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Archive-name: Fetish/watersp2.txt


Archive-title: Watersports - 2

   It was almost 2 years into this relationship.  We had our lumps and

bumps with "break-ups", "dating around" and all the other basic shit involved

in a typical teen relationship.  We were both Seniors in High School and we

really thought that was top turd!  The sky was our limit!

     I had a small fling with a cheerleader during one of our breakups.

Through the ever present grapevine of our high school, Kathy found out.  She

never  seemed to get jealous of the other girls, but rather upset because she

may be missing out on some fun.  This may sound strange, but let me tell you

the story

    The cheerleader I had a fling with was named Deanna.  She was the perfect

picture of the typical airhead "up with spirit" type of cheerleader.  Little

did anybody know, that was a front for alot of "tension" and "stress" within

this girl.  She had a rich family that was always away from home.  She let

out alot of her "stress" with the cheers.  BUT! (of course) she had alot

of other ways of relieving her tension that I had the pleasure of finding out


     Deanna and I both went out together a couple of time and never had any

sex.  I thought about it alot, and I know she did, but the opportunity never

presented itself to either of us.

      It was late one Friday night.  I had just gotten home after a gig (I am

a musician)  I was tired and went up to my room.  I got ready for bed and

just as I was ready to saw some log's when I heard a horn honk in my

driveway.  I got up and looked out the window.  It was Kathy's car sitting in

the driveway.  There were 2 people sitting in the car, and they weren't

getting out to come up to the house.  I was puzzled, so I grabbed by robe and

slippers and went outside to see what they wanted.

    I walked up to the drivers door and the window opened.  Kathy was

laughing and talking real loud.  I put my hands on my knees and looked over

at the passenger side to see who else was in the car when......

     SHIT! It's Deanna!!!  They have come to lynch me!  I'm thinking "can I

make it to the door before she can open this door", "will she just honk the

horn and wake up my parents"  "SHIT HOW DO I GET OUT OF THIS MESS!"

    Kathy laughed and commented on my "sexy robe" and Deanna was snickering

in the background.  Kathy opened the door and got out. She pointed into the

car and told me to get in.  "Well...." I pondered, "I guess I better get

this over with", so I got in.  I was sitting between them when I noticed that

they were both DRUNK to the gills!  They were having a blast!  I couldn't

believe this!  2 of my girlfriends in the same car with me and having FUN?!

I reluctantly snickered and asked what they were up to.  They said they had

been at a party and there were no guys there worth picking up, so they

thought I may be available.  "I'm always available" I laughingly said.

     With that Kathy started talking to Deanna like I wasn't even in the car!

She said "Mike always makes me cum when we fuck"  Does Mark do that for you?

I looked over at Deanna and cautiously asked "who is Mark?"  She blew THAT

question off like dust!  Then Kathy said "I'll bet he even has a hard on

right now"  With that, she wisked my robe back and exposed my black bikini

underwear.  My cock lurched forward.  "See, look at that" Kathy said pointing

at my hardening rod.  Deanna was just smiling and nodding her head.  I was

at a TOTAL loss for a witty response.  I just sat there and looked at my

house wondering if my parents where asleep.

     All of a sudden, Kathy scooted her ass over to the door, leaned over me

and put her head in my lap like a dog.  She had her hand under her ear

pretending to go to sleep while fondling my cock.  I looked over at Deanna

and she was still smiling.  Some strange feeling went through me right at

that moment.  I just gave Deanna a quick kiss on the cheek and did the

"yawn stretch" to put my arms around both girls.  Kathy looked up at me,

smiled, giggled and proceeded to pull down my underwear and suck my cock.

Deanna didn't seem to mind at all.  So, I figured this is my chance.  I

gave Deanna a BIG kiss.  She put her arms around me and began clawing at

my back.  She was wearing blue jeans overalls with the zipper right down

the center of her chest.  I unzipped them down to her pussy.  She just

kept on kissing me.  Deanna wasn't wearing a bra, so her tits were just

setting out for all to see.  Well, I didn't want them to get lonely, so...

I sucked one, then the other.  I paused and looked down at Kathy began

sucking my cock even HARDER.  Kathy peeked up at me, smiled real big, then

began to unzip her pants.

     This is CRAZY!  I'm sitting in my driveway of my parents house, 2 girls

both of which I was dating, and getting NAKED!

     Kathy got her tight jeans off without stopping her tremendous blow job.

She always gave the best head.  To this day, I have yet to meet ANYBODY that

could suck a cock like her.  Her tongue was almost like a cat's tongue.

She knew just when to back it off so as to not be irritating to the sensitive

head.  Getting all 9 inches into her throat was easy for her.  She could

stick out her tongue and lick my nuts while deep throating my pole.  Then she

would give just the slightest rub of my asshole with her finger.  I could

NEVER last more than a couple minutes of her headjobs.  I quickly blew a wad

down her gullet and into her stomach.  Kathy never ever flinched when I did

that.  She would just clench my balls and suck REAL hard to get the last


     By this time,  Deanna had her overalls down to her ankles.  I twisted my

head so I could get it between her legs to lick her bush.  Kathy saw that I

didn't make the greatest contortionist, and she reached over to the seat

adjustment button and reclined the seat flush with the rear seat.  (remember

the old LTD's?)

     Deanna scooted back to the rear of the car, I got my face right down

into her BEAUTIFUL blond bush and began licking her soaking wet cunt.  Kathy

was taking her top off when she said "does her pussy taste as good as mine"?

I told her I would do the taste test if she assumed the position of the "Y"

She did, and I did a muff dive over to her twat.  Kathy's pussy was a bit

saltier.  I kept one finger in Deanna's cunt and my face was buried in

Kathys gash.  Deanna began to whine and Kathy told me I had better go back to

her before she gets lonely.  So, I positioned Deanna on top of my face,

facing my feet.  Her asshole was very tight against my nose.  Her Ass cheeks

were so firm when she flexed them, they clamped my nose shut!

     Kathy positioned her pussy self ontop of my re-stiffened cock facing

Deanna.  She slid my dipstick into her hot-marshmallow cunt.  Kathy bounced

up and down on my rod as I licked up Deanna's juices as they flowed out of

her muscular twat.

     Deanna and Kathy both had their heads side by side because there was

no headroom in this LTD.  Kathy hugged Deanna and they began Kissing.  That

was the ultimate turn-on for me.

     Kathy reached down and began rubbing her own clit while Deanna held

Kathys head in a sort of "up-right" position.

      I sucked on Deanna's clit firmly and steadily while nesting my nose

in her soaking wet gash.

     "I'm gonna cum"  Deanna's murmured.  She began to lift her ass off of my

face.  I grabbed her by her hips and pulled her back. "I have to move off of

you or you will get more than you bargained for" she said firmly.

     I pulled her ass down on even harder while continually and firmly

sucking on her stiffened clit. Then all of sudden, she began shaking and all

her muscles tightened up.  She shuddered violently.  Her back arched and she

let out a moan that shook the windows. I felt her pussy flinch and her ass

cheeks clenched my face into her bunghole.  I grabbed the backside of her ass

cheeks and pulled her down on my nose.  I carefully stuck one finger into her

tight asshole and rotated it.  Then it happened.  I felt a flow of warm

juices running down my face.  She bucked, and let out another moan.  Then it

happened again.  This time it was a longer stream of juices.  It went on for

a couple of seconds. This completely soaked my face, nose and ran down my

hair and into my ears. She was cumming in buckets!  It ran in my ears down my

neck and dripped onto the vinyl car seats.  Deanna let out one last moan as

she clamped my soaked head between her thighs.

     After what seemed like hours, she released my head and rolled over on

her side.  Kathy looked at my face and saw all the juices and asked if Deanna

pee'd on me.  Deanna explained "I warned you & you wouldn't let me get up.  I

sometimes cum like that"

     Well, Kathy doesn't like to be outdone, so in her infinite wisdom, she

decided to show Deanna up.

     Kathy leaned up and my stiff cock slipped out of her twat.  She leaned

over me and held her tits just off the top of my mouth while straddling my

cock.  Kathy's stomach tightened.  Then it came.  Kathy let out a stream of

piss all over my stomach, cock and balls.  This wasn't just a spirt, but a

real fire dowser.  I couldn't believe how great the feeling of the warmth of

her piss on my cock and stomach felt. While she was letting her stream go,  I

grabbed my cock and pointed it straight up and gave it a couple quick

strokes.  I shot one of the biggest wad's I ever had.  It shot between Kathys

legs, hit her stomach, her ass, her back and even the headliner of the car. I

just kept cumming and cumming.

     When it was over, i laid there for a minute just to getting my bearing

straight. I looked up and saw my stalactites of sperm hanging from the

headliner & dripping on the seat.   My head felt light and my legs were so

weak, I couldn't even sit up!  Kathy reached up and began to raise the front

seat back up and Deanna and I shimmied up to the front.

     Kathy said that they had better get home soon.  I asked "what are you

two doing TOMORROW night?"

                                END CHAPTER II


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