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Archive-name: Series/linda.txt

Archive-author: Master Paul

Archive-title: Linda's Epic Adventures in Life

Part 1 - Chapter 1

"The Meeting - No Words Required!"

It was Happy Hour and the customers were just beginning to filter

in from their daily routines to sit down and have a cold one and

watch a little pseudo pornographic "art", go-go and strip danc-

ing, ala Linda style.  The Happy Hour shift started with B.J.

doing her thing in her usual wanton and sexy way in the bright

orangish red bikini top and bottom --- whirling around the poles

on the raised stage, pole clasped firmly between her slim, white

legs with a high on the pole start and a slow twirling slide to

the floor of the platform.

"Damn!" Linda thought to herself.  "That bitch has got to be

getting it off with that pole --- I'd go nuts with that thing

stuffed up against my pussy twirling round like that and sliding

down that god damn pole.  Phew!  It's no wonder they call her

B.J.!  That's probably all she can do after a night of THAT!"

The song ended on the juke box and another started.  Linda remem-

bered that that was number three for B.J. and that she had to

start pumping her dance songs into the box pretty soon 'cause she

was up next with her set of three.  She walked over to the Juke

Box slowly in her see-through wrap, scanning the customers to see

who she'd focus her attentions on this time up.  "Boy, she

thought, these guys look dead!  This is goin' to be a damn tough

shift!"  Almost as bad as her hookin' days in Parkersburg at the

'Club' before Johnny came along and knocked her up and then

slipped her out of the place.

As Linda stood at the machine she thought back about Parkersburg

and Chris, the Club Boss and his bitch, Hilda, who kept the girls

in line.  And, when they didn't stay in line, set em up for a

session with Chris in the special, frightening room in the base-


"God," she thought, "I'll never forget the first time I fucked up

and that bitch dragged me down there --- NEVER!"

She leaned against the wall and closed her eyes, thinking back to

that terrible night when that big drunken son of bitch from the

Shell Refinery over in Belpre had snuck up behind her at the bar

and about twisted her tits off.  When she stopped screaming at

him and thought she had him calmed down some, he rammed his hand

into her crotch and shoved his index finger up her ass as his

thumb went up her pussy, panties and all, and started to literal-

ly lift her up off the stool that way.  Thinking quickly, she had

grabbed a beer bottle and smashed the big dumb bastard over the

head, screaming her head off the whole time.  Goddamn that had

hurt as he tried to close his index finger and thumb together

while they were driven deep in her ass and up her cunt with her

pants wrapped around them.  When the beer bottle hit him, he

dropped like a rock.

The next thing she knew, Hilda was all over her ass, twisting her

arm behind her back and slapping the shit out of her face.

Hilda shoved her arm up behind her back to her goddamn neck, bent

her over almost double at the waist and marched her out the back

door toward the stairs leading up to the "party rooms" and down

to the basement.  "Oh God, if I'd known what was in that black

vinyl covered room in the basement with the mirrored ceiling and

about all that `equipment' sitting in the room, I'd have let the

son of a bitch shove his fucking fist up my ass, never mind a

little old finger and some black panties!" Linda thought.

The memories flowed back with increasing detail, igniting fear in

her brain and making her break out in a cold sweat (and starting

the juices flowing in her pussy, much to her dismay).  She stood

up against the wall and let her mind race back to that night.

Hilda, instead of hustling her upstairs to chew her ass out and

slap her around, wheeled her past the stairs leading to the party

rooms upstairs and hustled her down the stairs and into a room

she had never seen before, across from the foot of the stairs,

and had only heard fearful rumours about from the rest of the

whores in the place.  They didn't talk about it much and didn't

care to, or so it seemed.  She'd always wondered why.  That night

she found out --- in spades!

Hilda stripped her house coat off her and ripped her top and

panties off almost in one motion with Linda still practically

doubled over standing on her feet and her arm shoved up behind

her back almost to the top of her head, now.

"You goddamn dumb whore!" screamed Hilda, "How many fucking times

do I have to tell you I handle the assholes and you don't ever,

ever hit 'em with anything unless they ask you to, UPSTAIRS! ---

and then only after they've paid double for the S&M Scene trick!

I'm tired of this shit from you!  When I get through with you

down here you are goddamn sure goin' to remember that, you little

Delaware whore --- and when Chris, `The Rammer' finishes with

you, after I get tired, you won't do shit unless you ask me or

him first; bet on it, bitch!"

About then Linda suddenly realized it was damn warm in that room.

And dim.  It seemed like it was a hundred and twenty degrees.  As

she looked around from her upsidedown position she saw ring bolts

in a cloth vinyl padded floor of pure white mats with buttons

holding the mat down in that upholstered look.  But as her eyes

wandered back and forth she saw a lot more.  There were two big

rings, one inside the other, one on a pivot up into the ceiling

and down into the floor and the other on pivots or shafts through

the first one extending out sideways either way midway between

the floor and the ceiling.  She couldn't see well with her god-

damn hair hanging down all over, but she saw that the inside ring

had little D-Rings welded to it all the way around it's circum-

ference about a foot or so apart (D-Rings were something she

learned about later and would never ever forget!).  The two

gimbaled rings (like the frames of those spinning gyroscopes they

use in airplanes, boat compasses and the like) were HUGE; they

were at least, if not more than, eight foot in diameter, very

sturdy, just standing there one inside the other in stark stain-

less steel majesty like some abstract or modern art painting.

As her clothes were shredded from her she spotted another object

off in the corner sitting on the pure white matted floor.  It

looked like a chair of some kind except that it had an outline

like a human body and leather straps dangling down from it every-

where she looked.  The straps were riveted or bolted to the sides

of the human figure outline of the chair so that they ran between

heavy stainless steel rods that defined the out line of the human

figure and they ran on the under and back sides of the "chair"

and the buckle end and loops to insert in the buckles dangled

down off the rivets or bolts on the front of the back and legs of

the "chair" and the top of the "seat" and arms.  "What the shit

is this place," she'd thought, and "what the hell are they going

to do with me?"  She didn't have to wait for long to get her

answer, she remembered.

Hilda quickly walked her, bent double, over to the "Chair" and

slammed her into the seat with her arm still crammed up to the

top of her head.  She slammed her other arm down on the leather

straps running across in between the two stainless steel arm rods

and quickly buckled one of the many straps over her forearm and

another over her upper arm.  She jumped to the other side of the

gleaming stainless steel chair and did the same trick with her

other arm.  It was then that Linda looked up and saw the mirrored

ceiling and black walls --- BLACK VINYL PADDED WALLS!  And back

behind the gimbaled huge stainless steel rings standing out in

stark reality, she could vaguely see things hanging on the vinyl

wall.  LOT'S OF THEM.  She couldn't see em well, but they looked

like straps and balls and hoods and whips and all sorts of kinky

shit.  About that time, she remembered, Hilda slammed her lower

leg into one of the "Chair's" legs in front and buckled it in

tight.  She repeated the process with the other leg and then

continued up to the seat where she buckled her thighs in tight

with 4" wide leather straps attached to the chair so that her

thighs sat on the bottom riveted part of the strap and they came

up through her thighs, right in front of her pubic hair covered

crotch, and only fractions of an inch away from it.  When Hilda

had buckled the thigh straps, her legs were an integral part of

the steel rods and leather straps that encased part of her legs.

The stainless steel rods on the insides of her legs ended right

in front of her pussy while the outside ones went up her outside

upper leg(s) past her hip(s) and on up her sides behind her upper

arms and on up over her head and joined together there.  Next

came a huge, wide strap (it must have been 8 or 10 inches wide,

at least) which was pulled across her flat stomach and navel and

buckled so tight it almost took her breath away (and, of course,

it ran across her lower back behind her, also).  Then came the

straps across the upper and lower part of her chest above her

pert little tits, which by now were sweat covered with her nip-

ples sticking out like peaks on a mountain, and just about as

hard as the mountain's rocks.

She was about to say something to Hilda, she remembered now, when

Hilda slammed another leather strap across her mouth; but this

one was different.  It had a ring in the middle of it and as

Hilda pulled the hard stainless steel ring and strap arrangement

across in front of her mouth as if to buckle it on the other

side, Hilda punched the center of the wide tummy belt so hard

Linda's mouth flew open.  In one swift motion Hilda pulled the

strap/ring combination deep into Linda's mouth so that the ring

was completely behind her teeth, held there by the straps cutting

painfully and deeply into either side of her mouth and jamming

her mouth wide open with the ring just inside holding it that

way.  Linda remembered she started to scream and protest and

Hilda simply walked to the other end of the room and got a ball

with a leather strap through it, came back, wrapped the strap

around behind her head over the stainless steel rods that brack-

eted either side of her head, spun the ball around so it was in

her mouth, walked behind and buckled it down tight.

Linda remembered vividly the ball being jammed into her mouth so

it sat in the stainless steel ring that held her mouth open wide.

Christ, she was scared!  She begged, she mumbled, she cried, but

not a word came out; and meanwhile, Hilda had gone ahead and

wrapped a wide strap over her neck and buckled it and one across

her forehead and buckled it, TIGHT!  It was then that Linda

realized she was being strapped into some goddamn kind of steel

body frame chair with the stainless steel rods running along the

outside edges of her body, legs, arms, and head, complete.  Hilda

went back over her arms and legs and torso and connected MORE

straps so that Linda had a leather strap over just about every

six to eight inches of her body and was about a quarter to a

third covered with tightly buckled down straps from head to foot.

When Hilda was done, she stood back and looked at her handiwork,

then walked over to the far wall and came back with weird looking

glove like things, four of them with two buckles and laces about

where the wrist would be and a huge three inch strap sewn to the

top or back of the hand portion and a buckle sewn to the palm.

She jammed them on Linda's hands and buckled each of the two

small straps after lacing up each "glove", (actually a mitten).

The process was repeated with Linda's feet, using form fitting,

soft leather boots made the same way, like the mittens; soft

boots or something, Linda remembered.

Then Hilda pulled the big straps on the gloves and boots forward

and ran them over the stainless steel that looped around front of

Linda's feet and hands in from one steel rod on one side to the

other rod on the other side.  Hilda pulled each of the four

straps tight and buckled them into the sewn buckles on Linda's

palms and the bottom of her feet so that her hands and were

stretched out straight from her arms and her feet pointed like a

ballet dancer.

Then and only then did Hilda stop and relax.  She looked down at

Linda with pure hate and absolute lust in her eyes and said

"Welcome to Hilda's `Palace', Linda, you bitch!  You are sitting

in my masterpiece that I developed when I got tired of you whores

trying to kick the hell out of me when I was working you over and

which I also developed because it makes you totally helpless and

completely at my mercy.  But you ain't seen nothin' yet my pret-

ty!  This little `chair' you're sitting in is much more than a

chair."  And with that she tipped the "chair" forward so that

Linda was hanging from it, her stomach horizontal, looking at the

floor, her head horizontal, on her knees.  She maneuvered the

elbow part of what Linda had earlier thought were just armrests

for her arms, on each side, so that Linda's arms straightened out

instead of being bent as they were when she was strapped into

this thing and so her stretched hands and finger tips pointed

straight down at the floor and the hoops at the ends of the hands

touched the pure white vinyl cushioned floor.  Hilda walked

around behind and in a short while Linda's legs spread out so her

knees were about two foot apart.  Linda remembered she heard

something lock or snap as her knees were spread and locked in

that position.  The next thing that happened to her was her head

being raised up and back as the frame along her neck was unlocked

and pivoted so that her neck was pulled back and locked in posi-

tion.  Now she was on her hands and knees with her head raised up

looking forward toward the dimly illuminated wall full of strange

looking devices --- that "kinky" stuff.

Linda stood by the Juke box shivering, thinking about being stark

ass naked in that black room with it's mirrored ceiling and white

vinyl matted floor, tied immobile --- tied --- hell --- strapped

into a goddamn human shaped frame that held her like an "Iron

Lady" of old but with one big difference.  Her whole fucking body

had been exposed and her tits hung down between the chest straps.

But the thing that brought back memories of terror and fear and,

at the same time, made her juices flow down her vaginal walls, as

it still did --- NOW! --- was the way her pussy and asshole were

sticking out as she was immobilized with her arms and hands

straight down, on her knees, lower legs and the tops of her feet

pulled back to the frame so her toes were pointed backwards.

As she shivered and her juices flowed, leaning up against the

wall in the little Go-Go Lounge years later, she remembered

vividly what Hilda did next.

"Well, honey, you're mine now until I give you over to the Rammer

and then you'll find out why the bad girls named him that.  His

name's really Chris, but the `Rammer' he definitely earned, as

you will soon find out!  But you won't ever again call him by

that name or any other but MASTER, nor will you call me by any

other name but MISTRESS, in front of either of us.  What you call

us when we aren't around is your business, but after tonight and

tomorrow and tomorrow night and for as long as it takes, we're

MISTRESS and MASTER to you or you stay in that fucking training

frame and in this room FOREVER, Bitch!  Understand?"

Linda remembered she couldn't answer Hilda --- M I S T R E S S!

---  because she couldn't move a muscle and she was gagged with

that big ring in her mouth and the ball in the ring.  She remem-

bered that she blinked at Mistress several times and Mistress

nodded ever so slightly, and then slid her hand up under Linda's

hanging pert, pointed small breasts and caressed them and ran her

finger tips over the nipples making Linda shudder and the erotic

feelings begin to flow from her breasts down to her pussy which

was already starting to get very very wet, both from sweat and

from her vaginal juices.

Mistress continued to caress her tits, Linda recalled, and as she

did she started telling Linda that this was the last night they'd

ever look that way again.  That made no sense to her until Mis-

tress explained that Mistress and Master were going to "fix" her

so she could be strung up by her nipples in the future, ANY TIME

THEY WISHED IT.  Linda stood against the wall next to the Juke

Box and rubbed her arm over her breasts, feeling the little gold

rings under her bikini top where they ducked into and out of her

nipples.  "That was years ago," she thought, "and I still have

them there!  God they feel good," she thought, "but they didn't

THEN.  I was scared shitless, sweating like the whore that I was,

after a twenty stud gang bang, down in that hot basement room,

dripping sexual juices through my sweat."

Linda's mind floated back to that night, again, and with her arm

rubbing over her golden ringed nipples, she once more drifted

back to a recollection of what Mistress had done next.  Hilda

went to the wall and came back with two dildos about as big as

Linda had ever seen before (she'd seen much bigger since!) and,

with an almost gentleness, Mistress shoved one in Linda's up-

turned, doggy fashion, ass and one in her now flowing pussy (not

really flowing because pussies don't flow, --- Cocks do, pussies

don't --- but really well lubricated!).  Linda felt Mistress turn

something on and her Pussy and Ass came alive as the twin vibra-

tors started to work at low speed.  It felt good, she remembered;

the twin, artificial, vibrating male organs had been stuffed in

her nether holes to the hilt, barely sticking out; she had felt

that --- really well!

She watched attentively as Hilda walked by her to the wall on the

other side of the gimbaled rings and took down a small whip of

some kind with wicked looking, short leather strands hanging from

it.  Mistress walked up to her and held the whip by it's handle

so the strands hung down in front of Linda's eyes.  "Ever seen a

`Pussy Whip' Linda --- 'Slave Linda'?" Mistress asked.  The

answer was eye blinking again.  It was the best she could do.

Mistress smiled and walked around behind.  The next thing Linda

heard --- Slave Linda --- was a whirring sound followed by the

tips of the "Pussy Whip" striking her pussy, her asshole, her ass

cheeks and her underbelly and thighs as it whipped around in it's

vicious circle.

As Linda stood up against the wall next to the music machine here

years later she remembered how Mistress had continued to whip her

pussy and asshole with that thing as the two artificial cocks

buzzed away in her vagina and ass canal and the smell of sweat,

pre-orgasm juices and pure raw leather and steel permeated her

nostrils.  She remembered that she started to sweat even more and

the water dripped off her as the whip swished round and round

catching the folds over her clit as it went up toward her under-

belly.  And she remembered how, despite everything she could do

to prevent it, which physically was next to nothing, she had

slowly built to the biggest, pain wracked orgasm she'd ever had

as the frame she was bound to vibrated with her attempted contor-

tions from the orgasm's crest.  The whip never stopped, though,

and in a few minutes she was back up again, only this time it

hurt like hell as she built up to it but the orgasms peak gave

brief exploding and intense pleasure followed by severe pain and

cramps all over her lower body and up into her insides them-

selves.  And each time the orgasm subsided, Mistress reached down

and turned up the speed another notch on one of the vibrators.

Standing here now she couldn't remember how many times that

happened but she remembered the pleasure and the infernal pain

that always came with it.  It went on for what seemed like hours

and she couldn't do a thing to stop it.  Pussy whip, notch up on

the vibrator(s), orgasm, pleasure, blinding pain, then start over

again and again and again.

As Linda stood there next to the Juke box, she thought about how

after that long, long session with Mistress and Master, she had

never again been able to have a "normal" orgasm in normal fucking

unless someone pulled hard on her nipple rings or whipped her

pussy while she was trying to get off --- except for one other

way --- when she had a big hard loving cock in her mouth, kneel-

ing on her knees with the guy standing in front of her with her

hair wrapped in his fingers and him pumping her mouth back and

forth on his cock.  That got to her, too.  But after that night

and the days and nights that followed, pleasure and pain were to

be forever wed for her and never to be separated.

"Linda!  You going to stand there day dreaming all day or are you

going to play your fucking songs, bitch?"

It was B.J. and the music had stopped and the stage inside the U-

Shaped bar was empty.  "Oh Shit," Linda thought.  "Let's get our

act together, woman --- NOW!"  She plugged the quarters in the

machine, punched in her "numbers" and started back behind the leg

of the bar's "U" between it and the back wall and mounted the

stairs to the stage.  As she turned toward the mirrored back wall

behind the stage, which ran all across the wall, from it's floor

to it's ceiling, she was again reminded of those goddamn hellish

(but never to be forgotten, and perhaps, even appreciated, if not

loved and feared at the same time), days in Parkersburg, West

Virginia and her very first Mistress and very first Master, and

the first, long nights and days in their "care" as they brought

her to a lifetime understanding of her formerly hidden sexually

submissive underpinnings and deep seated sexual cravings to be

dominated by the right "MASTER", (and, sometimes, but not often

--- MISTRESS!  "That fucking Johnny saved me from myself and

them, the son of a bitch," she thought.  "But he never took the

rings out of me, did he?" she mused.  Nobody ever would, for very

long; not even Linda --- pretty, sexually submissive and subser-

vient --- Slave Linda --- for she had grown to love them as a

part of her sexy, if somewhat "different" body and mentality.

"I wonder if I'm going to find the right man tonight?" she

thought.  And by right she knew exactly what she meant --- A

MASTER --- who understood --- Slave Linda and her REAL NEEDS AND

DESIRES --- some guy who could be tender and loving and yet could

put her through her "paces" and make her AGAIN feel what she had

felt that night and the nights and days that followed in Parkers-


She looked in the mirror on the wall as she started to gyrate her

ass and move her little tits back and forth, and out of the

corner of her eyes, she could see a tall, heavy dude with a beard

and moustache looking back at her in the mirror.  She turned her

head away and went through her routine all the way to the end of

the song and then stood there looking in the mirror at "him" ---

was he a Master?  Did he understand?  He had kind eyes but he

looked big, mean and  forceful --- "We shall see, my kind eyed

big brute of a friend" --- she loved big men and beards because

her first Master in that basement room in Parkersburg had been

and had both --- "we shall see --- when I get through these next

two songs, what you are indeed made of and why" --- "you may be

the guy I've been looking for ever since Parkersburg".

Part 1 - Chapter 2

Memories of the past flow back as Linda hunts a "new" master.

With her eyes focused on the mirror, staring at the mustached and

bearded big guy at the back right end of the U-Shaped bar, Linda

started her second number --- a Beach Boys tune she loved.  She

whipped into action, whirling around the stage in her pale blue

bikini top and pale blue bikini pants, but keeping her eyes glued

to the mirror all along the back of the stage and locked on the

sexy big guy.  She never looked at him directly, but, instead

always through the huge mirror.  She noted, (and so did her body

as it continued to become more sexually aroused and sexually

stimulated), that he was locked onto her eyes and never took HIS

eyes off them.

She wriggled her ass at him; she shook her pert little breasts at

him; she, literally, used every trick she'd learned since she

left the farm in Delaware to get him to look at her BODY, --- but

he never took his eyes off her eyes, no matter what she did.  As

the song came to a close she couldn't help comparing this tall,

large framed, bearded male to that huge, handsome hulk and hunk

of a man, who had so "forcefully" and permanently entered her

young life, in that strange basement room, in Parkersburg, that

fateful and punishing night, years ago as she remained bound in

leather straps, gagged and suspended between stainless steel body

forming and shaping rods, on her knees with her arms and hands

locked straight down toward the floor, her legs spread wide, with

the rubbery, hot, now wet, vibrating, at first sexually satisfy-

ing, twin male "engines" buried deeply and thickly to the hilt in

her hurting, but very wet, female sexual passage and up her

stretched anal canal.

Hilda --- MISTRESS HILDA! --- had left the room a L-O-N-G time

ago and the twin, pseudo male organs were still running rampant,

at their highest possible setting, deep inside her protruding and

sweat coated body, driving her to one orgasmic peak after anoth-

er, all be it farther and farther apart, as her sexual recovery

period got longer and longer and the pain wracking, post orgasmic

contractions and spasms lasted longer and longer before subsiding

to allow her to start her build up to yet another swelling, mind

engulfing, orgasmic orgy of pleasure followed by yet another

"round" of EXTREME pain.  How many times, she tried to recall

now, had she "come" in that position down there in that steaming

hot, black vinyl walled room with the white vinyl floor mat,

mirrored ceiling and gimbaled stainless steel "artful" rings

firmly pinned into the reflecting ceiling above, into the padded

white floor below and into each other, with all those dimly

illuminated, rather vague looking, strange "tools of the trade"

hanging on the far, ominous, black wall behind them?

As her selected third tune started, Linda swayed sexily and

wantonly back and forth, staring carefully and continuously into

the mirror and, thus, into those kind but firm eyes that stared

ever back at her, just as constantly, almost lovingly, but with a

smiling and knowing quality about them and their owner that told

Linda this was no "ordinary" male.  No, this one knew her inside

out without touching her, without saying a word to her!  And he

knew she was somehow "special", (she could sense it), just as she

knew the same about him!  KNEW IT!  He had that masterful but

gentle quality about him that, late that one night in Parkersburg

in that basement room, had driven her wild with passion and with

the mindless, unreasoned desire to please in any way that she

possibly could --- TO OBEY AND SUBMIT! --- and to love, to lick

and lave, to suck and devour, to be fondled, to be licked, to be

sucked, and to be thoroughly filled and stuffed full of her

MASTER as she had been driven to incredible heights of sexual

satisfaction in ways she had never dreamed possible, as she was

carefully put through one new "experience" after another, while

begging and moaning for still more.

As Linda locked the potent memories in her mind, reminding her-

self of the "stakes" involved, her eyes stayed locked to the

gentle stranger's eyes as she danced and swayed her wanton sex-

ually wicked best, and her mind, once again, drifted backward in

time and over all those many intervening years, to the tepid

basement room in the whore's club in Parkersburg to recreate and

embellish the first time she'd ever met such a man --- A MASTER

--- her OWN very special FIRST master!

She recalled that she had just been coming down from an orgasmic

peak that fateful night in that basement room in Parkersburg,

shuddering in her leather straps and stainless steel "Iron Maid-

en" frame, when she first heard the padded but firm foot steps

behind her on the soft, white, matted, floor.  Her head was

raised up, eyes staring ahead and locked in that position that

had forced her to stare forward at the large, almost majestic,

stainless steel, gimbaled rings that occupied the darkened center

of the room, with all those frightening instruments of as yet

inexperienced bondage and punishment that hung dimly suspended

from the far black, vinyl wall beyond the rings.  The wide leath-

er strap that tightly stretched across her forehead and had

locked her head between her framing stainless steel rod "captor",

the painful stainless steel ring in her mouth just behind her

teeth that anchored her mouth in its opened and vulnerable,

straight ahead position with it's complimenting ball gag and

leather strap pulled deeply and securely into the ring and her

six inch wide leather neck strap that anchored her neck in its

entirely immobile position and had not allowed her to turn her

head even a fraction of an inch to see what was causing the

sounds she had heard.  She had tried to look upward into the

mirrored ceiling but, all she been able to see was a downward

view of the stainless steel gimbaled rings in the center of the

large room and a different downward, dimmed view of the masses of

leather straps, whips, hoods and other objects she had seen very

infrequently before in her young and budding twenty years, even

considering that two of them had been as a paid prostitute in

this very place!  WELL PAID!

Suddenly, a gentle set of fingers, belonging to the mysterious

noise maker, touched the sweat covered, rounded curve of her

buttocks and gently moved back and forth through the beaded

rivers that had been pouring from her body for what seemed like

an eternity.  The fingers slowly glided over her straining behind

and slid gently, carefully and purposefully along her hip and

forward across the ten inch wide leather strap that held her

shuddering abdominal muscles rigidly locked to her outlining

"maiden's frame" of stainless steel rods that held her rigidly in

its firm confines until, finally the hand had reached the base of

her sexually aroused and swollen, down thrust, tingling breast as

its muscles spasmed in time with her post orgasmic tremors.

The hand paused, and then slowly descended down the sweat covered

outer slope of her then twenty year old, small but shapely

breast, moving ever downward and so tantalizingly across the

hanging small mound until in caressed the rigid, now tingling

nipple in the center.  The finger quickly withdrew, leaving Linda

with only a phantom sensation of its former presence and then,

suddenly, she felt finger tips brushing across her BOTH her

hypersensitized nipples.  Gently; Lovingly; with an ease and a

touch that drove her wild with sexual excitement and longing; and

even wilder with curiosity.  This had to be another woman.  No

man could touch a woman like THAT!  There wasn't a male alive who

could do what those fingers were doing, she had thought, as the

fingers once more withdrew.

The mysterious fingers returned and settled gently into the back

of her neck just above the encasing six inch neck strap and moved

upward through her now sweat drenched hair to the middle of the

back of her head where the ball gag's strap was firmly buckled in

place.  The fingers began to loosen the strap ever so slowly.  As

it loosened, and the large rubber ball with its center piercing,

leather, restraining strap started to move out of her mouth and

out of that very painful stainless steel ring that rested, re-

lentlessly up against the roof and the bottom of her mouth just

behind her wide open and very useless as well as completely

"harmless" teeth.  Linda took a deep breath through her now

unplugged mouth, feeling and savoring the cool air flowing around

the retreating ball and it's soaking wet leather straps, as she

listened and waited and watched to see who this mysterious,

gentle stranger was.

The ball gag was lifted away slowly as Linda detected it being

laid carefully on the floor near her.  As that sound retreated in

her ears and died away, she felt something very soft coming

forward over her forehead and down toward her eyes.  As the

obvious device lowered, cutting off her vision, she smelled

leather, NEW LEATHER, and felt a soft sheepskin like texture

begin to encase her eyes and blindfold her.  "Oh, damn," she had

though, "I'll never be able to see who's doing this to me now."

The soft blindfold was tightly buckled behind her head, over her

sweat matted hair, as the gentle hands and their even gentler

fingers retreated yet one more time.  As she strained to listen,

Linda heard the clear and unmistakable sound of a zipper being

done or undone and the sound of human flesh rubbing against its

leather encasement, followed by padding, bare feet on the white

matted floor as they advanced around her right side and stopped

in front of her uptilted, rigidly framed and very immobile head.

A finger rimmed her wet wide spread lips and then slide inward to

gently caress her languid, motionless and long unused tongue as

it lay inside the stainless steel ring that kept he mouth propped

open in what had to be a most obscene and inviting way.  The

advancing finger moved over her tongue, then back to her lips,

then back to her tongue until, in utter frustration and frenzy,

she began to lave the finger WITH her tongue and caress it back

as it had caressed her tongue and her lips.  This went on for a

long, long time and as it did, the vibrating, long loving, twin

male artificial "engines" in her behind kept up their constant

rhythm and she started to build slowly toward yet another orgas-

mic peak.  As the sensation grew in her lower belly and spread

upward across her tightly strapped middle, a set of fingers began

to gently enclose and tightly squeeze her left nipple, rolling it

between them, firmly, but gently.  The fingers moved to her right

nipple where they repeated the motion and then retreated.  Sud-

denly, the finger in her mouth slowly retreated and was gently

replaced by an unmistakable object of some considerable size.

"My God," she thought with a start, "IT'S A MAN!"

The fingers that had been teasing and caressing her propped open,

obscenely, spread, sexy lips, and the wet languid tongue within,

suddenly touched her left breast and moved incessantly downward

until they were teasing her left nipple just as the others re-

sumed squeezing and teasing her right nipple.  As they continued

their gentle, squeezing and teasing of her rigid, sensitive,

multiple orgasmic stimulated nipples, her lips felt the slow,

steady advance of a hot  and engorged rigid male organ as it's

head slip over her bottom lip and onto her tongue.  As it had

advanced and passed through the mouth bracing stainless steel

ring, Linda recalled that she had quickly resumed her licking and

laving with her tongue.  Only, this time, she was not attending

to a mere finger.  This time, she was savoring, laving and lick-

ing the REAL THING.  She rolled her tongue across the head of the

slowly advancing male organ and slid it under the rigid edges of

the obviously circumcised head and then slowly rolled her tongue

from one side, down under the head and back up the other side as

far as she could, and the started back around again.

As the sexy, huge member very slowly advanced into her mouth,

through the ring and over her flicking and caressing wet tongue

she felt it relentlessly moving toward the back of her mouth and

her throat.  Gently, it began to retreat from her mouth, sliding

back out through the ring.  With the automatic reaction of a true

"lady of the evening", she curled her lips down around the re-

treating shaft as tightly as she could and rolled her tongue back

and forth, from one side to the other of it and across it's

bottom as she began to suck on the now tightly lip enclosed

forward part of this maddening huge male engine of love and

procreation.  She sucked on it and laped it with her tongue until

it once again began to advance toward her throat; and as it

continued she began to moan and gurgle deep in her throat to give

the possessor of this fleshy engine a sign that she wanted more

of it deep in her mouth --- no, not her mouth --- deep in her

throat.  She sucked him and teased him and licked him and moaned

her assent as he slowly acknowledged her efforts by moving ever

further inward and toward the back of her throat.  All the while,

her suspended nipples were being played with, rolled and squeezed

and tightly caressed with a twin set of gentle talented fingers

and the incessant twin vibrators were stirring her twin lower

canals to yet another bounding, screaming orgasm.  As these five

engines of passion drove her higher and higher, she moaned louder

and louder, emitting gurgling sounds deep within her throat,

inviting him ever onward and into it's warm depths and "grasp".

As the turgid and rigid head of his advancing shaft slide over

her laving tongue and touched the roof of her mouth at the en-

trance to her throat, she took a deep breath, closed her airway

and moaned louder as her tongue urged him forward as her throat

began to open to receive him.  The smell of his aroused male

scent had been strong in her nostrils as that deep breath had

flowed inward to her lungs.

The head slid into her throat and began its journey into a land

only a "lady" of Linda's "profession" had total knowledge of and

could skillfully, totally and unerringly provide.  A land of

contracting throat muscles that normally would be used for quite

another and less savory operation, induced, usually, by a finger

in a bath room.  Linda ovaled her mouth still further and tight-

ened her lips on the middle of the long thick shaft as her throat

received the head and began automatically to contract and con-

vulse around it.  The shaft advanced further and further into her

mouth and down her now rhythmically contracting throat until she

could feel the tickle of male pubic hair on her nose and against

her super sensitized nostrils.

As the distinctly aroused scent of the male owner of this huge,

invading and pulsating organ wafted upward into her airless

nostrils, her body took over completely and began milking the

shaft with tongue, lips and throat muscles in a series of micro-

second spaced contractions and complimenting attentions that

brought a train of flesh encased male sperm across Linda's sensi-

tive and trained tongue.  As the hot fluid streaked over her

tongue and approached the head, Linda tightened her lips rigidly

around the base of the shaft and bore down on the throat encased

head with all her restrained might, griping him tightly and

milking him with rippling muscles.  The hot stream gushed out

into the contracting throat then down toward her inner belly as

she moaned ever louder and began the tell tale signs of yet

another crashing and mind bending orgasm.  As the sperm flowed

into her swallowing and contracting throat, the incessant fingers

tightened down on her nipples with exceptional male strength and

squeezed them and rolled them until they were almost flattened.

The blinding pain in her nipples streaked downward across her

sperm filled belly and met the freight train of a monstrous and

quaking sexual orgasm streaking upwards from her vibrator pene-

trated anal canal and stuffed and tightening sexual passage, and

screamed forward out of her now super-sensitized female folds'

upper reaches and its now thoroughly stimulated and aroused small

releaser of female orgasms to contract muscles and tendons

through the length and breadth of her body.  As the two trains,

one of pain and one of pleasure, met in the reaches of her con-

tracting belly muscles, her throat and tongue and lips went wild

with motion and attention to the now gushing male organ lodged

deep in her contracting throat and wet hot mouth with its laving

tongue and ovaling, contracting lips and cheeks.  Linda's moaning

became the love song of a sexually satisfied female in the throes

of providing the ULTIMATE male pleasure --- the deep throated

ministrations of the male organ --- not a mere "blow job" but the

talented female mouth's SUPREME attention to the male organ and

the ego of the male mind.

And then, as quickly as it had occurred, it was over and the

turgid, still rigid, huge male member was withdrawn from her

throat and the head was sliding across her tongue toward the

portal of her ovaled lips back through the bracing stainless

steel ring to exit the safe harbour of whore Linda's talented

mouth and throat.  As it withdrew Linda exhaled and drew in

another pungent gulp of male scented air and tended to laving the

last vestiges of sperm from its rounded head, until it popped out

of her mouth with a sound similar to a champagne cork leaving a

bottle of vintage Rothschild's.

Only then, did the crushing, yet somehow gentle, fingers release

Linda's flattened nipples.  As they did, the pain screamed back

for brief instant and then slowly radiated outward and retreated

across the expanse of her hanging, sweat drenched breasts.  The

vibrators droned on and on and the pain settled into her body

from head to foot, from the tips of her glove encased stretched

fingers to her leather encased stretched toes.

She listened, trying to hear the male owner of the huge invading

cock she had serviced so well, but all she could hear was the

panting of her breath, the incessant flesh muffled humm of her

twin lower canal invaders and the pounding of her racing heart.

"Linda, you stupid Bitch!  The songs over!  You goin' to dance

all night with no music, you dumb cunt?"

It was B.J.!  My god, I've danced clear through my song, Linda

realized.  With a start, she realized she was staring into the

mirror on the back of the platform at the face of the handsome,

bearded stranger at the end of the U-Shaped Bar.  His pale blue

eyes were locked on hers and as they smiled with a frightening

firmness, the very tip of his tongue rolling around his now

ovaled mouth.  Since he was facing the mirror, no one else saw

what he was doing, but Linda did --- LINDA SAW IT AND BOLTED FROM




She looked down at her pale blue bikini pants and saw a growing

wet spot turning the center of the crotch darker and darker and

darker.  She ignored that and leaned back and let her mind drift

off and back to a younger, panting, hurting, Linda in a Parkers-

burg whores den basement.  Then, as now, her panting breath and

pounding heart, subsided slowly until all was calm except the

slow steady humm of the twin vibrators.

She listened for a telltale sound of her obviously satisfied male

invader and heard none.  Then, above the vibrators and her pound-

ing but slowing heart and subsiding panting breath, she heard the

sound of leather on leather; the telltale sound of two legs

rubbing together in leather pants.  In fact, she thought she

heard several sets of these sounds, simultaneously.

Without any other sounds or any words and without warning, she

felt her knees and lower legs leave the floor and the motion of

her body upward and forward toward the center of the room.  She

could feel a gentle swaying in her downward pointed breasts and

nipples and then she heard a "click" and her left leg straight-

ened out at the hip and at the knee and pointed straight back

from her body and then rotated until it was pointed backward and

outward toward the left at an angle of forty-five degrees to the

axis of her body.  Then a "Snap".  The right leg repeated the

motion, beginning with the tell tale Clicks and ending with the

maddening Snaps.

Another "Click" and then her bent back head and neck were rotated

forward until the top of her head was once again pointed along

the axis of her body and forward and another "Snap".  And then,

yet another set of Clicks and her arms swung forward and upward

until they too pointed along the axis of her body, above (out in

front of?) her head and then were rotated outward to either side

to an angle of forty-five degrees, each, to her body's axis.  And

two more "Snaps".

There, encased in her outlining stainless steel "Iron Maiden's

Frame" and a host of leather straps that bound her immobile into

it, Linda found herself moving forward in a splayed out, sprea-

deagled position, face down with a set of humming vibrators up

her over worked ass and cunt with the sound of leather against

leather coming from the vicinity of tips of her fingers and toes.

And then, she felt the steel rods around her hands and fingers

and to which her gloved/mittened fingers were extended toward and

strapped to, bump something equally metallic and the forward

motion stopped.  A flurry of "Clicks" followed by "Snaps" ensued

along with the sound of leather on leather moving along both

sides of her body some short distance away.  And then the Clicks

and Snaps ceased and the leather on leather sounds retreated and

a heavy metal door clicked shut and there were sounds of it


Suspended in midair, facing downward, the sweat dripping from her

over worked, pained and tired body, she listened attentively for

a sound --- ANY SOUND --- BUT HEARD NONE!  Only her breathing,

the pounding of her heart and the low, incessant hum of her two

long lodged, bodily invaders.  Nothing else.

Suddenly, a gentle finger settled on her soft under belly, and

another.  They slowly slid through the sweat coated skin below

the ten inch wide belt that anchored her belly to the "Maiden's

Frame" and into her brown, sweat covered pubic hair and ever

downward through it to the upper cleft of her female folds that

covered her sex.  The fingers paused over the now very sore

center of her womanly passions and desires to tease it and roll

it between them, ever so gently and slowly and carefully widen

her slack sexual "lips" as they continued onward until they grasp

the end of the vaginal invader, still humming away, and with a

sudden motion and a slurping "pop" the infernal buzzing imitation

male engine was out of her love canal and buzzing in clear air.

Then it stopped.

The fingers returned, this time at the base of her upward pointed

sweat coated back.  They marched through the field of sweat to

the crack of her behind and spread the cheeks of her buttocks

ever wider as they progressed toward her anus where they stopped

at the anal invader, humming away in her innards.  As before,

there was a sudden motion, followed by a much less slurping but

still wet sounding "pop" and the rear imitation male invader was

heard in clear air and then ceased it buzzing noise.

The fingers returned to her under belly and with them the obvi-

ously large hands of their owner.  They reached under her from

behind and between her wide spread legs and began to rub and

massage her lower belly below the wide restraining belt, where

her muscles hurt so badly.  They kneaded and massaged and ad-

vanced slowly down into her pubic hair and then turned sideways

and began to massage her inner thighs at the juncture of her sex,

working ever away and back toward the knees.

As she hung there in midair, Linda thought about that big hand

balling into a fist and the other hand spreading her wide open as

the fist moved ever forward into her wet, well used, abused and

stretched vaginal passage until the rigid, balled hand was rammed

tightly and thoroughly up inside her stretched passage beyond the

wrist and the hand was uncurling to allow the fingers to caress

the mouth of her smooth cervix and massage the walls of her

insides.  But the hands retreated and the silence returned once

again.  Now ALL she could hear was her heart pounding and her

breath whistling through the stainless steel iron ring in her

mouth and past her lips.

Then, after a long wait, the fingers returned, this time to place

the ball gag into the stainless steel ring inside her mouth, and

then buckle it tightly behind her sweat soaked head, over her

matted hair.  When she had felt it approaching her mouth, she had

ovaled her lips and tried to wrap them around the edges of the

ball, but the straps drew the corners of her mouth back and

prevented that entirely.  The fingers moved upward on the back of

her head which, like her back, faced upward toward the ceiling,

not backward, and they found the buckle of her blindfold.  Ten-

derly they unbuckled the leather blindfold and lowered it from

her eyes.  She looked downward and saw the white mat and the

bottom arc of one of the stainless steel rings in her field of

vision.  To the right side she could see a pair of large, obvi-

ously male, bare feet, with leather pant legs extending up from

them.  She could see nothing else.

The huge stainless steel "mounting ring" had shuddered as its

attached, totally suspended and totally encased sweating, twenty

year old female's body reacted to what its mind finally regis-

tered and began to protest.





As Linda leaned back in the dressing table chair, panting and her

heart pounding, she propped her feet up on the table and closed

her eyes to savour the memory of her shock and surprise in that

fateful basement room in the Parkersburg whores den that night

(or was it now DAY?).

Linda, sitting in the dressing room in a Go-Go bar, contemplated

with anticipation, the memory of what she had next experienced in

that long, long ago and far away time.

Part 1 - Chapter 3

Linda Meets the Handsome "Master of the `Rings'"

Suspended from her "Maiden's Frame" of Stainless Steel in a host

of tight leather straps, Linda had observed that the white, vinyl

matted floor looked to be about four or five feet below her,

though that observation didn't really matter much since she was

helplessly suspended, face down with that pair of bare male feet

and leather encased legs off to her right, toes pointing toward

her, and there was NOTHING she could do about it but LOOK.  The

ball gag was back in her mouth, seated in her obscenely propped

open mouth (damn that ring had hurt her mouth!), and she was

again speechless as well as immobile.

Suddenly, the bare feet and legs moved and she heard another one

of those "Clicks".  She could feel her head begin to lower toward

the floor and her feet rise toward the ceiling as her immobilized

body began to rotate about her middle.  The floor and it's gleam-

ing, white, vinyl mat came ever closer to her head as her "mount-

ing ring" rotated in a wide, downward circle and her sweat

drenched hair started to hang downward over the straps that bound

the stainless steel ring and the ball tightly and painfully into

her mouth.  She focused her eyes on the stainless steel arc of

the outside ring that passed at 90 degrees to her body, below her

and, soon, the intersecting ring was out of her field of view as

her head passed above it.

Her body paused as the rotating motion ceased for a while.  Linda

gazed outward across the black vinyl walled room with its white

vinyl matted floor and, for the first time, saw a large door at

the far end of the room, also vinyl covered and now closed tight,

sealing her and her sexual tormentor in the room alone, all by

themselves, or so she had presumed.

In her upsidedown position she could see a portion of the mir-

rored ceiling at the far end of the room and not much else.  The

room, in that direction was plain and very blank.  Hanging there

in the tight, all encasing stainless steel frame, her legs

splayed out and spreadeagled toward the mirrored ceiling near

which her stretched and pointed leather encased feet pointed

their equally stretched , tightly tensioned pointed toes, Linda

strained to look upwards from just above white floor along the

sweating, smooth plane of her suspended, naked body, through

heaving, sweat covered breasts.  Her arms, equally spreadeagled

and splayed out, pointed their extended and leather entrapped

fingers toward the white expanse of the soft looking vinyl matted

floor.  The huge steel rings were nowhere in sight, nor was her

sexy attendant whom she had yet to behold in full.  She remem-

bered that she had been confused and fearful as the familiar

objects she had seen previously were no where to be found in her

field of vision.

The blood rushed to her head and she could feel her face becoming

flush as it drained downward from her legs and lower body (which

were upward, now) into her downward pointed head, arms and upper


As the terror mounted and her strained mind raced, (thinking

about being suspended this way indefinitely), her body began to

slowly rotate once more, arcing around in the same direction.  As

her obscenely spread legs began to rotate downward back behind

her and her outstretched arms began to rise, more and more of the

mirrored ceiling came into view, and with it an ever increasing

panorama of the total room and it's contents as revealed by the

ever present and growing mirror above her.  As her face rose in

that steady arcing motion, she glimpsed her first view of her

upper body in the mirrored ceiling and promptly inhaled a huge

quantity of air through her flared nostrils.  The bizarre sight

stunned her into a numbing realization of her total predicament.

She was indeed spreadeagled obscenely, and in a stainless steel

frame that outlined her body with wide straps binding her tightly

to it.  The frame, in turn, was connected to one of the huge

gimbaled rings by stainless steel chains that passed through D-

Rings welded to the edge of the frame and extended outward from

the frame and her body to the circumference of the ring where

they were attached to D-Rings welded to her "mounting ring" at

regular intervals.  Her spreadeagled body was, indeed, the focal

point of a series of radial chains except that there were none

between her spread arms and their pointed fingers.  As her body

slowly rotated to a horizontal, face up, position, she noted that

there also were no gleaming chains between the ninety degree

spread of her legs, thus, leaving her obscenely displayed sex,

open and vulnerable in the apex of her widely splayed legs.

OBSCENE, she had though.  Sexually degrading and totally obscene!

As she slowly exhaled and gazed with continued amazement at her

outstretched, strapped and encircled body in its present helpless

horizontally face up position, she got her first glimpse of the

owner of the sexually teasing and strong fingers that had put her

through her paces earlier; AND --- the owner of that now "well

serviced" male member that had so recently enjoyed the deepest

reaches of her very talented mouth to its fullest.

He was standing outside the ring between her hugely spread legs,

his hands resting on the gleaming "mounting ring" that held her

spread horizontally looking face up --- staring resolutely back

at her in the overhead mirrored ceiling.  His pale blue eyes met

Linda's eyes for the first time and he smiled.  From what she

could see in the mirrored ceiling, he was partially bald with

sandy, light brown hair, a full but neatly trimmed beard with the

broadest shoulders and biggest chest she had seen on a man in a

long long time.  He had on a pair of tight, full length leather

pants, otherwise he was naked and extremely well tanned.

Her "Mounting Ring" was at a level even with his smooth, almost

hairless chest, just about in front of his nipples.  In his right

hand, resting up on her "Ring" was a black box of some sort.

She saw him press the box with his finger and instantly there was

one of those "Clicks" and her body and the "Mounting Ring" start-

ed to rotate horizontally in a counter clockwise direction.  As

she and the ring slowly rotated she got yet another quick glance

at the dimly lit black wall behind her bare chested, sexy tormen-

tor; that equipment laden wall with all the bondage and punish-

ment equipment shelved and hanging on it --- and then it had

rotated out of her field of view.

She kept her eyes locked on his in the mirrored ceiling as she

slowly swung around in a half circle, until finally, the top of

her head was pointed directly at him and he was between her

ninety degree outstretched arms, although still outside her

"Mounting Ring".  She heard a "Snap", saw his finger move up off

the black box and felt her motion cease.  He took his eyes off

hers and ducked under the ring between her arms and gazed down

into her eyes directly.  "God he's handsome", she remembered

having thought as she gazed up into his pale blue eyes.  His eyes

sparkled and seemed to smile down at her.  He raised his empty

left hand and brushed his finger tips gently across her leather

restrained forehead and back up into her sweat matted and coated

hair.  Then he lifted his hand forward and ran a finger from the

tip of her nose along it's length up between her eyes and across

her forehead into her hair and then lifted it off her head and

let his arm drop to his side.

He ducked back under the "mounting ring" and walked to the dimly

lit, ominous, equipment wall which was almost out of her view.

She heard something rattling and, soon, he returned with a

wheeled cart with drawers in it and some bottles on top of it.

Some of the bottles had what looked like those hospital straws in

them --- the ones that bent in the middle as they came up out of

the bottles.  He reached under her head and unfastened her ball

gag strap, then slowly lifted the gag up out of her mouth.  Then

he reached over toward the side of her face and undid the strap

that held that painful, ever hurting stainless steel ring behind

her teeth, resting against the roof and bottom of her mouth and

propping it obscenely open.  As the strap loosened, he lifted it

upward.  She cooperated by opening her mouth as wide as she

possibly could.  In the mirror, she saw the strap and ring ar-

rangement begin to rise out of her mouth.  When it was gone, she

closed her mouth, for the first time in hours and hours, and

sighed a great sigh of relief.  She looked up into the mirror and

saw he was smiling back at her.  She started to open her mouth to

speak, but he frowned and put his finger  vertically upright in

front of the center of his lips.  She heard no sound, but under-

stood the gesture for "be quiet".

As she watched him in the mirrored ceiling, he reached down and

took one of the strawed bottles off the cart top and raised it up

along side her face.  He pointed the straw down toward her mouth

and she took it between her lips and sucked on it.  Cool fluid

flowed into her mouth and toward her throat.  She swallowed and

sucked more liquid up through the straw, back down through it's

bent elbow, through her pursed, sucking lips, into her mouth and

then down her thirsty throat into her belly.  She stared directly

into his eyes the whole time and he stared back, smiling.

Finally, she heard a gurgling sound coming from the bottle and

the fluid ran out.  He removed the straw from her lips, returned

the bottle to the cart top and picked up another one, repeating

the previous process.

After four bottles had been exhausted, he ceased feeding her in

this strange way.  Each of the four bottles of liquid she had

consumed had a different taste.  Two of them tasted like Gato-

rade.  The other two tasted somewhat like a milk shake.  She was

about to thank him when the ball gag suddenly appeared in his

hand in front of her face and he pressed it firmly into her mouth

and buckled the straps tightly behind her head.  He stepped back

and, simultaneously, she heard another "Click".  Slowly her feet

and toes descended and her head rose as it moved upward and

forward; upward toward the other stainless steel ring which arced

majestically over- head, a pin emanating from it's outer edge up

into the mirrored ceiling.  As her head approached the ring she

lost sight of it, but not before she realized that is was at

least two inches thick and round in cross section.  "Pretty

sturdy", she had thought.  "I wonder why so big and thick?"

(Later, Linda would find an answer to her silent question --- an

answer she would never forget and the recollection of which would

do strange, sexually gratifying things to her submissive body as

it struck terror into her very soul in the years to come).

There was a "Snap" and she stopped moving, stretched, NOW, from

floor to ceiling, upright and grossly spreadeagled as her leather

encased finger tips stretched toward the ceiling and her out-

spread legs and their leather encased toes pointed toward the

floor.  As she had been rising, her handsome, blue eyed, bearded

and silent tormentor had appeared in front and slightly below her

eyes.  She could once again see the black vinyl covered door and

its receiving wall which was behind the handsome stranger who was

now facing her.  He bent over at the waist and then stood up and

stepped backward.  As he moved farther back she saw that he was

dragging a half circle portion of the mat.  He dropped it and

returned, repeating the previous maneuver and dragging another

half circle of white mat back and dropping it.  As he walked back

toward her, he angled off to her right.

Linda heard a noise over her head, but with her head anchored in

the frame in an upright position perhaps two or three feet below

the ceiling, she was unable to see where the noise originated.

He came back into her field of view and stood placidly in front

of her gazing slightly upward into her eyes.  He smiled, reached

forward toward her with his right hand and inserted his fingers

in the crack of her sex and spread her wide open.  He looked back

up into her eyes from but couple of feet away and smiled at her.

She understood.  Embarrassed she tightened her bladder muscles

and a golden stream began to flow profusely until, about a minute

or two later, she was empty and it died to a dribble.  He re-

leased her spread nether lips, turned his palm up and patted them

gently, stepped back, then moved off again toward her right.  She

heard a squeaking noise and, suddenly, a fine spray of warm water

descended from the ceiling above her head and upward from the

floor below, totally engulfing her in it's cooling mist.  He

returned and stood in front of her as the water misted downward

and shot upward to bathe and cleanse her bound, strapped, rigged

body.  The water grew warmer until it was soothingly hot as it

struck her body and the ran down in rivers toward the floor.  He

walked back off to her right and returned with a small hose and

nozzle in his hand.  He aimed the nozzle at her and squeezed the

handle.  The stream of water that resulted hit her between her

outward thrust bare breasts, stinging a little, but not greatly.

Her bearded, handsome "attendant" played the stream downward

until it was striking her lower belly just above her pubic hair

and then he lowered it and let it massage her sex as he played it

up and down her crotch, kneeling down to assure that he got up

under it with the tingling, pleasant stream.  He arced the stream

down her left thigh and then back up across her hair covered

crotch and sex and down the right thigh.  He repeated the process

a half dozen times and then stood up and raised the stream up

across her under belly, across her ten inch wide belly restraint,

to the middle of her chest and then swung the stream outward

toward her right nipple where he gently circled the stream for a

minute and then moved across her chest to the left breast and

nipple and repeated the process.  Through all this, the mist

flowed from the ceiling down over Linda and the streams rose from

the floor to strike her legs and body.  The hot, soothing "bath"

went on for about ten minutes until he shut of the nozzle, walked

over to her right and the squeaking sound was heard once again

and the water ceased and the noise above her head repeated it-


Linda, could not see herself in the mirrored ceiling in her

spreadeagled vertically upright position, but she had imagined

that she glistened with beads of warm water, all over her firmly

bound body.

She heard one "click" and then another one and her head began to

lower and her feet began to rise as she rotated clockwise at the

same time.  When the twin "Snaps" final sounded the cessation of

her downward and sideways rotating motions she was again horizon-

tal, face up, but cross ways with the long axis of the room

instead of lengthways.  The wall with all the very dimly lit

bondage and punishment gear was to her right and the door to her


She looked up and could see her bearded "friend" standing by the

cart smiling back at her in the mirrored ceiling.  He wheeled the

cart over toward her head on the right and then opened a drawer

and began to remove objects from it and lay them on the top of

the cart.  He picked up what looked like a pair of forceps and a

long thin needle-like shaft, ducked under the her "mounting

ring", and suddenly his face appeared above and behind her head

and he looked down at her and smiled.

His large hands and arms reached up along both sides of her head

to hover above her left breast, where his nimble fingers placed

the tips of the open forceps down over her left nipple and then

closed them tight over it from above.  A blinding burst of pain

hit Linda as her eyes beheld, in the over head mirrored ceiling,

her left nipple crushed between the jaws of the closed forceps.

In his right hand appeared an ominous long, hollow and pointed

needle.  He aligned the needle so that it was pointed at her left

nipple and the forceps from the direction of her right breast and

began to press it through an opening in the head of the tightly

clamped forceps.








As she regained her composure and the pain subsided slightly, she

stared in disbelief and fascination at her needle punctured

nipple.  A little drop of blood had appeared on either side where

the needle entered and exited her nipple at the tip or head of

the forceps.  She had heard of "nipple piercing", but never in a

million years would she EVER have believed that she'd EVER see

her nipple pierced as it now, quite obviously, was.  Nor would

she have EVER consented to such idiocy and destruction of her

fine, twenty year old figure.  She attempted every motion and

sound she was capable of to register her displeasure and disap-

proval to this sandy hairy, bearded, broad shouldered, tanned

SAVAGE who had just ruined her for life!

But he paid no attention to her and, instead, withdrew the needle

and inserted a stainless steel pin or shaft where the needle had

been, released it, and screwed a tiny little ball on the now

leftward protruding, bare threaded end of the shaft and took his

fingers off the shaft entirely when the little ball was firmly

screwed onto it.  He released the forceps, opened the jaws so

they were beyond the ends of tiny "barbelled" shaft through her

left nipple and withdrew them upward toward the ceiling in one

continuous motion.

Linda remembered having stared up into the ceiling and back down

at her pain engulfed left breast and the deeply reddened, tor-

tured nipple with the steel mini-barbell stuck through it right

to left across her and over her left breast.  It wasn't very big,

that mini-barbell, but it surely WAS --- THERE!

As she contemplated the new ornament in her left nipple, with an

ever  increasing, sickening feeling in the pit of her strapped

stomach, the hands and arms returned around the sides of her face

and the same forceps once again descended over her right nipple

and clamped down tight.  She went crazy with moans, gurgles,

rubber muffled protests and restrained "almost" motions as the

forceps tips closed and clamped and the long thin needle ap-

proached her RIGHT NIPPLE.  She was screaming and protesting to

high heaven, still, when the needle passed through her trapped

and now skewered right nipple and reappeared, heading toward her

left breast and the room went dark and everything went black.

When she came to, Linda remembered that she was in a head up,

feet down, vertical, position and it was quiet and very very dim

in the room, almost dark, but not quite.






She attempted to move her head and found she could roll it around

and that it was free to move in any direction she cared to move

it.  She lower her chin to her chest and looked downward.  There,

through each nipple, were those skewering "barbells" out on the

ends of her pert, small twenty year old breasts.  Had she not

looked, she thought, she probably would not have felt them there,

except for a very dull ache in each breast.  She also sensed the

same sort of "ache" between her legs in her crotch but she could

not see down there at all and the  mirrored ceiling was no help

at all in that regard, especially with it so dim, almost dark, in

the room.  She rolled her head backward and looked upward at the

ceiling and was startled to see her face looking back at her from

the mirrored ceiling between her widely out-stretched arms, which

were in the same position, but unrestrained except for her

gloved/mittened hands which now were wrapped around stainless

steel "trapeze rings" and buckled closed over the "trapeze rings"

to her palms.  The "trapeze rings" were, in turn attached to her

two inch thick outer "mounting ring" and several of it's spaced

D-Rings by clamps or  clips of some kind.  As she stared upward,

she realized that all the straps were gone and so was the

"maiden's frame" and she was suspended simply but effectively by

her gloved/mittened hands.  She pulled upward on her right leg as

she stared at herself and found that her feet were still encased

in leather, toes pointed and bound outspread as before to the

"mounting ring" or so she surmised.

As she gazed upwards into the mirrored ceiling she suddenly

realized that there was a new, small, stainless steel ring in

each ear, high up in the cartilage of each ear and --- OH MY GOD!


SOUTH PACIFIC SAVAGE!  The shock of her realization and the

effect on her mind instantly caused tears to roll down her cheeks

and deep sobs to heave her body and her now pierced breasts.  As

she continued to stare upwards in utter disbelief, she saw that

her hair had been combed out and up into a ponytail on top of her

head and was thrust through a wide, tight leather band and braid-

ed over and around a stainless steel loop or ring just above the

leather band so that the top of her head was "crowned" by a

leather-ring-hair affair that now was as much a part of her head

as her own hair and just as attached by virtue of the fact that

her hair was bound into it and around it in an almost permanent,

tight fashion.  So tight, in fact, that she could feel the pull

of her hair upward by the leather strap and ring and it raised

her forehead and eyebrows in the process.

As she gazed upwards in increasing shock and dismay, her body

broke out in a running sweat.  She was now like a spreadeagled

"sex-freak" in some sex orgy show she had once heard about but

totally disbelieved as pure fantasy.  THIS WAS NO FANTASY.  She

could see and feel it, exceedingly well.  TOO WELL!  IT WAS LINDA

--- AND --- LINDA WAS --- "IT"!!!

As the awful realization of her altered state sunk in, the dam-

nedable "Click" sounded and she rotated backward, head going down

and feet coming up.  As the inner ring rotated she looked up into

the dim ceiling and observed herself thoroughly spreadeagled,

naked except for her restrained and stretched hands and feet,

rings in her nose, her ears, her nipples, and --- OH MY GOD, ---



Her stainless steel mounting ring rotated her head backward to a

horizontal position and then continued to rotate until her head

was hanging straight down, her face toward the door end of the

room, she thought back and recalled, and then it continued to

rotate until she was once again horizontal, but face down, look-

ing at the floor, which now had no mat and was, in fact a terraz-

zo, shower-stall affair with a six inch curb around it to keep

the water in, she had supposed.

Her arms and legs tensioned and tractioned as the ring rotated

around in a circle so that her body weight was at first carried

by her arms and then by her arms and her legs as she was horizon-

tal and then by her legs alone.  And the ring kept slowly rotat-

ing and her head rose, once again toward the ceiling.  The rota-

tion continued for a long long time, she recalled, and she alter-

nated from right side up to upsidedown a number of times, each

time taking in more details of both her position and her now

pierced body.

As she approached an upright, head up, position after that long

series of "passes" around, she heard the ominous sound of the

door opening behind her and a series of leather on leather swish-

es that could only mean leather encased legs walking --- TOWARD

HER.  When her head reached a straight up position there was a

"Snap" and her "mounting ring" stopped.

As she listened to the swishing sounds behind her, the lights in

the room got brighter and brighter --- NO, NOT ALL OF THEM ---


As she saw that black vinyl wall really clearly for the first

time, she inhaled sharply, her pierced nipples shuddered, her

heart began to pound like it was going to come out of her chest

and she threw her head back and forth with a frenzy over what she


There, on what she had supposed was a storage place for straps,

gags, belts and other bondage and punishment gear were some of

the wildest things she had ever beheld in her life.  Whips of all

shapes and lengths and sizes --- single stranded and multiple;

Gags and hoods of every imaginable shape and form; Leather and

rubber body suits; Funny looking round rings with legs rising out

of the rings to an apex perhaps six to eight inches above them

and a thread steel shaft sticking back down through the apex

toward the center of the ring with a handle on the shaft above

the apex and a ring welded to the shaft below the apex, but above

the ring's center.

She turned her head from side to side taking in the black vinyl

covered wall's contents carefully.  There were paddles --- many

of them; some small, some large and some studded with wicked

looking steel studs.  There were rods and canes --- many of them.

And buckled straps buy the scores --- NO HUNDREDS!









And over in one corner of the wall were a whole series of nipple clamps, breast bands and lead or steel weights hanging ominously

from their hooks.  She'd seen these things in catalogs and

laughed about it --- THEN!  Now she stared at them in almost

disbelief and a huge shudder rippled through her body.

Looking down at the floor in front of the wall she saw tripod

devices galore with cranks on them to raise and lower their

shafts rising up through their centers to a top or receiving head

that was always pierced with a threaded hole to receive a thread-

ed shaft.  Her head turned toward the huge male cocks and then

back toward the tripods, back and forth several times, and as she

put the two devices together in her mind she began to buck and

twist in her bonds inside the mounting ring and scream into her

rubber ball gag and receiving steel ring with utter terror as she

pictured the huge rubber cocks being mounted on the tripods and

screwed up into her cunt and her ass --- deep into them until

they had disappeared inside her, spreading her and ripping into

her as they sunk deeper and deeper and deeper into her most

private parts to invade her expanded innards.


Hilda had strolled into view off on her right and then around in

front of her, staring up into her face and smirking.  She wore a

leather --- NO! --- IT WAS RUBBER! --- GLEAMING, SLICK LATEX! ---

body suit that covered her from head to toe, except that it had

no crotch and it had holes through which her breasts projected

obscenely.  Her face was made up in such a way that she looked


Part 1 - Chapter 4

Mistress Hilda and "friends" take charge of Linda.

As Linda stared helplessly and hopelessly downward at the sneer-

ing version of her personal Satan, a female version in the person

of the evil incarnate, Hilda --- MISTRESS HILDA --- she shuddered

and started to buck and scream, but, of course, she moved little

in her bound upright spreadeagled position and only gurgling,

muffled, moaning sounds and snorts of terror filled breath came

out of her ring and ball gag plugged mouth from (and through) her

cheeks, throat and nose.

Hilda smiled up at her, cunningly, and, very slowly and deliber-

ately, her cruel right hand extended forward, grasp the ends of

the tiny "bar-bell" skewering Linda's left nipple --- SHE TWISTED

IT NINETY DEGREES CLOCKWISE --- and the pain shot through Linda's

breast and radiated across her chest, taking her breath away in a

quick, spontaneous, gasp.

Hilda's fingers released and the streaking pain radiated outward

once more as the tiny "bar-bell" and its skewered nipple snapped

back to a "normal" position.  Hilda reached down under Linda's

crotch and tugged fiercely at the stainless steel rings in her

outer sex lips --- one at a time --- and, --- again, --- Linda

gasped, --- FOUR MORE TIMES.



FOR HIM, MY PRETTY, HELPLESS --- SLAVE?"  Hilda had literally

spat out and up into Linda's face.

Linda turned her head away toward her right arm, spreadeagled

upward such as it was, as she tried to avoid the evil eyes of

Mistress Hilda and the sight of her rubber covered, obscenely

(very obscenely!) displayed body with it's white tits and hairy

pussy sticking out from openings in the tight, form fitting

rubber suit.

"LOOK AT ME --- YOU GODDAMN WHORE!!!" Hilda screamed.  But Linda

kept her head turned sideways and stared, instead, at her arm and

the arc of the huge ring beyond that held her so totally spread,

so grossly in bondage and so helpless before this fearful,

screaming, satanic bitch.

"LOOK AT ME! --- YOU FUCKING WHORE!" screamed Hilda.

But Linda persisted and her head stayed turned ninety degrees to

her right, totally avoiding Hilda's eyes.

"OK, HAVE IT YOUR WAY, CUNT!" Linda heard Mistress Hilda say as

she walk away across the white padded mat, away from Linda,

toward the fearful wall.  Linda visualized in her mind where the

various pieces of "equipment" were on the wall as she listened to

Hilda walk away.  Linda quickly determined that Hilda was headed

straight for the section that had all the breast punishment

devices hanging from it.  nipple clamps, weights and the like.

But Linda absolutely refused to look to see what Mistress Hilda

was doing, or rather, what she MIGHT be "getting" from that

treasure trove small but highly effective "punishment" devices

designed specifically and especially to inflict maximum pain and

suffering on its female victim through the constant and excruci-

ating application of continuous pain to the female breast and its

nipple; the most potentially sexually demeaning devices in the

horrifying and mind boggling collection that now was displayed in

front a helplessly naked and spreadeagled Linda whose breasts

were bared and whose nipples were pierced with the ever present

tiny "barbell" devices!

The feet padded back across the mat and onto the terrazzo area

beneath Linda's suspended, tortured, and extensively pierced

hanging and aching body.  A hand reached up past her turned face

and head and grabbed the big ring around which Linda's hair was

so tightly braided stretched tight; and in one swift motion,

Linda's chin was yanked around to face her tormentress and then

slammed downward unto Linda's naked chest and held tightly in

that position by the straining female arm pulling down on Linda's

ponytailed, ringed hair.


And no sooner had the words left her tormentress' mouth than a

small steel wired loop was drooped from above over her right

nipple and its nipple piercing "bar-bell" until it was around and

under both and then yank back upward so the small braided wire

"loop" came up swiftly and firmly under her right nipple and was

trapped under the "bar-bell", yanking both firmly upward.  Mis-

tress Hilda fed the other looped end of the fine wire "choker"

through Linda's stainless steel nose ring and pulled the loop at

the tiny wire "chokers" "loose end" down to Linda's left nipple

and it's piercing "bar-bell".  The evil Hilda's free hand pressed

Linda's left breast and nipple severely upward as the other hand

dropped the wire "Choker Loop" over the left nipple and piercing

"bar-bell".  Hilda swiftly and savagely released and dropped both

the wire device with it's nipple encircling loops and Linda's up

stretched left breast.  With a severe and excruciating jolt,

Linda's pierced nipples were entrapped and strangled by the tiny,

encircling wire loops at the ends of the thin wire device now

strung through her nose piercing ring as both nose and nipples

were tensioned toward each other by a barely visible and strange

upsidedown wired "V"!

Linda gazed down at her tensioned nipples as they were pulled

upward toward her down turned face and nose piercing ring.  She

could see the single strand of wire rising upward from her tits

and through her nose ring as she stared cross-eyed at the sight

of it all.  She started to rear back her head to scream.  Blind-

ing pain hit her nose and the nipples on her upward stretched

breasts, simultaneously.










"Until you learn to obey me, my strung up, fucking, slave, whore,

you WILL do what I tell you to do and WHEN I tell you to do

it!!!" hissed Hilda --- MISTRESS Hilda --- back up into Linda's

now downward staring, weeping eyes.  "You move your fucking,

pretty, little, stubborn head now, you goddamn, bitch, and you'll

tear your nipples right off your chest or rip the fucking stain-

less steel nose ring right out of your nose --- OR BOTH!!!  From

now on, bitch, you get to watch EVERYTHING I DO TO THAT BODY OF

YOURS --- or walk around without a nipple for the rest of your


Linda started to nod her head up and down, beaten and cowering,

but the pain started to wrack both nipples and she ceased.

Laughing obscenely, Hilda reached down and thrust a long nailed

finger deep into Linda's splayed sex hole.  Learning, quickly,

Linda simply grunted and broke out in an ever increasing cold

sweat --- despite the fact that the temperature in the room had

to be between ninety to a hundred degrees --- at least.  The

finger probed and twisted inside Linda's tortured hole as it

curled and raked the tender sides of this well used and now,

abused, slippery passage.  And then the intruding finger was

unceremoniously removed, rubbing Linda's obscenely split and

spread sex lips raw and digging a furrowed trench in it's en-

closed valley as it slide out and upward through the valley, past

the four sets of stainless steel rings and tore up into and

through the fleshy "V" that supposedly "protected" Linda's clit,

causing screaming, blinding, gut wrenching pain to streak down-

ward through Linda's lower belly and back up the stretched cheeks

of her sweating ass.  The wicked, long nailed finger stopped at

Linda's navel where it punched inward.


said in a low evil voice --- and the punching finger withdrew.

Hilda's eye's were staring upward at Linda's from about two or

three feet below --- glaring at her with an incarnate evil Linda

had never ever seen in anyone before in her life.  She'd heard

tales about this bitch and her whore taming tricks, but she had

always discounted them as bullshit.





wearily as she tried to look back docilely and humbly to avoid

more pain.

Linda's fear got the best of her as she let loose a tortured moan

and pissed all down her legs onto the white gleaming terrazzo


"You little `chicken shit' whore," Hilda screamed shrilly.  "I've

barely begun and already you're pissin' your pants!"

"What pants?" Linda remembered having thought --- "I'm stark

fucking naked and strung up like a side of beef, you asshole,"

she had thought.

Such thoughts, unbeknown to Linda, would soon be a "thing of the

past"!  Soon the formerly stubborn and defiant Linda would give

and do anything --- ANYTHING AT ALL! --- to satisfy MISTRESS

HILDA'S smallest request --- INSTANTLY!!!

And the "conditioning process" through which THAT transition was

accomplished --- COMMENCED SWIFTLY THEREAFTER! --- Linda re-

called.  A horrifying, unbelievable "condition process" that

Linda simply never once dreamed was possible, --- in any female


As she stared down at Hilda --- "Mistress Hilda" --- Linda saw

three equally obscene, rubber encased female bodies walk into her

field of view.  Two were stunning knockouts, very tall and EX-

TREMELY WELL ENDOWED, and the other was small boned and small

breasted, like Linda.  They all wore the same wildly obscene

rubber body suits; carbon copies of Hilda's.  Each looked sexy

and mean as hell itself, especially the small one; each meaner

than any man or group of men Linda had ever met, known or even

seen in her young life --- a fact that was not then obvious, but

in minutes, would be GOSPEL to beaten, broken and sobbing Linda.

The four slick and tightly rubber encased females began to rub

their hands over Linda's body; all over it --- and it was then,

and only then, that Linda realized someone had totally oiled her

entire body as the hands slipped and glided around over her

curves as they punched, probed, stretched and teased her ---

everywhere; someone had oiled her with perfumed oil that only now

reached her senses through her downward tensioned nose ---

"Shalamar!" Linda thought.  "My favourite perfume!"

She had once loved that smell --- BUT NOT NOW --- NO WAY AT ALL!


was it NIGHT?) and that smell was, today, years later, something

that made her blood run cold and her tits and pussy ache all at

the same time.  The memory of what had happened to her that night

while she was coated from head to foot with Shalamar scented oil,

the remaining pierced portions of her present day body, and the

scars on both her body and her mind made her shudder and shake,

leaning back in that chair in the little lounge in a south end

shopping center.

Linda thrust her hand down under her pale blue bikini dancing

pants and started to play with herself and stroke her sex and

it's cleft valley between the solid gold rings as she leaned back

further in the chair and let her mind drift again.  "IT'S GOING

TO HAPPEN TO ME AGAIN!!!" she thought.  And as she her mind

drifted back, her body shuddered and the open bottle of Shalamar

on the dressing table wafted it's scent up to her sensitive

nostrils --- "Oh God, it IS happening again!"  And as she stroked

deeper and more painfully beneath her now stretched pants as her

right hand worked on her sex and played incessantly with the four

small solid gold rings in her outer sex lips and her left hand

darted under the bikini top to pinch and pull her nipple and it's

solid gold ring, she rose higher and higher in her sexually

tormented state as the memories flowed back into her mind.

Back to where it had all begun --- strung up helplessly, totally

naked, spreadeagled on a gleaming large stainless steel ring, her

nose firmly attached to her stretched hurting breast and their

pierced nipples and her mouth of her sex beginning to dilate

wider and wider as the pure sexual torment, and the fear and

anticipation of more of it, dulled her brain and turned her

whore's body into a gross sexual plaything for four obscenely

clothed women who stood in front of her, tormenting her endlessly

with their searching, probing, and VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE fingers.

These four knew precisely where to touch her and how; they did it

with a passion, and with obvious great pleasure to themselves, as

they whispered back and forth to each other and stared into

Linda's fearful and now lust-glazed eyes.  The attentive minis-

trations of their eight knowledgeable hands with their combined


and the pain of her pierced, suspended, outstretched body, cou-

pled with the sight of her upward stretched nipples and their

tormenting wire passing through an aboriginal ring in her nose,

finally had driven Linda into the wildest orgasm she had ever

experienced up to that time.  (Later, during that session, and

others, she would go even farther and higher, as she became more

dependent on pain to bring her pleasure --- but at that moment,

she didn't really understand any of it and in her induced and

forced, onrushing flight to becoming a TRUE FEMALE SUBMISSIVE who

glories in being humiliated and sexually punished to obtain the

highest possible sexual satisfaction --- an orgasmic frenzy of

unreasoning pain and pleasure stirred into one big boiling pot in

her burning, convulsing sex and her twisted stretched tits ---

she became Linda, the female sexual submissive, and sex slave to

any person or persons who discovered the key to her downfall and

dared to insert that key in the right "places" and TURN LINDA


As the orgasm died away, the pain in her tits came screaming back





Linda dropped her chin quickly to her chest and gazed outward and

upward at the same time.  All four women were over at the wall

full of strange and not so strange devices, talking and fingering

various items as they pointed and gestured toward Linda.

One of them, the small one, turned and walked toward Linda with a

vicious, slippery looking long, many stranded whip in her hand.

The coal black, fearful looking flogger had at least a dozen

rawhide appearing strands dangling from it, perhaps three and

maybe four feet long.  In the rubber encased little bitch's other

hand was the mysterious "black box" with the buttons.

Linda heard the "CLICK" and felt her "mounting ring" and prison

begin to very slowly rotate around it's vertical pinned shafts in

the ceiling and the floor.  Another "CLICK" and it doubled it's

rotational speed --- and yet another and it's speed doubled once

again --- until all Linda saw was wall, door, wall and then a

display of mind numbing, fearful, bondage, discipline, and sexual

punishment gear; and, of course, the four MASTERFULLY dressed

bitches and then around came the wall, then the door, then the

other wall and then the bitches and their fearful backdrop, once


And then --- with little or no warning --- HER "UNUSUAL" FLOGGING


A swishing sound, a blinding field of pain on her outer right leg

and then inner right thigh.  A quick, slippery tugging retreat of

the pain inflicting rawhide back out from inside her thigh and

across her outer leg as the rotating, gimbaled ring freed her,

very painfully, from those rawhide lashes.  Another full rota-

tion, and another and no repeat.  And then a blinding, searing

pain around her waist and the same mind bending oily, rasping,

rubbing retreat.

As she came around toward her small, rubber encased, sexy, female

tormentor, the bitch was staring out at Linda's hair cover crotch

--- and then the ring rotated three hundred and sixty degrees and

Linda saw the little bitch drawing back the whip so that the

multiple lashes were dragging backward along the floor to the

bitch's side --- and another three hundred and sixty degrees of

rotation and Linda saw, ever so plainly, the backward cocked

whip, as Linda waited and shuddered in fearful anticipation of

what would come next.  Another complete rotation and --- NOTHING


And, as Linda started to relax and her body rotated a half turn

away from the whip wielding, obscenely dressed, small breasted

slim woman --- BITCH MISTRESS! --- the plain ended thongs of the

oily whip appeared magically and terrifyingly before Linda's

disbelieving and horrified eyes, out of NOWHERE, sticking out in

front of and between Linda's hugely spread legs and then slashed

and curled swiftly upward from below across her underbelly to

spread across her shuddering stomach muscles --- and Linda's

split open and spread wide sex exploded in a wild burst of pure

unadulterated PAIN --- which screamed upward, following the oily

lashes across her underbelly and stomach --- and before the

original pain had even peaked, the sawing terror of the receding

thongs cut her pussy --- "NO, NOT HER PUSSY! --- HER SEX!!! ---

HER SEX! --- HER SEX! --- HER S-E-X!!!" her horrified mind cor-

rected --- down the very middle of a woman's most sensitive and

tender "valley" and most private "parts" the thongs slid --- as

the they bunched and rolled together and zipped through her

stretched open sex valley, tormenting the outer lips of her sex,

her steaming, vibrating, clitoris --- (which seemed --- NOW ---

like a giant, very exposed cock, protruding vulnerably from her

body) --- and rubbed the mouth of her vagina and her anal opening

absolutely raw --- as if there were no skin or membrane over any

of them.

Linda went berserk --- absolutely --- and completely WILD!

Her nipples screamed in pain and her nose screamed back at them

as her eyes flew open and stared with utter horror at the oily

black thongs as they quickly and slickly slipped back down her

belly and between her legs; with the pain rising and rising and

rising as they slip from the field of her stunned vision --- and

the bitch with the whip came back into view, as the slick whip

snaked back across the terrazzo onto the white gleaming mat and

then along side of the little monster's rubber encased leg.

Linda screamed her now unhinged mind away through her ever pun-

ishing stainless steel mouth ring and her rubber ball gag --- OR,


As her downward focused eyes and still numbed and disbelieving

mind stared in welded and meshed concert, downward at her tor-

tured, severely punished belly they saw outspread fingers of

angry red fire reaching out from her burning, tortured, hair

covered sex; welted tracks that exactly matched the rivers of

pain and agony that descended back down those fingers into her

imagined hugely protruding mini-cock, the outer and inner walls

of her splayed sex trench and along and into the very mouth of

her sex hole itself, then back up to her screaming anus --- and

as she stared breathlessly at her marred belly and burning,

tortured crotch, Linda rotated around and around and around ---

and the voluptuous bitch held the whip horizontal and out to the

side with an extended --- horizontal --- shoulder high arm ---

and then turned her big body and drew the arm slowly back toward

the wall full of additional tormentors and potential punishers

--- and Linda rotated, once more away from her --- and back

facing her where she saw the small, white breasted, open crotched

woman poised in readiness but still motionless --- and through

endless rotational cycles, it remained so --- as Linda gazed

outward trying to fathom what having all those slick rawhide

strands around her up stretched breasts would do to them --- AND


As she rotated toward the door end of the room, the black, slick

strands flew out past her right side just below her armpit and

sailed around her up stretched breasts with a loud series of oily

"splats" and her chest literally turned to molten lava as the

fires of hell itself arrived unannounced --- and then the oily

strands slid back across their incoming paths, multiplying the

pain and the fire by a thousand fold as the two "lash trips" met

each other in her flattened, scorched and screaming breasts and

then slipped away leaving a series of flaming streaks, crossways

around her upper sexual appendages --- and Linda came back around

toward the panting bitch and her whip just in time to see it hit

the floor and streak upward, right between Linda's grossly

splayed legs as the pain exploded AGAIN! --- this time from her

screaming vaginal mouth up across her puckered equally screaming

anus and through the cheeks of her buttocks to spread across her

lower and middle back and then slickly and raspingly be renewed a

thousand fold as the lashes retreated down the crack of her

burning buttocks, across her tortured, fire filled anus and the

mouth of her widespread sex hole and then away once more --- the

pain in her breast and nipples had barely decreased when the whip

had hit her that quick second time --- and now, Linda burned

above and below at the same time --- BUT --- as she came around

toward the door --- the black snaking fingers of the now totally

oiled and greased lashes flashed into her stunned sight --- AGAIN

--- and streaked straight out from in between her legs before her

now bulging eyes and thoroughly believing mind --- and then

swiftly upward into her tormented sex valley and on upward to

exactly REPEAT that initial assault on a place no one whipped on


MIND SCREAMED --- and multiplied the pain what seemed like a

million fold!!!

As the slimy, oily strands hit her underbelly and stomach muscles

and then started back down on their screaming trip through her

split, spread sex, Linda's sexual core split wide open and the

oily strands caressed her upward into a blinding, mind numbing

orgasm, the likes of which she, in her wildest dreams, even as a

whore, never would have believed existed!






And as the huge steal ring rotated around to face the slim whip






INTO LINDA'S INSIDES! --- and then leaned over and licked Linda's

skewered nipples, one at a time and smiled up at her in an ob-

scene, knowing, but really evil way --- a way that silently said:

"YOU'RE MINE --- SLAVE --- ALL MINE!!! --- I "OWN" YOU!!!"

And, indeed, she DID "own" this jerking, orgasming, sobbing and

broken "slave" whose streaked and pain wracked body now danced in

a groaning and swaying "mounting ring" as it unsuccessfully tried

to tear itself loose from its ever stretching prison --- wide

eyed and snorting in fear and orgasmic crescendo all at once.

And Linda? --- What had Linda actually and voluntarily done after

the unthought of and unimagined actually happened?




until the room dimmed and faded away with Linda's mind centered

between her legs as her eyes glazed over and her spasming, jerk-

ing body literally took over and drove her into unconsciousness

and oblivion.

When she slowly returned to consciousness and some semblance of

awareness of her surroundings, she was gazing downward at a pair

of pale, blue, male eyes looking up from a bearded, tanned face!

There, framed in front of her angrily red streaked and welted

breasts and belly was her MALE sexual tormentor.  The handsome

"inventor" of her now obscenely pierced body --- a body that hurt

so much --- but especially in the reaches of her two most treas-

ured and high paying sexual attributes --- between her legs and

mounted on her chest!

Her nipples were still pierced --- but, NOW, with golden rings

through them --- AND --- her mouth ring and ball gag were gone

--- and she was splayed out as before --- facing the door end of

the room --- as the tanned savage stepped back out of the terraz-

zo floored pit and walked over to her right --- and the squeaking

sound reached her ears ("a soothing hot bath", her mind reasoned

--- "aaaaahhhh, how good!" it said) and the warm and then hot

water misted downward and sprayed upward toward Linda's tired,

stretched, aching body.



--- the screaming triple agonies in her sex and her two breasts

as they caught on fire once again --- and Linda looked down at

the kind face and the gentle smiling pale, blue, sexually excit-

ing, male eyes and screamed --- and screamed --- and screamed ---

for many many long tortured minutes! --- until her voice was so

horse she was reduced to babbling, sobbing, shuddering gasps and

begging and pleading whispers --- for what --- she had no idea

--- for the pain to go away, for one --- or the total sexually,

all encompassing, orgasmic crescendo to return --- it did not

matter --- but what she felt --- NOW! --- DID!!!  She wanted to

escape the pain in any way she could --- ANYWAY! --- AND TOTALLY!

The ring rotated backwards and as it did, the blue eyed, naked


handsome hulk stepped over the rising ring and slowly advanced

toward her rising, screaming, raw sexual valley and core --- and

as it rose to meet his turgid, rigid outstretched sex organ,

Linda watched him slip into her aching sexually depleted body and

her rotating stainless steel captor of a ring halted with his

very large warm male engine sliding into her burning sex hole as

the water sprayed upwards and misted downwards to torment her


At first, Linda felt only pain and an ever burning sensation ---

and then, as he reached up and grasped her golden nipple rings

and pulled them upward, her mouth of her sex puckered ever inward

and began to involuntarily contract at its outer rim as Linda

felt the orgasmic surge coming back like an express train --- she

looked downward, through her upward stretched nipples in the

grasp of the rings and his fingers, through his large, hairy,

outstretched arms, along the length of her sloping, gleaming,

spread body at his large, warm male member sliding into her

depths and whispered in a deep,  throaty, sexy voice --- "OH, YES



















Without thinking, Linda had screamed back --- "I DON'T KNOW YOUR

NAME!!!!  PLEASE --- FUCK ME! --- HURT ME! --- I NEED YOU ---



Her mind clicked and she screamed back at him at the top of her

voice --- "MASTER!!! --- MASTER, PLEASE FUCK ME! --- MASTER,


MASTER!!!! --- PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!!!" And he stepped slowly back

over the downward sloping ring.

Part 1 - Chapter 5

Linda returns to the present --- "almost"!

As Linda withdrew her hands from her shaking body, seated before

the mirror on the small dancers' dressing table, she tried to

clear her mind of the thoughts of the tortured past and deal with

her present "situation" --- as well as the future.

But her mind wandered for just an instant to savour that fateful

introduction to a new sexual life and existence --- as it tried

to recreate the warm sexual sensations and mind controlling

legacy of expected and hoped for pain that always accompanied it

--- with the correct partner --- A MASTER!

Linda took her spread legs off the table top and set them on the

floor.  She glanced down at her wet hand and her stained bikini

briefs and reached into her dressing bag to get another of her

many revealing and hand made dancers' outfits.

She carefully retrieved them, placed them on the table and then

stood up and stripped the stained pants down her legs to the

floor.  As she stood up to unhook her bikini top she caught a

glance of her golden, shining four nether rings in the mirror and

as the top was removed from her breasts she stared at the two

shining upper rings reflected in the mirror in front of her.

Linda shook her head a little, shuddered, and threw the pale blue

outfit into the yawning, spread mouth of her open travel bag.

Hurriedly, she slipped into her extra black outfit, retrieved a

brush from her bag and straightened her hair and then pitched the

brush back into the bag and zipped it shut.

As she unlocked the dressing room door and came through it, she

saw B.J. dancing on the stage.  B.J. looked at Linda and raised

two fingers, telling her that this was her second song.  Linda

hurried to the juke box, arriving there as B.J.'s second song

ended and the third began.  Linda pitched the quarters into the

machine and, from memory, selected three song numbers on the

lighted numbered and lettered buttons --- then walked back to the

cash register on the end of the bar by the dressing room door.

Her deeply tanned, black hairy, tall, mustached Italian-American

boss, John, was ringing up a round of drinks as she approached

the register.

John looked up as Linda said:  "Have you given any more thought

about giving me a loan or an advance, John?"

"Sure, Linda."  John said, looking her straight in the eyes, "We

can WORK it out.  How much do you need?"

Linda didn't like the tone of his voice, but replied in a whis-

pered, low throaty, deep voice "Eight Hundred and Fifty Bucks ---

I know it's a lot, but the damn bank repo'ed my Firebird last

night --- the bastards hot wired it and drove it away in the

middle of the night --- I had to take a cab to work this after-


"That's a helluva a lot of money, Linda!" John said after whis-

tling lowly and, again, smiling at her.  "But, OK --- I'll do it

and you can work it off.  When you get through, we'll discuss it



"THANKS, BOSS!" Linda exclaimed as she came around the end of the

bar and mounted the stairs to the raised dancing stage in the

middle of the U-Shaped Bar.

"Don't thank me, babe --- you got to pay it back --- one way or

the other!" she heard him say as she hit the raised platform with

her bare feet, some eight steps above the sunken bar's floor.

The music started and Linda swung into action, glancing into the

mirror toward the other end of the bar.

"SHIT!" she thought --- "He's gone!"  The chair where the bearded

blue eyed stranger had been seated was now empty.  She glanced

quickly and searchingly around the room, but he was no where in

sight.  She looked back at the empty place at the bar and saw

that there were no drinks, cigarettes or bar napkins sitting

there and knew he had left while she was "recovering" in the back

dressing room.

She finished her three songs and wandered through the semi-filled

bar, from table to table, talking to some of the customers she

knew.  The rest of the shift went pretty fast as she sat with one

customer after another sipping their "gifts" to her, slowly, so

she wouldn't get plastered to the gills before dinner.  She

danced three more sets before seven o'clock rolled around and the

music and dancers ceased.  Within ten minutes, the place emptied

out with only about a handful of "regulars" still at the bar.

Linda was sitting next to one of them when John leaned over on

both of elbows, hands bracing his tanned face, and said "You got

a way home, Linda?"

"Nope," came the answer.

"Hhhmmmmmmm," came the pondering reply.  "Want'a work the night

shift?  I'm short two girls tonight".

Hell, "why not," Linda thought.  "Johnny's home taking care of

Tammara by now and I need the bucks --- besides, it's Friday

Night and the tips will be great --- as usual.  SURE! --- why

not? --- I don't have anything better to do," Linda told him.

"You given my 'request' any more thought?"

"Yah --- let's go get a pizza and talk about it, OK?" he said.

As he lifted his elbows up off the bar and walked away, she

watched his retreating back and thought to herself about the

tales she'd heard about this big, tanned, black haired, mus-

tached, "Italiano" lower middle aged operator.  He was alleged to

be one of the few sworn, blood "brothers" of the local "Mafioso"

--- a fact she could neither confirm nor deny from her personal

knowledge of him, which was negligible.  One thing --- he ran a

tight ship here in the lounge --- never letting anything get out

of hand, EVER and always checking the register.  He also spent a

great deal of his time talking with his customers and making them

feel like they belong in the place --- which is probably why this

little out of the way shopping center lounge was so damn popular.

The place did a hell of a business --- better that almost any

place she'd ever worked in before.

Linda excused herself, thanked her bar companion for the drink,

and as usual, left three quarters of it sitting there in the

glass as she walked around the end of the U-Shaped bar and into

the dressing room to change.

A little while later, she came back out carrying her travel bag,

dressed in black slacks and a loose pale blue silk looking blouse

and wearing a pair of brown sandals.  As she came through the

dressing room door she saw John standing behind cash register

talking to Jo Ellen, the bartender.

"I'm ready, boss!" Linda exclaimed.

"In a minute, Linda --- I gotta check Jo Ellen in first --- OK?"

Linda walked over and around the outside of the bar and headed

for the door.  Once outside, she took a deep breath of the fresh

spring air and looked out at the blinding sun sitting quite a

ways above the western horizon.  The light blinded her momentari-

ly after her almost four hours in the dimly lit lounge, but the

air felt GREAT as it replaced the stale smokey gunk that passed

for air inside that place.  She walked over and sat on the back

bumper of John's new Caddy, setting her bag down on the dull

asphalt parking lot as she did.

"What she'd really like to do," she thought, "was take a ride out

to Crooked Creek Lake and Dam, south of town, and sit on a dock

with her long, slender tanned legs and pale white feet in the

still cold spring time water."  But that'll have to wait for a

while until she got her Firebird back from the goddamn bank.

She'd still have it if Johnny hadn't have been laid off all

Winter, and she hadn't been so damn stubborn about going back to

work dancing.  The unemployment money just hadn't been enough to

cover everything, and despite her desire to stay home and take

care of her eight year old daughter, Tammara, Linda had finally

volunteered to go back to work at the only job she knew well ---

DANCING!  At first, Johnny wasn't at all happy about the idea of

her back in the "circuit", but he got over it swiftly as she

brought one neat looking dancer home after another to "party" and

perform on their go-go stage at home.  Johnny had built it for

her when she quit the dancing game a couple of years after Tamma-

ra was born and she'd had her partial hysterectomy --- partial

because they had left her ovaries in along with her cervix.

Anyway, Johnny was beginning to enjoy her return to dancing ---

maybe too much, she thought.  After six weeks, he was having a

ball entertaining her dancer friends in their twin, double home

in a run down but not hopeless section of the south end of town.

She was pretty sure that he was "making it" with some of them,

which did not in the least upset her.  The two of them had their

sort of unusual "code of married ethics" they operated by that

allowed either one to "play around" with whomever they wished, so

long as it didn't interfere a whole lot with their lives and

their daughter.

As Linda thought about Johnny and their daughter, John walked up

in front of her.

"You ready?"

"Uh Huh, --- Just give me a minute to call home and tell them I

have to work tonight," Linda replied.  She walked over to the pay

phone on the wall outside the lounge door, made her call and then

came back and got in the Caddy next to John.

John took her to "Othello's", a VERY NICE Italian restaurant

about two or three miles away and they had a quiet dinner in one

of the private dinning rooms, in subdued lighting, all by them-

selves.  "Some Pizza", she had thought when it was over and they

were sipping after dinner cocktails.

John leaned back in his chair and looked across the table at her.

"We have to be getting back, Linda --- it's eight forty-five!"

She started to get up and he said --- "Sit down a minute and

let's talk about your `problem', Linda.  I'm willing to bail your

car out of hock for you --- providing that you work double shifts

and --- providing that you are willing to work `private parties'

--- after hours --- for me?  You willing to do that, Linda?"

The prospect of having her Firebird back, substantially paid off,

made her happy, but this was going to be a lot of work --- and it

would keep her away from home from 3:00 or 3:30 in the afternoon

until 2:45 or 3:00 AM in the morning six days a week.  That's

didn't count the time involved in the `Private Party' thing,

either.  She wasn't going to get a hell of a lot of night time

sleep if she took this deal, she could see that.

She looked at John and said, "I think I can do that --- I'll have

to work it out with Johnny and Tammara but I think it'll work."

"Before you give me a definite `YES', Linda, I want you to know

that my `Private Parties' are pretty 'rough' --- you'll have to

dance nude --- AND --- UHHH --- you're going to have to dig out

your 'old tricks and talents' and `entertain' my friends in

between dancing sets.  Is that OK with you?"

Shaking a little, having ignored, originally, his reference to

`Private Parties', she was now having to deal with the subject

directly --- since he had now made it VERY clear what he expected

from her.  She thought about it and then asked --- "Entertain

them HOW? John --- What do you want me to do?  --- Specifically?"

"Bluntly? --- Dance naked, play with yourself in front of them on

the stage and then go down and play with THEM --- any way they

want you to and for as long as they want you to --- until four

thirty or five in the morning --- maybe longer --- but just on

Saturday Nights --- Sunday Mornings," he replied almost noncha-

lantly and with virtually no expression on his face or in his


"The first "private party" --- a very SPECIAL ONE --- for some of

my `BUSINESS PARTNERS' --- is --- TONIGHT" he stated --- "if you

want the money, you have to start tonight, Linda!"

And --- having put the cards on the table for her to play with

and choose from, he got up and started for the door without

another word said between them.

Linda was silent all the way back to the Lounge, all during her

first set and even during the time in between the first and the

second sets.  She thought about John's 'proposition' the whole

time and honestly couldn't see any way in the world she could

turn him down.  She'd asked him for the money.  She was the one

who had started the whole thing, not him.  Now, she reckoned, she

was either going to have to shit or get off the damn pot ---


Three years ago, she'd run away from "home" (and Johnny, espe-

cially) and had earned her living hooking her way across the

country from coast to coast.  She'd been gone over a year and

had, quite honestly, enjoyed the freedom for the first eight

months until she got wrapped up with her `problem,' again, down

in San Diego, California, after which her mind hadn't been either

free or made many reasonable decisions in her behalf --- but her

crazy assed body sure had.  She shook her head and cleared those

memories from her mind.  "That was ANOTHER story," she thought

--- and though not one she particularly wanted to forget all the

time, she had no time for it now --- to be sure.

She sat in the back corner booth thinking about whether she was

going to "go the rest of the way" with John and stick around

after she quit dancing at 2:00AM and join the "PARTY."

During the course of the rest of the evening, Linda had pondered

John's "offer" but he hadn't pressed her for an answer and she

hadn't volunteered one, either.

2:00 AM rolled around pretty fast and the other two dancers

started to pack it up to leave.  Linda had parked herself in the

back booth, again --- still --- and was now finishing her third

or fourth J&B on the rocks.  She made no move to get up and go

get dressed, but just sat there and drank and stared down at the


Finally, at about 2:45AM when John had chased all the patrons out

of the lounge and locked the door and Jo Ellen had rung out and

was restocking the beer coolers behind the bar, John walked over

and sat down in the booth across from her.

"It's no big deal, Linda --- really it isn't," he said softly.

"I presume, since you're still here, we've got ourselves a

`deal', babe?"

She looked up at him from between her hand outlined face, propped

on her elbows over her J.B --- a little glassy eyed and fairly

well resigned --- and blurted --- "I'm still here, aren't I?

What the hell do YOU think, John?"

"Hey! --- Don't get pissed at me, sweetie! --- I'm not FORCING

you to do anything --- nothing at all! --- CORRECT?"

He was right --- it was her problem and her decision --- he

hadn't pressed her about it the whole night.  Just waited.

Frankly, she appreciated THAT more than she was willing to tell

him --- but she had a sneaking suspicion he already knew it and

had simply been letting her work it out within herself until she

had come to a rational decision --- "RATIONAL DECISION, MY ASS,"

she thought.  "Stripping nude, dancing nude and very obscenely in

front of a bunch of Italiano types and then fucking and sucking

them to their big black little hearts' content was NOT A RATIONAL


for that matter!"

She stared across the table at him and said --- "I'm sorry, John.

It's just been a while since I consented to this sort of shit.

Really, it has --- but, it's OK --- I'll do it."

"OK, Linda --- just stay put --- have another drink or two ---

and RELAX --- just put your feet up and take it easy!  Jo

Ellen!!!  Get Linda another double J&B on the rocks, will ya?"

He got up from the booth and walked back through the hallway past

the rest rooms to the back door.  Linda heard him unlock it and

prop it part way open and then felt the cool, fresh night air on

her left shoulder as a gentle breeze slipped past her in the

booth by the hallway.

About 3:15, with only herself and John in the place, Linda heard

a pair of shoes coming down the back hallway, followed by a "Hey,

GUMMBAHHH, how'sa the tricks?" She recognized the voice.  It was

Pasqual, the little, bald owner of the Quality Inn, --- her buddy

and a "nice guy", Linda recalled.

"Hi, Linda! --- how ya been?"

She didn't answer him, but took another deep swallow of cool,

numbing J&B --- "Shit," she thought, "this is going to be a bitch

if all these guys are regular customers like him!  I'll never be

able to look em in the eye again!"  She shook her sand brown hair

out and thought:  "What the fuck!  I've been 'here' before and

I'll no doubt, be 'here' again --- it ain't no big fuckin' deal

makin' your money on your knees and your back!  Get your shit

together, you dumb fuckin' bitch", she admonished her ever numb-

ing mind.

"Hi, `friend' --- how's the motel business these days?" Linda

queried Pasqual.

"Ahhhhh, SO, SO," he exclaimed with a fingers extended and a 180

degree rotation of the hand palm down to palm up and back again

several times in quick succession.  "How's by you, Linda?  Life

treatin' you right these days?"

She gave him the same hand gesture back.  He nodded and walked

over to John who had come around the bar --- put his arms around

John --- and pounded him on the back with his hands.  Linda could

hear them whispering to each other, but she couldn't make out the

words at all --- as she heard more feet coming down the back

hallway at the same time.  She picked up her glass and took

another big swallow of melted ice diluted, straight, top shelf

J.B. and then eyeballed the arriving entourage as they walked

into the room and over to repeat the embracing bit with John.

Finally, when they'd all `done their thing' and virtually all of

them had turned around at one time or another to stare over at

her crouched in the back corner of her protecting booth, John

walked over past her and down the back hallway.  She heard him

slam the door and lock it.

His feet padded back up the hallway and stopped alongside her

booth and private hiding place for the last hour or hour and


"OK, Kid --- let's get the `Show' on the road!  You need another


Linda nodded sheepishly, tears streaming from her eyes as she

looked up at him.

In a very low, throaty whisper, he smiled back down at her and

said "relax, Linda --- RELAX --- you're one damn sexy lady and

you've got a lot of dancing talent --- from what I've seen of

your `moves' and the way you work `our' customers, this'll be a

cinch for you --- just choose your songs to tell part of your

`act' and then give 'em hell, woman!  YOU CAN DO IT --- I KNOW

YOU CAN!  Let's go!"

Linda looked back at him through glassy half drunken eyes and

slid out of her `hiding place', then walked over to the juke box

and took one of the pile of quarters off the top of the machine.

She punched a number, plugged another quarter, punched another,

and on and on until she had about twenty songs loaded.  Then she

walked between the leg of the bar and the wall, away from the

machine and turned left into the dressing room.  She shut and

locked the door and then stripped her black dancing suit off and

stared at her five foot seven slim body in the mirror on the

dressing table.  The gold rings glistened back at her.  "Oh,

Goddamn it," she thought, "those things have got to come off or

I'll never hear the end of it from these guys!"

She carefully reached down between her legs and grasped each

ring, one at a time, between two fingers of each hand and snapped

them open, rotated them until the open portion had slipped

through her lips, and then set them, one at a time, on a Kleenex

on the dressing table.  She repeated the process with the gold

nipple rings, which were about twice the size of the "pussy"

rings as her errant husband referred to them all the time.  After

placing the remaining two gold rings on the Kleenex, she gently

and carefully folded the tissue around them and reached down and

placed the precious package in the very bottom of her travel bag.

As her hand came up from the bottom of the bag, she grasped her

makeup kit and lifted it out and onto the table, opening it and

setting some of it's contents out on the table.  She sat down in

front of the mirror and started to make up her tear streaked, but

now dry face.  She tinted her cheeks to a blushing shade, shad-

owed her eyes in a deep bluish black sunken, but sexy look,

lengthened her eyebrows and filled them out wider and wider and

then painted her lips into a perfect `Cupids bow' form with a

fluorescent scarlet orange lip shade with her lip brush.

She ovaled her lips into a cock sized "O" and put the finishing

touches on them so that they framed the deep, soon not to be

empty, ovaled circle that led into her open mouth.

Then she went to work on her nipples and breasts and when she was

done, they also, stared back from the mirror at her in sexy,

sensuous splendour and flesh tone tints ranging from the colour

of her white skin through the colour of her tanned belly to a

very scarlet orange fluorescent colour on the nipples.

She stood up in front of the mirror and shaded the scar in on her

underbelly --- the one from her operation --- and blotted out the

stretch lines on the sides of her lower midriff.

Satisfied, she put her foot up on the far outside of the dressing

table and cranked her remaining foot, on the floor, outward

toward the other end of the table.  With one hand, she reached

down and spread the now opening lips of her sex and, with the

other hand, picked up her makeup and started to tint her hair

surrounded lips in varying shades and colours of the body, en-

hancing the natural colour and adding the same fluorescent tones

and quality to the portalled entrance to her womanhood.  When she

was finished with her handiwork, she laid the makeup down care-

fully on the dressing table, and without closing her spread legs,

reached under the dressing table and flipped a small switch at

it's under edge.

The overhead lights in the dressing room went off, as did the

makeup lights surrounding the large dressing table mirror, and in

their place the familiar "black light" glow of ultra-violet light

shimmered outward from the edges of the now dimmed mirror into

the darkened room.

As Linda gazed, numbly, into the mirror, it reflected back a

glowing, sex-filled image of four distinct portions of her now

thirty year old, slim, five foot seven inch womanly body --- she

ovaled her lips and spread her legs wider as she examined her

"artwork" with satisfaction.  There, before her glazed eyes was a

three level, four position image of the female organs and mouth

of the soon to be "dancer in the nude" for John's "Business

Associates".  The image was such that a viewing male would see

first and foremost, the sex, breasts and mouth of their "enter-

tainer" of the evening, and perhaps, they never would really see

much else, under the black lighted Go-Go Stage Lights and dark-

ened lounge.  Linda hoped so --- she really and truly hoped and

prayed that they saw ONLY those parts of her she had highlighted

in glowing "black light makeup" so that she could hide the rest

from them until her "performance" was over and she was out of the


Satisfied, she reached down and snapped off the "black lights"

and then set her right foot back on the floor and started out of

the room.  As she came out of the door, John greeted her with

another glass of J&B on the rocks which she set aside on the cash

register as she picked up the little palm held stage lighting

control box, and stepped down into the sunken bar area floor and

then mounted the eight steps to the platform top and turned her

back on her "audience", the now relaxed white cheeks of her

behind gleaming out at them in the regular stage floodlights.

She looked at herself in the mirror that covered the back of the

stage area, and, with her finger on her right hand, thumbed the

`house lights' dimmer knob in a slow circle to kill all the

lights in the room but the lights on her stage.

She picked up the beat and the rhythm to the song playing in the

background and began to rotate her hips in a circle and move her

feet in perfect timing to music's base beat.  As she picked up

the movement of her body in time to the song she began slowly to

turn toward the men seated along the U-Shaped bar and smiled at

each and everyone one of them as she made a full rotation back

toward the mirror.  They applauded, enthusiastically, and she

went on through the number making a concerted effort to keep her

legs fairly well closed through out the entire number.

As the music faded away from her first danced song, she turned

back toward the mirror and hit the "kill switch" for the stage

lights on the box in her right hand.  The light died quickly

leaving the room pitch black and Linda moved swiftly to take her

"opening position" (chuckling to herself about the obvious pun as

she did).

It was silent in the room, dead quiet, --- with only Linda's

slightly laboured breathing audible when the next song started, a

tune that began with the crescendo music from the famous sound

track of "2001 - A SPACE ODYSSEY".

The music rose in both volume and instrumental focus and pitch

toward it's volumetric and rhythmic "climax" --- and as it ap-

proached the crescendo effect she had played it for, --- she

screwed the little light intensity knob on the box in her hand

down until it was in the off position and pushed the little

`black light' button.

Her audience saw nothing in the midst of the 2001 uproar and then

as the music built toward it's climaxing crescendo and the lead

up to it, what they saw, or started to see, brought audible

hisses of inward passing breath from the male mouths to Linda's


For --- there --- in front of them --- on the raised platform ---

was a perfect pair of female nether lips outlining a female's sex

canal in decreasing shades of intensity as the eye viewed inward

toward the black, spread, opening of her deepest sex and seat of

pleasure and passion --- and above and behind the display stood

two glowing peaks, the pierced but ringless breasts of the erotic

dancer spread before them on her back, arched up on her head,

feet flat on the floor and knees bent at ninety degrees so that

her straining back arched above the platform and her wide spread

legs provided a darkened and unhighlighted set of very dim fleshy

arrows pointing at the erotic display before their eyes.

The hissing intake of breath increased and then stopped as the

scene before them, slowly, and surely, penetrated their alcohol

dulled minds --- and Linda, slowly and deliberately, cranked the

blacklight knob toward it's maximum and then let the little

control box slide from her right hand onto the platform and

reached over her legs with both hands and spread back her sex

lips and began to rotate her crotch in a sexy, erotic and madden-

ing circle, carefully imitating the motions of a female's move-

ments in the throes of sexual intercourse and total sexual aban-




TO ORGASMIC COMPLETION --- and Linda's long years of training as

a paid `performer' of sexual favours took over completely and

totally --- as she made this "Linda's Night", NOT THEIRS!

Part 1 - Chapter 6

The attributes of the ever talented "Lady", Linda, shown brightly

before the cheering males as she made passionate and extremely

precise "love" to the phantom male lover above her arched, spread

body with her glowing every move clearly visible in purposeful

fluorescent highlighting, so carefully applied minutes before in

the now dark dressing room.

As John stared in utter disbelief at the show going on before his

amazed and wide open eyes, he thought to himself --- "I'll be

goddamned!  In all my forty-two years I've NEVER seen anything

like this --- and I doubt that I ever will again --- if I lose

this one --- HOLY SHIT!"

A fragile feminine hand left its sex spreading task to retrieve

the tiny light control box as the music came to a close and then

the lights died away into darkness, just as they had begun some

breath taking minutes before --- it seemed like hours to the

panting males seated around the bar, all of whom were now moved

around and scrunched in tight at the bottom center of the U-

shaped bar and not spread around the U's legs as before --- for

reasons any live male didn't have to explain to anyone --- EVER!

In the dark, Linda dropped to her back on the platform and got up

onto her bare feet and walked forward until her toes were curled

over the edge of the carpeted, padded dancing platform.  She slid

her feet outward until they're outer edges simultaneously touched

the cool vertical rise of the platform's two, front corner,

stainless steel poles anchored firmly to the floor and the ceil-

ing with heavy stainless steel screw-in fixtures and five large

bolts in each.

As she reached upward to grasp the poles with her outstretched

hands she cranked the platform light dimmer rheostat to its

maximum full on position and punched the regular platform lights

button on as she let the little box fall and grasped the poles as

high as she could, with her hands, standing on tip-toes up

against the poles.

The lights flashed back on to illuminate a spread-eagled, smiling

Linda looking down at the now bunched together male, recently

`converted', voyeurs --- a tanned and white stripped naked female

body that bore no physical resemblance to the incredible sight

that had gone just before --- a "normal" female frame, naked,

slight of build with what appeared to be all the normal female

attributes which were VERY OPENLY displayed for all to see.

It took several seconds for her "audience" to react, but ---

REACT --- THEY MOST CERTAINLY --- DID!!!  With wild cheering

abandon!  Clapping and hooting and whooping and whistling like a

bunch of baseball fan's after a grand slam home run by their

favourite slugger.

Linda smiled down at them and said, quietly, as the noise died

away --- "somebody get my drink over on the register --- and how

about a cigarette, --- guys?"  (With "guys" being strung out in a

long sexy whispered way that induced --- well, the best way to

describe it is --- pandemonium --- every set of male feet in the

place made a mad dash to get around the bottom end of the U-

Shaped bar to reach the cash register FIRST --- and oblige the

"Lady" --- PERSONALLY!!!!)

It was an absolute riot of scrambling arms and legs as someone

came up with Linda's J&B on the rocks and another thrust a ciga-

rette up to her from behind the bar in front of the platform.

Linda let go of the poles, bent over so her pert, not too large

breasts with their orangish red tinted nipples hung down in front

of the eyes of her cigarette proffering "benefactor" and opened

her lips slowly to grasp the cigarette between them.  A cigarette

lighter magically appeared from her left to ignite the long white

stick and her J&B on the rocks slid into view from the right and

into her outstretched right hand.  She grasped the drink firmly,

stood up and raised it to her thirsty lips as her left hand

extracted the glowing cigarette and her lungs exhaled the smoke

in a billowing upward cloud.

She took a deep swallow of the cooling, mind numbing brew, ever

mindful of her still spread legged position and the examining,

searching eyes of the entourage below and in front of her, plas-

tered together between the bar and the platform.

She looked down kindly, --- and with a smile, --- whispered

huskily in her deepest, sexiest voice, --- "IT'S OK TO ---


UP', `DOWN THERE', RIGHT NOW, --- !!!"

And, indeed, she was, --- as the lips of her spread sex glistened

with moisture and pulsated before their upturned eyes --- and the

mouth of her as yet unfulfilled sex hole lay open and spread with

its deep recesses capturing all the incoming light and leaving a

dark black void for each sweating, panting male to behold in


A tentative hand reached its large fingers up and patted her

inner, sweating thigh, and then rubbed up and down its length as

another large male hand did likewise with the other tanned thigh,

beginning at the white untanned juncture of the two tanned stiff-

ened columns of supporting female flesh --- VERY VERY `FEMALE'

FLESH --- as all could PLAINLY behold --- and DID!

Linda, took another deep swallow of the iced JB, emptied the

glass and extended it downward and off in front of her to the

left where a waiting male hand received it and a male voice asked


"No, thank you," she replied, extending the cigarette in her

right hand up to her lips and inhaling deeply, then extending it

down in front and to the right of her where John removed it

carefully from her fingers.

Linda reached up to the poles with her hands and gripped them

tightly, just as a second male hand closed around the outside of

each of her upper legs, opposite the two hands inside her thighs

and lifted her up off her extended feet, ever so slightly.  When

her feet cleared the platform, they swung her legs and spread sex

forward about six or eight inches and started to lower her slowly

downward toward the waiting lips of her "friend" Pasqual, who was

concentrating heavily upon the task about to be visited upon him

and readying himself to give proper attention to Linda's too long

neglected, not yet fully stimulated nether sexual favours.

The leg securing hands lowered her ever so gently onto the wait-

ing mouth and Linda felt a warm, wet, broad male tongue traverse

her soft inner sex lips, quivering vaginal cavity and stop at her

not yet touched sensitive upper "V" and its ever present "passion

seat" --- and then the educated tongue circled the target and

swished firmly back and forth and up and down over it, hurrying

to make up for lost time, or so it seemed.

Linda was gradually letting the now tightly clenched cheeks of

her lightly padded behind settle toward the floor by letting her

pole gripping hands loosen, ever so slightly, and slide down the

twin, spread poles.  When her behind touched the floor of the

platform, she let go of the poles and lean backward, slowly

letting her self down until she was laying on her back on the

platform, knees bent over the front edge, widely spread, with

Pasqual still attending to her now well laped and somewhat excit-

ed sexual slit.

"Come on, Guys, don't be bashful!" she snorted, huskily, "I've

still got two hands and mouth left up here!"

Three naked male bodies swung up onto the stage to oblige her,

and within moments, Linda was stroking the rigid extended members

of two kneeling males, and laving the advancing organ of a third

male crouched on all fours over her reclined body.

And so it went through the rest of the night as John's "Business

Associates" took turns being stroked, licked, sucked, sucking,

and ultimately fucking, in alternating "holes", a tipsy Linda who

had reached the point of really not giving a damn and who had

long since lost any inhibitions and regrets she might have had

earlier about doing a "Private Show" for John, her Boss.  They

worked on her until the sun came up outside, stroking, licking,

fucking and fondling the talented, sexy Linda to what they

thought was orgasm after orgasm.  But as drunk as she was, Linda

never hit that first even low orgasmic peak, though she faked it

beautifully with her ex-whore's knowledge of lower body muscle

control, tightening and loosening her inner muscles and multiply-

ing the effect with lower belly, inner thigh and posterior com-

plimenting muscle contractions and relaxations and her moans.

Once, during the session, someone grabbed her two nipples between

their fingers and started to pull upward and press the fingers

together simultaneously, but Linda spit out the member in her

mouth, dropped the almost climaxing members from her hands and

slapped the offending fingers away with a firm admonition that

THAT was not to be repeated, PERIOD --- and then got back to

BUSINESS.  After that, they stuck to licking them and Linda

"serviced" the entourage in true ex hooker style.

A soddened, well used and very drunk Linda managed to get dressed

and John drove her home in the Caddy.  She staggered through the

front door and sprawled on the couch, where she promptly passed

into an alcohol assisted, deep dreamless sleep.  Some time just

before lunch, Tammara woke her up and she made lunch for her

beloved eight year old daughter and then pulled herself up the

stairs, hand over hand and slipped into the bed.  At 6:00PM Linda

crawled out of the bed and while fending off a "twenty-questions"

siege from Johnny, she showered and got ready to go back to the

lounge for another night's "work", regular and otherwise.

Saturday Night didn't go quit so "well", partly because she was

tired and hung over and principally because the "Private Party"

turned into a "Zoo" with that bitch B.J. staying to help out in

servicing and entertaining the participants.  B.J. got into

Linda's act heavily and attempted to "make it" with her as part

of the impromptu "act".  Linda went along, part way, until the

little bitch started hurting her, purposefully, at which point

B.J. learned a very valuable and never to be forgotten lesson

about the seeming docile and friendly Linda.

The black and blue marks still showed on B.J. when Linda walked

into the lounge to go to work at 8:45 Monday night, almost two

days later!

Linda, after almost two days of unholy crap from Johnny about her

two after sunrise arrivals home, and four hundred and sixty bucks

richer (John paid her $260 in cash Saturday morning and $200 in

cash Sunday morning, though Linda thought it should have been

vice-a-versa) --- after the nearly two days to think about the

remaining $400 and how she had to earn it the coming weekend, she

walked fearfully back into the lounge to do her regular Monday

Night dance shift from 9:00PM to 2:00AM.

B.J. was, of course, surly as hell toward her, bitch that she was

--- but John seemed quite normal and "ho-hum" about the whole

thing --- almost cavalier, in fact.  After a few words with him

at the cash register, Linda was about to turn and head into the

dressing room when she spotted the now familiar slightly bald

headed, blue eyed, bearded face over the top of the stage plat-

form in the same seat he'd occupied on Friday Night --- and a

shiver went up and down her tired frame.

She hurried through dressing and making up and then came out and

plugged three quarters into the box and zipped up onto the stage,

about five minutes before the official 9:00PM start for the

dancers.  Her first song, "You Light Up My Life", was done with

only one person in mind and she made sure HE knew it.  Their eyes

never left each other in the platform's back mirror except for

brief moments when Linda "kept it honest" to satisfy John and the

rest of the gaping customers.  The second and third songs were

songs that had key words in them --- words like "submission" and

"slave" and "bondage" and having a "master" --- well hidden in

the lyrics, but --- THERE.  As the "key words" came up in the

songs, Linda made sure her hands and arms did the correct things,

--- fleetingly, but "correct", --- and that her eyes, whenever

she performed the "correct" amplifying gestures to the words,

looked downward and downcast from HIS as the gesture was careful-

ly delivered.

And each time, when she looked back up, he nodded ever so slight-

ly and smiled just a little --- and Linda's insides crawled with

anticipation and expectation as her sexual boiling point started

to rise and her body started to react to a new "find" of immense

importance to her.

When her last song ended, she came down off the platform and

walked slowly out from the bar area around the cash register and

slowly made a socializing trip along the length of the bar,

stopping to talk to each customer she reached, patting him on the

shoulder when she was done talking and going on to the next

until, after some eight or ten minutes, she had worked her way

around to the last two seats at the other end of the bar's U-

Shape opposite the cash register end.

She placed her hand on the empty chair, and looking down into the

upturned eyes and face of the object of her dancing, "mind if I

sit down here?"

"By all means, please do --- I saved it for you," came the gentle

but deep male voice's reply.

As she sat down, she saw a glass sitting on a bar napkin in front

of her, and said --- "Oh, I'm sorry --- Am I sitting in someone

else's seat?"

He looked at her, smiled with those pale blue, kindly eyes, and

shook his head ever so slightly in the negative.

"I'm Linda."

"I know."

"Who are you?"

"A `friend' --- a `special' friend."

"Special, 'HOW'?"

"In a way only YOU will appreciate, Linda --- because I under-

stand you --- and I speak YOUR `language'."

Linda gazed into his eyes and started to reply but thought better

of it --- at least for the moment --- and let the opportunity


She picked the glass up off the bar and lifted it to her lips,

never taking her eyes off his.  As she tilted the glass forward

to pour the cool J&B over her lips and down her throat, she

opened her lips and ran her tongue along the inside rim of the

glass while staring him straight in the eyes --- and then set the

glass back on the bar, again, without breaking eye contact.  She

reached into her small cigarette case she had laid on the bar and

extracted a cigarette, placed it between her lips and started to

reach for her lighter when a large hand appeared in front of her

with a flaming lighter.  She reached up and placed her right hand

over his, curling her fingers into his palm where she touched him

ever so gently and allowed her fingers to move ever so slightly

in the sensitive palm as she and he guided the lighter to her

cigarette.  She was so engrossed in what she was doing she almost

forgot to take a drag on the cigarette before the end of it

burned up in the flame.

And, all the while, two pairs of very expressive, highly `inter-

ested' eyes made a kind of silent introduction to each other at

very very close range.  Linda's body shuddered a little, part way

through the engagement, and she felt her sexual "temperature"


She set his hand back down in his lap after the cigarette was lit

and tipped her head back to blow a plume of smoke toward the

ceiling, STILL NOT LETTING HER EYES LEAVE HIS, and then lowered

her head back down and waited, still locked in his gaze.

"I'm called Paul by most people, but to a very few, I have anoth-

er name that precedes that one, Linda --- a VERY VERY VERY FEW!"

he said in a low husky voice.

"I see" --- replied Linda --- "and do you mind if I call you

`Paul', --- Paul?"

"Linda --- for now, let's not worry about names --- BUT, YES, ---



--- it doesn't matter right now." --- "DOES IT?"

She looked into his eyes and answered him without saying a word

and he said --- "I knew you'd understand me."  And she nodded

ever so slightly to make doubly sure he knew she was `on board'.

Eventually, they did get around to talking a little and she found

out he was married, had two kids, owned his own business and came

in the lounge, `occasionally', after he left work, to unwind.

Linda acknowledged that she was married and had an eight year old

daughter and that she was dancing to try and get the family back

on their financial feet while her husband started back to work

after a long winter of being laid off in the construction indus-

try as a structural iron worker.  She told him Johnny was working

on the ICIC Building downtown bossing a raising gang.  About that

time, John walked up to her, bent over, whispered in her ear, and

then turned around and walked away.  As he left, she was visibly

shaking and her bottom lip had curled back under where she was

not too gently chewing on it as tears appeared in each of the

corners of her eyes.

"Problems, Linda?" came a gentle non-prodding question at a very

low and subdued level, from the owner of the pale blue eyes next

to her.

She couldn't handle it any longer and said, "excuse me a minute,

I'll be back," and emphasized it by saying --- "PLEASE DON'T


He didn't say a word.  All he did was look into her rising eyes

and pick up her cigarettes and lighter and put them in her hand

after which he squeezed her hand with both of his and ran the

tips of his fingers along the edge of her hand, all below the bar

level where no one could see it done.  Linda turned and walked


Linda hurried around the bar and past the cash register into the

dressing room, closing and locking the door behind her.  She sank

into the chair and stared at the mirror, tears, still in the

corners of her eyes.  John had told her, when he had leaned over

and whispered in her ear, that she was "on" for this coming

Friday and Saturday Night --- the whole way "on" --- $200 per

night and had intimated that she'd earn every bit of it.  It had

hit her like a ton of bricks, because suddenly, she'd had enough

of the `Private Show' scene if not, in fact, this goddamn dancing


But she could not, for the life of her, think of any good way out

of her "deal" with John.  She still didn't have her car and there

was no other way she'd get it back in time because the bank had

called this morning and told her she either paid by a week from

today, in full, or they would auction off her Firebird the next

day, Tuesday, a week from tomorrow.

Linda, got up and walked to the door, unlocked it and stepped out

and told John she was feeling kind'a sick and wanted to skip a

set or two while she tried to take some aspirin and laid down on

the couch in the dressing room.  Did he mind?  He smiled at her

and made some reference about long hours and hangovers two nights

in a row and said it was OK because they still had four dancers


She spun around and went back in the dressing room, locking the

door behind her.  As she had been talking to John she'd looked

across the stage and her blue eyed bearded `friend' was still

there.  In fact, he'd smiled at her, ever so slightly.

She started to sit down in the dressing table chair but hesitat-

ed, then bent down and reached into the bottom of her travel bag

and retrieved the little Kleenex Wrapped Package she'd placed

there so carefully early Saturday Morning before her "Grand

Entrance" at the first "Private Party" for John.  She set it on

the table and then stripped her top and her pants off quickly and

sat down in the chair.

With shaking hands, she unwrapped the package and carefully

retrieved the four small and two larger solid gold rings, insert-

ing them, one at a time, carefully, in their intended and right-

ful places in the nipples of her now stimulated breasts and the

lips of her now wet sex.  That done, she got back up, put her

outfit back on and went over and laid down on the long comfort-

able couch on the opposite wall.

As she closed her eyes, she thought about her waiting, "stood

up", blue eyed, bearded VERY SPECIAL (she hoped, God how she

hoped and prayed he was THAT kind of VERY SPECIAL) friend outside

at the bar and she silently urged him to stay --- as if he could

read her mind.  And then her mind drifted back to another blue

eyed, bearded special male --- her first MASTER --- back in the

black walled room with the mirrored ceiling and the white padded

floor and her "reality of the rings" (turned present day fantasy

returned) as she once more saw the huge erect organ of the large

well built blue eyed, bearded user and piercer of her twenty year

old body approaching her pulsating vaginal mouth and split sex as

her body screamed in the hot water mist and spray bath that

renewed her whip streaked body's pain and her mouth begged and

pleaded for him to --- "FUCK ME, MASTER! --- HURT ME, MASTER??


And he had --- as he obliged her pleadings and beggings by grasp-

ing her just recently ringed nipples and squeezing them between

his fingers as he twisted them outward and lifted upward on them

while lamming his rigid member into her so deep and so hard that

her hands momentarily went slack above her and her feet and

pointed toes screamed with pain in their wet leather, tightly

bound laced up restraining covers --- and the huge stainless

steel ring creaked with the strain.

And as he pounded into her and almost lifted her by her tortured

nipples, she had once more screamed to an orgasmic extravaganza

of pain and pleasure in her mist covered realm of leather, steel

and male domination --- and then slipped slowly into unconscious,

mindless, oblivion, once more.

Her mind sped back eagerly to grasp and recall the EXACT sequence

of events that followed --- and as it locked onto the `vision' he

saw herself hanging upsidedown in the overhead mirror, her head

unrestrained and raised up onto her chest looking upward at her

spread legs and her leather covered feet with toes pointing up

into the ring and mirror.  She could feel her arms along her

sides and her hands, still encased in their ever present leather

mittens, resting along the outside of her legs.  She attempted to

move them, one at a time, and found that they were somehow re-

strained there, forcing her arms and her extended hands to point

straight upwards toward the mirrored ceiling tight along the

sides of her body.  She curled upward, bending and straining her

stomach muscles, and saw two huge leather straps, one around each

of her legs, buckled tightly there by three small leather belt

and buckle sets on each, just above the knee.  To each wide

leather strap, one of her mittened hands was extended and it's

tip strap inserted in buckle mounted on the outside of the strap on her outer leg.  She let herself back down and hung there,

gazing around the room.  Her eyes caught the black wall and it's

door and then her head and eyes swung to the right and beheld the

bare feet and leather pants of her MASTER.  As Linda stared

upward at him, she saw that he had a short stainless steel chain

in his hand with snap clips of some kind at either end.

As she watched, he stepped into her terrazzo "pit" and attached

the chain to her huge stainless steel "mounting ring".  She had

bent her head backward and arched her straining back to look

straight down at his hands as they attached one of the chain's

"clips" to one of her "mounting ring's" welded D-Rings directly

below her eyes and her head.  One of his hands reached the short

distance up to her face and then under it to the tipped back top

of her head and thrust itself through the ring/hair/strap affair

on top of her head and swiftly pulled her face back forward with

her head mounted ring assembly and she heard another "click-snap"

of the remaining chain mounted retaining clip.  Linda tried to

raise her head, as before, and found it was anchored downward by

the chain and its clips, refusing her any further bending of her

neck, forward or back, or raising of her head, but allowing her

to turn her head, which she had done, as she watched the bare

feet and leather pants step out of the pit and walk around her

toward the black vinyl covered "equipment wall".  As the feet

retreated, she heard the ominous "Click" of her "mounting ring"

and felt her feet begin to lower toward the "equipment" wall and

the floor while her head began to rise toward the door end of the

room and the ceiling.

As motion continued, the reality of that motion and especially

its ultimate `destination' and position for her now "differently"

bound form started to penetrate her pain wracked, aching body and

her numbed mind.  And as the hair on her head began to tighten

across her scalp, she started to scream --- "OH, GOD NO!!! ---


DOWN!!!!" and in an almost subdued, child like whimper ---

"pppllleeeaaassseee --- don't do --- THAT --- to me? ---


But the ring kept rotating as she passed through a horizontal

position, suspended by her feet and her hair encircled ring

attached firmly by its chain to her "mounting ring" and then on

upward and upward until --- FINALLY --- she was hanging vertical-

ly downward --- HELD THERE ONLY BY HER OWN --- HAIR!!!

The tension in her legs was gone and in it's place, her scalp

screamed in pain as her forehead was drawn upward and her eye-

brows raised up unnaturally.  She stared outward at the far wall,

searching for her tormentor --- her MASTER --- but he was nowhere

in sight.

Then she felt a set of fingers on the bottom of her right foot as

they unbuckled the strap that restrained her right leg in its

spreadeagled position and felt the strap come loose, as it was

unthreaded from her "mounting ring" and her foot pulled backward

and upward.  She felt a wide leather belt come around her sweat-

ing belly, and then be yanked tightly and then be firmly buckled

in the small of her back.  Her right foot continued to rise

upward as something was dropped over it and slid down her upward

pointing toes, down her foot and down her lower leg to hang

around her knee --- and then the strap on the end of her foot was

pulled tight, forcing her heel against her tensed nether cheek

and the sound of a strap being buckled met her now "trained"

ears.  She felt the strain on the wide tight leather strap at her

middle and knew he had strapped her foot, toes pointed upward,

heel in her sore behind, to it.

The process was repeated with her left foot as she whimpered and

tried to comprehend how she would survive this new "position",

one she had ever in her life either seen or heard of and now was

in the pain racked throes of learning --- FIRST HAND, AS --- FOR






Linda rotated in a slow, precise, lazy circle; her arms extended

down the sides of her body, bound there by the wide belly strap

and the stretched out leather covered hands yanked down her

strapped legs and anchored there, with her pointed toes strapped

to the middle of her back and the "belly strap" and her heels

planted in her behind --- ROTATING ON THE END OF A SHINY STAIN-




As she viewed the entire room slipping past her, she saw her ---

MASTER --- advancing toward her from the wall with two long

stainless steel chains with clips on their ends --- like the one

she watched him attach to her hair ring earlier --- He stopped

her rotating motion by grasping something at her downward extend-

ed right knee and she heard a "click-snap" --- and felt her

doubled back right leg raised sideways toward the "mounting


STRETCHED SIDEWAYS TO THE "LIMIT" --- followed by another "click-

snap" and a tensioned pull of something in the hollow behind her

knee.  Her doubled back left leg was similarly "Click-Snapped" at

the knee and her left leg rose upwards and sideways to --- again

--- leave the valley of her sex and site of most of her recent



Facing the wall full of as yet fully comprehended devices and

equipment, Linda saw her retreating --- MASTER, --- ("and oh, god

he was every bit her --- MASTER --- NOW!" she thought) --- take

down a short handled whip with slim lashes hanging from the end

of it.  She watched him dip it downward into a black bucket and

raise it upward where the lashes gleamed in the bright lights

shining on the wall, highlighting it --- "OIL!!!" --- her mind

screamed at her!  And as he turned and walked toward her with the

dripping, short, black lashed demon grasped firmly in his right

hand at his side and stepped over into her "pit" --- her personal

pit of private hell --- pain and pleasure mixed --- Linda began

to beg and to plead with every inflection, tone and level known

to her mind, failing vocal cords and tongue.

First low and whispered --- "no, mmmaaasssttteeerrr,

pppllleeeaaassseee, mmmaaasssttteeerrr --- nnnooottt ttthhhaaattt

--- oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, --- NO! --- PLEASE! --- and

then in a husky louder pleading, begging, breaking voice ---





The not yet familiar deep male voice responded to her entreaties

by saying, ever so lowly, so slowly and so plainly, in a deep

whispered voice --- "You've already done all that for me, my

pretty, stretched, bound, helpless --- slave --- now let us begin

to --- understand --- each other --- as I teach you what the true

meaning of the words --- OBEDIENCE --- AND --- SUBMISSION ---


And again, in a low whispered voice, he said --- "a truly submis-

sive sexually bound female slave must --- feel --- herself being

sexually used by her master --- must --- FEEL --- the hopeless-

ness --- the helplessness of her `position' --- and must, ---



to say the words --- nor to act out the responses with your



by responding in the only way that a sexually submissive female

slave can respond to her master and `creator' --- with --- total,

continuous, sexual stimulation --- AND --- total, continuous,

sexual orgasm --- TOTAL --- CONTINUOUS --- AND COMPLETE ---


His left hand reached out, palm up, and cradled the, once AGAIN,

ever wettening seat of her sexual being --- pressing upward, and

rubbing from front to back --- as Linda felt her self being

helplessly manipulated and used in this simplest of ways --- as

she felt him fondling her continuously --- he raised the handle

of the still dripping whip --- to her mouth --- and said ---


shaft of your next lover --- the only COMPLETE AND TOTAL LOVER









Linda stared into his eyes from within her suspended, helpless,

totally and obscenely sexually exposed and spread body, feeling

the rising storm of sexual need and answering sexual gratifica-

tion --- through eyes that were pulled upward by her stretched,

tensioned scalp ---  with a mind that comprehended the words ---

THE 'TRUE' MEANING OF THE WORDS --- for the very first time.

She extended her tongue and wetly and subserviently caressed ---

NOT LICKED --- the handle of the dripping whip held before her

mouth --- she laped it with painstaking care and stared at it's

full potent length from the dripping lashes to the to the blunt

bulbous end of the handle --- she wanted to orally satisfy it in

any way she could --- as best she could --- BECAUSE --- WHEN SHE




And her "lover" --- retreated --- to --- BEGIN!!!!

Totally suspended in a tightly wrapped cocoon of helpless and yet

obscenely spread sexual exposure, naked and yet "wrapped", spread

open hugely and widely to meet her "lover", Linda began to feel

the "fingers" of her "total and complete lover" as she closed her

eye lids as tight as she could and her MASTER said --- "OPEN YOUR


And she watched! --- submissively --- obediently --- in a rising

tide of sexual responses so acute and so complete that the help-

lessly exposed position of her responding totally sexualized body

became totally and completely irrelevant --- as her mind locked

out all but the millions of sexual responses coming back to it

from every tensioned and expectant nerve ending in her pleasure

engulfed body --- as pain mixed with sex and came to her as total

and complete pleasure.

And her first REAL submissive, total, sexual orgasm began as she

hung there untouched by anything at all --- NO WHIP --- NO HAND


And Linda moaned her pleasure and began to entreat her lover with

her mind and her voice in low horse, throaty, abandoned whispers

of a lover rising to meet a partner in the throes of complete and

total sexual abandon!

Part 1 - Chapter 7

Through conscious, hypersensitized eyes, with a suspended help-

less, now truly female submissive body --- AND MIND --- subservi-

ent to a blue eyed, bearded, tanned handsome hulk of a MASTER who

held the first SUBMISSIVE `LOVER' of Linda's young life --- in

the form of an oiled, wicked looking, short but many thonged,

plain ended whip --- Linda watched her body begin to receive the

attentions of her now whirling "LOVER" --- directed by her ---

MASTER --- as it moved inward toward her spread thighs and danced

across her sensitive, spread, and VERY exposed hanging sex in

constantly repeated --- "SWISH" --- "SLAP- SLAP-SLAP" --- sounds

that were melded end to end into a continuous rhythm of sound and

accompanying sensations --- stroking and striking and caressing

and pulling and sucking and turning her insides to shivering

molten fire --- as Linda rose on the wings of an angel of orgas-

mic pain become pure pleasure.

The whistling, whirling oily thongs of her "lover" and its con-

stant lapping sounds of `contact' devoured Linda in a lake of

pure unadulterated lust, desire, want, need and approaching ---

but never quite THERE --- fulfillment.

And her attentive MASTER, wielding her LOVER with EXTREME care

and accuracy, watched Linda with the eyes of the accomplished

dominator of true female submissives he was and had been for

years --- a MAKER of female submissives --- from `promising' raw

stock placed in his caring and `talented hands' --- He modulated

the whirling "LOVER" in rotational speed and advanced and re-

treated it with both accuracy and understanding as he watched the

pierced, ringed nipples on Linda's reddening breasts grow darker

and rise farther and farther out from her chest --- as he watched

Linda attempt to arch her back forward, ever forward --- and kept

careful account of the swelling colour changes in her widening

and flaring nether lips which now framed a vaginal passage that

literally `breathed' a life of its very own as the mouth con-

tracted and then dilated, rhythmically and increasingly --- as he

listened to Linda speak with a husky, deep, whispered, totally

sexually driven voice to her lover and watched her lust glazed

eyes dance in her head.

"Oooooohhhhhh, --- yyyyyyeeeessss --- LOVER --- oh god it fells

ssssssssooooooooo --- gggggggggooooooooddddddd!

Uuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh --- oooooooohhhhhhhhhh!

Ppppppppppppllllllllleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeee --- FUCK






And Linda climbed higher and higher up the steps to total male

subservience as her crashing, never quite completed orgasmic

surrender eluded her and she climbed still higher and higher and

her bound body literally danced in the air from her upstretched

now dripping wet hair and her "mounting ring" creaked and groaned

from her frenzied and lust driven contortions.

The nipples swelled and expanded outward as the contracting and

expanding widely spread sex hole continually and unsuccessfully

tried to seek its "LOVER" --- as Linda danced in the air and

mouthed every entreaty her sexually driven mind could contrive

and conceive --- with her MASTER floating within the glazed

purview of her lust filled eyes --- sweet MASTER who understood

her --- knowing MASTER who was delivering her to her "LOVER".


moaned to him in frustration and appreciation all wrapped into


And MASTER, retreated with her "LOVER" as Linda watched in ---

frustrated and absolutely "frustrated" sexual horror --- and

through her wide stretched eyes and still vibrating, dancing,

sexually hypersensitized body, she beckoned him back to her ---

and also with screaming verbal entreaties that filled the sti-

fling hot room as the MASTER step out of her "passion pit" and

walked to the far wall, retrieving a large tripod and a `saddle-

like' arrangement and returning over the curbed bounds of her

sexual bondage pit now being coated with her sweat and bodily

fluids, placed the tripod beneath her contracting and dilating

hugely spread vaginal mouth --- and then screwed the leather

`saddle' on top of it.

As Linda, looked downward, with her lust filled eyes, at the

device before her, he returned to the wall and came back with two

perfect replicas of rigid and turgid male organs, two inches and

three inches in diameter, respectively, --- screwed them into two

twin holes in the curved saddle with it's perfect crotch fitting

contours and wide leather straps dangling from the from corners

and buckle tipped shorter wide straps dangling in the back cor-


The tripod, "saddle" and its now fully mounted male organs slid

forward from the curbed edge of Linda's `pit' as her breasts

partially hid their progress and then through the valley of her

heaving breasts the device all but disappeared from her view and

she let out a disappointed whaling moan of frustration.










The restraining straps came over her legs and buckled to the back

of the saddle near the ever contracting and loosening cheeks of

her ass as she attempted to squeeze both organ filled orifices

with every talented muscle she had or ever hoped to have.

"SSSSSSOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!! --- AH, SO, GOOD!!!" hissed Linda

downward to no one in particularly as the vibrating male engines

drove her higher and higher now that she had something to work on

with her sexually educated muscles.

But though higher and farther, still no orgasmic "thunder" oc-

curred as promised by MASTER so long long ago.

Pleasure but still rising --- and frustration.

And MASTER returned with the a pair of the small, strange looking

ring devices with the legged tripod above them and crank handled

shaft extending down through the apex of the tripod --- the

rings, she could see, were made of rubber and so where the tripod

legs rising from them --- as she strained to examine them more

carefully --- one of them moved quickly forward to enclose her

right breast, or rather, surround it.

Fascinated, she watched the ring on the shaft open and the close

through her right nipple ring and then back slowly away as her

MASTER tensioned her nipple by turning the handle of the device

now sticking out from her chest until the two rings tightened and

snapped to right angles of each other and her right nipple was

pulled outward as the rubber ring around her breast sunk into her

flesh --- and a strange and pleasurable, yet somehow painful,

sensation flowed through her nipple and breast --- and the rubber

base ring began to contract, squeezing inward toward her breast

and forcing it to bulge forward on her chest and turn redder and

redder and redder.

She watched in utter fascination as her once small breast bal-

looned outward and her once short nipple grew longer and longer

--- followed by waves of pleasure and sexual desire flooding her

mind from her squeezed and stretched breast's millions of stimu-

lated nerve endings.

Quickly, the left breast and nipple were similarly attended to

and captured, stretched and squeezed until her MASTER was satis-

fied that they were entirely correct.

And Linda moaned down to him --- "OH THANK YOU, MY MASTER, OH



He reached down and released the snaps that held her knees to the

outer stainless steel "Mounting Ring" ring --- releasing them at

the huge "Mounting Ring", --- and pulled the chains down around a

peg in the base of the tripod, and back up to snap to the chain

part way up toward her knees as he tensioned them tightly and

relentlessly downward, securing her in yet another way to the

saddle by means of both her now downward stretched knees.

And having done all this to the quivering, begging, pleading and

sobbing Linda, he walked away from her, once more, back toward

the wall --- and returned with her fearful "LOVER" --- the whip.



female submissive's "love song" on Linda's singing, sweat

drenched body.





There might have been pain --- extreme pain --- but Linda never

felt it! --- all she felt was the orgasmic wonders of a female

submissive's THOROUGHLY SATISFIED universe, as she streaked

across the heavens and mouthed supplicant "THANK YOU'S" to her

very first MASTER --- who definitely knew what Linda liked best

and most --- NOW!!!!!

(And from that time forward --- Male Dominant Masters who knew

their trade and knew it WELL --- owned Linda during those much

needed "sessions" on their carefully tuned "equipment" with their

carefully selected "lovers" --- and the mere thought of a "MAS-

TER" made Linda long for a sexual satisfaction only a MASTER

could give --- no MERE "man" --- A SIMPLE MALE --- WAS EVER AGAIN


As Linda lay on the dressing room couch, she recalled that she

had never passed out from her orgasmic trip into total female

submissiveness and subservience --- she had hit orgasmic peak

after orgasmic peak as she watched her new MASTER ply her "lover"

over her tender twenty year old body --- he had adjusted and

tightened her breasts and her nipple bondage --- he had stuffed

her sex fuller and tighter by systematically and regularly rais-

ing her restraining saddle and its two hole stuffing male en-

gines, which tensioned her legs downward but allowed her to bend

her head forward and better observe the caress of her lover as it

played back and forth over her body --- and he constantly adjust-

ed those two male cocks shoved far up her stretched and engorged

contracting and releasing holes --- as Linda alternately gripped

them and released them in the only way that she knew how and

POSSIBLY --- COULD --- then MASTER made them ruthlessly piston in

and out of Linda's constantly contracting and relaxing, drenched

and plugged holes with incredible speed, spinning and vibrating

as they devoured Linda's steaming wet twin sexual cavities,

plowing the orifices of each inward than sucking it outward, two

at a time, --- and finally --- right at her highest peak, THE

MASTER had flipped a switch on the saddle that advanced a vibrat-

ing small rubber suction device that seized and devoured the

small, reddened and VERY sensitive button at the top of her

soaked and thoroughly plowed sexual "V" --- and Linda went abso-

lutely crazy with supplications, thank you's and moaning, scream-

ing, bouncing motions of fulfillment so severe, that had she been

hanging by her hair, she'd have been bald --- scalped by the

willing "Indians" of her sexually driven body and mind!

To a total stranger, the picture of a crazed, babbling, pleading,

begging woman on a saddle out of hell itself, restrained by her

hair from a giant eight foot stainless steel ring, with a wide

belt across her belly and back, tightly pinning her arms to her

sides, her toes yanked up toward her waist, heels dug into her

tensed behind and her hands strapped to her outer legs above the

knees with a leather trousered male whipping her body front and

back as her tortured stretched nipples and compressed breasts

stood starkly out from her heaving chest and an oiled whip

`lover' plied her bundled body --- to an "uninitiated" stranger,

the scene would look like a medieval session in the inquisition's

deepest darkest, torture chambers --- or something out of a KGB

sexual subjugation manual.





Nobody made a "movie" of that "session" but Linda often wished


After the session had ended and Linda was sliding back down from

her trip through the heavens, MASTER removed her breast devices,

unloosened her from her "saddle", and released her bent legs and

reattached the stretched toes to Linda's "Mounting Ring" and

rotated the ring in the reverse direction from whence she had

come to this state of satisfaction until she was again hanging

upsidedown.  In which position he let her lick and lave his rigid

straining male organ --- his COCK --- for quite some time ---

then he removed her belly and arm binding belt, unbuckled her

restrained hands and arms and buckled them back to her "MOUNTING

RING", spreadeagled, as before, and with her legs spreadeagled

the way it had all begun, her head and "hair ring" still chained

to the ring, he tightened straps around her legs, rotated her

into a face downward, horizontal position --- where he systemati-

cally hung weights from her pierced and ringed nipples and sex

lips, --- after which --- he had most thoroughly and completely

fucked his now totally submissive and subjugated SLAVE'S FACE ---



Had either of them have doubted what her TRUE NATURE and REAL


moved forever and always --- GIVEN THE "CORRECT" MALE --- A




As Linda lay on the couch in the dressing room of the south end

lounge, she visualized and felt that heartless, male cock stuffed

up every hole in her body and her begging and pleading for more

as she watched her "weights" jerk and swing from her stretched

tortured breasts and their nipples and felt the same thing going

on in her nether lips.

NOW, --- AS THEN --- SHE LOVED IT!  And she hoped to God the

sexy, big, blue eyed, bearded guy out at the bar was both still

there and not just another "bullshit artist" in the Dominant Male

--- NO --- MASTER --- "business".

We shall see, she thought, as she opened the door and stepped


(And at this point, your friendly narrator interrupts, to insert

a short WARNING to would be male "MASTERS" who think they

can/could handle a "LINDA" and provide her the sort of SATISFAC-

TION she desires --- nay --- requires!

Such creatures, like the lovely Linda, do, indeed, exist.  They

are complex and driven --- and they can literally tear an inexpe-

rienced male's most treasured appendages off --- if you do not

play the "game" the way they want it played.  To the poor bastard

who ONCE utters an apology for ANYTHING, she will deliver the

wrath of heaven and hell combined.

The care and "training" of a TRUE SEXUALLY SUBMISSIVE FEMALE -

there are MANY PHONEYS who do it for $$$$!  - is not something

one undertakes without a thorough knowledge of both the "art" and

the "devotee" to that "art"!  If you think I jest --- try it ---

but be prepared to speak with a high shrill voice for the rest of

your miserable life if you know not what you are doing!)

(And now back to "Linda" as she "investigates" a would be "MAS-


Linda walked out of the door and to her right, stepping up to the

juke box just as B.J. approached it.

"Hey, BITCH, it's my set!" she screamed.  "Wait your own goddamn


Linda looked down at her, contemptuously, and slammed a quarter

into the singing box.  Then another.  And yet another.  She

punched in her chosen "songs" --- VERY SPECIAL SONGS! --- and as

she walked away, she hoisted a familiar and universally under-

stood finger in B.J.'s direction, never once giving her any other


She sat down by the cash register and waited for her songs to

come up.  John looked down at her with raised eyebrows but

thought better of verbalizing ANYTHING.  A very FORTUNATE and

WISE choice, indeed!

When the three songs Linda had chosen came up, she took the stage

--- and TOOK IT is the most apt way to describe the matter.

Once in motion, she danced as she had not danced in a long long

time --- all for the gentleman in the corner seat --- who, not by

chance, but by CHOICE --- was still very much --- THERE!

She never took her eyes off him, nor he, her.  And as the care-

fully chosen songs reached all the intentionally chosen "pas-

sages" and "phrases", the two of them exchanged all the right


By the time she got down off the stage, Linda KNEW she had a far

better than even shot at securing another credible MASTER!  Where

she was "pretty sure" before, she was virtually certain, now!

This time, she didn't play stalling games getting to the other

end of the bar.  She cut through behind the bar, around the stage

and up around the end where she sank into the still empty chair

and said:  "If you're who and what I think you are, I've been

waiting a long long time for you --- Paul --- MASTER PAUL!" in a

low, sexually tinted and tainted, throaty voice.

He smiled at her with those pale blue eyes --- leaned over with

his mouth and nose breathing hotly in her ear and said:  "Slide

forward.  Up against the bar.  Spread your legs out against it.

Fold your arms up on the bar.  Lean forward.  Like you're tired!"

And as Linda obeyed, he reached down inside her bikini pants and

fingered the four golden rings in the lips of her wet sex.

"Just four?"

"Uh-huh," came the subservient reply.

"What did you say?"

"Just four --- " and haltingly, --- "MMMMAAASSSTTTEEERRR" in a

low moaning, whispered tone.

"Better --- much better!"

"It's been a while, hasn't it Linda?  How long?"

"Three years, MASTER --- almost four --- except for MISTRESS

MARLA --- who really doesn't count."

"Turn toward me.  Keep your arms on the bar.  Pull your top down

off your nipples," he commanded quietly in a whisper.

She rotated ever so slightly toward him, and secretively, with a

timid hand, bared her golden ringed pierced nipples to his gaze

and his gaze alone.

"Professionally done," he stated, as if viewing some bauble in a

dime store window.  "Raise it back up and sit up."

Linda slipped her top back over her sweating, pierced nipples and

breasts and sat back up in the chair.  He took a cigarette from

her pack on the bar and placed it between her lips, as he raised

his lighter to it's tip.  Linda's hand flew up to grasp his hand

over the back, fingers in his palm, guiding the flame while

caressing his cool damp palm with her finger tips.  He lit the

cigarette and removed his hand, her hand going part way back down

with his before leaving it and releasing it ever so slowly and


"Now, what was all that business about when you left here in such

a hurry?"

"I --- I --- Can't say!" she blushed, "I'm too ashamed!" came the

whispered response.  "Can we PLEASE wait until later? --- MMMA-


He shrugged and turned back to the bar.

Linda looked at him, carefully, thought for a while, and then

said:  "I get off at 2:00 --- will you be here? --- MASTER?"

He turned his head toward her and said carefully:  "Is that what

YOU want, Linda?"

"YYYEEESSS!" --- came the low, hoarse, sexy, whispered reply.

He smiled at her carefully and got up from the bar.

She watched him equally carefully, as his back moved away from

her and he walked casually but deliberately to the door and out.

Linda sat there for a long while, and then, regaining her compo-

sure, she finally got up and made the rounds of the room, talking

with all the regulars and settling in for a drink with a new face

that looked lonely and eager for company.

The rest of the night went interminably slowly for her, but

2:00AM rolled around.  She changed hurriedly in the dressing room

and, with her travel bag swinging from her right shoulder, she

bid John a good night and headed out the door into the cool night

air, not knowing what might lay in wait for her outside.  She

hoped that she had understood and that she hadn't assumed any-

thing he might not have actually said or meant.

As she passed through the outer door of the entryway leading from

the lounge, her eyes swept the parking lot in a hungering, hoping

attempt to locate the one person in this world she did not ---

NOW --- want to lose.

At first she didn't see him, and then, suddenly, she saw a tall

figure with his back to her in the back of the second row of

cars, talking to another guy.  She walked across the open aisle

to the door on the other side of the car where he was standing

and waited, quietly.  He completed his conversation with the

other guy and they shook hands.  Then, slowly, he walked around

the back of his Lincoln Town Car to where Linda stood quietly

waiting.  She looked up into his smiling face and those barely

visible pale blue eyes and smiled lovingly back at him as he

reached down and opened the door for her.  With Linda seated

inside, he closed the door and walked around to the driver's side

and got into the car.  Without looking over at Linda, he started

the engine and drove quickly out of the lot onto the street, and

then out toward the main thoroughfare.

When he got about a mile down the road, he pulled off onto a side

road and then back into a small, quiet and private area among

some large overhanging trees where he parked the car and shut the

engine off.

"NOW, pretty, scared, Linda --- who thinks she MAY have found a

MASTER --- what was all that about?"

"Please --- MASTER --- do I have to tell you?"

"Have you told your husband, my pretty, very submissive, excited,

strange `friend'?"

"NNNNNNOOOOOOO!" came the quivering reply.

"Then, perhaps, you'll tell me?"

And, with a slow moan for a start, she related the whole sorry

tale of her repo'ed Firebird, the Friday and Saturday Night

"Private Parties", her "pay" for the performances and the two

feared and dreaded "repeat engagements" coming up on the weekend.

When she was through, she hung her head down on her chest and

started to sob, quietly, with body wracking shudders.

He didn't say a word.  He just reached over and started the

engine and put the car in gear, then drove back out toward the

main highway and when he got there, asked:  "Which way?"

"Left," came the soft reply.

And she directed him carefully over the streets that led to her


As they approached her house, she said "the green double on the

left, by the old white Chevy," and he angled up to the curb on

the opposite side of the street.

She looked at him carefully, not knowing what to say or to do

next.  He solved the problem for her, in a hurry.

"Tomorrow morning, I'll stop by at 10.  You'll be here; correct?"

A timid "yyyeeesss" followed by a long sigh.

He looked across the street at her house and said very calmly,

"Good night, Linda!  And --- sweet dreams, my beautiful and

sexually, submissive match!"

She got out of the car and as she walked across the street, he

drove away.

The next morning, promptly at 10, while Tammara was at school and

Johnny was down working on the ICIC job, her new `chosen' master

appeared at her front door.  She opened the door and stepped back

to let him in, but he simply took her right hand in his left hand

and, with his right hand, laid five crisp new one hundred dollar

bills in it, wrapped in a small white paper band.  Without saying

a word to her, he turned and walked back across the porch, down

the steps, out the lead walk, got into his car and drove away.

She stared after him in disbelief and amazement, then looked down

at the small green objects in her right hand and noticed a phone

number on the white wrapper enclosing them.  No note.  Just a

phone number.

When the shock wore off, she hurried around like a demon pos-

sessed woman, getting herself ready to go retrieve the Firebird

from the impound lot.  After two hours spent retrieving her car,

she returned home just in time to fix Tammara's lunch and send

her back to school.  She spent the rest of the afternoon trying

to get up the courage to call the number, but never managed it.

That night, she drove to work and danced her 9 to 2 shift without

a hitch, except that she had the pleasure of telling John she'd

not be "entertaining" Friday or Saturday Night and, when he asked

her what she meant, she said she didn't need the extra money any

more.  To her surprise, he just shrugged and said, "suit your-

self.  It's fine by me."

When she walked out the front door at two in the morning, she was

happy as a lark, but very puzzled about the non-appearance of her

benefactor --- her new found master, she hoped.

The next morning, she hustled her two "troops" off to school and

work by 7:30 and then determinedly sat down at the kitchen phone

and, retrieving the white wrapper from her purse, she dialed the

phone number.  A male voice answered with a deep firm "hello".

"Are you busy?  I don't want to bother you," she said in her

lowest, sexiest, and most submissive and subservient tone.  "I

missed you last night --- are you alone, now?" she blurted out.

"Nooo, I'm not alone, but it doesn't much matter whether I am or

not --- now does it?"

That puzzled her some, but she went on.

"Thanks for the --- ah --- `loan'; I got my Firebird back yester-

day morning --- and --- ah --- I don't know how I can thank you

--- " and her voice drift off uncomfortably.

A low, firm voice responded, "You'll figure out something, I'm

sure, when you've thought about `us' long enough --- and believe

what you've seen and felt so far."

She took a deep breath and let it out slowly, followed by a VERY

low and sexy, "I already have thought about `us' and I want to

meet you to `prove' to you that I --- do --- `believe' --- NO, I

KNOW --- are you free today?"

"Drive down to the Riverside Condominiums, on South Riverside

Drive at Lexnard.  Park your car in the underground condominium

garage in slot 44 and take the elevator to the penthouse level -

I'll be in Penthouse Apartment Number One," came the cool, deep

and very strong reply, followed by a dead line.

She rushed around the house like a mad woman, leaving a note for

her daughter and one for her husband, just in case.  After hur-

riedly showering, making herself up and choosing her best, most

conservative skirt and blouse outfit, (being particularly careful

not to "encumber" herself with either a bra or pants, thus making

matters simpler, later), sliding into her highest pair of black

high heels, (purposely failing to wear either pantyhose or nylon

stockings to add to the simplicity), she stormed out the door to

her car and drove like a demon, downtown.  During the silent

fifteen minute drive downtown, she thought about the events of

the past few days, giving careful attention to her recollections

of Parkersburg and her first, and perhaps, in reality, ONLY, real

MASTER, and as she was thinking about him, she reached in her

purse and extracted her small, sequestered bottle of Shalamar Oil

and began applying it carefully to her quaking, shivering body as

she zipped through traffic toward a --- a new chapter in her life

as a true sexually submissive female --- she hoped and prayed it

was a `new chapter'.

Minutes later, her Firebird parked in stall 44 in the basement,

she rapped timidly at the door to Penthouse Apartment Number One

on the very top floor of the condo on the Manamanee River, down-


Part 2 - Chapter 1

The door opened slowly and, glancing furtively and quickly both

ways down the long hallway, Linda hurriedly stepped inside.  As

the big heavy, ornate door closed behind her, she looked up into

those pale blue eyes on the tan bearded face, not really daring

to speak, but thinking she really ought to say --- something.

He reached over and slipped her travel bag off her shoulder and

set it up on the counter behind the door, which was part of a

small wet bar.  As his hand released the bag on the counter top,

it retrieved a black object before making its journey back toward


As he raised the object up off the counter, he reached up with

his other hand and grasp the dangling end and raised a black

leather, three inch wide, buckle ended band.  As it rotated in

his hands, Linda could see that it had stainless steel studs

covering it all along one side.  Turning the strap so the studs

faced away from Linda, he raised it horizontally and carefully

slipped it beneath her uptilted chin, wrapping it around her

slender throat and neck and buckling it firmly and most knowingly

at the back of her now shivering and trembling slim neck.

Without a word, he turned and walked over to a high, soft cush-

ioned and armed bar chair and, turning toward her, sat down.

He pointed to the counter top, where an array of black, stainless

steel studded, black, leather straps with buckles lay in waiting

--- Linda walked timidly to the counter, and facing him, began

with deliberate and loving care, to retrieve them one at a time

from the counter and place them carefully --- AND TIGHTLY ---

around each of her trembling limbs.

When she had completed the task, she walked around the counter

and over next to his high padded chair, black stainless steel

studded bands of leather some three or four inches wide gleaming

at her throat, on her two wrists and just above her two ankles.

She turned her back to him just a foot or so from his chair and

placed her two leather encased wrists behind her on the skirt

covered cheeks of her protruding behind.

The sound of the old, familiar "Click - Snap" reached her ears,

twice, as she felt the D-Rings on the steel studded, leather

restraints tugged toward each other and locked together securely.

He slipped slowly out of the chair and walked around in front of

her, looking her straight in the eyes.  A strong hand settled on

her head and pressed her firmly downward to her knees.  As the

hand left her head, it descended in front of her and then to the

side of her skirt, where it was joined by its mate.  The waist

band of her skirt was quickly opened as the hands expertly undid

the hooks from the eyes and then lowered the "hidden zipper" to

its very bottom stop.

The skirt was quickly pressed downward by hands on both of her

small but still protruding hips, until it lay crumpled around the

base of her upper kneeling legs, on the floor and across the tops

of her backward extended lower legs and pointed toes.

A firm finger reached under her pantyless sex, touching the

budding opening of her anus, and then traveled slowly and know-

ingly back forward and up through her now very wet sex toward the

high, sensitive "V" at its top where an expectant and shivering

small fleshy knob waited in anticipation and expectation; expec-

tations that were about to become thoroughly fulfilled!

As the finger slowly and tantalizingly passed over the small,

sensitive, sheathed button, having first brushed between the

small golden rings hanging from her outer lips, it withdrew, and

rising in front of her body, settled on her lower lip.  Linda

slowly ovaled her mouth and laped the wet, long finger with her

sensitive adoring tongue as it slowly slid into her mouth.  From

the time the finger first touched her below, she stared steadily

and longingly into his pale blue eyes.

"Welcome, pretty Linda, with the rings of gold --- welcome my

pretty, submissive slave to the continuation of your training by

a master who knows you and understands you as none have before,"

came the firm, strong male voice from above, as she licked and

sucked on the moisture coated finger that now exuded the smell

and the taste of her rising passions.

The finger slowly and lovingly withdrew from her mouth and then

two firm hands reached down under her pinioned arms and lifted

her slowly up off her knees and the floor and placed her gently

on her high heeled feet.  He turned her slowly and lovingly

around and guided her swiftly down a large hallway, one hand on

her leather collar and the other on her leather cuffed wrists,

leaving her skirt laying crumpled, behind on the floor.

As she was propelled through a door at the end of the wide hall-

way, he hurried her quickly to wide, carpeted, open expanse at

the foot of a huge, skirted, four poster bed where he raised her

secured arms, and their binding black leather straps, swiftly

upward up behind her as she bent obligingly forward at the waist

and her head descended to stare from between her naked, high

heeled feet and legs, under the arch of her sandy brown hair

covered sex at the firm male legs rising behind her.

"Click-Snap" and he walked in front of her downward thrust head

and shoulders, her connected hands and upward extended arms now

tensioned by a long stainless steel chain hanging tightly from a

large steel ring bolt screwed into the ceiling far above.

He reached down under her bent, now quivering upper body and

slowly undid the buttons of her blouse, raising it outward and

upward tucking it over her hoisted, tensioned arms.

His hands left her arms and the blouse and did not return for a

moment.  When they did, they brought two fierce looking nipple clamps with them which he placed over the twin, hardened tips of

her pierced golden ringed nipples and screwed down --- TIGHT.

Linda moaned softly and her body trembled.

The knowing fingers left their tortured and clamped "victims"

behind to be incessantly grasped and compressed as Linda contin-

ued to moan softly and breathlessly, for the first time blurted

out --- "MASTER, ---  OH, --- MASTER, --- HOW I'VE WAITED FOR

YOU! --- SO LONG --- AND SO --- LONELY!!!"

"Quiet --- little one --- you --- WILL --- speak in due time ---

when you are --- 'READY'!"

He moved off toward the high four postered bed and returned to

kneel at her leather encased ankles.  As she gazed through her

legs he attached a long black rod to her left ankle and then

lifted her right foot and spread it wide where he attached the

other end of the rod with a "Click-Snap" and set her high heeled

right foot carefully back on the floor.  The position caused her

arms to raise still further from her body as she settled downward

in a wide open, forced and spread stance, the ringed lips of her

protruding and engorged sex slowly opening to reveal the begin-

nings of an ever widening valley and the ever so slight pulsat-

ing, opening and closing movements in the mouth of her wet and

aching sex.

He stood up slowly and reached over to stroke the cheeks of her

naked behind gently as he walked toward the door and then down

the hall way.  After what seemed like hours and hours to Linda,

he returned to her ever so slowly and deliberately.  As she gazed

between her spread legs under the frame of her spreading four

nether rings, she saw the tight leather pants and bare feet of a


He slowly bent down and carefully released the ends of the rod

from her tight, wide, leather ankle cuffs and then stood up

equally slowly.  Reaching upward, he released her connected

wrists and stood her upright under the dangling stainless steel

chain and its clasp.  Linda looked upward at the heavy chain and

huge eyebolt and shivered again.  Working swiftly, without com-

ment, he removed the connector from between her wrists, swung

first one wrist and then the other around in front of her, pull-

ing them upward while stripping the blouse from her in one fluid

motion.  As the blouse slid first down arm and then down the

other, her wrists flew upward to be captured by the familiar

"Click-Snap".  And then suddenly and swiftly, as Linda stood with

her wrists suspended in front of her glazed eyes and breathed

heavily, he reached swiftly downward and thrust his finger

through the D-Ring in her ankle strap and thrust her bare leg up

before her eyes and dropped the D-Ring into the clip holding her

wrists.  She heard the telltale "Click-Snap" and felt her other

leg grasped and driven swiftly upward where the she watched its

D-Ring drop into the same clip and heard the very, very FINAL,







Helplessly drawn upward, engorged, hardening nipples trapped

between twin punishing jaws that brought back the moans and the

rippling shivers from so long ago.

She tipped her head backwards as she saw him approach, knowing

that the leather strap and round rubber object in his hand was

soon to be placed in her now gaping, wide mouth.  He slid the

device swiftly into her eager mouth and strapped it securely

behind her damp sweat coated hair, and then turned to retrieve a

a very fragile looking short, many, thonged whip --- which in-

stantly begin spinning in his MASTERLY trained hand as it slowly

hissed its whirling song of love and caressed her compressed sex

lips and hanging behind.

As he "kissed" her continuously with the whirling "lover", Linda

began to moan and to sing her submissive sweet songs --- rising

higher and higher until she flew over the peak, her cramped sex

contracting and dilating deep between her tightly pressed lips as

the singing lashes of her 'lover' reddened her and stroked her to

a place she had longingly sought for all these many lonely months

and even years.

As she slowly rotated in her panting, suspended position, after

her unreasoned and total climax, she felt a hand release her

ankle and the set her high heeled foot on the floor, followed by

a repeat as the other foot was carefully lowered.  Her wrists

came free from the long shiny chain, hanging, still and very

starkly from the bold shining ringbolt above.  Linda gazed lov-

ingly up into those pale blue eyes as his hands removed the strap

from behind her head, she exclaimed in a breathless hiss ---

"thank you, my master --- oh thank you --- so much --- may I lick

you and suck you and?" as her quivering voice slowly faded to a

whisper and stopped.

Her master walked around to the high four poster bed where he

rolled onto his back and stared out at her naked, sweating form.

Nipples still hardened and clamped tightly from the top of her

golden nipple piercing rings upward.  She walk slowly around the

bed and slid her naked protruding buttocks across the silky

cover.  With her back turned to him, she slowly raised her arm

over his lower belly and let the elbow settle on the bed.  She

quickly lowered the zipper on his tight leather pants and worked

them down off his hips toward to his knees as he raised up to

accommodate her.

Reaching swiftly under his suspended twin sacks, she placed two

fingers on the track that his rising seeds of passion and climax

would have to follow as they sped upwards to and through the

extend rigid shaft with its smooth, circumcised head, now rising

before Linda's eyes.

With the other hand, she reached inside of her mouth --- and

carefully withdrew her imitation teeth and set them carefully on

the bed beside his outstretched thighs --- and then slowly low-

ered her ovaled mouth and drove the smooth, reddening shaft to

the back of her throat --- circling the base of the shaft with a

petite but ever tightening thumb and forefinger, as she massaged

the base of the swelling shaft expertly, first slowly and then

more rapidly, straight up and down.

As her attentions grew more frenzied, she slip the rounded head

from between her lips and leaned the rigid shaft backward on his

hair swirled belly where she laped it from the base to the tip,

over and over and over again, paying careful attention to the

sensitive, still empty "tube" that left the shaft and rose up to

join the head below the split side of the darkening head.  As she

whipped her talented tongue over this hypersensitized area, he

moaned softly and then let out a deep throated groan --- AND

LINDA SMILED --- then raised the lengthening shaft upward and

drove her tightened lips down over it as she tightened her grip

on his two swollen sacks, pressing ever inward and upward with

her two fingers on their underside up into his groin and tight-

ened the grasp of the rising and falling thumb and fore finger

encircling the base of his shaft.

She licked and she sucked as she drove him deep into and out of

her throat, with incoming and outgoing sounds of held and then

released, life giving, lung filling breath.

And as she drove onward, responding moans and groans reaching her

ears, and she felt the telltale signs in her sack cupping hand as

she blocked the rising rush of his hot bubbling sperm with the

two carefully placed fingers beneath the now contracting, spas-

ming sacks.  Held thus in check, lovely "slave" Linda drove

downward with her lips until they touched the thumb and forefin-

ger circling the base of the shaft and then turned her throat

muscles loose to milk the long thick shaft and squeeze the sensi-

tive head in microbursts of strong muscular contractions --- and

turned her "master" into a slave to her talents --- as she drove

him wild with need and the desire to "come" --- while holding him

in check and pushing him higher and higher, ever upward to dizzy-

ing frantic heights.

She listened to him moan and furtively plead --- as he mouthed

strings of passion driven words and pleas --- and as she in-

creased the pressures of both sets of fingers and drove further

down on the still dry, now trembling and shaking shaft.

After she had held him in check for almost a full minute, listen-

ing to him moan and feeling him rock from side to side and rise

upward in an ever increasing pistoning motion, she grudgingly

removed the two blocking fingers at the base of his hanging, now

shrinking twin sacks and tightened her entire curled hand around

them to assist them in their contracting finale --- as she kept

the circled fingers at the base of the shaft tightened and al-

lowed nothing to pass upward until she raised her head upward and

looking down her sloped pretty nose, released the bubbling upward

rushing torrent at the base of the shaft.  As formerly trapped

male semen rose swiftly upward in the tube on the back of the

shaft, she popped her tight lips over the deep purple head and

strangled the base of the head, thus filtering the sperm as it

screamed upward through the taut stretched connecting tube and

causing sensations few males have or will ever experience as the

boiling stream exploded into her mouth --- and then Linda dropped

straight down to the base of the rigid quaking shaft with her

ovaled and tightened lips as the hot male sperm shot into her

clasping throat and down into her eager receiving belly.

She stayed down in that position for as long as she could, then

rose upward, slipping the smooth hot head back out through her

ovaled, still tight lips, and then kissed the wet sticky tip as

she rose steadily away.

She reached down on the bed and swiftly retrieved her "little

secrets", placing them firmly back in her amazingly wet, but not

sticky mouth before they were seen, and then turned around and

smiled with a passionate, wide eyed "subservient" (well, perhaps,

a "little" subservient and submissive!) and satisfied smile.  The

look that she got in return, from and exhausted and panting

"master" was one of absolute wonder and amazement.


low husky voice --- observing the nodding, gasping reply with

some considerable amusement.

Later, she told him the long and torrid story of how she gained

such exquisite talent and how "her little secret" had come to

pass.  (Yes, he had "noticed" the exquisite "difference" of a

very smooth and toothless mouth skimming up and down his "man-

hood" --- AND HOW HE HAD --- NOTICED!!)  He listened quietly, not

wanting to interrupt.  And when it was finished, he reached over

and pulled Linda on top of him where she quickly and expertly

rose up and thrust his recovering shaft deep inside her still

hungry and eager --- nay, starving! --- deep sex --- and she rode

him and rode him with long driving, engulfing and tight squeezing

strokes as he lifted her trapped, hardened nipples toward the far

away ceiling --- and they both came together in a moaning and

pleasure filled orgasm that left each as a total integral part of

the other, feeling and searching and finding at last!

Linda fell asleep laying over Paul belly to belly and breasts to

hairy chest, nipple clamps and all.  About and hour later, just

before noon, she got up and walked into the bathroom where she

tended to her needs and took a quick shower.  After toweling

herself dry, she applied liberal amounts of Shalimar to her body

and strolled quietly back into the room with a soapy wash cloth,

a hot plain water soaked wash cloth and a large dry towel.  Her

nipple clips were still firmly in place!

She sat on the edge of the bed and tenderly grasped the shrunken

and flaccid shaft laying on Paul's lower belly and slowly lath-

ered it and his hanging manhood, being careful not to hurt him in

the process.  That task, completed, she rinsed him clean with the

wet, hot plain water wash cloth and dried him with gentle pats.

Of course, "MASTER" PAUL woke up early in the process, but he

never said a word.  When Linda finished and had thrown the wet

wash clothes on top of the towel onto the floor beside the bed,

she got up from the bed and walked over to a large leather satch-

el at the foot of the bed.

She rummaged around in the bag for a while and then returned with

two very wide buckling thigh straps which she slipped around her

upper legs and buckled tightly on the inside of each thigh.  She

handed Paul three double ended snap clips and then got onto the

bed and rising over him, settled down with her knees on either

side of him and settled her clean, scented sex down on top of his

now rising shaft, taking him, again, up inside her, and then

settling down tightly until she and Paul were tightly "joined"

with their curled pubic hair welded together.  She retrieved one

of the double snapping clips from him and connected the D-Ring on

her thigh strap to the one on her ankle strap.  She repeated the

process on the other side.  Then she thrust her hands down behind

her and forced them out to the side where Paul clipped them

together and Linda swung them back behind her and reached down

with her hands to begin playing with Paul's loose male sacks

laying on his legs, enveloped by Linda's hot ring pierced spread

sex lips.

Paul lay there quietly as she set herself up the way she wanted

to be.  When she was through, he was astounded to realize that

she was sitting backward on his upper legs, her soft bottom

resting tightly on them, her sex resting tightly up against his

--- and bound in that position and unable and VERY unwilling to


Linda gazed down into Paul's pale blue loving eyes and began to

tighten and loosen all of the internal muscles in her lower belly

and in her behind.  A rippling, clenching and releasing effect

that caused Paul's deeply buried and growing shaft to be alter-

nately squeezed and released.

Linda gave absolutely no outward signs of effort or motion,

except that Paul could see the muscles in her lower belly rip-

pling back and forth and could feel the cheeks of her behind

clenching and unclenching on his legs.

"Paul? --- MY SWEET MASTER PAUL --- I want to tell you a story

about me --- and I want you to listen carefully and try to under-

stand who I am and what I am," Linda said softly.

"While I tell my story, I want you to feel me and how I react to

the story --- I won't move much if at all, and you, eventually,

will "come" one or more times --- enjoy it and be my MASTER ---

PLEASE, PAUL?"  Linda finished in a deep, throaty and already

sexually driven voice.

"Proceed, lovely slave --- LINDA --- PROCEED!" Paul said softly

but authoritatively.

Part 2 - Chapter 2

And so --- on a bright Spring afternoon --- high above the city

in a plush and luxurious penthouse --- Linda began to tell Paul

--- her hand picked and specifically chosen new MASTER --- her

sexual submissive's "life story".

Seated on Paul's naked legs, wrists secured in leather straps

whose large and very strong D-Rings were securely fastened to-

gether behind her back, (her restrained hands and fingers reach-

ing gently downward under her bare behind to cup Paul's hot,

loose twin sacks and constantly squeezing and manipulating

them!); with each of her straddling upper thighs and lower legs

bound tightly in thick leather straps and secured tightly to each

other by connecting clips between their equally strong D-Rings;

with the golden ringed, soft, spread lips of her aroused sex slit

spread open and flared at the base of Paul's rising and engorged

male shaft which was buried deep up inside her; in this strange

"position" Linda told Paul some of the many details of "Linda's


As Paul listened quietly and attentively, he watched Linda's

crouched and splayed muscles react to the details of her experi-

ences in that hot, frightening basement room in Parkersburg, ten

years before.  As she related the terrifying and intimate details

of her introduction to submission, punishment, male domination

and sexual bondage, while graphically describing her physical and

mental "reactions" to each new bondage and punishment session,

Paul watched and felt her trained internal and external muscles

ripple with microsecond spaced contractions and relaxations ---

taking care to remember the parts of the story that set off the

most extreme and continuous bursts of involuntary muscular spasms

and reactions.

Each time Linda began another episode of the sessions on the

"mounting ring" with her first master, seated there with Paul's

manhood buried deep inside her rippling and wet sexual passage,

Paul strained to prevent her from prematurely ejaculating him

with the rippling but otherwise motionless onslaught.  And each

time Linda reached the part of a "session" where she had been

driven into a total state of sexually submissive, orgasmic aban-

don --- she repeated the ACTUAL orgasmic reactions --- seated

there on top of Paul's rigid shaft, with accompanying moanings,

pleadings and beggings documenting what Paul could readily see

and feel going on in Linda's highly excited sexual organs.

He carefully watched the clamped, pierced and ringed nipples grow

darker and flare outward and upward in the jaws of their punish-

ment devices as she took him through one session and orgasmic

phenomena after another --- from so long ago.

And when it was over and the tale of her first master --- MASTER

CHRIS --- had been thoroughly and effectively told --- Linda

relaxed and settled gently and tightly down on him as she smiled

impishly down at Paul's reclining, naked body, looking longingly

into his pale blue eyes and softly said, --- "Paul, --- my MAS-

TER, PAUL --- you are a very special person and 'friend' to me

--- do you understand that?"

Paul nodded, slowly.

"I am a very strong and very self-reliant woman with a lot of

very frustrated pride and extremely mixed emotions," Linda went


"My mind will not allow me to EVER put this sexual fantasy/reali-

ty business of mine of being some well educated and knowledgeable

master's very personal, total, sexually submissive slave --- IT

JUST WON'T!  I've tried every way I could think of to get rid of

'Linda the sexually submissive female' --- AND COMPLETELY AND


"Perhaps, Linda --- you simply need to separate 'Linda the -

normal - mother, wife and career seeking/striving woman' from

'Linda the sexually submissive slave'", Paul volunteered.

"In total honesty --- my beloved Master Paul, that is precisely


--- BOTH BEFORE YOU AND TO YOU!" Linda sighed.  "I tried it one

other time and got horribly and terribly hurt --- and nearly

ended up being a full time 'SEX SLAVE' to a VERY accomplished

master who took slow but total control of me until I had no

'other life'", Linda explained to Paul.  "Almost four years ago,

I was 'converted' from a thousand dollar a night --- some call it

a 'trick'! --- 'Call Girl' into a perpetually bound and punished

sexual submissive by my second REAL MASTER --- ALEXANDER ---

ALEX!!  It happened slowly and gradually, in a way I simply was

not prepared to deal with --- and probably, even now or in the

future, couldn't handle if it occurred again," Linda said sheep-

ishly and ashamed.  "He just simply 'snuck up on me' and before I

knew it I was back in restraints and being manipulated twenty-

four hours a day, seven days a week for almost four solid


"How did you get out of it, Linda," Paul asked out of curiosity

more than anything.

"Johnny somehow found me and after a lot of hell raising and

threatening, he got me free and took me back home!" Linda ex-


"And you were 'pleased' that he did, Linda?"

"Not really --- part of me was overjoyed to be free and back to

'normal' --- really elated!  But another part of me was thorough-

ly pissed --- mad as hell --- because no matter how much they

were hurting me; punishing me; using me --- and really and genu-

inely abusing me --- I loved every sick, frightening and demean-

ing minute of it --- even when the terror and pain was so high

and more was constantly being both promised and delivered without

fail or let up --- even then, I was like a trapped butterfly with

it's wings pinned to the wall --- watching and waiting and then

feeling myself torn apart --- and 'cumming' constantly just

thinking about what ALEX really COULD do to me if he wanted to

--- and he always --- 'WANTED TO' --- ALWAYS!"

Linda sighed and settled back down onto Paul, who had noticed, as

she had touched the fringes of the Alex matter --- MASTER ALEX

--- that Linda's involuntary 'reactions' had swiftly returned ---

only faster and with far fewer 'details' driving them.  He cata-

loged the events and the reactions in his mind for use in some

later voluntary "Show and Tell" session from and with Linda ---

when she was ready for it and WANTED to tell him.

Throughout the past hour and a half, Paul noted to himself, Linda

painted a sorry and sad picture of her husband, Johnny, while

painting a picture of hope and a future far different than her

own for her daughter Tammara.  Tammara, it became quickly evi-

dent, was Johnny's leverage point with Linda and he used the

eight year old, only daughter Linda had or could have, as an

absolute weapon against Linda.  "The guy's a fourteen karat son-

of-a-bitch and has to be carefully watched and handled," Paul

thought to himself as he made himself a mental promise to do just

that --- take care of Johnny and keep him at bay.

"OK! --- So exactly what do you want me to do about all this and

you, Linda? --- and let's deal with our pretty, driven, wanting

and needing, 'sexually submissive Linda' first, shall we?" Paul

said matter-of-factly, staring deep into her eyes for a response

and waiting patiently.

"I don't know --- (long pause) --- MASTER!  I really and truly

don't!" Linda whined with an embarrassed look on her face.

"I suppose --- what I am about to say will sound crazy as hell to

you --- coming from and 'EX'-HOOKER (emphasis) like me the way it

is --- (long pause) --- "but there is no way in the world I can

--- shall we say --- 'GET MY ROCKS HAULED' --- 'GET OFF SEXUAL-

LY', is probably a more descriptive term --- without a REAL


the reasoned and simple explanation.

" --- and now that I've found you --- I really would like to keep

it that way --- if you'll let me --- MASTER," she said ever so

softly and with a deep and quivering voice, her glazed eyes

staring down at her still clamped and pinioned, tortured nipples,

her chin pressed on her upper chest.

Paul reached up and grasped the tight, squeezing nipple clamps,

raising them abruptly upward before Linda's smoldering, downcast

eyes.  The viciously clamped nipples stretched upward, the small

breasts straining to similarly shape themselves upward as they,

too, elongated to keep up --- and rippling muscle contractions

across Linda's lower belly, her seated buttocks and her doubled

up and compressed legs, especially her inner thighs, all whipped

forward, downward and backward to slam into the mouth of Linda's

wet but previously relaxed, stuffed sexual passage ---


Paul commanded her.  "DO IT NOW!!! --- WITHOUT LIFTING OFF OF ME

AND WITHOUT YOUR HANDS --- DO IT --- SLAVE!!!" he added forceful-


Linda stared into his eyes through the frame of her upward ten-

sioned nipples and breasts and Paul's long fingers and arms as

they pulled upward and twisted outward on her pain wracked and

stretched chest --- and then bore down on his buried shaft with

every muscle she had!

The mouth of her puckered upward and stuffed sex slammed downward

around the base of his engorged shaft as the once soft inner

walls of Linda's oft used and violated sexual core and stretched

birth canal began to close tightly and ripple continuously over

the lower third of the growing, hot male organ --- the upper two

thirds pulsing inside the wet and slick depths of her deepest and

tenderest sexual organs --- altered sexual organs that made ALL

things SAFE!

For ten solid minutes she stared into his eyes and urged him

onward with plaintive pleas and entreaties --- as she described

to him explicitly what she was doing to him --- VERY VERY EXPLIC-

ITLY ---



" --- NO, MASTER --- NO, NO, NO, NO --- don't do --- TTTHHHAAAT-

TTT --- let MMMEEE do it --- AAAALLLLLLLLLL!!!

uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh --- hhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh ---

that's it --- oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh --- yyyyyyyeeeeeeesssss --- I

can feel you growing iiiinnnnnnssssiiiidddddeeeeee


yyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss --- ddddddddoooooooo

iiiiiiiiitttttttttttt ---


yyyyyyyyyyoooooooooouuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrr slave's womb ---

fffffffffffiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllll mmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeee

wwwwwwwwwwiiiiiiiiittttttttthhhhhhhh hot scalding


And as Paul stared into her glazed, staring, lust filled eyes he

felt his thickening, expanding and lengthening cock squeezed and

stroked continuously and endlessly until, with a soft groan, his

boiling sperm shot upward from the base of the shaft --- AND WAS










Linda screamed at the top of her lungs as Paul --- MASTER PAUL!!!

--- LINDA'S MASTER PAUL!!!!! --- inflicted blinding punishment on

Linda's grossly distorted nipples.

He released her right nipple, and while pulling upward on the

left one, slapped and battered it mercilessly with his now free

hand --- whipping the punishing finger tips back and forth across

the ever reddening breast from Linda's flattened lower chest up

to the base of the stretched and tortured nipple ---

 --- and as Linda lowered her head, pulling her body downward to

inflict still more pain, her quivering, tight, "shaft choking

lower mouth" released his swollen shaft and let the cum boil

upward inside of her, shivering, shuddering and moaning her

orgasmic surrender while the muscles in her lower belly dis-

patched yet another "pleasure train" from below to meet the "pain

train" coming down from above --- and she literally screamed ---






Paul waited until Linda slowed her screams to frenzied moaning

and cooing and the throes of her orgasm died and then gently

released the tortured nipple and its clamp ---

Linda swiftly leaned over and slid off him, rolled onto the bed,

struggled to her knees and with her arms bound behind her and her

legs bound tightly in a kneeling position, hovered her head over

the coated and still rigid shaft and began licking and sucking,

laving and savoring the fruits of their mutual sexual accomplish-


When she was through, she sat upright alongside him and looked

down lovingly into his eyes and --- and licking her sperm coated

lips continuously with her tongue --- she said --- "Yes, Master

--- I think you ARE --- MY MASTER!!!!"

Paul reached over and released the nipple clamps from Linda's

breasts, casting them swiftly aside.  He released her leg clips

and reached around behind her where he released the clip that

joined her wrist cuffs.

"PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE MASTER?  "Can I be put back up on that chain

for a while??? --- ooooohhhhhh wwwooouuulllddd I

lllllliiiiikkkkkkeeeeee tttttthhhhhhaaaaaattttttt," Linda hissed

in a low throaty voice.

Paul got up and walked to the foot of the huge four poster bed

where he extracted a four foot long, two inch in diameter gleam-

ing stainless steel pipe with caps screwed on each end and a

large ring bolt facing upwards and downwards at its center and

two large ring bolts extending downwards about two inches from

either end.  He walked with the strange long pipe bar to the

stainless steel chain still dangling from the ceiling and thread-

ed the chain through the one of the ring bolts that pointed

upwards from the center of the pipe bar.

Raising the pipe bar upwards as he threaded the chain through its

upward projecting ring, he then wrapped the chain around and

around the bar and clipped it to a link in the dangling chain

above the bar.  He wheeled around and stared at the speechless

and panting Linda as he leaned down and dumped the contents of

the leather satchel on the foot of the bed.  Retrieving a handful

of metallic objects from the bed, he walked over to Linda and

thrust his hand into her sweat drenched hair and literally

dragged her, bent severely over, to the suspended stainless steel


He released her hair, grasped her right wrist and stretched it

upward to one of the outer ringbolts on the bar's tip where he

quickly attached the D-RING on her wrist cuff to an outer ring

bolt.  The motion was repeated with Linda's left wrist resulting

in her standing tip toed, almost suspended from the overhead bar,

her arms stretched widely outward, upward and attached D-Ring to

Ring Bolt, to the swaying bar.  Paul returned to the bed and came

back with two fairly long stainless steel chains with clips on

both of their ends.  He reached down and yanked Linda's right

ankle upward and outward until it was about two and a half feet

off the floor, leaving her teetering on the toes of her left foot

--- and then swiftly attached the chain to the ring bolt that

held Linda's right wrist to the bar and slipped his hand down its

suspended vertical length to the suspended chain's bottom ---

which he snapped into the D-Ring in Linda's right ankle cuff.

Savagely, he reached down and snatched Linda's tip toeing left

leg at the ankle and repeated the process with the remaining

stainless steel, double clipped chain, securing her left ankle

the same two and half feet off the floor, suspended from the left

most and left wrist capturing ring bolt.

He stepped back and viewed his efforts with a smile, as a spea-

deagled and spraddled Linda stared back at him in the throes of

rising excitement, passion and much desired, rising pain.

Paul walked to the bed and came back with two more long chains

with clips on their ends, which he looped up over the straining

and swinging bar and then carefully hooked to the D-Ring on

Linda's thigh straps on each leg.  When he was through, Linda's

spread, still dripping, sex splayed out some three feet above the

plush carpeted floor, her sperm covered sex and its ringed outer

lips spread hugely and obscenely before him with her legs sus-

pended and extending slightly downward from taut chains attached

to her studded, tight black ankle and thigh cuffs and the swaying

bar above.

Satisfied with her 'position', he walked back to the bed and

returned with a leather strapped ball gag and the much hated

leather strapped "mouth ring".

Linda started to protest wildly as the jerking and twisting

motions made the bar bounce and sway in the air.

Paul walked over to her, reached over her shoulder and grasped a

mass of her flowing hair in his hand and turned her eyes to face

into his --- as Linda pleaded, "NNNNNNOOOOOO --- MMMMMAAAASSSST-



moaning voice --- "It'll ruin my teeth!!! --- please don't use it

--- ppppppllllleeeeaaaasssseeee?"

He tipped her chin forward onto her chest while his other hand

dropped the two strapped silencing devices and reached upward to

her mouth.  She looked at his hand in front of his mouth and

understood instantly --- as her mouth opened and her tongue

withdrew to help him extract her upper and lower full dentures

from her mouth.  That done, he took them over and set them gently

and carefully on the bed.  Returning, he retrieved the ring strap

and the ball gag strap from the floor and stuffed first one then

the other into Linda's now wide open and waiting mouth, and then

consecutively wrapped the straps around the side of her sweating

head and buckled them tightly over her hair on the back of her


That also done, he returned to the bed and retrieved a smooth

looking leather bondage hood with zippers down both sides of the

face and others where the mouth and the eye section were firmly

attached and closed.  As he approached Linda her eyes widened in

fright and she shook her head "NO" --- but he loosened the side

zippers and slid the hood tightly down over her head amidst

moaning, now totally muffled pleas for him not to do it --- and

then slowly lowered the head trapping and enclosing side zippers

one at a time down the sides of her face and over her jaw and on

down her neck to her shoulders until --- her head was totally

encased in a bizarre leather hood that emitted short snorting

gasps of air through two of its four very small remaining ori-

fices --- two small nostril holes positioned tightly under

Linda's now totally encased nose.

He walked around behind her and loosened the wide leather neck

strap she'd been wearing since early in the morning and carefully

slipped it forward out from under the base of the hood around her

neck, then brought the gleaming stainless steel, studded, black

strap back tightly but gently around her neck and over the hood

and rebuckled it tightly at the back of her neck.  As he fin-

ished, he reached down under Linda from behind and began playing

with the mouth of her sex, her ring pierced lips and her anus

with his right hand --- teasing and squeezing and probing her

continuously as he watched her head bob back and forth in front

of him, slowly nodding up and down ---

He went back and retrieved another short chain with double

clipped ends from the bed and returned in front of her where he

attached the clip to the empty ring bolt over her head, then

reaching upward with his right hand, he thrust his fingers

through a large three inch D-Ring mounted on the very top of the

black leather hood and lifted upwards until the dangling clip on

the end of the short stainless steel chain was "Click-Snapped"

into the D-Ring and Linda was partially suspended from the long

swaying bar by her upward stretched head and its imprisoning

hood.  As he stepped backwards to view her now totally helpless

bound body in its obscene splayed and suspended position, he

could hear her frantic and almost pleadingly pathetic snortings

coming from the holes in the hood under her nose and could barely

make out tortured moaning and gurgling sounds coming from her

leather encased mouth and throat.  He walked back and listened to

her as she slowly calmed down and breathed in slower but still

labored, snorting breaths and decided she was 'safe' for the

moment, but he'd have to pay very close attention to her move-

ments later as he "worked with her" to make certain she did not

suffocate if panic overtook her and caused her nasal passages get

blocked with fluids.

The bondage hood covered her ears but had a small hole over

either ear so she could hear SOME things as he wished.  There

were MANY things he did not want her to either hear or see ---

just FEEL!

Paul decided that he had better establish a "signal system" with

Linda before they went any further.  Leaning over and placing his

mouth next to her left ear hole, he said "Now, Linda, my lovely

and helpless 'slave', we begin!  But, before we continue, there

are some rules I want you to learn."

"First, if you want me to stop and remove the hood and the ball

gag, hold up one finger on each hand.  If you understand that,

turn your head toward your left and then turn it back."

The chained black hood and it's pretty, encased, and silenced

face turned toward him, stopped, and then turned back to face


Leaning his mouth back to Linda's left ear hole, Paul said

"Second, if you want me to do more of anything that I am doing to

you, hold up two fingers on each hand.  If you understand THAT,

turn your head toward your left and then turn it back."

The leather encased head literally flew to the left and then

back.  As Paul stood looking at Linda's leather encased face, he

saw two fingers extended on her left hand and looking at the

right hand, the same two fingers stretched toward the ceiling


He leaned back over to her left ear and said, "OK, pretty and

sexually submissive --- SLAVE LINDA --- YOU ARE MINE TO DO WITH


Again, both hands emphatically extended two rigid fingers.  As

Paul saw them pop up, he reached under Linda and ran two fingers

through her wet, spread slit, starting from far up behind at the

base of her spine, down over her puckered anus over the mouth of

her thoroughly wet and gaping sexhole and on up, slowly, into the

V'ed hood and it's sensitive sheathed little knob.  Withdrawing

the fingers, he knelt on one knee and licked up into the flaring

hood as Linda went berserk with moaning, gagged sobbing and

pleading and her body bounced in the air as he continued to

increase the pressure and frequency of his tongue "strokes".

Linda continued to bounce and twist in her restraints as the

breath escaping from the two small holes in the hood under her

nose snorted rapidly and picked up in intensity.

He finished with his attentions by thrusting three fingers up

inside her and rotating them slowly around in a circle as he

spread them and extended them to feel the smooth, round "mouth"

of the entrance to Linda's now infertile womb at his probing,

stroking finger tips.  Then, he slowly withdrew the fingers and

stood up.  Off to the side, in the edge of his vision, he could

see two extended fingers on each hand as they thrust upwards

emphatically.  He chuckled and walked over to the bed to retrieve

his next series of "surprises" for Linda.

Returning to stand in front of her, he reached down and placed

the collection of items on the floor under Linda.  There was one

three inch wide black leather strap with a buckle at it's end and

punched holes to receive a buckle at the other.  In it's center

was a very short one inch strap with a buckle at it's end stick-

ing out perpendicular to the larger three inch strap and sewn and

riveted tightly to the three inch strap.  There was a fairly long

one inch wide black leather strap with one of its ends looped

over and sewn back into the strap so that a 'threading loop' for

another strap was created --- a loop large enough to slide a

three inch strap through.  On the other end of the one inch strap

were punched holes to receive a buckle.  There was a strange

looking very small "clothes pin" like device which was about one

third the size of a normal clothes pin.  It was made of metal and

had slightly ridges "jaws" at the "business" or clamping end.

The ridges were not extreme but, none the less, THERE!  There

were also two steel "eggs" or spherical ended cylinders with

wires coming out of one rounded end of each.  The wires, about

ten feet long, led to a small black box with three buttons and a

small dial or knurled "tuning" knob on it.  And, finally, there

was a two inch in diameter, flesh colored, rubber male organ

about six inches long with a set of adjustment knobs and buttons

on the bottom or base of the device and another male organ the

same as the two inch one except that it was three inches in

diameter and about seven or eight inches long.

Satisfied that he had "everything", Paul knelt down so that his

knees were almost under Linda and centered below her glistening

crotch, where he proceeded to pick up the two inch diameter male

organ off the floor and raise it slowly upward to the puckered

mouth of Linda's nether hole.  He hesitated for a moment, and

then moved it to her gaping sex hole where he inserted the entire

length slowly and then withdrew it just as slowly.  Satisfied

with the coated, wet, glistening surface of the shaft, he placed

the imitation circumcised head at the rear hole and pressed the

shaft slowly up inside Linda until only the base and the control

knobs were visible.

That accomplished, and the soft dildo in place, he reached down

and picked up the other, larger three inch monster and placed the

circumcised headed, soft, rubber surfaced device at the spread

mouth of Linda's now VERY wet sex and pushed it slowly up inside

her, puckering the mouth of the wet and now contracting hole

inward as the thick device traveled inward and upward.  Once

"seated" with only the control knobs and buttons visible, Paul

reached down and retrieved the strange looking, little, metal,

clothes pin like device from the floor.  He extended his tongue

between his lips, squeezed the handles on the little device

together, and slipped the slightly serrated (but not severely!)

"jaws" over the end of his tongue and released the handles.

"OUCH!" he mumbled.

Squeezing the handles again, he removed the device from his

tongue and adjusted the tension spring with his fingers, then

tried it on his tongue once more.  "Better," he thought.  "Just a

little pressure and no real pain, YET, but with TIME --- YES!!!"

Paul extended two fingers of his free hand forward and spread wet

lips of Linda's sex.  He slid his fingers upward until they

propped open the "V" that led up to the hooded little "digit" at

the top of the upside down "V".  Inverting the little clothes pin

like, metal clamp, he squeezed the small handles together and

brought the clamp downward from above around the hooded digit and

slowly released the handles.  As the metal "jaws" closed around

the now very slightly protruding button and its hood, he heard a

quick and deep intake of Linda's breath through the twin holes of

leather hood far above him and saw her legs begin to quiver.

Releasing the handles completely, he picked up the remaining

items on the floor and stood up in front of a now sweating,

moaning and panting Linda.

With his hands full of other devices, he leaned over and blew in

the earhole of the hood and said, softly, "Like my 'attentions'

my sexy, helpless Slave?" while watching the two fingers on each

hand stay raised as before.  They'd never gone down.  There was a

long long sigh from the front of the hood.

Paul walked around behind Linda and slid the three inch black

leather strap around her waist.  Just before he buckled it in the

back, he slid the three inch strap's loose, holed end through the

sewn looped end of the long, one inch, black, leather strap, then

tightly buckled the three inch strap around Linda's naked middle.

The broad, black strap, wound tightly around Linda's belly and

back, presented a bizarre contrast to her tanned flesh, especial-

ly with the long and narrower strap dangling down Linda's rounded

rear cheeks almost to the floor and the soon to be filled buckled

strap protruding downward in front, over her sweating belly


He walked around in front of Linda and reached down between her

legs between her spread cheeks and pulled the hanging one inch

black leather strap forward between Linda's sweating cheeks with

his right hand, while he turned the anally inserted two inch fake

rubber cock on and adjusted it upward to it's highest setting.

The reaction was instantaneous as Linda began to moan and bounce

in her suspended position.  As he pulled the one inch leather

strap forward, tightly over the vibrating rear male "engine", he

laid one of the small, silver colored, steel "eggs" with the wire

leading from it on the strap and pulled the strap upward between

the lips of Linda's now dripping sex, wedging the egg sideways

between the two soon to be humming, pulsating and pistoning

vibrators, in the space between her two, thoroughly stuffed,


As he lifted the one inch black leather strap upwards toward

Linda's belly and the one inch buckle dangling from the three

inch belly strap around her middle, he turned the knobs and

adjusted the speed to its highest setting on the three inch male

organ buried in Linda's contracting front hole.  The second high

speed, pulsating and pistoning engine brought more moans and more

"dancing" in her suspension system from Linda.  As he started to

insert the one inch belt in the buckle above it, on Linda's

sweating belly, he inserted the second, silver, oblong egg cross-

ways in the wet slit of Linda's now vibrating and pulsating sex

and snugly under the rising black strap between the vibrating

front three inch monster buried to the hilt in Linda and the

clamped and reddening hood and it's now not very protected

"resident" above the droning three inch monster.  Then, he pulled

the one inch strap up tight and completed the crotch snugging,

sex splitting path and position of the unique one inch leather

strap that now secured five maddening devices tightly in the

length and breadth of Linda's womanhood.

He stepped back, the little control box --- with the wires lead-

ing to the two buried and hidden silver, egg shaped bullets ---

in the palm of his right hand, and admired his handy work.  Linda

was split from back to front by a one inch wide, black, leather

strap that pulled tightly down between her now straining and

tensing buttocks and up through the spread valley of her sex ---

tightly snugging, burying and trapping the five "presents" he had

just "given" the helpless and moaning Linda as she hung suspended

and spread in the air some three feet off the floor.  He knelt

down under Linda and attached the four small, gold, piercing

rings through her lips to the edge of the wide leather straps

bound around her straining thighs.  Two rings were bound to each

thigh strap by means of a small, double ended clip, each of whose

ends captured one of the small golden rings and then pulled it

and it's pierced, wet lip toward the thigh strap, where the other

end of the clip was slid through a small hole punched in the edge

of the broad, black, leather strap encasing Linda's thigh near

her now vibrating and quaking, split womanhood.

The narrow, black, strap continued to severely split Linda's

widely spread, humming, pink valley and the "buried" five strange

"presents" up inside her and through the length of her "core",

while the lips of her spread pink and tender valley were

stretched and bound to the thigh restraints by her four small,

gold, piercing rings, two on either side of the buried and now

darkening black leather "pussy strap" as sex splitting strap is

sometimes called.

Paul smiled, walked to the bed and retrieved the small, many

thonged, light weight "pussy whip" and returned to stand just a

foot and a half in front of a moaning, groaning Linda whose two

fingers on each hand were still sticking up in the air very


Paul began whirling the soft leather whip thongs in a circle,

moving their sweeping, arcing tips toward the now dark and thor-

oughly wet strap blackly cutting Linda's spread sex down the


As the tips made contact with the strap and the spread, pinned

lips, they emitted a soft "slap-slap-slap" sound and Linda began

to go wild --- moaning under the hood and trying to move downward

and forward into the whistling, soft, leather thongs of the

spinning, whirling small whip.  As the sweat began to really pour

down her strapped belly, Paul flip a switch on the little box in

his hand.

The "results" were incredible.  Linda went absolutely wild ---

bouncing and swaying in her chained suspension from the overhead

bar --- moaning and snorting like a mounted mare --- driven

sexually berserk by the never before experienced series of simul-

taneously inserted, clamped and placed devices in her sensitive

sexual core.

Out of the corner of his eye, Paul saw one finger extended on

each hand and quickly pitched the whip onto the bed and unzipped

the hood.  He swiftly lifted it from her head and was greeted by

two wide open and very glazed over eyes that glassily stared into

his eyes with more love than he had ever seen in his life.  Linda

pushed at the ball gag with her tongue and shook her head indi-

cating she wanted it out of her mouth.  Paul reached over her

shoulders and carefully unbuckled and removed the gag.  It left

her mouth and a plaintive and moaning sexy voice said ---

"Oooooooohhhhhhhh --- Mmmmmmmmaaaaaaasssssstttttteeeeerrrrrrr!"

"It feels sssssssssooooooooooo gggggggooooooooooddddddd!"

"You ARE my master!!!!"

He turned the knurled knob on the little box in his hand to

"high" and dropped it on the floor, while advancing toward Linda.

He kissed her full on the mouth and she rimmed his mouth, through

the mouth ring, with her flying, darting tongue.  He reached

behind her head and entwined his fingers in her wet hair.  Lift-

ing her mouth off his, he watched her frantically still trying to

lick him with her darting tongue.

Eyes closed, she blurted --- "FUCK MY MOUTH MASTER!  PUT YOUR

PRICK IN MY MOUTH AND RAPE IT --- ppppllllleeeeaaaasssseeee?"

He reached under her and released the clips on the four gold sex

piercing rings that held her drenched nether lips to the thigh

straps.  Then, he walked over and unclipped her right hand,

allowing Linda to reach up and grasp the swinging, bounding,

suspension bar.  He repeated the action, releasing Linda's left

hand, which also grasped the bar.

Slowly Paul resumed his position in front of Linda.

Quietly he said, "Let go of the bar, my pretty, submissive and

'horny' slave" --- as he grasped Linda's shoulders and lowered

her carefully by the shoulders until she was horizontal, support-

ed by his hands under her shoulders and the ankle and thigh

straps chained and suspended from the swaying, gleaming, overhead

bar.  Linda obediently let go of the bar on the way forward.

Carefully, she reached forward and grasped for his throbbing

erect manhood as she swung slowly downward.  She wrapped one hand

around the base of his shaft and let the other hand and arm curl

back behind his tense, naked rear --- and then guided him slowly

and carefully forward, inserting him effortlessly and precisely

through the mouth spreading, large, stainless steel ring that had

once, long ago, received her FIRST MASTER --- CHRIS --- and

welcomed him to the devouring and milking confines of the whores

mouth and throat --- the journey that few woman besides Linda

could confer on any man --- PROVIDING THAT MAN WAS A --- MASTER!


The "insertion", though slow and purposeful, was astoundingly

fierce as she squeezed her drooling lips tightly closed over the

advancing shaft, her cheeks hollowed with the increasing suction,

until, at last, the nose on her bent back head was rubbing the

thin, black line of hair rising up the middle of Paul's lower

belly.  Paul, shivered with pleasure as Linda's tongue slithered

rapidly around and under his imprisoned and deeply buried shaft.

The darting tongue caressed the center of Paul's throbbing,

aching manhood as a pair talented lips closed off the base and a

contracting throat began the rhythmic milking that would lead to

a crashing join climax for master and slave alike.  And the five

devilish gifts drove Linda ever farther and faster as she forgot

about breathing and bore down on the ultimate climax for both.

And then --- mercifully --- Paul began to deliver Linda's wish

--- quickly swinging the suspended, naked, sweating and bound

body swiftly backwards and forwards on the fleshy engine as

Linda's mouth, tongue and throat continued feverishly to seek the

rising and surging tide of Paul's ultimate climax to a symphony

of snorting, frantic gasps, lust filled moans, and flesh muffled

screams of pure submissive, sexual pleasure from a wildly orgas-

mic and totally satisfied slave --- who had her "MASTER" --- HER

LONG LOST "MASTER" --- precisely where she wanted him!

He fucked her this way for a long, long time being careful to let

her breath between the vicious, slamming, long strokes deep into

her mouth and contracting throat --- and just as he was about to

come he swung her backward away from him making the shiny swollen

head "pop" free from her tightly gripping lips.

Linda's lips flew open as she screamed --- "NO MASTER --- NO!


--- pppplllleeeeaaaasssseeee?"

Backing away, his reddened and throbbing shaft bobbing in front

of Linda's face, lowered her shoulders downward toward the floor.

Linda extended her arms downward to lower herself face down

toward the plush carpeted floor, her wide and obscenely spread

legs still swinging from the overhead bar as her sweating and

quivering rear pivoted upwards and forwards.

Linda continued to babble and plead and moan as Paul picked the

whip up off the bed and, walking around behind her suspended,

split legs, and positioned himself to resume the litany of whirl-

ing black thonged "lover" Linda had learned to worship and adore

years ago on the huge stainless steel "mounting ring" with her


Paul, purposefully and systematically began whipping Linda's

clenching ass cheeks and hugely and obscenely split sex slit as

Linda went wildly from one terrifying orgasmic peak to another

--- screaming and moaning and begging for more, and more and more

and more --- without letup or surcease --- as the two vibrating

eggs, two vibrating, pulsing and pistoning cocks and the small

metal clamp on her clit raped her ever so thoroughly and --- the

whirling, slapping, black thonged "LOVER" drove Linda to heights

only two other men --- MASTERS --- LINDA'S MASTERS!!!! --- had

driven her so completely before.

Delivering final a series of devastating and vicious strokes up

the dripping, pulsating, strap cleaved and hugely split valley of

Linda's wildly climaxing sex with the whirling "lover", Paul

flung the slippery and dripping whip aside --- as he swiftly and

surely reached under the sweating 'slave', unbuckled the drenched

one inch leather strap at her panting belly and swept it back

whipped it free up through her dripping sexual 'mouths' stuffed

with artificial cocks and out of the valley between Linda's

tensed, spread, ass cheeks and onto her straining back.  Quickly,

Paul snatched the three inch pussy plugging cock out of its

spasming hole with a loud slurping "POP" before the little,

buzzing, silver "eggs" hit the floor.  Driving forward with all

of his weight and energy, Paul slammed his swollen and neglected

cock into the gaping, climaxing hole that was Linda's wide spread

pussy and fucked her unmercifully --- continuously --- taking his

master's "due" ---

And as the driving shaft streaked inwards and the swinging male

sacks slapped the soaked, split valley below --- Linda raised her

begging, pleading entreaties to a fever pitch as she screamed for


With one final slamming stroke deep into her, Paul filled the

screaming and pleading sexually submissive Linda with the steam-

ing product of their joint efforts, mingling spurting male cum

with sloshing female juices deep in the depths of a well fucked

cunt and its flooded womb.

And Linda --- SLAVE LINDA --- rode over the "peak" and coasted

downwards with a satisfied, final shudder and long, groaning


As Linda lay dangling and spread from the overhead bar, her arms

pillowing her head and shoulders on the floor, she squeezed the

two inch artificial cock out of her ass with a loud "pop" and

gave her Master's cock her undivided attention as her contracting

muscles massaged the last drop of cum from his shrunken balls.

But --- to Linda's absolute wonder and amazement, her orgasmic

extravaganza failed to significantly diminish --- and would in no

way cease --- due to a devilish and willful 'trick' her new

master had purposely added to the panting, pleading sexually

submissive slave's heretofore "known routines" and experiences!

The persistent tiny metal jaws of the simple but highly effective

device clamping Linda's still pulsing and triggering sexual stem

and center of the source of the crashing orgasms would not allow

her to retreat very far from the 'peak' as, 'mysteriously' and

unexplainably, Linda continued to experience orgasm after orgasm

in a continuous and unending string --- the effects of which had

Linda viciously rubbing her rigid and burning pierced nipples

back and forth across the plush carpeted floor to add the needed

element of pain to the again rising freight train of pleasure ---

thus driving the orgasmic string onward and upward --- ENDLESSLY!

And not until the tightly and wetly clasped Paul chose to reach

under the pleading, begging and panting sexual submissive --- his

complete and total SLAVE --- would Linda be able to retreat from

the realm she so thoroughly and completely LOVED --- a realm she,

now, no longer could control --- AN ENDLESS REALM OF WILLING,


SUBMISSION --- a realm Linda entered willingly with only a VERY




And it felt --- GOOD --- ssssoooo ggggoooooooodddd!!!!  As she

pleaded endlessly for it NEVER EVER TO STOP!

(And that is how Paul became Linda's NUMBER THREE AND LAST REAL


Part 2 - Chapter 3

Master Paul lets Linda down --- Slowly --- Finally!!!

As Linda hung from the overhead heavy "trapeze bar", attached to

it by the chains attached to her ankle cuffs and thigh cuffs,

shivering and quaking in her continuous orgasmic orgy, her

pierced nippled breasts rubbing back and forth across the plush

red carpet of the master bedroom and her pleading, begging and

moaning hoarse voice entreating Master Paul to give her more ---

MORE --- M-O-R-E ---

 ---  Master Paul reached under her slick, wet and dilated sexual

"mouth" and grasped the small, carefully placed little metal

alligator clip that squeezed her tortured and hooded love button

ever so firmly, but not savagely, and started to release it ---

 ---  Linda began to scream and plead with him --- "NNNNOOOOO ---




Shaking his head, Paul backed away from her and watched her

gyrating and trembling through her orgasmic wonders --- a contin-

uous and triumphant parade of pure sexual gratification that

never diminished and simply went on and on and on ---

 --- the sweating, shaking, squirming sexually submissive and

"conquered" LINDA looked over her shoulder and under her suspend-

ed shaking legs at Paul and very lowly and huskily said ---



Shaking his head in absolute amazement and wonder, Paul returned

to his former position behind Linda, between her hugely splayed

and suspended naked legs, where he inserted the fingers of his

right hand into the wet, black depths of the contracting vaginal

passage and, curling them together with his thumb curled into the

palm of the now pointing hand, he thrust steadily forward sinking

the extended hand deeper and deeper inside the panting, moaning

Linda --- until the last of the thumb disappeared from view and

the wrist slide inward and downward ---

 ---  as the finger tips touched the mouth of Linda's cervix Paul

opened the imprisoned hand and formed a firm fist, then rotated

his hand and wrist from side to side inside the stretched, con-

tracting and releasing passage, wet with orgasmic juices ---

thinking back, to himself, of the few times he'd done this to any

other female, Slave or otherwise --- and remembering the 're-

quest' they'd made for him to do it and then the catterwalling,

pleading cries as it was slowly accomplished --- but NOT LINDA

--- Oh no --- NOT LINDA!!!  She just moaned a gave a satisfied

sort of grunting sound as the hand bottomed out --- Once the fist

was closed tight inside of Linda, Paul began to pull backward,

dragging the now wildly screaming and sobbing Linda backward

across the bright red carpet on her flattened chest and the

ringed nipples and their fiery breasts ---

 ---  pulling the fist up into and through the spreading,

stretched passage with a suctioning, slurping sound until it came

free with a loud --- "POP" --- covered with the slick, hormone

rich coating of a bitch in heat --- a smell that drove Paul nuts

with desire --- even now after all Linda had done to 'satisfy'

his 'needs' --- and Linda continued to scream and cry ecstatical-

ly and wildly with every ounce of sound her vocal cords could

develop after the long orgasmic siege ---

And then the sound level died to a low slow --- "AAAAHHHHH YYYY-





Then and only then did Paul reach swiftly under the still quaking

and dripping spread hole and remove the small metal clip from its

imprisoned small button ---

 ---  which brought an --- "OOOOOHHHHHH MMMMYYYY GGGGOOOODDDD ---



 ---  standing three feet behind the sweat coated spectical of

Paul's life time, he thought to himself --- "you've got to be

kidding, Linda --- what the hell was all the rest of that contin-

uous wild 'show'????"  In time he would learn that Linda did

things "differently" from other women in the orgasm and climax

categories --- VERY VERY DIFFERENTLY!!!

 ---  shaking his head, Paul step forward and unclipped first the

ankle cuffs and then the thigh cuffs and lowered one leg and then

the other to the carpeted floor.

Once freed from her suspension, Linda rolled onto her back and

stared up at him with those big brown loving eyes and ran her

tongue around her wrinkled lips --- "SIR, MAY YOUR SLAVE HAVE HER

TEETH BACK, PLEASE MASTER" came the somehow funny plea from the

exhausted, wet woman sprawled on the carpet in front and below

him.  He obliged by going to the bed and retrieving the false

teeth which he gingerly and gently handed to the cow eyed Linda,

who slipped them quickly into her mouth.

"Tell me something, Slave --- how did you manage to lose your own

teeth?" Paul asked her.

"Aaaahhhhh, MMMMaaasssstttteeeerrrr, do you really want to know?"

questioned a far less submissive Linda.

"Yes I do, Slave --- tell me!"

"Its not what you're thinking Paul, --- really it isn't!"

"Linda, don't tease me or play with me! --- what happened?"

"Well, while I was in Parkersburg, at Chris' Place, my mouth got

really really sore and stayed that way for about a week; Chris

got concerned and took me to a doctor who immediately put me in

the hospital," Linda explained.  "After a lot of tests and mum-

bling among themselves and with Chris, the doctors told me I had

cancer in my mouth --- the jaw bone(s) --- and places like that!

I raised holy hell and broke down and cried for a whole day as

they ran more tests and took a lot of X-rays of my face.

"Two days after they told me about it, they wheeled me into an

operating room and put me out.  When I woke up I had no teeth and

my mouth and whole face and neck burned like fire.  They kept me

sedated for a week to lessen the pain --- and it did!

"Finally, Chris told me they had removed three fourths of my jaw

and cheek bones and some other stuff along with all my teeth.

But he said they were pretty sure they had gotten all the cancer-

ous stuff out of me, but that I was going to have to take X-ray

therapy for a while to make sure that it didn't come back.  But,

he and they told me they had rebuilt all my jaw and facial bones

with some stronger artificial stuff so that I would look normal

--- better than normal, in fact --- AND THEY WERE RIGHT --- I

DID!" she explained to Paul.

"For three months I was sick as a dog and couldn't keep any food

down as they bombarded me with that goddamn 'cannon'.  But it did

the trick and I'm 'cured' now, Paul --- aren't you glad?" Linda

asked in a very sexy and yet somehow still a 'little' servile and

subservient way.

"Uuuhhhhh, hhhhuuuuhhhh --- you better believe I'm 'glad', Linda

--- but doesn't it bother you to have lost your teeth at such a

young age and been so close to dying," he asked.

"It did at first --- but I discovered that I could 'surprise' my

lovers the way I did you today --- MMMMAAAASSSSTTTTEEEERRRR

PPPPAAAAUUUULLLL!!!!" Linda said in a low, slow, sexy throaty

voice that was not in the least submissive, now.

"How many women have given you a 'head job' the way I did to day,

Master?  --- eh?  I can slick your cock so smoothly and grip it

so tightly with my lips and gums that you can't cum until I


at him almost defiantly.  "I'm the best 'blow job" artist there

is in the world, --- SSSSIIIIRRRR!" (again, the defiance).

Looking down at her with disapproval, Paul bluntly said "AND YOU


--- LINDA --- MY LINDA!!!  What the hell am I going to do about


She looked up at him, still defiant, and said --- "guess you'll

have to 'think of something' for 'next time' to 'punish me',


And, with that, Linda got up from the floor and strolled into the

bathroom.  As she closed the door behind her, she looked over her

shoulder and winked at him with a very wicked grin on her face.

Thirty minutes later, Linda was gone and Paul had packed all the

stuff away in to leather cases and let him self out of the apart-

ment which belonged to one of his unmarried partners in the firm.

On the way out through the lobby he stopped in the building

managers office and asked about Penthouse Apartment Number Four

down the hall from where he and Linda had spent the whole day.

By the time he left the building, he had a receipt in his hand

for the deposit on Apartment Four and the first three months rent

and a one year lease agreement in his suit coat pocket, with an

option to buy into the Condo, either by buying Penthouse Apart-

ment Four or another of his choosing during the year lease period

with all the "rent" applying toward the purchase.

A rather pooped and sagging Paul wandered into the office just

before 5:00PM, just in time to be paged to the telephone ---

When he picked up the phone and said "hello" --- a low, throaty,

sexy voice whispered back in his ear ---



"Yes, Slave --- she definitely needs more punishment and I'll

tell her where and when I'm ready --- and only WHEN I'M READY!"

he said firmly and hung up the phone.

"Aaaahhhhh, its started in earnest," he though, as he started to

jot down a list of people, companies, equipment and tools he was

going to need to "fix" up Penthouse Apartment Four the way HE

wanted it.  He'd have to 'supervise' a lot of the "finish work"

himself to keep from causing a lot of raised eyebrows and talk

about the place --- but he'd get it done in a month or two, ---

of that he was sure.  In the interim, he'd stone wall the sexy,

pushing Linda, --- SLAVE LINDA --- until he was ready.  AND, he'd

stop by that damn lounge frequently for very short periods of

time, not close to quitting time, to tease the hell out of her

and make her more obedient and ever more frustrated so that the

next time he "had her" --- in HIS OWN "playroom" --- she'd learn

something about him --- a lot!!!  Though Paul doubted that he

could ever really make Linda genuinely fearful or scared --- and

he really didn't want to try.  But if he could instill and ele-

ment of uncertainty in the thing, he just might be able to give

Linda something she wanted and hadn't had for what was probably

several years now.

He was damn sure going to try!!!!

The day after the "session" with Linda in the Penthouse Apart-

ment, 'Master' Paul received a photocopy of a poem in the mail

--- it came in a plain, white, small envelope with his name and

the company Post Office Box address written on the front in

beautiful, obviously feminine, scrolling handwriting --- with a

hand drawn, beautiful, spread winged butterfly on the back,

covering the whole flap.  There were two "pins" drawn in the

butterfly's wings sticking it (her?) to the envelope flap!

Inside was this poem:


"Slow me down, Lord."

"Ease the pounding of my heart by the quieting of my mind"

"Steady my hurried pace with a vision of the eternal reach of


"Give me, amid the confusion of the day, the calmness of the

everlasting hills."

"Break the tensions of my nerves and muscles with the soothing

music of the singing streams that live in my memory.  Help me to

know the magical, restoring power of sleep."

"Teach me the art of taking minute vacations - of slowing down to

look at a flower, to chat with a friend, to pat a dog, to read a

few lines from a good book."

"Slow me down, Lord, and inspire me to send my roots deep into

the soil of life's enduring values that I may grow toward the

stars of my greater destiny."

In the same beautiful handwriting as the address on the envelope

there was a short note at the end of the poem which read:

"for the 'minute' vacation, --- THANK YOU!"

"for expectations of things yet to come --- THANK YOU!"

"But most of all, I humbly THANK YOU for being MY MASTER!"


Paul gazed at the poem and the note and read it over and over.

"So it begins," he thought to himself, --- "the 'Lady' has class,

and then some."

And, indeed, as it turned out, "THE BUTTERFLY", Slave Linda, DID

have class even in the worst of surroundings and situations ---

and perhaps, in retrospect, that may have been somewhat of an

UNDERSTATEMENT, from Paul's viewpoint, when it was all over and

Linda, beautiful Slave Linda, THE BUTTERFLY, was gone --- FOREV-


In the weeks that followed the arrival of the "letter" from the

"BUTTERFLY", Paul busied himself with "fixing up" Apartment Four

in the Penthouse high above the hustling and bustling downtown

streets and the river.  He hired trusted, skilled craftsman whom

he knew well from his design firm and their contractor bidders

and projects.  There were no plans, per sei, --- just daily

instructions from Paul --- but the Apartment was "redone" in a

manner befitting Paul's "tastes".

His workmen friends probably thought he was a little touched in

the head because of the color schemes and strange things he had

them build and all the sound gear and electronic stuff he had

them install in the high ceiling rooms (10 to 12 feet floor to

ceiling in most places).  They were all amazed at the automated

piece of "artwork" he had them install, in the center of the

"Living Room", in the center of the "Fountain" they had con-

structed for him with it's sprays reaching upward from the ter-

razzo pool and downward from the mirrored ceiling above.

They stood in awe of the strange eight foot in diameter stainless

steel "rings" that were centered and pinned in the floor and

ceiling in the center of the fountain.  When the tiny black

control box was used, the rings would rotate, one within the

other and between floor and ceiling at whatever speeds the opera-

tor of the controls wanted.  Very slow or very fast.

For a piece of "artwork", they certainly were heavy enough, they

had all agreed.  Paul had directed them on the fittings to re-

ceive the rings and then when all was ready, he had showed up one

morning with three workmen lugging the two rings into the apart-

ment in quarter pieces each.  They spent all day with special

welding rod and welding equipment welding each ring together from

four separate pieces, in place, in the midst of the center of the

fountain.  The next day they test ran the controls and all worked

well, as the water cascaded down and shot up around the rotating,

gleaming, heavy, stainless steel rings.  They had all agreed they

were 'unusual' and actually, sort of 'beautiful', in their own

way.  If only they had been allowed to see the 'final addition'

to the 'rings' they would have, perhaps, harbored other opinions

and 'feeling' about the 'rings' --- AND 'THE MASTER OF THE


At the end of that day, with all the workmen paid off and gone,

Paul walked through the rooms of the apartment and examined the

various decorations and color schemes he had ordered installed,

--- and especially the many strange "devices" he had had placed

throughout the apartment.

The living room had the famous "rings" in their "fountain" with a

mirrored ceiling and a side "swing wall", between the living room

and the rather large and well stocked kitchen, that rotated in

panels so that it was white on one side and black on the other.

As Paul pressed the control button that reversed the wall and

made it black, he reminded himself that he and Marla, --- the

bitch Mistress friend of Linda's he'd met in the lounge one

night, right after the "session" down the hall in the "borrowed"

apartment --- that Marla was supposed to be making a trip out of

town to get the stuff they had designed and their friend with the

saddle shop had agreed to make --- after a measuring session with

Linda in his shop several weeks back.

The bare black wall didn't look very good without its "adorn-

ments"!  He would fix that, later tonight, in the wee hours of

the morning, with Marla's help.  Marla was fairly drooling over

the prospects --- eager to pitch in and help so she could partic-

ipate and satisfy her special "needs".

It was going to be an interesting next few days Paul thought to

himself as he reversed the wall to white again to contrast with

the two other black walls and the mirrored glass windows that

covered the other, outside wall.  He walked over and pushed a

button on the wall opposite the now white one and the wall rotat-

ed in very small, shutter like, horizontal panels, until they

were perpendicular to their original position and a mirrored

plate glass surface could be seen behind them, fully exposed.

He smiled as he strolled through the door into the master bedroom

and gazed through the clear plate glass wall he had just exposed.

From the bedroom side you simply were looking at the living room

through a shuttered glass partition and could clearly see the

rings in all their living splendor.  He picked up a second con-

trol box on the night stand and pressed two buttons and then

watched the rings begin to rotate slowly around and around and

one within the other.  Satisfied, he pressed two other buttons on

the control box.  The rings stopped.

Picking up another control box from the night stand, he pressed a

button and the huge king sized bed that had been about three or

more feet off the red carpeted floor, posts set solidly in the

floor and anchored solidly in the ceiling, --- the surface of the

large bed sank slowly toward the floor exposing a large stainless

steel ring bolt set in each post, but previously hidden by the

raised bed, since they faced diagonally inward, across the bed

toward each other.  He stopped the bed and went to examine the

ring bolts.  They were set in tracks on the face of the large

wooden posts so that they could be slid up and down from floor to

ceiling along the length of the post.  He pushed the release

button under one of them and slid it clear to the ceiling, then

returned it to it's original position and released the button.

Stepping back, he pushed anther button on the control box and the

ringbolt began to rise on its own.  Satisfied, he pushed another

button and returned the ringbolt to it's "normal", "hidden"

position (when the bed was raised, which it was not, now ---

having lowered until the surface of the bed was only twelve

inches off the floor).  He pressed another button on the box, and

the bed began to rise toward the ceiling, passing the ring bolts

and stopping only when it was about twelve inches from the high

ceiling.  He pushed the "normal bed position" button and watched

the bed lower to a "normal" old fashioned, three feet or so off

the floor and stop.  He put the control back on the table and

walked over to the bedroom wall that had on it a large, lighted,

glowing butterfly painted on a coal black background within a

glowing circle surrounding it.  On the wings, body, head, and

lower part of the butterfly were slots in pairs that formed the

outline of a human body.  Taking another control box from its

wall holder next to the circle and butterfly, he pressed a button

marked OUT.  The Circle separated itself from the wall and moved

outward into the room.  When fully extended, on a hydraulic ram

mounted in the center back of the eight foot circle, the butter-

fly was a good five feet straight out from the wall.  He pressed

the "TILT" button and the circle laid backward until it was hori-

zontal and laying down on the ram a little over four feet off the


"Now, that," Paul thought to himself, "IS A MASTERPIECE!"  And

indeed it was --- with the "slots" positioned from the body

measurements his Saddle Shop friend had given him after the

measuring session with Linda a few weeks back.  When the wide

black straps the saddle shop was making were inserted through the

slots "somebody" was going to BECOME A VERY HUMAN, VERY TIGHTLY

BOUND, "BUTTERFLY" --- he couldn't imagine, "WHO"!

He hit the RESET button and the wall returned to "normal".  He

pressed the button marked ROTATE and the circle and butterfly

rotated 360 degrees with the butterfly being upside down, side-

ways and right side up through the rotation cycle.  Paul smiled.

Placing the control device back in its holder, he walked to the

other opposite wall and as he walked out the door he hit the

button to close the shutters on the plain glass/mirrored (depend-

ing on which side you were standing - bedroom/plain side or

living room/mirrored side!) living room wall.  He turned to the

right, down a short hallway and opened the door into the bath-


The huge, deep, sunken tub (which doubled as a "Hot Tub" and

"Whirlpool" affair with water jets and air jets along it's circu-

lar walls) dominated the bathroom.  There was a toilet and a

strange looking additional fixture beside it.  And there was a

large vanity with three sinks.  The ceiling had all kinds of

doors and ringbolts visible in it.  The large blank wall opposite

the vanity, toilet and other "device" looked very plain --- the

wall between the bedroom and bathroom.  But a touch of the button

by the door revealed yet another shuttered mirrored wall, plain

plate glass on the bedroom side and mirrored on the bathroom


But the dominant feature of the bathroom was the huge butterfly

within the circle on the wall opposite the entry door, over the

huge eight foot sunken tub.  Paul took a control box out of its

holder and ran that wall "decoration" through the same "paces" as

the bedroom wall, only, this time he hit the LOWER button and the

hydraulic ram and butterflied horizontal eight foot circle sank

slowly downward to and then into the tub, all the way to the

bottom.  Satisfied, he hit the RESET button and walked out of the

bathroom, turning the lights off and closing the shutters as he

left and closed the door.

He was whistling to himself as he entered the large, dimly lit

living room --- Just as the phone rang in the kitchen on the

other side of black paneled living room wall.  He strolled into

the kitchen and picked up the phone ---

"Sherwood Forest! --- Robin Hood speaking!" he answered with a


"Paul, is that you?" came a husky, female voice over the phone.

"Yeessss, Marla, its me?  What are YOU up to?"

"Just got the Van back from the custom shop --- THEY DID IT! ---

JUST LIKE YOU ASKED! --- You're going to LOVE IT, Paul --- MASTER

PAUL!!! --- I do!!! --- MY GOD IS IT 'NEAT'," she exclaimed


"Oh course it is, Marla --- my six years in engineering college

and twenty years experience in the 'field' guaranteed THAT!" Paul

sighed in frustration.

"Smart Ass!" came the reply.

"Paul, how's about we meet at the Lounge and see how 'our girl'

is doing?"

"You go ahead.  I've got to take care of some things, first.  Did

you make the trip out to the saddle shop and get all the gear?"

"Uh, Huh --- you didn't tell me you PREPAID for all that stuff.

I was scared to death he was going to want cash."

"It's all covered Marla --- did you run it against the order

sheet and check list?"

"Yah, --- it's all there --- and he threw in some neat extras

you're gonna love! --- MAN, will you love 'em!!! --- I think Dave

finally got in the 'swing a things'!!!" she practically shouted

over the phone.

"OK, I'll see you between midnight and One in the Morning at the

Lounge --- Linda IS working tonight isn't she?" he asked.

"Yup, and Johnny is out of town in Pittsburgh, working for three

more days, until Friday night --- and my sister is over at

Linda's place watching Tammara --- 'for the night'" she said with

a anticipating, sly connotation and inflection to her voice!

"OK, Marla, I'll see you later --- everything's set and a 'GO'

here!" Paul said and hung up the phone.

"Yah, --- it sure as hell IS!" he thought to himself as he

reached into the refrigerator and extracted a can of salt free

Diet Rite Cola --- "it sure as HELL is!!!"

He sat down at the kitchen breakfast bar and thought back several

weeks to the events that had introduced him to Marla and the

long, carefully planned 'event' that was about to take place in

this "apartment" in the wee hours of tomorrow morning and on into

the next three whole days.

Part 2 - Chapter 4

Linda tends to Master Paul's 'needs' as the 'Butterfly Cage' is


(and MISTRESS MARLA comes on the 'scene')

After the long, all day session with Master Paul in the Penthouse

apartment, Linda spent a lot of time just dreaming about him and

about her next 'session' with him (if, in fact, it ever 'hap-

pened', which she prayed and hoped it did).  She absolutely KNEW

there would be a 'next session' if she had ANYTHING to say about

it and she set about making very sure that Master Paul under-

stood, PRECISELY how much she wanted a repeat --- no, not REPEAT

--- BETTER! --- performance set up.

Laying in bed, after she had gotten off work, the night of that

fateful day Slave Linda and Master Paul had 'played together' for

the very first time, Linda tried to think of something she could

say to Paul --- Master Paul --- or send him --- that he would

really appreciate and that would say what she wanted said in a

nice way.  She decided on sending him a copy of her favorite poem

"SLOW ME DOWN, LORD" and added some pointed comments at the end

of the page along with a drawing of a butterfly, a wall pinned

butterfly, spreadeagled across the back of the envelope flap in

brilliant colors.

Laying there in bed, she also reflected on how blunt he'd been

when she'd called him at his office around five o'clock.  Was he

losing interest in her?  Or was he, perhaps, a bit fearful or

maybe even 'sickened' by her 'performance' today?  It wouldn't be

the first 'would be Master' who had gotten 'cold feet' after the

first real encounter with her and her strange tastes and extreme

tolerances to high levels of bondage, physical and sexual punish-

ment and just plain pain.  She'd 'lost' a dozen or more such

squeamish 'masters' whom, once she started 'training' them and

familiarizing them in her REAL wants, needs and desires, had

backed away from her for good.  Paul --- MASTER PAUL --- didn't

seem like that type to her, she reflected, while laying there in

the bed that night.

Linda finished the 'letter', put a stamp on it, got up and put

her robe on, walked down the stairs, out the front door and down

the street to the mail box on the corner.  The cool sidewalk felt

good on her bare feet as she stood in front of the mailbox under

the street light and read the 6:25AM pickup time on the box.  She

chuckled as she realized that if Paul was going to get this

'letter' today, the U.S. Postal Service's vaunted "in by 9 out by

5" boast would be put to the test really well, today.  Glancing

down at her watch in the dim light, she saw it was 3:22AM and,

with a yawn, inserted the 'letter' and headed back down the

street, padding along in her bare feet, to the house to get some

much needed sleep.  She was very stiff and not just a little sore

from the hours of 'love making' and 'special treatments' she'd

gotten from and given to her new found, she hoped, Master Paul.

That and the five hour dancing session had made her vow that

she'd never ever again try to 'get back to normal' so quickly

after a 'session' with MASTER PAUL.

When she got back to the bedroom, Johnny had come to bed from the

front room couch and started his 'twenty questions' routine with

her.  Goddamnit, that pissed her off.  He could stay out and play

around all hours of the night (and day) with whomever he wished

and she was supposed to keep her big mouth shut and not question

him or bug him about it.  Like tonight, for instance.  She'd

walked in the door from work at 2:20AM and he was asleep on the

couch with Gina, from the lounge --- asleep, HELL! --- he was

sprawled over the top of her spread legs (one foot on the floor

and the other hooked up over the couch back) where he had obvi-

ously 'died' after doing his usual thing, with a blanket only

partially covering his bare, hairy little ass.  She'd left him to

sleep it off still 'in the saddle' and had gone to bed, mad as

hell that he pulled such crap with Tammara in the house.  Johnny

could do anything he wanted as far as she was concerned, just so

long as he didn't do it in front of her eight year old pride and

joy.  Tammara WAS NOT going to end up being a 'Linda' --- no way

was she.  Not if Linda had anything to say about it, anyway!

As Johnny pressed her about 'her day' Linda got really mad at him

and gave him holy hell about nosing around in her life and the

goddamn double standard 'you fucking male egotists' maintain when

it comes to what you can do as opposed to what your so-called

women are allowed to do.  Linda effectively fended Johnny and his

questions off and settled in to her side of the bed, ignoring his

continued drunken bitching and protesting.  Finally the booze and

the nights 'play' activities got the best of him and he fell off

into a sound sleep, snoring up a storm.

Linda lay there thinking back to Paul and the 'session, recreat-

ing all the events of the day in her mind.  As she mentally

walked herself back through this first, learning and teaching,

session with Paul --- MASTER Paul --- she could feel herself

getting aroused.

"Damn," she thought, "I'd sure like to have Master Paul alone

with me in that 'basement room' and 'slave palace' back in Park-

ersburg --- he'd have a ball with me and I could really teach him

about what 'makes Linda tick' --- LINDA THE SLAVE!"  Linda kept

thinking and dreaming of Paul --- MASTER PAUL --- being the

'Master of the Rings' and of her being back in their clutches and

in HIS --- until the thoughts made her hornier and hornier and

she finally got up and went in the bathroom to satisfy her 'pro-

blem' by fingering herself vigorously while squeezing and pulling

her nipple and its ring with her free hand.  She worked herself

to a credible climax and 'sort of' orgasm and then went back to

bed and fell asleep.

Two and a half hours later, Linda pulled herself out of the bed,

shut off the alarm clock, and went downstairs to make breakfast

and pack lunches for Johnny and Tammara.  She kicked the sleeping

whore on the couch out the door and got her two 'troops' off to

work and to school.  When she was sure they were both on their

way and long gone, she picked up the phone and dialed Paul's

office.  The receptionist answered the phone and she asked for

Paul in the formal, business "Mr." terminology.  She was informed

that he was out of the office for the day  on a project and

wouldn't be back until late, if at all.  Did she want to leave a

message?  "No, I'll call back tomorrow," Linda had told her.  The

receptionist informed her that he would be out of the state for

two weeks, starting tomorrow, and probably couldn't be reached in

person tomorrow or for the next two weeks.  Was she sure she

didn't want to leave a message?

"No, that's OK," Linda said, disappointment probably showing in

the tone of her voice and voice inflections, "I'll try in couple

of weeks.  It's really not THAT important that I reach him, thank

you."  She hung up and sat there thinking that she just HAD to

see him sooner than two weeks from now.  She wanted to find out,

for sure, if he'd 'accepted' her strange appetite for sexual and

physical abuse and bondage and her extreme need for sexual sub-


"Of course he has," she thought to herself.  "Otherwise, why in

the hell would he have brought all that bondage and punishment

equipment to the Penthouse Apartment with him and 'done her

thing' all yesterday if he hadn't?"

"Oh well," she thought, "I may as well get some more sleep.  I

have to work the next three days and nights at the lounge from

4PM to 7PM and 9PM to 2AM."

That afternoon, while Linda was up on the stage dancing the

second number of her three number set, around 5:30PM, she saw

Paul --- Master Paul --- come through the door and head for the

empty seat at his favorite end of the bar.  Linda turned on the

'moves' and started dancing like she had a reason for doing it,

instead of just 'playing at it' to tease the customers, the way

she had been doing, up until then.  Paul seem to be ignoring her

at first.  Not looking at her and not even acknowledging that she

was there, dancing.  Linda glanced straight down at him and got

no response.  She picked up the pace and still --- nothing.  The

second song ended and the third began --- "You Light Up My Life"

--- when she started to move and the words started flowing from

the speakers, Paul looked up at her, in the mirror, and smiled

--- a big, bold, kind-eyed smile that made her warm all over.

She turned away from him and, looking carefully back into the

mirror to see who was watching besides him --- (no one was ---

they were all watching her gyrating butt --- as usual!) --- Linda

looked back at her MASTER's eyes in the mirror and ran her tongue

around her lips twice, then pulled it back into her mouth and

finished the rest of her songs by placing her hands in obvious

--- (to her and her Master, ONLY!) --- very brief 'pseudo bondage

positions', some with her feet and arms spread out wide imitating

a bound spreadeagled and splayed or exposed position --- the

"mounting ring" position.  Linda even inserted the pseudo 'ef-

fects' or 'reactions' of being hit with a cat or cane as she

positioned herself spreadeagled and 'reacted' to the phantom

'punishment' from a whistling, oily, masterfully wielded, multi-

tailed lover.  Her Master just watched her eyes in the mirror,

nodding his 'approval' to each new 'position' and the effects of

the phantom punishment.  No one else in the place really caught

on to what was going on and certainly not why.

As she started down off the stage after that, her third and last

number of the set, Linda looked over her shoulder at him and was

met by those kindly, pale blue eyes staring back and a big broad


She walked around the bar and made her 'rounds', stopping to talk

with the regulars and then wandered over to the far end of the U-

shaped bar and slid quietly into the chair along side her blue-

eyed, bearded, tall, new master --- MASTER PAUL --- whom she had

chosen to be her THIRD REAL MASTER.

He turned and stared into her eyes --- Linda --- Slave Linda ---

just sort of 'melted' inside and slid down in the highbacked

swiveled bar chair along side him --- and lowered her head and

her eyes so that she was looking up at him from a 'humbled'

position ---

Paul turned around and looked at her downturned head and upturned

eyes with a stern look on his face --- and Linda slid further

down into the chair, lowered her eyes, rotated the chair toward

him and spread her stocking legs out wide on either side of his

chair.  She took her hands off the chair arms and slid them

behind her back and clasp them there --- and said in a low voice,

"is --- MY --- MASTER --- in need of his --- SLAVE --- again,

SIR?" with the emphasis where it BELONGED, as she had learned

long ago.

"Ummm, Hummmmmmmmm --- he has all kinds of needs, --- SLAVE!"

And is the pretty, misbehaving, 'untamed' --- SLAVE LINDA ---

PREPARED --- to satisfy those needs?  Or is she still thinking of

only herself and her inconsequential needs?" came the low and

demanding reply from Paul.

Without hesitation, Linda replied in a low voice, eyes and head

still lowered, legs splayed out around his chair and hands clasp

in the small of her back behind her --- "Ohhhhhhhhh --- YYYYEE-


IS!!!!" came the emphasized, low, slow and drawn out reply from

Linda, --- without hesitation.

Paul looked around the lounge and saw that no one was watching

them and noted that there was no one on their side of the U-

shaped bar.  When he had assured himself that no one could see

what he was about to do to Linda, he carefully and deliberately

leaned slightly forward toward her, sliding his right hand up her

hose covered left leg, over her thigh and patted the crotch of

the bikini dancing costume --- and then, slowly and in a low

voice said --- "I'm going to have a 'surprise' for you --- SLAVE

--- one of these days --- very very soon --- a REAL surprise ---

one that will make you all wet and keep you that way for a long,

LONG time --- perhaps, even PERMANENTLY, when you think about it

--- which you will --- all the time --- would you like that, ---

BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY? --- would you like having your 'wings'

pinned by your --- MASTER? --- so you can REALLY --- FLY?"

The hand slid flat over her dampening dance costume crotch piece,

fingers aimed downward between her quivering cheeks and tightened

so that he was 'gripping' her in a most obscene (but unseen by

anyone else) way --- and he slid the thin bikini strip covering

aside and thrust three fingers into her wet sex and then spread

them, stretching her further open --- and slowly slid the fingers

in and out while watching her sheepish, up turned eyes gaze at

him with increasing lust and desire ---

Removing the fingers, he pulled the cloth strip back over her

teased organ and then gripped it and slid it back and forth

through the valley he had just briefly 'plundered' ---

"Indeed, I have a REAL surprise for you, beautiful BUTTERFLY ---

and one you will TRULY love with all your being --- and, perhaps,

FEAR, with part of that being --- also --- is that what you

wanted to hear, BUTTERFLY? --- does that 'turn you on'?" he asked

her ever so gently but ever so firmly.


yyyyeeesss --- I LLLIIIKKKEEE surprises from my --- MMMAAASSSTT-

TEEERRR!!!" Linda responded in a low throaty voice, staring

alternately at what his right hand was doing and then into his

pale blue eyes and literally melting into the high backed seat as

her hormones flowed wildly and she got wetter and wetter with

each tensioning of that cloth strip being dragged back and forth

over her splayed and spread nether lips.

Satisfied that he had stirred Linda up sufficiently, Paul with-

drew his hand and turned back toward the bar.  Linda remained

where she was, taking in small, barely audible gasps of breath as

she tried to calm herself down.

Looking over his shoulder at her trying to 'get herself togeth-

er', Paul asked her quite matter of factly, "Would you like a

nice cool drink, Linda?  --- to slack your thirst and cool you

down a little bit? --- BUTTERFLIES DON'T 'FLY' IN BARS YOU KNOW."

Linda took a few seconds to come around to a normal response mode

and then said quietly --- "yes, PLEASE --- SIR --- a J&B on the

rocks with a twist will do fine --- PLEASE?" and very quietly and


a question than an answer.

He ordered two J&B's on the rocks and when they came he and Linda

sat quietly, a little ways apart, facing the bar, and talked

normally for about fifteen or twenty minutes, --- his necessary

'reinforcing' completed and the Master/Slave relationship satis-

fied for the moment, at least.  Linda asked him to stick around

until her shift was over at Seven O'clock.  Paul said he had a

better idea and would come back to meet her for a quick dinner in

between shifts.  He asked her if she'd like to eat at the Chinese

Kitchen about two and a half or three miles away.  Did she want

to meet him there?

Linda told him she didn't have the car --- Johnny had it out

whoring around again --- she'd had to ride in to the Lounge with

Tina, one of the other dancers --- and that she was going to have

to ride back home with her later tonight when she got off work.

Paul told Linda he'd meet her out front of the Lounge at a little

after Seven --- say Seven-Ten?  She said that was fine and they

sat there and talked about 'little things' for another fifteen or

twenty minutes until Linda had to get up and play her next set of

three songs.  As they talked they had stared into each others

eyes lovingly and gently, each savoring the presence of the other

as if there was no tomorrow.  The words didn't much count --- it

was the proximity and the 'looks' that mattered --- and they both

knew it --- WELL!

When Linda got up, she stepped toward Paul and leaned over so her

mouth was an inch or so from his ear and said --- These three are



then turned an walked away toward

the juke box.

And --- INDEED --- they WERE!!!

---  along with all the 'hidden' gestures, motions and positions

--- which Linda weaved into her dancing for her Paul --- her

MASTER Paul --- in a most imperceptible way --- through those

three very 'special' numbers --- her eyes continually locked on

his when she was facing the mirror ---

When she finished she got down and started to walk around the

huge U-shaped bar toward him --- but he was GONE!

At 7:10PM, on the button, Linda came out of the front door of the

Lounge in her halter top, shorts and sandals with her large brown

purse slung over her shoulder and headed for the far back row of

the parking lot and the big idling Lincoln Town Car sitting there

with its blue eyed, bearded driver slid down in the driver's

seat, head back against the head rest, eyes closed ---

Linda opened the door and slid in onto the front seat, setting

her purse on the floor in the middle of the car, and shut the

door quietly.  Paul didn't move.

Linda swung around to face him and pulled her legs up on the

broad seat under her and let them spread out as wide as the seat

would allow.  Settling back down on the seat, her behind now

lowered to the seat surface between her spread legs, she lowered

her head in the now familiar 'humble' position and gazed upward

at Paul --- Master Paul --- and said --- "Ummmmmmmm, I think my

MMMMAAAASSSSTTTTEEEERRRR may need something besides 'food' to

satisfy his --- HHHUUUNNNGGGEEERRRSSSS --- doesn't he --- MMMA-


Paul raised his head up off the head rest and turned toward her.

Looking sternly into her downcast eyes, he put the big car in

gear and eased it out of the parking space and out through the

lot toward the street.  As the car turned onto the side street

that led back to the parking lot and lounge, Linda slid forward

on the seat until her knees were against his leg, keeping her

head down and her eyes humbly focused on her Master in the proc-


She reached down with her right hand and slid the zipper on his

slacks all the way down, carefully and skillfully unbuckled his

belt, unbuttoned the top of his slacks and peeled them back to

either side of his hips and then pushed his shorts down his hairy

lower stomach and reached under them and gently retrieved his

growing shaft, while tucking the top of the shorts beneath it and

the two loose sacks under it.  Paul smiled, but said nothing

whatever, concentrating on the driving as best he could.

Linda lowered her eyes to concentrate on the object of her hand's

attentions --- as she circled the base of the growing member with

her thumb and forefinger and applied gentle and then firmer

pressure and then began to stroke him in short half inch to one

inch slow motions.  As the car sped down the side street with its

'preoccupied' driver, Linda slowly lowered her head until her

lips were a fraction of an inch above the rising flesh and care-

fully and gentlely inserted her tongue into the small split at

the top of the head and moved it back and forth --- then retract-

ed the tongue and sighed --- "ummmmmmmm, ssssoooo

GGGGOOOOOOOODDDDDD" --- followed by a return of the darting

tongue which this time rimmed the head and began licking the

underside and its 'channel' that lead to the split opening in the


Paul took a deep breath and tried to concentrate his clouding

eyes on the road and the approaching stop light at the main

thoroughfare leading to the Chinese Kitchen a couple or three

miles down the road --- but said nothing to her --- nothing at

all.  The pressure caused by the thumb and forefinger ringing the

base of his cock and the shorts pressing his balls up against the

rising shaft was driving him quickly upward into a sexual frenzy,

not to mention the 'attentive' tongue that now swept over the

shaft with skillful and deliberate teasing --- and the hot breath

of the perpetrator of all this 'attention' blowing ever more

strongly on the increasingly wet shaft.

As the car came to a halt at the traffic light turning red, the

laving tongue retreated, wetting the lips positioned just a

fraction of an inch above him --- and then slowly the brown

haired head sank downward and the now rigid shaft slid gentlely

through the gripping lips until it was totally contained within

the attentive mouth with it's constantly laving and swishing

tongue and the grasping, gulping throat that now had a firm lock

on the sensitive head.

Paul realized that somehow Linda had gotten her teeth out of the

way and was smooth lipping and gumming the base of his cock just

above the ringing thumb and finger.

Linda, moaned deep in her throat and increased the attention she

was giving the 'best part' of her Master --- and began slowly and

then more quickly to raise up and lower back down onto him,

increasing both the length and the tightness of the stroking with

her ringing lock at the base.

The thirty second light changed but the big car stood still ---

an angry horn sounded from behind, causing the 'distracted' Paul

to release the brakes and hit the accelerator --- as the car

advanced into the intersection.

When the traffic coming through had cleared, the horn sounded

from behind again and Paul swung the car into the east bound curb

lane of the main thoroughfare --- while the 'busy' Linda took

note of none of it all and continued to increase the pressures

and the frequencies of the now wild 'strokes' being administered

to Paul's expanded and stiff shaft --- the moans and the snorting

intakes of breath between insertions and releases of the head in

her throat increased continually as she began skillfully to draw

his seed upward from the trapped, squeezed sacks.

At the next stoplight about a mile or so down the road, the car

slid to a screeching halt --- and the 'attentions' in Paul's

'lap' increased ten fold as Linda brought him screaming to a full

climax before the light had changed.

Paul moaned loudly and gasped as his sperm rose up into Linda's

rising mouth and the gripping lips --- and Linda stopped her

upward motion with her lips locked around the underside of the

swollen, spurting head --- slashing the expert tongue back and

forth across the spitting, open slit and pushing the fluid she

was so skillfully 'milking' from him off into her cheeks to wait

for her later attentions.

When the light changed, Paul was coming back down from his 'trip'

and managed to get the car underway and headed down the road

reasonably straight --- while the ministering Linda continued to

'catch'and 'store' the milky, tangy fluids in her mouth.

Paul took his hand off the back of the seat and lowered it to the

top of Linda's sandy brown head and gentlely stroked her hair as

the collecting tongue and trapping lips continued their task.

A half a mile further down the road, the lips loosened and the

head rose upward until he was again free of them --- and then

tilted sideways and lowered slowly, allowing a darting tongue to

bath and clean the reddened shaft from top to bottom as a pair of

eyes with a curious, loving look stared up into Paul's.

He alternated between watching the road and watching the loving

eyes stare up at him as the tongue continued its chosen 'clean-

ing' task.  When she was finished, Linda raised her head up and

carefully released the still rigid shaft and began gently return-

ing it to it's 'resting place', carefully inserting her fingers

in the waistband of his shorts and freeing the now tight and

compact twin fleshy globes and sliding them gentlely back into

their 'place'.

She lifted outward on the shorts and brought them upward to their

normal position with the back of her hand while the palm slid

smoothly along the length of the shaft, and stopping, patted the

head, which was now laying against Paul's hairy lower belly,

still erect and still VERY sensitive.  He gave a slight jerk and

went through the throes of yet another post orgasmic ejaculation

--- which Linda took note of by scooping the milky fluid up with

her fingers and then raising them to her lips and licking and

sucking them clean, not ever blinking her eyes or their gazing

stare off of his eyes.

Once cleaned, the fingers returned to pull the flaps of his

slacks back together, pull up the zipper, button the button at

the top and reinsert the belt loop in the buckle and tighten it

and lock it to the position where it had been and belonged.

All that skillfully and completely done and accomplished, she

raised the still wet hand and stroked the beard on the left side

of his face as she began to tilt her head backward, inches from

and to the right and in front of him ---

---  where the lips parted and the tongue emerged covered with

his seed and rolled slowly back and forth, savoring its coating

--- and then retreated as the head tilted further back, eyes

still on his, and the throat muscles began to devour the tangy

product of her efforts.

As the careful and sexily articulated swallowing process proceed-

ed Linda let out a soft --- "ummmmmm, my Master's cum tastes so

good --- so very very GGGOOOOOODDDD!"

Paul gazed at this self styled SLAVE through clouded eyes and

said, "my God, woman, I could have wrecked the car!  What would

people have said finding us locked together that way smashed into

another car or a telephone pole?"

The quiet reply from the lowered head, his hand still resting on

top of it, downcast eyes, servile and humble, came lowly an

slowly out of the still sticky wet lips ---  "MY MMMMAAAASSSSTTT-

TEEEERRRR handled his 'duties' and his --- OBEDIENT SERVANT AND

SSSSLLLLAAAAVVVVEEEE handled hers --- MASTER! --- now one of my

Master's 'hungers' is satisfied and his Slave has had her favor-

ite 'appetizer' before dinner!"

Paul looked into the pitifully loving and admiring eyes and

smiled, emitting a long suppressed chuckle as he did.  "Yes,

Linda --- you ARE --- DIFFERENT!  Very, very different."

She tilted her head back upright and turned it sideways toward

his extended arm where she kissed the hairy forearm and licked it

lovingly for a few seconds and then turned back to say ---

"I've wanted to do that to you since the first time I saw you,

Paul --- my Master Paul!  You do taste good and you're such a

complete joy to love and attend to --- you really are!  Is that

the first time anyone's ever gotten you off while you drove down

the road, --- MASTER?"

"Ummmm, hummmmmmmm --- the VERY FIRST TIME --- lovely Slave!"

The drive into the restaurant parking lot approached on the

right.  Lowering his other hand to the wheel from the top of

Linda's head, Paul turned in, sped to the back of the parking lot

and parked the car.  Once the ignition was off, he turned toward

Linda and looked at her ---

Linda had slid back across the seat and was again perched in the

spread legged, behind on the seat, head lowered and eyes downcast

position.  Quite the humble slave, once again, spread open and

awaiting her master's orders --- OR ATTENTIONS --- as he might

choose.  The position she now occupied became a 'normal' 'resting

position' during all of the times they played together from then

on.  When she was on a floor or a bed, she could manage to keep

her knees and legs far far apart, spreading herself open and

ready for him in the process --- she did it with ease, with skill

and in a way that invited his attentions.  AND --- she always put

her hands and arms behind her back, locked hand gripping forearm

to hand gripping forearm --- without ever EVER being told to do

it.  From that day forward, it was just something she did auto-

matically when they were alone --- anyplace.

Paul looked around outside the car and, seeing no one in sight,

reached over and pulled the halter top upward above her breasts

exposing the pert orbs and their ringed nipples.  He teased the

pointed ringed objects with his finger tips, with both hands and

circled them carefully and gentlely.

Continuing to play with her this way, he raised one hand to her

downturned mouth and inserted his index finger between her lips

where the still sticky tongue laped it and caressed it carefully

and dutifully, her eyes still downcast and not daring, now, to

look up at his.

As Linda stared downward at his fingers playing with her, she saw

them withdraw and the hand turn backward a few inches from her

teased breast.  She gave a quick snorting intake of breath just

as the finger tips shot toward her stationary breast and nipple

--- but never flinched when they connected --- just moaned and

sucked and laped harder on the finger in her mouth.

The hand punished both breasts and their nipples mercilessly for

a full thirty seconds or so while she watched through glazing,

glassy eyes.  Then they stopped and the finger withdrew from her

suctioning mouth.

"THANK YOU, MASTER," was the only thing that came from Linda's


A forefinger and thumb approached each nipple, raised the rings

to horizontal and grasped each nipple from the top and bottom, as

a moaning and humming sound rose in Linda's throat.

As they tightened down on each nipple, the sound rose in pitch

and a hisssssing "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh --- " could be heard from the

downward pointed mouth and head.

Paul held her tightly that way for another thirty or forty sec-

onds and then released his grip --- which brought a hissssing ---

"uuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" from her lips.

"One of these days, Slave, I'm going to put that ring back in

your nose and wire those nipples of yours back up the way they

belong," Paul said to her softly.

"YES, MASTER," came the reply and nothing else.

"And one of these days I'm going hang you up and punish you until

you beg me to stop --- absolutely BEG me to quit --- SLAVE!" Paul

told her in a more firm voice this time.


While Paul was doing all this he was watching her spread crotch

where the shorts were becoming darker and darker from the in-

creasing flow of 'juices' brought on by his attentions.

He reached forward and unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts and

then thrust his hand down her lower belly, palm inward and began

playing with her wet lips and their wetter 'contents' and finger-

ing her four 'cunt rings' --- slowly bringing her breath to a

fever pitch and causing her to emit passion filled moans and

sighs.  When he had gotten her to a frenzy of sound and breathing

he again grasped the nipple with his free hand and squeezed it

tightly --- and then turned his hand slightly to add a torturing,

twisting motion to the already horrendous punishment he was

inflicting ---



screaming, and shuddered to a climax as he thrust his fingers

deep inside her.

As the orgasm died away, he let go of her nipple and removed his

wet hand from her shorts.  As the hand rose, Linda lowered her

head and licked his fingers clean of herself --- laving and

tonguing every last drop from his fingers and hand.

As he withdrew the now clean but wet hand, she said only one



He raised her bowed head up with his hand and kissed her full on

the lips after which he said --- "you're MOST WELCOME --- SLAVE!"

And then pulled her halter top back down and zipped up and but-

toned her shorts for her.  Linda remained, kneeling and spread

with her arms clasp behind her the whole time.

Paul reached into her purse, extracted her full dentures, tilted

her head back and as Linda opened her mouth, he carefully insert-

ed them.  She positioned them with her tongue and again lowered

her head.

"Linda, I'm building you a 'BUTTERFLY CAGE' --- a very SPECIAL

CAGE with all sorts of terrifying and new equipment to teach you

how to BEHAVE --- for this, your THIRD, and I hope, LAST ---

MASTER," Paul told her matter of factly.

"YESSSSSSS, MASTER," came the only reply.

"Tomorrow, at one o'clock I'll take you out to get measured and

'fitted' at a 'friend's' saddle and leather shop for some SPECIAL

EQUIPMENT I have in mind for you, SLAVE."

"YESSSSS, MASTER," came the answer, again.

"Will you be ready for me to pick you up at one tomorrow after-


"Yes, Master."

That out of the way, Paul tilted her head back with a hand on her

chin and kissed her wetly and longly on the lips, inserting his

tongue in her mouth and having it greeted by its eager counter-

part on the other end.  Paul withdrew, finally, and reaching

around Linda, he lowered her clasped arms and pulled her hands in

front of her where he gently raised them palm up and kissed each

palm, licking it gently as he did and then set them on the seat

between her legs.

"Now, Linda, my love --- the LOVE OF MY LIFE --- let's go eat

Chinese food, shall we?"

"Yes, SIR! --- your slave has worked up QUITE AN APPETITE after

her SPECIAL APPETIZER a while ago," she said with a silly smirk

on her face.

"I'll bet SHE HAS," Paul replied.

During dinner, Linda told him that her friend Marla was coming by

the lounge tonight and wanted to meet him, if he didn't mind.

Paul queried her about Marla but all he got was that Marla was

'special' to her just as Paul was --- only different --- and that

Paul would 'enjoy' meeting Marla, she was sure.

When they got back to the car and started toward the lounge at

about 8:30PM, Linda slid over on the seat next to him as he drove

out of the parking lot.  She leaned over and put her mouth next

to his ear and whispered --- "I LOVE YOU, MASTER --- I really and

truly do --- and I want you to be my PERMANENT Master --- to

learn me --- to teach me --- to take me and enjoy me --- to

punish me when I'm BBBAAAADDDD --- and make me do what you want

me to do --- MMMAAASSSTTTEEERRR! --- does my Master understand

what his Slave is saying?"

Paul merely nodded and she licked his ear as she placed her hand

gently between his spread legs --- then carefully wet his ear

with her tongue and blew in it gently before saying ---

" --- and I can make you sssssooooo hhhhhaaaaappppppppppyyyyy,

MASTER --- so very very happy."

Paul sighed and said --- "Not AGAIN, you she devil of a slave

witch!  You'll wreck the car and get us both killed!"

She continued to lave his ear with her tongue; darting it in and

out and breathing on the wet surface as she slowly stroked his

manhood through his pants causing what Paul had thought was a

spent cock to begin rising once more to the careful attentions

being lavished on it.  The thing had a 'mind of its own' when

Linda started attending to it --- one that she very obviously

controlled when Paul let her --- and he was not in a mood to stop

her just now.

"Come on, Linda, you sex crazy bitch slave --- you ARE going to

get us both killed if you keep that up," Paul told her.

"Then may your slave make a slight 'suggestion' and suggest that

you find a place to pull off the road for a while --- since she

still has about twenty minutes to serve him --- if my MMMAAASS-

STTTEEERRR, desires 'service' --- SIR? --- to satisfy what seems

to be his --- ENDLESS HUNGER!!!" she said softly into his wet-

tened ear.

Paul glanced around and saw a row of darkened buildings off on

the right, then quickly turned off the thoroughfare onto the

service road in front of them and slid the big car in behind them

up next to a vacant loading dock and hidden from prying eyes.

As soon as the car came to a stop and Paul had turn off the

ignition, Linda said, "Please slide over in the passenger's seat

--- Master --- SIR!" Paul started to slide over as Linda unzipped

her shorts, slid them down her legs onto the floor, and then

turned around, knelt down on the floor facing the seat and hiked

Paul's right leg over her head and down on the seat so she was

between his spread legs, kneeling on the floor of the car, facing

him.  She carefully unzipped, unbuttoned and unbuckled his

slacks, once more, except this time, she slide the slacks and his

shorts down his legs, over his knees and down to the floor where

they stayed around his ankles.

Linda quietly pushed him back and reclined the seat, and then in

the broad but dying daylight, made careful and thorough love to

him on the front seat of the car --- leaving nothing out as she

went about her slave maiden's subservient duties of 'servicing'

him one more time.

In the end, after licking, sucking and laving him to another

raging hard on, while pleading with him that she was 'just doing

her full duty as his slave and handmaiden' to avoid being 'pun-

ished' as an inattentive slave, Linda had slid up on the seat

facing him, swung her bent leg over his lap, and slowly lowered

herself down onto his standing, swollen shaft until she had it

buried full length inside of her and was staring into his smokey

eyes from inches away --- leaning over him.

Linda kissed the end of his nose and then snuggled in tight to

him and ran her tongue up and down his neck, finishing by trading

a long, tongue involved kiss on his lips and then drew back a

ways and raised up slowly until the head of his shaft was gripped

in the mouth of her talented 'pussy' --- while moving her arms to

the horizontal, behind the back, 'slave position' she had assumed

on the seat next to him earlier.

She lowered her head and cast her eyes downward as she began a

slow descent down the length of his throbbing member with the

tight sheath and its convulsive but controlled contractions and

relaxations.  In the 'slave position', this time straddling her

MASTER in the slave's spread legged position, arms locked hori-

zontal behind her and with her MASTER's shaft buried deep up

inside her for her slave's careful sheathing and attentions, she

'serviced' him.

As Linda worked in her humbled, bowed position to slowly and

methodically sheathe and unsheathe his member in it's spread open

and servile 'scabbard', offered without word or comment by the

'servicing' slave, Paul reached behind her and locked her arms

together with a large hand as he whipped the halter top up off

her heaving breasts and began punishing the ringed nipples in


"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" came the hissing moan from the

downturned face as he jammed her arms upward to lift her up on

the shaft and then dropped her to plunge back down --- and, with

the other hand dealing fearful punishment to the exposed nipples

at the same time ---

---  AND --- AGAIN --- THEY 'FLEW' --- TOGETHER --- Linda to the

combined sex and pain orgasm and Paul to levels of pleasure and a

climax he had never known before --- especially on the front seat

of his own car (or anyone else's, for that matter!), without the

'aid' of a single human hand and little if any 'normal' motions

of standard sexual intercourse --- except at the very end when

Linda felt him cumming inside her and rose up until he almost

slipped out of her --- and then drove fiercely downward slamming

into his legs --- and repeated that process so that she quickly

unsheathed and then resheathed the spurting shaft with a tight

gripping skill and the driving 'strokes' that took every ounce of

Paul's 'need' from him and left him thoroughly spent.  He had

ceased to punish Linda's reddened breasts and nipples when she

had let out a wild panting scream and shuddered to her orgasm

almost simultaneously with his.

When he got his breath back, Paul reached up and yanked Linda's

head backward with a firm grip in her sandy brown hair and stared

into her eyes lovingly and said sternly --- "my little slave

bitch, you are in for a real 'session' in the very near future

--- one you will never, ever forget and always remember --- no

matter where you go or what you do --- SOON, SLAVE --- S-O-O-N

--- your every pore in and every hair on your body and your every

move will be mine to do with as --- I --- WANT --- AND PLEASE ---

to punish unmercifully and ruthlessly --- and to extract the




came the reply as those words and those words alone brought the

still 'mounted' Linda to another shuddering mini-orgasm.

Paul watched her 'spend' herself as she stared downward into his

eyes and shivered in satisfaction and fearful anticipation of the

promised events to come.

After a couple of minutes of staring at each other, still sexual-

ly joined, Linda raised up off Paul's still stiff shaft and slide

back down on the floor on her knees, where she again leaned

forward and cleaned his glistening cock with her tongue until it

was devoid of the sticky fluids, and again, with an obscene look

on her face, exhibited the mouth full of cum and made a another

great production of swallowing it.

Linda restored Paul's clothing carefully and lovingly and lifted

his right leg back over her head.  Paul slid into the drivers

seat behind the wheel and started the car as Linda pulled herself

up onto the passenger seat, turned facing him and knelt down on

the seat in the spread kneed, ass cheeks on the seat, arms

clasped behind her back and head bowed position.  Her halter was

still up off her breasts and her shorts were still on the floor

as Paul drove out from behind the buildings and back to the


When he had parked in the back row and turned off the engine,

Linda took her left hand from behind her back, eyes still down-

cast and head bowed, and with her hand, grasped his right hand,

and guided it to the middle of her spread legs and began slowly

and methodically to insert his fingers in her and dip out the

products of their love making from deep inside her --- then

raising the hand to her lips, she cleaned it slowly and lovingly

with her tongue and returned the hand to get more.  This process

was repeated a half dozen times until she was satisfied she had

the job completed, after which, she returned his hand to his lap.

In continued silence, Linda removed the other hand from behind

her, pulled her halter down, then turned around and put her

shorts back on.  She slid her feet into her sandals, picked up

her purse, opened the door and stepped out into the parking lot.

Paul watched the door close and Linda walk across the parking lot

to the Lounge.  It was 8:55PM.

Paul sat there for a long while, perhaps 15 or 20 minutes, smoked

a cigarette and relaxed while he contemplated the past almost two

hours of 'unusual' occurrences with Linda --- Slave Linda --- and

then decided he'd go in the lounge and have a few drinks to relax

further and contemplate further his new 'slave acquisition' in

person --- and see what her 'coming down' reactions were.  He was

curious beyond belief about her moods, modes and personalities

that she seemed to turn off and on at will.

When he entered the Lounge, the bar seats were all full, includ-

ing his favorite end seat, so he walked to the rear of the Lounge

and took a seat in the last booth on the wall opposite the bar

and dance stage, next to the hallway to the back door and the

restrooms.  The juke box was on the other side of the hallway.

His booth and it bracketed the hallway on either side.  He sat

down in the booth seat up against the back wall and slid into the

corner so he could see the whole place from that far, back,

corner seat.  It was then that he noticed a little short guy with

a beard sitting in his 'usual' seat at the bar, talking to what

looked like a bunch of construction workers sitting in a row next

to him.

About that time, B.J. stepped up to the booth and asked him what

he wanted.

"A J&B on the rocks, please?" he replied.

"You're new here, aren't you?" B.J. asked.

"Uhh, Huhhhh --- started coming in here about three weeks ago ---

nice place --- even nicer people!" Paul answered.

"You're kinda 'sweet on' Linda, aren't cha?" she asked.

"And you're kinda nosy --- aren't cha, B.J.?" he replied.

"Soooo, you know my name, do ya?  Know how I got it, --- BIG BOY?

--- PAUL --- seeeee --- I know your name too!" she shot back.

"I've heard how you got it, --- but seeing and feeling beats

'hearing', B.J., my love!"

She shrugged and started to walk away, but turned back --- "by

the way, Paul, that's Linda's HUSBAND Johnny sitting over there

in --- YOUR --- SEAT --- and those are his carpenter buddies!"

--- and THEN she walked away.

Paul eyeballed the little guy sitting in his 'normal' seat and as

he did, he saw a tall, very well formed woman with black hair and

a dark complexion wearing a black pair of slacks, black blouse

and black leather jacket come through the front door and walk all

the way across the room to the dancers' dressing room door in the

other back corner of the Lounge opposite where Paul was sitting.

She open the door to the dressing room and disappeared inside.

Part 2 - Chapter 5

A visit to Mistress Marla's *Castle* and elsewhere

Paul sat in the dark corner booth in the back of the Lounge and

watched Linda's husband and his friends over in the seats at the of which was his favourite seat when Linda was dancing.

As he surveyed the scene and took note of the burly construction

types with Johnny, he saw the dark haired statuesque woman in the

black leather outfit come out of the dancers' dressing room.  She

walked briskly across the back of the Lounge room and approached

Paul's booth purposefully.

"Hi, Paul!  I'm Marla.  Linda tells me that you and I have a

`mutual interest' in her."

"Oh?  While you're sitting down, how about explaining that?"

"I have a better idea, Paul.  How about you and I taking a walk

outside and a short ride so I can show you some things I think

you might be interested in --- just show, Paul --- JUST SHOW!!!"

"What do you have in mind, Marla.  I'd sort of like to stay here

and watch Linda dance."

"We can do that later, Paul.  I promised Linda I'd drive you over

to my place and show you something she and I own together."

"Such as?"

"I don't want to talk about it here Paul --- drink up and let's

go --- I told Linda we'd be back in an hour or two --- by then

the `little, smug asshole' and his rowdy buddies will be gone.  I

hope!" Marla said, tilting her head toward the bar and Johnny and

his friends.

Downing his J&B on the rocks and leaving a five on the table,

Paul got up and followed Marla from the back of the Lounge out

through the front door.  Marla turned toward him when they were

outside and extended her right hand, saying, "I'm MISTRESS MARLA,

Paul --- MASTER PAUL --- and it appears that Linda --- SLAVE

LINDA --- is our shared `charge' and mutual `plaything'."

Paul looked into her cold, calculating face and deep and even

colder cat green eyes, --- and then he smiled and said, "Well

I'll be damned!  So Linda has a MISTRESS, does she?"

"Uh, Huh --- a DAMN GOOD ONE, Paul --- MASTER PAUL!  Let's take

your car, shall we?  We're going to my place."

They walked over to the Lincoln Town Car, parked in the back of

the lot, where Paul opened the door for Marla and she got in and

smiled up at him as he closed the door.

After he got into the car, started it and had driven out of the

shopping center parking lot, Marla said "Linda is really thunder-

struck by you, MASTER PAUL.  She's thinking about little else but

you lately --- big, mean, Master!"

"Yah, I kinda gathered that was the case, Marla --- MISTRESS

MARLA!  And I also have a feeling that hubby has gotten the

message somehow, also?"

"You're right; he has!  Linda generally tells him everything, ONE

WAY OR ANOTHER --- almost always.  He's good at getting it out of

her, Paul."

"Mind telling me *how* and *why*?"

"No, not at all.  She either tells him or when he finds out by

himself, those guys who were with him tonight take Linda down-

stairs in their basement and strap her into what Johnny refers to

as `Linda's fucking machine', after which they take turns ass and

cunt fucking her while she sucks another one of them off.  Johnny

watches.  I have a key to their house.  After we get done at my

place we'll take a drive over to their house and I'll show you it

and explain how it works.  Before they strap her into the 'ma-

chine', Johnny always makes her dance for them and strip naked in

preparation for the machine.  That sometimes can go on for and

hour before they get around to `saddling up'.  Linda says she

hates it because it's so demeaning and they're so rough with her

--- but I think otherwise, Paul."

Paul sat there behind the wheel and mulled over what Marla had

just told him.  He had suspected that Johnny was a little, shall

we say, 'unusual', but the son of a bitch was turning out to be a

14 karat shit!  "Fucking Machine, eh?" Paul thought to himself.

"I wonder how often that happens to her?" he said out loud.

"Not very often, Paul --- she really does HATE it --- the whole

sick scene --- but only because it's in their home and because

Tammara is almost always there when they take `mommy' to the

basement and lock the basement door.  Tammara can hear them in

the basement but she can't see what they are doing.  She asks

Linda lots of questions about it, though --- later."

"That's SICK, Marla!"

"Uh, Huh --- I agree --- but that's the price Linda's going to

pay for messing with you every time Johnny catches her at it and

she hasn't told him about it."

"Has she told him yet?"


"Think she will?"


"Think he'll find out?"

"Yup!  He suspects something NOW!  But he's not sure.  He brought

those rowdy sons a bitches with him tonight to the Lounge to

remind her a bit.  She's a wreck.  Especially since she saw you

in there when they came in.  I agreed to get you out of there so

she wouldn't be tempted to dance in any special way like she's

been doing for you lately."

"You know about THAT, Marla?  How?"

"I was in the Lounge one night when you two were `going at it'

hot and heavy and saw the, shall we say, 'attraction' between

you.  I can't say that I either approve or disapprove.  Right now

I'm a little jealous about it all."

"I don't think I even have to comment on that `jealous' thing, do

I, Marla?"

"Nope!  But I'm going to fix that, TONIGHT, so we are sort of

partners instead of competitors, MASTER PAUL (with emphasis).

That way, I can cover for her all the time because Johnny ap-

proves of ME and she can always say she's at my place.  He knows

she has to have what she has to have.  He just wants only certain

types giving it to her.  You don't qualify, Paul.  Not in

Johnny's book you don't!"

"Why's that?"

"You're male, pal.  No male messes with her without permission

--- except the Lounge Crowd --- and then only because Johnny has

aspirations of becoming a Mafioso type --- that and the fact that

he's scared shitless of them.  He'll let that ride.  But you?  NO

WAY, JOSE!!!  If he finds out, she'll spend the night in the

basement getting screwed half to death while he watches.  Over

and over again.  And she knows its coming if she gets caught with


"Well I'll be Goddamned!  No wonder she's been so damn skittish

and half in a panic.  She NEVER told ME!!!"

"No, and she probably still won't --- that's why you and I are

going for this ride --- so you know the `score' and play it

`safe' for her sake."

"`Safe' meaning I quit seeing her and `playing with her', Marla?"

"No way --- MASTER Paul!!!!  No fucking way!  She made her choice

the first time she saw you in that crummy Lounge.  She just wants

you to understand the score and not take stupid chances that will

get her half fucked to death again."

"It's happened before, I take it?"

"Yup, a few times.  Not many, but a few.  She got it because of


"I thought you said he didn't mind WOMEN messing with her?"

"He doesn't --- as long as she tells him before she does it ---

she forgot that little detail in my case --- and got worked over

for two nights and a day.  They started on her at 3AM on a Satur-

day morning and kept it up until 8AM Sunday Morning.  Then Johnny

made her take Tammara to church down the street at 10AM."

"Real cute --- real damn cute!  The guy must be a real son of

bitch, Marla."

"He is THAT --- but he loves her in his own way."

"What's Linda got to say about all this?"

"Not much --- Johnny has pulled her out of some real jams --- she

loves him in a weird sort of way --- but she gets really sick of

his grab ass tactics and all of his crooked dealing and stuff ---

on top of the basement sessions."

"I take it she's a `sex object' or `show piece' for him with his

friends and that he's into some illegal stuff?"

"Uh, huh --- he runs drugs --- little shit --- and he steals

quite a bit.  And, DEFINITELY, Johnny `shows Linda off' to all

his buddies.  He calls her `his own private, toothless, dancing

whore' in front of them.  She hates *that* most of all --- espe-

cially when he starts grabbing her ass, petting her crotch or

squeezing her tits in front of them."

"Hummmmmm, I see --- has she got any way of getting out of all

that shit, Marla?"

"Yup --- she sure does!  You're looking at half of her *out* and

the other half you look at every morning in the mirror!"

"I somehow was afraid that was what you were going to say.  Why

me and why you?"

"First, Linda can `get her rocks off' playing with you and me.

She doesn't have to `go hunting' any more or run away from home.

Second, she thinks she just might be able to get out of the

Lounge and get an honest job if she tries, though I doubt that

like hell.  She can't type, can't take shorthand and she doesn't

have a high school diploma.  Getting a *good* job will be damn

tough for her to do, given that set of problems.  And, third, she

thinks that because you are, shall we say `well to do', you might

be able to help her by giving her advice, perhaps loaning her a

few bucks and helping her get a *good* job."

Paul sat and let the words run around in his head for a while.

"Had again!" he thought.

Before he could say it --- though he probably wasn't going to say

it to Marla, Marla said:  "Those are my words and my analyses,

Paul.  Linda won't tell you any of that and won't ask you.  But I

think I know her well enough to know what she's hoping for from

you.  If you can't deliver on points two and three she's still

going to take point one and enjoy it for all it's worth ---

which, in her case, is a lot --- a real bunch."

"Hummmmmm, and if I don't come across with points two and three

I'm no better than her Goddamn husband --- RIGHT, Marla?"

"You said it, pal.  I didn't!  And Linda will never say it ---

but she may, eventually, think it!"

"Thanks --- I needed that!  A whole bunch, Marla."

"Yah, well need or not, you got it --- turn here and pull in the

drive next to the big stone house with the turrets --- drive all

the way back to the attached garage --- I've got the garage door

opener in my purse."

Paul did as she said, noting that these were old, turn-of-the-

century houses in a special part of town, which was pretty run

down but on the agenda of a few civic organizations and the city

to become a classic "remodeling and restoration" area for "his-

torical homes".  As he drove the Lincoln up into the drive and

toward the garage he marveled at the pure size and masonry work

of `Marla's House'.  "This your place, Marla?" he asked.

"Yup.  Me and the damn bank.  Like it?"

"I love it!  It has class and character!"

Laughing, Marla pulled the garage door opener out of her purse

and hit the button while saying, "That ain't all you're going to

*love* about this place, *M-A-S-T-E-R PAUL*!  The inside of my

`castle' every bit lives up to the promises it makes on the




Paul let that ride as the car rolled into the garage and he

braked to a stop.  The garage door closed behind them with a soft

thud.  Marla got out of the car and started to walk around to his

side as he shut off the engine, put the car in park and set the

brake.  She opened the door and bowed at the waist, saying:



You are the FIRST MALE --- MASTER --- to enter this gray stone

container of screams and moans --- follow me!"

Marla walked over to a long sloping ramp leading into what seemed

to be the basement of the house.  A ramp that had an I-Beam

trolley above it from the garage down into the basement.  A beam

system that ended about at the back door of Paul's Lincoln.  He

followed her down the ramp to a huge wooden door that was swing-

ing open, seemingly all on it's own.  As they walked through the

open door a second door a few feet ahead began to open as the one

behind swung shut with a very final `thump'.

As the second door moved sideways, sliding on apparent rollers,

Paul heard a faint, quivering voice begin begging plaintively:



As Paul's eyes became accustomed to the glowing infrared-like

light he saw a white X-shaped form in the middle of the room ---

the source of the pleas --- quivering in mid-air.  There, before

his adjusting eyes, hung a well built, sweating, blonde haired

woman --- an obvious *victim* of Mistress Marla's attentions,

suspended from block-like objects that enclosed her wrists and

hands.  She was spread hugely open by similar block-like objects

that encased her feet and ankles.  From the nipple on each breast

a wire angled upward over a two small pulleys and then downward

to what looked like small and numerous weights attached to the

end of the wire.  A huge shaft of some sort angled up from the

floor and into the split cheeks of the pleading blonde slave's

behind where it was obviously buried in her rectum to the hilt

and held her somewhat back so she was impaled and stretching

against the shaft in a forward direction.  The nipple wires had a

similar effect, but in the opposite direction --- forward.

Marla strode forward to the tortured blonde and slipped a black

leather gloved hand into her spread, empty, and wet pussy ---

wet, Paul could see, from the faint red beads of light around it.

"You may *hurt*, bitch --- but you are also enjoying it ---


The quivering voice gasped "yyyyeeeessss, MISTRESS --- I LOVE it!


As his eyes became still more accustomed to the glowing red

light, Paul saw the red stripes all over the body and limbs of

the quivering blonde slave stretched and impaled and sweating

before his eyes.  Her thighs and belly and breasts were particu-

larly and heavily striped.  As Paul strode around the suspended,

spread and impaled beauty --- and she was *that* a *real beauty*

--- he saw that her head back position was caused by a strong

black strap running from a large ring into which her long hair

had been braided downward to encircle the shaft that split her

ass cheeks and back up to attach to the ring in her hair.

The blonde shivered and moaned loudly as Marla continued to play

with her pussy with one hand and to slap her stretched breasts

with the other gloved hand.

"Well --- *MASTER PAUL* --- How do you like my `torture chamber'

and my latest `learning slave'?  Hummmm?"

"How long's she been suspended that way, MARLA?" Paul asked.




"Ok --- how long?"

"Just since I left for the Lounge --- about an hour ago --- she's

just getting `warmed up', Master Paul --- she can take a lot more

than this --- AND WANTS IT --- don't you, bitch?"

A faint "yes mistress" gurgled from the upturned quivering face

and head, followed by a low rising groan and then a wild begging

scream.  As Paul walked all the way around the suspended, sweat-

ing blonde slave he realized that she was actually standing in

the blocks that encased her feet and ankles and was not genuinely

suspended by her hands and wrists.  He bent down and examined the

blocks and saw that they were mounted on pipe stanchions, actual-

ly hydraulic ram arms coming out of steel cylinders in the floor.

He stood up and looked at the hand and wrist encasing blocks and

realized that they, similarly, were attached to the same sort of

hydraulic steel ram arms coming down from the ceiling and hydrau-

lic tubes up there.  The sweating, now screaming slave was an-

chored but not suspended at the ends of the four inventive shin-

ing steel pistons.

"You like those `little beauties' --- MASTER PAUL?  I suspect

Linda has told you about those things and the custom casted

rubber hand and foot blocks that Alex's friends used on her and

her `sisters' in Mexico, hasn't she?"

"No, as a matter of fact, she hasn't."

"Get her to tell you *that* tale some day, MASTER PAUL --- it'll

make your balls shrivel up and your cock spit for a week!!!  I

can't believe she hasn't told you about the castle down in Mexico

and the `Training Amphitheater' --- where these little hydraulic

gems were the focal point of the place and the reason why liter-

ally hundreds of otherwise normal women agreed to do ANYTHING

their MASTERS asked of them once they'd watched one of their

SISTERS treated to a session in the `Ram Pit'.  Oh, well --- she

probably will get around to telling you some day.  Ingenuous,

aren't they?" she asked as she reached over a flicked something

with her right hand.

The shaft stuffed between the blonde's ass cheeks slipped down-

ward toward the floor and came out of her rectum with a `pop'.

Another few flicks of the right hand and the lower rams moved

downward toward the floor and the upper ones rose toward the

ceiling as the now bucking and screaming naked blond slave begged

and pleaded and literally screamed her lungs out.

As Paul watched, the red tinted beads of sweat increased in

number and the screams nearly deafened him --- and the rams moved

slowly upward and downward, pulling the sagging, bucking slave

into an upright and stretched `X' position with the now freed

head shaking violently back and forth in a wild body language

expression of the screaming "no's" echoing around the torture


The arms and legs stretched taut and the strain was evident.

With each passing second the white, sweating, stretched body

became more rigid and stretched.  And then the rams stopped.

"You fucking bitch --- you whore --- this is NOTHING --- nothing

at all!!!  Tonight you will know what REAL PAIN is, my pretty

slave!!!!  REAL PAIN!!!  Here, MASTER PAUL, make the bitch

`appreciate' a MASTER'S TOUCH!" as Marla threw him a leather cat

of nine tails that had obviously been used before on the

stretched, screaming slave.

Paul cringed at the thought of whipping this stretched column of

pure pain and suffering --- and Marla sneered "what's wrong,

MASTER?  Afraid to HURT the bitch?  DO IT --- she LOVES IT!!!  DO


He walked behind the taut white sweating `X' that was still

screaming wildly and lashed her across the cheeks of her ass.

The screams rose and then broke into a strangled, gasping sound.

"AGAIN!!!!  And this time --- HARDER and CONTINUOUSLY --- WHIP


And listen to her --- LISTEN --- CAREFULLY!!!!"

Paul resumed the whipping, lashing sideways and continuously from

the knees up to the shoulders and back down --- trying not to hit

too hard but still be convincing --- Marla strode around the now

hoarse and gurgling slave, snatched the cat out of Paul's hand

and began laying the whip on with what seemed like all her

strength --- the screams came back and rose higher and higher ---

until, finally, with a quick upward slash, Marla shot the nine

tails straight up between the blonde screamer's wide spread legs

and repeated the process five more times in quick succession.

The screams abruptly stopped on about the third stroke between

the outstretched legs and the almost totally hoarse voice lowly

pleaded:  "Ohhhhhh, yyyyyyeeeeessssss MMMMM-IIII-SSSS-TTTT-RRRR-


EEE-SSSSSSS!!!!" and continued onward as the last three were

delivered up the spread wet valley to splat across the quivering

belly --- and when the last of the six had been delivered --- the

--- low voice rose in pitch and intensity and begged for *still



--- PPPPLLLL-EEEEAAAA-SSSSEEEEE??????  I'm cummming --- now

mistress --- please more --- please" and then died away to soft


"See, --- MASTER?  She loves it and she wants MORE --- much more!

Would you like to `finish her'?  Hummmmmm?"

Marla walked around to the control column for the rams and

flicked the switches --- the upper rams began to move downward as

the arms moved backward and the shiny shafts began to angle ever

so slightly --- the process continued until the still stretched

and quivering, sobbing blonde slave was angled at about forty

five degrees, backward and then Marla released the switches.  She

walked around to Paul and thrust her hand between his legs and

felt him --- "You're ready --- fuck her --- go ahead and fuck her

while I finish her off."

Paul walked around in front of the sobbing, sweating, stretched

blonde slave and unbuckled and unzipped his pants and dropped

them to the floor, followed by his boxer shorts.  Stepping out of

them he strode forward and without otherwise touching the spread

sobbing woman he thrust himself deep into her and began fucking

her.  Marla began, simultaneously, whipping her wire stretched

breasts and nipples --- methodically but not savagely, this time

--- the sobbing ceased and low, keening scream of pure pleasure

arose from the quivering vocal cords and gurgled forth from the

open, gasping mouth.

As Paul plunged in an out of the wet, slurping sucking hole he

began to feel it contract and release him with each stroke and

then after about a dozen strokes with the 'cat' he felt the

muscles in the slave's cunt tighten down on him and heard the

wild screams and moans of a total orgasm take over.  The orgasm

continued, along with the whip strokes across the breasts and

nipples as he sawed in and out of the tightening pussy to a

climax and shot the climaxing blonde slave full of cum --- he

continued for several minutes afterward, fucking the moaning and

satisfied still orgasming slave --- still feeling her muscles

gripping him tightly --- and then pulled out and backed away ---

which brought another long string of pleas and begging and moan-

ing for Mistress Marla to make him "fuck me" --- until they died

away into a gurgling moan.

Paul retrieved his shorts and pants and redressed.  Marla came

around beside him and put her hand on his shoulder.

"Satisfied, MASTER PAUL?  You could fuck her for hours on end

that way and I could whip her tits off and she'd still beg for

more and keep coming --- she wasn't always that way --- but after

a little training on my part --- she developed a very high toler-

ance for pain and a very strong *need* to be climaxed continuous-

ly.  Normally, I use a dildo on her and plug her ass with another

one while I simultaneously whip her.  Neat, huh?"

She flicked the switches and the blonde moved back into the

position she was in when Paul walked into this torture chamber in

the basement of an old Victorian castle of a house.  Marla re-

placed the shaft in the blonde's ass and drew the head backward

with the strap.  She walked over to the dangling nipple weights

and added to them so the nipples stretched upward and forward

even more.  Paul watched it all and watched his cum dribble out

of the still contracting pussy and down the profusely sweating

blonde's legs.

"How long are you going to leave her that way, Mistress Marla?"

"All night and part of tomorrow --- when we bring Linda back here

later tonight, they can keep each other company --- perhaps even

sing a few duets for us before the night's over.  Eh?"

Paul shivered, just thinking about Linda going through this and

perhaps more, but he said nothing.  Marla took him on a guided

tour of the dungeon or torture chamber as she called it and

showed him literally dozens of devices and `systems' designed

specifically and exclusively for the torturing of the female of

the species.  The collection was unbelievable and so were the

restraints --- all made of black leather, softened with linseed

oil and supple.  Then Marla took him to a corner of the room and

flip a wall switch and showed him a hoisting mechanism consisting

of a cable and hook that allowed her to move a bound slave upward

or downward from floor to floor in the three story Victorian

castle like home, complete with trap doors on each floor.  He

listened as she explained that she had borrowed that idea, also,

from Linda's description of Master Chris' setup in Parkersburg.

This time, Paul lied and said he knew about THAT.

They went upstairs and Marla gave him a tour of the otherwise

normal looking house --- except, for the trap doors, or so it

seemed.  After she had worked him all the way up to the Master

Bedroom and shown him that, she asked him:  "Would you believe

that there are presently nine --- count 'em --- NINE slaves in

this house besides the one you fucked in the basement?"

He shook his head `no' and Marla walked over to a set of wall

switches and knobs on a panel by the huge king sized bed.  She

flicked the switch and the bed rose slowly upward and began to

rotate until the underside, rotating up toward him, revealed a

petite naked brunette strapped eloquently and tightly to the

underside, fully gagged, blindfolded and quivering in her strin-

gent bondage.  Marla pointed downward at the floor under the bed

as the mattress and box springs completed their `flip' leaving

the bound little beauty face upward.  There, on the floor, be-

neath the bed, were what looked like two breast cups and a

strange looking thing about where the brunette's pussy would be

when she was face down under the bed against the floor.  Marla

walked back to the switch and played with the controls.  Shafts

rose and rotated and pistoned back and forth from the pussy

centered device --- and the rims of the breast cups contracted as

small needle like devices appeared from nowhere all along the

interior surface of the cups.

"This is how I amuse myself and prepare my nightcap before I go

to sleep, Master Paul!"  She flipped the switches and rotated the

small brunette slave strapped to the bed back into her original

position and gave a couple of the switches a slight flick and a

little twist on several knobs.  Paul heard a low gurgling sound

coming from under the bed.  "May as well start warming the bitch

up for later!  You may get horny when we get back here with


As they walked back through each room, Marla, through the flip-

ping of switches and rotating of knobs, disclosed eight more

naked, bound, gagged and blindfolded slaves, all female and all

uniquely imprisoned in what looked like a very "normal" house ---

room by room.  One of them was in a state of exhaustion because

Marla had left her dildo's running at high speed and her breast

stimulators and nipple suckers running the same way --- she was

totally fucked out and limp.  He helped Marla take her out of the

contraption and put her on the hoist that sent her to the base-

ment, which it turned out, had several `holding cells' that were

padded on all the walls, ceiling a floor.  When they got back to

the basement, Marla carried the exhausted slave to a pure white

padded cell, laid her on the floor and slammed and locked the


Paul couldn't resist --- he had to ask her --- "are all these

lovely ladies here of their own free will and accord, Marla ---

or are you holding them captive?"

"Only the blonde on the `rams' is here, kind of against her will.

Her lover, the brunette under the bed upstairs, brought her to me

for, shall we say, `training'.  She wanted a submissive `partner'

she could watch submitting and make love to knowing that she had

the same desires and needs.  I obliged."

"And the blonde (glancing over at the suspended, ram held still

dripping sweating slave in the center of the basement torture

room) is about ready, I presume?"

"Oh hell no!  But now I can let the two of 'em go home and

they'll come back when I call them or if they want to `play' with

me.  But she is a long way from being submissive enough.  That

will take weeks and maybe months more --- for her to get to where

Linda is, for example."

"And where, pray tell, *is* Linda in this thing?  Just how far

along is  she?"

Marla grinned at Paul and said, "You mean you don't KNOW?  You

really don't know, Paul?  Linda is the STAR ATTRACTION in my

STABLE.  You could punish her to death and she'd love it --- put

her in the rams, for example, and pull her apart --- and all

she'd do is cum until she died.  She is the `model' and the

instigator of all this --- AND, SHE IS THE ONE WHO DESIGNED MOST


Paul shook his head and asked, "How in the hell could you afford

all this stuff?  It had to cost tens of thousands of dollars."

"It did --- INDEED --- IT DID!!!  But, I had a rich family --- my

mother and father were wealthy as shit --- until the day they

died in a plane crash.  As the only child, I got it all.  To

supplement the investments I have from that inheritance, I occa-

sionally take on an `errant young lady', and a few older ones,

who, for various reasons, need training and taught to be properly

submissive.  It pays VERY VERY WELL, Paul --- Excellent!  That's

how I did it and continue to do it."

"Aren't you afraid of somehow, shall we say, `getting caught'."

"Not really.  I trained some cops' wives and girlfriends.  WELL!

Gave 'em back a submissive woman that would fuck 'em and suck 'em

for hours on end and play `bondage games' with 'em 'til hell

freezes over.  The `ladies' and their husbands or boyfriends

don't know where this place is and have never seen the road to it

or away from it.  Later tonight, I'll show you how I do that

using Linda.  The trolley from the garage to the cellar is a

small part of it.  That's why I wanted your car instead of mine,

tonight, Paul.  Here, help me carry this thing back up to the car

--- I don't want to fuck with the trolley --- we're late as it

is, partner!"

And with that, they picked up a strange `trays and spreader rods'

device and lugged it out of the basement torture room and up to

the car where Marla placed it in the center of the back seat of

the Lincoln.  They got in the car and Marla opened the garage

door as Paul backed out and down the drive to the street, heading

for Linda's house, as Marla had promised.  As they drove away,

Paul asked Marla, "Am I the first man to ever see your `slave

castle', Marla?"

"No --- but you are the first one to know where, exactly, it's

located and the first to see, almost everything in it."


"Later, MASTER PAUL --- LATER --- you'll get to see it ALL!  That

I promise.  That's what Linda wants.  She wants to be there when

you do.  I don't think you could quite handle the few things I

didn't show you unless she was there, demonstrating them for you.

She is only one of three submissives who can tolerate that much,

shall we say, `submission', to make it palatable, eh?"

Paul shivered and drove on toward Linda and Johnny's house,

wondering what the hell he had really gotten into by messing with

Linda.  He was sure he would find out before the night was over

--- damn sure of it!

As he drove across the south end of town in the Lincoln Town Car

with Marla on board, Paul reflected on the facts about Linda he

presently knew for sure.  He was beginning to see a pattern to

the people Linda "played with" and had recognized Linda's skill-

ful hands and wild submissive's imagination in all that he saw at

Marla's "Castle".  The equipment and layouts were indicative of

things he had heard straight from Linda's mouth while she was

"flying" bound down on his lap.  He knew, absolutely KNEW, that

Marla's place had been designed and perhaps built by the "chief

submissive" in Marla's "stable", NOT MARLA.  And he had a suspi-

cion that what he was about to see at Linda's home would be no

different in that respect.

Paul wheeled the big car around the turn onto Linda's street and

park across the street and six houses beyond, just to be safe.

Marla got out and walked across the street, down six houses and

up onto the front door.  She rang the bell and waited --- a long

time.  No answer.  She fumbled with her purse and took out a key

which she used to let herself in.  A few minutes later she came

out on the porch and waved to Paul to come in with her.

Paul got out of the car, locked the doors and shut them and then

walked down the street and into the house behind Marla.  As he

entered he noted that the place was only "so-so" comfort wise and

not very well kept up.  Marla guided him to the kitchen and down

through a door and a steep set of rickety stairs to the basement

which she had lighted somewhat, by turning on the stair light


"OK, sit down in the MASTER'S CHAIR, MASTER PAUL and let me

demonstrate Linda's special `misbehaving' punishment room for

you".  She walked to a panel on the wall and flipped a switch and

a set of coloured lights came on and illuminated a dancer's

platform at the far end of the room.  Carpeted, canopied and with

four side poles of some substance, one on each corner, running

floor to ceiling.

"This is where Linda `entertains' Johnny's `friends' and her

punishment sex machine types, Master Paul.  Johnny has her start

fully clothed the moment they bring her down here, dancing on the

stage.  As she gets going, he has her shed all her clothes and

dance for the guys to get both her and them horny and worked up.

She knows better than to refuse, because if she does refuse, she

gets bound to THIS and dry fucked for starters!"

A spotlight came on and illuminated a rather huge, black, leather

covered `saw horse' in the center of the room.  Like a

carpenter's saw horse only bigger and specially made --- leather

covered with straps in various places.  Two pairs of legs were

adjustable up and down, and stuck out at 45 degree angles from

the top at both ends down to the floor.  Marla had him get up and

come look at the device, closely, as she explained it.  Paul

didn't think it need explaining but he listened.

"They put Linda on the top of this thing, face down, her head

sticking over this end and her ass hanging off the back.  Her

arms and legs are buckled down on the legs and the big wide

leather strap in the middle is tightened down over her back to

secure her to the top horizontal bar, but it really isn't needed

and neither are the arm straps, Master Paul."  And with that

statement, Marla took a pair of two to three foot long slender

stainless steel rods down from the wall and slid them through

holes in the top horizontal piece or bar at the back and the

front, crossways, and then she stood back.

"The front rod is passed through Linda's nipple rings and through

the top of the `horse'.  The back rod is passed through two of

Linda's four cunt rings and through the horse.  Once in place,

there is no way in the world she can get off the horse until

someone withdraws the two rods.  You will note the small holes in

each side of the rod at the edge of the 'horse'?"

"Yes, Marla, I see them," Paul replied.

"These small pad locks are passed through the holes in each rod

on either side of the horse so that LINDA cannot withdraw the

rods when her arms are not strapped to the legs.  Neat, huh?"

Paul did not respond.

"Once she's, shall we say, `attached', she can move her legs and

arms and head all she wants, but she cannot get up until someone

unlocks and withdraws the rods.  It's ingenious and terrifyingly

EFFECTIVE.  She is restrained by her sex organs only and does not

dare try to get off or to move her body to any extent.  She

simply has to lay there and accept whatever happens to her, and A

LOT HAPPENS --- believe me it does!" Marla exclaimed with a hiss.

"I'll bet it does," Paul said lowly and quietly almost under his


"If Johnny ever catches Linda messing with you, before she tells

him about you (and she won't tell him, Paul, that I KNOW!) ---

he'll walk into the Lounge some night with his buddies from the

job and after she's through dancing they will hustle her out to

the car and bring her down here.  When she's been made to dance

to a nude and aroused state after some `hits' of marijuana, and

maybe other shit, they'll lift her off the stage, lay her over

this baby, slip the rods in and lock 'em, and then `go at her'

all night long and all the next day --- continuously --- three

and four at a time --- while Johnny watches --- mouth, ass, cunt,

armpits, hands --- the whole scene --- fucking her continuously

until she's exhausted and then some more and some more and still


"How in the hell do you know so much about this Marla?  Hummmm?"

Paul queried her.

"Because, a couple of times, Johnny invited me to watch the


"That's `sick', Marla!!!"

"Ummm, Hummmm --- and it's also FUN!  The bitch hates this place

but when she's wound up and running she `performs' beautifully

and continuously, taking everything they dish out and screaming

for more until they overdo it which they always do."

Marla withdrew the rods and put them back and then shut off the

lights on the stage and the horse and motioned to Paul to follow

her back upstairs, where, when he was back in the kitchen, she

key-locked the basement door deadbolt.  Paul followed her out of

the house and she locked the front door deadbolt, too.

Later, as they drove back toward the lounge, Paul asked Marla,

"Do you honestly BELIEVE that Johnny `invented, designed and

built' that basement punishment room, Marla?  Do you really?"

"NOPE! --- I KNOW THAT LINDA DID!!!  Does that surprise you?"

"No, it sure doesn't!  NOTHING about Linda surprises me.  I KNOW

she COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY designed your place, didn't she?"

"Uh, Huh --- she sure did!  And well, I might add!  The `lady'

has been `around' and she knows how to develop fear and anticipa-

tion in submissives, being perhaps the most submissive and fear-

ful of them ALL, Paul!"

"Is all that stuff from her memories and past, Marla --- or is it

strictly a case of fantasy fulfillment?"

"BOTH!  I gather she has not told you ALL about her past, Paul,

--- correct?"

"That's correct --- but ENOUGH --- enough for me to recognize

some of the stuff at your place as well as in the basement back


"Has she mentioned Alex or told you about what he did to her and


"She's mentioned him, yes --- but no details yet!  Why?"

"Get her to tell you about him and the way he did her --- make

her tell you about where he took her in Mexico and what she saw

there --- AND EXPERIENCED!!!!  But make damn sure you can `handle

it' before you get her going on that `trip'.  It's not very

`pretty' and if you aren't careful, she'll make you sick as hell

with that tale --- a true story, incidentally, from beginning to


"What's so sickening about it, Marla?"

"You ask LINDA, Paul --- ASK HER.  Then decide for yourself

what's `sick' about it! --- understand?"

"No, I don't --- but I'll ask her --- pointedly, OK?"

"Uh, Huh --- say, let's stop at the Chinese Restaurant and get

something to eat.  I'm starved!  You game?"


"You know how to get there?"

"Yup --- Linda and I were there earlier tonight!"

Marla smiled at him, knowingly, and patted him on the right

shoulder, but said nothing.

They stopped at the restaurant, ate two big dinners and appetiz-

ers and about an hour and a half later drove back to the Lounge.

Marla left him in the Lincoln Town Car in the back of the parking

lot and went inside.  It was about 2:00AM.  About 2:25AM, Marla

came out of the Lounge front door with Linda following along

behind.  As Paul watched them approach his car, he noticed that

Linda had her head lowered so her chin was on her chest and was

walking lock stepped and very submissively behind Marla, who

opened the back door of the Lincoln for Linda and pointed for her

to get in.  Linda got in, sat down and said nothing as Marla shut

the door and walked around and got in through the opposite back


"OK, MASTER PAUL --- let's take our misbehaving, slave bitch to

my place! --- Don't turn the interior lights on, MASTER PAUL ---

I have to get the bitch ready --- OK, SLAVE --- STRIP! --- NOW

--- GET IT ALL OFF --- then get on your favourite device in your

favourite position," Marla snarled out to Linda.

Paul heard a long sigh followed by a weak "yes, Mistress" and

heard the rustling of clothes and then heard Linda moving around

in the back seat.  He looked up into the mirror and saw her

kneeling on her knees, spread wide apart and placed in the two

tray like arrangements of the device Marla had helped him carry

out of the dungeon at her place and put on his back seat.  Paul

heard the sound of leather straps being buckled down and the

sound made by a slave being ball gagged --- followed by low moans

and gurgles and the sound of hands moving over flesh --- a lot of

such sounds --- and the moans grew deeper and more pronounced as

he drove toward Marla's place.  When they entered the driveway,

Paul heard the garage door opener click in the back seat and saw

the doors rise.  He drove in, parked the car, and turned off the

engine.  Marla told him to get out and go around to the back door

on the other side, as the garage door lowered and the lights in

the garage came on in a dull red glow this time.

Paul, trying to get accustomed to the low, faint red light,

opened the back door and looked inside.  There, on his back seat,

knelt a gagged and securely bound, naked and quivering Linda,

`mounted' in the strange device he and Marla had put into the

back seat earlier.  Her legs were hugely spread, strapped togeth-

er, thigh to calf and strapped to a tray arrangement under each

leg.  A wide leather strap running from the outside of one tray

ran over her back and presumably was buckled tightly down to the

other side.  Linda had a `trainer and gag' arrangement thrust in

her mouth and bridging her face and going over her head.  A

leather strap pulled her head up and back because it was looped

through a ring in the top of the trainer and buckled through a

ring in the strap over her back.  Thrusting out Linda's behind

were two buzzing dildos, one for each `hole' and on her nipples

were a set of tightly screwed down nipple clamps.  Linda was

moaning softly, sweating and trembling as Marla spoke to him:

"OK, lift her up off the seat and help me get her out of the car

and up onto the trolley, MASTER PAUL --- we've got some `work' to

do with her and we best be getting to it --- SOON!" Marla hissed

at him.

Part 2 - Chapter 6

A night in 'hell', with Linda, 'playing' with Mistress Marla and

her slaves

Master Paul and Mistress Marla placed the spread, naked, and now

sweating and tightly bound and gagged Linda on the concrete floor

of the garage just below the overhead trolley and rail system and

it's suspended cable and hook system.  Marla retrieved a control

box and cable from the overhead trolley and, by pressing buttons

on the control box, lowered the hook until it lay on top of the

broad leather strap that anchored Linda to the wide spread

"trays".  Deftly, Marla slipped the hook through the D-Ring in

the broad black leather strap and flicked the button that caused

the hook and cable to pull taut and then begin raising Linda and

her "kneeling tray" system from the cold concrete floor.

When the hook had reached it's zenith at the overhead trolley,

Marla replaced the control box in the side of the system and

motioned to Paul to help guide the now gently swaying, spread and

bound Linda toward the heavy wooden swinging doors he had passed

through earlier in the evening.  As they approached, the doors

swung open to admit the sweating, bound and quivering suspended

slave and her two escorts.  As the doors swung closed behind, the

two ushered their 'victim' through the second door, on down the

ramp, which had silently slid open as the swinging doors closed

behind them at the top of the ramp.

The taut, quivering, spread, bound blond still moaned in the

center of the room, seemingly oblivious to the entrance of her

two former tormentors and their new charge, suspended from the

trolley system in her wide spread, rod stayed 'trays'.  The room

was still an erie infrared lit color that made the spread blond

look almost surrealistic, not to mention the effect it had upon

the gently swaying and tightly bound Linda.

Marla walked under Linda and reached upward and grasped her

hanging nipples and their gold piercing rings.  A faint gurgling

moan emanated from above as Marla tensioned the nipples ever


"Get the cat, Master's over on the leather bench along

the wall," Marla commanded.  He looked at the leather clad she-

devil in front of him and frowned.  She smiled, softened her

voice, and said "shall we begin 'playing' with our aroused and

hungering charge, Master?  We'll need the cat, over there on the

bench to warm her up a bit, I suspect."

Satisfied with the change in voice tone and thus MUTUALLY invited

to participate, he walk over and retrieved the well oiled, nine

tailed cat from the bench and walked slowly under the now vibrat-

ing and heavily moaning and gurgling Linda from the rear to face

Marla...Mistress Marla.

She drew the nipples ever downward with her thumbs and forefin-

gers as Master Paul began a slow litany of nine tailed "loving"

across the downward stretched breasts anchored in Marla's thumb

and forefinger nipple vices.  Back and forth went the oiled

leather strands across the undersides of the stretched orbs of

his new slave and willing victim.  As He applied the singing cat

He watched the belly over his head ripple with an all too famil-

iar pattern as the knotted muscles of a tightly bound, spread and

suspended Linda drove her slave's hunger litany into the valley

of HER Master's pleasure.  As the oiled strands caressed harder

and harder on the undersides of the suspended and nipple ten-

sioned hemispheres, He watched the rippling belly muscles drive

his charge wild with hunger which was only adequately fed by the

twin buzzing shafts Marla had inserted in her in the car.  The

shaft stuffed deep into her now thoroughly wet sexual passage

walked in and out, seemingly on its own, as Linda attempted to

feed her hunger and need from deep inside.  The rear shaft re-

mained substantially stationary as the muscles there gripped it

tightly and held it firm and deep.

The fully street clothed Master raised His free left hand and,

palm upward, traversed it from just below the reddening breasts

to the wet valley where the buzzing shaft moved in and out,

almost magically.  The feel of the rippling muscles intensified

under His palm as Linda responded to His touch and her hunger

rose to be further fed by the deeply buried, pistoning shaft and

the slapping nine well oiled thongs.  Traversing the palm back

and forth over the wet belly, Master Paul increased the tempo and

the force of the cat as Mistress Marla drew the nipples yet

further downward.  The gurgling moans from above became a soft

keening but muffled scream as the buried shaft was drawn inward

out of sight and the belly muscles contracted tightly.


FEEL!" Mistress Marla exclaimed.

He did and the muscles beneath His hand tightened still further

as the once buried shaft flew out of its wet and open hiding

place and literally shot across the red tinted chamber and fluids

flowed from the now empty and rippling hole to drip down onto the

floor and meet the tightly pressing palm as it traversed from

reddening breasts to wet valley and back.  The keening, muffled

scream above became a seeking moan.  Marla released the nipples

and took the cat from His hand as He stepped backward, extended

the fingers and thumb of His left hand, wrapped them tightly

together and thrust the pointed hand into the empty, spasming,

dark and wet chamber of sexual pleasure...inward...ever inward

until the hand had disappeared and only the wrist was visible

extending from the valley between the widely spread, bound legs

that quivered and rippled with obvious pleasure and hunger.

As His hand sank into the wet orifice, Master Paul felt the

rolling, churning innards of his slave wildly reflecting the

multi-orgasmic state of the "flying" Linda.  He opened the finger

tips and began massaging the soft, round cap before them with

it's split 'mouth', teasing and moving the churning cervix and in

a way that caused the wet walls around his imprisoned wrist to

massage and alternately tighten and release endlessly until a

long, urgent and muffled scream was heard from above and all of

the muscles contracted and then relaxed and the sound from above


Slowly Master Paul withdrew the soaked left hand from it's now

relaxed sheath.  He looked at Mistress Marla and smiled, knowing-

ly, as She smiled back and said, "I believe the lady has just

gotten her first 'rocks off' session of the night, don't you?"

He nodded as He stepped back and Marla retrieved the hoist con-

trol from the trolley and lowered Linda slightly so that She

could release the strap the drew her trainer encased head back.

As the limp neck allowed the head to fall forward, Mistress Marla

grasped the wet hair and held the head up as She unbuckled and

removed the trainer and gag.  She released the hair and the head

dropped to hang downward, chin on heaving chest.  Master Paul

ducked between the widespread legs, feeling the moisture drip

onto His partially bald head as He edged forward, slowly, to gaze

upon the slack face before Him.  Linda was out like a switched

off light as her body began to shiver and shake from the after

effects of her journey to sexual satisfaction and oblivion.

Master Paul continued to stand below the gently swaying Linda,

the top of his head brushing the still rigid, ringed nipples, as

He waited for His new slave to return from her trip to sexual

completeness and total ecstasy.

"Uuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm...Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh"...came the soft

sound from a pair of slowly parting lips as the eyes fluttered

and slowly opened and focused on Him.

After a long pause and a few shuddering movements overhead, she

said..."is MY MMMAAASSSTTTEEERRR pleased with me, Master?"

He smiled, focusing upon and watching Mistress Marla beyond the

downward tilted head of His querying slave.  "You have given ME

no pleasure, slave!  You have merely 'taken' pleasure at MY


He watched Mistress Marla, in the background, begin whipping the

formerly lethargic blond in the blocks and rams device into a

frenzy of motion, confined at her extremities by the black rubber

block restraints at the ends of the rams that fully encased her

hands and feet.  Using the cat in a vicious and continuous circu-

lar track, Mistress Marla worked upward from the right ankle into

the now seeking blond's crotch and back down the left leg to the

left ankle.  Mistress Marla repeated the process over and over

until, finally, She began applying Her attentions to the rippling

belly that was now straining forward to receive the nine oiled

strands.  The bound and spread blond was now pleading wildly with

HER Mistress...



mmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!" as the smacking, slapping litany

went on and on and approached and then engulfed the quivering

blond's breasts and nipples, which were rigid and darkening from

the effects of the attention being plied upon her by the leather

clad Mistress Marla.

Master Paul step out from under the hanging, spread and bound

Linda and, grasping her hair in His left hand, raised her head

upward and backward until she was facing the leather clad Mis-

tress and her now screaming begging blond charge.

"There, my lovely slave, is where I shall shortly have

YOU...spread and stretched before ME...screaming for MY atten-

tions and YOUR pleasure...does my slave 'look forward' to HER

Master's 'attentions' in the rams and blocks?"

"YYYYYYEEEESSSSS MASTER!" came the reply as the bound and sus-

pended body shivered and rippled before Him in the wide spread

'kneeling trays'..."Oh, yyyyeeeesss, MMMMAAAASSSTTTEEERRR!"

"Now, MY little satisfied and bound is your turn to

please ME..." and he released the hair and let her head fall back

down as He retrieved the control and lowered her until her three

wet orifices were aligned with His now rigid member, encased in

street clothes, still.  He slowly walked over to the leather

bench and carefully undressed, placing each article of removed

clothing on the bench, until, He was naked and ready.

"Over in the corner, Master Paul, you will find a leather vest

and a pair of leather pants specially made for you, I believe."

Mistress Marla shouted above the screaming and begging blond's

voice which now filled the room with familiar and pleasing sounds

to His trained and accustomed ears.  "They are a 'gift' from your

new slave, MASTER..." Marla shouted to Him.

He walked over to the corner and took the two black leather

articles off their hooks.  As He returned to the bench, He sensed

that He was being carefully watched and looked over toward the

swaying Linda.  The brown eyes met His as the smiling, cherubic

face tilted toward Him.  She never spoke a word.  The eyes and

the gentle, knowing smile said it all...more than words ever

could or would.

Deftly, He stepped into the long legged leather pants and secured

them around His waist.  Looking downward, He saw that His new

slave had thought well of her own pleasure and the potential of

it from HER NEW MASTER.  The entire crotch of the pants was

missing and His manhood stuck rigidly outward and ready to 'take'

His slave.  He chuckled, turned toward Linda and saw the wide

grin and the loving, caressing eyes tell Him she understood.  He

grabbed the vest and while walking back over to her amidst the

rising, pleasure filled, begging screams of the now bucking and

raging blond, slipped the vest on and left it open.  The black

leather vest hung from His shoulders as He approached Linda, who

had dutifully and submissively lowered her head and her eyes as

HER MASTER advanced toward her.

Standing in front of the swaying, sweating, anticipating and

shivering Linda, Master Paul reached downward and grasped the wet

chestnut colored hair before Him, on either side of the down

turned head and drew her head backward, once more.  As the face

rose to stand opposite the open leather pants and the vertically

projecting rigid male member, a soft pink tongue slowly appeared

from between tender red lips and slowly licked around and around

and around an ever widening, toothless mouth.  He could hear the

sighs coming from the opening mouth as the tongue swept around

and around and around in anticipation of what was to come.

" submissive, seeking slave...tell me what it

is that you want from YOUR MASTER..."

The eyes remained closed as the low, sexy voice began the litany

that was to become SO FAMILIAR in the days, weeks, months and

years that would follow this night and many others...

"If MY MASTER pleases that it be so...THE LAST MASTER OF THE

RINGS and the PROUD owner of 'Linda'...the LAST TRUE AND PROUD


give thee pleasure, MY MASTER..."

The sweeping tongue resumed and extended, ever inviting and ever

beckoning Him to the citadel of wet and complete attention that

His new slave held in wait for her Master...her ONLY Master and

as she had so plainly stated it, THE LAST MASTER OF THE RINGS.

Slowly, He moved forward between the grasping arms that held His

hands locked tightly in the wet hair, but stopping short of the

seeking tongue and lips and holding the head and wildly seeking

mouth just fractions of an inch out of range.

"Beg me, my slave bitch...tell me what YOU will do for YOUR

MASTER if He grants you this favor to give Him pleasure and



mouth so that I may give Him pleasures such as He has never had

before...please MASTER, let me tend to your needs and give you



The eyes never opened and the head was held just out of range as

He let her continue to beg and to plead with Him.  Finally,

slowly, he drew the seeking tongue and open, ovaled mouth forward

to make contact with Him.  The tongue first swept over the rigid

round tip and licked slowly back and forth underneath in the most

sensitive area, alternating between withdrawing and sliding

across the slit on the tip and then back underneath to lave and


Neither of them seemed to be in a hurry as she carefully and

increasingly alternated back and forth with the flicking, laving

tongue as the blond's pleas and screams and beggings keened

through the dimly red lit room.  He watched her body, suspended

from above and spread naked in the trays before Him, shiver and

ripple in anticipation and hunger.  Her hands, extending out from

under the broad leather strap and it's anchored D-Ring, slowly

clenched and released as she laped and licked and serviced HER

MASTER, inviting Him ever onward and inward to take His pleasure

from her talented and trained mouth and tongue...a mouth that

contained no teeth...a mouth that HER MASTER owned...a mouth and

tongue that slowly now withdrew as the ever more hungry and

urgent voice began, once again, to slowly and lowly address Him

with the respect and the honor only HIS SLAVE could give Him...

"Please MMMAAASSSTTTEEERRRR...please feed your hungry

slave...please let your slave feed upon HER MASTER and give Him



Slowly, carefully, He drew the ovaled sheath of the wet lips,

below, over the length of the ever more rigid shaft as He felt

the tongue slowly, then faster and faster, circle the advancing

shaft.  Then, effortlessly and slowly; then faster and faster, He

began advancing and retreating the mouth, lips and tongue with

the tightened fists in the ever wettening hair as He listened to

the snorting breath of the straining slave and felt the hot air

hit Him below.  As He increased the tempo and tightened the fists

in her hair, rocking her back and forth over the length of Him,

He listened to her moan and smelled the rising sexual fever in

her.  The strapped down arms and hands tightened as she clenched

the hands into fists and bore down on the "best part of HER

Master" with everything she had...licking, sucking, laving and

alternately tightening and loosening her lips and gums...milking

HER Master...and seeking to be fed, once more.

As He rose to "fly" with her, pistoning in and out of the wildly

servicing and highly pleasing mouth, He drew her deeper and

deeper onto Him, where the muscles in her throat began to add to

His pleasure as the now supersensitized tip alternately entered

and retreated from the deepest part of His slave's attentions.

As the boiling, creamy culmination of His pleasure rose from the

twin sacks below and traveled outward toward His ever hungering

slave's seeking, sucking, laving, licking and contracting and

loosening mouth, tongue, lips and throat, she felt the rising

tide and swiftly dammed down upon Him with lips and gums and held

Him in check, building His pleasure to intolerable levels as He

spasmed and gasped for release.

As swiftly as the 'lock' had been placed upon Him, it was re-

leased, and the moaning sound in her throat was replaced by the

sound of hungry gulping and the cheeks of her mouth suctioned

inward as she sought to devour HER Master's new feeding of her.

The ritual went on for many long and pleasure filled seconds as

she passionately and completely drained every drop of Her

Master's 'seed' from Him and devoured it dutifully and hungrily,

tracking it into her quivering belly.

When it was over and His climax had subsided, some MINUTES later,

He slowly pushed her away and back along the rigid shaft; ever so

slowly and ever so carefully to allow her to lick and clean Him

slowly and carefully along His entire length.  As the tip exited

from the mouth, a low voice, fully satisfied, said:  "Thank you,

Master...the last proud and only slave of THE LAST PROUD MASTER

OF THE RINGS...thanks HER MASTER...MASTER PAUL...for feeding my Master 'pleasured' sufficiently or does he require

His slave to attend to his servicing some more?"...and the tongue

resumed it's initial tracking back and forth under the still VERY

sensitive head and up through the slit on the tip and then back,

below.  He stood there, holding her hair and letting her lick and

tease Him outrageously and continuously for several more minutes,

her eyes closed, still, and her breath still panting as the pink

tongue laped and loved Him outrageously and continuously until he

could stand it no more and retreated from her range and let her

head lower where he released her hair and stepped backward still


As Master Paul gazed upon the suspended, bound and naked form of

His now well fed slave, He thought of the many things He would

'visit' upon this hungry bitch slave of His before the night

faded into daylight outside.  Here in this dimly lit dungeon of

an accomplished and obviously wealthy Mistress, He would teach

His new slave to behave as He wished and would train her to His

every willful wish and pleasure.  Here, He would develop a rou-

tine for her to follow in approaching Him.  Here, He would show

her the proper positions for submission before Him and the wisdom

and practicality of them as well.

And, here, this night and in the morning, would He teach her of

"SEVENS" and the variation of His position for her, before him,

for receiving "SEVENS".  Here, in the seconds and minutes and

hours to come, He would extract obedience from her as he trained

her to HIS WAYS for all time and eternity.  When this night and



question in all things, forever more, having learned the conse-

quences of disobedience and the terror of that punishment in real

fear and real punishments of a set and standard nature.

Perhaps, if there were time, He would show her the SEVEN-FIVE-

SEVEN punishment He would visit upon her if she dared to ever

reject or refuse Him while before Him.  But especially, this

night, and this coming day, would He describe to her the Pent-

house and the coming fitting for all of her leather garb and

bondage gear and how they were to be used upon her.

He knew He would drive her WILD with hunger as He described and

demonstrated what was to come over the days, weeks and months

ahead.  It was her very nature to rise upward and fly in sexual

frenzy as He spoke to her of such things.  Many times, already,

He had watched her rise to the command of His voice and the siren

song that brought her wet submissions before Him.  For

Linda..."Linda"...the slave of Master Paul...needed only His

voice to begin her flight into their realm, and they both knew it

well...VERY WELL.  So well could He do this that she would NEVER

AGAIN ever dare wear slacks or shorts in public with Him...for to

do so would be a supreme embarrassment to her, with an ever wet

crotch and legs exposed to all who could see them and the results

of HER MASTER'S VOICE upon her, every time He spoke to her.

Part 2 - Chapter 7

Linda's training and obedience begin in Marla's castle of "hell"

Having reflected, with pleasure, about what He would next do with

His personal and complete slave and submissive, Linda, Master

Paul turned to survey the sights and scenes before Him...the

still begging, moaning, gurgling and screaming blond slave hung

in the imprisoning blocks and rams a very short distance away and

her Mistress, Mistress Marla, who was extracting the last ounce

of "flight" out of the pleading, begging, moaning blond with

hissing and swishing applications of the well oiled and continu-

ously slapping cat, alternated with torments to the extremely

rigid nipples and wide spread sex of the writhing blond.

At the moment, Mistress Marla had her fist buried inside her

"charge" and was amplifying and orchestrating the beggings,

screamings and moanings in a way all too familiar to Master Paul.

The belly muscles of the blond rolled in continuous and constant

spasms of pleasure and reaction to the activity being visited

upon her feminine insides by this she-devil expert in such mat-

ters...who knew, perhaps better than Her "subject", what affects

the manipulations were having and would have.

As the beggings and moanings grew louder and more urgent in

nature, Mistress Marla quickly popped Her closed fist out of the

expanded wet cavity, causing the sweating blond to snap her head

forward and stare at the She-devil in absolute fear and horror as

the results of the quick maneuver tore through her and then left

her EMPTY...and wanting to be refilled in the extreme...



NYYTTHHIINNGG!!!  Don't stop...pppllleeeaaasssseee???"

"Please WHAT?...BITCH!" came the reply.

Low and slowly..."please Mistress...don't stop..."

"Master Paul...would you like to FINISH this simpering bitch for

me?...I'm tired of her..." came Mistress Marla's reply.

"Oh nnnnnoooooooooooo, MISTRESS...please no...not HIM!  Please?"

As the blond quaked and bucked in genuine fear and apprehension,

Master Paul slowly walked over to stand beside Mistress Marla and

to glare into the pale blue eyes of the spread, sweating beauty

before them.

" take the cat and work with her for a while...I need

to tend to Linda for a while and get the holding cell prepared

for this one...see if you can take her the 'rest of the way',

will you?" Marla said in a low even tone as she handed Him the

cat, then turned and walked toward Linda.

Master Paul heard Linda, behind Him, suck in her breath and then

begin slowly and carefully pleading with the approaching Mistress

Marla..."no, Mistress...please...He's MY MASTER...MINE

MISTRESS...HE'S MMMMMIIIINNNNNEEEEEEE...pppplllleeeeaaaassssee?"

He did not turn around to watch what happened next, but He shud-

dered at the inadvertent omission Linda had just made of the word

"Mistress" at the end of her impassioned and sincere plea to

Mistress Marla...and heard the "results" of Mistress Marla's

"reaction" as Linda's low voice rose to a screaming, whining

pleading crescendo...






Sounds of flesh on flesh reverberated through the room as Linda

continued to scream and plead her apologies to Mistress Marla and

Mistress Marla continued to punish her for the, TWICE, repeated...

Master Paul turned His head slightly and out of the corner of His

eye, saw Mistress Marla drawing a nipple tightly downward by it's

golden piercing ring as Her other hand whipped back and forth

across the distended breast...He shuddered and refocused His

attention on the still pleading but slowly settling down slave in

the blocks and rams before Him...

"Now, what was this about 'NOT HIM' spread, horny little

misbehaving, submissive slut?...hummmmmmm?"

"No, SIR...I didn't mean it...SIR...honestly, I DIDN'T!!!" came

the reply in a low and VERY submissive voice.

"Oh, I'm sure...NOW...that's true, but let's see if you can make

amends for your little transgression of 'choices', shall we?"

He stepped between the outstretched legs and slowly inserted His

fingers into the spread, blond's very very very wet 'valley'

before Him and then slowly slid the lips open and slid His thumb

and forefinger upward until He encountered the hooded little nub

at the top.  Carefully, thumb and forefinger surrounded the

quivering small seat of extreme pleasure in all women and lightly

gripping on either side, slowly, He descended thumb and fore-

finger to the base and up tight against the seat of the

nub...then tightening ever so slowly He began to stroke up and

down...listening to the reaction...



eee...SIR...aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh..." and the pleas died away in

swift intakes of breath and a careful arching of the body TOWARD

Him to lessen the pressure or do ANYTHING to stop the effect of

this simplest of all "holds" of a Master on His female submissive


Long ago, many years back, He had learned a great deal about this

sensitive and prone to so much pleasure nub, and how it could,

when properly aroused and sensitized, be used as THE most potent

and fearful form of PUNISHMENT a woman could experience...while

in the throes of sexual pleasure and either in or close to or-

gasm...and He knew exactly how much pressure to exert and how

much to do to extract what He wanted...

"Now, little blond, misbehaving, for me...up...come

up and show me what you can do for a Master when He 'handles'

you".  As the gurgling, grunting, moaning and bearing down sounds

began involuntarily to stream from the blond's wide open mouth

and her head rolled around and around on her shoulders...her body

tensing like a tight bowstring...outward toward Him...NEVER


In the background, He could hear the hoist motor beginning to run

as Linda's pleas had died away to silence.

The spreadeagled, sweating and arched blond attempted to keep up

with the rhythm of her tormentor's thumb and fore finger.  He

could feel the tingling between them as she grunted and spasmed

and attempted to do something, ANYTHING, to relieve the sexual

pressure He was so expertly applying to her, on her and driving

her with, through an orgasmic array of pleasure/pain torments

like nothing she had ever experienced before...not even from her

new Mistress, Mistress Marla...

"What IS my name, my flying little slut...MY NAME?"

"Uuuuuhhhhhhhhh...Mmmmmm, mmmmmm, Mmmmmmmmassster PPPPPP, PPPPP

PPPPPPAAAAUUUULLLL, sssss, ssss, sssssiiiirrrrrr..."

Tightening slightly and quickening the stroke ever so slightly.

"Whose MASTER, am I, bitch?"


"Shall we FIND OUT...RIGHT NOW...whose MASTER I AM?  Hummmmmm?"

"NO!...PLEASE!...NO!  NO!


Tighter...faster..."no, WHAT, BITCH???"


uuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh...uuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmm..." trailed

off the answer as the head bobbed wildly around and the body

arched toward Him even further...

"That's correct...SLAVE...YOUR Master...YOURS!  So long as I have

you where I want you and YOU want to be, you are MINE!"

"...aaaahhhhhhhh...yes Master...yyyyyoooouuuurrrrssss!"

He released the thumb and forefinger and quickly withdrew the grunting and moaning mouth exploded in a...



"Beg, me...convince me to resume..."

"Oh god...please Master...please...I'll do anything you

want...take me...use




"Take you?  Use you?...what sort of language is that, slave?"






He stepped back and set the cat in motion, up through the wet

spread valley before Him, swiftly and HARD, taking particular

care to have the tips lick continuously exactly where His thumb

and forefinger had been before...over and over and over...

As the sweating, straining blond arched into the licking, oiled

strands and  hissed...literally hissed...





And the body before Him arched one last time, straining outward

and then went slack in the rams and blocks as the head rolled

over backwards and the eyes slid closed...FINISHED...OUT LIKE THE


He tossed the cat across the room onto the leather covered bench,

and, after checking His swooning 'charge' to make certain she was

breathing normally and in no danger, He turned and walked toward

Linda and Mistress Marla.

The sight before Him shocked him, at first.  Mistress Marla had

removed the spreader rods or bars from between the trays Linda

was strapped into, kneeling, thus allowing her legs to splay out

wider, or so it seemed.  As He studied the position more careful-

ly, He realized that Linda now controlled the spread of the trays

and her legs...and she could move them wider, outward or draw

them in tight, at will.

Except for ONE SMALL FACTOR...Mistress Marla was standing behind

her, commanding..."spread ' bitch...wider...wider

yet...slut...wider...wider than hold them there..."

As He watched, Mistress Marla began applying a crop with a leath-

er loop on the end to the splayed and split wet slit before

Her,...the legs started to close...and the commanding voice

reverberated through the room...



"yyyyeeeeeesssss...MISTRESS...anything you say...MISTRESS!"

The crop toyed with the spread Linda...teasing her all along her

spread lips, caressing the rings and burrowing into the open

valley...over and over and over as the legs closed ever so

slightly in reaction to what was going on and then widened even


Master Paul watched the scene in silence as Mistress and slave

seemingly teased and worked together, with each was

difficult to determine just who, EXACTLY, was getting the most

pleasure out of the episode before Him.

"Ok, bitch, close 'em up..."

The legs swung shut, pulling the broad leather strap over Linda's

back down taut.  The strain of holding her legs that way showed

on Linda's body and her face as she tightened every muscle to do

it.  Marla slapped her naked behind with an open palm and

said..."now hold em that way until I tell you otherwise..."

Walking over to Him, Marla said to Paul..."I see you finished our

little blond friend...good...I'll take her down and put her away

to 'hang around' for a tend to Linda for a

while...she LIKES this "loose in the trays" gig..." and with

that, Marla walked back toward the sagging, still sweating and

now slightly shuddering blond in the blocks and rams.

As Master Paul walked up close to the hanging Linda, doubled up

and bound tightly into her "kneeling trays" and up as high as the

overhead hoist could take her, she raised her head up...He gave a

slight shudder as He viewed an angry red welt across her cheek.

Straining, she tried to smile, ever so slightly, back at

Him...but the effort was sort of pathetic...she looked, for all

the world, like whipped, wet, straining and hurt puppy dog.

Reaching up into the trolley drawer, He retrieved the control box

and slowly lowered her down to the floor where He disconnected

the hook from the D-Ring in the broad strap, raised the hook and

cable back up and pushed the trolley back out of the way.

Carefully, He released the broad leather strap that bound Linda

into the trays and from which she had been suspended and threw it

over her back onto the floor on the other side of her.  Next He

disconnected the link between her cuffed wrists on her back and

then, finally, He unbuckled the two broad, black leather straps

on either leg and tray that held her down tight, kneeling in

them.  Placing His hands in her armpits, He raised her to sitting

position in the trays, knees together and let her rest for a

while, watching her carefully.  She kept her head down and said

not a word to Him.  When she was upright He could see a small

amount of dried blood on her left nipple and surmised that the

nipple ring had torn her flesh.

After a few minutes of rest, He took Linda's hands in His and

helped her off the elevated trays, to stand before Him, naked,

head down and eyes lowered.  No words were spoken between them.

In the background He could hear Mistress Marla removing and

moving the now wide awake blond to the far end of the room and a

door being unlocked and opened.  Shortly thereafter, the begging

and pleading started all over from the blond, from inside the


"Nooooo Mistress...not up, please...not TONIGHT!  Let

me sleep in the bed upstairs, please, Mistress."  There was a

loud crack of a crop on bare flesh and a long, moaning whimper,

then silence.  He focused His attention back on Linda...

"Spread your legs and stand with them apart for a while..."

She slowly spread them open about three feet and stood there,

hands at her sides, head and eyes lowered.  He walked around

behind her and ran His hand up and down her naked back and be-

hind, slowly caressing her as she shivered under His touch.  He

took her hair, from the rear, in His left hand and drew her head

back so her eyes were staring up at the ceiling, and said...

"Now, MY slave, MY total submissive and MY possession, are we

ready to begin learning how YOUR MASTER wishes you to obey Him?"

The answer, unhesitatingly, softly, and very clipped and short,

came back...

"yes, MASTER"

"Kneel on the carpet, legs apart as they are."

"yes, Master"

"Put your behind down tight on the floor between your legs."

"yes Master"

Releasing her hair, "head down, eyes down, chin on your chest"

"yes Master"

"Place the tops of your feet on the carpet, toes pointing back-

ward and  place your hands, palms upward, on the tops of your


"Yes, Master"

"This is the position I want you to take every time you come to

me to be my slave and fly for you understand ME?"


Walking around in front of her, He stood, just in front of her, a

foot or so from her spread knees and placing His hands in her

hair, bent her forward between the spread knees as He said...

"Place your hands behind your back, one palm in the other,

straight back, and lick my feet, slave..."

From below, "yes, Master" and then the feeling of a soft tongue

sliding over the tops of first one foot and then the other, and

the head moving as the tongue searched for, found and licked,

carefully, ten separate toes and then withdrew and the lips

gently kissed each foot...

He sighed through a knowing grin as he stared down at the still

wet head of chestnut colored hair and the trembling arms, hands

and body below Him.  She was obviously, completely enjoying this,

far more than He was or that He had hoped that she would.

He reached down and took her shoulders, palm under each, and sat

her back up, saying...

"When we 'meet', each time, you will do what you just did when I

stand where I just did, after you have assumed the


"Oh, YES, Master...I understand!" and a long shuddering sigh from

the down turned mouth could be plainly heard.

"Place your hands, palm up, back on your thighs."

"Yes, Master"

Walking behind her, took her hair in both His hands, at the rear

of her head, and drew her backward, as he said...

"Close your eyes and lie back slowly...all the way back between

your legs..."

"yes, Master...thank you Master"

"For what?"

"For showing me YOUR WAYS for me Master"

"Do you like them?"



"This, my sole slave and only possession, is your FIRST POSITION

before YOUR Master and it's three separate variations.  You will

always sit this way, upright, when you are with me, even in the

car, which you have already done and therefore know, don't you?"

"YES, MASTER!" (a shudder as memories of that returned to her)

"In the forward position, you greet me as you did, with lips and

tongue, just as you did tonight, for the first time...every time

we begin...without me telling you you understand?"

Yes, Master...I understand Master...COMPLETELY, MASTER!" (another

sigh and shudder).

"It does not matter who is in the room.  If you are naked and

have come to serve me, you will do you understand?"

"Yes Master...may I ask you a question Master?"


"Will you have others with us, Master, when we are together this


"Perhaps, but that depends on what you and I agree to, my

slave...between us and ONLY us!"

"Yes, Master...I understand you, Master" (a long, contented sigh)

"In the forward position, I may bind and strap you tightly, and

leave you there if you misbehave or disobey me in MINOR ways, do

you understand me?"

"YES, MASTER" (strong, clipped and very quickly said)

"And in this, backward position, legs spread wide, your back and

head upon the floor, toes pointed back and soles of your feet

exposed upward along side you, hands palm up on your thighs, and

legs spread wide THIS POSITION you shall receive SEVENS

for things such as failing to call me Master after each set of

words or answers you speak to you understand me?"


He smiled and chuckled to himself as he slowly left her and

walked over to the leather covered bench and retrieved the well

oiled and previously well USED cat and then walked back to stand

beside her.

"I misbehaving wench!  You've just EARNED a seven,

haven't you?"

"YES...MASTER!" came the reply.

"Sevens are administered with a cat or a crop upon the soles of

your feet, the palms of your hands, upon your bare breasts and

upon the 'valley of your Master's pleasures', in

separate strokes to seven separate and predetermined locations,

always the you understand me, slave?"

A long shudder, and low moan followed by a timid "yes, Master."

And with that, He carefully whipped the soles of her feet, the

palms of her hands, each breast and then laid the crop , length-

wise, up the middle of her spread legs in quick succession, as

she moaned and spread her legs wider and thrust her chest body

upward to meet the last three "strokes".

"That is a SEVEN, slave"

"I like them, MASTER...I like them very very much, MASTER!"

"Some slaves fear them a great deal...they will beg and plead to

avoid them."


MASTER!!!" came the unhesitating reply.

Somehow, He knew that would be her answer...He knew it!

"One final item...the punishment for you rejecting me or ejecting

me, ANY PART of me...from your mouth or any other orifice of your

body...from the valley of MY pleasures or any where A


"yes, Master?" (a long shudder)

"SEVEN continuous SEVENS, administered hard and fast, in quick

succession, followed by FIVE MINUTES of *THIS*"...stooping down,

He reached between her splayed legs, running His thumb and fore-

finger up from the VERY WET soft and lightly spasming mouth of

her sexual passage until the hooded and tingling stem of her

sexual core was between His thumb and fore finger as the blond's

had been just a short time ago...

"OH, NO MASTER...I won't EVER reject you or push you out of

me...EVER...NOT EVER... MASTER...I promise you...I will take you

inside me and service you...I won't reject you... EVER, MY MAS-

TER..." and a low moan as the finger and thumb tightened and

slowly gripped her in the most intimate and "knowing" of


shot back at Him, tersely and fully meaning every word as the

full impact of FIVE MINUTES of this registered upon her...

He watched the knot of fear tighten in her belly muscles and

ripple across her lower torso as her breath quickened...and

released her and stood back up.



"Would you REALLY do that to me for FIVE MINUTES, Master, if I

rejected you from my mouth or 'other places' Master?"

"Without hesitation, slave...WITHOUT HESITATION!"

"Thank you, Master...I understand, Master"

Walking behind her, He placed the palms of His hands under her

shoulders and raised her to an upright, 'normal' kneeling version

of His FIRST POSITION and left her there, head down, eyes cast

downward, palms on thighs, upward, knees spread far far apart and

walked to the far end of the room to the open door leading into

what looked like a black leather lined cell of some sort.  As He

walked, he thought about how wet Linda had been when He had

demonstrated the SEVEN-FIVE-SEVEN, wetter then when Marla, Mis-

tress Marla, had been working on her earlier and when he had His

hand up inside her...

He now KNEW Linda absolutely reacted, with extreme hunger and

fear built passion, to the routines He had just explained and

demonstrated.  Any woman He had ever used them on previously, had

done the same.  They were HIS punishments and

position(s)...uniquely His.  Something He had slowly developed

over the years after working with several good slaves...full and

complete submissives...sexual submissives, all...and He under-

stood the effect of the kneeling, spread position as it tensioned

and focused tendons and muscles and amplified the sexual effect

of His words and His actions or attentions on His slave(s).  From

what Linda had previously done, He knew she was familiar with the

workings of the position and could do it for long periods of

time, effortlessly, it seemed.  He would find that out, for sure,


Stepping through the door to the cell, He was greeted by a

strange and wild sight, on the wall to His left, framed in solid

black leather...

"Come here, Master Paul, and see the 'resting position' of my

little blond bitch slave you wore out, out there!" Marla ex-

claimed to Him as he walked toward them.

There, on a long, padded and leather covered wall, was the blond

slave, bound tight to it, face outward, splayed in a wide "X", no

part of her touching floor or ceiling, black leather straps

anchoring her tightly to the wall at wrists, forearms, and upper

arms above, across her forehead, a wide, ball gag containing

strap over her mouth, a padded blinder strap over her eyes, a

very wide strap across her upper chest under her arms, a wider

one yet across her belly and four wide straps across her upper

and lower legs, splayed out below as her arms were above.  From

between her legs came a two inch wide strap that rose upward and

buckled to a strap and belt buckle riveted to the strap over her

belly...a strap that passed through leather loops on the ends of

buried shafts that filled her, front and back, and from which two

wires ran from each shaft base to a small, many knobbed, black

box on the wall.  On each nipple, was affixed a butterfly nipple

clamp, from which hung a fair sized lead weight.

As He approached the strapped up blond He could hear her muffled,

guttural moans and protests but not much else.  Marla ran Her

hands over the bound and spread blond's splayed body and then

walked to the black box and turned dials.  A low humm came from

the buried shafts inside the now quivering blond.  As Marla

turned the knobs the humm grew louder and louder.  Satisfied, She

released the knob and walked over to Master Paul.

"You like my little special resting arrangement for this bitch,

Master Paul?"

It was then that He noticed four extra pairs of wires coming out

from under the crotch dividing and splitting black leather strap

and going up to the many knobbed control box...

"What are the other four sets of wires for, Marla?"

"Oh, those...deep inside her pussy are two silver 'eggs' with

vibrators in between the two plugs, front and rear,

there is another one, laid crossways and held tight there with

the strap, and finally, there is another, buried above the front

shaft, in the slit, up against her clit, above, just below it and

just touching it.  I only have the vibrators on in the shafts at

present, which, incidentally, I can expand or contract inside her

with one of the knobs...the shafts will expand outward or shrink"

She went back to the many knobbed box and began adjusting other

knobs.  Each adjustment brought a 'reaction' from the helplessly

bound and spread slave...and the weights on the nipple clamps

began to sway and bob continuously as the adjustments were made.

As Mistress Marla adjusted and 'tuned' the knobs and the devices

they controlled, the strapped open slave's toes began to curl

involuntarily, and her fists clenched...He could see her jaws

tighten, also, as she bore down on the ball gag with her teeth...

Marla continued to adjust and tune as the belly muscles of the

now jerking blond ripple with sexual excitement and

reactions...the muscles in her neck and the rest of her body

began to tighten, visibly, and her breath, through only her

nostrils, came in quick, deep snorts.

Paul watched the Mistress continue making adjustments out of the

corner of His eyes as he watched the 'reactions' they caused on

the strapped body before Him...several final adjustments caused

the blond to stiffen visibly and mightily, after which a long

snorting sigh was heard and she went limp in the straps, toes

uncurling, palms opening and all muscles relaxing...

Mistress Marla stepped away from the box and walked over to Him

to stand next to Him...

"OUT!...Like a light!...In record time, too!...Watch what happens

next as she comes around...I've left the devices where they were

set when she went'll be back in a minute."

She left the room and He stood there watching the limp blond

strapped to the wall before Him.  After several minutes, the toes

and fingers moved slightly, and then the body, strapped tight as

it was, jerked wildly against the straps and a long series of

gagged, protesting moans and muffled screams could be heard as

the fists tensioned and released and the toes curled and un-

curled...and that process went on for several more minutes,

accompanied, always, by the panting, snorting sounds of increased

breathing through the nose and the onset and increase of the

rippling belly muscles and then a general tightening of all

muscles, over the entire body, followed by a long muffled scream

or moan and then total relaxation as the blond went 'lights out'


Marla came back in the room just as the strapped up slave was

coming back to life a second time...

"See?...She's good for dozens of those, through the night...and

when I'm through with her, she'll do ANYTHING I ask of her or

command her to do...this little trick is my 'specialty', Master

Paul...I take uncooperative women who may not want to do my

bidding and be my slave or someone else's, especially women who

are, shall we say, less then appreciative of sexually pleasing a

man or a woman to whom they belong or will belong, and I teach

them to appreciate VOLUNTARY SEX through long and continuous


fully bound and helpless position..."

Marla walked over to the now orgasmically rising blond and pulled

the nipple clamps out fiercely from her chest with one hand and

began whipping the tensioned breasts with the crop She held in

Her other hand...continuously over, under, in between and on the

sides of each the blond's muffled screams and gur-

gling moans rose and the toes curled and fists clenched once

again and she again passed out...this time, coated from head to

toes with sweat...and with a solid golden stream of urine stream-

ing down her limp legs onto the terrazzo floor below her; stream-

ing off the ends of her toes in multiple golden waterfalls.

Marla turned around and walked back to Master Paul.

"Come on out here...I want to show you something Linda built for

me...designed...a while back...from memory...I just moved her for

you so you can see her handiwork used on her..." and Marla and

Paul walked out of the cell, Marla closing the door, with a final

sounding slam, behind her.  As the door slammed shut, Master Paul

thought about the endless series of orgasms the blond would

experience through the coming hours and He was not

good to leave a slave that way, unattended.

As His eyes focused on the room before him, in the dim, infrared

light, He saw Linda, stretched horizontal in the middle of the

room where the blond had been in the rams and blocks.  Only,

Linda was stretched between four rams with her hands and feet in

the black rubber blocks, spreadeagled, face up, horizontally,

about crotch height with a fifth ram rising from the floor and

under her back.  All five rams were coming out of the floor, and

none were extending down from the ceiling, as before with the

blond.  The one at her middle back had a rubber block or pad that

gripped her from the top of her behind, along her back for maybe

eighteen inches toward her shoulder blades.  The block was huge

and rose up around her sides.  An eighteen inch wide black leath-

er strap rose out of one side of the huge block and passed over

her belly to anchor tightly to the rubber block's other side.

Linda was exactly horizontal, fully spread and very very tightly

tensioned out of the large belly and back block toward each

outer, spread ram and hand or foot encasing rubber block.  As He

walked around to her head, hanging backward, hair dangling down

toward the floor, He said...

"Well, lovely slave...what have we here?"

"Alex's RAMS, MASTER!" came the terse reply.

"I you 'like' them, slave?"

"NO MASTER!!!" came the terser reply, filled with fear which was

emphasized by a long shudder through her body.

"I see...who put you in these, slave?"

"ALEX, MASTER!" another shudder.

"Did Alex hurt you in these?"


"Are you afraid of them?"

"Terrified, MASTER..."

"Then why are you in them, MY lovely slave?"

"Mistress Marla put me in them to show you what Alex did to me,




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