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Archive-name: Poetry/anticip.txt

Archive-author: Ariel Witch

Archive-title: Anticipation


 I have waited too long

 for this moment, yet

 I want it to be

 quick and savage.

 I am so hungry for you.

 I want to feel

 your warm, wet mouth

 crushed against mine,

 feel our tongues

 dart and probe.

 I want to love

 your velvet skin

 with my eager fingers,

 trace the line of silken fur

 from your chest to belly

 with my tongue,

 taste all your secret places,

 take your warmth

 into my mouth,

 caress you with my lips.

 I want you inside me

 now now

 so hard and fast



 want to feel you deep inside me,

 tear apart my very soul


 your strength.

 I am so hungry for you.



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