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Archive-name: School/

Archive-author: Deb Atwoods (D-Singer)

Archive-title: Churche House

Orientation 1

Linda liked orientation.  She was already at school because she was an OA this

year, but the house she was in was otherwise empty.  Well, except for one first

year graduate student who was going through his sort of orientation for

graduate work, but she hardly had seen him so it didn't matter.  And in only a

few days her roomate Stefanie would arrive, along with the rest of her

housemates.  But for now she had the house almost to herself.

She made a sandwich for herself, grabbed a glass of water, and took her dinner

down to the study room in the house.  She settled herself into a comfy chair in

front of one of the computer terminals, pulled the keyboard onto her lap, and

logged onto the school's mainframe.  When she had logged on the day before,she

had resubscribed to all her favorite discussion groups, and had found a new one

on erotica while she was at it.  She had subscribed to the new group and was

extremely curious to see if she had gotten any messages from it yet.

She skimmed through her messages, pouting when she saw no personal mail, but

smiling when she saw 3 messages from the erotica group.

The first two were simply requests for stories that were no longer available in

the discussion group's archives, but the third was a story, and looked long.

Linda grinned and started to read.

The story was *good*.  Linda felt herself grow warm and wet as she read, and

wished she could print it out to read in the privacy of her own room.  Sighing,

she realized that that wouldn't be much fun anyway.  Duets were always so much

more fun that solos!  Still, she was *so* hot and she hadn't even finished

reading the story!

A sound behind her broke her train of thought, and she whirled to see an empty

room.  She felt her cheeks grow warm and realized that she was blushing, even

though there was no one around to catch her at her reading. She glanced back at

the computer desk, and saw her sandwich, half-eaten and forgotten, sitting next

to the monitor.  Her mood broken, she returned to her dinner and her reading,

easily squelching the feelings that tried to rise within her.

After finishing reading, she quickly read the rest of her mail while an idea

formed in the back of her mind.  Once she had finished her mail, she started to

edit a new file titled simply "story".  In this, she started a story about a

girl named Sheila and her new boyfriend Mac.  Linda grinned as she wrote,

starting with Shelia's arrival at her boyfriend's apartments wearing no more

than  g-string beneath her short skirt and halter.

Linda paused in her writing, her tongue darting over her lips as she stared

thoughtfully at the monitor before her.  Then her fingers flew as she startted

writing again.

                Sheila stood proud before Mac as his eyes devoured

        her lithe body, clad only in a g-string.  She stepped away from

        the wrinkled heap of clothes around her ankles, moving closer

        to her lover.  She toyed with a button on his shirt with one

        hand while her other dropped to cup the hard bulge in his

        pants.  "So, lover," she whispered throatily.  "Don't you think

        *you* should be getting undressed?"

Linda stopped again, her mind racing ahead to the scene she was about to write.

Simply thinking about Shelia's seduction of her lover, as she slowly removed

his clothes, stroking her hands down his hard body, cupping her hand about his

throbbing member... Linda shook her head, realizing she was sinking into her

fantasies and completely forgetting to write.  She lifted her fingers from the

keyboard and wiggled them in preparation for more typing.  She glanced at the

screen, and her jaw dropped open as she saw the text on the screen reflecting

the seduction she had just imagined.  She hadn't even known she was typing!

"Are you going to write more?"

Linda spun at the sound of the male voice behind her, her face flaming.  Her

hands struck the exit and then clear screen keys, hastily blanking the terminal

screen.  "Who...?"

Standing behind her was a man she didn't recognize.  He stood six feet tall,

maybe taller.  Linda couldn't tell for sure because his body, although not

bony, was very slender and wiry.  Still, she could see the strength concealed

beneath his t-shirt.  Her gaze skimmed over his short black hair, traveling

down his body (well muscled though slender) and back up again, fastening on his

coal black eyes.

While she stared at him, Rick took his chance to stare back at her.  He'd seen

her in the house earlier, but hadn't bothered to introduce himself.  He'd been

too busy with getting settled in to the graduate department to worry about his

social life and housemates yet.  But this housemate of his certainly promised

to be interesting.  She was tiny, almost hidden behind the heavy hanks of mouse

brown hair which fell across her forehead.  Her green eyes peered up at him, a

mixture of surprise and embrassment in them, and she lowered them when she

realized he was staring at her.  Her face and neck were bright red, and she

turned away from him as she carefully set the keyboard back on the desk and

climbed out of the chair.

Rick reached out a hand to touch her shoulder as she stood.  "I'm sorry if I

embarassed you."  He could feel his cheeks beginning to grow warm.  He'd spoken

without thinking, as he read over her shoulder, and now realized that he

shouldn't have.  "I'll go and you can continue what you were doing."

Linda turned to look at him, her eyes not meeting his.  "No big deal," she said

softly.  She couldn't *believe* she had been writing this where just anyone

could see her.  Of course, she hadn't realized he was around.  She shrugged his

hand off of her shoulder and walked toward the door.

"Wait a minute," Rick called after her.  Linda turned slowly.  Rick grinned at

her, an engaging grin that caught Linda's attention.  "I forgot to introduce

myself.  I'm Rick Carey, first year graduate student."

Linda smiled, a slow smile that lit her face.  "I'm Linda Thorpe, junior."  She

brushed a lock of hair back from her eyes, and as she moved Rick followed the

motion of her body with his eyes.  It was a rather nice body, even concealed as

it was in an oversize t-shirt and baggy shorts.  She lowered her eyes from his

face again, and turned to leave.

"Wait a minute," Rick called again.

Her smile was more immediate as she turned.  "What now?" she asked, a hint of

laughter in her voice.

Rick shrugged, not sure what to say.  He'd never been easy about asking women

out, and after embarrassing the poor girl half to death, he certainly wasn't

certain how to proceed.  "I... uh... I figured that since we're the only ones

in the house, maybe we could go get some dinner later?"

Linda held up the empty cup and plate, the smile still on her face.  "Sorry, I

just ate..."

Rick thought quickly.  He wanted to make it up to her, and he certainly didn't

want to miss out on the chance of actually getting to know someone in his

house.  "Okay then, how about dessert?  I was planning on going to Friendly's,

so you could get some ice cream while I get dinner..."

Linda thought about it.  She had a weakness for chocolate ice cream... she

nodded slowly.  "Sure."  She dropped the plate and cup in a nearby trash, then

dug a hand into her pocket, pulling it out with a few bills clutched in it.

She hastily counted her money, relieved to find she had enough.

As they walked to Friendly's, Rick reached out to take Linda's hand as they

crossed the street, and was pleased when she didn't pull it away until they

were being seated in a corner booth.  He smiled as she ordered a large, gooey

hot fudge sundae with chocolate ice cream.

"What are you smiling at?" she asked, a blush starting to spread across her

cheeks.  She found it slightly disconcerting the way he seemed to watch her so

carefully.  She wasn't used to being watched.  People watched her roomate,

Stefanie, they didn't watch Linda.

"It's nice to see a girl who's not afraid to eat," he said, still grinning.

"Most girls would be having a tiny piece of fruit, not daring to even look at

the ice cream for fear it would attack their hips."

Linda frowned, not certain if he was insulting her figure or not.  She knew it

wasn't the svelte model-like figure -- like Stefanie's -- that most men

preferred, but she kept in fairly good shape.  And she did have a good

appetite, that was true, but she also exercised a lot.  Still, it was a sore

point with her, and she wasn't really confident in her shape.  She refused to

meet his eyes, not answering.

Rick watched her, wondering what he had said wrong.  "I'm sorry," he said, not

sure what he was apologizing for.

She glanced up and saw the confusion in his eyes.  Maybe she was just being too

sensitive.  She decided to try again.  "No, I'm sorry.  I was distracted for a


"No problem," he answered with relief.  They sat in silence for a moment,

neither sure what to say.

"Do you write a lot?"

As soon as he had said it, Rick wanted to take it back.  However, by the way

her eyes had lit up when he mentioned writing, maybe it wasn't the wrong thing

to say after all.

Linda felt her cheeks grow warm, knowing which writing he meant.  But still,

she did write other things as well.  "I've been writing since I was in high

school," she said softly.  "Haven't gotten anything published yet, but I

hope to before I graduate."  She smiled, slowly relaxing.  "I don't usually

write the kind of stuff you saw."

"Why not?  It looked good."  He paused as she started to blush again.  "I'm

*not* trying to embarass you.  I really thought it was good.  And -- don't take

this as an insult, okay? -- I *like* to see a girl who has a healthy interest

in sex.  This doesn't mean I'm going to jump you.  It's just nice to see one

who might be able to talk about the subject without the words "gross" and

"disgusting" every five seconds."

Linda had to laugh.  "I guess you've known some pretty uptight girls, eh?"

Now that the dam had been broken, the two found that they had plenty to talk

about, and before Linda realized it, her sundae was gone, and the waitress had

long since cleared the table.  She felt sad to realize that the dinner had

ended.  Rick stood, and held out a hand to help her up as well.  She left her

hand in his as they left the restaurant and walked slowly back to campus.

"What are you doing for the evening?" Linda asked as they headed back into the


"I have a meeting with my advisor at his house in a half hour," Rick told her.

He watched her face and was pleased to see she seemed sad at this statement.

"But I'll be back in a while.  What are you up to?"

Linda shrugged.  She'd had no plans other than relaxing, before she'd met Rick.

Now she found herself looking forward to when he came back to the house.  "I'll

be around, I guess."  She hurried to her room, and shut the door behind her.

Only when she had heard him leave for his meeting did she dare go back to the

computer room and complete her story.  Once it was done, she sent a copy of it

to the main printer, and then walked over to pick up the copy.  She brought it

back to her room, put it into a manilla envelope, and slid it under Rick's door

before she could change her mind.  Then she went and curled up in a chair in

the back of the tv lounge to watch a movie.

Rick walked through the halls of the house, checking each lounge, looking for

Linda.  He'd found the envelope she had slipped under his door upon his return

from his meeting, and had quickly read the story.  The story was damned good,

leaving him feeling hot and unsatisfied.  He had waited for his body to cool

off before starting to look for Linda.  He didn't want her to think that the

only reason he looked for her was because of the story.  It wasn't.  He'd

enjoyed the time they had spent in the restaurant and wanted to spend more time

with her.  Of course, he had to admit, that *anyone* would want to spend time

with a girl who could think and write like Linda could.

He stepped into the tv lounge and saw the tv quietly playing, but almost missed

seeing the girl curled up in a chair hidden in the corner.  As he stood in the

doorway, observing her, he realized that she was asleep.  She had curled up

into a tiny ball in the chair, her arms wrapped across her chest, her hair

falling in her face as she leaned back.  Her features were soft in sleep, and

Rick felt a wave of something strange pass over him as he moved closer to her.

Reaching a hand out, he softly brushed back a lock of hair from her eyes,

tucking it gently behind her ear.  He traced the lines of her jaw from her ear

to her chin, cupping her chin with his palm as he bent to place a soft kiss on

her lips.

Her eyelids flickered as she slowly came awake.  Yawning, she stretched, and

then she saw Rick.  Her hand flew to her lips, touching them as if she could

still feel his touch.  Rick blushed, as did Linda, and she turned away, afraid

to meet his eyes.

Rick found himself apologizing again.  It didn't appear he could do much right

on the first try with this girl.

"That's okay," Linda said softly, her face still turned away.  "It was...

nice."  She turned slowly back to face him, the blush slowly fading.  "Did

you..." her voice trailed off, as she wasn't quite certain how to ask about the

story, still somewhat surprised she had left it for him to see.

Rick reached out a hand, taking Linda's and pulling her to her feet.  He led

her over to the sofa, sat down, and tugged on her arm until she sat next to

him.  She looked like a scared rabbit, sitting there next to him, green eyes

wide with apprehension and nervousness.  "Are you scared of me?" he asked, a

slight chuckle escaping.

Linda didn't answer at first, taking the time to examine his expression.

Although he was trying to act confident, she could see the uncertainty in his

eyes, and that made her feel more comfortable.  It *had* been a rather nice

kiss to wake up to, and she did wonder if he was planning on doing it again.

Still... one thing worried her.  Despite the fact that she wasn't a virgin, she

had only ever had sex once, and that one time hadn't even been the best idea

she'd ever had.  She didn't really want to jump in the sack again right away,

so she usually avoided giving people any ideas.  But so far she liked Rick.

Rick was amused as he saw that she wasn't going to answer his question, as her

gaze fastened on his eyes as if she tried to see deep inside of him.  Rather

than ask again, he simply reached out a hand to caress her cheek, drawing her

close to him as he bent to kiss her.

Ah!  Linda sighed inwardly.  Not only something nice to wake up to, but kissing

Rick could quickly become a habit.  His lips were firm against hers, but soft

as well.  She felt her own lips part softly as she leaned toward him, and felt

his tongue dart across her lips, trailing a path of warmth.  She felt her hands

slide up to go across his shoulders and around to the back of his neck where

she toyed with the strands of his hair.  His hands moved to her shoulders,

massaging them as his tongue gently probed against her lips.  Her lips parted

more, allowing his tongue to dart inside, tracing the rise of her mouth,

fencing with her tongue.

Rick felt Linda relaxing, and began to draw her closer to him, until his arms

easily reached around her back and her held her close against his body.  Then

he drew back, smiling as he saw her partially closed eyes stare up at him,

calmly trusting.  Her hand touched his cheek, tracing a path across to slide

down the bridge of his nose, then gently touch his lips.  She leaned forward,

licking her lips in an unconscious gesture, and Rick pulled her close again,

his lips on hers.

Linda could feel her heart rate match Rick's as she leaned against his chest.

When he drew back from their kiss, she almost moaned, not wanting him to leave.

She looked up at him, her eyes trying to convince him to return to her.

Rick's voice was hoarse as he tried to speak.  "Perhaps we should move to one

of our rooms," he suggested.

He could feel Linda's body stiffen and draw away from him.  Her voice was

stilted when she spoke.  "I'm not sure that would be a good idea."

Catching her chin in his hand, Rick turned her to face him again.  "I'm not

suggesting we do anything more than we've been doing here."  He kissed the

bridge of her nose, trailing his tongue down to the tip, then over to brush

lightly against her lips.  "I like kissing you, Linda, but I just don't feel

comfortable doing it in the middle of the tv lounge with _Die_Hard_ playing on

the tv in the background."  He could feel her starting to relax again, and

wrapped his arms around her comfortingly.  "Don't worry, Linda, I would

*never* push you to do something you didn't want to do.  Just say the word and

I'll let you go and walk right away."

"I like the way you hold me," Linda whispered.  Her mind felt foggy, but she

did know that she trusted Rick.  When he said he wouldn't hurt her, she

believed him.  She felt him slide one arm behind her back, under her arms, and

the other arm under her legs, and then realized in surprise that she was being

lifted.  She looked up at him in surprise.

Rick grinned down at her, kissing the tip of her nose again.  "You didn't look

like your legs could carry you, so I figured I would.  Your room or mine?"

Linda grimaced at the thought of what her room looked like -- everything was

still packed, and the few things she had unpacked were strewn everywhere.

"Yours.  Mine is a pigsty."

Rick carried her down the hall to his room, kicking the door open, glad he had

left it unlocked.  He set her down on the sofa on one side of the large double

and went back to close the door.  Returning, her sat down next to her and

enfolded her in his arms for a deep kiss.

Linda felt as if his kiss were warming her whole body.  Each time his lips

moved on hers she could feel it all the way down to her toes and fingertips.

She was relaxed, with a hazy warmth in her brain and between her legs, and she

wanted nothing more than to stay there, with Rick's lips on hers, for as long

as possible.

Rick could feel her breath going ragged, and slowly slid his hands against her

back, massaging the muscles, helping her relax.  His hands traced the side of

her body, teasing the swells of her breasts, and he felt her breath catch

everytime he came close to touching the tender flesh.  Slowly he slid his hands

to her waist, until he could tug at her tshirt and slip his hands underneath.

Then he simply held his hands against the small of her back as he kissed her,

waiting until she was used to his touch.

Linda felt her body relax, growing impossibly warm.  She moaned slightly

against Rick's tongue as his hands slid against her bare back, sliding up until

he could brush her nipples with his thumbs.  At the shock of the touch, a gasp

escaped, and when Rick glanced at her, she felt herself blush.  Rick grasped

the edge of her shirt and glanced at her questioningly.  Linda felt her cheeks

grow warm again.  It seemed such an unusual situation for her, yet she enjoyed

it, enjoyed the way he made her feel.  It was so different, so much more, than

she'd felt any other time.  Slowly, she raised her arms above her head so Rick

could slide the shirt off of her, leaving her in her bra.

Rick bent to kiss the swells of Linda's breasts, visible above the top edge of

the bra.  She caught her breath and leaned forward into his kiss.  Sliding one

hand to support her at the base of her back, his other hand came up to cup her

breast, his thumb lightly teasing the hard nub of her nipple.  Lifting his head

from her nipple, he whispered, "Wait a minute, I have a better idea."

Linda looked at him curiously as he stood, but he only removed his shirt before

sitting back down.  He then reach over and held her arm.  "Stand up," he

instructed, and when she did he moved her around so she stood in front of him,

his hands on her hips.  "Sit on my lap," he whispered hoarsely, drawing her

down against him.

She felt herself leaning forward, and instinctively positioned herself so one

leg was on either side of him and she was sitting chest to chest with him.  It

felt so nice to feel his naked chest against her breasts, and she didn't object

when he undid the clasp of her bra, massaging her shoulders as he slid it off

of her, baring her breasts to his view.

As he suckled first at one nipple, then the other, while his hands continually

teased her breasts and back, Linda felt the heat spreading through her body,

coalescing at the base of her legs.  She instinctively moved against him, where

she could feel his hardness through his jeans and her shorts.

Rick held in a groan as he felt Linda's slight movement against his hard cock.

He could feel her warmth, igniting his manhood, until he felt he would burst,

and her movement excited him further.  However, a glance at her flushed cheeks,

and listening to her ragged breathing told him how close she was to orgasm.  He

grasped her hips, helping her to move against him, grinding her down against

his hardness.

Linda moaned as she felt him move against her.  With every movement, licks of

fire spread through her, and she could feel herself tensing.  His mouth circled

one breast, then the other, while his hands at her hips grasped her, moving

with her.  She moaned, feeling the heat building, knowing it was going to

release.  His mouth drew back from her breast and she moaned, her hands

grasping his head, drawing him back until his tongue reached out to tease the

nipple.  Her hips thrust against his, and with a loud groan, she felt her


Rick felt her tense in his arms, and held her tight until she relaxed again.

Only by strong concentration had he managed to hold himself back.  He glanced

at her face and was surprised to see that she was blushing.

When she saw his gaze, she said softly, "I've never had someone see me orgasm


Rick's eyes opened wide in shock.  "That's a pity, because you're beautiful

when you do."


Rick bent to kiss her softly on the lips.  "Really."  Groaning, he lifted her

off his lap.  "However," he continued, still brushing light kisses across her

face and neck, "I think perhaps you should leave for awhile until I'm a little

more in control."

Linda glanced away from him, then returned to stare at him, her eyes serious.

Her hands snaked forward, and before he could stop her, she had pulled down the

zipper on his jeans.  His underwear bulged forward, and she easily tugged it

down, releasing his member into her waiting hand.  She glanced at him again, as

if wanting to know if she should, and then gently began to rub her hand along

his length.

Rick moaned, unable to find the will to stop her.  He knew she was still

reluctant and unsure about what they had done, and didn't want to frighten her

off.  But how could he tell her to stop?  He closed his eyes and leaned back,

unable to fight the sensation of her hand moving along the length of his

hardness, her thumb caressing the sensitive tip.  He gasped, his hips moving

forward involuntarily as he felt a damp touch, and then felt himself enveloped

in the warm cavern of her mouth.  Her tongue licked up and down, swirling about

the head, as her hands cupped his balls.  She moved her mouth up and down, and

Rick could feel the sensations build.

Linda could feel that Rick was coming close to orgasm, as his hips pumped

against her mouth.  As he tensed, she withdrew her mouth and slid her hand

along him, massaging him until his fluids spurted against her hand.  She sat

back on her heels, glancing up at him as he opened his eyes.

"Was it okay?" Linda asked softly, a slight smile on her face, his fluids still

dripping from her hand.  She raised a finger to her lips and tasted him, and

made a face, as if not certain what she thought of the taste.

"It was fantastic," Rick sighed.  He reached down to pull her back onto the

couch so she leaned against him, in the circle of his arms.

"Good."  He glanced over to see Linda grinning.  "I've never done it before."

Rick grinned back at her.  "Well, I supposed you could use some practice then,

but overall a fairly enjoyable experience."

"Did I shock you?"  Linda glanced up at him, suddenly shy.

Rick shook his head.  "Did you like it?"

Linda nodded, a smile on her face.

"Then everything's fine."  Rick pulled her head back down onto her shoulder,

holding her tight against him.  They both sat quietly for awhile, thinking

about the year to come in Churche House.



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