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Archive-name: Fetish/nnurse.txt


Archive-title: Night Nurse

My most unusual and erotic sexual experience occurred several years ago near

the end of my sophomore year in college. I had just finished an afternoon 

exam and thought I would stop by a campus bar for a few beers on my way home.

The bar I stopped at was a grad student hangout, but was also occasionally 

frequented by locals. I liked the place because of the diverse crowd and 

because they had the cheapest beer on campus.

When I walked in I was startled at how busy the place was at four in the 

afternoon. Every table had someone sitting at it! This really wasn't a 

problem since each table was very long with benches on each side leaving 

me several seating possibilities. I got a beer at the bar and positioned 

myself at the end of a table near the back of the bar. Sitting at the 

other end of the table were several women in nurses uniforms. From 

the the smattering of conversation I heard over the sound of the juke box, 

I gathered that they had just finished an unusually rough shift at the local

hospital. They must have been there a while because there were several empty

pitchers on the table. 

I was busy working on my second beer and attempting to think of some way to 

introduce myself when they all got up to leave. All of them that is, but 

the nurse at the far end of the table. She still had a full beer and I heard

her tell her friends that she would stick around to finish it before she 

headed home. To be honest, I don't think I even noticed her before her 

friends got up to leave. She was older than the others,  probably early 

thirties and a little over weight. Her hair was bleach blond with about an 

inch of dark roots showing.  Her eyebrows had been over plucked and she 

used lots of blue eye shadow which even back then seemed out-of-style. I 

guess you would say she wasn't much of a catch, but I remember thinking at

the time that there was a certain sleaziness about her looks which really 

turned me on. 

Figuring I had nothing to lose, I slid down to her end of the table. I 

introduced myself and launched into my usual patter about the weather and

local sports teams. She was obviously bored, but she politely sipped

her beer and listened to my monologue. When her beer was empty, she said 

that she needed to go pee. Without thinking I blurted out "can I watch?".

To this day, I'm not sure why I say it. Maybe I was trying to be sarcastic 

since I figured she was using the bathroom as an excuse to slip out the 

back door. In any case, I never expected her reaction. She sat back down, 

leaned forward, looked me straight in the eyes and said  "really?". The  

intensity of her stare and the seriousness in her tone took me completely 

by surprise. I didn't know what to say. I sat there for what felt like an 

eternity before I finally choked out "sure". She stood up, extended her

hand and said "Well then, lets go.".  

This was the first time I had seen her standing. Although I had noticed that

she was on the plump side, I hadn't expected her to have such a heavy bottom.

Her white nursing slacks were tight against her large round ass.  Her tight

slacks and small breasts may have helped make her ass and thighs seem

disproportionately large, but there was just no denying it, this woman had 

a big butt! I just sat there staring at her, trying to figure out what I 

was getting into. Finally she said "are you coming or not?". Still dazed, I

got up and took her hand. She lead me toward the back of the bar to the rear 

exit which led into an alley behind the bar. I asked her where we were 

going, and she replied that she had an apartment just around the corner. 

Still holding her hand we walked down the alley together. When I finally 

had regained enough composure to ask just what she had planned for me, she 

just said "Shhh, just enjoy the moment. I'll take care of everything.".  We 

walked the rest of the way in silence.

When we got to her apartment, she lead me straight to the bedroom. She told 

me very matter-of-factly to take off my clothes and lay on the bed. As I 

undressed, she stood in the doorway with her hands on her hips and watched.

When I pulled my jockey shorts off to reveal my rock hard erection, I saw her

smile for the very first time. Without a word, she gestured for me to lie 

down on the bed. After I did so, she reached behind my head and pulled 

out two dark strips of material from beneath the mattress and began to tie 

the end of one to my wrist. I must have had panic written all over my face 

as she stopped immediately and said "Don't worry, they're just silk ties. 

I'll tie them loose so you can get free if you really want to.". I nodded my 

head sheepishly and she continued to tie my wrists. She then pulled the ends

of two more ties from under the end of the mattress and tied my ankles. She

tucked two pillows under the back of my head so that my head was angled so 

that I could see the foot of the bed. I gently tested my restraints and 

found that although loose as promised, my movement was limited to swaying 

slightly from side to side. 

Once my "host" felt I was properly positioned, she went to the foot of the 

bed and began to slowly undress. She began by unbuttoning her blouse to 

reveal a white lace bra. Next she pulled down her slacks, all the while, 

staring me straight in the eyes. Next she turned and slowly bent over, 

showing me her big ass which was barely covered by her white cotton panties.

She slowing began to pull them down to reveal her huge pillowy ass cheeks.

Turning, she caught me licking my lips and said "like what you see so far?".

I just nodded and gave her my best lecherous grin. All she said was "good"

as she climbed onto the bed. Straddling my chest, her pussy was only

a foot from my face. It was covered with a thick thatch of brown hair which

started as a little trickle of hair at the navel and grew into a dark 

triangle which disappeared between her meaty thighs. Very slowly and 

deliberately, she began to play with her pussy. At first just by running 

her fingers through the hair. Gradually, her fingers began to probe between 

her plump pussy lips. As she spread them, I could see her prominent pink 

labia and the bud of her swollen clitoris. I was mesmerized by the sight 

and the smell. My cock was aching as I drooled over the beautiful pussy 

that was being fingered just inches from my face. She seemed to be 

approaching orgasm when she suddenly stopped teasing her swollen clit and 

spread her pussy wide with both hands. I was admiring her beautiful pussy 

now fully engorged and literally dripping with juice when a squirt of hot 

pee hit me square in the face. In all the excitement of being tied up and 

watching my chubby nurse masturbate, I had completely forgotten that it was 

my sarcastic comment about watching her pee that begun this adventure. 

After the initial shock of the first blast of pee, I watched with fascination

and lust as a beautiful golden stream of pee sprayed out of her hot hairy 

pussy soaking my face and hair. I tried to position my head so that I could 

catch the stream in my mouth, but her gyrating hips kept the stream of pee 

criss crossing my face. I couldn't believe that I actually wanted her to 

pee in my mouth! 'Want' wasn't the right word, I needed to taste her pee. I 

was going crazy with lust! My cock was bobbing uncontrollably and my balls 

ached. My mouth was wide open, my tongue extended catching all the hot pee

I could as the stream moved back and forth across my face. Finally, she 

stopped her teasing and aimed the hot spray right into my mouth. I gulped

down a couple of mouthfuls before she finally stopped. Using the head of 

the bed for support, she raised herself to her feet and positioned herself 

so that she was standing over me straddling my crotch. Placing her hands on 

her hips, she closed her eyes and let go another long stream of hot pee. 

Since she was not holding her pussy open this time, instead of a solid 

stream, pee sprayed all over. Some sprayed on my chest, but most of the 

golden liquid dripped straight down on my cock and balls. 

When her bladder was finally empty, she turned around to show me her great

big ass. She got down on all fours and slowly backed her butt into my face.

I attempted to lick her pussy, but she repositioned herself so that her tight

little asshole was pressed against my lips. I had never licked a women's ass

before, and didn't really know what I should do. I licked it, sucked it, 

even tried to bury my tongue deep inside it. Apparently I was doing 

something right as I could hear her moaning softly and she began to slowly 

grind her pussy against my chest. 

I could feel her hot breath on my cock and balls as I hungrily licked her

asshole. Occasionally I would feel her mouth or tongue on my inner thighs

or balls. At first I thought she was trying to tease me, but I soon realized

that she was lapping up any pee that remained on my crotch! She was careful

to avoid my cock as I think she knew that the slightest stimulation would 

make me cum. 

After several delicious minutes of ass licking, she tilted her ass slightly,

pulling her asshole from my lips. Without warning she let go a large fart 

right in my face! The smell was like nothing I had ever experienced. It was 

so intense I felt dizzy and I almost came! She lowered her asshole back to

my lips and I resumed my tonguing with even greater passion. Several times

she tilted her hips to position her asshole directly in front of my nose

to pass gas. Each time I would inhale deeply before resuming my tongue

worship of her ass. After what seemed like hours, she pulled her ass from

my face and repositioned it about a foot away from my face. Reaching back 

with both hands she pulled her big ass cheeks wide apart to expose her hot

hairy pussy and the dark brown asshole I had been sucking so feverishly.

Once again I saw her tilt her hips slightly, and I watched her little brown

asshole began to open slightly. Too my surprise, no gas rushed out. For 

a moment I was confused, but then I realized what was happening. She was 

going to shit on me! Although I had done things tonight that I never thought

I would do (and loved them), this was just to much! Her asshole continued to 

widen and I could begin to see the end of a large turd just inside the 

opening. She continued to push and I saw the turd slowly begin to emerge 

from her asshole. All of a sudden, she relaxed and the turd quickly slipped 

back inside out-of-site. She repeated this several times, each time exposing

a little more of the turd. As she did this I found myself beginning to feel 

that crazy lust build back up inside of me until I was actually craning my 

neck and sticking out my tongue in an attempt to reach her shit! After 

several more teases, she finally pushed several inches of firm brown shit 

out of her ass. It hung from her asshole for a moment and then dropped to my 

chest. The smell was, well, you can imagine! 

She continued to push, until 2 more large firm turds lay steaming on my 

chest. She had shit so close to my face that I was actually able to touch 

the last turd with my tongue as it fell from her asshole and landed on my 

chest.  When she was all done, she said "please clean me up" and once again

backed her big ass into my face. As I feverishly licked and sucked her dirty 

asshole, she squirmed excitedly on my chest. I could feel her wet pussy 

smearing her warm shit all over my neck and chest. I could tell that she 

was very near orgasm from the twitching of her thigh muscles. Just as she 

began to moan, she grabbed my cock roughly in her hand and began to stroke 

it. With only a few strokes of her hand I was convulsing beneath her.

I had my face buried so deep between her ass cheeks I couldn't even breath.

I literally went out of my mind! The intensity of my orgasm was like nothing

I had experienced before or since. I think she orgasmed too, but I was so 

absorbed in the intensity of my own orgasm, that I couldn't tell. She 

continued to pump my cock until I finally relaxed and let my tongue slip 

from her gaping asshole. We laid there in a smelly heap for several

minutes before she finally crawled off me. She had shit smeared on her 

stomach and in her pubic hair as well as a big gob of my cum in her hair. 

I must have been quite a sight too because she looked down at me, made a 

face and said "yuk, what a mess!". Grabbing some tissues from the head of 

the bed she scooped up most of the shit laying on my neck and chest and 

then rushed out of the room. She returned in a couple of minutes wearing 

a bathrobe and carrying a pan of soapy water and a towel. Sitting beside me 

on the bed, she gave me quick but efficient sponge bath. I made no attempts 

at conversation as I still hadn't regained my composure from the intensity 

of my orgasm. 

When my sponge bath was complete, she untied my hands and feet and handed 

me my clothes. Glancing at the clock on the wall, she said "sorry to poop 

and run, but I've got to hop in the shower. I'm already late for a dinner 

date with friends. Could you be a dear and let yourself out?". Still a bit

dazed I nodded in agreement, and she disappeared through the bedroom door.

After I got dressed, I heard the shower running in the bathroom, so as 

requested, I let myself out. As I made the long walk back to the dorm, I 

tried to sort out everything that had happened. I couldn't believe all the 

sick things I had done, yet I had loved every minute of it! This was 

definitely the most exciting sexual experience I had ever had and I hadn't

kissed her or even seen her breasts. Hell, I never even asked her her name! 

When I got back to the dorm, I took a long hot shower, trying to get 

rid of the smell, but no matter how much I scrubbed, it seemed to linger. 

It was several days before I got over the shock of what I had done. I kept

thinking that you just don't do those types of things and enjoy them. 

The semester ended and I went home for the summer. My initial feelings of 

shock and disgust gradually gave way to lust and the first day of my junior

year I went back to her apartment. Sweaty with anticipation I knocked on the

apartment door. Much to my dismay, I was met at the door by an oriental grad

student. He politely told me that he had moved in over the summer and had 

never met the previous tenant.

For the last fifteen years now, I have been watching for her on the street, 

in bars and shopping malls. But even if I never see her again, I will never

ever forget the afternoon I spent with my naughty nurse.


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