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Archive-name: School/bedtime.txt

Archive-author: Shadowcat

Archive-title: Bedtime Story

It's your last class of the week and you are glad as hell cause its been a

 bitch but there is one consolation your new prof. She is gorgeous and moves

  and smells just as good. You have been having a hard time concentrating on

   your class work all hour because you notice even through her heavy sweater

    that her nipples are erect and you would swear that she isn't wearing a bra

     underneath it , which raises and undying question in your mind (and else

      where) if she is wearing any underwear at all. Just as you for the fourth

       time in as many minutes wish that you could wrap your lips around her

        aureole, you hear her say that class is dismissed , but as you start to

         stand she points a pencil at you and says that she needs to talk to

          you. You restlessly wonder what could have gone wrong so early in

           the semester as it is only the third week and this must be a new

            record even for you. But patiently you wait till the rest of the

             class has left then nervously you walk up to her desk. Her long

              wavy red hair is draping down over her shoulder like a cloak

               and it makes it that much harder for you to think of her as a

                superior but you try.  Then she looks up and you see her emerald

                 green eyes looking you swear right to your heart and you look

                  away hoping she can't read your mind. She reaches over oh so

                   gently places her hand under your chin and lifts it so that

                    you are forced to look into those most enchanting eyes. She

                     smiles and asks you what is wrong you weren't having any

                      problem looking at her in class and you realize that she

                       caught you staring at her and you turn a shade of red

                        that is definitely a new addition to the painters art.

                       She gives off a laugh that sounds more like a tinkling

                      of bells then a human utterance. She then tells you that

                     she doesn't mind and in fact is quite flattered she then

                    looks at your crotch and repeats quite flattered. once more

                   you make a new chromatic effect. She just smiles and  asks

                  what you have planned for the night. You are slightly stunned

                 by her forwardness but answer that you had only planned to

                possible go out drinking with the guys and then crashing.

              She says that that sounds rather dull and asks if you wouldn't

             rather come to her place for a drink , as she presses her ample

            bosom against your arm. Not wanting to let the spell break you

           ask where she lives and explain that you would like to get a shower

          and change before you go over. She grins and says that the two of

         you can stop over at your room for you to grab a change of clothes

        and you can take a shower at her place. Not believing your luck you

       agree and say that it might be a good idea for the two of you to meet

      on neutral ground and suggest that she wait for you at the student union

     and that you will meet her there in 10 minutes. She agrees and tells

    you to make sure that you bring your black denims and gray flannel shirt

   that you had been wearing last week. This definitely confirms that you

  haven't been the only one looking seeing as those are your tightest jeans.

 It takes you about 3 minutes to get to your dorm--a new school record;

 another two to find your clothes then 4 to get to the union leaving you

 a whole minute to rest. Just then she walks in looks around as if hunting for

  someone she can't find ,gives you a nod then leaves. You give it a few

   minutes for comfort then you get up and follow her out. She is sitting

    waiting in her car. You get in and it smells like roses. You nervously

     sit back and you're off. About a block away you hit a red light and she

      bends over and kisses you dead on the lips. The shock slowly wears off

       and you look at her--she seems to have a look as if this is an every

        day occurrence. When you arrive at her apartment it is on the outskirts

         of town and you are sure that no one will recognize you. You slowly

          head up the stairs that lead to her flat watching her supple ass

           all the way and you are almost positive she is wearing nothing

            beneath. You reach the top of the stairs and she shows you where

             you can take your shower. You shut the door behind you, breathe

              a sigh of relief and get undressed. After a few minutes under

               the hot water you hear what sounds like the door opening and

                softly closing. Just then the shower door slides open and there

                 she stands completely unclothed from her soft red hair to her

                  two bare feet. You stand there in amazement as she asks

                   if she can join you. You blink twice and say sure, and she

                    slips in beside you then closes the door and picks up the

                     soap and begins to lather your chest. Just then the soap

                      slips from her hand and not missing a beat you pick it up

                       and begin rubbing it over her firm soft breasts, and

                      decide that they are far from a disappointment. You then

                     ease your way down to her stomach and lather it up. You

                    feel a hand on the back of yours and she slowly guides it

                   to the flame red bush at the apex of her thighs and you feel

                  her hot wet passage on your finger tips and you begin to

                 slowly rub till her clit emerges from its hood then you ever

                so carefully make circular motions with you fingers just above

               her panic button till she can take almost no more, and asks you

              to stop. She then turns around to rinse her self off and you get

             your first real glimpse of her firm raw ass. just as your mouth

            begins to water she turns and takes the soap from your hand and

           begins to once more wash your chest and stomach, then slowly moves

          her way down till she is holding your erect cock in her hand and

         gives you the most expert hand job in history. Just as you are about

        to blow she stops and says that you had better rinse off and get

       dressed for dinner then gets out of the shower and leaves the room.

      You quickly hop out of the stall, dry your self off and get dressed.

     When you get out of the bathroom She is standing there wearing the tightest

    pair of slacks you have ever seen and they accentuate her muff well enough

   so you are positive this time that she is wearing no underwear. She

  informs you that dinner will be ready in a couple minutes and suggests that

 the two of you go in the living room and have a drink while you wait. The

conversation over drinks is anything but sexual as she asks the standard

 what are you going to do with your life shit that always goes on when

  you don't know what else to say. Dinner also proves to be nice but far

   from exciting till dessert when she walks over to the refrigerator and

    takes out only a can of Redi-Whip and announces that she is dessert and

     sets the can down on the table and undoes the zipper to her pants

     (which you notice goes all the way from the front to the back).

       She steps out of the jeans and sits down on the table in front of

        you with one foot on each side of your chair and hands you the

         whipped cream. You spray a little bit around the outside of her

          quim then shoot some up inside and begin to run your tongue all

           around making sure you get every last bit and almost bringing

            her off but just stopping on the brink like she had done to you.

             She is hot and ready and says that you aren't going to get away

              that easy as she grabs your wrist and leads you into the bedroom

               where she pushes you backwards onto the bed and yanks the

                jeans right off your body and massages you cock till its hard

                 and ready, then eases her hot quim over your cock till you

                  can feel every inch inside her hot spasming cunt, and

                   she gives out a long low moan as you feel every muscle

                    grip and release through her orgasm. Then after what seems

                     like forever she looks down and grins and says that now

                      its your turn to go to heaven and slowly lowers her

                       warm soft lips around your cock and slides up and down

                      till you think your mind will leave you then she gives

                     one last deep throat and you blow your load deep down

                    her throat and the two of you lie there in the glow of

                   you passion , only to continue once more the next day--

                  but that is another story entirely.



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