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Archive-name: Fetish/watersp1.txt


Archive-title: Watersports - 1

  This is a TRUE story about the beginning of my love for the "kinker"

things in life.  In order to get the full picture of my obsession for this

non-status-quo love, I think it's best to start at the VERY beginning.

   When I was 16, I had a girlfriend named Kathy.  She was my first REAL

girlfriend.  I met her when I was a sophomore in H/S.  I thought she was

the prettiest thing in the school!  She had a nice round ass with small

perky tits that always stood out in her wool sweaters. She had LONG straight

brown hair (remember the 70's?) and always wore the jeans with no back

pockets in them.  I always thought that made her ass look GREAT!

   She was kind of a giggler when I first met her.  She always had a smile

on her face.  I couldn't imagine why ...until later in our relationship.

   After about a year of dating and a few drive in scenes, parking in the

most unusual places, freezing our ass off in sub-zero weather, We decided

that we wanted to be together even MORE!  So, we began the midnight routine

of meeting at her window at her parents house.  I use to leave my house at

about 11pm and knock at her window real lightly.  Her parents window was no

more than 8 feet away.  Kathy use to open the window and we'd kiss through

the screen.

     As you can probably figure, this only frustrated both of us.  The screen

was much to difficult to remove in order for me to climb in.  So, we thought

of a new idea.  She would push her bed up to the window, prop up the pillows

and let me watch her rub her pussy.  She just LOVED to masturbate!  I thought

this was great!  I have always been the type who LOVES JUST watching a girl


     She would finger her pussy till it got wet, then use the juices to rub

on her clit.  Then she would rub it in a circular manner till her back arched

real high and then her eyes would squint, teeth grit, and face would get so

red that I thought she would BUST!  Then she would just let out a couple of

"oomphs" (trying to be quiet so as to NOT wake her parents up) and then just

lay there with a big smile.  Needless to say that gave me such a hard on,

my rod would pulse with pain inside my tight jeans.

    After a about 2 months of this, I came back to her house a 2nd time in

the same night.  She was surprised to see me again , but glad.   She could

see the frustration in my eyes.  I just sighed and she asked me a question

that really hit me strange.

    She said she would try something new for me if I would jack off for her.

    Ok, now you have to picture this scenereo....I was 16 years old, OUTSIDE

her window, in the FRONT of her house, 12:30 AM, a school night, 35 degrees,

in October, her house was on a corner of a major street, and one side street,

cars zipping by at 45 miles an hour.  A small bush was all that kept me from

being in full view from the street.

    "What do you have in mind" I asked.  She said "Look what I found in my

Mom's bathroom".  She reached under her mattress and pulled out a large red

bag with a long white hose attached.  On the end was a 5-6" tipped end with

a bunch of little holes in the sides of the tip.

     "What are you going to do with that" I jokingly asked her.  She replied

"just pull out your `charlie' and I'll be right back" (`Charlie' was my

cock's nickname.. HAY, NO laughing allowed!, that was her idea, NOT MINE!)

I started to rub my cock through my jeans when she carefully left her room.

I heard the bathroom sink run for a few seconds, then she returned with the

bag FULL of water and couple of towels under her arm.

     "Are you rubbing `Charlie'?" she whispered, "not yet" I lied as my hand

stroked my bulge under my Levi's.  She layed out the towels on the bed and

pulled her "snoopy" nightie over her head and sat down right ontop of the

towels.  She had a look in her eyes that I had never seen before.   It

was sort of a determined look of confidence like she'd done this before.

     She had a long pole hanging from the ceiling next to the bed with her

vast collection of stuffed animals hanging on it.  She had removed one of the

creatures and replaced it with the bag of water.

     She layed down on her bed with her legs spread open on each side of

the window sill.  Her knees were bent just enough to bring her pussy closer

to the window for me to view. The nightlight was plugged into the wall right

between her legs and under the window.

     I stood there in awe wondering if her parents were going to wake up from

all the noise we were making.  I unzipped my pants and began stroking my

dick with my ice cold hand.  She pointed the end of the hose at me and

released the clasp and it squirted water through the screen.  It was very

warm.  I shook my head and let out a small snicker.  "Real nice" I whispered.

"You afraid of a little water?" she asked, as she reached down with one hand

and spread her pussy lips open.  She took the tip and slid it right into her

pussy hole.  This sent my cock in a throbbing frenzy!  I couldn't believe

what she was doing!  Then she released the clasp and I could see water

running out her pussy, running down her asshole and ass cheeks and all over

the towels.  She took her other hand and put the hose between middle and ring

finger.  She began rubbing her clit while regulating the flow of water

through the hose by squeezing her fingers together.  I watched through the

screen as she masturbated.  She had her back arched with her hips rotating

freely up in the air.

     Water gushed out of her gleaming snatch, ran down her tight little

puckernut asshole, dripped off her round ass cheeks, and onto the towels

on her bed.

     My hand had warmed up a bit, and my cock was hard enough to cut

diamonds.  I spit on my hand so I could stroke my rod easier.  My pants were

down to my thighs as I clenched my balls with my other hand and stroked my

huge cock into a cum-churning boil.  Our eyes caught each other, she paused

and asked me if I was rubbing my cock yet.

     "NOW I am" I said.  With that response she asked me to tell her how it

felt.  "I can feel the cum building up in my balls" I lightly said.  She

began to rub harder and faster releasing more water. "My cock is so hard it

could bust the brick wall separating us right now" I murmured.  With that she

arched her back and rolled her head into her pillow and let out a muffled

moan.  The water was running all down her thighs and dripping from her ass as

she pushed her thighs up the air like an acrobat.

     She was rubbing hard and fast just when I felt myself about to fire my

wad.  "I'm gonna shoot" I said.  "do it now, shoot your load all over the

window so I can see it" she said.

     I backed up a couple of feet, my ass almost sitting in this damn bush,

I reared back and shot my rocket in a HUGE arch and hit the glass and the

screen with 3 huge globs.

     I looked back in the window and saw her bucking and moaning with her

head buried in 2 pillows sounding like she was crying.  Water was all over

her bed, ass, and legs.  As she finished, She looked up and saw my cum

dripping down the glass and smiled real big and asked if it felt good.

                "Can you fit that bag in your purse" I asked?

                                 End of Chapter 1


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