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Archive-name: Poetry/catsgrey.txt

Archive-author: Wanda Wolfe

Archive-title: Cat's Not Grey

copyright 1984

I have a Beast in me. 

Sometimes she's a sleek black panther, 

	graceful and lovely, 

		gliding through the night.

She's soft and seductive then, 

	and makes me ache with longing.

Sometimes she's a playful Persian cat,

	frisky and feminine, 

		frolicking through the day.  

She's cute and clever then, 

	and makes me laugh with joy. 

Sometimes she's a mangy alley cat,

	cunning and quick, 

		slinking through back yards.   

She has no conscience then, 

	and makes me cringe with despair.  

Sometimes she's a haughty lioness, 

	proud and defiant, 

		stalking the jungle for prey.

She's strong and awesome then, 

	and makes me throb with desire.

I have a Beast in me.  

Sometimes she creeps in subtly 

	and seduces me.   

Her scent wafts across my senses 

	and I quiver with suppressed excitement.

Sometimes she springs from hiding

	and attacks me.   

Her scream cuts through my awareness

	and I shudder with sudden overwhelming passion!

Sometimes she's just a kitten 

	and I can control her,

Even though she trembles 

	under the touch of my restraining hand. 

But sometimes she's filled with strength

	and overpowers me; 

And I race to the safety 

	of the mousehole in my cluttered soul. 

I have a Beast in me. 

Sometimes she toys with me, 

	batting my soul back and forth

		between her front paws, 

Catching it by the tail 

	at that precise instant 

		in which it would have been free. 

Sometimes she burns me 

	with flames so high and hot 

		that she consumes me, 

Leaving only scarlet embers 

	and gray ashes 

		in her wake. 

Sometimes she soothes me,

	and sings to me softly, 

		and caresses me, 

Until I find relief 

	from the fever 

		and set her free. 

And sometimes.....

Sometimes she's Glorious 

	and takes me with her 

		to heights of ecstasy 

Mere mortals could never conceive of.  

Sometimes...  oh, sometimes... 

I have a Beast in me. 



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