swallowing motions in the back of her throat to urge him on.  On his

second thrust she felt that first signal, that one drop of pre-cum that

told her that he was going to unload.  So she raised her lips up to just

the head and put her hand on his stomach to let him know that she was

controlling things.  Then she made a deep suction and lashed her tongue

along the underside of his cock.  She wanted to taste every drop of his

load.  A second later and there it was.  His first full spasm completely

filled her mouth and she had to puff out her cheeks so that it didn't run

back out of her lips.  She quickly started to gulp it down.  Just when she

had swallowed most of it he sent yet another full load into her moist

cavern.  She was really enjoying this.  She hurriedly swallowed it down and

then pushed her lips down to the root and even took in his balls.  This

sent Barry even farther into orbit and he shot another load that was almost

as big as the second.  But Bonnie was ready and she let this one slide

right down her throat and she quivered at the thought of all that sweet

young cum reaching her belly.  Gently she raised her face back up the

shooting hunk and caught the last little dribble on her tongue and kept it

there to savor like a fine wine.

    Meanwhile Brad was having the time of his life pounding his young cock

into her pussy from behind.  With each thrust he could feel his balls

tighten up and he knew that with a few more stroke he would be sending his

burning load deep inside this fiery hot love nest.  His pumping was getting

to Bonnie too.  She wanted to cum with him so she reached down and started

to rub her clit in time with his fucking.  That did it.  She was starting

to see stars and she knew he was right with her.  When he made his next

stroke he seemed to go even deeper and he even nudged her cervix with that

sweet cock.  This pushed her over the edge.  Her flood gates let loose and

she was crazy with joy.  She pushed back at him and reached back and

cupped his balls.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and forced her body down as hard as he

could and let loose with what must have been a gallon of burning liquid.

Then he started pistoning his hips back and forth, in and out forcing every

last drop from the end of his cock.He let out a gasp as he felt his last

drops leave the end of his dick and slowly leaned over his mother's back.

He was feeling like a rag doll and pulling in big breaths trying to bring

his mind back to earth.  Bonnie was no better.  She'd have never thought

that two young boys could bring her this much pleasure.

    When all three had settle down and could talk she hugged them both,

gave each now shrunken dick at little kiss and said, "I don't know how you

boys learned to do all that, but you sure surprised me.  I don't think you

need anymore lessons from this old body".  When she said that both boys

started to tell her that she didn't look old and that they could always use

more lessons before they got too serious with the girls at school.  She

smiled at that comment and hugged them both again.  "Well you probably will

need some more tutoring sometime, But right now I could use a shower and

then I'll need to get to bed.

    Brad and Barry looked a little hurt that she was picking up her clothes

and heading for the shower, but when they looked down and saw that their

cocks were two shrunken little noodles they knew she was right.

    When she left the room Barry said, "can you believe what just

happened"?  Brad was still in kind of a daze as he said,"I'm still trying

to figure out how it all started.  One moment we were just starting to

learn about girls bodies and before you know it we're all wrapped up in

each other.  I guess we should be getting a shower too".  So they headed

for their own showers.

    Once Bonnie got in the shower she started to think about what had just

happened between her and the boys.  She knew that incest was taboo but her

body told her that she had gained a release.What the hell she said to

herself, as long as they weren't scared by it I guess it won't hurt to

indulge them and me.  Besides I haven't felt that good for so long.She took

a long hot shower and let all tension run from her body.  When she finished

she stepped out of the shower and toweled off.  Then she walked into her

bedroom and pulled on one of her night shirts and looked at herself in the

mirror.The shirt was short but not too short.  It came about six inches

above her knee and it was made from a white linen material that you could

just about see through if you stood just right before the light.  It was

just a bit too tight, but she liked the way the material clung to her

breast and hips.  It made her feel sexy and that was how she felt now.

    The two boys were just finishing up their showers when she walked down

the hall towards the kitchen.  When she heard them in their room she

stopped at the door.  "I'm going to the kitchen for something to drink

before bed.  Do either of you want something"?

    "I'm fine mom, thanks anyway", Brad said.  "I'll be down in a minute

for some juice", Barry answered her.

    So with that she continued down the stairs and into the kitchen.  She

poured herself a glass of milk and then poured a glass of orange juice for

Barry.  Just as she put away the juice carton and was sitting down Barry

came in and sat down across the table from her.  "Wow mom, I never thought

our bodies could ever make us feel like that.  It almost seemed like my

head had separated from my whole body.  Like I was floating in space".

    Bonnie smiled and remembered what it was like her first time.  It was

in the woods behind her house.  She was with the boy down the street.  They

had been seeing each other for a couple of months and thought for sure they

would marry each other someday.  Her pussy gave a little twinge as she

thought of how it felt to finally get rid of her cherry.  Especially after

all the talk she had heard from the rest of the girls about what it was

like to have a hard piece of meat sliding between your legs.When she came

out of her reverie Barry was finishing his juice and was going back


    "Barry, I really enjoyed are little lesson today.  But I want you and

Brad to know that what we did a lot of people wouldn't approve of and there

could be big trouble for all of us if any one found out.  Ok".  She watched

his eyes to see if he understood.

    "Okay mom, I wouldn't want anything to hurt our family, especially now.

I'll talk to Brad to.  I'm sure he'll understand and we won't tell a soul".

     Bonnie quickly finished her milk and followed him up the stairs to go

to bed.  "Good night boys, Get plenty of rest.  I love you".  She was

really glad that her two boys were smart enough to understand the

importance of keeping quiet about their little secret.

    Once in her room, she run a brush through her hair, then laid on the

bed and started to browse through a magazine before she went to sleep.

    Barry had told Brad what his mom said about keeping their secret and he

swore he would never tell anybody.

    "You know Barry, I think mom's got the nicest boobs I've ever seen.  I

mean they were so big, but yet they were so firm that they were almost

hard.  And those nipples.  Wow, I could have sucked them all day".  As he

talked he had his hand in his pajama bottoms rubbing his now awakening


    "Her tits were nice, but that pussy.  What a taste.  It was even better

than an ice cream sundae.  So Sweet.  And her clit.  It was just like

sucking your cock".  Now he too starting showing signs of a rapidly rising


    Barry pulled the sheets down pulled out his semi-erect dick and rubbed

it real slow.  "Man,would you look at that.  It's only been about an hour

and it's already hard again.  You want to suck it Brad?  We could do each

other, then maybe we could get to sleep without having this to keep us


     "I was thinking the same thing, but maybe we could crawl into bed with

mom and she could help get rid of these hard-ons.  Why don't we go see if

she's still awake".  So they quietly left their room and walked to the door

of her room.  The door was still open a crack and they could see that the

light was out.  Bonnie was laying on her side with her covers pulled up to

her waist.  She still had on her night shirt but just looking at her made

both boys anxious to fell that warm bodies next to theirs.  They quietly

stole into the room and stood beside the bed behind her for a second.

     Bonnie was laying there kind of in a half asleep and half awake.  She

thought that she had heard the boys walking around, but she also thought

that they were probably just going to the bathroom.  So when she felt a

warm body press against her backside she was a little startled.  But then

she realized who it was.  Slowly she reached out her hand and searched

through the covers for the smooth prick she knew would be there.

     "Well, What are you doing here?  I thought the lesson was over for the

day".  When she found his prick she started to slowly glide her hand up and

down it's length.  Then she felt a second body press against her breast and

she realized that both boys had crawled in bed with her.  She thought,"What

have I gotten started?  Will I ever get any sleep"?

     The next thing she knew she felt her shirt being raised up and a pair

of hands kneading her breast.  Then a soft warm pair of lips was suckling

one nipple.  She knew that young men had great stamina, but she figured

that two cums so close together would have satisfied them.  Well she was

wrong, because The cock her hand was as hard as stone and giving faint

little throbs and the mouth at her breast was causing her to get warm and

wet down below.

    "I thought you guys would have been sleeping by now.  What's kept you

up"?  She quickly reached down and grabbed them hem of her shirt and lifted

it over her head.

    "We were laying in bed just thinking about all the fun we had earlier

and before we knew it we had these hard penises again.  We don't know how

to make them go down".  Barry said, playing dumb.

    "Well we can't have two fine young men such as yourselves going to bed

like that can we"?  She smiled.

     She rolled onto her back.  "Brad why don't you get down here between

my legs and explore my pussy for awhile and Barry you crawl up and sit with

your legs on either side of my boobs.  I show want to do from there".

     Brad didn't need anymore coaxing so he slid under the covers and laid

between her spread legs.  This didn't make his dick feel any better, but he

was really anxious to get at that pussy.  What greeted him was even more of

a surprise.  Her pussy was now completely bald.  It didn't have a single

hair on it.  She must have shaved it off in the shower.  He rubbed his face

over it's warm smoothness.  He loved the way the soft smooth flesh felt

against his cheek.  Next he started by running his tongue over the freshly

shaven lips.  This caused Bonnie to move her hips up and down slightly and

he knew she was anxious for him to put his tongue into her fiery depths.

But he wanted to savor every little bit of this new found treat.  So he

started running his tongue along the crease between the hole and the now

moist lips.  Then he sucked one of the lips into his mouth and chewed it

gently.  This caused her to move her body even more.  Next he pulled up on

that tasty flesh and let it slide from his mouth.  Then he ran his tongue

up and down her rapidly moistening cunt like it was a lollipop a few time

to get a real good taste.

    Back on top of the covers Bonnie instructed Barry to place his dick on

the bone that ran between her tits.  Then she had him slide his body

forward a little so that she could lean her head forward and lick it.  Next

she pressed her tits together around the shaft and told him to start

rocking back and forth.  When he did this the felling was unbelievable.  It

sent feelings through his cock that almost had him over the edge.  When

Bonnie noticed this she quickly stopped him and pulled him up to her face.

All in one motion she swallowed his rod and then just held him there.  Then

she applied pressure with her teeth on the vein on the underside of his

cock to ebb his growing need.  She wanted this to last because she needed a

different hole filled and she didn't know if he could get hard again


    Brad was busy sucking her pussy like crazy.  He had found that he could

put his mouth over the whole thing and that way he would get every drop of

the sweet nectar that ran from her pussy.  All his sucking was taking it's

toll on Bonnie also.  It had brought her body to a fevered pitch and she

didn't know if she could get control enough to get what she really wanted.

With this thought she gently slid the cock from between her lips and told

Barry to go to the bathroom and bring back the bottle of baby oil in the

medicine chest.  Barry was a little upset over the interruption of such a

great blow-job, but he quickly ran to get it.  Next she motioned for Brad

to bring himself up from out of the covers.  When he did this she checked

to make sure his hard-on was still intact and then took the bottle of baby

oil from Brad.  Next she had Barry lay on his back.  She slowly rubbed some

oil all over his smooth young cock being sure to make it extra slippery.

Then she turned around and put her knees on either side of his hips and

straightened out her legs.  She reached between her legs a grasped the now

slippery prick and placed it at the entrance to her tight little asshole

and slowly pushed.

     Barry at first didn't know what was happening, but he was quick to

learn.  So he grabbed his now throbbing hard-on and held it still.  Slowly

she pushed.  When his cock met the resistance of her sphincter it stopped

there for a second, but with her slow steady push it soon gave way and his

cock started to travel into that tight tunnel of darkness.  She didn't want

him to blow his load as soon as he slid in so when she felt his prick touch

the far reaches of her ass she sat still for a minute and then leaned back

over his chest.

     "Now Brad I want you to kneel in between mine and Barry's legs and

place your peter head at the entrance to my pussy.  Don't push too fast

because it will take a second for my body to adjust to having two cocks in

it, but I'll let you know when you can push all the way in".

      Brad quickly knelt between their legs.  He grabbed his cock and

rubbed it around between her cunt lips a few time and then when he felt her

entrance he gave his hips a little push.  At first it was so tight that he

thought that his dick would never fit.  But just as his mother had said she

soon relaxed her steaming wet hole and he could feel it open for him.

     "Ok Brad, now slowly push it all the way inside, but when you get all

the in I want you to stop moving.  If you want this to be the best then

we'll have to take it easy".

      So he slowly started to push his throbbing cock into the steamy hole.

It still felt tight, but it was wet enough to allow him total access.

Before long he looked down and saw his whole cock had disappeared in to her


    Next she reached around and grabbed his ass to hold to for more

control.  "Okay, now I want both of you to start taking long slow strokes.

Barry it will probably be the hardest for you to hold back, but if you feel

the pressure getting to bad just stop moving and it should cool off a bit.

Brad you do the same.  I want to make all of us come together".

    So the boys started to slowly stroke their cocks in and out of the two

holes.  Brad who was fucking a hairless pussy was beside himself with

pleasure.  It seemed his whole body was now only his cock.  Each stroke

sent electric messages up his spine.  With each stroke he could feel his

brothers cock plunging into that other place of pleasure, only a thin

membrane separating them.  It almost seemed as if their pricks were one.

He could only get five or six strokes in before his balls sent him the

message of a near explosion.  He quickly remembered what Bonnie had told

and stopped plunging into her.

    Brad was having an even harder time.  He could feel every pore of his

cock being swallowed by that hot dark nether region.  He had never thought

that sticking his dick into someone's asshole could feel so great.  On his

second inward stroke he knew that he was so close to cumming that he would

be hard pressed to stop before shooting his load.  But when his hips

touched the soft cheeks of his mother's ass he reached around her chest and

started fondling her breasts.  One in each hand.  This allowed him to take

his mind off his cock enough so that he could hold back his impatient


   Bonnie was out of control.  She had always fantasized about being

fucked from both sides, but when she had approached the subject with her

deceased husband, he had said that it sounded sick to him and besides he

wouldn't share her body with anyone.  Now that she was actually feeling two

cocks filling her two wanting holes she knew that she would never get

anything to feel this great.  With each stroke of those hard young hunks

into her greedy core she felt herself rise to an almost unimaginable

height.  Even when both boys stopped to ebb their desires, just the felling

of those pricks lodged in two different holes but only being separated by

that thin membrane it was driving her over the edge.

    "Okay, now I want both of you to start fucking and I mean real steady.

Don't stop for anything.  Plunge those hard young cocks into me as deep as

you can.  I want to fell every inch of you".With that encouragement both

boys started to plummet their cocks downward.  Searching for the end of

that warmth that they knew would bring release.  Each incredible in and out

brought all of them to a point that much closer of a mind shattering


    Brad's balls felt like they were on fire.  The tingling started from

deep within his sack and started to move up his prick getting closer to the

head with each thrust.Barry's prick was pushing so far and so deep that

each downward thrust was hitting her cervix which only added more fire to

his now enflamed manhood.  He knew he was just about there.

    Bonnie was past the point of no return.  She felt the impending orgasm

knocking at the gates of her mind.  She used her legs to help the boys get

even more rhythm and then grabbed Barry's ass cheeks and pulled him into as

far as she could and let go.  All the pent up tension left along with one

long orgasm.  When her floodgates opened she let loose with such a torrent

of cum that she could feel it running down the crack of her ass and over

Brad's now jerking cock.

    Barry threw his head back on that final plunge and shot every ounce of

jism he had into that waiting hole.  He pulled back his hips and drove

again and still more liquid fire was being added to what already lay there.

    Brad pushed his cock as deep up her ass as her cheeks would let and the

cum rocketed out of the head of his cock like it was coming home after

being gone for so long.  His prick knew that it had found paradise.  He

could feel his mother's rectum spasming around his throbbing pillar and

this drove him on.  He let loose with yet another torrent on jism which

completely filled up her anal cavity and began to run back around his dick

and down the crack of his ass.  Finally he laid down and started to return

to earth.  His cock had give it's final spasm and was now starting to

shrink to it's normal size.

    Barry wanted to never take his cock out of that pleasurable pussy.

With feelings like that coming over his cock he didn't ever want it to

stop.  But his last wad had sapped him and now his prick too had shrunk and

he felt it plop out of the warmth to lie softly on his thigh.  He rolled

over on the side of the bed and collapsed.

    Bonnie had never felt so good in her life.  Those two plunging cocks

had sent her to mars and back.  When Barry's dick slid out of her pussy she

was a little disappointed, but she knew that there would be other times.

She slid down off of Brad's dick and lay between his legs.  She looked at

his now shrunken dick.  It was all covered with his and her juices.  It

looked so cute laying there against his thigh.  She gently reached out and

ran her fingers over it.  Then she snaked out her tongue and licked it.  It

tasted good.  She had tasted her own come before and she liked the way this

tasted mixed with hers.  She put the soft cock in her mouth and cleaned it

all off with her tongue.  But it was still lifeless.

    She reached over to Barry and saw his prick was the same so she quickly

slipped his into her mouth and gave it a thorough tongue lashing also.  It

tasted like sweet nectar.  But no matter how much she tried it would not

rise to the occasion.  She knew that both boys would sleep good tonight.

She quietly slipped out of her bed, picked up her night shirt and walked

down the hall to the boys room where upon she climbed into one of the beds

and dropped quickly off to sleep.


    It was a warm summer afternoon.  The sun was gradually making it's way

to it's setting and there was a slight breeze.

    There was a low moaning sound coming from a group of bushes in the

woods about a mile behind Brad and Barry's house.

    When Barry first heard these intimate sounds he wanted to walk right in

there and see who was at the center of those seductive sounds.  But he had

learned that it might be better for him if he quietly snuck up and peeked

on whoever it was that seemed to be enjoying themselves so much.

    When he slowly parted the bushes his eyes almost came out of his head.

There was his brother Brad on his knees pumping is cock into Darla

Jennings.  Sweet Darla.  Why she must have been the fantasy girl of half

the juniors at Helmstead High.  The way she was rolling her head around and

the noise she was making he could tell that his brother must have really

been going at for some time.  Brad was ramming his prick into so hard and

so fast that his hips were almost a blur.  Barry quietly watched them for

about five minutes when suddenly Brad pulled back on her hips and shot load

after load of his hot juices into waiting cavern.

    When he had gained his senses he leaned back and let his limp dick slip

out and he just seemed to gaze into nowhere.  That was when he noticed

Barry.  Putting his finger to his lips Barry motioned for him to come over

where he was standing, but to leave Darla there.

    "I've got to go take a leak Darla, you stat put and I'll be right back.

We can start back in a minute".  "Don't you go off and leave me here for

long Brad, you're not finished with me that fast.  There's still a few more

positions we haven't got yet".

    "I'll be back before you can blink an eye".

    When he got around the bushes he motioned for Barry to follow him out

of earshot of Darla.  "What are you doing sneaking up on me Barry.  If

Darla knew you were watching she'd have my hide and I'd never get in her

pants again".

     "I didn't know it was it you when I first came out here.  I was

walking over to Tommy's house and I heard these moans so I figured I'd

check it out.  You're not the only guy to bring a girl out here".

    "So what are you hanging around for then.  You can see I've got the

hottest babe in town on her knees begging to fuck me and I'm going back

there now and you're going to get lost".

    "Wait a minute.  I thought we were brothers".

     "Yea, so what"?

    "Well, I was thinking.  We could kind of share her.  If we did it

right, by the time she realized what was happening she would be too far

gone to stop and then we could both slip her a little sausage".

    "What have you got in mind"?

    "Well you go back in there and start working her over.  You know get

her real hot.  Then tell her that you want her to suck your dick for a

while before you play hide the sausage again.  Then when she's all wrapped

with your cock in her mouth I'll sneak up behind her and slip her the

salami from behind.  We'll have her so horny by that time that she'll be

begging us to screw the pants off her".

    "Well OK, I'll give it a try.  But you got make sure she don't notice

you sneaking up on her.  If she hears you, she might scream and she could

bite my peter off".Both boys laughed at that, but Brad quickly ran back to

his sweet little honey, Darla.

    "What took you so long?  Can't you see that this sweet little pussy is

just dying to be filled again.  I just love the way you make me feel so

full inside.  Why don't you come over here and give me that big hunk


    "I think I'll have me a little dessert first.  You lay back and I'll

show you something that'll make your head spin".

    When Darla laid down on her back brad looked her over real slow.  He

couldn't believe he was actually here with the prettiest thing in town.

Not only did she have one of the sweetest looking asses he had ever seen,

she had the best titties too.  Even when she laid on her back they just

sort of reached out to him as if to say, "come and fell me", or "suck me

good".  She was so beautiful.

    Brad started at her lips.  He gently kissed those luscious lips until

she gave a little gasp.  Then he move around to her neck and slowly ran his

tongue along her neck to her earlobe, where he probed with his tongue.

Seeing this did not have the desired affect he quickly licked his way down

to those luscious orbs.  He gave each one a little nip and then started a

real slow hard sucking.  he moved back and forth between tits like he was

undecided on which one was better.  Actually he loved her tits the same,

but knowing that he was actually sucking and biting on Darla's made it so

much more enjoyable.

    When he was sure he had enough of her breast he let his tongue run a

line down her stomach.  He quickly stopped and ran his tongue around her

navel and then slowly descended to that most treasured target.

    Darla usually wore one of those new thong bikinis.  She didn't want any

tell tale pubes showing out the skimpy bottom so she kept her bush trimmed

down to a cute little stripe that barely left any hair on her pussy at all.

Brad had never seen one shaved like that, but that made it all the more

pleasing.  When his tongue reached the beginning of that sparse patch he

ran it along it's sides and then around to her thigh.  Here he licked small

circles ending each one right where her legs joined her groin.  He could

tell by the little mewing sounds she made that it was having the desired

effect.  This encouraged him on farther.  Next he ran his tongue back up to

the top of her mound.  He gently put both hands on either side of her love

nest and spread her lips with his hands and did a quick inspection of the

treasure that lay hidden beneath that golden fleece.  Her clit wasn't as

big as big as his mother's, but it looked so inviting that he trembled with

the thought of capturing it with his teeth and lips.  Slowly he worked his

tongue down over the ridge of her mound until it found that little piece of

sweet knob.  When he reached it he let his tongue run circles all over it

until he could feel her body tense.  Then he captured it in his mouth and

sucked real soft.  This brought her ass off the ground.  She started

moaning like a bitch in heat and she was pushing his face hard against her

cunt trying to force more of it in his mouth.  Brad knew that she would be

loosing her cookies at any moment.  Quickly he moved his mouth down to her

sweet hole and plunged his tongue in as far as it would go.  That was all

it took.  She skyrocketed.  She was moaning so loud and thrashing her head

around so much that he thought for sure the whole world would hear.  He

kept it up for a little bit longer and then he moved his face back and blew

little hot breaths on her pussy.  She thrashed a little longer and then

started to quiet down.

    When he sat back up she leaned up to him and quickly gave him the

biggest kiss he'd ever had and even snaked her tongue in to taste her


    "That was incredible.  I've never had anybody do that to me before.

You made me feel like my whole body was on fire.  I can't believe how good

it felt.  Can girls make guys feel that good too"?

    "I bet if you tried and I told a few things along the way, you could

have me blasting off in no time".

    She quickly put her hand on his chest to make lay down, but he stopped

her and said, "it works much better for men if we kind of stay on our

knees.  Men like to be able to feel that they have a little control.  Even

if they really don't".So when he sat back on his haunches with his dick

sticking straight out like a flag pole, Darla quickly got on her knees in

front of him.  He knew she like the taste of her own juices from the way

she had frenched him a few minutes ago, so he knew that the scum left on

his cock from their last fuck wouldn't stop her now.

    "Okay, first thing is for you to lean over and pretend your licking a

nice sweet lollipop.  Run your tongue all up and down the shaft a few time

to get the feel of how a cock feels".  "Then lick back up to the top and

put your lips over the head.  Be sure to cover your teeth with your lips,

cause it doesn't fell good having teeth rubbed on a hard dick.  Then when

you feel like you got that part, slowly slide your lips down the shaft

until you feel it against the back of your throat.  Once you get that far I

think the rest you'll be able to figure out".

    She slowly lifted his meat to her lips and carefully pursing them she

slid her lips over the head.  At first touch she knew this was going to be

fun.  Once she had the head just inside her mouth she tried running her

tongue over it to see how it tasted.  She immediately tasted her own juices

and knew she was going to like it even more.  Next she slowly slid her lips

down his length.  "Take your time Darla.  If you want to get me off the way

I did you, you need to take it slow and not try to rush things.  Slide your

lips all the way down and then stay down for a few seconds so you can get

used to having something this big in there.  Then try to go down a little

farther.  You might feel like choking when my cock first hits the back of

your throat, but that's normal.  Just stop right there until the feeling

passes and then slide down a bit farther.  Keep doing that until you've got

all of me in your mouth and throat.  You'll be surprised at how easy it

is.Darla quivered with the thought of all that hot flesh in her mouth and

all the sweet hot cum stored in those balls that would her filling her

mouth to run slowly down her throat.  When she first felt that if fat dick

press against her throat she thought she'd never be able to accommodate it

in there.  But she listened to Brad's instructions and stopped moving.  She

noticed that after a few seconds the pressure eased a bit and she felt sure

she could continue.  An inch at a time she forced that hot cock down her

throat.  The felling was incredible.She could feel it throbbing in her

throat, just begging for release.  But she wasn't done yet.  She wanted to

make Brad climb that ladder of orgasm to the very last minute.  She opened

her eyes and saw that she had only about an inch to go and her heart

pounded with the thrill of knowing she could engulf the wonderful cock.

She gently pushed her lips down that last inch and was rewarded when she

felt his pubic hair brush her nose.It felt so different having something of

this size in her throat.  Almost like having a cock split her pussy apart

for the first time.  From that time on she knew that sucking dick would be

her favorite next to slid her pussy over one.

    Brad was hard put not lose unload down those beautiful lips from the

first moment she took him in, but he knew that Barry was waiting to get his

greedy cock into that steaming pussy, so he started to think of things that

would cool his nuts off for the time being.

    Barry was beside him self now.  It was hard enough watching his brother

run his tongue all over this sweet piece of meat, but to see him with his

cock stuffed all the way down her throat was about as much as he could

take.  Slowly he slid his pants down and kicked them off.  Next he tore off

his tee-shirt and piled it with his pants.  He waited a few seconds more to

be sure that Darla was totally engrossed in her first blow-job and then

quietly slid through the bushes.  She still didn't notice him when he

dropped to his knees so he grabbed his throbbing member and stroked it a

few times, all the while watching her head bob up and down on Brad's rod.

He held his staff out and aimed for the mouth of her now sopping pussy and

sunk it in to the hilt with one easy plunge.

    Darla was caught totally unawares by this invasion of she knew not

what.  She immediately started to ask what the hell was going on, but with

her mouth full of cock all she could do was mumble.  Brad, seeing that she

might want to back off his pillar of hot flesh, put his hands on her head

and held her steady.  Meanwhile Barry had wrapped his hand around her hips

so when she tried to pull away he was ready for her.  He slammed his hip

against her ass with a force so hard that it made a little slapping sound

and he was buried up to the nuts.  Then he started a slow easy in and out

that he knew would take it toll on her already steamy tunnel.  After he

plundered her a few times she slowly started to respond.  He smiled as he

looked towards his brother and nodded his head to show that she was


    With that Brad slowly started his slow pumping into her mouth that

bring him his much needed release.

    At first touch of this new flesh penetrating her heated hole, Darla was

scared that she was being used in a way that she didn't care for.  But when

that hot staff kept gliding into her waiting hole her body overcame it's

fear and started to respond.  That monstrous cock in her mouth was staring

to throb and the one in her snatch was bringing her closer to a mind

shattering orgasm.  She soon realized that she was too far gone to turn

back so she went at those two cocks with shear abandon.

    Barry started to fell his ball tighten and he knew that he wouldn't be

far off now.  He started to thrust harder and harder to bring him to that

spine splitting release that was almost there.

    Brad was right ahead of him and already his cock was gathering for the

wad that would seem to tear his mind from his body.

    When Brad's cock gave it's first blast into Darla's anxious mouth, her

mind began to reel.  The prick in her pussy was setting it aflame.  She

knew that she was going to have the deepest, hardest come of her young


   Barry made one last plunge into that sweet moist cavern and then he let

loose with a flood of cum.  It spurted from his cockhead so hard that it

bounced off her cervix and started to run out of her pussy making it all

the more slick.When that first wad hit bottom Darla's body was lost in a

pleasure dome.  Every nerve in her body was on fire.  Her pussy was

throbbing and the dock in her mouth was filling her up faster than she

could swallow.  She felt out of control.  When she felt Brad's cock give a

final weak spurt she slowly backed off that throbbing hunk and pushed her

ass down hard on Barry's staff to feel it throb all along her hot

tunnel.Barry's rod gave one final spasm and then started to recede. He had

shot so much liquid fire that it was running back out of her pussy and onto

his thighs.  After his last spasm he pulled out and fell over on his side

to catch his breath.

    Brad slowly rolled Darla over onto her back to let her see that it was

his brother that he had been sharing her charms with.

    When she saw how the two boys looked so much alike, she stopped

thinking about why she should be mad, and started to laugh.  "Why didn't

you tell me that you had a twin brother"?"Well I guess it never came up.

We've only been seeing each other a little while and I just figured

everyone at school knew about us".

    Barry had finally caught his breath enough to say "You sure are one

pretty girl Darla. I been watching you ever since the first day of school.

I didn't want to scare you, but when I heard you moaning earlier I just

help wanting you.  Me and Brad figured that with the right plan we could

really show how close two brothers can be".

    "You two sure did surprise me, but I guess it's alright. Besides, with

the way you two look I could never be sure which one I was with anyhow.

This way I'll know where both of you are".  With that they all laughed.

Then Barry started to run his hands around the smooth globes that were

Darla's tits.  "Anyone want to try for seconds", he said.

/*  There are two versions ending this story.  It's not known by us which one

    is done by the original author (maybe both).  We have both of the endings

    here.  */


   Barry, Brad and their mother Bonnie kept up their sex lessons making

   Brad and Barry very happy and satisfied and their mother Bonnie

   delighted.  Bonnie was getting fucked almost every night and like last

   night she had both her young stallions in her at the same time.  Brad

   had surprised her in the living room while she was exercising and as he

   watched her he took out his cock and began to stroke it for her.  Bonnie

   seeing his stiff prick stripped off her t-shirt and shorts and began to

   suck her son's thick prick making him moan with pleasure as she deep

   throated his big prick and massaged his cum filled balls.  As she was

   sucking off her son his twin brother Barry came home and after stripping

   down began to lick and suck Bonnie's large firm tits as he finger fucked

   his mothers's hot wet pussy.  Bonnie loved the feeling of her son's

   fingers probing the slippery wetness of her pussy while her mouth

   surrounded her other son's stiff prick.  Before Brad could climax in her

   mouth she pulled him down and straddled his prick forcing her son deep

   into her wet tight slit fucking his stiff prick far into the creamy

   recesses of her pulsing pussy.  Bonnie wanted to feel both her son's in

   her firm body and after sucking Barry's cock to a nice stiff hard on

   told her son to fuck her in the asshole.  Barry got in behind his mother

   and spread her ass cheeks licking her pucker anus until it was nice and

   wet.  Bonnie reached back and guided her son's stiff prick up her

   twitching asshole until his balls were pressing against her slippery

   cunt lips.  Barry and Brad fucked her hard making her cum multiple times

   until they finally pumped her cunt and asshole full of their sweet sperm

   grunting out their pleasure as they fucked Bonnie's hot holes.

   Bonnie returned the favor and sucked them up to another erection letting

   Brad fuck her asshole while she sucked Barry's cock and fingered his

   anus.  Brad was reaming his mother asshole with his stiff prick and

   trying to hold off his orgasm as long as possible.  Finally Bonnie began

   her climax and her asshole clamped tightly around her son's pounding

   prick bringing Brad off and filling her anus with his thick cream.

   Barry rolled his mother on her back and licked her pussy making her

   twitch with post climax tension until he could not resist any longer and

   spread her pussy lips pressing his stiff prick up his mother's hot wet

   cunt.  Bonnie pulled on her tits and nipples as her son fucked her wide

   open slit with hard fast strokes making her climax twice before he

   filled her wanton cunt with another load of hot sperm.  The boys

   continued to pleasure their mother until she passed out and then they

   covered her up with a blanket and got something to eat and waited until

   she revived a bit.  When Bonnie woke up the boys helped her to the

   shower and washed her cum soaked body and put her to bed crawling in bed

   with her and caressing her until they all fell asleep.

   When Bonnie woke up she could feel the boy's around her and held them to

   her body enjoying the warmth of their hard young bodies.  Bonnie worried

   though because her daughter Janet was returning from college today to

   spend the summer.  Bonnie knew she couldn't keep the boys away from her

   all summer and worried that her secret sex life with her sons would be

   found out.  The boys woke up and started to play with their mother's

   tits and cunt making Bonnie horny and wet.  Bonnie knew she would have

   to talk to them about Janet but wondered how to broach the subject.

   Bonnie wanted to fuck the boys once more but knew they would have to be

   getting up to go to the airport to pick up Janet so she got up suddenly

   and told them to get up and get ready for breakfast.  Bonnie and the

   boys had become bold and walked around naked while in the house dressing

   only when they were expecting friends or planning to go out.  Bonnie

   went downstairs and started breakfast.  The boys came down stairs

   sporting stiff cocks which made Bonnie horny all over again.  While

   Bonnie fried some eggs Barry rubbed her ass and wormed a finger up her

   butt.  Brad followed his brother's lead and stood behind his mother and

   reaching around feeling her tits and pulling on her now very stiff

   nipples.  Bonnie knew she was lost and turned off the eggs.  Both boys

   had raging hard cocks and Bonnie reached out for them pulling on their

   stiff pricks as they rubbed her body into a frenzy.  The boys pushed her

   down to her knees and she took Brad's prick in her mouth as she fondled

   his cum filled balls.  Barry got behind her and spread her now very wet

   pussy lips and pressed his prick deep into her pulsing vagina fucking

   his mothers sopping pussy with long firm strokes.  Bonnie was fucking

   her cunt back against her son's thrusts and moaning as she deep throated

   Brad's pulsing cock.  Brad began to fuck her mouth hard thrusting his

   young prick deep into her throat and shooting his sweet cream into her

   throat.  As Bonnie swallowed her son's sweet cream Barry began to shoot

   his load into her hot slit making her climax as she drank Brad's sperm.

   No sooner had she milked her son's balls of their delicious liquid Brad

   pulled his still erect prick from her mouth and he and his Brother

   switched positions.  Barry forced his cock fresh from her cunt into her

   mouth and began to fuck her face with hard strokes.  As his cock slid

   past her lips and into her throat she felt Brad's stiff prick ramming up

   her pussy and filling her sperm drenched cunt with his desire.  The boys

   continued to fuck their mother and Brad filled her cunt with cum just as

   she reached her second climax and drank down another load from Barry's

   hot stiff cock.

   After a shower they dressed and left of the airport.  On the way Bonnie

   talked to them about how they had to act while Janet their 19 year old

   sister was home.  The boys were not happy about it but they understood

   and Bonnie told them they would get some lessons while Janet was home

   but they would have to wait for the right time when Janet would be out

   of the house.  Janet's plane was on time Bonnie hugged her daughter and

   held her welcoming her back but wondering how she was going to manage

   the boys while her daughter was home.  Brad and Barry kissed Janet and

   hugged her too noticing that Janet's tits felt good as they pressed up

   against their chests.  Janet was happy and bouncing with joy looking

   forward to the summer away from school.  As they rode home Brad was

   thinking about his sister in new ways and wondering if he could find a

   way to have sex with his sister too.

   They got home and Janet wanted to take a shower so she went upstairs and

   Brad and Barry went to their room.  Bonnie worried to herself but there

   was little she could do but wait and see how things would go.  Brad

   confided his desire for his sister Janet to Barry and found that he was

   not the only one to think of her as a possible sex partner.  Brad and

   Barry thought about their predicament and finally decided to try to get

   her involved by letting her catch them masturbating and see if they

   could get Janet hot enough to make her want to play with their cocks.

   She would then be at their mercy and maybe they would be able to get

   Janet to join them with their mother.

   Janet sensed some tenseness with the boys while they rode home in the

   car but now she was enjoying a relaxing shower.  She had been looking

   forward to coming home and wanted to lay around and rest this summer.

   Janet thought about her roommates Jill and Ceil and missed them already

   they had become very close during the school year.  As Janet soaped her

   young body she thought of last night and making love to her friends Jill

   and Ceil.  Janet and her roommates had been lovers ever since the

   afternoon while she was supposed to be at the Library.  Janet had

   returned to find her two roommates in a hot 69 on the floor eating each

   other's pussies while they probed each other assholes with their

   fingers.  Janet still remembered how excited she had become watching her

   roommates make love to each other and as she remembered the events of

   that afternoon her fingers stole up her pussy and she began to finger

   her hot little box.  Janet had been having sex ever since high school

   and loved both men and women as partners.  She especially liked to be

   fucked while eating out another girl and she and her roommates had often

   shared their dates bringing them back to the room and fucking them until

   the poor guy was nearly dead.  Janet worked her cunt hard and climaxed

   twice while she showered. Finally Janet turned off the shower and dried

   herself off and remembered she had not brought clean cloths to change

   into. Janet laughed and thought of how she and her roommates would never

   dress while in their room walking around naked most of the time. Janet

   wrapped the small towel around her barely covering her firm tits and

   coming just below her pussy. Janet left the bathroom and headed down

   the hall to her room as she passed the boys room she noticed that their

   door was open a crack and she looked in to see Brad laying naked on the

   bed his prick stiff and hard as he stroked his long shaft.  Janet paused

   to watch as her brother stroked his cock and the site made her pussy

   twitch thinking of how good it would feel going up her cunt.  Janet got

   a bit closer to the door and watched as Brad worked his stiff cock

   moaning a bit as his pleasure built.  Janet's hand was already rubbing

   her juicy shaved cunt and she was lost in her own lust.

   Suddenly the door opened wide and she was looking at Barry standing

   there his cock stiff and a wide smile on his face.  For a moment no one

   said a thing and then Barry grabbed her by the towel and pulled her into

   the room and closed the door.  Janet's towel fell off her exposing her

   nude body to her brothers lustfull gaze.  Janet was very turned on by

   the nude bodies of her twin brothers their stiff pricks looked bigger

   than she had imagined and her pussy was wet with her lust.  Brad stopped

   stroking his cock and got off the bed and approached Janet his stiff

   prick bouncing suggestively as he walked. For a long moment no one spoke

   as they looked each other over.  Brad liked Janet's firm young tits and

   her nipples were stiff with excitement as she stood there naked not

   covering her body at all from their lust filled eyes.  Janet was the

   first to speak and she told her brothers they had grown quite a bit and

   she liked what she saw.  Barry told Janet he thought she was beautiful

   and put his arm around her pulling her nude body to his and rubbing the

   head of his cock into her firm thigh.  Janet knew she was going to enjoy

   her summer as much as she had being at school and reached out grabbing

   Brad's stiff prick pulling him to her side.  Brad and Barry were all

   over their sister Janet in a flash their hands were already fondling

   her firm tits and Barry had his hand on her pussy and was rubbing her

   clean shaven slit and fingering her hot stiff clit.  Brad began to suck

   his sister Janet's stiff nipple while his hand slid down her firm ass

   and he began to rub her tight little anal pucker.

   Janet was surprised by her brothers experience level and was loving the

   attention they were paying her.  Brad and Barry closed the door again

   leaving it open just a bit hoping their mother Bonnie would come up and

   see them getting it on with Janet.  Barry sat on the edge of his bed and

   spread his legs calling his sister to join him.  Janet moved between his

   legs and stroked his cock and played with his balls a bit then lowered

   her head to his prick licking up and down his ridged shaft.  Brad placed

   his hand on his sisters head and forced his dick into her mouth feeling

   her warm wet mouth envelope his straining prick.  Janet started to suck

   Brad's hard cock tasting the pre-cum that leaked from his stiff prick.

   Janet felt Barry behind her and she started to tremble as Barry licked

   and fingered her clean shaven cunt and probed her hot anus with his wet

   tongue.  Barry wanted to feel his cock up his sisters hot slippery slit

   so he spread her legs more and placed his stiff prick against his

   sisters sopping pussy.  Barry slowly worked his cock deep into Janet's

   cunt feeling the velvet walls of her vagina squeeze his stiff shaft as

   he filled her hot slit with his prick.  Janet was already near climax

   and she could tell Brad was about to fill her greedy mouth with his

   sperm as he lurched forward ramming the swollen head of his thick prick

   deep into her throat.  Barry's cock was fully up her slit and she felt

   full and excited her pussy throbbing with excitement as her brother

   began to slowly ream her tight slit with his big prick.  Janet squeezed

   Brad's balls and felt him start to shoot his cum down her throat.

   Brad's load was thick and sweet and Janet had a hard time keeping up

   with the flow of sperm shooting out of her brother's cock.  Barry in the

   meantime was pounding his sister's cunt making her ass cheeks and tits

   jump as he rammed his stiff prick up her tight young cunt.  Janet's

   first climax hit her hard and caused her cunt to clamp down on Barry's

   rampaging cock sending him over the top and causing him to shoot his

   sperm up her hot cunt.  Barry fucked his sister until his cock went soft

   and then pulled out and licked her spermy cunt.

   Brad was pulling Janet's nipples as she washed his cock and balls with

   her tongue sucking up all his sweet cream.  Brad wanted to fuck his

   sister too, and Janet was ready for anything her twin brothers could

   think up.  Brad layed back on his bed and pulled Janet up on him pulling

   her tits and nipples making  her moan with desire.  Janet  seeing Brad's

   cock rise again straddled his hips and opened her pussy and guided  his

   stiff prick up her sperm lubed pussy.  Janet rammed her cunt down on her

   brothers cock forcing his dick  deep into her overheated snatch  bumping

   the head of  Brad's prick against  her cervix.  Barry  not wanting to be

   left out stood next to the bed and pulled on Janet's nipples and pressed

   his now stiff prick  into her mouth.  Janet  took Barry's cock deep into

   her throat as  she pounded Brad's  stiff pecker up  her cunt making  her

   pussy convulse with  pleasure.  Janet thought  she was going to lose her

   mind from all the pleasure she was feeling and she sucked and fucked her

   brothers until she had two more  climaxes and Brad filled her cunt  with

   his  sperm  and  Barry  filled  her  mouth to overflowing with his thick

   creamy sperm.  The kids were winding down laying on the bed and  rubbing

   each other making the pleasure last  a bit longer and talking about  how

   they would enjoy the summer together.  Brad and Barry did not tell their

   sister about them and mom but  they were plotting and scheming ways  to

   introduce Janet into their sex relationship with Bonnie.

   Brad let it slip that he and Barry sometimes played with each  other and

   that he had sucked his brother off more than once.  Janet seemed to take

   this news rather well and eventually confided her secret affair with her

   roommates  to  her  brothers.   The  boys  were  very turned on by their

   sisters revelations and told  her they would like  to see her making  it

   with another girl.   Janet thought about  it and told  her brothers that

   she might be able to arrange a show for them if the wanted it.  Brad and

   Barry told her they  would love it and  that maybe they could  provide a

   girl to try it with thinking of  how hot Darla got they were sure  they

   could get her hot  enough to get it  on with their sister.   Bonnie had

   been afraid to go upstairs for  fear that the boys would do something to

   expose their secret to Janet.  As it was getting late Bonnie called  the

   kids down for lunch and they  came down and ate like they  were starved.

   Bonnie kept up the small talk thru lunch then suggested they all take  a

   swim.  The boys and Janet thought it was a good idea and went off to get

   into their suits.  As Janet got out her skimpy bikini Brad came into her

   room and  began to  lick her  pussy while  she was  putting on  her top.

   Janet told him to stop or they would never get downstairs and mom  would

   find out about their love making and put an end to it.  Brad told  Janet

   she shouldn't worry so much about  mom because mom was cool and  he told

   his  sister  about  seeing  mom  playing  with  herself while watching a

   X-rated video  tape.  Actually  Bonnie, Barry  and Brad  had watched the

   video together and fucked each  other silly during and after  it.  Barry

   came in and told the two of them to get going and pulled Brad away  from

   Janet letting her  get dressed.  Brad  and Janet went  downstairs to the

   pool leaving Barry to  get the towels.  Barry  was getting them when  he

   heard his mother coming up to change into her suit and he wanted her to

   wear her thong bikini so he her followed her into her room.  Bonnie hear

   her son and protested  a bit warning Barry  about his sister being  home

   but Barry reassured his mother  that Janet was already downstairs at the

   pool.  Barry watched as his mom stripped down and his dick began to grow

   as she moved around  naked hunting for a  suit.  Barry told her  to wear

   the thong bikini telling her how hot it made her look.  Bonnie was  torn

   between showing off and the dread that her daughter would find out about

   what had  been going  on between  her and  the boys.   Barry sensed  her

   concern and began to fondle his mothers large tits making her  sensitive

   nipples blossom erect while her  pussy began to get wet.   Barry dropped

   to his knees and began to lick his mother's wet slit as he continued  to

   pull  on  her  stiff  nipples.   Bonnie  was  almost to climax before he

   stopped and Bonnie agreed to wear the suit he suggested.

   Barry pulled his suit down and  stroked his hard cock as his  mother put

   on her suit trying to  make it hide more of  her charms than it had  the

   ability to conceal.  Barry and  Bonnie headed downstairs to the  kitchen

   and Bonnie  told Barry  to meet  her at  the pool.   Bonnie stopped  and

   poured herself a double  shot of scotch to  quiet her nerves before  she

   went  out  in  front  of  her  daughter  in her suit with her ass cheeks

   exposed.  As Bonnie stepped out on the patio Janet whistled her approval

   and asked her mom if she could  have a suit like the one her  mother was

   wearing.  Bonnie blushed  a bit and  then turned so  that Janet and  the

   boys could get a clear view  of her ass cheeks.  Bonnie's ass  was fully

   exposed except for  a half inch  strip of cloth  which just covered  her

   anus.  In the front the suit was thin and just barely covered her  mound

   making a close cropped bush and shaved pussy lips a real necessity.  The

   top was not  exactly spacious either  and Bonnie's large  firm tits were

   showing at the tops and sides of the skimpy top.  Bonnie's stiff nipples

   were clearly visible thru  the thin fabric and  in the noontime sun  the

   heat was making Bonnie hot as  hell for some fun.  Bonnie dove  into the

   pool and swam around  a bit as her  daughter and sons got  into the pool

   with her.  As they swam around Bonnie could swear she saw Barry  feeling

   up Janet but dismissed her thoughts as a figment of her own guilty, lust

   filled imagination.  Brad  on the other  hand was feeling  up Bonnie and

   she worried that Janet would see  Brad as he grabbed her tits  or rubbed

   her pussy.  Janet  was trying to  act innocent but  she did notice  that

   Brad spent a lot of time very close to her mother and wondered if he was

   trying to  get a  feel.  Bonnie  finally left  the water  if only to cut

   short Brad's insistent hands.  Bonnie layed out in the sun on the lounge

   chair as she watched her teenage kids in the pool.  Between the  tension

   and the booze Bonnie  finally fell asleep in  the sun and when  she woke

   she was staring at Barry across the pool.  Barry was sitting on the edge

   of the  pool with  no suit  on and  Janet had  her head between his legs

   sucking his cock like a pro.  Bonnie didn't know what to do so she  just

   layed there and watched as her  daughter rammed her mouth down over  her

   son's stiff prick.  Brad swam up behind Janet and it looked like he  was

   rubbing and pulling on Janet's tits below the water.  Pretty soon  Barry

   began to lurch forward and Bonnie hear her daughter sucking down Barry's

   load as Brad urged  her on.  As soon  as Barry had stopped  spurting his

   cum  down  Janet's  throat  he  moved  back  and  lifted her up onto the

   decking.  Janet  was naked  her small  firm tits  were beautiful and her

   nipples were erect, her hips and thighs were smooth and firm and as  she

   settled  down  with  her  legs  in  the  water  Bonnie  noticed that her

   daughters pussy was fully shaved.

   Bonnie  feigned  sleep  as  her  kids continued their lovemaking.  Brad

   spread his sisters legs  and began to eat  her shaved pussy licking  her

   slit with  long broad  strokes as  Barry fondled  and sucked his sisters

   jutting tits.  Janet had her hand  on Barry's cock and was stroking  and

   pulling his prick  as her pussy  was being eaten  by her other  brother.

   Soon the pleasure built to a  fevered pitch and Bonnie watched as  Janet

   began to climax arching her back and forcing her shaved pink pussy  into

   Brad's face.  Brad climbed out of  the pool his cock stiff and ready and

   got between his sisters legs and pressed his prick up her cunt.   Bonnie

   could hear her daughter moan  as Brad's thick long shaft  penetrated her

   hot cunt.  Barry came around and sat on Janet's face telling her to lick

   his balls and ass which Janet did while Brad continued to fuck his  cock

   deep into her hot  tight cunt making her  moan and twist with  pleasure.

   Seeing that  Janet couldn't  see Barry  motioned to  his mother  to join

   them.  Bonnie was  very horny from  watching the hot  scene between her

   offspring and sat up massaging her tits as she watched.  Barry continued

   to  motion  to  his  mother  to  join  them  and then against her better

   judgment Bonnie  got up  and move  slowly around  the pool  to where her

   kid's  were  lost  in  their  lust.   Bonnie  was a bit  jealous as she

   watched Brad pound  his prick up  her daughters hot  wet cunt stretching

   her daughters  pussy as  he probed  the depths  of her  hot cunt. Bonnie

   stood next to Barry as he enjoyed his balls and asshole being licked  by

   his sister  Janet.  Barry  reached out  and pulled  his mother's  bikini

   bottom down  exposing her  wet slit  and began  to lick  her clit  as he

   fingered her  wet vagina.   Janet still  couldn't see  anything but  was

   getting close  to another  climax from  Brad's stiff  cock up  her tight

   twat.  Bonnie  knelt down  and pulled  her bikini  bottoms off  as Barry

   removed her top began to fondle her tits and pull on her stiff  nipples.

   Suddenly Brad began to grunt as he climaxed and filled Janet's hot  cunt

   with  his  sperm  making  her  climax  and  arch her hips up to meet the

   strokes  of  his  spurting  cock.   Brad  backed  off and Bonnie saw her

   daughters  pretty  pussy  open  and  dripping  sperm, this almost caused

   Bonnie to climax  but she still  worried about the  consequences of what

   they were doing.  Brad moved beside his mother and fingered her cunt and

   asshole  as  he  moved  her  around  Janet's  wide stretched legs.  Brad

   remembered the pictures in the magazine  and the one which had one  girl

   licking another girls pussy had always made him very excited.   Bonnie

   eyes were glued  to her daughters  pussy which looked  delicious covered

   with her son Brad's cum.

   Pretty  soon  Bonnie  knew  that  she  wanted to eat her daughters sperm

   coated cunt and bring her off with her mouth and tongue.  Brad urged her

   on and watched as  his mom lowered her  face between her daughters  legs

   and began to lick and suck his sperm from Janet's pussy.  Janet  started

   to twitch  and jump  as Bonnie  licked her  cunt and  clit marveling  at

   Brad's skill  with his  tongue as  she felt  like her  cunt was going to

   explode from  the tongue  lashing she  was receiving.   Barry's cock was

   stiff as a  board again and  he wanted to  fuck so he  moved off Janet's

   face.  Janet looked down between  her legs expecting to see  Brad's head

   between  her  thighs.   To  her  amazement  Janet  saw her mother Bonnie

   between her legs licking  and sucking her cum  filled pussy with a  wild

   look on her face.  Janet scarcely knew what to do, jump up and scream or

   to lay  back and  enjoy the  best cunt  licking she  had ever  received.

   Looking up she saw  Barry smile at her  and knew that there  was more to

   this than a one time occurrence,Brad and Barry must have been getting it

   on with mom for some time.   Janet propped herself up on her  elbows and

   watched as her  mother sucked her  twitching cunt lapping  up her juices

   and the remnants of Brad's last climax.  Bonnie raised her head and told

   her daughter to enjoy, then told  Barry to fuck her cunt with  his stiff

   prick.  Barry moved  around behind his  mom and after  a few preliminary

   licks on her sopping  slit he moved in  on her exposed pussy  and fucked

   his stiff meat deep into  his mothers waiting snatch.  Janet  watched as

   her brother reamed her mother with his prick ramming deep into her  cunt

   and forcing Bonnie's mouth hard against her quivering slit.  Brad  moved

   next to Janet and rubbed his cum slicked cock over her lips until  Janet

   opened her mouth and began to  suck her brothers cock.  Bonnie felt  her

   daughter tense up as her climax approached and being a considerate lover

   pressed her long fingers up her daughter's spasming cunt completing her

   pleasure and bringing on Janet's climax.  Bonnie sucked up her daughters

   juices as  her son  Barry pounded  Bonnie's cunt  bring his  mother to a

   frenzied peak and making her cum too.  Feeling his mothers twat gripping

   his prick Barry sucame to the  pleasure and filled mom's pussy with  his

   creamy sperm.  Brad was still hard and Bonnie and Barry watched as Janet

   sucked him  off taking  a large  load of  sperm down  her throat  as she

   squeezed her younger brothers balls milking his sperm into her mouth.

   They were all a bit tired so they sat around a rested a bit while  Brad,

   Barry and Bonnie filled Janet in on how this all got started.  Janet was

   amazed at  her brothers  antics with  mom and  more than  a bit jealous.

   Pretty soon the boys  cocks began to rise  again and Janet sensed  there

   was more pleasure to follow.  Bonnie told them all to go into the  house

   for something to drink and they all went into the kitchen and sat around

   naked sipping some ice tea.  Barry  wanted to fuck his sister Janet  and

   moved to her  spreading her legs,  pulling them up  on his shoulders and

   eating her  still slippery  slit.  Pretty  soon Janet  was moaning  with

   pleasure and begging  Barry to fuck  her hot wet  pussy.  Bonnie fearing

   that they might be discovered by the neighbors told the kids to go up to

   her room before  things got totally  out of hand.   As they went  up the

   stairs Janet reached  out and played  with her mothers  firm ass rubbing

   Bonnie's wet  cunt and  taught anal  pucker as they ascended the stairs.

   Once they  got in  Bonnie's room  Barry moved  Janet into  a doggy style

   crouch and spread her  pussy licking her cunt  and ass to make  sure she

   was ready.  Janet told Barry to fuck her cunt and called for her  mother

   to lay down  in front of  her so she  could eat her  mom's hot wet cunt.

   Bonnie had not made  love to another woman  for quite some time  and her

   passion doubled at the thought  of her daughter thrusting her  tongue up

   her hot cunt.  Barry guided his thick prick up his sister's hot wet cunt

   ramming his long dick all the way up Janet's tight wet hole on the first

   stroke.  Janet quivered as she felt Barry's big prick enter her slippery

   slit and  stretch her  vagina as  it plunged  deep into  her slick hole.

   Janet loved the taste of her mother's sperm scented cunt and licked  her

   mother's stiff  clit and  forced her  tongue deep  into her tasty pussy.

   Brad not wanting to be left out got down and slid under his sisters wide

   spread legs and  began to lick  and suck her  stiff clit while  his twin

   brother Barry fucked Janet with hard fast strokes making her small  firm

   tits shake each time he bottomed out in her tight pussy.  Bonnie  seeing

   Brad's stiff cock standing proudly began to stroke her son's thick shaft

   making the head of his cock pulse with excitement.

   As they fucked and sucked each  other Bonnie began to think back  to her

   collage days and the hot times she had with her soritety sisters. Bonnie

   remember the all girl  sex parties she had  be in on sucking  and eating

   pussy all night until her tongue and lips were just to sore to continue.

   Bonnie had to admit while she loved to be fucked and sucked by men women

   had a special gift  for pussy licking that  no man even her  husband had

   been able to master.  Bonnie was  shaken back to reality when she  heard

   her daughter begging to wail as Barry brought her off making her ram her

   cunt back against his invading cock.  As Barry filled Janet's cunt  with

   his cream Bonnie felt her climax wash over her body filling every recess

   of her sopping slit with pleasure as Janet forced her fingers deep  into

   Bonnie's  cunt  and  asshole.   Since  Brad  had  yet  to get off Bonnie

   suggested that  he fuck  his sister  up the  asshole while Bonnie licked

   Barry's sperm from her  pussy.  Both Brad and  Janet loved the idea  and

   Brad changed places with his  brother while Bonnie moved underneath  her

   daughter and  began to  lick and  suck the  Barry's sweet  cum from  her

   daughters  swollen  cunt.   Bonnie  guided  Brad's  stiff  pecker up her

   daughters tight anus  and played with  Brad's balls while  he fucked his

   big  prick  up  Janet's  hot  tight  rectal  passage.   Barry licked his

   mother's cunt and anus  as he stroked his  cock until it was  hard again

   then spread his mom's  ass and butt fucked  her tight back door.   Janet

   came quickly and her tight asshole  milked Brad's pent up load from  his

   balls making  her asshole  slippery with  his sperm.   Barry filled  his

   mother's hot tight butt with his load making  her climax over and  over.

   Bonnie and the kids  never left her bed  until noon the next  day having

   fucked and sucked all night and again in the morning.  When they finally

   got up  it was  from shear  hunger and  the inability  to continue their

   carnal escapades.

/*  This is the second version/ending of the story.  */

      When Bonnie and the twins saw that bid grey bus roll to

a stop they could hardly contain themselves long enough to

let Amy get off the bus. They seen each other for six long

months and each was dying to see how the other had been and

to let them know how much they had been missed.

      When Amy stepped off the bus Barry was the first to

sweep her up and he gave her a squeeze that nearly crushed

her ribs. She immediately noticed how he had grown. She

couldn't beleive that this was her baby brother who not long

ago was barely as tall as her shoulders. Now he was nearly at

eye level with her and she could the beginnings of a hard

young body that had sprouted while she was gone.

"Take it easy brother. I've missed you to". She gave him a

light kiss on the cheek as he set her down and then turned to

face her mom and Brad. "Hi, mom. Is it ever good to see you.

You can't beleive how much I've been missing you all". She

gave her mother a hug and a kiss and then waited to see if

Brad would give her the same tight squeeze as Barry. "Well,

haven't you got a hug for your big sister too"?

      When Brad had first seen her step off the bus he

couldn't beleive his eyes. When she left he had only thought

of her as his older sister. The girl who always teased him

and Barry about being the bobbsie twins and never really

spent alot of time with them. But now, after the things he

had learned in the past few months, it was as if he saw

somebody totally different. Now he noticed how nice her butt

looked in her tight jeans. How her breast pushed against the

material of her tank top, just begging to be released. And

those legs now came together and formed what could be a

promise of sheer delight.

      "Oh yea, Hi Amy. It sure will be nice to have you home

for the sumer. You are staying home all summer aren't you"?

      "Of course I am you silly boy. I never thought I'd be

saying this, but I actually missed you guys while I was away.

I wouldn't go back early for anything". She quickly hugged

him and started to walk over to the luggage that was now

sitting next to the bus.

      "I'll get that sis, you got to be tired after riding

that thing all night", and Brad and Barry quickly grabbed up

her bags.

      During the ride home the two women made small talk in

the front seat and the boys were kind of left to themselves.

Brad was day-dreaming about what she must look like under

those tight clothes and it was causing him feel a little warm

and it was also giving him the early stages of a stiff prick.

      They soon arrived home and they all helped Amy get

settled back into her room. After the twins and her mom left

her alone to freshen up, Amy started thinking about the way

Brad had been looking her over. "I wonder if that little

rascal has started fooling around the neighborhood girls"?

She thought to herself. "Well he is sixteen and I guess thats

about when I first started to wonder about boys. Well let him

imagine about this girls body". She giggled to herself then

decided to take a quick shower before going downstairs for


"Man, did you see how sweet she looked in those jeans". Brad

now had a full fledged hard-on and it was threatening to

burst through his zipper.

      "What are you talking about? We haven't seen Amy in six

months and thats all you can think about is how nice an ass

she's got"?

      "Come on Barry. You can't tell me you didn't noticed

what nice tits she's got. You sure did squeeze her awful hard

back there at the bus stop". Brad had started to rub his cock

through his pants, but he knew that that would never do.

      "I didn't even give it a thought. We haven't seen her

for so long. I really missed her. Didn't you"? Barry was

starting to get a little ticked-off at his insensitive


      "Of course I missed her stupid. But I couldn't help but

notice how good she looks. Do you think she fools around

while she's away at college"? Brad now had his cock out and

was starting to stroke it as he thought about those lucious


      "Maybe she does screw around. I know I would if I were

in college. In fact we screw around enough right now, and

we're still in high school". When Barry noticed his brother

stroking his erect member he decided that two could play that

game and he dropped to his knees and quickly removed Brad's

hand from his now throbbing rod. "I'll fix this for you" he

said as he slowly slid his wet lips over that hot pillar of


      As soon as his dick made contact with Barry's mouth,

Brad imagined it was Amy's tight pussy that was massaging his

prick and that she was fucking him doggy style. He immediately

started to move his hips back and forth in rythm to Barry's


      Barry liked this. He didn't mind sticking his dick into

a nice hot pussy, but he really liked the feel of a throbbing

hunk of meat shooting big globs of cream down his throat. He

speeded up his sucking and was rewarded with that first taste

of pre-cum that leaked from the head of the now expanding

cock between his lips. He knew that Brad would be shooting

real soon and he wanted to savor every drop, so he slowed

down a bit and reached up and rolled Brad's ball between his

fingers. This caused Brad to make a little gasping sound and

his balls to tighten.

      When Barry pushed his head down for one more stroke the

cock erupted full force. It filled up his cheeks with enough

goo that it started to almost leak out past his lips. He

quickly swallowed and steaded himself for the next blast.

That soon followed, although it wasn't quite as much, it was

coming out so fast that most of it ran down his throat before

he could catch the last few drops on his tongue. This he let

roll over his gums, while he eased back up the burning rod.

When he had just the head left in his mouth, he gave the

balls a final squeeze, which caused that last drop to trickle

onto his tongue and then he gave it one last hard suck before

pulling it out and tucking it neatly back in Brad's pants.

      "Wow, that felt almost as good as when we first tried

it. Brad's face was returning to normal, but still showing a

slightly red glow from his now eased passions.

      Barry ran his tongue over his lips to check for any

stray moisture that might have escaped his hungry mouth. When

he knew that his experienced lips had not failed him he said,

"Well now that that little problem is taken care of, maybe we

should go dowm stairs and see what mom ahs fixed special for

lunch. That appetizer has made me hungry".

      Both boys were smiling and giggling as they headed down

the stairs to the kitchen.

      Downstairs Amy and Bonnie were just finishing setting

the table. "Hey guys, what you been up to? You used to run

downstairs so fast to eat we thought an army was coming".

Both boys knew she was just kidding around.

      "Oh, we were just talking about what we might do

tonight. Maybe we'll just stay around here with you Amy. I

think mom has to work again tonight, so we should stay around

and spend some time with you".

      "I'm surprised you remembered about my extra shift

tonight.  That's right Amy, I do ahve to go in tonight. I

tried to trade off with Mrs. Phelps, but she had already made

plans, so it couldn't be helped. Besides, I know you three

have probably got alot to talk about anyway". Bonnie was a

little upset about having to go to work on herr daughter's

first day home, but she had arranged to have off the day

after so she knew that the kids could get along one night

without her.

      Dinner went along uneventfully. They had Amy's favorite,

meatloaf, augratin potatoes , brocoli and garden salad. "So

what are you three going to do tonight"? Bonnie was almost

finished with her meatloaf and was feeling full.

      "I thought I would stay home tonight mom. I'm kind of

beat from the trip, and besides I want to call some of my

friends and let them know I'm home". Amy wasn't all that

hungry and she was just kind of pushing her food around on

her plate.

      "Me and Brad are going to watch this new T.V. show that

comes on at eight. It supposed to a new science fiction show

that might come on every week later. It sounds really good".

Barry really liked the brocoli and he was going back for


      "Yea mom, then after that we'll probably play a little

video games and go to bed". Brad sitting there kind of day-

dreaming and Barry knew that he was probably fantasising

about how Amy would look nude again.

      "Well it sounds like you kids can get along alright

tonight. We'll try amd plan something together later in the

week. I'll make sure I can get off a little more so we can go

to the movies or something". Then she picked up her plate and

set it in the sink. "Barry, I want you boys to clean up the

kitchen and let your sister rest. OK. We don't want her

coming home and have to start doing household chores right


      Buy the time she was walking up the stairs Brad and

Barry were done eating and they wanted to get done with the

dishes quickly so Brad said, "Come on Sis. Why aren't you

eating? If you're done we'll pick up here and you can go make

them phone calls".

Twin Brothers 8

      "You two sure have grown up alot. I'm almost afraid to

go back to college. Who knows what you'll be like next

summer". She smiled at them both and slid back in her chair.

"I guess I'm still a little too tired to eat much tonight.

Thanks for helping your big sister out. I think I'll see if

Cheri is home, maybe she can come over later".

      The boys quickly cleaned up the dishes and put the

extra food in the refrigerator and then they went outside.

      "Amy". Bonnie called her daughter from her room as she

was getting dressed for work.

      "Yea mom. I'll come up in a second". Amy put down her

phone book and walked up the stairs to her mother's room.

      "Amy, I hope you don't mind spending your first night

home with the twins. They're pretty good boys now adays and I

know you three can get along alot better that last summer.

Besides, they were so excited last night and this morning

about you coming home. I don't know if I told you this on the

phone, but I think Brad's got a girl friend. They're really

growing so fast. I haven't noticed Barry paying any particular

attention to the girls, but I think he'll come around soon

enough". Bonnie was just pulling on her half slip and when

she bent over to put her legs through Amy was surprised to

see that her mom's tits were still pretty firm. When Bonnie

put her arms through the straps of her bra Amy helped her

with the snaps.

      "Are you sure Brad's got a girl friend? I did notice

that he's grown a few inches since last summer".

      Bonnie smiled. She wanted to tell her exactly where

those few inches had grown, but she didn't want to say

anything to shoch her daughter. And besides, Amy wouldn't be

home all that long and then Bonnie would have those two young

studs all to herself again.

      "Well sweetheart, how does your mom look"? She was

wearing a skirt that was a little tight across the hips but

it wasn't too short. But the blouse she had on was cream

colored and a little see-through and she ahd left it un-

buttoned to just above her bra. It showed plenty of cleavage.

      "I sure hope I look that good when I'm a mom. With

blouses like that you'll have patients coming back even when

they're not sick". Amy Smiled at her mom and gave her a

little hug. "It sure is nice to be home mom. I'm glad I

didn't change my mind".

      "What do you mean Amy? Were you thinking about not

coming home"?

      "Well there's this guy I've been seeing pretty regular

this semester and he wanted me to stay there and spend the

summer with him. But I told him that I really wanted to come

home this summer. Besides, it's only about two months. If he

still wants to see me, he'll still be there when I get back.

Also I told him to call me in a few days and maybe he could

come here".

      "Sure Amy. Any friend of your's is welcome here. It's

nice to hear that you're not spending all your time in your

books while you're at school. Well look, I've got to get

going or I'll be late. We'll talk about your love life later

OK. I'll see you when you get up tomorrow". She gave Amy a

kiss on the cheek and then started down the stairs.

      "OK mom, see you in the morning. Don't work to hard".

      Later after Bonnie had been gone for an awhile and

Amy had about talked herself out on the phone she said good-

bye to Cheri and went in the living room to look for the


      They were watching some weird T.V. show that Amy knew

she wouldn't like she said, "I think I'll go upstairs and get

a shower and get ready for bed. If you guys want a snack

later I'll help you get something when I'm done".

      Both boys were wrapped up in the TV and barely heard

her walk up the stairs. When the program stopped for a

commercial Brad finally realized what Amy had been saying and

he got an idea.

      "I think I'll go to the room and try to find comic book

I've been missing Barry. You finish watching the show and be

back in a few minutes".

      "Yea sure".  He was still stairing at the TV and didn't

even think about what Brad was saying. All he knew was that

when the program started and alien was going to probably get

shot full of holes by the cop and he could hardly wait to see

all the guts.

      Brad quietly walked up the stairs. He knew exactly what

he wanted to do. He wanted to try and get a peek of his bis

sister. Hopefully while she was getting undressed. As he

walked down the hall he noticed that he didn't hear the

shower running and his heart began to race at the thought of

actually seeing those two luscious tits and maybe even a peek

of her furry snatch. He didn't know why, but just the thought

of stealing a glimpse of Amy's naked torso sent a heat wave

through his spine that ended up in his prick.

      As he got closer to her room he soon found that she

hadn't closed her door all the way. He tip-toed up to the

door and listened to see if maybe she might be getting ready

to come out into the hall. The sounds that his ears picked up

sent an electric message directly to his rod. Amy was making

low moaning sounds. Not very loud, but just enough that he

could hear her while he listened at the door. He cautiously

put his eye up to the key hole of her door and the sight that

caught his eye almost made him fall over, which for sure

would have given him away. She was laying on the bed. She had

her eyes closed and she had both hands rubbing her now wet

pussy. With each stroke she was raising her hips off the bed

and making that sound that quickly caused Brad's cock to

reach full erection. After a few seconds of this she was

stsrting to reach her peek, but Brad still hadn't been able

to see her cunt because of her hands. He could see her tits.

They were everything he had imagined. Full, round and so firm

that they didn't even sag down on her sides as she lay there.

Each was topped with a light pink ring the size of a quarter.

But her nipples were as long as the first joint of his little

finger and were as stiff as his cock and pointing right at

the ceiling.

      Just as he was sure that she was going to blow her wad

she put both hands on her breasts and started to tug at her

already extended nipples. That when he saw it. He pussy was

as clear of hair as it was when they had taked baths

together as kids. She had shaven it as smooth as the rest of

her flawless skin. And right now it was wide open and the

juices were running like a river.

      Upon seeing this Brad lost all hesitation. He pulled

off his shorts to ease to pressure against his throbbing cock

and stood up and slowly pushed open the door making sure all

while that Amy was still wrapped up her temultous climax. He

quietly padded over to her bed. He took one last glance at

his orgasmic older sister and lost control. He leaned over

her bed and put his mouth over her over flowing pussy and

immediately began lapping up the over abundance of juices.

      When Amy had gone up to her room she was thinking of

her last night on campus. She was already missing her lover

and his huge throbbing prick. She knew that she would

probably be seeing him before too long, but that didn't make

up what she needed now. As soon as she got to her room she

started stripping off her clothes. She hadn't even taken the

time to be sure the door was closed. When she had her slacks

off her hand immediately went to her now swollen pussy lips.

The moisture she found there let her know that sher cunt

needed some attention. She laid on the bed and started remem-

bering that last mind blowing climax and started to frig her

clit. When Brad started to lap at her pussy she was so far

into her fantasy that she didn't realize who was with her.

With each stroke of that wonderful tongue her body responded

more and more. Bringing her closer to that plateau that she


      As Brad licked the sweet nectar from her hole he

immediately noticed her response. With each swipe of his

tongue across that sensitive hole her body started to rise up

to meet his oral digits probe. This reaction urged him on to

make an even bolder move. He moved his legs up on the bed and

quicklystraddled her head with a knee on either side of her

face. With one hand he guided his throbbing cock to her lips.

He rubbed the sensitive head over her lips a few times until

she open that hot oral cavity to let out another gasp and

thats when he drove it home.

      As Amy was nearing her orgasm, her mouthed had a deeo

sense of emptiness that desparately needed filling. Thinking

that she was with or lover, forgeting that she was home in

her own bed she opened ehr lips to search for that throbbing

hunk of meat that she knew would give her mouth that fullness

that it desired. As she opened her hot lips she was rewarded

with the hot pillar of flesh that she knew would give her

that hot cream. When her tongue first felt the mighty

fountain of flesh it immediately made the little swirling

motions across the cap and then down the underside. Next she

slid her wanton lips up the great pillar. She desparately

needed to feel those tremendous spasms that she knew would

fill her mouth with great gobs of cum.

      As Amy slid her now wet lips down his burning shaft,

shivers of delight ran through Brad's balls. This caused his

to pick up the tempo on the gyrating bald pussy under his

tongue. He stretched his lips out and made an air tight seal

over her pubes and started a suction that would asure him of

sucking every sweet drop of her pussy juice. Next he ran his

tongue over every  inch of hot cunt, finally darting his

tongue into her now gushing hole. Then he started making

fucking motions with his tongue trying to push her body up

and over the edge of a mind blowing orgasm.

      When Amy felt her pussy being invaded by this hot oral

digit she almost passed out from the pleasure. She reached

out her hands and grabbed onto his hips and forced his

thobbing member deep into her throat. This was her favorite

part of turning on. She loved the wanton feel of having a

cock plunge down her throat. Knowing that soon she would be

getting the hot protein nectar that she craved. As soon as

she was sure that his cock would continue the fucking motion

she reached back withone hand rolled his balls around.

      This sensation pushed Brad over the edge. With a

powerful lunge her buried his cock into her throat and let go

with a flood of hot man juice. It felt as if his cock was exploding.

His prick gave spasm after spasm seeming like it would never stop

shooting that liquid fire. He also clamped his mouth down

even harder over the tasty pussy a gave the clitoris a nudge

with his tongue that started her pussy vibrating. When he

knew she was apst the point of no return he plunged his

tongue into her dark tunnel to the hilt.

      When Amy felt her flood gates open she didn't hold back

one bit. She poured forth with one gut wrenching spasm after

mind blowing orgasm and let flood after flood pour into her

lovers mouth. She loved the feel of the spasming cock in her

throat and the delicious cum that seemed to never stop

shooting from its tip. She savored every delicious drop like

it was a nectar from the gods. When she felt the hot man

flesh start to ebb its flow of juices she knew that that part

of her fun was over but she also knew that with just the

right coaxing his now softening rod would be able to fill her

other craving cavern and give yet another mind blowing cum.

      When Brad felt her body slow down and his own cock

start to deflate, the reality of where he was and what ehhad

done started to bring his senses back. But then Amy did

something totally unexpected. She pulled his cock back down

into her throat and she made little swallowing sounds which

made a massaging feeling on his cock. This started to

rekindle the fire in his balls and made his member start to

rise again. When he felt his cock get hard again he started

fucking her face.

Twin Brothers 9

      When Amy felt that rod grow straight in her mouth again

she knew that she was ready. Without even opening her

eyes(she was too far wrapped up in her dream to even realize

that they were closed), she slid her lips off the shaft,

turned around and guided that hot prick to her anxious pussy.

      When Brad felt his cock head touch the petals of her

gushing cunt he gave his hips a slow push and sank his dick

in upto the root. The feeling was unbeleivable. Her pussy

grasped every inch of his thobbing cock. When he felt it

touch the end of that hot cavern he stopped dead to savor the

feeling of this delicious pussy and also gaze down at her

yearning tits. He quickly lowered his head and sucked the

rock hard nipple into his lips.

      When Brad made only one plunge into fiery cavern Amy

broke out of her trance. She was intending to wrap her arms

around him and pull him in close. But when she opened her

eyes she thought that she must be seeing things. That was her

younger brother' face above her and it was  moist and shiny.

She knew that when she lay down on her bed that she was alone

and she figured that she ahd beoughther self to those mind

blowing orgasms. Then she ran her tongue over her lips and it

picked up that taste of nectar. Also her pussy was completely

stuffed with a delicious cock. A cock that was starting to

make her body respond. How could this have happened? Brad

must have come by her room for something and heard her moans.

Well there was no stopping her body now. It demanded release

and she knew that he was also getting nearer that point.

      "Brad, your cock is driving me crazy. PLease don't

stop. Come on pound that fucker into me. Make me cum. Give

that hot juice".

      When Brad heard those words it sent him on to orbit. He

started to slam his hips into her with gigantic force. Each

downward stroke made a slapping sound as their hips collided.

Each stroke sent new thrills through his cock.

      "Are you almost ready Amy? Are you going to cum to"?

      "Ohhh yesss. Keep pounding that big dick into Brad. I'm

almost therrrre"!!!! With that she went over the edge. Her

body seemed to be one endless spasm. Wave after wave hit her.

Her mind seemed to be in a tornado and her pussy was it's

vortex trying to suck the cum from his balls.

      Brad felt something like molten fire creep up from his

balls and come rushing through his dick and shoot from the

head. "I'mmmmm there Amy. I'mmmm there. CAn you feel my cum

fill your cunt"?  Torrent after torrent kept rushing from his

throbbing member. Great floods of cum filled her overflowing


      Amy could feel every throb of cock as he emptied his

being into her waiting hole. He filled her up so that she

could feel it run back out and drip down the crack of her


      When she felt it finally start to stop her pussy gave a

little squeeze to milk him of any juice that remained and

then they both started to come back to earth.

      When they both had semi-returned to normal Amy looked

up into his eyes and said, "I don't know what made you come

up her, or why I didn't even notice, but you sure do know how

to make a girl feel good. My pussy is still throbbing".

      Brad took a deep breath and said, "I couldn't help it

sis. When I saw you today getting off the bus. How hot you

looked dressed the way you were I knew I just had to get a

glimpse of you naked. After you came up here to get ready for

a shower I figured that if I snuck up here without you

hearing me that I might be able to get a chance to see you

without you noticing me out there. But when I got to the door

I heard you making those sounds, well it got to me. So I

peeked in the door. When I saw you playing with yourself I

forgot all about who you were and who I was. And when I saw

that you had shaved your pussy I knew I had to get a taste of

your hairless pie".

      At first Amy was a little embarrassed, but then she

just laughed. "Well you sure know how to surprise your big

sister. I don't know where you learned to use that tongue,

but you can use it on me any time".

      When Brad heard this it sent a throb back into his

cock, which somehow had managed to stay in Amy's now flooded

cunt. "You want to go another round before mom gets home"?

      "Oh wow, I almost forgot about mom. Sure, I'd love to

give that great cock another ride, but this time I get the


      She rolled him over on his back and started a slow easy

up and down that they both knew wouldn't last too long but it

would have to do for now. After all they had all the rest of

the summer........



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