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Archive-name: Poetry/cruising.txt

Archive-author: Chris "Dude-Man" Demere

Archive-title: Take Me for a Ride

It was time to leave, I went for the door,

And styling were the clothes I wore.

A Cartier watch with three tiny dials,

The faint scent which drives girls wild.

The garage door opened, and there inside,

A form dimly outlined, the car I would drive.

It was red and sleek, I touched the smooth side,

A Ferrari so chic, I shivered inside.

Momo five stars and steering wheel,

Just a glance and your heart it would steal.

A yellow rectangle adorned the hood,

A black prancing steed meant better than good.

I pulled on the latch, swung open the door,

I jumped in the seat, peered at the dashboard.

Interior of beige, the seats were of leather,

Stereo by Alpine, and Escort detector,

A cellular phone, to ring up another.

It had it all, it could not be better.

I inserted the key and gave it a twist,

The car roared to life, just as I wished.

I pressed in the clutch, and shifted in gear,

I stepped on the gas, and I disappeared.

I tore through the streets with a deafening roar,

And rocked to the beat of the music galore.

The weather was warm, the sky turning red,

The top was down, air breezed by my head

Escort went off, I glanced to the rear.

In back was a cop, 'twas nothing to fear.

I double clutched and shifted down,

Up came a turn which I whipped around.

A four wheel drift I carefully made,

Not one cop was I unable to evade.

I hit the pedal and looked back again,

Still there he was, behind the bend.

Up ahead, a light turned red,

Wanna get caught? Enough said.

I cut a left, it slid out the tail,

A Bondurant graduate, I did not bail.

A carefully made counter steer,

Back into control I got the rear.

The tires screeched around the turn,

Blazing a trail of rubber that burned.

I looked back again, was he there?

Gone he was, catch me? he did not dare.

I cruised on down the slick black roads,

The setting sun turning a deep gold.

On I drove, with no destination,

'Til suddenly I happed upon divine creation.

There was this chick so incredibly fine,

She stood by the road, and God, she was mine.

A tight miniskirt she had about her hips,

Her face was gorgeous with sultry glossed lips.

Catching the sun, her hair was blonde,

Her smooth tan legs were slender and long.

I slammed on the brakes and screeched to a stop,

I pulled up in front of her, and in she hopped.

A predatory, driving need, I caught her gaze,

This sensual beauty just wanted to play.

She gave me this look, and then said to me,

"Let's go for a cruise in your Ferrari..."

"I'll do better than that," to her said I,

"I'm going to show you how to fly..."

She replied only with a smile and a grin,

"Bring me somewhere you've never been...

Give me some speed, take me for a ride,"

Show me how fast, you really can drive."

With this on my mind, I threw it in first,

I hit the gas and it roared with a burst,

The needle jumped up, all the way to eight,

I shifted again, down on the gate plate.

A distinct whine, as we ripped down the road,

Glimmering ahead was San Francisco.

Upon the bridge, it was a marvelous sight

The twinkling lights of a city at night.

A glance at me, she could not resist,

The burning desire, did so persist.

We headed towards the Hard Rock Cafe

I walked in, me and my babe.

Up to the bar we went and took a seat,

We watched as the bartender did his feat.

Within a few seconds, he mixed up two Daiquiris,

They were smooth, filled with red strawberries.

We had Pina Coladas and Margaritas too-

So many drinks, what should we do?

We were seated, and had some food,

The dim lighting just set the mood.

We had a most excellent time,

But later on it would become more divine.

"Another adventure awaits us ahead,

Let's have some fun" to her I said.

To the Club we went, around the block,

The line was long, the place was hot.

A game of pool was in the room next door,

I went up to the crowd, and took up the floor.

The bets were placed, and the stakes were high,

I couldn't let a chance like this go by.

I positioned the cue, and made the break,

Three stripes went in, I had another take.

My woman sat on a stool nearby,

She had a body for which I would die.

She gave me a smile and then took a sip,

I gave her a glance,  and I was whipped.

A hustler I was, needless to say,

'Twas not long 'til there was none left to play.

A kiss shot here and a double bank there,

I was smooth and sure, without worry or care.

My pockets were full, ahead lay more fun,

This was the life, to be rich and young.

In another area, near the back,

People were secretly playing Blackjack.

I took a seat, they dealt me a hand,

I played the strategy, one that was banned.

Good in all, I was an expert in cards,

Winning was easy, not very hard.

It was not long 'til yet again,

I had multiplied my money by times ten.

I looked at my watch, it was time to go,

Time to check out the scene at Frat Row.

The ringer went off, I picked up the phone,

It was my friend, calling from home.

"Hey dude!" he said happily,

"You gonna be there, at my party?"

"Yeah," I replied, "and my girly too,

I'll stop by, in an hour or two."

Twelve cylinders brought us back to Cal,

To Delta Sig we went, along with some pals.

The theme was a Southern Caribbean cruise,

Tikki torches lit the way with a bright orange hue.

Palm fronds of green adorned the walls,

And outside they had made some waterfalls.

Moving was hard, and people were buzzed,

So packed and full the place was.

I took her to the floor, and there we danced,

We did some moves and she creamed in her pants.

The Electric Slide and the Running Man,

Most can't do it, but of course I can.

The place was just raging, and it raged on and on,

And yet again, 'twas time to be gone.

Said I, "Hey girl, come with me...

Come experience a night of utter ecstasy..."

We climbed in the car and cruised down the road

Headed towards my friend's lavish abode.

The orange needle jumped up the tach,

And the force of the thrust threw us back.

Two intake ports along the side,

Cooled the redheads amid our ride.

The primal urges, unsatiable hunger,

To quench the thirst, and go down under.

The guarded gate we passed through

And rumbled up the cobbled avenue.

Along the walk, out in the street,

We could feel the aura of the party beat.

A multitude of cars dotted the place,

And made it hard to find a parking space.

I finally did, and helped her out.

I rang the chime and could hear a shout.

The door was opened, and they welcomed us in.

I scanned about at the surrounding din.

A great crowd of people, I could see...

This was yet another raging party.

The villa on the estate, large and grand

Encompassed an incredible span of land.

People were staggering and totally gone,

The pool was lit and the spa was on,

In high cut suits were several chicks,

They smiled at me and blew me a kiss.

There was bread, cheese, crackers and wine,

Everything was so excellent and fine.

Bottles of coolers were strewn about,

We went to the back and then stepped out.

I tapped the keg and took a sip,

Then I offered some to my chick.

There happened to be champagne there too,

In crystal glasses I poured two.

After a while, we got somewhat wasted,

And I wondered just how nicely she tasted.

I took her gently to a large room,

A soft bed rested in the middle of the gloom.

I lay her down on the satin sheets,

I could not wait to spoil the sweets.

Luscious, young, and fresh, she was tight,

Her hard firm body was ready and ripe.

I pulled her close to me, and we met,

Sighing softly, she grew hot and wet.

"Let me love you" warmly I whispered,

Longing for mischief and forbidden rapture.

Slowly, I leaned to give her a kiss.

Her soft lips were something not to miss.

She submitted herself to my whims,

While lust and want came from within.

My arms encircled her supple thighs and hips,

As I slipped my tongue between her lascivious lips.

The quickening pulse coursed through her,

She yielded in my arms to my allure.

"I like to control the uncontrolled,"

And as I said this, I grabbed a hold.

I reached over to strip off her top.

Underneath, a lacy black bra my eyes caught.

I moved up her thigh, and went up her skirt,

"Take for a ride," faintly she whispered.

Carefully I unzipped it, and it slipped off;

Black laced panties, her treasure was hot.

Filled with nothing but pure wanton lust,

Driven by desire, nothing else could you trust.

My arms embraced her and moved along her hip,

She melted inside under my tender grip.

Tempting stockings, black and laced,

Were adorning her shapely slender legs.

I slid them down, and tossed them aside,

And could not wait to get inside.

I took her bra off and it revealed

Enticing fruits over which I almost keeled.

Ripe firm melons in need to be picked,

Down I leaned to give them a suck and a lick.

Taming the savage, as only a man could,

I took into my mouth, a rosy throbbing bud.

Giving them a massage and then a squeeze,

"Give me more" she said with a tease.

I closed about the juicy mound,

Wildly yearning, myself breathless I found.

She got hard as I traced circles all around,

And worked my way ever so slowly down.

A tingly sweet sensation swept through her

And she braced herself for each maneuver.

The curvaceous smoothness of her hot body,

A silky caress without mind nor folly.

Embracing her body with complete desire,

She said "Your skill I fully admire..."

Down I slipped the panties with utmost care,

I was greeted by a trimmed mat of hair.

My lips and hers came together and met,

A brief touch, she was tender and wet.

Fondling and feeling, I took her for a ride,

Two consenting youths, with nothing to hide.

I pulled out a dripping cube of ice,

This little girl was going to pay the price.

I ran it along the curves and the cracks

It melted under the heat, least but not last.

Up her silky legs my hands went,

Every minute was one well spent.

The delicate search for hidden treasures,

Brought sensual delight and forbidden pleasures.

My hands slid up to invade her thighs,

She let out a moan and then a sigh.

Content engulfed her deepest emotions,

As she succumbed to my prying motions.

My fingers parted her eager inviting lips,

And deftly probed to find her awaiting clit.

Her breath came out in little gasps,

As she waited to see what would come to pass.

It was then time to eat the pie,

She gave a slight, soft little cry.

Spreading her legs apart with anticipation;

I lowered my head between to taste elation.

A probing tongue felt every sweet fold

In her creamy private, an experience untold.

I pressed her bare skin against mine,

Two heated bodies, which were intertwined.

A promiscuity of most devious delight,

The unbridled desire to do the unright.

Then I inserted a finger, then two, then three;

She burst with a shudder, screaming in ecstasy.

Finally it was time for the main course,

My tool throbbed with unsuppressible force.

I threw her up, against the wall,

I started to search her, and that wasn't all.

She reached for my pants, and feeling she said,

"We'll see just how good you're in bed,

A concealed weapon, you have in there

But can you use it? Show me, if you dare."

She undid the zipper, and grabbed a hold,

This is some chick, being so bold!

Reaching around, her firm ass I grabbed,

About my waist, her legs she wrapped.

"Fuck me," she begged, and I did as was told,

In I went, a taste of her treasure trove.

I'd teach her a lesson or two,

She'd be satisfied when I was through.

I threw her back upon the bed,

There she lay, waiting and spread.

A deep fulfillment of so many fantasies,

Unable to resist the tempting deeds.

The rapacious assault, powerless to resist,

Struggling, relenting, then allowing the wish.

I steered my head towards her dark hole,

I had finally reached the ultimate goal.

With searing passion, seeking access,

Her experience, I should do more than test.

Searching for her satiny velvet softness inside,

Into her sensual forbidden maidenhood I pried.

In I went to explore her succulent secret,

The steamy abyss was wet and heated.

I entered her slowly, she was very tight.

She was a virgin, I had to work her right.

Her delicate cherry I then penetrated,

In ecstasy, her whole body vibrated.

She screamed in pleasure as I drove home,

Deep into the passion of her unknown.

Rhythmically moving, in and out,

She was fulfilled, without a doubt.

With great skill, herself she thrust,

Meeting me in a wild wave of lust.

Fiery passion coursed through our veins,

Her moans filled the air to match our pains.

I took her to soaring heights,

As I hungrily possessed her honey delight.

Turning her over, from the rear I went in,

There were no words, only hints.

Yielding gently, her cries filled the air,

I caressed that delectable body so bare.

We were engaged in a hot steamy blaze,

And lost ourselves in so many ways.

Her sopping muff begged me for more,

I mounted her with passion, 'til she was sore

So many positions did we try,

And each time, she let out a cry.

Mischievously exploring her skin so bare,

The silence broken, moans filled the air.

The pain was pleasure in our reverie,

I searched til she tremored ecstatically.

I had finally made the kill,

And reached the culmination of the thrill.

I could not hold back, out it shot;

She screamed with lust, dripping hot.

Her warm body shook with a spasm,

Then came the multiple orgasm.

Waves of ecstasy coursed through her,

And rippled up as she purred.

By sweet love honey I was met

>From her tender lips warm and wet.

I had now completed my quest,

This girl was among the very best.

'Twas an enchanting evening, a magical night,

A time to remember, one of utter delight.

A dangerous game where no one wins,

The game of love, one full of sins.

I used her as I would a tool,

No strings attached, that was the rule.

The coitus lasted far into the night;

I glanced at my watch in utter fright.

What I saw was the hour of two,

And hours ago, I was due.

My friends asked me if we needed a ride,

I said "No" and then "Goodbye."

I grabbed my stuff and helped her in the car;

It was lucky for me I didn't live too far.

I peeled out of there with utmost speed,

To my drunken condition I paid no heed.

I ripped through the streets in my delirious state,

Unable to predict my forthcoming fate.

My vision was blurred, and I couldn't think,

And then it all happened in a blink-

The car had crossed onto the other side,

With an oncoming Porsche it did collide...

The moral of this story, as you can see,

Is never to go on a drinking spree!

- Chris "Dude-Man" Demere

This poem was written by a very intelligent UC Berkeley Student.

Please do not say that you wrote it.



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