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Archive-name: School/shauna3.txt

Archive-author: Ghostwheel

Archive-title: Shauna Makes a Bet (3rd in a series)

Dear Phantasies,

  It's been a while since I last wrote to you, but that doesn't mean that

things have slowed down at all between Shauna and me. Sex between us just

keeps getting better and better, especially with our wonderful friends to

help us out. We're constantly experimenting, finding new ways to tease and

please one another, and recently we shared an experience that we thought

your readers might enjoy hearing about.

  For readers who haven't seen any of my previous letters, I should describe

us. I'm a 24-year-old graduate student at an Ivy League university, along

with my friend Mike. My girlfriend Shauna is a freshman at the same school,

as is Sindra, who is dating Mike. I'm about 5'-10", lean but strong, and have

short brown hair. Mike is built pretty much like me, but he's an American-

born Chinese. Sindra is of mixed Swedish/Indian descent, with a special

exotic look and huge, beautiful breasts. Shauna, though, is everything I

could want in a woman. She stands barely five feet tall, with a compact,

muscular build and a very large bust for someone her size. She has bright

green eyes, long red hair, and the fabled passion of a redhead. Among the

four of us, we're a pretty mixed bag, but we seem to blend perfectly both

in and out of bed.

  Toward the end of the term, during that small break between the end of

classes and the beginning of finals, the four of us decided to go out and

have a little fun before getting down to the books, so we went for dinner

and then to a place nearby where we rented a hot tub room for the evening.

Ostensibly these places are in business to provide a nice place to relax,

but everyone I've known has always gone there for sex. And after all, if

they weren't meant for it, why is there a bed in the room and mirrors on

the ceiling? We figured it might be our last chance to party for the term,

so we splurged and got a deluxe room: hot tub, sauna, shower, cold plunge,

and bed. Plenty of room to play! Since we're all friends, none of us even

bothered to bring swimsuits for the hot tub.

  "A towel and a smile is all you need," Shauna said.

  "And a little K-Y Jelly," Sindra added. I could tell it was going to be

a good night.

  As soon as we'd closed the door to the room behind us, Shauna wrapped her

arms around me and started kissing me, while Mike and Sindra dumped our

bags on the bed. "You know," Shauna said, loud enough for all of us to hear,

"a good meal like that always makes me horny."

  Mike responded with, "But Shauna, *everything* always makes you horny!"

Without warning, she disengaged herself from my arms, charged across the

room, and leaped on him, and they both tumbled onto the bed. She pinned him

down and started kissing him, unbuttoning his shirt and kissing his chest,

and telling him, "Yes, Mike, darling, but you know how horny you make me.

You're such a stud! I want to play with your giant chopstick! I want to lick

up your sweet-and-sour sauce! Come on, you big stud, and eat my sushi!"

By this time, Mike had managed to roll her over, and had started evening

things up by unbuttoning her blouse. "Shows what you know," he said.

"Sushi's Japanese. I've never even tried it."

  "I don't care," Shauna said, "I know you're just dying to eat me!" Chances

are, he was. Mike's told me privately that he thinks Shauna's pussy tastes

even better than Sindra's. I happen to agree, although it's very rare for me

to refuse either of them.

  While the two of them were wrestling on the bed, Sindra had finished

getting out the towels and a few other goodies, and now she came over to me.

"Remember the first time you ever saw my tits?" she asked. I remembered well,

and I only had to smile in response. "Well," she said, "do they turn you on

as much now as they did then?" As she spoke, she slid her sweater off over

her head, and unclasped her bra. I'd been seeing her naked on a regular

basis for a few months, but I was still amazed every time she did that. Freed

from the confining lacy fabric, her breasts seemed to expand, and the nipples

began hardening immediately. I started kissing her and fondling her breasts,

eventually moving my head down to suck on them, alternating between. In spite

of being so large, they're amazingly sensitive, and I've seen her have

multiple orgasms just from having them played with. She leaned back against

the wall, and I was considering the possibility of trying to make her come

when I heard a familiar voice behind me.

  "Last one in is a frigid virgin!" Shauna announced. She quickly kissed both

me and Sindra, then scooted over and plopped herself into the hot tub. Mike

was close behind, and he climbed in right after her. Sindra pulled away from

me slid out of her sandals and skirt. She wasn't wearing anything under it,

and she was in the hot tub, too, by the time I'd even gotten my shirt off.

I finished undressing, and walked over to the tub. Mike had one girl on

either side of him, and they were making quite a show of ignoring me. "We don't

mess with frigid virgins," Shauna said, "even if they do have big hard cocks."

  I knew they were only playing, but I was starting to get a little impatient.

I wanted Shauna, and her teasing was only getting me more turned on. I climbed

in and told her that if I was frigid, she'd better come over and warm me up.

I slid one foot up her leg and began tickling her crotch with my toe, just to

let her know I was still hot for her. She tried to do the same for me, but

she couldn't reach, so she waded over to me, her gorgeous slick breasts

floating halfway out of the water. She settled herself in my lap, facing me

with her legs around my waist. It's one of our favorite positions for making

love, and pretty darned comfortable for just sitting around, too. One of the

many advantages of having a small girl for a lover. But in any case, just

sitting around was not what we had in mind. She started kissing me again, but

much deeper and much more passionately than before, while we each slid one

hand down to stroke each other. Hot as the water was, I swear I could feel

even more heat radiating from her pussy. After a couple minutes, she raised

herself up and squeezed me inside of her. A few more wriggles from both of us,

and she had me all the way in. We just sat that way for a while, kissing and

stroking each other, with me sucking and licking at her nipples, and listening

to the gentle splashing of Mike and Sindra making love at the other side of

the tub.

  It didn't stay gentle for long, though. Shauna started picking up the pace

a little bit, and I could hear Sindra starting to moan softly. Shauna was

bouncing up and down, fucking herself on my cock, but she couldn't get enough

leverage to do it as hard as she wanted, so she slid off of me and turned

around to grab the edge of the tub. "Do me doggie-style, love," she said,

"fuck me nice and hard and deep." From some women, words like that would sound

obscene, but from her they were as sweet and sexy as anything I'd ever heard.

I got behind her, and thrust into her dripping cunt in one long push. She had

anticipated me, and had moved to meet me as I entered her. Her sweet round ass

made a loud smack against my thighs, and she squealed with pleasure as I

drove into her as far as I could. I teased her by pulling almost all the way

out and then thrusting deep into her again, until she insisted that I screw

her for real. I grabbed her hips and gave her what she wanted, ramming in and

out of her as fast as I could until her moans had changed to screams of

frantic pleasure, and I felt myself getting ready to come. With an uncanny

intuition, Shauna knew I was almost ready to burst, and she asked me if I

wanted to come in her mouth. I could barely get out an intelligible answer,

and as I pulled out of her, she spun around and plunged my cock into her

mouth. She was a little bit late, though, and the first gob splatted against

one cheek and hung there while I pumped the rest of my load down her throat.

When I'd finished, she kept the head in her mouth, stroking the shaft and

milking every drop out of me. We sat down again, with her on my lap on the

edge of the tub, to watch Mike and Sindra. She was resting her shoulders on

the edge, while he stood with her legs over his shoulders driving in and

out of her. Sindra started bucking with her first orgasm, and lost her grip

on the side of the tub, so Shauna got behind her to and supported her, resting

her hands on Sindra's breasts.

  "Thanks, baby," Sindra said, resting her head on Shauna's shoulder. "I knew

you wouldn't let me drown. Mmm, what's this?" She licked the gob of my come

off of Shauna's cheek, and then passed it back to her while they kissed.

  "Come on, Mike!" Shauna commanded. "Don't just stand there gawking! Fuck!"

Now that they'd all gotten their breath and their footing, Mike resumed where

he'd left off. Shauna continued playing with Sindra's breasts, kissing her,

and occasionally whispering encouragement to Mike. He was really working now,

and soon Sindra was having her second orgasm, and her third. I thought he

was going to give her a fourth, when Mike thrust into her one last time and

stayed there.

  "Oh, yeah! Fill me up! I can feel you pumping your come way up inside me!

Come on, love, fill my pussy with your thick, sticky come!" Sindra kept it

up, and Mike must've been pumping a huge load inside of her. When he'd finally

finished, he and Sindra climbed out of the tub and lay down together on one

of the big towels. I could see his semen slowly dribbling out of her, and I

wondered if Shauna was going to eat her the way she sometimes did.

  "It ain't fair!" Shauna said with a practiced pout.

  "What ain't fair, Shrimp?" I asked her.

  "It ain't fair that everybody got to come except me. I want to come too!

Again and again and again, just like Sindra."

  "Wait a minute. All that screaming before, and you say you didn't come?"

Mike asked in disbelief.

  "Well, maybe a little," she admitted, "but I want to come so hard the walls

shake. I want lots of great, big, wet orgasms."

  "Spoiled brat. We'll give you so many orgasms you won't know what to do with

them. We'll make you come until you *beg* us to stop," I told her.

  "Oh, you want to bet? I could *die* of orgasms and still not get enough of

them. How about it, the three of you against me in the world-championship


  When she gets into one of these moods, I can't help loving her even more.

Something about that combination of playful child and wanton slut really gets

me turned on. I could tell that Mike and Sindra were getting into the idea,

so I figured it might be a nice "theme" for the evening. "Okay, we've got

the room for two more hours. The three of us can do anything we want to you?"

  "Absolutely anything."

  "And if we can make you ask us to stop making you come, we win."

  "That's right. But it'll never happen."

  "Okay, what do you want to bet?"

  She thought for a moment. "Well, since I'm going to win, let's make the

stakes really high. How about the loser is the winner's complete slave for

a night? I've always wanted to have three slaves for a night."

  "And if you lose, you serve *each* of us as slave for a night? It's only

fair. You get three slaves, or be a slave three times."

  "Deal. Oh, being a slave doesn't mean yucky stuff like washing dishes and

doing laundry, does it? Let's make a rule that it has to be sexual. Agreed?"

  We all shook hands, and had a little wine out of the bottle we'd brought

with us. The anticipation was starting to get to us all when Mike said, "Okay,

let's get started. Who goes first?"

  Sindra smiled. "Last I knew, Shauna wanted you to eat her sushi, stud. Why

don't you do the honors?"

  "Might as well get to it, then. Why don't you come back over by the tub,

Shauna. I think I want to get back in the water. That's right, just park

right there on the edge." Mike got into the water and stood in front of

Shauna, then stepped in between her spread thighs. He wrapped his arms around

her and started kissing her, while Sindra and I lay back and drank some more


  "I'm not coming yet," Shauna cooed.

  "All right. You asked for it, bitch!" Mike said with his best mock-snarl.

He got down on his knees in the water and put his mouth to her pussy. He

kissed it a few times, the started really eating her. He'd nibble at the

lips, the move to her clit and suck on that for a moment, then slide his

tongue way up inside her. She leaned back, braced on her arms, and draped

her legs over his shoulders. I could see she was getting into it already,

as she started stroking her breasts with one hand. That was the beauty of

it. We all wanted her to come as many times as possible; it was just a test

to see who'd run out of steam first. Now, I know a thing or two about going

down on a woman, but Mike goes way beyond anything I've ever been able to

do. It's just sort of a knack, I guess. So it wasn't long before Shauna was

lying flat on her back, her legs still over his shoulders, stroking herself

all over. I could tell that she was getting close, because she was starting

to get flushed and she was making little growling noises in her throat. Mike

pulled back for a second to catch his breath, and then he wrapped his lips

around her clit and started sucking on it.

  "Watch this," I whispered to Sindra. "Ten...nine...eight..." Shauna was

starting to moan a little, and she'd locked her legs around Mike's head.

Sindra joined me on the countdown. "Seven...six...five..." her moans had

risen to yelps, and she was starting to claw at the towel that she was lying

on. I could see Mike's tongue darting in and out of her as he gave her a

serious oral fucking. "" Now she was pinching

really hard at her nipples, driving herself wild with pleasure and pain. She

bucked her hips up and down, and I was afraid she was going to suffocate

Mike before he finished with her. Her eyes were closed, but her mouth was

open and she was making a constant low wailing sound. "Blastoff!" Sindra and

I said. And did Shauna ever blast off! Her whole body began to thrash from

side to side, and she babbled a string of incoherent endearments to Mike

between her howls of pleasure. She unclasped her legs and when he slipped out

of her grasp, she immediately jammed two fingers into her slit and kept up

right where he'd left off. If anything, she was getting off more by herself,

as she thrust two, then three, fingers in and out. "Is she okay like that,

or should we do something?" Sindra asked me.

  "Damn right we should do something! Help me hold her down." Sindra grabbed

Shauna's wrists, and I lay across her, kissing her, while Mike climbed out of

the tub and got back in position between her legs.

  "I can tell you haven't had *nearly* enough, have you Shauna?" he asked.

  "Keep doing it! It's so good!" she gasped. So he did. Now that she'd taken

off, he just had to keep licking her clit to give her one orgasm after

another. I like to think that my kissing her and playing with her tits had

something to do with it too. Between the two of us, Sindra and I managed to

hold her down while Mike continued to drive her crazy. I started to count,

but I lost track at about eight. Shauna will usually come three of four times

on a good night, so I figured Mike had won the bet for us right there. Her

whole body was shaking, and I don't know whether she could've asked him to

stop if she'd wanted to. But her hips were still bucking up and down to meet

his mouth, so we all kept going. Finally, though, his jaw couldn't take any

more, and he had to give up.

  We let go of Shauna, and after a moment she sat up and said, "Well, I guess

I win. See, there's no *way* you can give me too many orgasms."

  "Wait a minute, baby," Sindra said. "That was only half an hour. You aren't

even close to winning yet. Now, do you want us to quit, or do you want me to

take a turn at you?"

  "More, more, I'm still not satisfied! Sindra, big sister, Mike did a good

job, but you're going to have to be a lot better than that if you want me

orgasmed out."

  "Okay guys. Take her to the sauna. And don't let her cool down. I'll be

there in a couple minutes." Sindra obviously had a plan, so Mike and I grabbed

Shauna and carried her to the sauna. She didn't protest. She was still

enjoying herself, and I was starting to wonder if maybe she could outlast

us. We got in the sauna and turned it up to 120 degrees. A little bit cool,

perhaps, but we were planning on vigorous exercise. Mike stretched out a

towel on one of the benches, and I stretched out my fuck-crazed girlfriend

on the towel.

  "Well, Sindra said to keep me warm. I think the two of you should be able

to keep me warm pretty easily. Mike, you ate me so nicely, can I return the

favor? And my poor little cunt just needs something big and hard to fill it

up until Sindra gets here. Can you guys do that for me?" She got up on her

hands and knees, and sucked Mike's cock right down her throat, while I

plugged up her pussy from behind. The best thing about doing it that way

is that I can stroke her sweet little behind at the same time. We'd just

gotten a good rhythm going, with her plunging back and forth alternately

driving me and then Mike into her, when Sindra came in.

  "Hey, guys, you're supposed to make her come, not yourselves. I guess it

takes a woman to really please a woman. Shauna, baby, lie down and close

your eyes. I've got a few surprises for you." She took a strip of soft cloth

and tied it around Shauna's head, blindfolding her. Then she quietly reached

outside the sauna and grabbed a couple more items. She motioned us over to

the other bench, so we could just sit and watch the show. I was intrigued

by what she was up to, so I did as she wished. Sindra picked up where Mike

had left off before, licking and sucking at Shauna's overworked slit. She

swung one leg over, and we were treated to the sight of these two beautiful

women going at it in a really hot sixty-nine. Surprisingly, I think Sindra

came first, but Shauna wasn't far behind. They kept at it until they'd each

had a couple, and then Sindra reached for her first prop. It was a big pink

dildo, a good ten inches long and inhumanly thick. I'd seen her use it on

herself before, but I couldn't imagine putting anything that big into

Shauna. But what really surprised me was the way she'd prepared it: It was

sitting in the ice bucket that we'd chilled our wine in earlier, with the

ice packed around it. Sindra smeared a glob of lubricant on it, and moved it

into position. "Okay, Shauna, open up! Your old friend Max is here to see


  Shauna squealed and opened her legs wider. I guess she had met "Max"

before, but what a surprise she got! Sindra took the thing and slid it straight

up into Shauna, at least eight inches. Of course, it was a little hard to

get it in, because as soon as that frozen dildo hit her, Shauna started

thrashing and yelling again. I could just imagine what it was like making

the transition from a sauna and Sindra's mouth to that huge, ice-cold rod

filling her up. But it must have done the trick, because she was off and

running again. She clamped her legs shut on Sindra's hand as the first orgasm

was shocked out of her, then spread them again and started pumping her hips

as if she was getting fucked. And of course, she was! The two of them put on

an amazing show for us, as Sindra kept driving "Max" in and out of Shauna with

one hand, and stroking her tits and ass with the other. The two of them would

occasionally kiss, or Sindra would suck Shauna's breasts, but for the most

part she just kept up a steady stream of sexy encouragement, telling Shauna

how beautiful she was, while Shauna finally seemed to be running out of energy.

Her screaming had tapered off to a constant low moan, punctuated with occas-

ional requests for more!

  We all figured that she'd had about enough, when Sindra reached for her last

toy, her "secret weapon." It was a tiny vibrator, not more than four inches

long and about as big around as my thumb, but from the hum it made when she

flicked it on, we could tell it was powerful. She dipped it into her jar of

lubricant, and we all held our breath to see just what she was going to do

with it. "Hey, Shauna, you still in there?" Sindra asked. "Got another surprise

for you. Minnie's here to play with Max!" Leave it to a couple of freshmen to

name their vibrators. But cute name or not, it sure was effective, as she

brought it straight down on Shauna's clitoris. I had a feeling the two of them

had done this before, as Sindra continued pumping the big dildo in and out of

her, and buzzing her clit with the small one at the same time. The two of them

were poetry in motion. Real hot, dirty poetry, but they definitely had rhythm

and meter.

  By this time, Mike had had enough spectating, and he'd moved himself in

behind Sindra. He reached one hand up underneath her, and slid a couple of

fingers into her pussy. They came out dripping, and he moved her around to

a more convenient position, and slowly started fucking her doggie-style

while she continued to get Shauna off. I was just waiting, saving my energy,

and my load, for later. I figured Shauna wouldn't last much longer, and I

was looking forward to breast-fucking Sindra while Shauna was recovering.

Shauna's orgasms had slowed down now, as the vibrator on her clit started to

lose its effect, and Sindra started looking for a new way to use it. I almost

stopped her as she moved it toward Shauna's ass, since that was the one thing

that I knew Shauna didn't allow, but I figured it wouldn't hurt her. Besides,

she'd told us at the start of the game that we could do "absolutely anything"

to her. I was just hoping she'd enjoy getting it in the ass as much as I was

going to enjoy watching.

  When she felt Sindra start pushing "Minnie" into her tight little rear,

Shauna started to freak. "Shit! No! Not there!" she gasped.

  "No? Did I hear you say no, baby? You say no, and you lose our little bet,

and then I can fuck you up the ass with Max for a whole night if I want. Now

trust me, and relax. You're going to love this once I get through with you!"

Shauna's resolve seemed to waver for a moment, then she made up her mind.

  "Okay, sis," she said. "You jam your little toy wherever you want, and you

keep on making me come, and when I win the bet, I'm going to pay you back

double! Now teach me how to take it in the ass!" Considering that Sindra

claims the only thing she likes better than sucking cock is anal sex, it

sounded like more of a promise than a threat, but either way, the two of them

kept going at it. I had almost blown my load just from watching the smooth

plastic penetrating Shauna's pink, puckered rear, so it didn't surprise me

at all when Mike groaned and started pounding into Sindra again.

  "Quick, pull out! Get that thing over here where we need it, Shauna's

starting to dry out," Sindra ordered. Mike seemed happy enough to comply,

and he yanked his dick out of her cunt with that distinctive "pop" that

lets you know how tight she is. He positioned himself between Shauna's legs,

where Sindra was working her toys in and out of both holes, and started to

shoot. Globs of come covered Sindra's hands, Minnie and Max, and most

importantly, Shauna's cunt and ass. The added lubrication, and that splat-

tering sensation were just what she needed to send her off on another trip

into space. Sindra started pumping faster, with both hands, and I couldn't

tell which of the women was more excited. Mike had joined in now, and was

kissing Shauna and helping to hold her down as one wave after another hit


  For a girl who'd never wanted it in the ass before, she was really getting

into it. But then, she was learning from the expert. When she could get the

words out, I could distinctly hear her saying, "Yes! Harder! Fuck my ass! I

want it up the ass hard!" Unfortunately, even that wore off after a while,

and her orgasms slowed almost to nothing. I couldn't believe it. She'd had

at least a dozen big ones, and numerous little ones, we were better than an

hour into our game, and it looked like she might actually be winning.

  "Damn, I'm thirsty!" she said, when she could finally speak again. "Is there

any of that wine left?" I went and got her a glass of wine, and looked around

the room. There had to be something left that we hadn't tried on her, some

way to get her to give in. The only thing that I could think of was the

shower. We'd had some good times playing in the shower at home, and this one,

fortunately, looked to be big enough for at least three of us. Since Mike and

Sindra had already taken their best shots, it was my turn, and I couldn't think

of anything that we hadn't done to her already. My male ego forbids any

modesty here, so I have to tell you that I *know* how to please my woman.

But in truth, at that moment I was at a loss. I'd just have to play it by

ear, and hope some inspiration hit.

  "You're getting too hot, honey," I said. "I think what you need is a nice

shower to cool you off. Care to join me?" I didn't give her much choice as I

picked her up and carried her to the shower. I quickly adjusted the

temperature, and then pushed her in ahead of me. After the sauna, even the

hot shower felt cool on our skin. I grabbed the soap and lathered my hands,

then began running them over her body. As I held her from behind, I soaped

her tits until they were slippery and the nipples were hard, then moved down

over her stomach. I was still trying to buy time, so I stroked her very

slowly all over. I took the handheld shower spray and rinsed her off, then

turned her around to face me. I pulled her close to me, then started soaping

her back, working my way down from her neck to her heels. By the time I got

all the way down, I was on my knees in front of her, so I began delicately

nibbling at her pussy lips as I stroked her ass.

  "That's good, lover, but you're going to have to do a *lot* better," she

teased. With that encouragement, I started licking her more vigorously, and

giving her cute behind a really thorough massage. Soon she was leaning back

against the wall, thrusting against my lips as I sucked at her clit. She was

breathing pretty heavily, when I heard Sindra's voice beside me. "Looks like

you could use a little help in here," she said. I didn't know which of us

she was addressing, but Shauna and I both said yes. I felt Sindra's thigh

pressing against my shoulder as she put her arms around Shauna's waist and

started sucking on her nipples. That did the trick all right. Suddenly,

Shauna stiffened for a moment, then began thrusting her pussy wildly against

my face. Sweet juices were flowing into my open mouth, as I alternated

tonguing her clit and thrusting my tongue deep inside of her. I worked one

hand between her slippery buns and teased her with a variety of sensations

all at once.

  Once she was in gear, the advantage shifted to me. I stood up and lifted

her by the waist, almost losing my grip on her as I did so. Then I lowered

her onto my erection, loving the way it slid all the way into her. She

wrapped her arms and legs around me, and kissed me deeply, her tongue

slipping into my mouth the way my cock slid into her pussy. Maybe this is

why I've always preferred small women, or maybe it's just why I prefer

Shauna. She broke the kiss for a moment, and said, "Something tells me this

is going to be a good fuck!" and started kissing me again. For me, it

already was, but I still had a mission to accomplish. I put my hands under

her ass, so she was essentially sitting on them, and began to slowly move

her up and down. A portable fuck is lots of fun, but leverage is always a

problem. Fortunately, in the months since we'd met, we'd worked out the

details pretty thoroughly. Before long, I was pumping her up and down my

entire length, and her moans were rising and falling in time. She arched her

back and ground against my pelvis, bringing herself off again and again.

  I was tiring, so I lifted her off of me and slid down to the floor of the

shower, pulling her down on top of me. I turned her around so that she faced

away from me, and she quickly mounted me again. With her back pressed

against my chest, I could stroke her breasts, thighs, and stomach. Most

importantly, I could rub her clit while we fucked, and Mike and Sindra could

see everything we did. Shauna, as you may recall, is a born performer, and

knowing she's got an appreciative audience always encourages her to put on a

good show. Outside the shower, Mike was busily eating Sindra's pussy, while

she hungrily watched our every move. Since she was no longer hanging in

midair, Shauna was now eagerly thrusting up and down, while I did my best to

hold her against me and rub her clit. She was still coming, but not nearly

as hard as any of us wanted, when finally inspiration hit.

  I reached up over my head and grabbed the shower spray. It was one of

those fancy adjustable ones, that lets you choose coarse or fine spray, and

has a pulsating option. With a little imagination and practice, it's almost

as versatile as a hand, so I used it like one. I clasped Shauna against my

chest and started playing a coarse spray over her entire body. Then, I

turned it to a fine spray, and angled it so that just one stream struck

directly on her left nipple. Wham! It was like I'd just run an electric

charge through her, as she screamed and clenched her vaginal muscles like a

vise around my cock. Absolutely merciless now, and enjoying every second, I

went for the other breast, with exactly the same response.

  Mike and Sindra had given up on their own play now, and were concentrating

on us. They were calling encouragement and praise to both of us, when I used

the ultimate weapon on Shauna. I turned the spray away from her for a

second, and adjusted it to pulse as she held her breath. I think she must've

known what was coming, but it didn't lessen her reaction as I turned that

one tiny stream directly across her clit. She jumped so hard I think she

actually lifted us both off the floor, and started thrashing crazily in my

arms. As you might've guessed, I lost it at this point too, and started

pounding into her full force as the shower spray fell from my hand. I kept

pumping my load into her, as her own juices streamed down my thighs.

  I hardly noticed as Sindra and Mike scrambled after the shower spray,

which was flailing out of control, dousing them and the bathroom. I suppose

that's why showers have doors. By the time they'd apprehended it, Shauna had

calmed down a little, and I had run dry. And then, I heard those dreaded

words: "Is that it?" I was almost ready to admit defeat and submit to my

night of slavery, but Mike had other ideas.

  "No way, bitch!" he said. "We've still got half an hour, and it's time

for you to get gang-banged!"

  "I love it when you talk dirty!" Shauna said, and giggled as he scooped

her up and carried her over to the bed. The bed, oddly enough, was the one

place we *hadn't* played yet, so it seemed like a good place to make our

last stand. I was out of commission for a few minutes at least, so the three

of them started in without me. "Hey, sis," Shauna said, "I've got a cunt

full of hot come, just waiting to be eaten!" Sindra was on her instantly,

licking my semen out of her freshly-fucked pussy, while Mike started sucking

on her tits. It's kind of a sobering thought when I realize that of the three

of us, I'm probably the third best at eating my own girlfriend, but that's

the kind of thing you just have to live with. Anyway, it took less than a

minute for Sindra to start bucking her hips up against Sindra's mouth, as I

joined the three of them on the bed.

  I lay alongside of Shauna with one arm holding her hips down, kissing the

length of one thigh. She had one hand on the back of Mike's head, and now

she reached out to grab my limp cock. "Aww, all tired out?" she said, just

as I began to harden again. "Hey, that's better!" she said, and popped it in

her mouth. We kept going like that for a couple minutes, when we realized

time was running short. It was time for extreme measures! I quickly directed

Mike down between her legs, where he promptly slipped his long rod into her

and started a slow, steady pounding. I straddled Shauna's face and slid my

cock between her lips, starting to fuck her face. She couldn't do much,

pinned as she was, but she looked up at me with an expression that told me

she was still loving every minute.

  "Lift her legs up, Mike," I heard Sindra say. Shauna's eyes lit up as I

turned around and saw Mike hoisting her knees into the air. Sindra had lubed

up "Minnie" again, and was holding it up for Shauna to get a good look. I

could tell when she pushed it into her ass by the way Shauna's eyes closed

and then flew wide open again. When we were all in her, we started

accelerating the pace. I couldn't tell what was going on behind me, but from

the way she was heaving up and down under me, and forcing the head of my

cock hard against the back of her throat, I knew Shauna was coming again.

I gave a couple of last hard thrusts into her mouth, then backed off, so I

could put my cock between her gorgeous sweat-slicked breasts.

  I pushed them together and started tit-fucking her, trying to keep in time

with everyone else, as we continued accelerating the pace. Her orgasms were

coming nonstop now, as she alternately moaned and babbled incoherent

endearments to all three of us and herself. I felt another orgasm starting

to build inside of me, and from his erratic thrusts, I could tell that Mike

was getting close, too. I kept on pumping between her breasts for as long as

I could, and then moved off to one side of her. Knowing what I wanted, Mike

took his position on the other side, and we both started stroking ourselves,

aiming towards Shauna's breasts. Shauna suddenly grabbed both of us, and

started jerking us both off. As Mike and I started to come, she aimed the

two streams at herself, covering her tits, her neck, and her face with thick

white gobs of come. Sindra buried her mighty vibrator deep in Shauna's ass,

and threw herself on Shauna, licking up every spilled drop.

  "Oh, no, please, no more." Shauna said weakly. "I give up. I think I just

orgasmed my brains out."

  As if on cue, there was a knock at the door. "Ten minutes!" the attendant

called from the hallway, as we all burst out laughing.

  Exhausted as we were, we actually managed to get ourselves and the room

looking presentable before we got kicked out. Shauna protested all the while

that if she'd known the time, she wouldn't have given in, but we ignored

her. Mike and Sindra teased her as we dressed by hinting at their plans for

her nights as their personal sex slave, which got her really agitated. I was

loving every minute of it.

  We drove home in relative quiet, everyone being pretty much too tired to

talk. After all, three hours of virtually non-stop sex is pretty tiring. We

figured out when we wanted to go to breakfast the next morning, and retired

to our rooms. Shauna and I undressed and got into bed. As I kissed her

goodnight, I asked, "Tell me the truth. You could've held out and won the

bet, couldn't you?" She just smiled at me and turned out the light.

                                    -- Ghostwheel

                                       (Address withheld by request)


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