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Archive-name: School/highschl.txt


Archive-title: Discipline At Ridgemont High

The PTA of Ridgemont High was fed up with the use of crack, pot

and coke among the students.  At each meeting, the teachers

complained about how difficult it was to control their classes. 

Teen-age sex was also rampant.  What were they going to do?

Mrs. Stanley, the PTA president, presented a solution.

"Discipline," she said sternly.  "Good, old-fashioned discipline. 

A whack on the butt.  More formalized public spankings.  It worked

in my day.  It will work today."

The teachers and the parents agreed.

The town council had never passed a rule outlawing corporal

punishment in the public schools.  The only reason physical

punishment had never been used at the high school before was

because some of the parents had objected.  Now, things had gone

too far.  The PTAtook a vote.  66 out of 70 members for, 3

against, l abstention.  It was agreed that a behavior code and

list of punishments would be posted for the students.

The next morning, students giggled in disbelief as they read the

following notice posted on each homeroom bulletin board and in

every hall:

The students of Ridgemont High School have been granted the right

and privilege of a free, public education by the laws of the

United States.  Any student who interferes with any other

student's right to that education, whether through an act of

negligence or malice, has trespassed against his or her fellow

student's rights and against the rights of the entire student body

and faculty.  Consequently, that student shall be punished.

Punishments are described below.  Infractions not listed will be

handled at the discretion of the observing teacher.  Any teacher

shall have the right to punish any student in any manner set forth

below.  No student shall have the right to appeal a teacher's

decision as to time, place, nature or degree of punishment.

Talking in class                    Number 1 

Arriving late to class              Number 1 

Failure to complete homework        Number 1 

Excessive absences                  Number 2 

Improper dress                      Number 2 

Failing a test                      Number 2 

Cursing                             Number 2 

Smoking                             Number 2 

Rudeness to teachers                Number 3

Fighting                            Number 3 

Using or possessing drugs           Number 4 

Improper sexual conduct             Number 4

Stealing                            Number 4

* Recurrent offenses will result in increased penalties.

  Students are required to count off each punishment.

  Students must hold still or they will be restrained or

  take the punishment again, at the teacher's discretion.

25 spanks administered with smooth, leather covered ping-pong paddle in front of class where infraction occurred.  Spanks

administered on skin covered by panties or undershorts.

25 spanks administered with smooth, leather covered ping-pong paddle in front of class, or students before which infraction

occurred.  Spanks administered on bare skin.

25 spank administered with rough, rubber-faced ping- pong paddle in front of class or other students before which infraction

occurred.  Spanks administered on bare skin.

25 swats administered with bamboo cane or leather covered riding crop , in special after-school punishment forum, on bare skin.

50 spanks administered with smooth, leather covered ping-pong paddle on bare skin in special after-school punishment forum.

50 spanks administered with rough, rubber-faced ping pong-paddle

on bare skin in special after-school punishment forum.

25 swats administered with bamboo cane on bare skin in special

after-school punishment forum.

25 swats administered with leather covered riding crop  on bare

skin in special after-school punishment forum.

"If you ask me, it's just bullshit," Johnnie Davis announced to

the gang of kids surrounding him.  Johnnie was their leader.  The

school tough guy.  A kind of a hero.

"We'll see about that, Mr. big shot," his homeroom teacher, Mr.

Stryker yelled gleefully, as he came up behind him.  "Everyone

here is a witness, and accordingly, is entitled to witness John's

punishment.  John, you were cursing.  That's punishment Number 2. 

Will you please read that to your friends, so they know exactly

what kind of a show they're in for."

"You must be out of your mind, Stryker," Johnnie said

sarcastically.  He turned to go, but Mr. Stryker grabbed him by

the scruff of his neck.

"Ah HA!" his teacher yelled triumphantly.  "Rudeness to teachers!

Punishment Number 3! Want to stop here, John?"

"Bullshit!" Johnnie cried again, as he marched out the high

school's entrance.  "I'll see you in Never-Never Land, bozo!"

Mr. Stryker looked calmly at the students. "He won't be back until

he agrees to take his punishment, which by now is adding up and

compounding -- concepts you've learned in mathematics.  He may

think he's a big man, but he'll be back.  He wants to play in the

big game on next month."

Stryker walked into his homeroom and waited for the bell.  It rang

and two minutes later, little Emily Farmer timidly came in.

"That's a big Number 1 for you, young lady," he told her.  "Go to

your seat.  We'll break fifteen minutes early,class, I'd like all

of you to stay and witness Emily's punishment.  After all, she's

wasted everyone's time by arriving late this morning."

The period dragged on and on.  Poor Emily was terrified.  She

hadn't been spanked since she was a child of seven or eight, and

then it had been over her mother's knee, not by a man she hardly

knew in front of 22 of her closest friends.  She'd have to see

these kids again everyday for the whole year.

Fifteen minutes before the bell was about to ring, Mr. Stryker

announced.  "Now, class, it's time for something even more

instructive than our history lesson." He opened his desk drawer

and removed a smooth, black leather ping- pong paddle .  He held it

in one hand and slapped it smartly against the palm of the other

so that it made a loud smacking sound.

"Emily Farmer will be the first, but I suspect, if your past

behavior is any indication of your future actions, that most of

you will get a taste of this."

The class was dead quiet.  Everyone was afraid, but no one more

than little Emily, who's eyes were already beginning to fill with


"Emily Farmer," Mr. Stryker said.  "Come up to the front of the


She slowly walked up the aisle on shaky legs.

"What have you got to say to me and to the class?"

"I don't know, Sir."

"Apologize!" he commanded.

"I'm sorry, Sir," she stammered.

"Say, 'I'm sorry for coming in late.'"

"I'm sorry for coming in late."

"Say it to the class.  Face the class, Emily."

Emily turned towards her classmates.  Her face was bright red. 

"I'm sorry for coming in late, class," she said quietly.

"Say it louder, Emily.  We want to be sure you are sorry, because

in a while you're going to be very sorry."

"I'm sorry for coming in late, class," Emily said distinctly and

took a deep breath.

"Now class, and Emily," Mr. Stryker said.  "The Code requires all

students to count out the number of spanks they deserve.  Because

you have come in late, Emily, you deserve 25.  You will be spanked

over your panties.  Should you come in late again, at any time

during the current semester, you will receive 25 spanks on your

bare skin.  In this very classroom, in front of all your

classmates.  However, for now, that will not be necessary."

Emily had turned white and was beginning to tremble.

"Turn around and face my desk, Emily."

She turned so that her back was to the class.  Mr. Stryker

approached her flexing the hand that held the paddle .  "Lean over

the desk and put your hands out straight.  Grip the far edge."

Emily did as she was ordered.  Mr. Stryker waited a moment as she

stretched her upper body over his desk.  She was wearing a white

blouse under a green corduroy jumper.  He put one hand under the

skirt and turned it up until it rested on the small of her back.

In doing so he revealed her pure white cotton panties with a

pattern of tiny red and pink hearts.  "How charming your taste in

underwear is," he said.  "Begin to count after each stroke,


With that, he drew back his arm and swung.  The smooth leather paddle whoshed through the air and landed in the middle of Emily's

upturned buttocks with a resounding smack.  Her body shook with he

impact.  "One," she said meekly.

"It will have to be louder if you want it to count, Emily," Mr.

Stryker said.

He struck again, this time a glancing blow that might be used to

put some spin on a ping-pong ball.

"Ow! Oh, Mr. Stryker!" Emily cried, restraining an impulse to leap

up from the desk.  "Two."

"We can dispense with the commentary," Mr. Stryker said as he let

a particularly sharp blow fall on her right buttock.

"Three," Emily shouted as the pain rippled through her.

A few of the children in class were getting uncomfortable.  They

realized that things had changed at Ridgemont High and any one of

them could be next.

Mr. Stryker brought back his arm and landed a fourth spank

directly on her left buttock.  This time Emily gasped.  "Four!"

she cried.

Now Mr. Stryker began to spank in rhythm.  He alternated the

destination of the next three blows, left, right, center, and the

next, center, left, right.  Emily was finding it hard to keep

count each spank in her effort to control her reaction to the


However, Mr. Stryker waited for Emily to count the correct number

after each blow.

When they reached number 13, he put all his force into the spank. 

It was too much for the punished teenager.  She jumped up and

clutched her burning bottom with both hands.  "Please, Sir,

please. I'll do anything.  Please stop.  Please." And she burst

into hot, noisy tears.

"Compose yourself, Emily," Mr. Stryker said calmly.  "We're only

half through."

Almost everyone in the class was moved to pity for poor Emily

who'd been so brave until that moment.

"I can see I'm going to need assistance," Stryker announced.  "The

Code says that students must remain still or repeat the


"Oh nooooo, Sir," Emily begged.

"...or," Stryker continued, "be restrained.  In this case, since

it is only Emily's first infraction, she will be restrained. 

Janet come up here and help."

Janet, a tall, strong girl, walked up to the front of the room. 

"You are to hold Emily's arms against the desk as I proceed with

her punishment," Mr.  Stryker instructed.  Janet nodded.  Emily

stood in front of the class, rubbing her behind and stared

imploringly at her teacher.

"Bend over my desk, Emily," Mr. Stryker commanded again.

Emily hesitated.

"Now, Emily!  Or, we will begin at number one."

Emily jumped forwards and assumed the correct position.  Mr.

Stryker raised her skirt.  "Janet, secure her arms." Janet walked

behind the desk and pinned Emily's wrists against the edge of the


"What number are we up to, Emily?" Mr. Stryker asked.

"Fourteen, Sir," Emily answered meekly.  "We're up to number 14."

Mr.Stryker drew back his arm and let the paddle land with a mighty

thwack.  Emily cried out in pain and indignation.  "Fourteen!" she


Mr. Stryker applied spanks 15, 16, 17 and 18 in rapid succession. 

He put his full body weight into each spank and carefully aimed

them to land on the same spot in the center of Emily's already

scorched bottom.  Emily squirmed and shrieked after each blow.  As

she counted out each stroke, she desperately tried to free herself

from Janet's grip.  Janet had to work pretty hard to keep her on

the desk, but she managed it.

"Luckily, for you, Emily, you continued to count properly after I

picked up my pace," Mr. Stryker said approvingly.  "What number is


"Nineteen, sir," Emily stammered weakly.

"Speak up, girl!" Mr. Stryker commanded and landed an extremely

wicked blow in the center of her throbbing and tender behind.

Emily screamed and began to cry loudly.  "Nineteen!" she counted

in a voice wracked by choking sobs.  Again, she began begging Mr.

Stryker to stop.

"Compose yourself, Emily," her teacher ordered.  "I want you to

remember the final five spanks in your punishment.  I'm going to

administer them slowly and firmly.  You will request each one.  I

want your full cooperation.  Begin."

The room was silent except for Emily's sobs.  Mr. Stryker placed

the paddle against her burning bottom.  "I'm waiting, Emily," he


"Please give me spank number 20," Emily whimpered.

Mr. Stryker let go with a particularly vicious smack.  He put all

his weight into it and it landed with a resounding whack. 

"Owwwwww!" Emily wailed.  "Owwwwwww."

"The number, Emily," Stryker said harshly.

"20," Emily sobbed.


For a moment, all that could be heard was the sound of Emily's

childish blubbering as Mr. Stryker waited for her to continue.

"We are waiting, Emily.  Shall we begin at the beginning?"

This horrible thought moved her.

"Please give me spank number 2l," the punished child said through

her tears.

This spank was harder than the last and Emily screamed like a cat

in the night, but, she didn't forget to count "2l."

Hoping to get it over she yelled, "Please give me spank number

22!" She held her breath and tried to brace herself for the


Mr. Stryker took his time, however.  When the blow finally landed,

it took her by surprise.  She cried out pathetically and lurched

on the desk.  Janet lost control of one of her wrists as the

decibel of her wails rose.  "Hold her still, Janet," Mr. Stryker


"I'm sorry, Sir," Janet said.  And although she felt intense

sympathy for the tormented girl and didn't enjoy participating in

her punishment, she clutched Emily's wrists all the more firmly so

that her battered butt remained the perfect, helpless target for

Mr. Stryker's relentless brand of discipline.

All the while, Emily's sobs echoed through the room.  She must

have been so overwhelmed by her suffering, that she forgot Mr.

Stryker's instructions to count.

Mr. Stryker grew impatient.  "Number, Emily!" he said harshly.

"I don't know, Sir," Emily bawled.  "I forgot, Sir.  Oh

pleeeeeease, Sir!  Pleeeeeease don't hit me all those times again. 

Was it 21, Sir? 22, Sir? 23? I forgot," she wailed. 

"Pleeeeeease......," and her voice broke on her tears and


Mr. Stryker turned to face the class as Emily's tears soaked the

papers on his desk.

"According to the Code," he announced, "students are required to

count each spank.  Emily has failed.  Therefore, it is up to the

discretion of the teacher to decide which on the proper remedy."

He looked at the terrified class sternly.  "We shall take a vote,

class," he said.  "Emily has offended us all.  She has interfered

with your education today by coming in late.  She is receiving a

well-deserved punishment for violating your Constitutional rights

and, although she is only receiving Punishment Number 1, she is

making quite a fuss.  So, I leave it to you, class.  I intend to

apply the specified number of spanks to her tardy bottom.  And,

she shall count them all.  However, should she be further punished

for losing count? Can her punishment work, if she isn't

concentrating properly?

"All in favor of Emily receiving additional spanks, raise your


Three out of 22 right hands went up.

"An interesting number," Stryker said.  "It looks like mercy,

Emily.  Only three of your classmates are so deeply offended that

they feel you should receive further punishment.  Interesting

because we had just administered to number 22.

"That's right, Emily, only three spanks left.  And, only three

classmates who feel you deserve more.  The solution is simple. 

Each of these students will give you an additional spank.  That

should satisfy everyone.

"You are to keep looking straight down at the floor behind my

desk.  You shall never know which of your classmates has spanked

you.  You shall simply remember that any one of them could have. 

By watching your spanking, all of us have approved your


As her teacher talked, Emily felt as if her bottom was on fire. 

She didn't know how she'd be able to take the final three spanks

on her tender and bruised skin.  She didn't care which of her

classmates would spank her.  She just wanted it to be over. 

Afterward, she'd probably be embarrassed, but now all she cared

about was getting to the end of her horrible punishment.

The break enabled her to regain some of her control.  She was

unable to stop the flow of tears from her eyes or the searing pain

in her bottom, but with a concentrated effort, she was able to

stop gasping and making dreadful little moaning sounds.  She tried

to resign herself to the punishment that was yet to come.

Mr. Stryker gestured to one of the students who had voted for

additional spanks.  He was a sandy haired boy who had always liked

Emily.  But, because she had never taken him seriously, he had

enjoyed her punishment more than the others in the room.  He

stepped forward and took the paddle from Mr. Stryker.  Now, he

thought, he'd finally be able to make an impression.

Mr. Stryker said to Emily, "I want you to understand, Emily that

you have offended this entire class by your inconsiderate

tardiness.  Therefore, before each of your classmates personally

punishes today, you are to say, 'I'm sorry I was late, class. 

Please punish me.' Is that clear, Emily."

"Yes, Sir," Emily answered.

"Do you know why, Emily?" Mr. Stryker asked.

"Because I have offended the entire class," Emily stammered. 

Despite her pain and fear of more torment to come, she was deeply

embarrassed by having to make this admission.

She had never felt so totally humiliated in her entire life.

"That's right, Emily.  Perhaps, with your classmate's

chastisement, you will learn.  Do you deserve your punishment,


"Yes, Sir," Emily answered automatically.  Punished teenagers have

no choice.  "I have offended the entire class.  I should be

punished, Sir."

She spoke as loudly as her tears would permit.  And, though part

of her rebelled at her punishment, another part was beginning to

wonder if it might not be well-deserved.  She hadn't given a

thought to interrupting the class when she strolled in late this

morning.  True, she was only two minutes late, but it could just

as easily have been five or even ten minutes.  If her fellow

students were willing to punish her for this infraction, she must

deserve it.  She was confused by her embarrassment and her pain

and she was also very sorry she ever came in late.

Mr. Stryker interrupted her speculations.  "The first of your

classmates is ready to help correct you for your misdeeds.  Do as

instructed, and request your punishment."

Emily shut her tear-filled eyes and repeated, "I'm sorry I was

late, class.  Please punish me." She spoke timidly and tried to

prepare for the spank.  She didn't know how hard her classmate

would hit.

The blow came suddenly.  It was not as hard as her teacher's, but

it brought fresh tears to her eyes nonetheless.  Any touch on her

burning, sensitive skin would make her cry for quite a while.

Mr. Stryker took the paddle and the sandy haired boy sat down.

"Thank the class, Emily," Mr. Stryker said.  "If you don't thank

the class for your last spanks, we will start over again at one. 

And, please, remember to count."

Emily's crying was nonstop now.  In spite of it, she said, "23"

quite loudly.  Then she said, "Thank you, class," and waited for

the final two spanks.

"Next," Mr. Stryker called.  He pointed to a smug looking girl in

a pink dress.  She had disliked Emily because of the sandy haired

boy.  She'd always thought he was awesome, but once he noticed

Emily, he never paid any attention to her.  Now she would pay

Emily back.

She took the paddle from Mr. Stryker and waited for Emily to

speak.  "'I'm sorry I was late, class.  Please punish me," Emily

said automatically through her sobs.  The girl grimaced and swung

the hard, leather covered wooden paddle as hard as she could.  The

blow was so fierce it pushed Emily's head forward into Janet's


"Awwwwwoooooooo!" Emily cried out.  "Awwwwwwwoooooooo!" She began

bawling uncontrollably.  Satisfied, the girl in the pink dress

smiled and handed Mr.  Stryker the paddle .

It was a full two minutes before Emily remembered or was able to

say "Thank you, class." And, when she pronounced these words, they

were hardly intelligible.  Just three high-pitched squeaks muffled

by violent whimpering and weeping.

"Now, Emily, you have one final spank left," Mr. Stryker said.

"Just one more--this time.  Next time you are late, you will

receive Punishment Number 2.  That is 25 spanks on your bare

bottom before the entire class.

And, because it will be your second offense, I shall not be so

lenient with you if you forget to count.

"Do you realize you just forgot to count 24?"

"24, Sir!" Emily shrieked.  "Oh, please, Sir, 24!"

"I'm afraid it's too late now Emily.  After the rest of the class

is dismissed, I'll tell you what additional punishment will be

necessary to make up for your lack of concentration.  Now, we will

complete this part of your punishment."

Emily was in an agony of panic.  She wanted to run form the room,

but Janet held her fast to the desk.  She still had one spank left

and then she'd be alone with Mr. Stryker.  What would he do to

her? She almost wished he'd give her another 25 spanks now,

anything to avoid being at his mercy with no one there to help. 

She trembled and cowered, completely helpless and at his mercy,

stretched out across his desk.

"What have you got to say, now, Emily?" Mr. Stryker asked.

She was confused.  "I'm sorry I was late, class.  Please punish

me," she sobbed quickly, hoping it was the right thing to say. 

"I'm sorry I was late, class.  Please punish me," she said again. 

"'I'm sorry I was late, class.  Please punish me."

"All right, Emily, we understand that you're sincerely sorry." Mr.

Stryker called up the third student who had voted "yes." It was

another girl.  A girl who had always hated Emily for having

prettier clothes and a richer family.  Now, it was her turn for


She took the paddle from Mr. Stryker.  She was a good ping-pong

player and used to the feel of the paddle .  Ping-pong usually

depends on either strength or finesse.  This girl knew how to

combine both in one stroke.  She knew how to hit the ball with a

maximum amount of impact to create the maximum amount of spin. 

She judged that this technique, applied to an already sore and

swollen bottom, would cause the maximum amount of pain.  Although

she wouldn't win any points with this next stroke, it was going to

be her masterpiece.

She positioned herself as if she were about to play the Communist

Chinese.  Emily's backside was in exactly the right place for the

best shot.  She concentrated and let the energy flow up through

her body from her feet, to her arm into the paddle .  She breathed

deeply and struck.  The class was not prepared for what happened.

Emily howled and shrieked in complete, total and overwhelming

pain.  It was a long drawn-out sound, a cross between a

high-pitched screech and a deep-throated groan.  It lasted a full

20 seconds.  Then her body began to flail frantically about on the

desk.  Janet held fast to her arms. They rose and fell in a vain

attempt to let her hands get to her bruised and battered buttocks. 

Her feet kicked and danced helplessly on the floor in front of Mr. 

Stryker's desk.

Slowly, the howl dissolved into convulsive sobs.  The top of

Emily's body went limp.  Janet remained holding her arms in place

as Emily swung her ass to and fro in front of the class.  Her

sounds and agonized movements didn't stop for four minutes.

At that point, the sobs turned to little stifled chokes.  "Emily,

you have not thanked the class for your last spank," Mr. Stryker

said.  "We must follow the Code."

Somewhere inside her, Emily remembered she hadn't counted 25

either.  "25!" she yelled and burst into a fresh stream of tears.

Mr. Stryker looked at his watch.  "That's enough for today,

class," he announced.  "Emily," he said sternly, "Janet will let

go of your hands now.  You are to stand up, face the class, say,

"Thank you class.  Thank you for spanking me." You are not to

touch your bottom with your hands.  You are to remain after the

class is dismissed."

Janet let go of Emily's hands.  Emily slowly lifted her limp body

off the desk.  She was still wracked by sobs.  She put her hands

at her sides and slowly turned around.  Her face was streaked with

tears.  Her eyes were red and swollen.  She looked at her

classmates, three of whom had just mercilessly spanked her, one of

whom had spanked her so hard it had almost killed her, and

dissolved in tears.  She looked at the class, and summoning all

her strength said, "Th.....Th.....Tha.....Thank.....y....y...  Thank you"

She immediately burst into convulsive sobs as, one by one, the

class filed out.

Stryker remained behind.  "Are you thankful, Emily?" he asked her. 

"You know, it was for your own good."

Emily was too overwhelmed to speak.  "Perhaps you need to think

about it?" he asked.

"Very well.  You may miss your next class.  You are to remain

here.  Stand in the corner by the blackboard while I prepare for

my next class.  You are not to touch your bottom.  It is supposed

to hurt.  You will have the opportunity in the next 45 minutes to

decide if you really are thankful for your lesson today.  I wager

it will be a lesson you won't soon forget.  Go on."

Emily hobbled over to the corner and stood facing the wall.

Although she needed to very badly, she did not try to soothe her

tender buttocks with her hands.  She could not stop her tears and

kept wondering what the rest of her punishment would be.  The

waiting was agonizing.  After 15 minutes, Mr. Stryker spoke.

"We teachers have some discretion, as you know, on punishment

administration.  Your punishment is not over, Emily, because you

failed to count two spanks, the 24th and the 25th.  If you don't

count, how do we know that you're concentrating on your

punishment?.  Day dreaming is a big problem among teenagers.  It

is completely unacceptable during punishment, when we need your

complete attention."

Emily's body stiffened as she stood facing the wall.  "Turn

around, Emily," Mr.  Stryker commanded.  The student obeyed.  Her

tear-streaked face silently implored him to show pity.  "I want to

see the look on your face when I explain the rest of your

punishment," her teacher said. "I imagine you will find it hard to

sit down for a while, Emily.  A good week I would judge after the

force of that last blow.  What a wallop!

"Let's see if your bottom has reached 'Acceptable Punishment

Status,' young lady,." Mr. Stryker said.  " You know, if I find

your butt is not punished enough, we'll have to take appropriate

action.  According to my Punishment Chart, acceptable colors after

Punishment Number One are pink, red, purple, green, yellow and

blue.  Let's have a look."

Emily shivered and stared at her teacher in disbelief.  "Get on

your hands and knees, Emily and raise your bottom in the air."

Too terrified to disobey, Emily got down on her hands and knees

and presented her punished butt for inspection.  "Raise your

skirts and lower your panties," Mr. Stryker ordered.  With

trembling hands and renewed sobs, Emily lifted her skirt out of

the way and lowered her panties to her knees.  The cool air felt

good on her burning hot bum.

Mr. Stryker remained studying the effects of the punishment for

quite a while.  Finally, he said, "Yes, you've been sufficiently

spanked.  Your bottom is pink and red with a touch of purple and

blue.  I suppose the green and yellow will come later, when your

bruises start to fade.  I'll want to get Mrs. Connor in to inspect

this too, so you'll have to wait like that until the next period."

Emily remained in this undignified position and continued to cry

like a baby.  She was unable to control herself at all and made no

effort to stop.

Finally, Mr. Striker told her the rest of her punishment.

"Despite the condition of your tender behind, you must attend all

your classes, Emily.  Today, you must report to your next class

immediately after inspection by Mrs.  Connor.  You will stand at

the back of the room during today's classes, so that all your

classmates will know you have been punished.

"Starting tomorrow, however, you may not stand.  You must sit in

all classes no matter how much your bottom hurts, and judging by

the look of it, it will hurt a lot for quite some time.  In

addition, you may not wear any foam rubber or any other type of

padding to protect you.  Your teachers will make sure you don't by

a series of periodic inspections.  And, I warn you, young lady, if

you are caught trying to protect that tender behind of yours, you

will be making matters worse....much worse."

Emily remained on the floor, on her hands and knees, with her

well-punished bottom raised in the air as Mr. Stryker lectured

her.  "I don't want you to think of this as an additional

punishment, Emily," Mr. Stryker said.  "You are to think of it as

an extension of this one.  I am concerned that you were not paying

attention throughout your punishment this morning.  I want to give

you further opportunities to think about your lesson, Emily, to

make sure it's been well learned.

"Now," he said, "you are to remain in that position until Mrs.

Connor comes round for your inspection."


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