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Archive-name: Fetish/cd4.txt

Archive-author: Jazzbo Brown

Archive-title: Cum Drinkers, The - 4

Warning : The text you are about to read is designed to be enjoyed by adults

only! If you are not over the age of 18, do not read this text, as it might

do irreparable harm to your sexual psyche and curl your toenails backwards.

Also, if you are a male, your cock will wilt and drop off in gym class, and

if you are a female, you will grow a noticeable mustache. Be warned!

This story is fictional. All events are fictional. Any resemblance to living

persons or actual events is coincidental. This story represents fantasy, and

is not meant to portray either women or men in a negative manner. Please

close cover before striking.


                             The CUM Drinkers

                                  Part IV


    Kate and Linda spent a quiet few weeks reliving their recent adventures.

Nothing too exciting happened to either of them, since, in real life, sexual

escapades tend to run in cycles.  You have a great couple of weeks, then a

few barren ones. Then things start to perk up again.  Kate was looking

forward to the upcoming Halloween holiday, she loved dressing up in sexy

exotic costumes and wandering the neighborhood, watching the children run

shrieking from house to house.  She wondered if any of the neighbors

realized that the woman dressed in the micro-skirt, tall stilletto heels and

heavy makeup was their neighbor Kate. She even talked Linda into going out

with her that evening. Kate's husband was out of town on a business trip for

several days, and Linda's mate went across town to play poker with some

buddies. Once again, the ladies who loved cum were on their own.

    "Lin, I just know you'll love this - it's so much fun to walk around the

neighborhood all dressed up and seeing people's reactions to us. They'll

never know its us!"

    "I hope you're right, hon, if this gets around Roger'll kill me!" her

friend responded, only slightly humorously.  The ladies spent the afternoon

before Halloween night getting their hair and fingernails done, both of them

luxuriating in the splendor of the salon they went to. Their every need was

catered to as they sipped champagne and strawberries. Linda, on a dare, even

had the young beauty parlor girl trim her pubic hair back, until just a

small patch wove it's way on top of her mound, and her pussy lips were

completely bared.  Linda allowed herself a mini-orgasm as the cute young

girl carefully trimmed and shaved her sexual regions. The girl was not as

embarrassed as Linda might have thought - as she finished, she leaned

forward and gave Linda's crotch a loving swipe with her tongue, pausing to

diddle her clit just long enough to let Linda know that she was turned on

herself. Linda picked up her head between her hands and kissed her warmly.

    The ladies anxiously awaited nightfall. In their part of the country,

the sun set quickly, and the night, though seasonally cool, was not at all

unpleasant. Kate was wearing a very short, tight skirt that rode far up her

thighs, a tiny cotton halter top, and high red heels with stockings. The

tops of the stockings just barely hid beneath the hem of the skirt, and if

Kate bent down or sat, a nice expanse of creamy thigh was exposed, under the

sensous red garter strap.  She loved dressing like that.  Linda wore short

shorts that seemed painted on her  trim buns, and spent several minutes

trimming the crotch up until her panties almost peeked through the seams. 

A lacy, almost see-through blouse and a black lace bra completed the outfit.

Linda purposely wore the dark bra under the white blouse, so that interested

viewers could see exactly what she was so proud of.  Her legs were bare, but

she also wore heels, though not so high as Kate's. 

    Finally, they were ready.  Leaving Kate's house excitedly, they walked

several blocks down one broad avenue, then zigged and zagged their way until

they were far enough from their homes to be safe from really familiar prying

eyes. Then they just tagged along with the kids going from door to door,

taking care to stay far enough away so that the random parent out with his

or her children wouldn't become suspicious.  They loved to see the kids

dressed up in their costumes - there were darling little princesses, fierce

pirates, kung-fu warriors, Ninja turtles, and of course , a surfeit of

Batmans and Dick Tracys. As the night passed, the number of young kids on

the street seemed to dwindle, and  Kate noticed that the age of those out

now seemed to have increased to the mid-teens. She saw one young girl who

couldn't have been more than 15 dressed like the most exotic streetwalker

she had ever seen, complete with spandex pants, stilletto heels and garish

makeup. "How could her mother send her out like that!?" she wondered to

herself. "Oh, well, I guess they're growing up earlier than ever...."

    The women didn't notice that a small group of boys had seemed to pick

them up, and was following them wherever they turned. They didn't seem to

be deliberately tailing them, though, so they weren't too worried.  Every

few minutes, Kate or Linda would turn and sneak a quick look back at the

pack of kids, each time seeing the number increase by three or four bodies. 

At one point, there seemed to be close to twenty or twenty-five kids

following them, nearly all boys or young men.

    "Kate, I don't know about this, I think we'd better head back. I don't

like the looks of that gang back their behind us. Whaddaya say we head for

home, eh?"  The words were hardly out of her mouth when, with a suddeness

that took their breath away and almost made Kate stumble in her shoes, three

older teenagers appeared on the sidewalk just ahead of them. They were rough

looking, boys about 17 or 18, with jeans and wild looking tee-shirts on. The

three boys spread across the sidewalk, effectively blocking their paths.

    "Well, what have we here" sneered one, "looks like a coupla hookers out

for a quick trick or treat!"  His buddies laughed and chortled at his wit. 

"How's business, girls, getting any tonight?"

    "Hey, we're just out to have some fun, and we're NOT hookers!"  spoke

Kate sharply, but she was ignored.  The three walked slowly towards them,

and Linda turned to see the entire gang that was following them close up.

Within seconds, they were surrounded by almost thirty laughing, leering

teenagers, mostly boys, but Kate notices some rough-looking girls along with


    "Hey, babe, nice tits" a voice rang out, causing cheers and giggles.

    "What say we head back to our party house and take care of you"  spoke

another voice from the shadows. This was greeted with clapping and choruses

of "Oh, yeah, that's the right thing" and "Let's give the bitches a

Halloween to remember" and other lewd comments. Kate reddened and clutched

at LInda's arm for support.

    "What are we gonna do!" she whispered to her friend, "These guys look

tough. And there's nobody else around! What're we gonna do?"

    Before Linda could respond, her question was answered. Four of the

biggest, strongest looking guys came up, and each pair grabbed the two

housewives and pinned their arms to their sides. 

    "I think we should have a good ol' fashioned gang bang!" said one. He

seemed to be the leader, if judging only by his swagger and size.  "We're

gonna take you ladies over to our secret little hiding place, and have some

fun, eh guys?"  Cheers rang out.  Quickly, hands covered their mouths, and

Kate and Linda both felt handkerchiefs or bandanas wrapped around their

eyes, quickly blocking out their vision. The strong arms still held their

arms pinioned to their sides, and Kate suddenly felt hands roaming over her

tits and pawing at her legs.  "Jezzus this bitch's got nice tits!" rang out

one young voice, and Kate felt herself blush furiously.  The nerve of these

kids, grabbing her and Linda!  The wives felt themselves being led down one

block and up another, down another and across a third, then cutting across

what felt like several lawns and yards.  They had no idea where they might

have been. They could have been dozens of blocks from their own homes, or

they could have been one street away.  Finally, they felt the hands

push/pull them up a short flight of stairs and across a porch, then through

a swinging screen door into a musty, smoky smelling room.  The house smelled

of beer and smoke and other odors that Kate and LInda could only guess


    Finally, they were pushed roughly into what seemed to be a large living

or dining room. Mattresses, dirty, filthy, grungy, smelly mattresses covered

one entire corner of the room. Their eye coverings were whipped off, and the

wives blinked slowly in the dim light. As they adjusted, they saw what

appeared to be a house that had been 50 or 60 percent completed, then never

finished. Floors and walls were in, and most doors, but they could see that

the trim and finishing was not done. The kids gathered in around them,

loudly bustling and jostling the women around. The leader stepped up to


    "OK. You don't need to know my name, you can just call me Long John.

You'll find out why in a few minutes. Me and my friends here are gonna have

some fun with you both, and as long as you don't fight it, we'll try not to

hurt you....too much."  The last phrase was added with a leering grin. He

reached out and tweaked the nipple of Linda's right breast, and she shrank

back in protest. She couldn't speak through the rough hand clapped over her

mouth, but her eyes burned fire at the obnoxious teen. "You may as well not

yell or scream or try to get out. We've locked all the doors and windows

from inside, and we're blocks away from anybody else. It's nice and private

here - that's why we like it. Now my buddies are gonna take their hands off

of your mouths, so let's not scream or anything, OK? Or it might be worse

for you...".  He motioned to the boys holding the women's mouths covered,

and they let their hands off, slowly.  Kate drew in a full breath.

    "Listen you little punk, if you think that Linda and I are just gonna

stand by while you do God knows what, well you can just go fuck yourself,

you know -"

    "NO! We can just FUCK YOURSELF you snotty little bitch! And by the time

this evening's over, you're gonna be begging for more, you slut cunt!" the

leader screamed back at her. "So shutup and follow orders, and you might

just survive."  He stomped over to one corner of the room, ordering several

sitting teens off the cushions and mattresses. "Ok, everybody back. Just

circle around them. Move back, fuckheads, that's it, back.."  The group

slowly enlarged the circle around the two women, who found themselves the

center of attention once again.  "Ok. Strip."  He said it with such a lack

of feeling that at first Kate and Linda didn't even understand him.

    "I said STRIP! Get those fuckin' clothes off or we'll do it for you." 

Kate and Linda looked at each other, and didn't move a muscle. Seconds

passed. Neither woman moved. "Ok, Ok, if that's what you want. Joe, Tony,

you guys, get these sluts naked and NOW!"  Four or five boys leapt at the

women, tearing their clothes off like madmen. Kate's skirt was ripped right

off her body, and the halter top was pulled roughly up over her head. The

crowd whistled and cheered when they saw her in the garter belt and

stockings. Linda fared no better, being held struggling while one lad

unzipped and pulled her shorts down her legs and pulled them off her ankles.

She too soon lost her chest coverings, and within seconds both women were

virtually naked. Kate had only her garters and stockings, her panties having

been claimed by an unknown male. Linda likewise lost her bra and panties.

She kicked her shoes at the boy who called himself Long John.  

    "Here, have these too you shithead!"

    "Now, now, mustn't loose our temper, little girly. Ok, I think for the

opening act, it's time for a little sucky sucky. Just to keep things safe,

I think we'd better restrain you cunts a bit."  He directed Joe and Tony to

tie their wrists together behind their backs, not too tightly, but tightly

enough so that neither woman could move her arms forward. Long John nodded

at them when they were suitably trussed, then glanced at Joe and Tony.

    "On their knees. You ladies are gonna kiss every dick in this room, and

any of the pussies that want it, too."  Male hands pushed Kate and Linda to

their knees on the rough hardwood floor. As their knees touched wood, the

sound of every zipper in the room being lowered was like a quick buzz saw

through Kate's bones. A line of boys soon formed to Kate's left. Each teen

had his cock out. Long John stepped back in front of the women.

    "OK, guys, take your turns now, don't be piggish, leave some for the guy

behind you. Don't cum unless you absolutely have too. There's a long night

ahead of us."  The first male moved up to Kate and with no warning

whatsoever, grabbed her head and shoved his hard cock into her face. Kate

tried to turn away, but the strong hands holding her kept her face in line

with the cock shaft. Relentlessly it pressed at her lips, but she refused

to open them. She could smell the manly odor of the young boy's cock wafting

into her nostrils, and despite her fear and despising of the way they were

being treated, she found herself beginning to respond. The boy reached down

and began massaging her nipple, gently but firmly. Kate was a bit suprised.

She looked up at him. 'He is kinda cute...' she thought. Her mouth opened

of its' own accord. The cock head tipped past her lips and slid over her

tongue. It hardened almost immediately and the boy groaned. He pumped in and

out no more than 10 times, then abruptly pulled away with a groan.

    "Oh god I gotta stop or I'll fuck her right here."  He pulled back from

a gasping Kate, letting his overheated cock cool down. He stepped to Kate's

right, and offered the cock to Linda. She looked at Kate, then turned to

face the boy.

    "Ok, you fuckers. If this is what you want, then this is what you'll

get. But let me tell you one thing, I'm gonnna fuck the living shit out of

each and every one of you assholes here, then I'm gonna walk out of this

place and fuck you all forever." Her manner didn't faze the cock staring her

in the face. He shoved. She opened. Kate turned to face another cock.

    After seven penises had introduced themselves to Kate's lips and teeth,

she faced a furry female bush. She had no choice but to lean forward and

tongue the slit being held open for her. The girl groaned in pleasure as

Kate's tongue found her clit.

    "Oh fuck, she knows where to go, she knows..." groaned the girl.  

    'Of course I do, I'm a woman like you' Kate thought to herself.

    After swabbing up and down the slit, which tasted suspiciously salty to

Kate several times, the girl moved across to Linda. Kate took this time to

turn to her friend and question with her eyes. Linda looked back fiercely,

not beaten or humbled. 

    Linda bent to the pussy in her face. As the girl held it open, she saw

the pearly drop of cum start to slide out. "Shit, girl, you've got cum in

your pussy!" she started to say. She looked up at the young blonde, who

simply winked back at her. Linda bent to the task. Kate thought to herself

that the pussy had tasted a bit familiar. 

    "Yeah, Bobby and I had a quick fuck a few minutes before we found you,

and now you get sloppy seconds. HA HA HA." the young girl laughed. "Now

clean me out, douche-bag!" Linda touched her tongue to the girl's slit and

lapped up the semen that had now started to flow from the girl in force. The

more she lapped up, the more dripped and dribbled out of the girl. 'This guy

musta cum buckets!' Linda imagined. The sperm tasted tangy and tart to her.

It dribbled from her tongue and lips, streaking her chin as it flowed. The

girl leaned forward, grasping Linda's head with her hands and pulled her

into her crotch, bumping her hips forward, grinding her sex into the other

woman's face.

    "Oh God yes, suck my clit, bitch, get me off...unh unh" the young woman


    Kate meanwhile had another cock thrust at her, this one large and black,

shining in the light. Kate pulled it into her mouth and sucked strongly,

beginning to get more and more aroused at the scene. She wished her hands

were free so she could reach down and play with her clit and pussy, or that

someone else would do it for her. She licked and sucked at the shaft of the

ebony prick in her mouth, tongueing around the head and feeling it glide

over her lips. All too soon, it pulled from her mouth and the black boy

moved down to Linda. Kate faced a thin, rather small cock. She opened up and

let it invade her mouth as had the one before. She held steady as the body

to which it was attached thrust forward, arching before her. Suddenly she

heard Linda choke next to her, and turned her head slightly, just in time

to see the black teen's cock spew a load of salty sperm onto Linda's sweaty

face. The teen jerked his cock off.

    "Yeah, baby, lick that cum, ahhhhh, yes, shit I jus' couldn't hold it

no more." He shot several streams of white goo against Linda's open mouth

and lips, as she tried desperately to re-capture the organ. The first blast

had obviously caught her off-guard and caused her to choke slightly, but she

soon recovered. Cum flew into her hair and across her face in wet white

lines. The boys and girls watching cheered and guffawed to see what they

viewed as the young wife's humiliation. Their noise quickly died, though,

as they saw her lick around her lips, trying to capture as much of the semen

splattering her face as she could.

    "Holy shit, she likes it!"

    "Look at her try to get it all! Goddam, that bitch is eatin' that cum

like she ain't had none in years..."

    "Yeah, get it baby.." 

    Linda was moaning and groaning with suppressed pleasure. Kate figured

she was reliving the scene she had described to her from her college days

in the fraternity house where she had outlasted 30 or so college studs. As

the black teen moved away, Kate and Linda got back to the tasks at,


    Some fifteen minutes and eight cocks later, Kate got her first sperm

shower of the evening. Her smile was painted white by a tall, gangly teen

with a veiny, bulbous cock that had barely touched her lips when it sprayed

a load of hot semen into her mouth. Kate swallowed quickly, preparing for

the next stream, but the fellow pulled his cock from her lips and, tilting

her head back, jerked his cock roughly, directing the streams of sperm

across her face and into her hair. His performance brought more hoots and

catcalls from the crowd gathered around them.

    The line continued to visit the two kneeling women. Every eighth or

ninth person was female, but the vast majority of the sexual organs

presented to Kate and Linda were male in origin, all were in a state of

extreme arousal, and several reached orgasm during the 'ceremony'. As the

end of the line neared, where "Long John" himself occupied the last

position, Kate and Linda's facial features, breasts, and hair were spotted

with drying semen, pussy juice and sweat. Kate had been the recipient of

four male and three female orgasms. The sperm from one teen had covered one

eye completely, as he seemed to get a devilish glee in shooting directly

into her closed eye-socket. Another had demanded that she keep her mouth

open as he came in it, and he deposited an amazing eleven squirts of heady,

aromatic teenage jizzum into her beautiful mouth, without spilling a drop.

It took Kate several swallows to get it all down.  After another boy had

sprayed her features, the girl behind him massaged the semen into her face.

    "Here, let me rub that jizzum into your skin. My boyfriend really gets

off on cumming in my face, and I think it helps keep my complexion clear.

Certainly a lot more fun than rubbing with an OXY-10 pad, isn't it?" The two

sexy wives continued to kneel, naked, their hands tied behind their backs,

breasts thrust out, being kneaded and twisted by the rough hands that came

with each teen. After the girl finished massaging what little sperm still

stuck to her face, Kate was forced to lick the girl to orgasm, which she did

willingly.  Meanwhile, Linda was, if anything, even more heavily plastered

with sexual juices. No less than nine boys unloaded their first orgasms of

the night into her face and mouth and tits. At one point, two boys at once

decided to spray her, each jerking and pulling on their cocks until they

erupted almost simultaneously. The streams of white sperm flew from their

cocks, splattering loudly on Linda's cheeks and nose, streaming down over

her chin and dripping to her breasts. Through it all, she kept her face

proudly up.

    "C'mon, you fuckers, spray that cum on me, go ahead, I love it, give me

your cum. I want it on my face, in mouth, in my hair. Do it to me, drench

me in your jizz, go ahead...." she cajoled them, letting them know that they

weren't doing it just for their own pleasure. The sights and sounds of the

mature married woman egging them on seemed to excite them even further.

Before seconds had passed, Linda's face was thoroughly drenched in

balljuice, it dripped from her nose and coated her lips like white lipstick.

She got as much into her mouth as she could, swallowing loudly and gulping

the thick, viscous fluid into her belly. She seemed insatiable.

    On and on the dance continued. Finally, there was only the last boy in

line. 24 boys and 7 women had passed by each wife, some just for a brief

minute, others long enough to enjoy a good sucking or licking, others long

enough to blast sexual juices onto the waiting ladies. By the time Long John

stepped up, Kate's face was an almost unrecognizable mask of sperm and

juice. Her hair was absolutely covered with webbed white streaks. Her

breasts seemed to be leaking white mother's milk, only this milk came from

cocks. Sperm dotted her shoulders and thighs. She had swallowed a good bit

of the juice herself, and her lips were covered. Her one eye had dried shut

from the load one lad deposited there.  Linda was a match - her face

streamed cum. It seemed that the boys, knowing she wanted it, made special

efforts to drape her lovely features with as much semen as they could. Not

nearly so much was matted in her hair or off her head. It was though someone

had spray painted thin white lines up and down her face. She was literally

covered in sperm from ear to ear. Her tongue stretched out to lick as much

as she could from her face, but still left much more there for the gang's


    The boy who called himself 'Long John' finally stepped up to Kate. "So,

you sluts like cum, eh? Well, I think we can accomdate you tonight. You look

so fucking sexy there, naked, kneeling, with that fucking jizz all over your

faces. But we're just getting started, right gang?" The other kids yelled

and cheered in agreement. "Now, let's just see how good you REALLY are at

sucking cock. I ain't found a bitch yet that could get me all the way down."

As he finished, he dropped his pants to his ankles. Kate and Linda gasped

in unison. They were looking at the longest cock they had ever seen. Even

semi-hard, it seemed at least 10 or 12 inches long. It reached almost to his

knees. It was thin and pale, but very very long. "Now you know why they call

me Long John, eh?" he laughed as he pumped blood into his cock. Slowly it

stiffened. It was so long that it couldn't defy gravity and point more than

halfway into the air. It remained parallel to the floor, fully hard. "This

fucker's 13 and a half goddam inches long, you bitches, and both of you are

gonna get it in every hole you got before tonight's over, and maybe I'll

even drill a coupl'a new holes in you, hawhaw" he giggled fiendishly. "Now

just open up real wide, slutface, and I'll slip it down nice and easy.." he

ordered Kate.

    Kate knew in her heart that she could never get the boy's cock more than

six or seven inches into her throat, it just wasn't possible. He'd choke her

to death with it! John grabbed the back of her head with one hand, and held

his cock about halfway down the shaft with the other. Kate looked up at him

with terrified eyes. He slipped the head into her mouth, over her lips. The

cock being so slim, it really wasn't hard to accept it into her mouth. But

the boy kept on sliding forward with it. Kate felt it slip over her tongue

and begin to bend down her throat. She constricted involuntarily,

momentarily closing off the passage. The boy stopped. "Aw, c'mon lady, you

ain't even trying. Take a breath and let's keep on swallowing." Kate found

she could even open her jaws wide enough to breath around the shaft in her

mouth. "You got about six inches in now, that ain't bad for a beginner. But

you're only halfway home..." Kate swallowed and the motion of her throat

muscles pulled the head of the cock down, over the back of her tongue and

past her tonsils. She tilted her head up like a baby bird, making the

passage as straight as possible. Another inch slid by her lips, then

another. John groaned at the sensation of feeling his sensitive glans slide

down the woman's esophagus. The head popped into her throat, pointing almost

straight down into her belly. Still, he pulled her head towards his groin.

He removed his hand from the shaft of his cock as another inch slipped into

Kate's throat. She felt a terrible pressure in her neck, as the unnatural

object stretched her tissues and muscles. She had once swallowed a hard-

boiled egg whole on a dare as a teen, and this felt just as bad. On and one

the cock slid down her gullet. Her eyes watered. Her breath caught in her

lungs. She snorted air through her nose, her nostrils flaring like a

Kentucky Derby winner. 

    "Three inches to go, man, just three more inches. I can't believe you

got ten in there already, babe, you must be a fuckin' sword swallower or

something." John panted. Kate felt his cock pulse with excitement. The knot

in her neck grew noticably. "Oh fuck, hold on, hold on, you're gonna make

me shoot, I gotta pull it out..." John slid his cock back up the way it had

just gone, the shaft emerging from Kate's lips slick with spit and drool.

Inch after hard-won inch re-emerged into the cool air. Kate gulped air

herself as the cock head popped back out of her throat. She gagged as it

triggered her reflex going by. The head slid back over her tongue and out.

Once back into the air, the boy's cock shone, red and wet from the friction

of her mouth and throat. A large dollop of pre-cum bulged from the tip, and

he dripped it off onto Kate's lower lip.

    "There, babe, have a taste of a real man. Maybe if you're good, I'll

give you sommore later" he guffawed. Kate could only gasp and choke in pain

and, somehow, disappointment. She knew she should feel humiliated at the

treatment she and Linda were getting, but a part of her that she didn't know

existed had somehow come to the surface, and she wasn't sure what it meant.

She LIKED being held captive by this gang of kids. She LIKED being forced

to suck cocks and pussies for hours on end. She LIKED getting her face

drenched with the ejaculations of the boys and drippings of the girls. And

she LIKED the feeling of that long, slim shaft sliding down her gullet. She

forgot all pretense of sophisticated womanhood, forgot her husband and their

home and their life, all she wanted was to be a slut, a fuckbag, a whore,

to give in to the thrills of sexual release. She existed only as a pussy to

fuck, a cunt to take hard cocks and wring the jizzum from. She existed only

as an asshole to shove a cock into, wiggling and moaning. She existed only

as a mouth to suck on hard penises and wet cunts. She wanted sex and she

wanted it now. She had turned into an animal. Sex had taken control of her

entire body. She wanted to get FUCKED AND FUCKED HARD AND FUCKED LONG..






COCK AND FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK......."  Her voice trailed off.

    "That's what I like to hear. Next!" John said, and walked over to Linda.


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