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Archive-name: Series/bus1st04.txt


Archive-title: Overtime with the Boss

Also-archived: 3plus/ovtmboss.txt

I was very excited at the prospect of getting together with my new  boss

Jane again and I arrived at her house on Sunday at 10:00am as agreed the

previous day.  The images of the previous day with Jane and Sue ran thru

my mind and I wondered what sexual escapades Jane had planned for today.

I knew Jane really  liked our fucking the  previous day and I  wanted to

get her up doggy style and  fuck her hot pussy and tight  asshole again.

I parked my  car and went  up to the  door my cock  already beginning to

stiffen in anticipation of fucking  and sucking Jane.  I knocked  on the

door and heard voices  inside then the door  opened and Jane greeted  me

and welcomed me in.  Jane was  wearing a sexy robe which showed  off her

ample breasts very nicely.  Once I was in Jane pulled me to her  kissing

me and placing her  hand directly on my  now stiff prick.  I  pulled her

close to me  and ran my  hands down her  back cupping her  tight ass and

pressing her large firm tits into my  chest.  Jane was hot to get it  on

and I knew  I would be  enjoying the day  with her.  Jane  led me to her

kitchen offering me a cup of coffee,  coffee was not what I had in  mind

but figured I was the guest so I would play along.  Jane poured us  some

coffee and I pulled her to me and ran my hand up under her robe.  Jane's

skin was warm and soft and slipped my hand up between her legs until  my

fingers  reached  her  pussy.   Jane  was  already wet with desire and I

spread her  slippery pussy  lips and  worked my  finger up  her hot slit

feeling the heat  of her pussy  envelop my fingers.   Jane moaned and  I

pulled her robe open exposing her  pussy while Jane put her hand  behind

my head and  pressed my mouth  to her belly.   I licked my  way down the

taught belly until I reached her recently shaved pussy lips and began to

lick and suck  her stiff protruding  clit.  Jane's breath  was coming in

short hard gasps and I knew her climax was close, I lashed her big stiff

clit and pressed two fingers up her slippery slit.  Jane began to climax

as I thrust my fingers deep into her sopping pussy and sucked her  stiff

button making her thrust her pussy against my face wetting my face  with

her  sweet  juices.   I  moved  Jane  back  and  sat her on a chair as I

continued to lick her cunt making  her twitch and moan with post  climax

pleasure as I pulled open her  robe exposing her hot body.  I  licked my

way up her belly  and sucked on her  stiff nipples and firm  tits as she

battled to regain her breath.

As Jane  began to  breath slower  I heard  a quite  murmur behind me and

turned to see who was there  half expecting to see Sue.  To  my surprise

there stood a very pretty young girl, she was tall, blond and wearing  a

wispy baby doll pajama  outfit which showed off  her young hot body.   I

was a bit stunned by this turn of events and just looked her over as she

stood before me.  I noticed her hand was on her pussy and her tits which

were clearly visible were showing  stiff nipples attesting to her  level

of  arousal.   Jane  broke  the  trance  like  stare we had developed by

introducing her niece Kim.  Kim had just turned 18 and was staying  with

Jane  in  order  to  attend  an  area  college.  I told Kim she was very

beautiful and asked her if I had embarrassed her by my actions with  her

aunt.  Kim laughed and  moved towards me moving  her hand away from  her

pussy  and  letting  me  see  that  she wasn't wearing any panties.  Her

nicely trimmed pussy was  wet with her own  juices and I reached  out to

her as she moved  confidently towards Jane and  I. I ran my  hand up her

smooth  sleek  leg  and  gently  brushed  my  fingers over her pussy and

between her firm thighs.   Kim knelt next to  Jane and I moving  between

Jane's  wide  open  legs  and  rubbing  her  hands over Jane's belly and

fingering Jane's hot wet cunt.  Jane  told me to strip Kim and  make her

cum, I looked at  Kim and reached for  her young firm tits  cupping them

and rubbing her stiff nipples.  Kim told me to go ahead and that she had

been waiting to get it on with me ever since Jane had told her about our

hot antics the previous day.  I pulled Kim's baby dolls up over her head

leaving her naked  and hot kneeling  between her aunt  Jane's legs.  Kim

had nice firm  breasts capped by  stiff pink nipples  and her hard  flat

belly  terminating  in  a  nice  trimmed  pussy  which was dripping with

anticipation.  I pushed Kim  further between Janes splayed  legs telling

her to lick her aunt to another climax while I pleasured her.  Kim  went

right to work on  Jane's hot cunt spreading  her exposed pussy lips  and

ramming two  fingers up  Jane's still  quivering slit  while she  lashed

Jane's stiff clit with a  talented tongue.  While Kim feasted  on Jane's

pussy I fondled Kim's  full tits and eased  my fingers up her  wet tight

pussy.  Kim was going crazy on Jane's hot cunt and before I could get to

taking my cloths off Jane was  again climaxing this time in her  niece's

mouth.  My cock was nearly coming out of the waistband of my jeans  when

I felt Kim's pussy  begin to spasm so  I frigged her stiff  clit until I

felt her whole body racked  in orgasmic pleasure.  Kim pulled  her mouth

off Jane's slippery twat  and reached out for  me.  I pulled her  up and

held her beautiful body to mine kissing her and licking Jane's sweet cum

off her lips.

As  we  kissed  I  felt  Kim's  hands  working on my belt and opening my

zipper.  Since I knew I was going  to Jane's to fuck I had not  worn any

underwear so my cock sprung out into  Kim's hands as soon as she had  my

zipper down.  Kim grasped  my cock hard and  stroked me along my  entire

ten inches.  Kim looked down then  turned to Jane and told her  how much

she wanted to feel  my big dick up  her pussy.  Jane told  her She would

get  plenty  and  told  Kim  to  suck  my cock.  Kim knelt down and with

remarkable skill  stuffed my  throbbing prick  deep into  her hot little

mouth.  Jane  got up  and stripped  off her  robe and  helped Kim get my

pants off taking my  shoes off while Kim  continued to slide my  cock in

and out of  her tight hot  throat.  By the  time I was  naked I was very

near  to  climax  and  the  site  of  Jane getting down on the floor and

sliding her face under Kim's  hot twat and pulling Kim's  slippery pussy

to her mouth took me over the  top.  I grabbed Kim's head and fucked  my

cock deep into her throat as  my cock exploded filling Kim's hot  little

mouth with a massive load of sperm.  I could feel Kim's throat squeezing

my  cock  as  she  swallowed  my  thick  load  without gagging a bit.  I

continued to thrust my prick into Kim's mouth and throat while I reached

down and twisted her stiff pink  nipples until she began to climax  from

Jane's hot tongue up  her pussy.  My cock  never went down, I  wanted to

fuck Kim  hard and  long and  told the  girls we  should move  to a more

comfortable spot and really get into it.  Jane agreed and we all trooped

back to Jane's bedroom.  Jane pushed Kim back on the king sized bed  and

crawled up between her legs opening  her pussy and began to eat  out her

niece's hot tight slit.  Kim's legs were trembling and I sensed that she

and Jane were  regulars at this,  I needed to fuck some pussy  and since

Jane's ass was up,  open and inviting I  moved in behind her  and licked

her pussy a  bit as I  rammed my fingers  up her hot  twat.  My cock was

stiff and hard and I heard Kim urging me to fuck Jane so I moved up  and

guided my cock up Janes wet waiting pussy.  Jane was very stimulated and

her pussy clamped around my stiff dick as I drove my cock deep into  her

tight wet slit ramming my cock balls deep in Jane's hot pussy with  each

stroke.  Jane's pink puckered ass pulsed as I drove my cock up her pussy

so I licked my finger and  slowly pressed it up her pink  throbbing anus

raising  her  level  of  arousal.   Kim  was  thrashing about under Jane

thrusting her pussy into  Janes face and moaning  that she was about  to

climax.  I increased my tempo determined to bring Jane to climax at  the

same time as she licked Kim to her peak.  Jane's pussy tightened and she

began to cum just as Kim  arched her hips forcing her sweet  blond pussy

into Jane's mouth climaxing and wetting Jane's lips and tongue with  her

sweet thick pussy juices.  The site  of these two hot women twisting  in

climax took me  over the top  and I pumped  a big load  of cum up Jane's

convulsing pussy ramming my spurting tool deep into Jane's hot slit.

We all collapsed  on the bed  stroking each other,  I began to  lick and

suck Kim's young firm tits while she went down on Jane licking  my sperm

from Jane's slippery slit.   I moved down to  Kim's hot little twat  and

licked her still  stiff clit sucking  the engorged button  and fingering

her  tight  vagina.   Pretty  soon  I  began  to get hard again and slid

between Kim's open legs rubbing the head of my prick back and forth over

her cunt and  tight pink anal  pucker.  Jane grabbed  Kim's tits as  Kim

licked  her  pussy  and  told  me  to fuck Kim's pussy.  Spreading Kim's

slippery pink  pussy lips  I pressed  my cock  up her  tight young pussy

stretching her tight young hole and forcing my cock deep into her  tight

vaginal passage until  my balls were  tight against her  hot pussy lips.

Kim looked up from her oral attack on Jane's cunt and begged me to  fuck

her hard so I started to ram my stiff dick in and out of her tight young

cunt making her moan in pleasure  with each long hard thrust.  Jane  was

sucking on Kim's nipples and  squeezing her tits making the  young girls

body shake with passion.  Kim came quickly her pussy throbbing around my

cock as I plunged deep into her sweet young cunt.  I was close to climax

but I wanted to give Kim another climax before I filled her young  tight

pussy with my sperm.  I kept pounding her pussy and spread her ass crack

and began to rub  her tight little asshole.   Kim was moaning again  and

begging me to fill her hot pussy with my sperm.  I pressed my finger  up

Kim's asshole and felt  her convulse with orgasm  just as Jane began  to

moan and  climax in  her niece's  hot mouth.   I pumped  my cock deep in

Kim's quivering cunt and came filling her tight hot pussy with a massive

load of cum.  I  continued to ream Kim's  convulsing slit until all  the

hardness was gone from  my prick and I  finally had to pull  out.  I sat

back and watched as Jane licked  Kim's sperm soaked pussy sucking up  my

cum and swallowing my  jism.  I moved to  Jane's ass and spread  her ass

cheeks  licking  her  tight  pink  anus  as Kim continued to lick Jane's

pussy.  I showed Kim how to  finger fuck Jane's asshole taking her  hand

and forcing  two of  her fingers  up Jane's  hot butt  as Kim  sucked on

Jane's big clit.  Jane climaxed shortly after Kim started to finger fuck

her asshole and Kim  and I enjoyed Jane  grinding out her pleasure.   We

all needed something to drink so I invited the girls back to the kitchen

for some coffee.

While I fixed the coffee the girls rubbed my balls and cock playing with

my ass and cock as I poured  their coffee.  I rubbed the girls tits  and

pulled on their still stiff nipples  as they fondled my cock and  gently

pressed their fingers  up my asshole.   Finally I got  the coffee poured

sat down and asked Jane how long she and her Niece Kim had been  lovers.

Jane told  me she  and Kim  had started  having sex  last month when Kim

first came to live with her.   Both Jane and Kim then related  the story

of how they had come to realize their lust for each other.  Jane told me

she had brought Kim home from the airport and gotten her settled in then

left for a date.  When she arrived home she found Kim in the living room

naked with a dildo  Jane had in her  room still stuffed in  Kim's pussy.

Jane said she realized Kim had  been watching some of her X  rated tapes

on the  VCR and  had found  her dildo  in her  nite stand  and had  just

settled back  and fucked  herself silly  with the  dildo until  she fell

asleep.  Kim confided that  she had also drunk  a bit too much  wine and

the wine in combination of the relaxing effect of many climaxes had  put

her to sleep.  Jane continued the  story telling me how sexy Kim  looked

laying on the sofa her legs open the dildo sticking out of her pussy her

hand cupping her tits.  Jane told me how she sat looking at Kim and  was

overcome by her young beautiful body and aroused by her sexy scent.  Kim

picked up the story telling me how she awoke to find Jane cuddled  naked

next to her her Aunts mouth  gently sucking on her tits and  licking her

nipples as her hand  slowly stroked the dildo  in and out of  her pussy.

Kim confided that at  first she was a  bit shaken to find  her Aunt Jane

sexually arousing her but as Jane continued the erotic feelings Jane was

causing swept over her making her  desire Jane as much as Jane  did her.

Jane told me about  her concern for Kim's  reaction to her advances  but

knew when she felt Kim's hand  move over her pussy that they  were going

to enjoy  a great  relationship.  Kim  detailed how  Jane licked her way

down her belly  until she reached  her pussy and  licked her clit  while

fucking her young hot  cunt with the long  dildo making her climax  over

and over.  Jane smiled  and told me how  Kim took her to  bed and licked

her pussy and finger fucked her  long into the night.  To say  the least

the girls had  gotten me ready  for more hot  sex with their  stories of

their lustfull first meeting.

I suggested  we all  go back  to the  bedroom and  get into some hot sex

again and stood up showing Jane  and Kim how hot their story  had gotten

me.  Kim  reached out  and stroked  my cock  collecting a  few drops  of

pre-cum  from  my  stiff  prick  then  brought  her fingers to her mouth

licking my juices  with obvious lust.   Jane followed Kim's  example and

stroked my stiff  prick causing more  of my clear  juices to flow,  Jane

leaned over to me and licked my  pre-cum from the head of my dick  while

she massaged my now cum filled balls.  I put my hand between Kim's  legs

and rubbed her slit feeling her slick pussy lips separate  and allow  my

probing finger to enter her wet tight vagina.  Jane forced my cock  deep

into her throat and  sucked hard on my  prick stressing her urgency  for

some hot  sex.  I  pulled away  from the  girls and  moved back  towards

Jane's bedroom.  Jane  and Kim followed  me and by  the time we  reached

Jane's bed they  had me on  my back with  my cock in  their mouths.  Kim

shoved my prick deep into her mouth as Jane licked my balls and fingered

my ass pucker.  Kim wanted to fuck  and I told her to get on  top.  Jane

held my cock  in position as  Kim straddled my  stiff prong helping  her

niece to mount  my throbbing cock.   Kim's pussy was  literally dripping

her young sweet pussy juices and  Jane spread Kim's wet cunt lips  as my

cock began  to enter  her tight  sweet twat  stretching her  shaved pink

pussy lips and  entering the tight  mouth of her  hot vagina.  Kim  slid

down my long cock taking my  dick deep up her slippery snatch  until her

pussy lips were pressed  hard against the root  of my dick.  Jane  moved

her pussy over  my face and  I pulled her  hot wet twat  to my lips  and

began to eat her hot wet slit.   Jane ground her hot slit into my  mouth

as Kim began to plunge her hot pussy over my straining cock.  Jane  bent

down and started to lick Kim's stiff exposed clit making her pussy pulse

around my stiff shaft.  Kim began  to climax and her tight pussy  milked

my cock hard making me shoot a big load of cum up her young tight  slit.

Jane's pussy began to gush hot  pussy juice as she climaxed on  my mouth

as I  finger fucked  her asshole  and sucked  her stiff  clit.  Kim kept

right on pounding  my prick deep  up her pussy  while Jane licked  up my

sperm which  overflowed Kim's  tight slit.   Finally Kim  climaxed again

forcing my cock deep into her  cunt ramming the head of my  cock against

her cervix and moaning  and begging me to  pump my sperm her  hot pussy.

As much  as I  wanted to  fill her  hot tight  cunt with  my cum all the

fucking had taken their toll and  I was unable to fill her  pussy again.

Kim  got  off  my  still  stiff  prick  and sucked my cock deep into her

throat, Kim and  Jane sucked my  cock until I  was stiff as  a board and

then Jane  announced that  it was  her turn.   Kim held  my cock as Jane

mounted my dick plunging my hot shaft deep up her pussy.

Once Jane had my cock deeply imbedded up her hot slit Kim slid back  and

planted her sopping slit on my mouth grinding her hot cunt into my lips.

I sucked and licked  Kim's hot pussy while  Jane pounded my cock  up her

pussy climaxing twice before Kim got off and wet my face with her  sweet

pussy juice.   Jane was  determined to  get me  off and  she told Kim to

watch while she showed her how to take cock up her asshole.  Jane  moved

up freeing my cock from her pulsing pussy and told Kim to hold my  prick

straight  up.   I  watched  from  between  Kim's slippery thighs as Jane

spread her ass  cheeks and lowered  her anus down  to my cock.   Kim was

breathing heavy by now and she moaned with Jane as Jane settled down  on

my stiff prick forcing my cock up her slippery asshole.  Seeing that Kim

was  so  turned  on  by  Jane  forcing  my cock into her tight asshole I

reached back  for Kim's  ass and  spread her  cum wet  cheeks and slowly

pressed two fingers up Kim's hot slick asshole.  Jane moved down my cock

with a long  slow push burying  my cock up  her tight pink  asshole as I

rammed my fingers up Kim's virgin anus.  Both Kim and Jane were  moaning

and panting as Jane started to fuck  my cock up her anus with long  slow

strokes stretching her tight butt and forcing my long cock deep into her

rectum.  Kim stuffed two fingers up her Aunts hot pussy and bent to lick

her clit.  This spread Kim's pussy wide open and I began to tongue  fuck

Kim's hot cunt while I finger fucked her hot tight asshole.  Jane  began

to climax and her asshole clamped  around my cock making me cum  filling

Jane's tight butt with a big load of cum.  Kim was right behind Jane and

her pussy and  asshole spasmed together  as her hard  flat belly rippled

with the pleasure of her orgasm.   Jane rode me for a while  longer then

moved off laying on her back  on the bed.  Kim followed Jane  and licked

Jane's hot pussy and  then began to clean  my sperm out of  Jane's still

stretched anus.   I was  very turned  on watching  Kim her tongue laving

Jane's pink puckered asshole while  she finger fucked Jane's hot  pussy.

Watching the girls got  me hard again and  I move in behind  Kim licking

her hot pink anal pucker and frigging her stiff clit.

Jane seeing my erect  cock pulled Kim's head  from between her legs  and

looked longingly into her niece's  lust filled eyes.  "Are you  ready to

try it" Jane asked?   Kim shook her head  yes and Jane looked  at me and

told me Kim wanted her ass fucked.  I nodded my agreement and told  Jane

to get under Kim in a sixty nine position.  As Jane slid under her young

niece  she  told  me  to  go  slow  as  this  would  be Kim's first anal

experience and she wanted  Kim to enjoy it  to the fullest.  Kim  looked

back at me and asked me to go slow until she got use to it, I told her I

would be careful and  promised her she would  enjoy it very much.   Jane

was in position under  Kim and I told  her to help me.   Jane reached up

and spread Kim's ass cheeks as she began to lick Kim's flowing pussy and

suck on the  youngsters stiff clit.   I closed in behind Kim's firm  ass

cheeks  and  gently  pressed  my  cock  up  her  pussy  giving  her some

preliminary strokes up her sopping cunt.  Finally Jane grasped the  base

of my  cock and  forced me  back pulling  my stiff  prick from Kim's hot

cunt.  Jane rubbed the head of my slippery cock against Kim's tight anal

ring and I began to press my stiff cock head against her tight  asshole.

It took  a while  for me  to get  the head  of my  cock past Kim's tight

sphincter without  causing her  pain.  Once  the head  was lodged in her

tight butt I slowly pressed inch after inch into her hot pulsing  rectal

opening until I had all ten inches rammed firmly up her anus.  I began a

slow in and out  motion increasing my thrusts  until Kim was crying  out

with pleasure and demanding I fuck  her ass hard and fast.  My  cock was

growing even longer  because of the  tightness Kim's hot  virgin asshole

and I knew I could not last much longer.  I saw Jane's hand pulled Kim's

face to her wet hot pussy as I rammed my cock even deeper into Kim's hot

bowels making her climax  and buck her hot  asshole onto my prick.   Kim

was cumming hard and fast experiencing multiple climaxes as I rammed  my

tool up her hot ass spraying  my sperm deep into her tight  hot asshole.

Jane got carried away by the hot scene of my cock ramming up her niece's

tight asshole and began  to buck and twist  under Kim her climax  taking

over her entire body.   I reamed Kim's hot  pink asshole for a  bit more

until her strength gave out and she collapsed on Jane totally spent from

her first anally induced orgasm.  I  watched for a while as Jane  licked

my sperm  from Kim's  tight butt  laving her niece's stretched pink anal

ring and collecting my sperm on her tongue.

Finally I  got up  and went  to the  bathroom to  clean up.   I wet some

towels and  came back  to the  bedroom and  spread Jane  and Kim's  legs

washing their  cunts and  assholes with  gentle strokes.   Jane and  Kim

grabbed me and spread my legs  while Kim sucked my cock Jane  licked and

fingered my asshole until my cock finally came around again.  Jane  then

joined Kim and shared my cock sucking me and shoving their fingers up my

asshole until I came again all over their faces and in their hot mouths.

We all rested for  a while and then  repeated the scene again  spreading

Jane's legs and licking  her cunt and asshole  until Kim and I  made her

climax and licked up  her juices.  Kim then  demanded her turn and  Jane

and I  complied licking  Kim to  a final  climax and  lapping up all her

sweet pussy juices.  Jane and Kim were exhausted as was I and we knew we

would be getting together again soon so I told Jane I had to go and made

arrangements to meet them again during the week.  Kim told me she had  a

friend that she had  introduced to Jane and  wanted me to meet.   I told

her I would gladly oblige any time.   Kim rubbed her ass a bit and  told

me her friend Beth would like to have her ass fucked.  I nodded saying I

would  look  forward  to  our  next  session.   After a bit more playful

touching I dressed and headed for home.  Jane and Kim saw me to the door

and kissed me telling me how much  fun our day had been and I  told them

how much I appreciated their sexy  antics.  To top the day off  Jane and

Kim stood by the door naked and fingered each others pussies telling  me

they would keep each other heated up until our next encounter.



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