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Archive-name: Series/ebony02.txt 


Archive-title: Ebony Confessions Vol. 2

Also-archived: First/ebony02.txt

                      "Her First, My Best."

     When I was a young, single guy, I was working in a plant in

the South as a stockboy; that is, I piled the parts on the

benches for the girls and women to pack for shipment.  There were

twenty-eight females in the packing department, nineteen of whom

were black, and nine guys, including me, five of whom were black.

All were really terrific people and good workers, and I liked

them all.  In fact, we all still keep in touch and are really

great friends.  I am a white guy.  My favorite person of all was

a full-bodied negress named Rachel, who was just nineteen at the


     Rachel was one of the sweetest human beings I have ever met.

She was warm, friendly and shy, and spoke so softly that you had

to listen carefully to catch her words.  She was one of the

loveliest females I ever saw.  She had a cute, round face with

soft, brown eyes and a genuine heart-shaped mouth, short black

hair which surrounded her face lake a dark halo, and a truly

gorgeous figure.  Rachel was a real life virgin, pure as the

driven snow.  And, that girl looked like she was made of light

tan velvet.

     One day, I was astonished when Rachel's best friend, a

little black girl we called "Little Ruby" came to me and told me

that Rachel was smitten with me.  Ruby told me that Rachel had

admitted to her that when she gave up her cherry, she wanted me

to be the guy who stole it.  Ruby went on to tell me that Rachel

had confided to her that every time I got near her, she became

wet.  I nearly fell over.  I never though the brown dream ever

noticed me except to chat softly when I stocked her bench.  So, I

boldly told Ruby to tell Rachel tat she had a similar effect on

me because I always got hard when I was near her.  Later that

day, I noticed Rachel gazing at me, her huge eyes soft and

emotional.  I winked at her, and she dropped her eyes, smiling


     The following morning Ruby, the spokeswoman, came to me and

told me that at lunchtime Rachel just might walk back to the

stockroom.  And, if I should happen to wander back there, too,

well...who knows what might happen?

     Just before lunchbreak, I went back to the stockroom and

arranged some boxes for her to sit on, making sure they were

about waist high to me.  I was walking on air when I went back

out to wait for the whistle.  The lovely Rachel was watching me,

and all the other women were watching Rachel.  They all knew what

we were up to.  Yet, at luchbreak, they all went to the lunchroom

just like always, glancing back with knowing little smiles.  Only

Rachel and Ruby remained.  I went back to the stockroom and, in

moments, they followed, Ruby beaming happily and Rachel still

holding her huge eyes down shyly.

     "Now, you be gently, J.B.!" Ruby cautioned me.  "She ain't

never done it before, but you're special to her.  She's shakin'

like a leaf, poor child.  I'll be out there keepin' watch for

you.  and remember, you only got half an hour."  She turned away.

     I couldn't believe it!  I was alone with that gorgeous brown

girl.  I reached out hesitantly, and she came right into my arms

with a little shiver.  I wanted to keep her back there for he

rest of the day, but I couldn't.  I held her trembling form to me

and just rained kisses all over her warm, dusky face, crushing my

lips to her, my tongue sliding into her sweet mouth, and Rachel

sucking and nibbling on it eagerly.  I finally got her blouse

open, and those magnificent brown globes tumbled out to me, both

of them tipped with large, dark nipples.  I bent my head and

began to kiss and lick and suck on them, shoving the huge velvet

tits here and there with my face while Rachel watched.

     I knelt in front of her, lifting her skirt at the same time,

and noticed that the shy girl was holding it up for me helpfully.

I say the most beautiful big thighs, twin columns of light tan

extending upward to her clean, white panties stretched tautly

across her hips.  Her feminine mound threatened to burst through

the thin nylon.  Quickly, I hooked my fingers in the waistband

and drew them down, and she stepped out of them still holding her

hem up to her waist.

     In front of me and less than a foot away from my eyes was

her big pussy itself.  She stepped her feet apart for me, her

great eyes still looking down at me in that same awe, and I was

openly staring at the treasure I had found.  Her prominent mound

swelled forward eagerly.  I never dreamed that any female could

have such a lovely pussy, but rachel did.  I could see the long,

full, dark lips extending back between her thighs now that she

had spread her feet.  I could see the pink crack between those

lips flowing perfectly into the cleft of her plumpish ass.  And,

the hair that girl had down there!  Rachel had more pubic hair

than three women should have; a great wide patch of thick, blue-

black, kinky fur which covered her swelling mound and extended

down the lips and back into the dark warmth to whisper into the

cleft between her buttocks.  In front, a thin streak of it ran up

nearly to her navel.

     With a soft little groan, I slipped my arms about her hips

and buried my face in the dark place, my tongue already out and

moving.  I ate pussy like a starving person, literally washing my

lower features in her flowing juices, tasting the sugary flavors

of her long slit, inhaling the clean fragrances of her, licking,

lapping and tongue-fucking her while the brown dream panted and

squirmed.  I have no idea how long I knelt there in from of her

and worshipped her orally.  But Rachel began to act like she was

losing her mind, twitching and jerking and hunching her hips

forward, banging her big pussy into my happy face.  I was having

the time of my like, but I also realized that time was flying by.

So, I searched out her clit in the folds of pink flesh and

fastened my lips over it.  I began to suck, nibble and flutter

the tip of my tongue at the miniature organ.  Almost immediately,

the brown girl went rigid, her fingers clawing at my head, a

little choking sound coming form her throat.  Pretty Rachel had

climaxed for me!

     I stood up in front of her, and dropped my trousers, my long

prick bounding upward stiffly.  Rachel's big eyes widened as she

saw it snarling at her.  At the same time, she lifted one round

knee and moved to the side in an open invitation.  Her eyes were

filled with trust as I moved closer and touched the swollen knob

to her pouting wet crack, her arms slipping about my neck.  I

pushed, and felt my cock go sliding into the hottest and tightest

little hole I have ever found.  I penetrated all the way to the

root in one slow, gentle plunge, glutting her with it.  Rachel

lifted her other leg and embraced my waist with them, sitting on

the stack of boxes, her eyes on my face again.  I slipped my arms

around her body and held her close as I fucked the trembling


     Rachel could not move because of her seated position, but

that was easily the best piece of tail I have ever had.  Her

vagina was so tight, hot and throbby, and felt like satin inside

as it slid back and forth on me.  Never had I imagined such a

marvelous fuck.  She kept gazing at me with those giant eyes, her

dark head rocking gently from my plunges.  Then, I felt her

stiffen again, her thighs tightening about my waist.  Her eyes

finally went shut, her head going back a few inches, and the

corners of her mouth drew down in a sneer of insanity.

     That did it for me, too, and just as her pussy began to

squeeze and relax on me, I felt my nuts explode.  I groaned

softly as my cock began to leap and bound within her, squirting

long jets of scalding semen deeply into her receptive belly. 

Only then did I realize that the whistle to return to work had

already blown.

     Quickly, we adjusted our clothing and hurried out of the

stockroom.  That lush, brow girls was slowing, too.  Ruby was

waiting at the entrance where she had said she would be, refusing

to allow anyone to interrupt us.  Most of the workers were

already back, others still trickling in, everybody looking and

Rachel and me and grinning knowingly.  Little Ruby smiled and

took Rachel's hand.

     "You're late.  The whistle already blew," Ruby murmured. 

"He did it to you.  I can tell by the look in your eyes.  Let's

go and get you cleaned up, honey."  She tugged on Rachel's brown

hand.  "Come on, now.  You can look at him later.  I know how you

feel now, but we have to get you cleaned up," she added with a

soft chuckle.

     She led the trembling beauty away, still smiling at her. 

Everyone noticed the slight difference in the movement of

Rachel's hips, too.  They all knew why she walked differently. 

Rachel was no longer a virgin.  I managed to go back to work,

trying to ignore the giggles around me.

     Rachel had barely gotten back from the ladies' room when the

forewoman came to us and said that the plant superintendent

wanted to see us in her office immediately.  A cold chill went

through me, and Rachel and I glanced at each other.  That old

female superintendent was not a woman who put up with anything. 

She had, somehow, found out about Rachel and me, and there went

our jobs!  Fearfully, we followed the forewoman to the super's

office, and went inside with her.  We stood, waiting for the whip

to crack over our head, the forewoman standing beside us, ready

to do her duty.

     the old lady looked up from behind her desk, eyeing us

narrowly.  "It has been brought to my attention that you two were

involved in some..uh..hanky-panky in the stockroom during

lunchbreak," she began.  "This is something we cannot and will

not put up with.  Company policy dictates that I discharge you

both instantly, as you know."  Suddenly, a tiny smile crossed her

thin lips.  "But, I understand how it is with a couple of young

people who are attracted to each other, and that now and then it

is a necessity that they couple by any means possible.  And,

because I understand, I am going to look the other way this

once.:  She looked at me, that little smile still on her lips,

and shook her gray head slowly.  "Oh, J.B., the stockroom?  Don't

you think Rachel deserves better than that, son?  Don't you think

she should be taken to a warm, soft bed instead of being perched

on a stack of boxes?  You live alone, and I'm sure you have that

warm, soft bed for her.  I suggest you use it instead of my

stockroom in the future.  Now, get back to work!"

     I could have kissed the old battle axe.  Rachel and I

continued our love affair for a year after that, and even her

family knew and approved.  She would spend every weekend with me,

and we would make love.  That girl just got better and better,

and dearly loved to get her big pussy eaten often.  To this day,

I have not met a woman who could match the lovely Rachel when it

came to fucking.  But, never again in the stockroom!



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