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Archive-name: Poetry/ihavedrm.txt

Archive-author: Mary Prior

Archive-title: I Have Dreamed...

	copyright 1981

I have dreamed;

and from my dream waking,

find you 

poised above my heart.

As my mind unfolds, I'm aware

of your scent, rousing me

as mist or shadow, seeping into

the depths of my pores

and awakening my need for you.

I cannot read your eyes,

but your body speaks to me

without motion -- 

inviting me, welcoming me.

I'm afraid to move for fear

you'll disappear

and leave me

aching for your touch.

You will gaze at my nakedness,

my defenselessness,

without movement

save for your eyes.

I touch your cheek, caressing gently,

wondering that you are here

where none was at dusk.

You have come for me

and will come again

before you vanish

with the morning.

In my mind I plead with you --

my elf, my faun, my god.

You have roused me beyond sleep,

beyond dreams,

and have me suspended

in anticipation.

Bless me with your mouth,

your hands, your staff.

Take my worship as you will.

Let me praise you with my mouth

and glory in this joy.

Kiss me sweetly

and draw my soul into yours.

My nipples rise in greeting

and my nether mouth trembles,

waiting to kiss your one warm eye

and open wide in welcome.

Possess me!

Dive deep within me

then flee -- and return as the tide

washing all before you.

Flood my depths and pierce my soul --

and I will meet you.

So deeply do you touch me.

I die many little deaths 

of excruciating sweetness ...

... and dream again.



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