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Archive-name: Fetish/shoplft1.txt


Archive-title: Shoplifters, The - 1

     Fourteen year old Lisa sat on the edge of her

bed, that all too familiar feeling rising in the pit of

her stomach.

     "Why?" she thought to herself, "Why did I ever take

that dare to try and sneak that blouse out of the store

without paying fot it? Drat that Jennifer, now I'm going

to get the spanking of my life because of her!".

     Lisa need not have worried though, because just three

blocks over a similar scene to what Lisa was awaiting

was just at that moment beginning to be played out.

     Jennifer was sitting in her room, dressed as she was

always made to before her father came in to administer a

spanking. She could already feel the butterflies building

in her stomach that always accompanied the waiting.

     Her dad had hardly said a word during dinner, she knew

he was VERY upset at her this time. So, it came as no real

surprise to Jennifer when, after dinner, he told her to go

upstairs to her room and get ready to recieve a sound spanking.

That meant to get undressed and put on just the short cotton

nightshirt kept just for this purpose, and her panties, and

wait until her father came up.

     After half an hour or so Tom, Jennifer's dad, came up

the stairs and into her room

     "Well young lady, what have you got to say for yourself

before we start?". "Do you know how embarrassing it was to

get that call from the store manager, that my daughter, who

was taught better, was caught stealing with a friend of hers?".

     "B-B-But Dad, I'm sorry, I-I won't ever do that again,

please don't sp-spank me, I'm too old for that now", stammered

Jennifer, tears already starting to well up in her eyes since she

knew what was coming no matter how much she pleaded.

     You're also too old to be stealing from other people

Jennifer", said Tom. "You should have known better than to

do that, think of how embarrassing it would be if this got

out, that Tom Martin's daughter is a shop lifter? I'm just

glad the manager was nice enough to call me instead of the

police. Tomorrow you are going back to the store and

apologize for stealing from him, and you're going to pay him

for the things you tried to steal out of your allowance, do

you under-stand?".

     Jennifer nodded, "Yes sir".

     "Now young lady, I'm going to give you a licking you're

not going to soon forget".

     She watched mesmerized as her father started to unbuckle

his belt and remove it from his trousers.

     Tom pulled out the bench by the dresser as he finished

removing his belt and sat down. "Now young lady, take your

panties right off, and come here".

     "Oh please daddy, don't make me take my panties off", she

pleaded. It had been almost 2 years since her last bare-bottom

spanking and she didn't want her dad to see her now maturing

young body, "let me keep my panties on, it hurts bad enough

like that".

     Tom wasn't having any of that though. "Listen my girl,

you get them off now, or I'll do it myself and that will add

10 strokes to your punishment, now don't argue with me anymore!".

     The thought of her dad pulling down her panties plus the

idea of 10 extra strokes in the mood he was in helped her make

her decision. Trembling, she did as she was told.

     Oh how she hated for him to see her private parts which only

now were just starting to be lightly covered with hair, it was so humilliating.

     Slowly she walked over to Tom, who took her by the arm

and pulled her right across his lap. Taking her hands

with his left hand he put them in the middle of her back, and

taking his right leg, placed it over her legs to keep her

from kicking and falling off his lap, he wanted to make sure

she got everything she deserved. Also this centered her bare,

defensless bottom directly over his lap, pointing up perfectly

for the severe strapping he intended to administer to his

naughty daughter's bare backside.

     Tom looked down on the sight in front of him, the

rounded bottom, quivering in anticipation of what was about

to come, the pubic hairs just starting to show from between

her white upturned bottom cheeks, soon to be striped and wealed

by the belt he was holding, and thought that she was indeed getting

too old to be acting as she had been. She was already sobbing

softly at what was to come, but Tom was determined that

this lesson would not need to be repeated and that she would

be crying like a 5 year old when he was finnished with her.

And to this he held true.

     "You will receive 25 strokes", he said breaking the

silence, "and you will count each one out loud, do you understand


     "Y-Y-Yessir", she said. "Please not t-t-too hard"she

begged,"I won't do it again, I promise!", she pleaded. But

her pleas fell on deaf ears.

     "I know you won't do it again, not after I finnish with

you, you shouldn't have done it in the first place girl",

said Tom.

     The butterflies took flight in Jennifer's belly again

and her bottom was starting to tingle at the thought of the

whipping that was about to begin, she knew that this time

there were going to be no half measures, that she was about

to recieve a hard spanking that would surely make her cry

long before it was over. And she was right.

     He raised the belt and let it fall, CRACK!, it

landed in the center of her bottom leaving an angry red stripe.

     "YEOWWW!", hollered Jennifer, she tried to move but

it was no use, her father had her firmly in place,"one",she

called out. CRACK! the belt landed again, "OHHHH, that's two"

WHAP!, "OHHHH, th-th-three she cried", her bottom already felt

like it was on fire.

     "Please daddy..I'm sorry!"

     CRACK! "OWWWW, th-that's f-f-four, oh please it hurts".

     "It's supposed to hurt", was the reply.

     WHAP! "OOOOO, five", Jennifer was starting to cry by now.

     SNAP!, the belt landed again, "That's six", she sobbed.

     CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!, again and again the belt landed on

her unprocted bottom, punctuated only by Jennifer's crying and

counting the strokes.

     Tom looked down at his daughters bottom, now crossed

with angry red stripes with a few weals starting to rise,"This

will teach you not to take things that don't belong to you

young lady", he said raising his arm for another stroke.

     SNAP! the belt came down on the lower part of her

cheeks, just above the thighs,"OWWWWW, th-th-that's ten", she was bawling steadily now, "please no m-more, I'll be good", but it was

no use, the belting went on in earnest and she was sobbing

like a six year old from the tenth stroke onward.

     Finally at twenty her father stopped, and told her

to stand up, this she did, slowly, after crying for about

three minutes still over his knee,and turned to face him.

     Modesty was no longer a primary thought as her hands rushed

behind  her to rub her now very red and sore bottom."Now

young lady, for your last five I want you to kneel on the

stool here with your head on your hands and your bottom

raised and your legs apart".

     Oh how she hated that, not only was everything,

everything exposed to her dad like that, but it also hurt

worse because he had more room to swing the belt, and in

that position she wasn't able to clench her cheeks to ease

awful sting of the strap as it fell on her unprotected bare


     By this time she had almost gotten her sobbing and

crying under control, but it started anew at these instru-

tions . Reluctantly, doing as she was told she knelt down on

her dressing table bench, resting her head on her hands, and

closing her eyes, she raised her bottom up to the ministrations

of her fathers belt.

     Tom stepped behind her and raised the nightshirt

out of the way exposing Jennifer's now angry red bare

bottom, and pushed it up to the middle of her back where

it slid on up to her shoulders. "Don't you move out of

this position young lady, if you do you will receive

two extra for each one you moved on, is that clear?".

     "Y-Y-Yes D-Daddy", she sobbed into her hands.

     Tom looked down at her kneeling there and was at once

reminded of how much she was starting to look like her

mother, who, by the way was waiting in their bedroom for

the same thing her daughter was now getting, only more

severe for over-spending this month again, but that's another


     As he was looking he noticed that her pubes appeared

damp too,"hmmm", he thought,"she responds like her mom to the strap

too." Clearing his thoughts of what was coming later, he

moved behind Jennifer.

     Without warning it came, Jennifer was caught completely

off her gaurd.

     SNAP!! Jennifer howled and her hands rushed to rub

her bottom, that one felt twice as hard as the others, the

sting felt like molten fire on her upturned ass.

     "Put your hands back where they belong" snapped Tom,

"now you have two extra for moving." She put her hands back

under her head, tears welling up anew. "Pl-p-please no", she

whimpered, but it was to no avail.

     CRACK!! CRACK!! the belt exploded twice in a row, "OHHHH

it hurts so bad Daddy, please stop", she was already sobbing

like a little girl but to no avail.

     WHISHHH SNAP! "OWWWWWW!!" she howled, "twenty-t-two",

she called out, this time not moving from position. CRACKK!!!

     "AHHHHH", her head snapped back, "t-t-twenty th-th-th-three"

she sobbed, barely getting it out, the tears were coming in

steady streams now. "Please D-D-Daddy, I've had enough, I-I

d-don't need anym-m-more", she pleaded.

     "I'll be the judge of that young lady", he said.

     "Only two more to go, now stay in position and you

won't have to get any extra", said her father. Tom looked

at the now well striped and crimson bottom pointing up at

him, almost deciding that she had had enough. Then the thought

of her stealing came back and he decided that the full measure

was due.

     HISSSS CRACK!! the belt found it's target again,

Jennifer jumped up rubbing her tender backside, crying,

yelped,"that's twenty f-f-four" she cried, then realizing

what she had just done she got back into position, but it

was too late.

     "Didn't I just tell you not to move?" "Now you have

two more coming before the last one!"

     "NOOOO please daddy, I d-d-in't m-mean to" she sobbed. "I

won't move anymore".

     "You know what you were told, and that's what you're

going to get young lady." WHISSHHH SNAP!! "OHHHHHH PLEASE!"

she cried. WHISSHH CRACK!! "I-I-I'M SORRY".By now it was

hard to hear her through her sobbing.

     "Now", said Tom, "here comes the last one." WHISSSHHH

CRACKKK!!!! "OOOOOOOOH" cried Jennifer, "twenty-five!"

     Tom looked at his prostate daughter's now red wealed

and firey bottom, criss-crossed with stripes, some turning to

a light purple already, as she cried like a 6 year old. He

didn't particularly like to punish his daughter, but he was

not going to be the parent of a thief either. He told her

that he didn't like to punish her, but that until she could

straighten up that this was what she could expect in the future

if it happened again, only more severe. Then he left the room

with belt in hand to go take care of his wife's unruly back-


     Jennifer stayd in position for a few more minutes sobbing

and crying like the punished girl she was and then got up, still

crying, and went over to her mirror,"Oh", she sobbed, "look at

my poor bottom, I won't be able to wear my shorts for weeks", she

continued to look at the stripes and welts left by her father's

belt. "Ohhh,it's so hot", she said to herself, and she noticed that

she was getting hot feelings somewhere else too, she almost

always did after the edge had worn off the pain from a good

hard spanking.

     She lay down on her bed and began to rub her sparsely

haired, and now very wet vagina, thinking to herself that

she hoped she could find someone to take her dad's place

someday when she got married to keep her in line the same

way he did.



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