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Archive-name: Series/bus1st06.txt


Archive-title: Holiday Fun with Sue and Her Relations

Also-archived: Family/holfunsr.txt

My ongoing relationship with Sue had become quite regular, I was staying

over Sue's house about  three times a week  and the sex was  great.  Sue

had become a real  great lover learning what  turned me on and  enjoying

fucking and sucking for hours.  Our work relationship was great and  the

projects we  took on  had proved  to be  successful and  we got some big

bonuses which made us both very  happy.  Sue was aware of my  continuing

relationship with Jane and  her niece Kim and  once even joined us  on a

Saturday to suck and fuck the  day away.  Sue loved sucking Kim's  pussy

and taking my cock up her ass at the same time and for a while I thought

Jane might  be getting  jealous but  Sue compensated  by strapping  on a

double dildo and fucking Jane's pussy and asshole while I fucked Kim  up

the butt.

The  holidays  were  rolling  around  and  Sue  invited  me to spend the

Thanksgiving weekend  with her.   I had  no plans  myself and thought it

would be great  to have a  few days of  hot sex with  Sue.  I arrived at

Sue's place after work and we spent some time getting ready for the next

day.  Sue and I stripped naked and stayed that way all evening even when

we were sprucing up the house.  About 9:00 w settled down to watch  some

X rated tapes and get sweaty.   While we were relaxing Sue told  me that

her brother and his wife were coming over the next day to stay with  her

for the weekend.  I asked Sue if  my being there would be a problem  and

Sue told me not  to worry, and that  her brother was used  to her having

someone in her  life.  I was  satisfied with her  answer and we  settled

down to  watch the  movie.  I  noticed that  the movie  lacked the usual

glossy labels as Sue slipped it into the VCR and as the movie started  I

realized that this  was going to  be similar to  the movie I  had see at

Jane's house, an amateur production.

The film  started out  with a  family gathering  which looked  to be two

families having a back  yard barbecue.  The first  family had a Mom  and

Dad in their late thirties with two teen aged children a tall slim blond

girl and a rugged looking boy with sandy hair.  The Mother was slim with

nice large tits  which showed stiff  nipples under her  skimpy tank top.

Her  husband  was  a  medium  built  guy  wearing old faded cutoff's and

sporting a big  bulge in front  promising a large  cock.  Sue told  me I

should get some tight jeans because  I would fill them out like  he did.

I laughed and  rubbed Sue's now  stiff nipples as  we watched the  film.

The second family was made up of Mom a large breasted brunette with long

legs and a big tall guy who also was already sporting a growing erection

in  his  knit  shorts.   Their  children  two  girls were hot looking, a

petite, short red head wearing a  tube top which just covered her  small

firm tits and a pair of tight  white shorts which rode up high into  her

crotch clearly  showing off  her pussy  lips.  Their  other daughter was

brunette like  her mom  and had  big tits  which filled  her tight  thin

t-shirt and a  skirt which by  any standard was  far too short.   Things

were going pretty normally  for a family outing  when father of the  two

girls grabbed the slim blond mothers tits and twisted her nipples  while

they sat on  the picnic bench.   Instead of protesting  his advances she

rubbed the big guys crotch stroking the growing bulge in his tight  knit

shorts.  Her husband saw his  friend grabbing his wife's tits  and moved

over to the big  brunette and told her  to look at what  her husband was

doing.   The  brunette  watched  and  rubbed  her tits while the blond's

husband slid his hand down the Brunette's shorts.  I could see that  she

appreciated his  touches as  she spread  her legs  letting him  slip his

fingers up her pussy.   While the parents seemed  to be getting on  with

their fun the kids decided to go for a swim in the pool.  Brad the sandy

haired boy liked the  situation just him and  three girls the older  two

his sister Tracy and her friend Sally were developing nicely and Sally's

sister Barbara the pert  little red head was  a special favorite of  his

mainly because of her creamy white skin and red hair.  The fact that she

liked to rub her hot little body against his made him especially like to

be with her.

The kids trooped  into the house  to change the  girls going to  Sally's

room while  he went  to the  bathroom to  change.  Brad  took a while to

change an the thought of getting the three girls in the pool by  himself

had his 16 year old cock stiff with anticipation.  Brad sat naked on the

toilet seat and stroked his prick pumping his cock up nicely and  making

his balls ache for release.  Brad stopped short of jerking off since  he

wanted the  girls to  see his  cock bulging  in his  tight brief bathing

suit.  When Brad emerged the girls were still changing and he waited for

them for  a few  minutes stroking  his cock  and balls  in anticipation.

After five minutes of waiting Brad went looking for the girls, moving to

the back of the house to see if they were outside.  To Brad's  amazement

he saw his mother Linda her tank  top pulled up and on her knees  giving

head to Bill, Sally's  father.  Even more his  father Dan was getting  a

similar treatment  from Betty  Sally's mother.   Brad had  always sensed

that his parents  were very friendly  with Sally and  Barb's parents but

always thought it  was because Bill  was his mothers  brother he had  no

idea  that  they  were  also  swingers.   Brad realized that the parents

thought the kids had gone into the basement to play video games and were

just warming  up for  later.  Brad  watched for  a bit  and then thought

about how excited the scene was making him and decided to get the  girls

and let them see it too, hoping the scene would excite them too.

Brad went to Sally's  room and knocked on  the door, little did  he know

that the reason the girls were taking so long was that they were already

watching their parents  from Sally's bedroom  window.  Brad's knock  had

taken them by surprise  and before they could  get to the door  Brad was

already opening it.  Brad thought he  had died and gone to heaven  there

in Sally's bedroom was his sister Tracy, along with Sally and Barb naked

as the day they were born.  Barb was standing by the window looking  out

with one leg up on a chair.   Sally was on her knees next to  her sister

and was licking Barb's open  pussy and fingering her hot  little vagina.

His sister Tracy was under Sally  her face buried in the hot  brunette's

cunt and her  own fingers up  her own hot  pink pussy.  Brad  closed the

door and Tracy  told him to  strip, Brad was  naked in a  flash his cock

stiff and ready.  Brad blurted out  his news and Tracy told him  to look

out the window.  Brad went to Barb's side and she showed him their birds

eye view of what was going on in the back yard.  As Brad looked out  the

window Barb grabbed his  cock and began to  stroke it as she  thrust her

pussy  into  her  sisters  mouth.   Brad  put  his hands around Barb and

squeezed her small  firm tits as  Sally and Tracy  continued to work  on

sucking pussy.  Brad wanted to fuck  them all and moved around Barb  and

sucked  on  the  slim  girls  small  firm  tits and stiff nipples.  Brad

started to buck his  hips driving his prick  into Barb's thigh as  Sally

licked Barb's hot cunt and ground her cunt into his sister Tracy's mouth

and tongue.  Barb  turned from the  window telling Brad  to forget about

the parents and get ready to  fuck.  Brad ran his hand down  Barb's back

and rubbed her tight  ass finding her hot  anal pucker.  Barb moaned  as

her anus was opened by Brad's finger and she moaned as his finger worked

its way up her tight little asshole.  Barb told Brad to go and fuck  his

sister Tracy and after  seeing Tracy motion to  him and spread her  legs

even farther Brad pulled  his finger gently out  of Barb's anus and  got

down between  his sisters  legs.  Tracy  pulled his  face to her already

sopping pussy and told  him to eat her  cunt.  Brad dove in  licking and

sucking his sisters shaved pink slit until he felt her climax and tasted

her  pussy  juices  on  his  tongue.   Sally  came  quickly flooding his

sister's face with her juices  as she brought her little  sister Barbara

to climax  and licked  up her  juices.  Brad's  cock throbbed  hard with

excitement and Sally  and Barb moved  down to the  floor and pulled  him

between Tracy's legs.  Barb grabbed his cock with one hand and with  the

other spread his  sisters hot slit.   Barb then guided  Brad's throbbing

cock to  his sister  Tracy's waiting  cunt pressing  the head  of Brad's

prick into his sisters hot wet pussy.  Brad drove his cock up his sister

Tracy's hot wet cunt making Tracy  moan and thrust her pussy up  forcing

Brad's stiff prick deep into the recesses of her hot pussy.  Brad  began

to fuck  his sister  hard and  fast stroking  his thick  stiff prick  up

Tracy's pussy as  Barb straddle Tracy's  face pressing her  hot slippery

pink pussy to  his sister's mouth.   Brad could see  his sister's tongue

going up Barb's hot slit and lashing her stiff clit as Barb rode Tracy's

face with pent up passion.

I looked at Sue and could tell that she was totally engrossed in the hot

sex the  young kids  were having  on the  screen.  Sue  had her  fingers

shoved  fully  up  her  now  very  wet  pussy and was twisting her stiff

nipples as she watched the young boy fuck his older sister.  I turned my

attention back to the  screen just in time  to see Tracy and  Brad reach

their climaxes with Tracy arching  her young firm body into  her brother

Brad's pound strokes.  While my attention was on Sue, Sally had begun to

suck Tracy's  tits and  Tracy had  reached her  hand out  to finger fuck

Sally's  pussy  while  Barb  still  riding  Tracy's hot little mouth had

stuffed  her  middle  finger  up  her  sister Sally's hot asshole.  Brad

filled his sister Tracy's hot cunt  with his cum and then pulled  out of

her  tight  slit  so  Sally  could  suck  his prick and lick his cum and

Tracy's pussy juices off his  still stiff prick.  The camera  focused in

on Barb and switched from her face which was contorted with lust to  her

pussy  which  was  wet  and  being  lashed  by Tracy's hot tongue.  Barb

climaxed  and  gushed  her  cunt  juice  into  Tracy's mouth while Sally

trembled from the  combined assault of  Tracy's finger up  her pussy and

her sister Barb's finger up her asshole.  The sight of this group climax

kept Brad's cock stiff  an ready.  Brad sat  back and stroked his  stiff

cock into  Sally's mouth  filling her  mouth and  throat with  his stiff

prick.  Sally let Brad slip from  her mouth and laid back spreading  her

legs showing  Brad her  shaved wet  cunt.  Brad  crawled between Sally's

open legs and Barb  reached down opening her  sister's hot wet slit  and

guided Brad's stiff cock up her sisters ready slit.  Brad drove his cock

deep into Sally's hot pussy until his balls were resting on Sally's  wet

ass cheeks.  Sally begged Brad to fuck her and Brad began to stroke  his

stiff prick in and out of  Sally's young tight cunt making her  moan and

twitch with delight.  Barb helped Tracy up and got her to sit on Sally's

face giving Sally  a taste of  Brad's cum which  was leaking out  of his

sisters hot cunt.  Barb got down next to Sally and licked and sucked her

sisters hot tits as they shook from the impact of Brad's hard strokes up

her sister Sally's pussy.  Sally and Tracy finger fucked Barb's hot cunt

and tight little asshole as they fucked and sucked their way to  orgasm.

Sally was first to cum and her climax caused Brad to shoot his sperm  up

her pussy as Brad flailed  away between her thighs ramming  his spurting

cock deep into Sally's hot  tight pussy.  Tracy and Barb  climaxed right

after Sally and Tracy covered  Sally's face with the combination  of her

own fragrant  cunt juices  and the  remnants of  her brothers hot sperm.

Barb didn't  know which  way to  go with  two of  Sally's fingers up her

tight little pussy and Tracy's  finger up her tight pink  asshole.  Brad

finally pulled out of Sally's pussy his cock limp and covered with cum.

Barb jumped between her sisters legs  and began to lick and suck  Brad's

cum from her sisters sperm  filled slit while Brad's sister  climbed off

Sally's face and came to Brad's side.  Tracy stroked Brad's flaccid cock

and rubbed her tits into his  chest finally taking his limp cum  covered

dick  into  her  mouth  and  sucking  him to another erection.  Brad was

fingering Tracy's pussy and asshole while she sucked him and pretty soon

both of them were ready for some hot sex.  Barb looked up her face shiny

from licking Sally's sperm filled pussy and demanded Brad fuck her  too.

Brad moved in behind  Barb's firm ass and  with his sister Tracy's  help

managed to work his stiff cock  up Barb's tight hot little pussy.   Barb

moaned when  Brad's prick  forced its  way up  her tight  young slit and

began to thrust her hips back  forcing Brad's stiff prick deep into  her

young hot  slit.  Tracy  wanted to  get in  on the  action so she pulled

Sally away from Barb's  hot mouth and slid  in front of the  cute little

red head  pulling Barb's  face to  her cunt  and humping  her pussy into

Barb's  mouth.   Barb  went  right  to  work  licking and sucking Brad's

sister's  cunt  making  Tracy  moan  and  twitch  with  pleasure.  Sally

straddled  Tracy  and  planted  her  hot  slippery slit on Tracy's mouth

urging Tracy to suck  her cummy cunt.  Brad  stroked hard up Barb's  hot

pussy while he watched the girls eat each other and pull on each  others

hot stiff nipples.  Finally the girls started to climax and Tracy filled

Barb's hot mouth with her juicy  passion.  Sally to began to climax  and

drenched Tracy's face  with her pussy  juices while Barb  began to shake

with orgasm  as Brad  filled her  tight slit  with his  cum forcing  his

spurting tool deep into the young girls hot cunt, and filling her  tight

cunt with his sperm.  Brad knew he was done for a while and sat back  as

Tracy and Sally licked and sucked  his sperm from Barb's hot tight  slit

and finger fucked her tight sperm covered butt.  Brad got up and  looked

out to see what  his parents were up  to and found that  they had gotten

about the business of the  barbecue his dad grilling burgers  while they

chatted.  Brad  convinced the  girls to  go for  a swim  and put  on his

trunks and left after  they promised to meet  him in the pool.   As Brad

made his way to the pool his thoughts turned to the vision of his mother

kneeling with  her firm  tits exposed  and Sally's  dads cock going deep

into her mouth.  He thought hot good it would feel to have his mom  suck

his dick and vowed  to use the information  he now possessed to  make it


By now Sue was laying down on  her couch her head in my lap  nuzzling my

stiff prick as I reached between  her legs and fingered her pussy  as we

watched the film progress.  By now I was sure we would be seeing an  all

out orgy with both families going at each other hot and heavy before the

film was thru.  And after a  few minutes of boring stuff the  film began

to set up  for the climatic  ending.  The parents  were gathered in  the

living room and  the kids were  prepared to go  to bed.  The  girls were

sleeping in Sally's  room and Brad  was going to  sleep in Barb's  room.

The kids left their parents and the mood in the living room changed Bill

pulled Linda to him and took off her blouse exposing a nice set of  firm

tits.  Betty slid over and began to suck on Linda's tits nibbling on her

nipples as Dan  move to Betty  and pulled her  shorts down exposing  her

firm  ass  and  fingering  her  shaved  cunt.   Bill  and Dan got up and

stripped as Betty worked her way down and pulled off Linda's shorts.  By

the time  the guys  were naked  Betty had  Linda's legs  spread and  was

eating her friends  hot shaved slit  making Linda moan  and pull on  her

nipples.   Dan  got  behind  Betty  and  after  giving  her  cunt  a few

preliminary licks shoved  his stiff throbbing  dick up Betty's  hot cunt

and began to fuck her hot pussy doggy style making her hanging tits sway

jerkily with the force of his  thrusts up Betty's hot cunt.  Bill  knelt

on the sofa next to Linda and was fucking Linda's mouth forcing his long

stiff cock deep into Linda's mouth as she fondled his balls and squirmed

from the pleasure of Betty's tongue  in her hot box.  Bill pulled  Linda

up doggy style on the couch and drove his stiff dick up her pussy  while

she and Betty  kissed and fondled  each others tits.   Finally Betty and

Linda climaxed  as Bill  and Dan  filled each  others wives pussies with

their sperm ramming deep into their hot twats and pumping their sperm up

the girls hot holes.  Dan and  Bill helped their wives to the  floor and

fondled them as they licked  and sucked each others cunts  lapping their

husbands sperm from each others hot cunts.  Little did they know at  the

time that their hot show had been observed by their kids.

Brad, Tracy, Sally and  Barb had crept up  and were watching the  entire

show from  behind the  lattice work  in the  hallway.  Brad  was hunched

behind Barb and had  his hand up under  her nightgown fingering her  hot

wet slit while his  sister Tracy stroked his  raging cock which she  had

fished out of his  pajamas.  Sally had her  finger up Tracy's pussy  and

with her other hand  was frigging her clit  and stuffing her fingers  up

her pussy.  Watching their parents fuck had gotten the kids very  worked

up and  Brad pulled  Barb with  him as  he headed  back to Sally's room.

Seeing Brad and Barb  head back to the  room Sally and Tracy  decided to

follow  their  lead  as  thoughts  of  Brad's prick going up their cunts

filled Tracy and Sally's thoughts.   Once Brad got into Sally's  bedroom

he quickly stripped Barb's night gown  off and started to suck her  firm

small tits  nibbling on  her stiff  sensitive nipples.   Sally and Tracy

pulled off their night gowns  and proceeded to strip Brad  releasing his

stiff dick and licking his hot shaft as he worked on Barb.  Barb  wanted

to fuck Brad and  told him to lay  down.  Brad layed back  and let Sally

and his sister Tracy work his cock while Barb got into position over his

prick.  Sally guided her sister down onto Brad's stiff prick opening her

sisters hot cunt and  fitting the swollen head  of Brad's pecker up  her

sisters wet pink pussy.  Barb  sank down forcing Brad's shaft  deep into

her young tight pussy and began to bang his prick in and out of her  hot

slit.  Tracy mounted  Brad's face forcing  her sopping cunt  against his

lips and tongue and enjoyed her brother's tongue lashing her stiff  clit

and pressing up her slippery  pussy.  Sally stood over Brad's  belly and

pulled her sister  Barb's hot little  mouth to her  cunt enjoying Barb's

tongue on her clit and Barb's finger up her sopping slit.  Tracy  spread

Sally's ass cheeks and  licked and tongue fuck  Sally's hot anus as  she

rode her brothers  talented tongue.  The  kids began to  climax and Brad

filled Barb's hot little pussy with sperm as she convulsed on his  stiff

prick.  Tracy came  in Brad's mouth  as Sally flooded  Barb's mouth with

her pussy juices.

The kids were so involved in their hot sex play that they never  noticed

their parents  enter the  room.  The  parents had  seen the  light on in

Sally's room and come in to  check on the kids finding them  fucking and

sucking each other  was quite a  shock.  Sally was  the first to  notice

them  and  her  shriek  brought  all  them  all  to the realization that

something was wrong.  Barb and Tracy quickly jumped up leaving Brad  his

cock covered with cum and his face wet with is sisters juices staring up

at the shocked parents.  The camera panned the parents and it was  clear

that they  were very  turned on  by what  they were  seeing.  Linda  and

Betty's nipples were standing stiffly  under their blouses and Bill  and

Dan both had large bulges in their pants even though they had just  shot

their load just a short while before.  Sally was the first to speak  and

blurted out that  they had watched  their parents fucking  in the living

room and had decided to try it themselves.  Betty spoke first and  asked

the kids if they thought they had been doing anything bad.  Tracy  spoke

up and told Betty she didn't think so because she had only done what her

mother Linda had  done because Bill  was her mothers  brother.  Dan told

the kids to say put  and he asked Betty, Linda  and Bill to go out  into

the hall.  As they left the  room the kids could see that  their fathers

were very  turned on  sporting stiff  cocks which  were clearly visible.

There was a short wait and the door opened again this time their parents

came in naked.  Linda spoke first  telling the kids that if they  wanted

to join them in the living room  they should feel free to join in.   The

kids looked at each other and then at their parents and decide to follow

them.  Once they reached the living room Bill and Dan layed down on  the

floor their stiff cocks standing up ready for action.  Linda knelt  next

to her brother Bill  and licked his cock  calling her daughter Tracy  to

join  her.   Linda  positioned  Tracy  over  Bill's  cock and guided her

daughter down onto  her brother Bill's  stiff cock.  Linda  helped Tracy

get Bill up her pussy rubbing  her daughters stiff clit and licking  her

tits as Tracy forced  Bill's long stiff meat  up her tight cunt.   Betty

took her daughter  Sally to Dan  and helped her  mount Dan's thick  cock

sucking Sally's clit and  pulling on her tits  as Dan's big cock  forced

its way up Sally's tight pussy.  Once the girls had mounted Bill and Dan

they began to fuck each others  dads with slow deep strokes moaning  and

humping as Bill and Dan fondled  the girl's hot tits.  Linda moved  Barb

to the sofa spread her legs and  began to eat her out licking her  son's

sperm from Barb's  quivering cunt and  finger fucking Barb's  hot pussy.

Betty pulled Brad to  her and stroked his  stiff cum coated cock  as she

pressed his mouth to her large firm tit telling him to lick and bite her

nipples.   Brad  sucked  Betty's  tits  and  ran his hand down her belly

spreading her cunt lips and pressed his fingers up her wet pussy.  Betty

layed back on the floor her  face under Brad's mother Linda's pussy  and

began to lick Brad's mom's cunt while Linda sucked Barb's pussy.   Betty

told Brad to fuck  her and opened her  legs spreading her cunt  lips and

guiding Brad's prick up her  pulsing slit.  Brad was fucking  Betty with

hard fast  strokes and  watching his  sister Tracy  and her friend Sally

fuck their stretched pussies on Bill and Dan's stiff pricks.

Tracy and  Sally were  having multiple  climaxes on  Bill and  Dan's big

pricks and finally their tight pussies brought Bill and Dan off  filling

their tight  you cunts  with a  massive load  sperm.  The  girls finally

collapsed  on  their  chests  and  rested  as Bill and Dan stroked their

pricks into the young girls  and squeezed their firm ass  cheeks pulling

their young  cunts tight  against their  wilting cocks.   Barb and  Brad

climaxed Barb juicing  all over Linda's  talented tongue and  lips while

Brad sprayed his sperm up Betty's  hot pussy and humped her cunt  like a

demon.  Betty climaxed as Brad sprayed his sperm into her twat and Linda

climaxed flooding  Betty's face  with her  slick juices.   It took a few

minutes for everyone to  get their breath back  and Bill and Dan  rolled

Tracy and Sally  off their chests  to the floor.   Linda moved over  her

daughter Tracy and got into a  hot sixty nine with Tracy licking  Bill's

load from her daughters  hot slit while Tracy  sucked on her mom's  cunt

and clit  making Linda  shake with  pleasure.  Betty  followed suit  and

moved to make love with Sally  licking and sucking Dan's cream from  her

daughters pussy while Sally licked up Brad's sperm from  her mother' hot

cunt.  Barb jumped on her father  Bill and begged him to fuck  her, Bill

was a bit reluctant  worrying that his big  prick might hurt her.   Barb

sensing her fathers concern began to suck his cock making his worry fade

as his lust increased.   Bill pulled Barb's hot  pussy to his mouth  and

began to suck and lick his  daughters cunt making her climax as  soon as

his tongue entered her tight cunt.  Dan's cock was stiff and he moved to

Betty and her daughter Sally forcing his stiff prick up his Betty's cunt

as her daughter licked Betty's stiff clit.  Brad's cock was stiff and he

wanted to fuck his mom so he  got up tight behind her exposed pussy  and

ass  and  let  his  sister  Tracy  guide  his stiff shaft up his mothers

slippery cunt.  Linda called out to  Brad to fuck her cunt and  fill her

pussy  with  his  sweet  cream  as  Brad  began to pound his cock up his

mothers cunt.  As Dan and Brad pounded their cocks up Betty and  Linda's

cunts they  watched Barb  stuffing her  dad's prick  down her throat and

humping her young cunt into her dad's mouth having multiple climaxes  in

the process.   Barb was  determined to  fuck her  dad's big  cock up her

pussy and moved down positioning her cunt just above Bill's stiff prick.

Barb grabbed  her father's  cock and  pressed the  swollen head into her

young wet pussy.   Working slowly Barb  slid down Bill's  big dick until

she had  his entire  cock up  her tight  young twat,  her stretched pink

pussy lips  pressed firmly  around the  base of  his prick.  Bill helped

Barb begin  slow up  and down  strokes reaming  her tight  twat with his

large stiff pole and filling  her tight cunt with each  downward stroke.

I wasn't long  until Barb had  a convulsive orgasm  and Bill filled  her

slit with his  big load of  sperm.  The sight  of Barb climaxing  on her

fathers big  dick made  Brad very  excited and  he thrust  hard into his

mothers pussy  making her  climax and  filling her  cunt with his cream.

Tracy climaxed  and as  she thrashed  about under  her mother licking up

Brad's sperm  Linda sucked  up her  daughters sweet  pussy juices as she

probed her  spasming pussy  with her  fingers and  lashed her stiff clit

with her tongue.  As Brad started  to slow down Dan drove his  cock hard

into Betty's pussy  shooting his load  up her pussy and bringing her  to

climax.  Lastly Brad heard Sally  moaning as Betty brought her  daughter

to climax and Dan rubbed his sperm covered cock into Sally's cum stained


As the film ended I shot my load deep down Sue's throat as she  climaxed

from my fingers up her pussy and asshole.  As we relaxed I told Sue that

these amateur films were really hot  and Sue told me she loved  to watch

them especially the ones were incest  was a major factor.  I didn't  pay

much attention to what she said then but the next day the reason for her

comment  became  clear.   We  went  to  bed  and made love for two hours

licking and sucking each other and  fucking each time my cock would  get

hard.  Finally after I  fucked Sue up the  asshole while she reamed  her

pussy with a fat dildo we  both collapsed and fell asleep.  When  I woke

up  the  next  morning  Sue  was  still  sleeping so I showered and made

breakfast.  While I was cooking I heard the shower go on and decided  to

surprise Sue in the shower.  I went to the bathroom and slipped into the

shower next to Sue  and rubbed my now  hard cock into her  ass cheeks as

she soaped her hair.   Sue jumped a bit  then stroked my prick  pressing

the head of my  cock against her wet  tight asshole.  I pressed  forward

driving my cock deep into  Sue's asshole making her moan  with pleasure.

I fucked Sue's tight asshole until she climaxed and I filled her hot ass

with my first load of the day.  After some mutual kissing and hugging we

dried off and went  back to breakfast naked  and hot.  Sue looked  great

her slim hot body  sitting across from me  at the breakfast table  while

she told  me about  her brother  Doug and  his wife  Karen.  Sue enjoyed

talking about her brother and she even got out some pictures of Doug and

his wife  that she  took at  the beach  the year  before.  Doug was good

looking slim and tall  like Sue, Karen Doug's  wife was petite red  head

with a firm body and nice tits which were shown off nicely in the  small

suit she was wearing.  Sue put  in the turkey and we settled  down naked

in the living room kissing and fondling each other like school kids.   I

was between Sue's legs eating her to her third climax when the  doorbell

rang interrupting our passion and signaling the arrival of Dough and his

wife.  Sue and I scampered into the bedroom and I slipped on pants and a

shirt and went to answer the door as Sue got herself together.

Answering  the  door  I  greeted  Doug  and  Karen  as  if they were old

aquaitinces.  I quickly  explained that Sue  was dressing and  told them

how much Sue was looking forward to their visit.  Doug and Karen came in

and sat  down in  the living  room.  Karen  noticed the  wet spot on the

couch and ran her hand over  it then discreetly sniffed her fingers  and

then licked the tips  of her fingers.  This  got me very interested  and

excited because she had to know what had caused the wet spot.  Just then

Sue bounced in dressed in a short skirt and a loose sweater.  Sue kissed

her brother  and hugged  Karen welcoming  them and  telling them she was

glad they could join us for the holiday.  The rest of the day was filled

with conversation and  good times and  the catching up  families do when

they haven't seen each other for a while.  We ate a big lunch about 1:00

pm and then Doug  and I settled dow  to watch a football  game while the

girls did the dishes and talked.   It was relaxing and very low  key all

afternoon and while I  longed to be between  Sue's hot legs fucking  and

sucking the day had  a special closeness to  it that I did  enjoy.  Doug

announced that he and Karen wanted to take us out for dinner and we  all

took off  in Doug's  station wagon  to a  local eating  spot for a light

supper.   Things  were  going  great  and  I could tell Sue was enjoying

having her brother and his wife over so I put my lust for Sue at bay and

enjoyed her happiness.   We returned home  about 8:30 and  Sue and Karen

made coffee while Doug and I started a fire in the fireplace.  The  room

was warm and cozy by the time we sat down to coffee and Sue cuddled next

to me stroking  my leg like  we were an  old married couple.   Karen was

resting against Doug and because of  the way she was siting I  could see

up her dress and noticed that Karen  had no panties on and that I  could

see her red haired pussy clearly even in the dim light of the fire.   My

cock began to grow and I knew  Sue was getting the same view of  Karen's

charms as I had.  Finally when  my erection was obvious to everyone  Sue

suggested  we  shower  and  get  into  something  more comfortable.  Sue

suggested Karen and Doug shower first but Karen told Sue that we  should

go ahead as she and Doug had to unpack some things first.

With that Sue and I headed for  the shower I went right in and  Sue told

me she  would get  some robes  for us.   I stripped  and jumped into the

shower and started  to soap up  my cock growing  to full erection  as my

thoughts turned to fucking Sue.  I was in the middle of washing my  hair

when I felt a cool breeze signifying someone had entered the shower with

me.  Thinking it was  Sue I reached out  and gathered her into  my arms.

As she  made contact  with my  body I  realized that  it was not Sue.  I

quickly pulled back as  a small hand grabbed  my stiff prick holding  me

firmly  in  its  grasp.   Opening  my  eyes  I  realized that my bathing

companion was Karen not Sue,  Karen was standing there naked  holding my

cock in her hands her small firm tits sporting stiff pink nipples and  a

look of lust in her eyes.  I guess Karen read my shock and questions  in

the expression on my face and told me not to worry because Sue and  Doug

were  right  behind  her.   Recovering  from  my  initial shock I pulled

Karen's hot body to  mine pressing her stiff  firm tits to my  chest and

grabbing her ass cheeks pressing her  cunt to my stiff prick.  I  rubbed

my fingers up and down her  ass crack and over her puckered  anus making

Karen moan and pull me closer to her.  Just then the door to the  shower

opened again and in stepped Sue and Doug.  All of a sudden the film from

the other night and Sue's comment  about incest all made sense.  I  knew

we would be in for one hot weekend of sex and smiled at Sue as I  rubbed

Karen's hot asshole.  Sue kissed me  as her brother cupped her tits  and

pressed his stiff dick between  Sue's firm ass cheeks.  We  all showered

together rubbing and soaping Sue and Karen and making them hot as hell.

Once we were all squeaky clean we dried off and Sue told me there was  a

special movie she wanted  to show me so  we all went to  the living room

and Sue got the film and put  it in the VCR.  The film was  obviously an

amateur production and this time I knew most of the actors.  Sue and her

brother were in the  first scene and they  were joined shortly by  Karen

and another guy.  Karen sat next to me and reached out stroking my  cock

as she told me  that the other guy  was her brother.  I  was startled by

how much the guy looked like me.  Karen told me she was looking  forward

to fucking my cock up her cunt and asshole and I kissed her and told her

she could count  on it.  Sue  sat back next  to her brother  Doug as the

film started to pickup  momentum and I looked  over to see Sue  stroking

Doug's cock and massaging his balls as he ran his hand over her tits and

down to  her already  sopping slit.   Sensing that  Karen was  more than

willing and fair game  I rubbed her tits  and slipped my finger  between

her slippery cunt lips  as we watched the  film.  On the screen  Sue was

getting ready for bed and the camera followed her around the room as she

stripped showing off her hot  firm body.  Sue was obviously  very turned

on her nipples were stiff and she rubbed her pussy as she got ready  for

bed.  Just as Sue was settling into the bed Karen came into the  picture

naked and carrying a  big dildo.  Sue smiled  and beckoned Karen to  her

bed taking the  dildo and licking  the fat plastic  shaft, spreading her

legs Sue pushed the dildo up her sopping cunt and began to pump the  fat

cock in and out  of her wide open  pussy.  Karen crawled up  next to Sue

and kissed her then worked her way down Sue's hot body licking her  tits

and ending up flicking Sue's clit  with her tongue.  Karen rose up  over

Sue and grabbed the exposed end of the dildo and sank down on it  taking

the remaining  exposed portion  of the  dildo up  her shaved  pink pussy

ending her  downward thrust  when her  cunt was  firmly pressed  against

Sue's hot wet pussy lips.  On  the screen Karen and Sue fucked  hard and

fast grinding their pussies together as they thrust their hips  exposing

the fat plastic shaft and then forcing it up their dripping cunts.   Sue

and Karen were pulling  on each others tits  as they fucked and  finally

had a very violent on  screen climax complete with spasmataic  thrusting

and loud moaning.  After their climax  Sue and Karen rolled into a  side

by  side  69  position  and  began  licking  each  others  pussies while

fingering each others  assholes.  Doug and  another guy Karen's  brother

Sam came into the picture and stripped while they watched Sue and  Karen

pleasure each other.   Doug and Sam  were stroking their  stiff cocks as

Sue and Karen climaxed in each  others mouths.  Sam and Doug moved  onto

the bed  and slowly  stuffed their  stiff pricks  up their sisters cunts

fucking their sisters with deep pounding strokes while the girls  sucked

each  others  clits  and  played  with  each others tits.  Karen and Sue

climaxed multiple times as their brothers fucked their wet pink  pussies

and finger fucked their tight  assholes.  Finally Doug and Sam  climaxed

and filled their sisters hot pussies with their creamy sperm and  pulled

out giving the  camera a clear  shot of their  sperm filled cunts  still

pulsing with excitement.  The film  ended abruptly and I looked  over to

see Sue sucking her brother's stiff prick as he fingered her hot cunt.

Karen was hot and she had her first climax in my arms as I fingered  her

hot pussy and tight asshole  while she licked my throbbing  cock.  Karen

was stroking my cock and asked me how long it was.  When I told her  ten

inches a sly smile came to her  lips and she sucked hard on the  head of

my straining  shaft licking  up my  flowing pre-cum.   I noticed Sue and

Doug shifting positions on the couch and told Karen I wanted to fuck her

while she ate Sue's  pussy.  Karen nodded her  head in agreement and  we

moved towards Sue  and Doug.  I  told Sue I  wanted to see  her fuck her

brother and  the look  of lust  which came  to her  face told me she was

ready and very excited.  Sue moved  over her brother facing Karen and  I

Karen grabbed her husband Doug's stiff cock and guided his shaft up  his

sisters cunt and watched as Doug's stiff prick slid slowly up his sister

Sue's hot wet pussy until his balls were pressed tightly against her ass

cheeks.  I pushed  Karen closer to  Sue and Doug's  exposed genitals and

told her to lick Sue's clit while Doug fucked his sister.  Karen pressed

her mouth to Sue's open pussy  licking her clit and playing with  Doug's

cum filled balls.  I got behind Karen and spread her ass cheeks  licking

her tasty pussy and pink puckered  asshole as Doug began to thrust  into

his sister making Sue moan with  pleasure.  I needed to fuck and  guided

my long hard dick up Karen's  tight slippery slit pressing my long  tool

up her quivering twat until my balls were pressed against her hot  pussy

lips.  Karen pulled her mouth off Sue's hot pussy long enough to tell me

she loved the way my cock filled her up and told me to fuck her hard and

pump my load deep into her pussy.  Karen's words inflamed my desire  and

I began to  ream her cunt  with long hard  strokes forcing my  dick deep

into her pulsing slit.  Sensing Karen  liked to be fucked hard I  licked

my  fingers  and  slowly  pressed  them  up  her  pink  puckered asshole

increasing her pleasure and making her pussy tighten even harder  around

my thrusting  prick.  Karen  was climaxing  over and over her small body

shaking from pleasure and the impacts of my thrusts up her pulsing cunt.

Sue was having a big orgasm ramming her brothers spurting cock deep into

her belly stretching her hot pussy as Karen licked and sucked her  stiff

clit.  I finally came filling Karen's pussy with a big load of sperm  as

she licked up her husbands  sperm from around his sisters  wet quivering

cunt lips.

I pulled out of  Karen's hot sperm soaked  cunt my cock still  stiff and

ready for more action.  I wanted to pleasure Sue and pulled her off  her

brothers wilted cock and got her down on the floor Karen followed us and

planted her sopping cunt  on Sue's face letting  Sue suck my sperm  from

her well fucked twat.  I got  between Sue's legs and after Karen  licked

her husband's  cum from  Sue's pussy  she grabbed  my fat  long cock and

guided me into Sue's slippery slit.  Doug was regaining his erection and

joined  us  getting  behind  his  wife  and letting his sister guide his

reawakened prick up his  wife's hot pussy as  Sue licked and sucked  her

stiff clit.  I was pounding my prick up Sue's hot tight pussy making her

moan and thrust her pussy up into my strokes forcing my prick deep  into

her pulsing vagina.   Sue was climaxing  hard and Karen  was cumming too

her small firm tits shaking from  the force of Doug's hard thrusts  into

her tight pussy.  Doug was pulling  on his wife's hips driving his  cock

deep into her pussy as he filled her slit with his sperm.  I blasted  my

load deep into  Sue's convulsing slit  burying my dick  deep in the  hot

tight  grip  of  Sue's  cunt  making  her  thrash around in pleasure.  I

continued to stroke  my cock up  Sue's pulsing slit  as Doug pulled  his

cock from Karen's pussy and forced his wife's sopping sperm filled pussy

to Sue's  mouth letting  her suck  his load  from his  wife's pussy.   I

pulled out  of Sue's  sperm drenched  pussy and  pushed Karen's  face to

Sue's hot cum filled slit, Karen lapped up my sperm like a small  kitten

licking up a plate of sweet cream.  My cock stirred at the site of these

two hot women licking cum from each others pussies and I wanted to  fuck

their tight pussies and assholes and fill their cunts and assholes  with

my sperm.  Doug and  I needed to rest  a bit and while  the girls licked

themselves to a nice restful climax I got some wine for all of us and we

sat around discussing the rest of the weekend.  After a while I began to

get those familiar stirrings in my balls letting me know I was ready  to

continue.  Karen noticed  my cock starting  to swell and  she spread her

legs and fingered her cunt letting me see her fingers going deep in  her

pussy  spreading  her  pussy  lips  and  rubbing her stiff clit with her

thumb.  Sue noticed my cock getting stiff and slid over to me and licked

the head  of my  dick while  her brother  Doug got  down behind  Sue and

spread her ass cheeks and  licked Sue's pink puckered anus  slipping the

tip of his  tongue up her  tight asshole.  Sue  reacted to her  brothers

tongue and slid down my dick forcing my cock deep into her tight  throat

making my cock get even harder.  I watched Karen fingering her cunt then

rubbing her tight pink anus and finally pushing two fingers up her tight

asshole and look at me with lust filled eyes.

I wanted  to fuck  Karen and  Sue up  the ass  suggested Karen  help her

husband get his cock up Sue's very stimulated butt.  Karen squealed with

delight and moved over  to Sue reaching under  Sue to pull on  her stiff

nipples as Sue crouched  doggy style her mouth  filled with my cock  and

her asshole being tongue fucked by  her brother.  I saw Karen push  Doug

back and reach down and grab  his now stiff prick pulling him  up behind

his  sister  Sue.   Karen  stroked  her  husbands cock and pulled him in

behind Sue's firm ass cheeks.   Doug spread his sisters tight  firm buns

and Karen guided her husbands cock to his sisters anus rubbing the  head

of Doug's prick into  Sue's hot ass pucker.   Sue was moaning around  my

cock which was still shoved deep into her tight throat and she backed up

a bit trying to force Doug's cock up her hot asshole.  Karen seeing  how

ready Sue was for a hot ass fuck grabbed her husbands ass and shoved him

forward  driving  his  cock  deep  into Sue's streached asshole.  Doug's

thrust drove his cock deep  up his sister's asshole forcing  her forward

and driving my cock deep into her throat.  Karen moved around to me  and

told me she wanted my big dick up her asshole.  To emphasize her  desire

Karen turned her ass  to me and bent  over spreading her ass  cheeks and

shoving two fingers  up her tight  pink anus.  I  pulled my cock  out of

Sue's mouth and had Sue hold my  cock ready as I pulled Karen to  me.  I

got Karen up over  my cock facing Sue  and lowered her onto  my cock.  I

held Karen's firm ass cheeks open while she squatted down and Sue guided

my cock up Karen's  tight anus.  Karen's asshole  was very tight and  it

took a  while for  her to  stuff my  cock all  the way  up her hot tight

asshole.  All the while Karen was shoving my dick up her asshole Sue was

licking  the  exposed  portion  of  my  cock  and Karen's slippery cunt.

Finally Karen managed to get all of my prick shoved up her tight ass and

started to  stroke my  cock in  and out  of her  tightly stretched  anus

making her  moan and  twist with  pleasure.  I  could feel  Sue's tongue

lapping at Karen's pussy an asshole as I drove my dick in and out of her

tight butt filling  her hot tight  rectum with my  big dick.  I  grabbed

Karen's tits and pulled on her stiff nipples as she rode my cock driving

my rod deep into the depths of her hot anus.  I heard Sue begin to  pant

as her orgasm over took her pleasure racked body and Doug filled her hot

asshole  with  his  sperm  ramming  his  dick  deep into his sisters hot

pulsing asshole.  Suddenly the pressure on my dick got more intense  and

I knew Sue had shoved her fingers up Karen's wide open pussy as I reamed

Karen's anus bucking  my hips up  and bringing on  a violent climax  for

Karen.  Karen's asshole clamped my cock like a tight fist and I shot  my

load  deep  into  her  asshole  filling  her  butt with my sperm.  Karen

continued  to  stroke  up  and  down  driving  my  spurting  tool up her

stretched asshole until I went soft and finally slipped out of her sperm

drenched asshole.  Sue slipped  her tongue up Karen's  stretched asshole

and lapped my sperm up like it was honey spinning out Karen's climax.

Karen got off me and went to Sue's ass and buried her face in Sue's  ass

crack licking her husband's sperm out of his sisters well fucked asshole

while Doug and I  sat back watching these  two hot ladies.  We  were all

pretty fucked out and  I knew it would  be quite a while  before my dick

could do anything for the girls so  I suggested we all hit the sack  for

some rest.  Doug and  the girls agreed and  we headed for bed  Sue slept

with her brother and Karen slept with me.  I got one more nice slow fuck

with Karen that night about 2:00 am when she came back from the bathroom

and crawled  under the  covers and  sucked my  cock until  I woke up.  I

pulled Karen's pussy  to my mouth  and worked her  tasty slit until  she

climaxed and then pulled her down and fucked her from behind driving  my

cock deep into her pussy making her climax twice before I filled her hot

cunt with my sperm.   Karen and I fell  asleep my cock still  up her hot

pussy and my hands cupping her small firm tits.  We slept soundly  until

the next day and then the whole  show started again.  By the time I  got

home Sunday night I wondered if my cock would ever get hard again.   But

as I remembered how hot it was  to double fuck Sue and Karen shoving  my

cock up their pussies and assholes  as Doug drove his cock up  the other

hole making them climax over and over as our cocks drove them crazy with

passionate pleasure my balls started to get that tingling feeling again.



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