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Archive-name: Poetry/litpussy.txt


Archive-title: A couple of Poems

Here are two poems that a friend of mine wrote.


Little pussy one my bed

Reddish pink? (or pinkish-red?)

Litlle pussy...what a sight!

All those juices gleaming bright.

Little pussy must be fed

With a fuckin' big cockhead!

Sucking, fucking, swallowing load

While it goes down ronchy road.

Little pussy nice and wet

Spread it open wide, we're all set

Little pussy oh so tight

May I spread you wide tonight?


I love to suck a great big tit

Inch by inch, bit by bit

I love to see her big breasts bare

They make my cum fly through the air!!

Oh goodness gracious! what big boobs!

They make my cum spurt out in goobs

Their great to lick and suck (not to mention titty-fuck!!)

They say that having such big boobs

Are really just a waste

But it takes more than just a mouthful

To get the greatest taste!!



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