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Archive-name: Poetry/lovertrl.txt

Archive-author: William B. Morris

Archive-title: Lover's Trail

                          Lover's Trail


              Galloping through fields of golden wheat

                basking in late summer's heat

              Reigning in at water's edge

                mere feet from the towering mountain ledge

              Rising cliffs of dirt and clay

                keep the rushing wind at bay

              Water's surface like glass a shimmer

                sings of sirens's song of come hither

              Upon dismounting I steady your stead

                experiencing my growing animalistic need

              Setting the horses aside to graze

                observing this scene in a heavenly daze

              Valley outstretched in summer green

                trees dotted laboriously about the scene

              Mirror blue lake at valley's end

                fed by falls as the water descends

              High in the sky the sun shines bright

                making comfort an unbearable fight

              Stripping down to nature's suit

                we prepare ourselves for a cool pursuit

              Diving into the deep cool blue

                surfacing to gaze lustily at you

              Easing in with the utmost care

                you cause my heart to flutter with despair

              Swimming so slowly up to you

                encircling your body in this bed of blue

              Never before has anyone seen

                a picture of beauty so pure and clean

              Drawing your form ever closer to me

                arousing the animal yearning to be

              Lifting as breast scrape against my chest

                feeling your heat rise from your nest

              Legs wrap around while lowering you down

                impaling you deeply upon my crown

              Animal lust washes us through

                as deeper I thrust myself in you

              Our crescent comes with deep surprise

                exploding our bodies from deep inside

              Exquisite pleasure comes in joyous spasms

                entwining our bodies in simultaneous orgasm

              Hours have passed with the sands of time

                ending this day of your's and mine

              Easing down upon the shore

                we feast on a picnic made this morn

              With feelings of unity we prepare to leave

                this dreamlike setting nature did weave

              I help you mount your steed on high

                as off we set on the evening ride

              Gliding along at a leisurely walk

                enjoying the closeness of lover's talk

              Across the path fleet a herd of deer

                flushed from cover by coming too near

              Towards a farm we start to ride

                as the sun from the sky does slide

              All my surroundings fade to black

                while I seem to be falling back

              I open my eyes to the light of dawn

                knowing from whence my soul is drawn

              Looking about at the ice cold gray

                seeing the bars of another day

              Into reality again I awake

                wishing my freedom I could take

              My dreams allow my thoughts to see

                how I think my life should be

              When life lowers to hues of blue

                my mind projects an image of you

              I focus upon the beauty of kinship

                then close my eyes for a joyful trip.

                                           William B. Morris



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