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Archive-name: School/fantasy.022

Archive-author: The Sexologist

Archive-title: Case History #89

Recently Elise, a new client visited me and started describing her

problem.  She told me that she was a sex education instructor who 

was teaching young adults, generally college students, who were

sexually inexperienced and who needed guidance.

She had given several lectures using text but it was when she began

showing explicit sexual scenes on film that her problem started.

The film was a silent movie which depended upon her continuing 

commentary to provide understanding of the scenes to the viewers.

Pictures of the sex organs were shown and described by her.

The picture of the male's penis always excited her for it was

exceptionally large and had a red tulip bulb like head that turned

her on and made her moisten.

After describing the function of each organ, she cut to the next

scene which depicted the penetration of the penis into the woman's

vagina.  Elise was standing in the rear of the room by the projector

describing the entry and the effect of the thrusting cock on both

the glans and the clitoris - while all the while, she was getting

hornier and hornier herself!

She slipped off her panties and placed one foot up on the seat of 

an adjacent chair and then touched her throbbing clit with her finger. 

As she described the scene she said, "The male has entered the female

with verve!" - and all of a sudden, she felt a presence behind her 

and then felt a hot stiff prick inserted into her warm, wet, 

pulsating pussy!

Elise turned her head but could not see her swordsman because of the

darkness.  She stifled her inclination to scream because of the 

immense pleasure she was feeling.  She continued her dialogue of the 

sexual encounter on the screen, while continuing to face the reality 

of being fucked at the same time!

As the couple on the screen approached their climax, she felt the 

effusion of warmth which always preceded hers and when she could no 

longer hold back, gave way to the waves of pleasure which then 

engulfed her.  It was all she could do to continue her dialogue

without alerting the audience to her own orgasm.

Her partner drove in to the hilt and ejaculated like a geyser, 

withdrew, and left the room before she could turn and stop him.

Elise finished the lecture and then went outside to look for her 

"lover" but was unable to find any trace of him. She is desperate 

about wanting to find him and in continuing their sexual encounter 

of the most unusual kind.  What advice can I give her?


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