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Archive-name: Fetish/dressup1.txt

Archive-author: Heather James

Archive-title: Why I Love "being" a Babe

    I love to come home when the house is sunny and quiet, early in

the morning.  I take a long, hot bubble bath, soaking in the warm

body lotion. Then, once I'm all smooth and sleek, and my skin is soft

and rosy, I set up my Bust Pump, and suck out my breasts into nice,

ripe melons. Once my bosoms are formed, I put the small tube onto the

pump, and plump my nipples to 4 or 5 times normal size. I've already

painted my toenails a pretty Snow Orange color,they look very nice poking

their way through the suds. I shower off, dry, and put on my make-up.

I put on a nice peach skintone, powder. and do my eyes in white,

orange, and brown, tracing in delicate arched brows, then setting of

my cheeks in a 3 toned peach blush. A bit of magic with a lip pencil,

then filling in with Snow orange lipstick......yum, I'm looking great

and still with short hair!  But, like most babes, I'm a blonde, so,

I brush out my favorite frosted blonde wig and touch it up a bit. I put

a coat of spirit gum on my forehead and on my temples, then tug the wig

down onto my head, pressing the cap against the spirit gum for a full

five minutes...There.. done.  I've got long blonde hair spilling down

my shoulders and across my breasts.I shake my head about.. fantastic..!

     But, below the waist is still all male, and really turned on..  by me!

I put on a black garter belt (still the best way to frame my "surprise"), and

rose up a pair of sheer  black stockings, slipping them up my tan, smooth legs

and then fastening the hooks mid-thigh. Well, a nice pair of legs is an asset

for a woman like me (hehehe). But still a most unfeminine bulge is apparent!

So, I slip on a pair of tight black panties, slipping my penis into the hidden

pocket, and folding it back under me as I pull the panties tightly to my waist.

     There, nice and smooth, and, I'm female!

     I pull my favorite Victoria's Secret black satin chemis, and slip it over

my shoulders, slide it down over my curves, and smooth it into place. 

I ease my long hair out from under the straps and then put on a turquoise satin

blouse, buttoning it only halfway up, to show off the black lace underneath.

I slip on a denim mini and tie the blouse tightly at the waist. I shake my head

and flip my hair around. I look especially tasty today and decide to  go out. 

     But first, I need jewelry!

I put on a triple stranded gold necklace, some bracelets and ring, and a big

pair of gold hoop earrings. There. Almost perfect..but, those fingernails

would look better painted. So, I get out the polish, the heated nail dryer, and

sit down to finish my change. Three glossy coats of Snow Orange later..

    Babelon!     I look fabulous!

   As I walk out to the car,  the men out in the neighborhood turn and stare,

appreciatively. So, I give them a show, because I love to tease them.

So, I wiggle my hips (a bit too much) and strut boldly, with a smile, over

to my car. I open the door and ease onto the seat, flashing a lot of leg 

and garter-top as I slide myself behind the wheel. After a few minutes of 

letting the car warm-up, and a lot of fussing in the mirror, I pull away,

smiling at the men as they stare. 

                        If only they knew......



                      to be a babe in America!


Stories too Taboo to be unprotected.
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