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Archive-name: School/safesex3.txt


Archive-title: Safesex - 3



I went to the bathroom to get the K-Y and a couple of condoms, and just

like in a poorly written movie I found myself looking in the mirror.  I

thought, "proud of yourself?" No backing out now. I felt guilt, but reasoned

that we were both going to get what we wanted. Beside, she needed major

help with her self-esteem, and right now maybe just totally giving herself

to a man was what she needed. That's the kind of logic a horny man sometimes

resorts to. While in the bathroom I decided to try to pee, but couldn't.

The erection I was sporting probably had something to do with that. No pee,

just a couple of drops of seminal fluid oozed out. No matter, I didn't really

need to, and in a few minutes it wouldn't be much of a priority.  I heard the

bedsprings briefly squeak in the other room. Obedient girl. I wondered if,

in spite of all my caution, I was letting myself get set up in some sort of

con game. But I didn't see how, since I was so sure I had her pegged

correctly. If this was a con, it was an all-time great one.


I went to the closet to get my Polaroid (the 35mm would be better,

but I wanted the discretion that instant photography offers), and

checked that the safety lock on the front door was set. It wasn't,

and I set it. Why hadn't I thought of that earlier? Mighty funny photos

someone waiting outside the door could have come in and taken three minutes

ago. This thought made me chuckle at myself, and reinforced my conviction

that no nasty surprises were in store for me.


It's a good thing there's no history of cardiac trouble in my family,

because once again my heart started pounding hard as I walked toward the

bedroom. I strode in, and as I expected Amy was lying naked,

on her back, on top of my bed. She had turned on the nightstand light, at

its lowest setting, so my view was only dim. I hadn't even speculated on how

she would look from the waist down, I had been so preoccupied with her top,

but she was no disappointment. Her legs were together, so I couldn't have

seen everything even if the light had been brighter, but her pubic hair was

soft looking. The hair only reached a couple of inches above her pubic bone,

maybe less, and I imagined that she could wear the most revealing bathing

suits with confidence. Or maybe she just kept it trimmed. I was looking forward

to studying this matter.


I put my paraphernalia on the dresser at the foot of the bed, guessing that

she would not see what I had brought in. She raised herself slightly onto

her elbows, spread her legs maybe an inch, and looked at me, apparently waiting

for me to start the ceremonies. Ever passive. I walked over to the nightstand

next to the bed, turned up the light to its brightest level, and went back to

the wall switch and turned on the ceiling light. The light was harsh, but

I wanted a good look. I could see that her pubic hair was about the same

medium brown as the hair on her head, or maybe even lighter. They say pubic

hair is always darker, but I'm not sure that's such a hard and fast rule. At

least it wasn't with Amy. Maybe it only seemed lighter because it was so

sparse and fine.


I spoke. "Um, I think you are getting a little ahead of the game, Amy. Sit

up, and get into a kneeling position." She complied, and folded her hands

in her lap. I told her to spread her legs, and she did a little bit. Then

I told her to take her finger and rub her cunt until she had permission

to stop. She hesitated, and I asked her if I needed to show her how. She

shook her head and began doing as she was told. I wondered if her hesitation

was due to the nature of the request, or due to the fact I had said cunt.

I didn't care, as long as she went along. This was my chance to have things

my way.


I quickly undressed in front of her, taking off my underpants last. See,

it had been worth checking that they were clean. She watched me as I undressed,

and kept her eyes on my penis as it bobbed when it came free, but her face

was expressionless and I assumed she was watching only because

she thought I expected her to. I asked, "are you getting turned on?" and

she said "yes". I probed, "are you turned on by your finger,

or from watching me?" She replied, "both". I felt like I was playing a

game of twenty questions, but decided that now was not the moment to ask her

to elaborate. As near as I could see, or hear, her pussy was still pretty dry,

so I didn't put much stock in her answer anyway. "Of course, you were already

pretty hot, from having me play with your boobs, huh?" "Um hmm." I wanted

her to remember her dining room lesson. I'm no student of psychology, but it

seemed like the right approach, to keep hammering away at her insecurities.


I joined her on the bed, also kneeling, and shifted around until we were

facing knee to knee. I put my hand on her hand as it moved around her

cunt, and after half a minute told her that she could stop. "I like to

be with a woman when she's good and hot," I lied. Well, I mean, I like a

hot woman, but I lied in implying that I thought this one was hot yet. "You'll

have to keep it in control, though, and not let your lust get in the way

of what I want." I took her face in my hands, leaned forward, and pressed

my lips to hers. Her lips parted, and I tasted her tongue. She reached up

and put her hands behind my head, and rocked her head gently back and forth

to add passion to her kiss. Simulated passion, of course.


After a little of this, I pulled back and said, "here, I want you to put your

hand here," and put her right hand on my left thigh, "and this hand here," and

put her other hand on my right thigh. I resumed kissing her, and she began

massaging my legs. I broke away again and said, "no, just rest your hands

there," and went back to kissing her. I didn't have any handcuffs, and didn't

know anything about bondage anyway, but this might be the next best thing, to

see if she would keep herself immobilized on my command. Keeping one hand

behind her head while I kissed her, I used my other hand to begin

playing with her nipples again, first one, then the other, back and forth.

I heard her go "mmm" as we kissed. She had learned her lesson well.


I put my hands on her cheeks and pulled her face away from mine, tilting her

head downward, and began lightly pushing her head, prepared to add more

pressure if needed. She allowed me to push her down until the top of her

head was around my chest, then resisted, as if she only then realized what

I was intending. "I have something else I'd like you to kiss," I said. I let

her shift her weight slightly, then resume pressing, this time a little harder.

She let herself be folded down until her mouth was near my penis. I then put

my hands on her hands, so as to remind her not to move them from my thighs. 

She started kissing the tip of my cock without further instruction, not too

accurately since neither she nor I was doing anything to hold it steady.

After a half minute of love pecks, I told her, "kiss it all over." She

shifted her weight again and kissed it up and down the shaft. I let her

do this for another minute, then told her, "now go back and just kiss the

top of it." I used my right hand to steady my penis, and she seemed to

understand, and passively resist, what was about to happen. In spite of

the fact that moments earlier she had had her mouth next to the tip, she

now kissed all around under the head of my cock but not squarely on top.

I put my other hand under her chin to lift her head slightly so that she

was kissing the tip in spite of herself. Then I slipped a finger between

her lips and separated them. She pretended not to catch on to what I had

in mind, which was fine since I was perfectly willing to be explicit.

Slowly I worked my finger between her teeth, and thereupon pushed down on

her lower jaw to indicate she should open her mouth. She didn't comply

quickly, but she didn't actively resist either.


When I had half of the head of my cock in her open mouth, I stated, "this

is getting you more and more turned on, isn't it?" She nodded slightly and

said "um hmm". "Go ahead then," I said, and pushed downward on the back of

her head. She allowed the head of my cock to slide in, and I let her stop



She didn't seem to have any clear idea of what to do at this juncture.

Despite all my fantasizing about her during the evening, I hadn't stopped 

to consider whether she'd be any good at this. From what I could tell, 

this might be her first time doing it. I reminded myself to take it 

real slowly, since the last thing I needed was to make her gag. On the 

other hand, she probably didn't know where to draw the line, so if I 

was patient enough I could probably get her to perform some amount of 

deep throat if she was capable of it.


I tried to figure out a way to let her know what to do, without accusing her

of not knowing. Besides, she surely knew, at least in theory, and just needed

to be encouraged to start.  "Does it turn you on to suck it?" was the best

I could come up with. Her reply of "um hmm" was equally unimaginative,

although you could make allowances for the fact that it's difficult to be

eloquent when there's someone's cock in her mouth. She began giving a

little more action. "Watch out for your teeth," I cautioned as she began

to scrape rather than tease. I'd let her do it her own way for a while

before trying to instruct her. Not that I was such an expert. My only

expertise was as a recipient, and even that was awfully limited.


In my highly aroused state, she didn't have to be a trained expert to quickly

bring me to a pre-orgasmic peak anyway, and I wanted to make this last. So I

periodically took my cock out of her mouth, touching her nose and cheek

with it, then putting it back in. "You're very good," I told her. What the

hey, give her a little encouragement. "Your tongue is so good," I added,

hoping she would take the hint and ease up on the teeth a little. I repeated

this process of putting it in, taking it out. Each time, I put it in a little

deeper than before, although still not even halfway. There was plenty of time,

and hurrying it could only spoil things.


After a few minutes of this, I pulled out again and sat there watching

her. She waited for a bit to see what I was going to do next, and when

I didn't do anything immediately she looked up at me. I placed my hands

on hers, which were still rooted to their spot on my thighs, and asked

her, "what do you call this?", and she paused before replying thickly,

"oral sex." "No," I corrected, pointing to my penis, "what do you call 

this thing you are sucking?" "Your thing, uh, your penis." She said the

word like it was a foreign term. "That's just the medical term. You 

surely call it something when you are talking with your girlfriends? 

A dick, a cock, a prick, a pecker?"


She thought for a moment, straightened her back somewhat to face me,

then shyly returned my smile and said, "some of the girls in the dorm

call it a cock." "If you didn't call it that, what would you call it, 

a dick, or a prick, or a pecker?" "A dick, I guess." There was just a 

hint of flirtatiousness in her voice.  "You don't like to call it a 

prick or a pecker?" "No." I waited to see if she would elaborate. She 

said, "that's what gross guys call it." "Or gross girls?" "Yeah." "OK 

then," I said, "from now on you are NOT to call it a penis or a dick 

or a cock. When you want to suck it, you say 'may I please suck your 

pecker', or 'may I please suck your prick'. Go ahead, try it now for 



The smile disappeared from her face. "May I please suck your pe-pecker?" she 

asked in a wooden voice, the word seeming to stick in her throat. "Yes you 

may," I replied cheerfully. As she bent back down and fit it into her 

mouth again, I added, "and by the way, I've changed my mind. You are 

not to refer to it as a pecker anymore either. Only the word 'prick' 

will be acceptable." She made no sound, other than the soft slurping 

and smacking associated with the act she was performing on me, but my 

guess was that she would remember to use the right vocabulary. She 

would remember who was boss. I pushed her head as far down on my cock 

as she could comfortably take it, which was still only about halfway.


A man has a chance to be introspective when he is being given head.

I pondered the change in my personality that night. Or rather, the

side of my personality I was allowing to come forward. Never during

my time with Caryn had I tried to dominate her the way I was beginning

to dominate Amy. Caryn was not the type of woman to be dominated. And

the few women I had dated since the divorce, well, I was always trying

to be gentlemanly with them, so I never approached them in this way.

It never even occurred to me to do so. It was different with Amy. Her

needs were straightforward: a good grade. If somehow I insulted her

and she walked out, so what? She wasn't going to cause any trouble,

I judged. I could allow myself to be more free with her than I ever

had been with a woman before. Whether or not it was a "good" side of

me, it was a side I enjoyed. For once, I was getting things my own way.


I suddenly realized I had better pull out or I would come right then.

Because, I had other plans for where my load of sperm was going to go.


"That's enough of that for now. You are very good, and later I'd like to

teach you a few tricks you may not know. But now, how would you like a nice

backrub?" Amy straightened up partway, looked at me, and said, "sure."

I wouldn't say she exactly lit up at the notion, but her relief was evident.

Probably because she was getting tired, and also because she figured that

receiving a backrub was safe. She had gotten away cheap and hadn't had to

let me come in her mouth.


She turned around and lay on her stomach, with her head on the pillow,

and I straddled her thighs, poking my penis at the crevice between her

legs just under her buns. I began massaging her shoulders, and as I

leaned forward I allowed my penis to probe the spot it was at.  Amy

kept her legs together, not tightly, but enough so my penis didn't get

very far. That was OK; I just wanted her to know it was there, and wonder 

what I had in mind.


I give pretty good backrubs, you know, and I didn't spare the effort 

with her. After a while I said, "I don't know if you deserve such special 

treatment, Amy. Our deal was that I'd give you an A if you took care of 

me, and here I am taking care of you." "Do you want me to rub your back

now?" "No, that won't be necessary. Lie still." I got off of the bed and went

to the dresser, and as I put on a condom I continued, "pull your knees up

under your tummy." She did as she was told, her head on the pillow at the

head of the bed, facing away from me. She was lying on the bed all folded

up like an accordion. I picked up the tube of K-Y.  I asked her, "are you

ready for me to fuck your cunt?" She said, "yes," and I told her, "Lift

your bottom in the air, so I can see it. Higher." She complied; she was

ready for me to penetrate her.


I walked back over to the bed. "Now spread your knees apart a little. No, 

a little more, so your cunt is wide open for me." I climbed onto the bed 

behind her, opened the tube, and applied some jelly to the condom. I asked 

her again, "do you want me to fuck you now?" "Yes." "When you speak to me 

you must show your respect and call me sir." I waited, but she didn't say 

anything, so I repeated, "do you want me to fuck you now?" "Yes, sir." My 

heart again was pounding. She was letting me dominate her. "Tell me what 

you want me to do." "F-Fuck me, sir." "When you ask me to do something for 

you, you must say please.  Ask me again." "Please fuck me, sir." "Is your 

cunt wide open for me?" "Yes, sir". "Tell me." "My cunt is wide open for 

you, sir." "Tell me how I should do it." Silence. "Tell me what you want 

me to put, and where." "Your pri-i-ick in my cunt." "Say it with respect." 

"Please put your prick in my cunt, sir." I rubbed some jelly on her asshole. 

Before she could react, I had pulled her bottom down a little bit and 

forced the head of my cock into her ass.

"I don't know if you've ever had this done to you before. If not, my best

advice is to remain as still as possible." I adjusted my stance, and pushed

in, pulled out a little, pushed in again. "It may hurt a little, but it'll

only hurt worse if you try to move. I'll try to be careful." I continued to

work my way in, two millimeters forward and one millimeter back. This was

only my second time for this, and doubtless her first, but for a couple of

neophytes we weren't doing too bad. Besides, even her incompetent attempt at

a blowjob had gotten me to the point that this didn't have to take too long.

I was in nearly halfway. "Try to relax and let me do the work. You've got

a real nice asshole; we'll have to do this, uh, more, uh, uh...".


If there's anything more ridiculous looking or sounding than a person having

an orgasm, I'd like to know of it. Or maybe I wouldn't. Anyway, there's

no point in describing the next few seconds, except to say that I was overly

ready for it and it was a major relief. I hadn't even worked up a sweat in

the process. I withdrew and, grabbing a wad of kleenex, gingerly removed the

condom and wiped her butt clean. I had finally found something imperfect about

Amy: her butthole was poopy inside like anybody else's!


I checked her bottom for any traces of blood, but she was fine. I didn't

figure I could have hurt her, since I hadn't had to get at all rambunctious.

I rolled her over onto her side, and lay down beside her, facing her.

There were tears on her cheeks again, but I pretended I didn't notice. "How

was that?" I asked with mock politeness. "I don't really like that," she said.

"Well, you did just fine. We won't have to do that all the time when you

are here." I had been very hard on her mentally, and it seemed that now was

a time to loosen up a little and acknowledge her feelings. But only a little,

at least yet. I had something I needed to do first. I got out of bed and stood



"I'm going to take your picture." Amy rolled slightly so that her face was

buried in the bedspread. "I know you intend to keep your part of our

bargain, and not cause any trouble. But I need some protection in case

you were to change your mind after you got your A. You know what I mean?"

I went to the dresser, and picked up the camera. Amy didn't move.

"Come on, I'm not going to show them to anybody. They'll just be for

me." I stepped by the side of the bed, and rolled Amy onto her back.

"Why do you want to be so mean to me?" she asked through her tears. "I'm not

being mean, I'm just making you live up to your end of the bargain. Do you

want to just forget the whole thing?" She didn't say anything, just sniffled a

little; her nose was running. She was crying a lot more than I expected.

I handed her a kleenex, and she blew her nose. I had been harder on her than I

had realized, and there was some risk in offering her an easy way out. But if

she stayed through this and came back for more next week, I knew I would have

an obedient partner for the rest of the quarter. She was silent. "OK then, 

prop yourself up on your elbows." She did and I went back to the end

of the bed and pointed the camera at her. She turned her head away

just before I snapped the shutter. The photo came out, and I set it on the

dresser to develop. "Pull your knees up and spread your legs." More

tears, but she obeyed. This was my first clear look at all of her pussy, but

I was preoccupied with taking a good photo before she changed her mind.

"Look over here." The camera clicked and whirred again. "OK, that's all."

I stood by the dresser and watched the photos develop, and Amy lay

back down on her back, her knees still up.


"I'm going to keep them in a safe place, so don't bother having someone

break in and try to steal them. No one has to see them as long as you

keep quiet about this." The pictures were ready. The focus wasn't sharp,

Amy's eyes were red and her hair I now noticed was a mess. Not

what I'd send to Playboy, but I now had my insurance policy.


I sat down at the foot of the bed and looked at her. "I need to go pee," she

said. I nodded, and she got up and waddled out the door. Geez, maybe I had

hurt her butt after all.


I heard her blow her nose again, and then it was several minutes before I

heard the toilet flush. I sat on the bed and waited. I'd offer her something 

to drink when she got back, but no reason to get something now. So I just sat 

and monitored the state of my penis. Its erection was disappearing, but it 

was not going completely back to its unaroused state either. It could be 

coaxed. I wasn't eighteen anymore, and twice in one night was probably going 

to be about all I could comfortably muster. Anything more than that would have 

to be for her sake, and I was pretty sure that twice would be more than she 

wanted anyway.


She still hadn't come back, and I was worried that maybe something was

the matter. I debated whether to let her have her privacy or to check

that she was all right. Finally I heard the sink faucet.

She let it run for almost a minute. Another round of nose blowing,

the sound of the bathroom door opening, the faint sound of her bare feet

on the hallway carpet. She came back into the bedroom and sat on the side of

the bed, rather than at the foot of the bed by me. She was walking much more

easily now, and I felt reassured that I hadn't injured her. You could still

tell she had been crying, but she was much more composed. She had carefully

rearranged her hair into something resembling its customary perfect order,

tied back with the clip. She picked up her underpants and started to put them

back on, but I told her not to.


"Would you like something to drink?" I offered. She mumbled, "no." "Come on,

some pop, or I've got some beer, or would you like something stronger?" I

figured that giving liquor to a minor would be rather inconsequential, at this

point.  ("I realize, your honor, that sodomizing an unwilling woman is not

worthy of the court's attention, but I intend to prove to the court that the

defendant gave my client a BEER!") She said nothing, so I got up and went

to the kitchen. I decided to just give her soda pop, rather than anything

alcoholic. She'd been through a lot, and might resent it if she

thought I was trying to lower her inhibitions further with drink. Maybe

I was being overly cautious again, but I didn't know her well, and some

people are hung up about alcohol. I chuckled at the thought of trying

to guess what she might be capable of with lowered inhibitions. Would

my heretofore untested sexual creativity be up to the challenge?


I returned to the bedroom with two glasses of pop, and sat on the middle

of the bed, next to Amy, who had moved there during my brief absence.

She cautiously sniffed her drink, took a sip, then took a longer swallow.

Her demeanor became a little less gloomy.  Did she interpret the non-alcoholic

drink as a little peace offering? We both sat

naked, legs folded Indian style, in the middle of my bed, drinking Seven

Ups. "I'm sorry if you thought I was being mean." "Well, I was expecting

one thing, and then you did that, and it hurt and you didn't care." "I

didn't hear you say anything. Does it still hurt?" "A little." "Well,

if it still hurts tomorrow you should go see the doctor at the campus

clinic. You don't have to tell him about us. Just tell him that you

and your boyfriend were experimenting." "I think I'll be all right."

The shame of telling anything to the doctor would give her plenty of

motivation to recover quickly on her own.


I wanted to continue in that vein. "I wasn't trying to be mean, you know.

I just let you know what I wanted. Our agreement is that you

do what I want when you are here. Well, I wanted you to suck my prick, then

I wanted to fuck you in the ass, then I wanted to take your picture.

You did everything just the way I wanted. You were just doing what you

agreed to, and you did just fine." I put my right arm around her back,

and I was delighted, and maybe just slightly amazed, that she snuggled

a little bit next to me.


I asked her about her boyfriend. "Yeah, his name is Mark. He's really

nice. He's in the marching band." And I suppose she's a cheerleader.

How Norman Rockwell. She told me more about him. It was the first

topic we'd hit upon that she seemed to open up about. I made all

the amateur pop-psych inferences you might expect, especially in

light of her activities with me tonight. I wondered if Mark knew

how far he could take her if he wanted. I was pretty sure she was new

to this tonight. Do you love him, I asked. "Yes, our parents want us

to wait until after school to get married, but I want to do it now."

I told her I thought her parents were probably right.


Is he a good lover, I asked after a while. She was opening up to me nicely.

"We've only done it twice. One time we were alone in his parents'

cabin all afternoon, and he got kind of, you know, insistent. I should have

stopped him. But he was lying on top of me, and kind of slipped my panties

off and did it. That was when he told me he loved me." Oh, puhleeze, gimme

a break. "One other time we were taking a walk in the woods, and we sat down

in this place away from the path, and we were kissing, and I was, you

know...". She placed her hand on my thigh and brought it up toward my cock

briefly. "Playing with his prick?" "Yeah, and he said he couldn't wait. I

didn't want to do it out in the open like that, but he said I shouldn't do

that to him and then not, you know, help him out. I wanted to wait until

we got back and then I'd, you know. I shouldn't have started rubbing him

there, in the woods, I guess. He started lying on top of me like the other

time, and...". Her voice faded. Real nice move, "Mark". Sounds like rape

to me, Stud.


I asked, "so you don't usually have a physical relationship with

him?" "Oh, you mean like do I make him wait forever? I know a guy can't go

forever without, you know, um. I do that for him when he needs it, um, when we

are alone, you know?" I was not totally clear what she meant, although I had

sort of the idea, and felt an erection coming on. No way to cross my legs to

hide it this time, like back in my office earlier that day. (Had it only

been that afternoon?) Besides, why should I want to? "What do you mean?", I

said flirtatiously.  She smiled and cast her eyes downward and almost giggled,

"you know." "What?", I teased back, and held her closer. She looked at my

face. "I use my hand on him." "What? I thought just guys knew about that."

She giggled charmingly. "You see what's happening to my prick?" "It's

getting bigger. Didn't you already, um...?" Could a pretty nineteen year

old be so ignorant of male anatomy and habits? "Sure. Doesn't mean I

wouldn't like to go again. How about if you show me how you do it to Mark."

I'd let her be in charge for a while; she was starting to have a

little fun. She took hold of my cock at the base and gave it a squeeze.

My semi-erection fleshed out almost immediately. I tilted my head and

her mouth met mine. We kissed wetly for a while, and we slowly reclined

ourselves until we were lying down. She continued to knead my cock very

satisfactorily. I slipped my arm out from under her back, and got on

top, straddling her waist. She tugged and squeezed at my cock as I bent

down and resumed kissing her. This went on for a total of about five

minutes, when I disconnected from her mouth and straightened my back.

"You do that very well," I said, truthfully for once. "Aren't I doing it

right?" she asked, looking inquisitively into my eyes. "Couldn't be better.

Why?" "You still didn't, um..." Quite a picture I was getting of old

Markie. Rapist, premature ejaculator, sousaphone player.


"Come? Well, this is my second time tonight, after all. How about if I show

you something Mark would like?" Amy smiled and said suspiciously,

"Whaaat?" I slid up her body until my knees were under her armpits.

"Most men like a good blowjob. Let me show you how I like it, so you

can finish what you started when you were sucking me before." I put

my thumb on her chin, and she opened immediately. I put my cock in her

mouth about as far as I had previously, and let her close around it.

She rubbed her tongue as best she could, given the limitations of space inside.

I slowly drew my cock out, slid it back in, then back out entirely, and let

it dangle above her waiting mouth. "You know what's the secret of a great 

blowjob?" She closed her mouth and shook her head. "Sucking. Nothing 

complicated. Just suck it as I pull it out, then open up and let me put 

it in again, over and over. The deeper you can take it in, the better." 

"But it's alre..." she started, as I pushed back in.


She tried, and while I can't say the results were perfect, she showed a

definite improvement. I pushed to the back of her throat each time, and

each time pulled out slightly less far. I was pushing, trying to see if

she could take it all the way. The thought of Needledick the Bugfucker

suddenly came to mind, and I envied him. But my tool was no bigger than

the guys in those movies, less than some, so I knew it could be done.

"Urghh" came the sound below me, and I realized I'd hit her gag reflex.

I pulled out.


"Whoops! Sorry. You all right?" "Yeah. But it's back all the way. It made

me gag." I was going to have to give her some hints, which I didn't have. I

took a guess, based on something I'd heard. "It's not that hard. The key is to

use a swallowing motion. Here, let me put it back in, and don't exactly suck,

just try and pretend you are drinking a glass of water." A glass of water

while flat on her back, right. I pushed, and got another gag reflex in reply.

"It's OK, just relax and try again." I put it back in, a smidgen less far, and

let her take a couple of practice swallows. "Swallow hard. Pretend it's a

really big glass of water." Linda Lovelace would have cringed, or probably

just laughed, at my feeble advice. She swallowed once, and on the second

swallow I glided my cock inward. It went a little further than before, then

she gagged. Again I pulled out. I didn't need her vomiting on me.


I ran to the kitchen and got another bottle of pop, pondering whether some

liquor would be better. No, probably not. I brought the pop to her, said

"take a sip", and lay on the bed on my back, my cock standing up like a statue.

"Here, maybe it'll be easier if you are on top. Get on top of me, and rest

on your elbows on the bed." Without a lot of enthusiasm, she complied. "If you

can get the hang of this, Mark will love you forever. Hold my prick with your

hand, and put it in your mouth." She slid my cock into her mouth again, as far

as it would go. "Now start swallowing, and see if you can get it deeper." I

lightly put my hand on the back of her head, not to push but just to offer

encouragement.  She tried again. She bobbed her head down as she made a

swallowing noise, then tried to raise back up. My hand stopped her. "No, don't

take it out. Just keep trying." She bobbed down again as she swallowed, backed

off, bobbed again, backed off, again. After half a minute of this I raised my

head slightly to have a look. She was not really getting any more of it in.

"That's pretty good," I falsely complimented her, "can you just keep it in

now?" As she bobbed downward, I increased the pressure on her head, and she

did not try to back off. Suddenly she started struggling, and I let her pull

out. "I can't breathe," she panted. "Oh, yeah, sorry. That was great. Do

that again." She took a few breaths and began again. It was not actually

deep throat, but it wasn't bad. I let her up when she needed to.

After a couple of deep breaths, she went at it again, this time more quickly.

"Now see if you can suck it," I suggested. She moved her

throat muscles slightly but after a few seconds had to come up for air.


"You are great. That's just fine." She cycled through three more times,

going down, coming back up for air. I decided to switch positions again.

"Now, how about if you lie back down and see if you can keep doing it

that way." She got down, and I remounted her face. I don't know that it

was so much the dominance of the position, as it was a matter of plumbing.

It just felt nicer pointing down into her than up.


I placed her hands on my butt, poked my penis part way into her mouth, and

let her set the pace. "Let go of my butt when you need to breathe." I humped

gently, and she made what sucking motion she could. When she let go of my

butt, I pulled out and let her catch her breath. She really was not making

much progress in taking me deep, but by this time I didn't really

care. "I think one more of those and I'll come. Are you ready?" She

took me back into her mouth, I felt myself go past the point of no

return (orgasmically speaking), and began to ejaculate. As the first

spurt came, I began pulling out, to let her taste what she was getting.

I stayed in her mouth until the spasms stopped, then told her "swallow

what you've got so far, and suck hard to get the last few drops." She

did that, and I slowly withdrew.


I collapsed beside her. She was making a funny little swallowing sound,

evidently unfamiliar with and unprepared for the aftertaste. I turned

her head toward me, and kissed her soundly.


"I hope you'll remember how you did that. That was great." The word great

was getting trite, but I didn't care. I slipped my arm under her neck

and cuddled her. "That was your first time, wasn't it?" "Um hmm", she

cooed. "Well, remember to always swallow all the come you get. It's good

for you. Lots of protein. You sure are a good learner," I added. "If you

applied your learning talents to math, you'd be getting an A+ and I would

never have found out about this particular talent you have." She didn't

reply, and I mentally chided myself for being insensitive about her

difficulties in my class.


We lay there for a while, I stroking her hair, and then she said, "Can

I ask you, um, a question?" "What?" "Are you gay?" Huh? Here I was

lying in bed naked with a beautiful woman, basking in the afterglow of

my second orgasm, and she wonders if I like boys? "Whaddaya mean, gay?"

"Well," she said, "you've been with me all night and haven't wanted to make

love to me." My oh my, what a narrow view of sex she had. Either that, or

I was a real Hugh Hefner, mister sexual sophisticate. Of course, she had

a bit of a point; the things she and I had done so far I could have done

with a guy. Still, I rationalized that it's not what you do so much as

whom you do it with; I didn't care to explore that line of thought much

further. I was surprised at the familiar tone she was taking with me. I

wondered if I needed to nip that in the bud.


I removed my arm from under her and sat up. "Look", I lectured, "I'm

not your boyfriend. I'm not gonna be your boyfriend. Get that straight.

Don't go trying to fall in love with me. It doesn't matter to you whether

I am gay, straight, or do it with poodles. When you are here, you have

only one goal, and that is to be the biggest slut you can be. Our deal is,

each week, you will do what I ask of you, no more and no less.

Understand me?" She smiled and said yes. I asked, "so, you want me to

fuck you?" and she said casually, "if you want to." "Then ask me." "Make

love to me." "I don't make love, I fuck. Ask again." She hesitated, the foul

word sticking in her throat.  "Fuck me." "What do you call me?" "Sir." "Ask

me again, with respect." "Would you please fuck me, sir." But there was

a sarcastic edge to her voice, which I had not heard from her before.

She was testing me.


I got up and walked to the bedroom door. "All right, if you are going to

take that tone, our agreement is over. You think this is all some sort of

damn joke? 'Would you please fuck me, sir'." I mimicked her vocal inflection.

"If you are going to have that attitude, put your damn clothes on right

now and go the hell home. I'm going to the other room, and if you still want

your grade you had better come out and beg me to fuck you. With respect."

And I went to the dining room and sat at the table where we had been studying.


I didn't expect to have to wait long, and she didn't disappoint. She followed

me out of the bedroom with a worried look on her face. "Would you

please..." "Hold it. Come here." I stood up.  She came over and I pulled her

close to me and put my hand on her shoulders.  "If you are going to beg,

get down on your knees." She sank to her knees, and I pushed firmly as she

went. "All right. Go ahead." "Would you please fuck me, sir?" She had the

desired tone of humility. I decided to press the advantage. "Is that how you

beg? That's asking. I don't believe you want it. Look at me when you speak."

She looked up, and darned if she didn't fold her hands like she was praying.

"Sir, um, I humbly beg you to please fuck me. Um, I am sorry if I, um,

displeased you." She left out the part about her being a miserable

servant and all that, but I think my point had been made. "Now, as you

can see, my prick is not hard. Think about what you'd like to do to

remedy that, to get me ready, and be sure to ask me with respect."

Without hesitation, she said "sir, I humbly beg you to please

let me rub your prick." "No, you have to suck it." "OK." "You

have to ask." "May I please suck your prick?" "Go ahead."


It took longer than I expected for it to get good and hard. Why should I

have been surprised? When was the last time I had tried for the hat trick?

Probably on my honeymoon. Amy now knew more what she was doing, and

after a few minutes effort she had managed to elicit a passable erection.

"Now, lie down on the floor and offer yourself to me. Make me want you."

She sat down, propped herself on her elbows, brought her knees up,

spread her legs, and said "please fuck me, sir." She placed her feet flat

on the floor, lifted her bottom slightly and rocked her pelvis,

trying to look seductive. She mostly looked ridiculous. All the right

moves, but she just didn't know how to put it all together.


"Get yourself hot for me first," I ordered. She hesitated, unsure what I

meant, then set her bottom back on the floor, took her right hand and put

it between her legs. She spread her

pussy lips with her finger and began to rub. "Stick your finger in. Get

yourself good and hot. Keep doing it." I went to the bedroom to retrieve

my camera, condom, and K-Y, and returned to watch her for a moment, then

pointed the camera and snapped a picture of her. This wasn't for insurance,

this was just for fun. I tried to remember if Caryn's dildo was around.

I hadn't seen it since the divorce, so that meant she probably took it.

Probably threw it away, since she had never really enjoyed it.

Then I remembered the bananas in the kitchen. I went and got one. "Here,

practice with this." She took it, none too enthusiastically, and kind of poked

it around the outside of her hole. I snapped another photo. Then I knelt

down, opened the tube of K-Y, liberally daubed the jelly around her hole

and in it, then applied some to the banana, and started to force it in.

Once the first inch of it was in, I took her hand and put it on it, and

without being told, she began to push the sex fruit a little further into her

pussy, although not very far.  I got up and took one more picture. Then I

installed the condom on myself, applied some more jelly, knelt down between

her legs, and removed the banana.


"I think you are ready now," I said, and penetrated her. I sucked her nipples

for a while as I humped. Then I kissed her deeply, continuing to plunge into

her warm wetness. I nibbled at her ear, and whispered her name over and over.

This felt good, but nothing much was happening. I was good and hard, but my

prostate was about worn out. Still, I knew that if I stopped now, I would

be uncomfortable for the rest of the night. Continuing was not going to bring

pleasure, just the removal of that vague discomfort. After many minutes

of this, I stopped for a breather. I shouldn't have turned up the thermostat

earlier. "Whew, this one's going to take a while."

I fanned myself to cool off, and Amy shifted, trying to relax her

overstretched leg muscles. I reentered her and resumed my work. I kissed and

kissed her, and with my eyes shut I thought of how she had gone down on me

earlier. I felt a stirring, and knew that if I kept at it I could come, so I

pretended my tongue was my cock, and ran it in and out of her mouth as I

pumped into her. She seemed to catch on, and sucked my tongue as I went.

Finally, with the sweat dripping into my eyes, I felt the orgasm

start to come on. Even so, it took a few seconds before I began to

ejaculate, and there was more of a burning sensation to it than of the

usual unalloyed pleasure. Still, I was satisfied. I wouldn't have to sleep

with a hardon all night.


I withdrew and took off the rubber. Nope, not much fluid in there.

"Was that what you wanted?" I asked. "Oh yes," she pretended. I lay

beside her, nuzzling her cheek, but my lips were a little chapped from

all the activity, and I tired of that quickly. I realized I still hadn't

seen all I wanted to of her pussy, so I scooted down to have a look.

She reopened her legs part way, and I pulled them wide apart and began idly

fingering her cunt. "Do you want to screw some more?" I asked, and she replied

dutifully, "yes please, sir." "Just kidding," I said, "you've gotten

everything out of me I've got to give. That's the right attitude, though.

Keep a submissive tone when you speak to me."


She smelled quite strongly, my nose so close to her wet spot. I briefly

thought of gliding my tongue in there, then reconsidered, for several reasons.

One overriding reason was that I was pretty tired, including my mouth and

tongue.  Another was that I wasn't interested in getting K-Y in my mouth.

Besides that, I wasn't much convinced that she had ever learned to appreciate

such efforts anyway. But mostly, I didn't want to reverse the role of

master and slave. She was resigned to administering to my needs, and

I needed to keep things that way, being new to this myself and all that.


So I just continued to trace my finger along the outlines of her cunt,

admiring the way that her pubic hair only came down to about the top

of it. I hate a hairy asshole (except of course mine's OK with me).

Her hair was very short, and I pulled a tuft of it up straight to

measure its length. Only an inch at most. It was soft, and curly,

and short, and fine, so that you could see her skin fairly well through

it. Not a dense patch, not at all. I looked and felt above the hairline,

but there was no trace of stubble, so I concluded that this was completely

natural, not shaved for effect. "You'll have to model a swimsuit for

me sometime." Juice was dripping from her hole. Too much K-Y, I thought.

But judging by the odor, some of it was her own. Nice, though I looked

in vain for a kleenex nearby, and made a mental note that I'd have to clean

the spot from the carpet, or take a chance on losing part of my damage deposit.


I looked at the clock on the wall. It was a little past ten thirty. Time

flies when you are having fun. I moved back up to her neck and nuzzled her

some more. She snuggled. "You act so innocent all the time, but when you

are here with me you are a perfect little slut." It was a description, and an

order, all in one. I snuggled in closer, and she responded in kind. Amazing;

totally in my control. "It's getting late, and you've done a good job,

so I think you can go home now. Next time let's get an earlier start. Let's

make it 7:30." I got up, picked up her blouse from the table, and handed

it to her. I wondered how high up she would button it. She put it on and

left only the collar button open. What I figured. She turned to go to the

bedroom to retrieve the rest of her clothes, and I got an idea. "Wait a

second." She turned back toward me, and I picked up the camera. "Smile,"

I said, and she did as I took the last photo of the evening.


She finished dressing in the bedroom as I put away the camera and K-Y.

She came out, and I looked her over, trying to tell if anyone could

guess from looking at her what she had been up to tonight. She was

not her usual perfect every-hair-in-place self, and her face looked a

bit, well, puffy, especially her eyes and lips. Even so, she looked like

any other pretty college student you might see. Can't judge a book by

its cover, I thought with great originality. She picked up her books

and purse, and I moved over to her and gave her a hug, and said "for

homework, I want you to give Mark a blowjob like you gave me, just

for practice." She didn't say anything, so I gave her a little tweak on the

nipple, and said, "OK, see you next Tuesday?" "Thursday," she corrected,

and I said, "no, in class, remember? Goodnight." She let herself out as I

ducked behind the door, since I was still naked. I locked the door after

she left, and sighed.


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