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Archive-name: Series/bus1st10.txt


Archive-title: Sue, Diane and the Surprise

Also-archived: Family/suesurpr.txt

Despite the workout I had been  through the previous night I woke  about

8:30.  Diane was still sleeping soundly  so I let her sleep in  figuring

with Sue joining us soon Diane needed her rest.  I went into the kitchen

and put coffee on and was soon busy reading some project schedules  when

I heard the water running in  the bathroom.  The thought of Diane  naked

and wet got my cock hard and I  put down what I was reading and went  to

the bathroom.  Diane was already in the shower and had her hair full  of

shampoo which forced her to keep her eyes closed.  I slipped in next  to

her and put  my arms around  her firm young  body pulling her  to me and

kissing her warm lips.  I helped Diane get the soap out of her hair then

washed her  firm beautiful  body paying  special attention  to her  firm

tits, pussy and tight asshole.  Diane was very stimulated and her  pussy

was slick with her juices as I rubbed her pink pussy lips and sucked her

taught nipples.  Once I had  her squeaky clean Diane returned  the favor

soaping me up and fingering my asshole while she stroked her soapy  hand

up and down my stiff prick.  I knew we had to fuck soon or I would loose

my load in her hot little hand.   I turned off the water and we  got out

and dried off.  I offered Diane some coffee and breakfast first  knowing

she needed to  eat and recharge  her lust before  we began a  day of hot

fucking and sucking.   I lead Diane  naked into the  kitchen and perched

her hot ass on a stool and poured her some coffee.  Diane was even  more

beautiful sitting their than she  had been the previous evening.   Diane

seemed perfectly at ease and we traded easy conversation while I  cooked

some bacon and eggs my cock  aching to fill her hot young  pussy.  Diane

was sitting open legged her  pink pussy completely exposed and  enjoying

the affect it had on my cock which was standing stiffly out in front  of

me as I made breakfast.  We ate every bit of the breakfast attesting  to

our hunger then sat around talking and getting to know each other a bit.

I found out Diane had been attracted to me for quite a while and I found

myself drawn to  her charms in  a big way.   I told her  I had invited a

special lady over to meet her and I hoped she would like Sue as much  as

I did.   Diane seemed  delighted at  the idea  and told  me how much she

enjoyed being eaten by  a talented lady and  how much she herself  liked

the taste of pussy.  I knew then that our paths would cross on a regular

basis from then on.  Our reverie was broken by the sound of the doorbell

which took us both a bit by  surprise.  We had been talking for over  an

hour and it was  11:30, I knew the  doorbell signaled Sue's arrival  and

took Diane by  the hand and  lead her to  the front door  telling her we

would surprise  Sue at  the door  and meet  her naked  and ready.  Diane

liked my suggestion  and came with  me willingly.  I  put my arm  around

Diane and cupped her firm tit and called out for Sue to come in.  As the

door opened I realized my surprise was just the beginning.  There in the

doorway stood  Sue and  a young  girl and  boy.  I  was more  than a bit

shocked as was Diane who stood  their naked and open mouthed as  Sue let

out a low whistle.  Sue was  wearing a short skirt which she  had pulled

up and tucked into  the waistband of the  skirt exposing her pussy,  the

young girl had  her skirt pulled  up in a  similar fashion exposing  her

fuzzy mound and  pink pussy, her  blouse was unbuttoned  and pulled back

exposing her small tits which  sported stiff pink nipples, she  was very

young and  as I  found out  later she  had just  turned 16  the previous

month.  The boy was a  bit older but as it  turned out was only 17.   He

had his zipper undone  and his stiff prick  jutted out quite a  bit from

his pants and was complemented by a pair of large balls which were fully

out of his pants.  Our shock turned to laughter and I pulled them in the

house quickly before any of my  nosy neighbors could see what was  going

on at my front door.  The boy's cock was stiff as a board and he  looked

over Diane with lust filled eyes as Sue introduced her cousins Gary  and

Pam.  Pam and  Gary were brother  and sister and  Sue was determined  to

introduce them to sex.

I asked  Sue if  she had  been getting  it on  with her  cousins and she

smiled and told me that they had  been over for the last three days  and

had been fucking and sucking ever since they had arrived.  I  introduced

Diane and Sue went right to her cupping Diane's firm tits and pulling on

her now stiff nipples as Diane  slipped her hand between Sue's legs  and

rubbed Sue's already  soaking pussy.  I  told Gary to  strip Sue and  he

quickly moved to her and pulled off her tank top exposing Sue's tits and

letting Diane see Sue's firm tits  and stiff nipples.  Pam came over  to

me and grabbed my rock hard cock pressing her firm young body to me  and

rubbing the swollen  head of my  throbbing cock into  her slippery pussy

lips.  I wanted to fuck this pert teenager very badly and pulled off her

already open blouse and began to suck her small firm tits.  I moved down

her firm young body and pulled her  skirt off then licked my way up  her

legs ending up with  my tongue on her  slippery slit.  Pam tasted  great

and I opened her tight young hole and thrust my tongue into her slippery

vagina making  her moan  loud and  long.  Gary  had striped  Sue and was

pulling on  her stiff  nipples while  he fingered  Sue's tight  asshole.

Diane knelt in front of Sue and was licking Sue's pink pussy making  Sue

twitch  with  pleasure  as  her  brother  pulled Sue's stiff nipples and

finger fucked Sue's tight anus.  Pam was climaxing and as she gushed her

sweet cum into my mouth I pulled her stiff nipples and sucked her  stiff

clit between  my lips  and lashed  my tongue  against the  sensitive bud

making her shake with pleasure.  Pam stiffened and let out a shriek  and

fell into my arms as a powerful climax raced thru her body.  I moved Pam

to the floor and rubbed her  small firm tits while we watched  Diane and

Gary bring Sue  off to a  hot hard climax.   Sue drenched Diane's  mouth

with her juices as her climax  over took her pleasure racked body.   Sue

slumped to  the floor  next to  Pam and  I and  we all  watched as Diane

stripped  Gary  ripping  off  his  shirt  and pulling down his pants and

pressing her slippery fingers up  his young tight asshole.  Gary's  cock

was stiff  and pulsing  and Diane  took his  stiff shaft  into her mouth

fucking her throat  with his stiff  prick.  Gary was  thrusting his hips

forcing his cock deep into Diane's throat as his passion built.

Sue rolled her  young cousin Pam  towards me and  guided my stiff  prick

into her sweet young mouth.  Pam  took my cock deep into her  throat and

sucked my prick hard and fast attesting to the training Sue had provided

during the last three days.  My cock was close to bursting and I knew  I

needed to stuff my throbbing prick into a pussy soon.  Diane knelt  down

and told Gary to fuck her pussy and reached back spreading her pussy and

asshole showing him her tight holes and rubbing her clit inviting him to

fuck his stiff cock up her cunt.  Sue seeing that Gary was ready to ream

Diane's hot  cunt moved  over and  grabbed his  stiff throbbing cock and

guided  him  to  Diane's  open  pussy  rubbing  the  swollen head of her

cousin's cock into Diane's slippery  pussy lips.  Diane humped back  and

shoved Gary's cock up her pulsing  pussy.  As soon as Gary saw  his cock

begin to disappear  up Diane's slippery  slit he thrust  forward driving

his cock fully up Diane's hot wet cunt.  Gary began to thrust into Diane

reaming her tight twat with frantic hard thrusts making her moan and cry

out as he stretched her pussy  and thrust his stiff prick deep  into her

pulsing slit.  Pam watched as her brother fucked Diane and I could  tell

she wanted to  fuck as she  watched Gary reaming  Diane's hot pussy.   I

pulled her mouth  off my throbbing  cock and layed  her on her  back and

spread  her  smooth  firm  thighs  opening  her slippery pussy.  Pam was

dripping with excitement and I  moved between her legs my  cock standing

out like a flag ready to open her young tight cunt and stretch her  teen

pussy to the limit of pleasure.   Sue rolled over and sucked her  cousin

Pam's stiff little nipples and grabbed my cock guiding my stiff shaft up

Pam's slippery cunt.  Pam's teenage pussy was tight as hell and I slowly

pressed my ten incher up her  sopping slit.  Pam was very wet  making my

entrance possible  as I  stretched her  tight pink  pussy spreading  her

pussy lips and stretching her young tight vagina as I shoved my cock  up

her tight slit.  Pam was grunting out her pleasure and asked me to  stop

for a minute  once I was  about six inches  up her sweet  tight slit.  I

wanted her  first time  on a  big dick  to be  pleasurable so  I stopped

driving my cock up her cunt and began to give her some in and out action

pulling out a  bit then pressing  into her again.   This action had  Pam

moaning for more cock in no time and I continued to fuck her tight  twat

as Sue moved over her face and settled her cunt onto Pam's mouth letting

Pam lick and suck her slick cunt.

I heard Diane  start to climax  and looked over  to see her  humping her

cunt back against Gary's stiff cock  as he thrust into her spasm  ridden

pussy  and  filled  her  tight  cunt  with  a load of sperm.  Diane kept

cumming and reached back between her  legs and frigged her clit as  Gary

emptied his swollen balls in  her convulsing cunt.  Pam began  to climax

and  as  her  body  bucked  beneath  me  in orgasmic frenzy Sue climaxed

wetting  Pam's  pretty  face  with  her  sweet juices.  I thrust forward

pressing my cock deeper into  Pam's tight hole making her  climax harder

as she licked  up Sue's slippery  pussy juices and  Sue pulled on  Pam's

stiff pink  nipples.  I  continued to  press my  cock up Pam's quivering

vagina until  my balls  were firmly  pressed up  against her slick pussy

lips  and  began  to  fuck  her  deep  taking  long  slow strokes as Pam

continued to climax from the pleasure my thick prick was causing up  her

tight young cunt.  Sue climbed  off her cousin and was  quickly replaced

by Diane her  pussy dripping with  Pam's brothers sperm.   Pam licked up

her brothers cream like a ravenous  young kitten while I fucked my  long

cock deep into her convulsing cunt.   Gary and Sue joined in and  licked

and sucked Pam's stiff  nipples as they massaged  the firm flesh of  her

small tits making her climax again  an again.  I could not hold  off any

longer and with  a hard thrust  buried my cock  balls deep into  her hot

snatch and  shot my  load deep  into her  young tight  pussy filling her

convulsing  hole  as  Diane  had  another  climax on Pam's mouth.  Diane

drenched  Pam's  open  mouth  with  her  juices  and the remnants of her

brother Gary's load which gushed  out of Diane's spasming twat.   My cum

filled Pam's  tight young  vagina and  leaked out  around her  stretched

pussy lips as I continued to  pound my still stiff dick deep  into Pam's

tight teenage pussy making her moan and twist with pleasure.

I pulled out of  Pam's stretched cunt and  pulled Sue's head to  my cock

letting her suck  and lick my  cum and her  cousin Pam's juices  from my

stiff prick.  Gary's  dick was hard  again and Diane  wanted to see  him

fuck his sister so she got Pam up on her hands and knees and slid  under

her licking her cunt and lapping up my sperm as it dripped out of  Pam's

swollen pink pussy lips.  Pam  was twitching as Diane sucked  and licked

her  clit  spreading  her  spermy  pussy  lips giving Gary a great show.

Gary's cock was stiff and ready and Diane grabbed his throbbing dick and

pushed the head  of Gary's cock  into his sister  Pam's hot sperm  lubed

pussy.  Pam began  to moan and  call out for  Gary to fuck  her cunt and

fill her pussy with his sperm.  Gary pressed forward stuffing his  stiff

cock all the way up his  sister Pam's tight spermy cunt.  His  long cock

stretched her pussy making her  moan as Diane sucked Pam's  stiff button

and licked  Gary's cum  filled balls  as Gary  pounded his  cock up  his

sister Pam's hot tight  slit.  Sue had sucked  my cock clean and  in the

process gotten me stiff and throbbing.  Sue's pussy was wet and ready so

I pulled my cock  out of Sue's hot  mouth and pulled her  up doggy style

spreading her ass cheeks and opening her pussy.  Sue was hot and  begged

me to fuck her cunt and fill her tight slit with my sperm.  Sue  reached

between her  legs and  guided my  stiff long  shaft into  her hot  pussy

taking my full ten inches on  the first thrust pressing her slick  pussy

lips tight against my balls.  Pam  was moaning as Gary fucked her  tight

teen slit  and she  ate Diane's  spermy cunt  lapping Diane's stiff clit

while she thrust  her fingers up  Diane's hot pussy  and tight anus.   I

reamed Sue's cunt with long strokes driving my cock deep into her  pussy

while Sue frigged her stiff long  clit.  Seeing how turned on Sue  was I

licked my fingers and pressed them up Sue's pink puckered anus thrusting

them deep into her tight anus as I drove my prick deep into her  pulsing

pussy.  I saw Diane's legs begin to tremble signifying her climax as Pam

thrust  her  fingers  deep  into  Diane's  hot  pussy and pink stretched

asshole ramming her  holes with all  her might.  Pam  started to cum  as

Diane drenched her mouth with her sweet pussy juices and Gary fired  his

load deep into his sister's hot slippery slit filling her throbbing cunt

with a big  thick load of  sticky sperm.  Gary  drove his spurting  cock

deep into  his sister  Pam's hot  cunt as  Diane sucked  the overflowing

sperm from Pam's sperm  soaked cunt lips.  The  hot scene got Sue  going

and she began her climax her  pussy clamping around my cock like  a vise

and  her  powerful  sphincter  grabbing  my  fingers.  Sue's tight pussy

milked my cock hard and caused me to cum filling her hot tight cunt with

a big load  of sperm.  As  I reamed my  cock deep into  Sue's convulsing

cunt I watched Gary pull his dick out of his sisters stretched cunt  and

fed his cock to Diane who took him balls deep into her slick throat.   I

filled Sue's hot cunt with my sperm as I thrust my stiff prick deep into

her cunt making Sue cry out with pleasure.

I fucked Sue fast and hard until her orgasm subsided then pulled out  of

her sperm soaked cunt and called Pam over rolling Sue onto her back  and

guiding Pam between Sue's slick  thighs.  Pam dove into Sue's  pussy and

began licking my cum from her  cousins sperm filled twat lapping up  the

thick globs  of cum  as she  shoved her  fingers up  Sue's hot  cunt and

asshole.  Diane had Gary sucked up to another stiff hardon and lead  him

over to Sue's face rubbing the  head of his cock across Sue's  full lips

and guiding his dick into her open mouth.  Gary drove his cock deep into

Sue's throat as I watched my cock throbbing and ready for stuffing up  a

hot cunt.  Diane came around and spread Pam's ass licking her pussy  and

anus as  she pressed  her fingers  up both  of Pam's  slick pink  holes.

Diane's  pussy  was  dripping  and  ready  her  hot pink anal pucker was

twitching with  anticipation.  I  moved in  behind Diane  and pressed my

cock up against her swollen pussy lips working the head of my fat  shaft

up her  wet slippery  pussy.  When  Diane felt  my cock  in her slit she

pressed back against my long dick forcing me deep into her pulsing slit.

I began to ream Diane's hot cunt with long hard strokes making her  firm

tit's jump with each thrust and  stretching her wet cunt as I  buried my

dick balls deep each time I  rammed into her tight slit.  Pam  Wanted to

watch her brother fuck Sue's hot cunt so after lapping up my sperm  from

Sue's pussy she pulled her brother Gary down and helped Sue mount Gary's

stiff cock guiding it up Sue's  slippery cunt.  Pam began to lick  Sue's

pussy as she rode Gary's cock thrusting his stiff tool up her cunt while

Pam licked and sucked her stiff clit and laved her brothers balls.   Pam

licked her fingers and slowly pressed her slim fingers up her cousin Sue

and brother's  exposed assholes  as the  fucked each  other with frantic

pleasure.  I moved Diane around so that her face was next to Pam's  wide

spread ass  cheeks and  forced her  mouth to  Pam's exposed  asshole and

pussy.  Diane began to lick and suck Pam's cunt and asshole slipping her

long fingers  up the  young girls  pulsing holes  and finger fucking her

cunt and asshole at the same time.

Gary and I kept pounding our cocks into Sue and Diane as Pam licked  Sue

and her brother's pounding genitals while getting her asshole and  pussy

reamed by Diane's insistent fingers  and tongue.  Soon the pleasure  the

girls  were  feeling  was  too  great  to  deny  and Sue began to climax

clamping down on Gary's thrusting prick and causing his climax to start.

Gary was filling Sue's cunt with  loads of sperm and soon his  cum began

to leak out around Sue's convulsing slit only to be licked up by his hot

sister.  Diane climaxed  and I filled  her very tight  pussy with a  big

load of sperm ramming my cock  balls deep into her climaxing cunt.   Pam

went over the top  as she licked up  her brothers overflowing sperm  and

got  her  pussy  and  asshole  fucked  by  Diane's insistent fingers.  I

continued to ream Diane's hot slippery pussy until all the hardness  was

gone from my prick.  Diane rolled on her side and Sue got off Gary's now

flaccid organ joining Diane on the floor.  Sue spread Diane's limp  legs

and began to suck my sperm from Diane's swollen pussy spreading her  own

legs and pulling Diane's mouth to her pussy.  Gary and I rolled Pam over

and I placed my flagging erection to her puffy lips letting her lick  my

half hard  shaft while  her brother  Gary licked  her pussy  and asshole

making Pam twitch with post  climatic tension.  I pulled on  Pam's stiff

pink nipples as she sucked my limp pecker into her mouth and sucked  and

licked the cum and pussy juice from my dick.  I watched as Sue and Diane

licked and finger fucked each  others pussies and assholes and  began to

get excited by their lust for each other.  Their show roused me but  not

enough to  start another  round with  these hot  ladies just yet.  After

Gary had licked his  sister Pam to a  nice climax and Diane  and Sue had

climaxed in each others  arms I suggested we  have some lunch before  we

continued.  The girls and Gary agreed  and we all got up and  headed for

the kitchen.

I made  some lunch  for us  all while  Diane and  Pam sat at the counter

showing off their well  fucked pussies.  Sue sat  at the table and  Gary

helped me make the lunch.  Sue was  telling me how she wanted to see  me

fuck Diane up the asshole while Pam took Gary up her anus and she sucked

Pam's pussy.  To illustrate the hot  scene Sue took a large firm  banana

from the fruit basked on the table and spread her legs and pressed it up

her pussy ramming the yellow fruit deep into her slippery twat.  Pam and

Diane fingered their pussies as they watched Sue fuck her cunt with  the

long thick fruit.  Sue was hot  and pretty soon she began to  finger her

own hot  asshole pressing  her index  finger deep  into her rectum while

pumping the banana up her pussy.  Seeing the effect her show had on  the

rest of us, Gary and my  cocks were stiff and ready, Sue  switched holes

and began to press the yellow fruit against her tight anal ring  moaning

while she forced the thick long fruit against her hot anal pucker.   Pam

was urging Sue  on and telling  her that she  wanted to be  the first to

take my cock up her asshole.  Pam's banter got me hard as I watched  Sue

taking the banana up her hot  anus pressing the thick yellow fruit  into

her pink  ass pucker  until she  had a  good 8  inches of the long thick

fruit up her asshole stretching her pink anal ring and making her  pussy

slick with excitement.  Diane fingered her own pussy driving two fingers

deep into her pussy while frigging her clit with her free hand.  Pam got

down on the floor next to Sue and grabbed the Banana from Sue and  began

to ream  Sue's hot  asshole while  licking her  cunt and  clit.  Sue was

thrashing around in the  chair as her climax  came on her hard  and fast

and her pussy juiced  quite a bit wetting  Pam's face as Pam  licked and

sucked Sue's wet slick pussy.

Once Sue had regained her  composure and Pam extracted the  now somewhat

battered  banana  from  Sue's  asshole  we  all  sat down to have lunch.

During our meal Pam and Diane told Gary and I they wanted to get  fucked

up  the  ass  after  lunch  and  the  thought of fucking their tight hot

assholes kept me hard thru the entire meal.  After lunch Sue told us she

had a hot video to set the mood for the afternoon and went to her  purse

and pulled out another of the  Amateur videos that I had grown  to love.

I suggested we move the party into the living room and put my arm around

Diane and Pam  and headed them  towards the living  room as Sue  grabbed

Gary's cock and followed us.  I sat on the couch and Diane came over and

sat to the right of me as Pam  and Gary sat to my left.  Sue popped  the

tape in the player and joined us sitting next to Gary her legs wide open

showing us her slippery  twat.  I put my  hands in Pam and  Diane's laps

and  slipped  a  finger  up  each  of  their very wet pussies.  Gary was

fingering Sue's swollen  pink pussy and  pulling on Pam's  stiff nipples

while Pam fondled my cock and Diane rubbed her own nipples and  massaged

my swollen balls.   Sue layed her  head into Gary's  lap and licked  his

cock and balls as  he played with her  slippery pussy and still  dilated


The film started and I turned my attention to the story unfolding on the

screen, this film was a organized as a series of shorts all of which had

a different cast of characters.  The  first opened up on a family  scene

at the dinner table  the family was comprised  of Mom and Dad  two older

girls who looked to be in  their late teens and a slightly  younger boy.

The parents who were dressed as thought they were going out were  giving

instructions to the oldest girl who was to be in-charge for the evening.

The oldest daughter who's name was Beth was a tall slim blond with large

tits which were showing nicely thru her thin T-shirt.  Her sister a nice

looking brunette  with small  firm tits  was quietly  eating, her  stiff

nipples obvious against her tank top.  The blond got up and showing  off

her hot body her  lush hips and tight  ass shown off nicely  by her very

short cut off  jeans.  The brunette  was named Jean  and as she  rose to

help her sister clear off the table we were all treated to the sight  of

her  firm  ass  and  slim  thighs  as  she  bent  putting  dishes in the

dishwasher stretching the denim of  her shorts nicely over her  firm ass

cheeks.  Dad's name was Joe and he was on the phone making a call as his

daughters and wife cleaned up.  Cindy the mother was wearing a red dress

which was very low cut showing nice creamy full tits as she moved around

the table.  The boys name was Keith and we watched him looking down  his

mothers dress as she bent to pick up the dinner dishes.  When Keith  got

up he was showing a large bulge in his pants which the girls took notice

of right away.

Shortly their  parents left  for the  evening and  the girls  went up to

their room.  Keith was waiting for his friend Bob to arrive and when Bob

arrived they  went to  Keith's room.   As they  passed the girls bedroom

Keith heard some moaning and  stopped by their door.  With  broad smiles

Keith and Bob listened to  the sounds coming from Keith's  sisters room.

Keith slowly turned the doorknob and pushed the door open a crack.   The

sight that greeted Keith and Bob  had them hard at once.  There  on Beth

bed were Beth and Jean locked in a hot sixty nine Beth was on the bottom

and Keith  and Bob  were looking  at Beth  as she  licked and sucked her

sister Jean's clit thrusting her  finger up Jean's wet pink  pussy.  The

boys watched for a  bit and soon were  treated to a nice  shot of Beth's

hot cunt  as the  sisters rolled  around on  the bed  giving each  other

pleasure.  Bob wanted to  get a better look  and pushed the door  open a

bit more causing  it to creak.   The noise startled  the girls and  they

rolled off the bed in an  attempt to hide.  Keith seeing an  opportunity

to get his sisters to let Bob and him fuck them pushed the door all  the

way open and walked into the  room.  Beth hollered for Keith and  Bob to

leave but Keith just stood their watching his two cowering naked sisters

and enjoying both the view and the feeling of power he was getting  from

their plight.  Keith spoke slowly and calmly telling his sisters that he

would have to tell  mom and dad what  they were doing unless  they would

agree to let Bob  and him join in  the fun.  The girls  were furious but

after a brief  discussion between them  they agreed to  Keith's demands.

On the  condition that  Keith and  Bob get  naked too.   Bob was already

pulling his  shirt out  of his  pants eager  to get  it on  with Keith's

sisters.  Keith stopped him  and told him to  let Jean strip him.   Jean

looked at Beth and they both  stood up letting the boys get  their first

full view of their hot naked bodies.  Bob was stroking his cock thru his

pants as  Jean and  Beth walked  around the  bed and  began to strip the


Beth took Keith as  Jean worked on Bob,  Beth rubbed her brothers  stiff

prick thru  his pants  and let  him get  a look  at her firm young body.

Beth unbuttoned Keith's shirt  as he rubbed her  tits and pulled on  her

stiff nipples.   As Beth  worked to  strip her  brother Jean already had

Bob's shirt  off and  was undoing  his pants  while Bob  squeezed Jean's

small  firm  tits  and  rolled  her  stiff sensitive nipples between his

fingers.   Jean  pulled  Bob's  pants  and  underwear down in one motion

releasing his throbbing prick  which stood proudly straight  out pulsing

with his accelerated heart beat.   Beth looked down as she  unzipped her

brothers pants and saw Bob's  thick long prick enter her  sister's mouth

as Jean teased Bob taking his thick shaft into her warm wet mouth.   Bob

was thrusting  his cock  forward as  Jean licked  his stiff prick making

Jean's mouth bulge with his stiff long cock.  Beth followed her  sisters

example and soon  had her brother's  stiff prick exposed  and throbbing.

Bending down Beth guided Keith's stiff prick into her mouth finding  the

taste of his  flowing pre-cum very  nice.  Beth took  her brothers stiff

prick deep  into her  mouth and  throat sucking  hard on  his long stiff

prick while reaching up and  massaging his cum filled balls.   The girls

were  sucking  Bob  and  Keith's  cocks  and finding the experience very

exciting.  Keith wanted his first load  to go up his sisters cunt  so he

moved onto  the bed  and told  Beth to  take off  his shoes and pull his

pants of.  Jean pulled her hot mouth of Bob's stiff prick and moved  him

next to Keith  on the bed.   The girls whispered  to each other  telling

each  other  how  turned  on  they  were  at the site of the boy's stiff

pricks.  Jean and Beth  had fucked each other  up the pussy and  asshole

with their fingers and once  with their mother's vibrator and  liked the

feeling of  fullness the  vibrator caused  as it  stretched their  tight

young pussies.  Jean and Beth had been shaving their pussies for about a

year ever since they saw their mother naked in the shower fingering  her

cunt.  Beth and Jean  had started frigging each  other and worked up  to

mutual masturbation and oral sex as their experience and desire for each

other grew.  They had once watched  a poro tape where a couple  of girls

took on the one girl's boyfriend and knew that what was about to  happen

would really be fun.

The boys were as naked as Jean and Beth as the girls stood between their

legs and fingered each others cunts  making the boys hot to fuck.   Beth

crawled up  her naked  brother rubbing  her tits  along his  body as she

stroked his stiff  throbbing cock.  Jean  first licked Bob'  stiff prick

and then rubbed her small firm tits against Bob's chest bring her tit to

Bob's mouth.  Bob began to suck her stiff nipples as she played with his

cock and balls and rubbed the head of Bob's stiff cock head against  her

slippery shaved  pussy rubbing  his stiff  pecker against  her throbbing

clit.  Beth  had moved  over her  brother Keith  and straddled  his face

giving him a great view of  her slippery snatch.  Beth lowered her  face

to Keith's crotch taking his stiff dick deep into her mouth and began to

suck his prick licking up his freely flowing pre-cum.  Keith pulled  his

sister Beth's pussy to his mouth and began to lick her slippery twat  as

she sucked  and deep  throated his  excited prick.   Beth's pussy tasted

great and Keith slipped his tongue up his sister's pussy making her moan

with pleasure.  Jean seeing how much fun Beth and her brother Keith were

having straddled Bob's face and  started sucking his stiff prick  as Bob

pulled Jean's sweet shaved pussy lips to his mouth licking her prominent

clit and forcing  his long tongue  up her juicy  slit.  Keith wanted  to

fuck his sisters  so he begged  Beth to sit  on his cock,  Beth was more

than ready and she  pulled her mouth off  her brother's raging dick  and

turned around and got up over his stiff cock.  Jean watched as her older

sister grabbed their brother's thick long cock and guided it up her cunt

forcing Keith's straining member deep into her exposed wet twat  forcing

her cunt down his thick pole until Keith's long cock was buried deep  in

her pulsing wet slit.  Keith's cock stretched his sister Beth young  hot

cunt as  she drove  her pussy  down his  dick until  her pussy lips were

tightly pressed  against his  swollen balls  and the  root of  his thick

organ stretched her tight pink cunt making her moan with pleasure as she

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to mount his cock and as she guided his prick into her tight pink  pussy

Jean begged him to fuck her hard and deep.  Jean was driving Bob's  cock

deep into her young tight slit and watching her sister fuck her pussy on

their brother Keith's stiff prick.  The  girls were so turned on by  the

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After their  climaxes the  girls rolled  off Keith  and Bob  who's cocks

remained stiff and ready  despite the load of  jism the had just  filled

the girl's cunts with.  Bob told  the girls to eat each other  again and

guided them into a hot sixty  nine position letting the girls lick  each

others cunts lapping  up the boys  sperm.  Bob wanted  to fuck Beth  and

began to rub her stiff nipples and squeeze her firm tits.  Keith watched

Jean lap  his thick  semen from  his sister  Beth's pussy  as he  rubbed

Jean's creamy ass cheeks and massaged her small firm tits pulling on her

stiff pink nipples making her shake with pleasure.  The boys pulled  the

girls part and Bob got Beth on her knees and moved in behind her guiding

his stiff thick cock against  her slippery wet pussy lips.   Beth moaned

as Bob's big  prick began to  spread her slippery  lips and told  Bob to

ream her  pussy.  Bob  thrust forward  driving his  thick cock deep into

Beth's  sperm  soaked  cunt  making  her  moan  with delight as his cock

stretched her young cunt making  her pleasure mouth quickly.  Keith  was

fingering  his  other  sister  Jean's  cunt  and  moved  her  under Beth

positioning  her  so  she  could  lick  Beth's firm hanging tits.  Keith

spread Jean's legs and  let her guide his  cock as he moved  between her

wide  open  legs.   Jean  was  already  licking  her sister Beth's stiff

nipples as her hand  guide her brother Keith's  hard long cock into  her

spermy cunt.  Keith drove his cock up Jean's pulsing cunt and watched as

his sister Beth  sucked Jean's small  firm tits covering  her entire tit

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up her sopping slit.  Beth was close to climax and Jean was well on  her

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Beth's  climax  feeling  her  tight  teen  pussy  clamp around his stiff

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Pam and Diane  were climaxing and  wetting my hands  with their orgasmic

juices as Sue moaned her climax out and Gary finger fucked her hot pussy

and  open  anus.   After  their  climaxes  Diane  and Pat adjusted their

position Pat pulling my  hand to her ass  and pressing my finger  up her

hot tight anus.  Diane  placed her head in  my lap and began  to lick my

stiff cock  as I  noticed Gary  slide his  hand over  her ass and slip a

finger  up  her  tight  very  wet  butt  and  her  slippery  pussy juice

lubricated cunt.  Sue had layed her  head in Gary's lap and was  licking

and sucking his stiff cock.  My attention was brought back to the screen

as the  second short  started and  I knew  I was  bound to  fill Diane's

talented mouth with a hot load  of sperm before long.  The scene  opened

in a bedroom and showed a stunning older woman dressing while she  spoke

to her daughter.  Cindy the mother was telling her daughter Betty  about

her  date  for  tonight  and  asked  her  daughter if she thought it was

alright for her to  go out.  Betty told  her mother that dad  would have

wanted her to start dating again and told her mother how hot she looked.

Cindy was just putting on her nylons and was naked except for her  first

nylon.  Betty was dressed in a short skirt and silky blouse which  clung

to her young firm  tits nicely.  Since Betty  was sitting on the  bed we

could see her silky pink panties stretched tightly over her pussy and it

was clear that she  was excited by the  site of her naked  mother as she

dressed.  Betty's nipples were showing thru her silky top and the crotch

of her panties were discolored showing that Betty's pussy was also  quit


Cindy continue  to dress  and at  her daughters  suggestion wore a silky

shear top without  a bra.  Cindy  had large firm  tits and she  was very

excited both  by the  prospect of  her date  and the  fact that  she was

dressing  in  front  of  her  seventeen  year  old daughter.  We saw her

thoughts in a flash back, as she remembered her collage days she and her

roommate wound around each other licking and suck each other in a wanton

display of female sexuality.  Betty could see her mother was very turned

on her  nipples standing  stiffly out  against the  shear blouse and her

mom's  neatly  shaved  pussy  lips  glistening with excitement.  We were

treated  to  a  vision  from  Betty  as  she imagined licking and finger

fucking her mother's  pussy while her  mom worked on  Betty's hot shaved

snatch with  her tongue  and a  large dildo  thrusting the thick plastic

shaft into her daughters creamy  cunt.  Finally reality cut back  in and

we were treated to the site  of Betty's hand thrust under her  own skirt

as her mother finished dressing.   Once Cindy pulled on her  skirt Betty

came over to her and gave her  a kiss hugging her mother and planting  a

long  lingering  kiss  on  her  mother's  full  lips.   Betty  whispered

something into her mother's ear and  then after a bit of giggling  Cindy

raised her skirt and allowed Betty  to pull her panties off leaving  her

naked under her short skirt.  Betty boldly ran her hand up the inside of

her  mother's  legs  ending  with  her  fingers pressed lightly over her

mother's pussy which was framed by a black garter belt.  Cindy told  her

daughter Betty how wicked and exciting it felt to go without panties and

admonished her  daughter for  her boldness.   Betty told  her mother she

didn't see the big difference since no one would know anyway.  With that

Cindy  grabbed  her  daughters  skirt  and  lifted it up and pulled down

Betty's panties exposing her daughters closely shaved pussy.  Cindy felt

how wet her daughters pussy was  and knew that Betty had been  turned on

by seeing  her naked  while dressing.   A strong  wave of desire flashed

over Cindy but she settled for rubbing her daughters ass cheeks then let

her skirt drop back into position.

Cindy and Betty headed downstairs  and we were treated to  another quick

flash of Betty and Cindy's cunts  as they came dow the stairs.   Shortly

Cindy's date arrived a  nice trim guy with  a nice looking bulge  in his

pants.  The three of them sat in the living room for a bit before  Cindy

and her date Tom got ready to leave.  Betty's short skirt had given  Tom

a nice  view of  her naked  pussy as  they sat  and talked and Cindy had

allowed her legs to open so that Betty was treated to some nice views of

her mother's pussy.  Betty was very turned on by the time Cindy and  Tom

left and she noticed  that Tom had a  large bulge in his  pants from all

the hot  beaver shots  Betty had  given him.   Even her  normally stayed

mother was hot and clung to Tom pressing her full firm tits against  him

at every opportunity.  Finally Mom and her date Tom left and Betty stood

against the closed door and pulled up he short skirt and rubbed her very

wet pussy.

Just as it was  beginning to feel real  great Betty's older brother  Rod

and his date walked in from the kitchen.  Betty didn't noticed them even

after Rod cleared his  throat in an attempt  to make his presence  know.

It was Rod's girlfriend  who broke Betty out  of her pleasure trance  by

moving to her side  and placing her hands  on Betty's tits and  twisting

Betty's stiff protruding nipples.  Betty pulled her hand from her  pussy

her fingers slick with her fragrant juices and tried to push Gail, Rod's

girlfriend away.  Gail held the younger girl firmly and lowered one hand

down lifting Betty's skirt and placing her hand on Betty's cunt.   Betty

continued to struggle until Gail forced her fingers up Betty's wet pussy

and thrust them deep into her tight cunt rubbing her stiff clit with her

thumb.   Betty's  desire  got  the  better  of her embarrassment and she

reached out and grabbed Gail's large firm tits.  Rod was moving  towards

them now and by the  size of the lump in  his pants Betty could tell  he

was very stimulated by the scene she and Gail were putting on.  Gail was

reaming Betty's  pussy as  Betty responded  to her  fingers and squeezed

Gail's large firm tits.  Rod  stood behind his girlfriend and  pulled up

her skirt grabbing her firm  ass cheeks and rubbing her  pantied crotch.

Gail told him to  strip her and after  a bit of fumbling  Rod pulled off

her skirt and pulled  down her panties.  Gail  had a fantastic body  and

Rod was still working to get her cloths off.  He pulled her sweater  off

and reached around  unbuttoning her blouse  and opening her  front clasp

bra letting her  large firm tits  spill out.  Betty  wanted to lick  and

suck Gail's firm tits  and slid down a  bit pulling Gail's fingers  from

her hot wet pussy  and fastening her mouth  on Gail's left tit.   As his

sister sucked his girlfriend's tits  he grabbed Betty's hand and  guided

her between Gail's legs placing his sisters hand on Gail's now very  wet

pussy.  Gail groaned as Betty rubbed her pussy spreading her slick  lips

and stuffing  two fingers  up her  stimulated vagina.   Gail's cunt  was

completely shaved and the feeling  of her smooth hairless mound  and wet

cunt lips made Betty even hotter.

Rod pulled Gail's  blouse off and  grabbed her right  tit as his  sister

Betty continued  to thrust  her long  slim fingers  up his girl friend's

cunt and suck her full firm tit.  Despite her passion Gail was still  in

control and told Rod to strip  his sister too.  Gail knowing that  Betty

was fully  committed by  lust pulled  her away  from the  front door and

guided her into the living room.  Rod was right behind them and ready to

strip his hot  sexy sister.  Gail  sat on the  couch her long  slim legs

spread wide and  guided Betty's mouth  to her slippery  slit.  Betty had

been with a couple of girls before  this and was dying to lick and  suck

Gail's pink  wet pussy.   Betty loved  the way  Gail's completely shaved

snatch looked and felt and she  spread Gail's pink pussy lips and  began

to tongue  Gail's large  erect clit  while forcing  three fingers up her

brother's girl's cunt.  Gail was squeezing her own tits and twisting her

stiff pink nipples while enjoying Betty's mouth on her clit and  fingers

thrusting deep into her slippery pussy.  Gail told Rod his sister may be

only a year younger than they were but she was a hot cunt licker.  Rod's

pants were nearly bursting, this long thick cock was clearly outlined by

his jeans.  Rod was very popular with the girls and his sister knew why,

Rod had a fat 11  inch cock which got hard  like a rock.  Rod worked  on

his sister reaching under  her as she ate  Gail's pussy to unbutton  her

blouse and pull it off  completely exposing her firm young  breasts with

those stiff pink nipples.  Rod had a bit of trouble getting his  sisters

skirt  off  but  finally  held  the  skirt  up as he rubbed and fingered

Betty's soaking pussy and pulled on  her tits.  Rob was so hot  he layed

down and slid under Betty putting his head between her legs as she knelt

licking and  finger fucking  Gail's hot  slippery slit.   Just before he

pulled his sisters wet  pussy to his mouth  Rod told Betty to  stick her

fingers up Gail's asshole because Gail loved to have her butt filled to.

As Rod  began to  lick his  sisters stiff  clit her  heard Gail moan and

begin to  climax.  Looking  up he  saw his  sister shove  her finger  up

Gail's anus and thrust her fingers deeply into her pussy and asshole  as

she sucked  Gail's long  hard clit.   Gail's cunt  flowed with  climatic

juices and Betty was licking them  up as fast as she could.   Rod wanted

his sister  to climax  fast so  he sucked  her clit  into his  mouth and

lashed the stiff button  with his tongue as  he shoved his now  very wet

fingers up his sister's cunt and asshole.  This had a profound affect on

Betty and as Gail wound down her orgasm Betty started to climax flooding

Rod with  her sweet  pussy juices  and pressing  her quivering cunt hard

against his insistent lips and tongue and giving Rod a big drink of  her

sweet slippery juice.  Gail pulled Betty up and sucked her firm tits  as

she climaxed over and over.  As the last of Betty's climax was rung  out

of her by Rod and Gail, Rod began to beg for the girls to strip him.

Gail and Betty quickly went to  Rob's assistance and soon had him  naked

laying on his back on the floor his stiff cock standing fully erect  and

waiting.  Gail  and Betty  knelt next  to his  head and  leaned over the

naked Rob  sharing his  cock between  them licking  and taking his large

cock deep into their throats as Rob rubbed their asses and finger fucked

their slippery  pink pussies  stuffing three  fingers up  each of  their

willing twats and thumbing their  pink pucker anal rings.  Gail  offered

Betty  first  fuck  and  helped  her  mount  Rod's massive prick holding

Betty's pussy  lips open  while guiding  Rod's massive  hardon into  her

tight wet slit.  Gail coaxed Betty down onto her brothers stiff fat cock

licking her tits  while she frigged  the younger girls  stiff clit until

Betty had managed to take her brother Rod's long fat cock completely  up

her tight pulsing slit.  Betty began to stroke Rod's thick prick up  her

stretched cunt moaning with passion each time her brothers monster  cock

bottomed out in her tight young cunt stretching her tight young cunt  to

the limits of pleasure.  Gail  planted her clean shaven snatch  on Rod's

mouth and leaned down to lick Betty's cunt as Betty pounded Rod's  stiff

prick  deep  into  the  recesses  of  her teen pussy.  Betty was nearing

climax and Rod had  thrust his fingers up  his girl friend Gail's  pussy

and throbbing slick anus stimulating her quickly.  Betty felt Rod's  big

dick swell and as  her pussy clamped down  on his invading meat  and her

orgasm washed over her like  fire.  Betty could feel her  brothers sperm

shooting into her tight slit as her climax peaked and she drove his cock

deeper into  her convulsing  cunt.  Gail  began to  climax and flushed a

fresh load of slippery juices into  Rod's mouth as she ground her  pussy

into his mouth and felt his fingers thrust deeply into her hot cunt  and

stretched asshole.  Gail got up and pressed her pussy into Betty's mouth

as Betty continued to ride Rod's cock keeping him hard and ready for the

next round.  Finally sated Betty  slowly rose off her brothers  cock and

took his stiff prick into her mouth cleaning his cock with her tongue.

Gail was hot to feel Rod's big prick driving deep into her pussy and got

down doggy style telling  Betty to join her.   After a bit of  direction

Betty was laying  under Gail her  mouth just below  Gail's dripping cunt

and Gail's face  between her legs  already licking Rod's  sperm from her

open pussy.  Betty  licked and finger  fucked Gail's hot  cunt while she

stroked  her  brother's  stiff  cock  and  rubbed  the  big  head of her

brother's cock against Gail's long stiff clit and pink puckered asshole.

Gail was  begging to  be fucked  hard so  Betty pressed  the head of her

brothers cock against Gail's pussy  lips and grabbed her brothers  balls

pulling him forward and driving his  11 inch monster up Gail's wet  cunt

with  one  thrust.   Gail  moaned  deeply  as  Rod's  cock sank into her

overheated snatch stretching  her sex swollen  cunt to the  depth of her

pussy and  filling her  pussy with  his throbbing  cock.  Rod groaned in

pleasure as his cock was surrounded  my Gail's ot velvet vise of  a cunt

and he began to ream her hot slit with long pounding strokes, giving his

sister Betty a great view of his cock and Gail's snatch as he forced his

long tool repeatedly into Gail's hot quivering sex.  Betty licked Gail's

clit and reached for  her full hanging tits  pulling the firm flesh  and

twisting Gail's erect nipples adding to the girls pleasure.  Gail licked

Betty's sperm soaked cunt lashing her clit then opened the younger girls

cunt and ass cheeks and forced  her fingers deep into Betty's hot  holes

driving her  long digits  deep into  her tight  slippery pussy and sperm

covered anus.  Just then Gail started  to cum and her puss clamped  hard

around Rod's thrusting prick raising his excitement and making him  fire

a big load of sperm into her hot cunt.  Rod reamed his girl friend  hard

thrusting his spurting tool deep into Gail's hot box as his sperm filled

her packed pussy.  His jism leaked out around her tight pussy and  Betty

licked up the overflow tasting her brothers salty semen and Gail's sweet

pussy juices.  Betty felt the orgasm start in her pussy and asshole  and

began to  cry out  as her  climax came  over her.   Gail sucked  and bit

Betty's stiff clit as the juices poured out of Betty's spasm ridden cunt

lubricating both her pussy and  stretched anus as she climaxed  hard and

long.  Rod pounded his cock up  Gail a while longer then pulled  out and

fed his cum and pussy juice covered organ to his sister forcing it  deep

into her velvet throat while she squeezed his balls milking the last  of

his sperm into her hot mouth.

The kids were spent for the  moment and lay in each others  arms panting

for breath  as tried  to regain  their senses.   Finally Rod  got up and

helped  Betty  and  Gail  to  the  sofa  and  asked  them if they wanted

something to drink the girls said yes and Rob went to the kitchen to get

some soda.   Rod had  just disappeared  into the  kitchen when the girls

heard the front door opening.  The girls were just getting their  cloths

off the floor when  the door swung open  and in walked their  mother and

her date Tom.  Their  mother just stood there  open mouthed and Tom  let

out  a  low  whistle,  the  site  was  beautiful there they were two hot

looking  teenage  girls  covered  in  sweat  pussy juice and sperm.  Tom

turned to Cindy and admonished her for being worried by her  appearance.

It was only then that Betty noticed that her mother's blouse was  undone

nearly to the waist and that she only wore one nylon and that her  skirt

was unbuttoned  up to  nearly her  waist clearly  showing off  her naked

pussy.  Tom was no better his shirt was out of his pants and his  zipper

was down and his  cock hung out of  his pants.  Betty smiled  at her mom

and told her that Gail and Rob had come home while she was out.  Cindy's

frown turned to a smile and she told Tom to come in and meet the  girls.

Just as they moved into the living room Rod reappeared from the  kitchen

naked and carrying some glasses.  Seeing his mom he stopped dead in  his

tracks but then  relaxed when he  saw the girls  smiling.  "Well", Cindy

said "I guess we've all been doing the same thing tonight so I guess  we

might as well do  it together".  Betty's eyes  lit up at the  thought of

getting it on  with her mother  and told Tom  to bring her  mother over.

Tom put his arm around Cindy and moved her to Betty's side.  Tom reached

out and  pulled Betty's  stiff nipples  as she  looked her  mother over.

Betty reached  into her  mother's open  blouse and  cupped her mom's big

firm tits pulling on her  mother's erect nipples and slipped  the blouse

off her shoulders.  Cindy let  her daughter explore her body  while Gail

pulled Tom to her and stroked his rapidly rising cock.  Gail undid Tom's

belt and let his  pants slide to the  floor, quickly pulling down  Tom's

underwear exposing his  cock and balls  which proved he  was nicely hung

having a nice thick prick with  large hairy balls.  Rod seeing that  the

drinks were temporarily forgotten put the tray down and joined the  orgy

in the  living room.   Rod got  behind Betty  as she  fondled her mother

Cindy's large firm tits pulling and twisting her mothers stiff  nipples.

Rod's cock was stiff and long and he pressed his cock against his sister

as  he  cupped  her  tits  letting  his  mother see him playing with his

sister.  Rod cupped Betty's slippery pussy and forced two fingers up his

sister's cunt  spreading her  pink pussy  lips and  pressing his fingers

deep into Betty's pussy.  Rod watched his mother and saw how hot she was

getting and knew  he would soon  be fucking his  long dick up  his mom's

pussy.  Betty wanted to finger her  mother like Rod was doing to  her so

she reached  down and  cupped her  mom's pussy  realizing in the process

that Tom had already sent a load of sperm up her mom's pussy.  This  got

Betty very  hot and  she pulled  on the  remaining buttons  on her mom's

dress releasing it and letting  it flutter to the floor.   Cindy's pussy

was damp and  ready and it  was obvious that  Tom had fucked  her before

they came in to  the house.  Betty slipped  her fingers up her  mother's

sopping cunt and rubbed her mom's clit making Cindy moan with  pleasure.

Gail had stripped Tom naked and was sucking his cock which now looked to

be about a  good 9 incher  and very fat  around.  Gail had  her hands on

Tom's ass and was pulling him  to her face driving his thick  prick deep

into her  mouth and  throat.  Betty  wanted her  mom fully  naked so she

knelt in front of her and  reached around unhooking the garter belt  and

pulled it off Cindy's firm hips grabbing her ass cheeks and pulling  her

mom's pussy to  her mouth.  Rod  looked on in  lust as his  sister Betty

spread her mothers damp pussy and licked her pink pussy lips  collecting

her mothers tasty juices and the remnants of Tom's sperm as she fingered

her  mom's  cunt  and  pressed  long  slippery cum covered finger up her

mothers pulsing anus.   Cindy climaxed and  flooded her daughter's  face

with her sweet  juices as Rod  continued to probe  his sisters cunt  and


Betty guided  her mother  down to  the floor  and spread  her firm  legs

opening her  mothers cunt  wide.  Pulling  away from  her brother  Rod's

insistent fingers Betty motioned Rod to get between their mother's legs.

Cindy knew her son Rod  had a large cock and  began to beg him to  stuff

his cock  into her  cunt.  Rod  positioned himself  between his mother's

firm thighs and let  Betty guide his cock  to his mothers pussy.   Cindy

felt Rod's cock  against her slippery  cunt lips and  hunched up against

his throbbing cock as Rod drove his thick hot prick deep into his mother

Cindy's pussy filling her tight cunt with his cock and driving it up her

until  his  balls  were  tightly  pressed  against her cunt lips.  Cindy

pulled  Betty  over  her  face  and  began  to  lick and finger fuck her

daughters hot  cunt and  slippery asshole.   Gail in  the meanwhile  had

gotten up on her hands and knees and had Tom stuff his fat prick up  her

sopping  cunt.   Tom  was  reaming  Gail's  pussy  with long strokes and

watching  Gail  lick  her  mother's  tits.   They  all fucked hard until

finally Gail began  to climax and  Tom sprayed his  sperm up Gail's  hot

cunt.  Their passion  excited Cindy who  started her climax  and brought

her son off  in her hot  cunt.  Rod filled  his mothers hot  cunt with a

thick load  of jism  ramming his  straining prick  deep into his mothers

pulsing twat.  Betty climaxed on her mothers lips and tongue as her  mom

reamed her  daughters hot  cunt and  pucker asshole  with long insistent

fingers.  They rolled around a while on the floor until the guy's  cocks

got  hard  again  and  started  the  whole  scene over again, with Betty

reaming her  pussy with  Tom's cock  as her  mother licked  her cunt and

Tom's pulsing prick.  Gail licked Rod's load from Rod's mother's twat as

Rod drove  his cock  up his  mom's asshole  butt fucking  her to two hot

orgasms before filling her tight asshole with his cum.  The tape finally

finished and I unloaded my balls into Diane's hot mouth as she convulsed

in orgasmic glee from Gary's fingers up her pussy and asshole.  Pat  had

gotten off  twice from  my fingers  up her  hot pussy  and asshole and I

wanted to fuck  her butt as  soon as I  could get hard.   Sue had sucked

down two loads from Gary's bloated  balls and climaxed as he worked  her

hot cunt and asshole.

The film had  defiantly aroused us  all and I  suggested that we  grab a

shower before we continued.  The girls agreed and we got up and moved to

the shower  where Gary  and I  took turns  washing the  girls hot bodies

making them hot to fuck as we cleaned off the accumulation of sperm  and

pussy juices which had covered their hot bodies.  The girls returned the

favor and Gary and I were both sporting stiff pricks by the time we  had

finished.  I wanted the surroundings  to be a bit more  comfortable then

the living room and suggested we move our fun to my bedroom.  On the way

Pam pulled me to her side and stroked my now very stiff cock telling  me

that she wanted me to fuck her up the ass first.  I pulled her to me and

spread her ass cheeks  and rubbed my finger  over her tight little  anal

pucker and told her I would  love to feel her tight anus  clamped around

my stiff prick.  When we got into  the bedroom I had Sue get the  KY out

of the dresser and  got Pam up doggy  style on the bed.   Diane asked if

she could help and I had  Sue and Diane lubricate Pam's tight  pink anus

as Gary and I  moved behind them and  slid our cocks up  Diane and Sue's

wet pussies.  Diane moaned as I pressed my long thick cock up her  tight

slit and started a slow in  and out motion making her moan  with desire.

Gary shoved  his stiff  prick deep  into Sue's  hot cunt  and reamed her

slippery pussy deep while Sue  and Diane spread Pam's puckers  anal ring

and  squeezed  a  load  of  KY  up  her puckered asshole.  Diane and Sue

fingered Pam's tight butt and dripping pussy making her moan while  Gary

and I pounded Diane and  Sue's pussies bringing them to  climax quickly.

Gary filled Sue's  cunt with his  sperm but I  held off knowing  I would

need a really stiff prick to force my way up Pam's tight young rectum.

Pam smiled as I pulled my stiff cock out of Diane's sill quivering  cunt

and moved around to Pam's firm ass.  Sue and Diane coated my stiff prick

with KY jelly and Diane came around to help me get my dick up Pam's  hot

tight asshole.   I told  Gary to  fuck his  sister Pam's  mouth while  I

fucked her asshole and watched as Gary moved in front of Pam feeding her

his cum slick  cock.  Diane was  rubbing my stiff  cock into Pam's  pink

slippery anal ring and pressing the head against her tight sphincter  as

Gary started to pump his cock into Pam's hot mouth.  Diane held my  cock

tight  against  Pam's  pulsing  asshole  as  she  frigged Pam's clit and

watched as  my cock  slowly stretched  Pam's anal  rosebud.  Sue crawled

under Diane and  began to lick  Diane's dripping pussy  while she shoved

two fingers up Pam's  open pussy.  After a  minute or two Pam's  asshole

began to loosen up and the head  of my cock slipped past her tight  anal

ring and into her hot pulsing  colon.  I heard Pam's muffled moan  as my

cock began to travel up her very tight asshole and decided to stop for a

minute to let her asshole get use to my big prick.  After a few  moments

Pam started to force her ass back against my cock forcing me further  up

her anus and I pressed forward easing my cock into her stretched  rectum

until my balls were pressed against her pussy lips.  Pam was getting her

throat filled by  Gary's cock and  I began to  thrust in and  out of her

tight asshole  increasing my  pace and  strokes as  her asshole relaxed.

Pam began to climax as her brother filled her mouth and throat with  his

sweet cum and her asshole spasmed around my dick as her climax built.  I

reamed my dick hard and fast into her pink stretched asshole making  her

climax over and over until finally  Pam fell forward and I followed  her

driving my dick deep into her tight asshole and filling her rectum  with

my sperm.  I plowed her asshole hard and fast until my dick was too limp

to continue  and pulled  out and  forced Diane's  face into Pam's spermy

asshole letting her  lick and suck  my sperm from  Pam's open anus.   We

switched places and after Sue sucked  my cock hard again I fucked  Diane

up  the  butt  filling  her  hot  ass  with  my sperm as Gary fucked his

sister's spermy  asshole bringing  her off  again.  Finally  Gary and  I

pleasured Sue fucking  her cunt and  asshole at the  same time, with  me

pounding my cock up her asshole as she rode Gary's prick.  Sue came hard

and long passing out after her climax.  Gary and I watched as Diane  and

Pam  licked  our  sperm  from  Sue's  hot  holes and brought her back to


We were all fucked out and after  we showered and cleaned up all my  hot

guests left for home leaving me alone with a limp dick for company.



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