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Archive-name: School/lngwknd1.txt

Archive-author: Destrad

Archive-title: Long Weekend, The

                               Chapter One

           The bell rang.  Half the class jumped to their feet, while

      the rest wrote franticly, in a vain attempt to answer that one

      last test question.  Then there was me.  Having finished fifteen

      minutes earlier, I was reading the final couple pages in the new

      Piers Anthony book I picked up the day before yesterday.  Loathe

      to put it down and knowing this was the last period before lunch,

      I spent another couple minutes and finished it.  So much for Mr.

      Friedman's history class, and so much for another book. Being a

      senior, I only had one more class after lunch, photography.  After

      that a four day weekend awaited. President's Day, or in this case

      days was the cause.  The school administration in their infinate

      wisdom decided to lump the two together.  A day off is of course a

      day off and I didn't mind. Not that I had any special plans,

      perhaps check out a couple used book stores, or work on

      programming the computer game I never seemed to finish. With my

      parents overseas on buisness for another couple weeks I could

      pretty much do as I pleased. All in all it was going to be just

      another boring weekend...little did I know.

           Reaching down, I shoved my recently finished paperback into

      an overflowing backpack.  With a little stretching and pulling I

      managed to zip it closed.  I stood up, and promptly managed to

      bump into one of those last to finish who were hurrying to lunch.

      Books and paper cascaded to the floor in a random fashion, while I

      tripped and landed flat on my face.  Looking up, I was exposed to

      an unexpected delight. Standing over my head at just the right

      angle was Heather Fergusson.  Heather was one of those wet dreams

      half the school had.  She had a perfect slim body with all the

      appropriate curves.  Her long blond hair came down to just below

      her waist accenting the rest of her figure.  As to her face, with

      all the makeup she usually wore, Heather managed to always have

      that sexy "I want it look".  The fact that her parents were filthy

      rich and had given her a BMW for her seventeenth birthday didn't

      hurt matters.  She also by popular acclaim was on the cheerleading

      team.  Didn't do to well in school, but then again most guys on

      the football team weren't doing that well either.

           Today she was wearing a just past belly button length loose

      fitting ruffled white blouse, a mid-thigh blue denim skirt, white

      socks, sandals, and lacy pink panties.  Oh yes definately those.

      From my undignified position on the floor I was able to look

      straight up at them.  Slowly my eyes had followed her long

      lithesome legs up until they reached there apex at them. Closer

      inspection showed the outline of her slit which was barely visible

      as a ridge down her pubis, and a few fuzzy hairs that were peeking

      out under the edges.  The color of which proved beyond a doubt

      that she was a "true" blonde.  More than slightly embarressed at

      the view I skooted back, only to reveal and even more enticeing

      one, as she leaned down to pick up her dropped books.  Her blouse

      had opened forward directly over my face, revealing the utter lack

      of a bra.  Naked to my sight were her fully formed breasts. While

      not huge they were amply endowed, and I traced their curves

      longingly.  Her pert little nipples were erect and sent a shiver

      down to my now raging hardon. The sight lasted but a second to be

      replaced suddenly by Heather's face. She had a definate smirk on

      as she said, "You better look were your going from now on," with a

      little too much emphasis on "look". Tongue-tied I barely managed

      to mumble a sorry being fairly much in shock. Seeing I was not

      going to be of any help she reached over me to pick up the rest of

      her papers. Her blouse again fell forward giving me an even better

      view of her naked bodice.  Her rounded breasts were absolutely

      perfect as they swayed with her every movement.  In total rapture

      I could but watch the show dumbly.  Having picked up her papers,

      she walked away a couple steps and turned back toward me. Bringing

      one hand up to her face she blew me a kiss then slowly and

      sensuously licked her lips.

           Heather spun on her heels and with a definate shake of the

      hips quickly left the classroom, leaving me in a dazed shock with

      a rather uncomfortable and even more embarrassing condition.

      Pulling myself up off the floor I noticed a small white envelope

      underneath my legs.  Figuring it must have dropped with the rest

      of Heather's papers I picked it up. Indeed it did say Heather on

      the outside, however, she was long gone.  Perhaps I could catch

      her at lunch to return it, then again considering the current

      condition of my dick when I saw her again in class on Tuesday

      would be soon enough. Kneeling down in front of my backpack to

      help cover my stiff member I unzipped the backpack's zipper again

      to deposit the letter. I also made a show of rearranging my

      schoolbooks to give certain portions of my anatomy a chance to

      cool off. When I was done I exited the classroom.

           After picking up my boxed lunch and exchanging books at my

      locker, I settled down for a long lunch.  I tried without much

      success to keep those brief and embarrassing images of Heather out

      of my mind as I ate.  Thoughts of her breasts and panties keep

      flitting in an out of my mind making it impossible to concentrate

      on another dull lunch. Finally I finished eating and opened my

      backpack in search of something to pass the last few minutes of

      lunch, and get my mind off Heather.  Unfortunately I had forgotten

      to bring a backup book and almost decided that I was out of luck.

      Then my eyes caught on the envelope.  What the hell I thought

      Heather will never remember where she lost it.  Making sure no one

      was looking in my direction, I brought it out and tore it open.  A

      faint wiff of feminine perfume crossed my nose as it came open.

      Inside was a folded piece of notebook paper.  Unfolding it

      revealed a few short lines of text and a map.  I began reading.

                Another four day weekend is upon us and my boring

           parents are out of town.  To celebrate I am having a

           slumber party!  You and the rest of the cheer squad are

           invited to a weekend of swimming, games and other

           amusements.  As last time swimsuits and nighties arn't

           needed!  My place after school Thursday.

                           See ya there!  Dominique.

           Just then the bell rang for sixth period.  I hurridly shoved

      the letter and envelope back into my backpack.  About this time I

      noticed my member was again erect.  With a little bit of

      maneuvering I managed to get to class without anyone noticing the

      bulge in my pants. Between images of Heathers luscious breasts and

      thoughts on the letter, I was out of it fantasizing what it would

      be like to see Heather and the rest of the cheerleading team

      totally in the buff. Luckily Mr. Mason hadn't much planned for the

      class and simply lectured on various outdoor photography

      techniques in preparation for next weeks lessons.

           Halfway through class I suddenly became much more intereseted

      in Mr Mason's lecture.  He had changed topics and was discussing

      photographing wildlife, and how sometimes it was very useful to

      remain hidden from your quarry so as not to spook it. Putting one

      and two and three together I came up with six or maybe a perfect

      ten.  This had definate possibilites.  While I had already seen

      Heather's naked breasts, I wouldn't mind seeing the rest of her.

      Not to mention that the rest of the cheerleading team was almost

      as beautiful.  Lets see there were Dominique, Beth, Christine,

      Sandra, Jennifer, Lisa and of course Heather.  As I went through

      each name I brought up imagined picture of them sans clothes.

      Assuming they all showed up that would be seven gorgeous girls

      naked maybe more. Definate possibilities here. And as Mr Mason

      says "One should always be ready to capture the moment."  Though

      this time cheating and using mom's camcorder with its telephoto

      lense setup would guarantee footages to last a lifetime. I still

      could of course take my 35mm camera for still shots.

           I almost missed the period ending bell being so deep in my

      plans.  However it woke me out of my reverie and I hurried out to

      my old Buick not bothering to stop back at my locker.  I had just

      remembered cheerleading was a seventh period class. Heather,

      Dominique and the others were stuck at school for at least another

      hour.  If I hurried I could get home, snatch the neccessary

      equipment and beat everyone to Dominique's place, which according

      to the map was up in the hills just a few short miles from where I



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